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Brigham Young University 

CaU i4^fr63 






EKNEST MASON SATOW (now Sie E. Satow, G.C.M.G.) 






AND •» • • • » • • • 

HAROLD. G. PARLjira :': • ; 

' >• *.* ••aai • 

rOTH OP n. B. M. CONfellriiAlR'sSERVieii! IN*!^?^!?.*' 

• • • 

» « 


YOicon^i/E-A., snjLisTCS-iar-A-x, nonsra-icoiTa- So 

Feinted by The Siiueisha, T5ky5. 
(all rights reserved). 


First Edition. (Post 16 mo., xiv + 366 pp.) Jamiary, 1875. 
By Ernest Mason Satow, Japanese Secretary to 
H. M. Legation at Yedo, and Ishibashi Masakata, 
of tlie Imperial Japanese Foreign Office. 

Second Edition. (Post 16 mo., xvi + 415 pp.) January, 

1879. By Ernest Mason Satow, B. A., Second 

Secretary and Japanese Secretary to H. M. 

JJe^ation at.5?edo, and IsMbasM Masakata, a 
• • • «■ • • 

^ejretvy ol'tlie Japanese Foreign Office. 

••••• •»• • 


• • • 


During the quarter of a century which has elapsed since the issue of the last 
edition of this Dictionary the vocabulary of the Japanese Spoken Language has 
been enriched by the addition of a very considerable body of fresh terms, 
technical and other. Some already existed in the literary language, others have 
been newly coined to meet the varied needs of New Japan ; but all, or nearly aU, 
are " Sinico- Japanese ", and as such have necessarily found their way into conver- 
sational use through the medium of the Written Language, — the press, the 
platform, and the bar being largely instrumental in gaining them colloquial 
currency. The process of colloquialization, however, is not yet, perhaps never 
will be, complete, and educated Japanese, to whom alone such terms are fully 
intelligible, probably have the written character before their mind's eye while 
conversing. These considerations account for the only innovation in the present 
edition of this work calling for special remark here, — the insertion, namely, of 
Chinese characters wherever it appeared that their presence would add to the 
interest and general utility of this compilation, which, despite this new departure, 
remains, both in respect of vocabulary and grammatical forms, substantially a 
dictionary of the Spoken Language. 

How much this, the third, edition owes to previous issues those acquainted 
with its predecessors, which appeared in 1875 and 1879, will see for themselves. 
For help in its preparation, the thanks of the present compilers, who undertook 
the task of revision and enlargement at Sir Ernest Satow's instance in 1898, are 
in the first place and in the largest measure due to Mr. Amakura Kokunosuke of 
the "Japan Daily Mail", Mr. Kalduchi Kibo of the Imperial Household Depart- 
ment, Mr. Kanazawa Hisashi of the Tdkyo Higher Commercial School, J\Ir. 
Watanabe Genjiro of Nagoya, and Mr. Ozawa Ky5kichi of Yokohama, each of whom 
has, over one section or another of the work, rendered invaluable, indeed indis- 
pensable, assistance. As works of reference Messrs. Eastlake and Tanahaslx's 
Japanese Translation of Webster's Dictionary, the " Unabridged Japanese-English 

li PliEFAOE. 

Dictionary" of Captain F. Brinkley and Messrs. F. Nanj5 and Y. Iwasakij the 
*' English- Japanese Dictionary" of Mr. Y. Shimada, and Mr. J. H. Gubbins' 
"Dictionary of Chinese- Japanese Words" have been consulted with great advan- 
tage, while many of the military terms have been taken from the " Dictionary of 
Military Terms and Expressions" compiled by Colonel A. G. Churchill, late 
Military Attach^, to H. B. M. Legation at Tokyo. To many other books and to 
numerous friends the compilers are indebted for various individual words and 

Each new edition of a dictionary is but a groundwork for its successor, and 
nowhere is finality less attainable than in Japanese lexicography. Of the many 
imperfections of the present work the compilers are fully conscious, and correc- 
tions, additions, and suggestions will be at all times gratefully welcomed. 

May, 1904. 

V rjr,. 


a is pronounced like a in /ai/ier, but is shorter. 

ai (diphthong) like ai in aisle. 

h as in English. 

au like ow in cow, but sounded at the baelc of the palate, 

ch is soft as in choose, child. 

d as in English. 

€ like e in pen. 

ei (diphthong) like el in vein. 

f between an English/ and h. 

g in the body of a word, and in the particle ga, has the sound of ng in king ; 
at the beginning of a word, and in words formed by reduplication, such 
as goro-goro, gaia-gata, g has the hard sound of g in goat. 

h generally as in English ; the exact sound of hi can only be acquired by ear, 

i like i in machine ; in a syllable terminated by a consonant like i in pin. 

j as in English. 

k as in English. 

m as in English. 

n when followed by ch, d, n, r, s, t, or z, its? in English ; when followed by/, h, 
i«, or I/, it nearly resembles Fren^L terminal n', when followed by g or fc 
it is pronounced like ng in king. 

o like o in tobacco. 

d like o in over, but more sonorous. 

ou like ou in though. 

p as in English. 

r resembles an English r ; the exact sound can only be acquired by ear, 

s like s in sat ; the exact sound of sh can only be acquired by ear. 

t as in English. 

u like u in put. 

u resembles u in rude ; the exact sound can only be acquired by ear. 

w as in Erglish, 

y as in English. 

Z as in English. In the present dictionary zu or dzu has been used as the 
actual pronunciation of each individual word seemed to require. General- 
ly but not always zu will be found to correspond to the Japanese Kana yC, 
and dzu to 'jf ; as, suzume, ^ :^ jii ; tsudzumi, iJ^ ^ ' . 


1. In words of pure Japanese origin each uncontracted syllable has theore- 
tically the same value ; and in fact, apart from the frequent quasi-elision of i and 
u [vide § 6 infra] and the tendency of two succeeding vowels to coalesce in pro- 
nunciation [vide § 5 infra], each such syllable has the same quantity. This equal 
spacing of the syllables, however, is not inconsistent with the singling out for 
clearer enunciation of one or more of them, as in sukoshi, tori-shircCbe. The 
vowels differ in timbre, a and o being usually more sonorous, and therefore more 
prominent, than i, u and e. Sometime.^ again, to borrow once more the ter- 
minology of music, there is a perceptible, though to the European ear hardly 
perceptible, difference of touch : kakl pronounced legato, meaning " persimmon ", 
is to be distinguished from kakl with the a pronounced staccato, which signifies 
an " oyster ". 

So far as this paragraph is concerned the only practical advice that can be 
given to the foreign student is that he should endeavour to educate his ear by 
close attention to his Japanese teacher's manner of speaking. 

2. The reduplication of a consonant throws an accent on the foregoing 
syllable. This stress — the strongest occurring in Japanese — results from the 
effort required to give clear and separate enunciation to each of the two 

Ex : kat'ta ; yap'pari ; kon'nan ; it'tsui ; sas'suru ; tok'kyo ; rip'puku. 

The consonants so reduplicated are kk, mm, nn, pp, ss and it. To these 
must be added tch (for ch'ch or ts'eii), ssh (for ts'sh), and ng where the n sound is 
doubled, g being itself pronounced Tig. 

Ex : jit'chi ; mat'cha ; hes'sH ; nan'gi. 

3. Quantity stands next in importance in determining the prominence to be 
given to any one syllable. 

Ex : hbru, sunen, daiji, shosho, kbri make trochees ; kajo, hudo, iambi ; 
sodo, aikyb, spondees ; meijlru, hqjiru, dactyls. 

4. The occurrence together of two different consonants, the first ending, the 
second beginning, a syllable, (in words of pure Japanese origin generally the 
result of a contractioD), throws a moderate accent on the first of the two syllables. 

Ex : yon'da ; isutsun'da ; udon'ko ; hoton'do ; kurom'ho ; nan'ji ; kam'ben ; 
mam'puku ; shim'po ; man'ki ; ten'jiru ; chim'pu. 


5. In the case of ae, ai (in pure Japanese words), ao, el (in pure Japanese 
words), ie, it, oe, ol and ui, tlae first of the two vowels is accented, though in pro- 
nunciation the two almost coalesce. In words of Chinese -origin ai and el are true 

Ex: atsura'eru; Jca'emasu; hira'ita ; iada' Ima ; na'o; Ika'o; Kame'ido; 
ki'eta ; I'eha ; shi'ite ; Icl'ita ; oho'eru ; omo'imasu ; futo'i ; tsu'ite ; aru'Ua. 

In the case of we and uo the second of the two vowels, which here again 
almost coalesce, is accented. 

Ex: JJe'no', katsuo'hushi. 

6. J and u are frequently almost mute, and therefore quite unaccented. 
Ex; futa; iasuke; tsukareru; sulzokukwan usu. written suizokkwan) ; 

hUo; gckiken (usu. written gekken); sekiken (usu. written sekken). 


a. n. 

auxiliary numeral. 

Civ. Co. 

Civil Code. 

Civ. Pro. 

Code of Civil Procedure (1890). 

Com. Co. 

Commercial Code. 

Cr. Co. 

Criminal Code (1880). 

Cr. Pro. 

Code of Criminal Procedure (1890), 


distinct, distinguished. 















indicates that the English word it follows is understood and used (often 
in a corrupted form) by Japanese : e.g. diphtheria, n. * ; jiputeria. 

prefixed to a Japanese word or phrase indicates that the expression is 
bookish or rhetorical, and as such to be avoided in familiar conversation : 
e.g. leisurely, f yiizen [j^^j^^] ; not only so, f shika nomi naradzu. 

follows and indicates the proper particle to be placed after the Japanese 
equivalent of the object of an English verb or verbal expression ; where 
the particle is not specially indicated the use of wo is to be inferred : 
e.g. to bedaub, ni/nurl-chirakasu ; to bedaub a gate with paint, 
mon ni penki wo nwi-chlrakasu ; to bestride, ni/matagaru ; to bestride 
a chair, isu ni matagaru ; to dream of, no/yuw,e too miru. 

follows and indicates, in cases of any difficulty, the proper particle to be 
used after the Japanese equivalent of the English subject of a verb: 
e.g. to be thirsty, icajnodo ga kawalie iru ; that dog is thirsty, ano 
inu wa nodo ga kaicaite iru ; to catch fire, nl]hi ga tsuku ; the curtains 
caug-ht fire, mado-kake ni hi ga tsu'ita. 


E, obj. -i- J. subj. signifies that the object in Enghsh becomes the subject in 
Japanese : e.g. to need, t.v. iru [E. obj. -5- J, subj.] ; one needs 
money, kane ga iru. 

Tabe-ru. A decimal point placed before the terminal ru of Japanese verbs ending 
in eru and iru indicates that the r does not form part of the stem of the 
verb, which consequently, if ending in eru, belongs to the Second Conl 
jugation, and, if ending in iru, to the Third Conjugation. All other 
regular verbs belong to the First Conjugation, the r or other termina- 
consonant forming part of the stem: e.g. 1st conj., horu (past tense, 
hoita, contraction for horlta), oJcu (past tense oita, contraction for olcita) ; 
2nd conj., tabe-ru (past tense, tabeta), ne-ra (past tense, neta); 3rd conj., 
ochi-ru (past tense, ochita), mi-ru (past tense, mita). 

The grammatical terminology adopted in the present edition is that employed 
by Prof. B. H. Chamberlain in his "Handbook of Colloquial Japanese". 

Adjectives are throughout given in their attributive form. 

In the case of a certain number of legal terms the Japanese Code in which 
they severally occur is indicated in square brackets; vide list of abbreviations 

♦ > <« 





A, art. There is no indefinite article 
in Japanese. For a in the sense of 
one hitotsu or ichi (— ) compounded 
with an auxiliary numeral is used ; 
iis, fune isso (— ^) a ship; mikan 
wo hitotsu kudasai, give me an 
orange. In the sense of each the 
particle ni is placed after the nume- 
ral or auxiliary numeral ; as, four 
yen a month, hito-tsnki ni yo yen 
i^M) '■> five sen a man, ichi nin 
( — A) ni go sen (S^sl) ; or by de; 
as, how much a foot ? shaku ( /^) 
de ikura. When a is placed before 
a noun which represents a class, the 
phrase to iu mono is often placed 
after the noun in Japanese, but is 
not indispensable ; thus, for a dog" is 
a faithful creature, either inu to iu 
mono wa chugi {^^^) na mon da, 
or inu wa chugi na mon' da, would 



A. B., n. joto-suifu (±.^;]c^). 

Aback, adv. to be taken , bik- 

kuri s ; kimo wo tsuhusu ; odoroku. 

iVbacuS, n. (counting board) soro- 

Abaft, prep, and adv. (of a ship) no 
ushiro ni ; (aft) tomo no ho ni ; sengo 
(15^) ni; semU (|S^) no ho {-^) ni. 

Abalienate, t.v. hoka e yudzuru. 

Abandon, t.v. (a custom) suie-ru ; 
hai (^) s ; yamc'ru; haishi (^it) s; 

(an intention) ; yosu ; yame-ru (a 
patient as incurable) mi-sute-ru; (a 
person) mi-sute-ru ; oki-zari ni s ; mi- 
hanasu ; mi-kagiru ; (a place) tachi- 
noku ; shirizoku ; tachisaru ; saru ; 
tioku ; taikyo (il^) ^ '■> (^ right) 
hoki (J^5cli) s ; (a vessel) suie-ru. 

to a case, saji wo nage-ru. 

[prov., referring to the spoon used 

for mixing drugs by doctors of the 

Chinese school]. 

to hope, dannen (ilfj-f:) s\ 


to a wife, sai wo saru ; tsu- 

ma wo iki (j(al^) ^ [Ci". Co.]. 
Abandoned, a. (lawless) muho 
(fe^i^) na ; (profligate) doraku (sgl^) 
na; hold {^^) na; horo-'su (j^J^) 
na ; hoto-hurai {JtiM^^l ^^• 

an fellow, dbrakumono; hu- 

raikan (^.^^) ; muho na mono. 

Abandonment, n. (of a custom, 
etc.) haishi (^it) ; (of a wife) iki 
{IMM) [Cr. Co.]; (of a ship, to the 
underwriters) ifu (^ft) [Com. Co.]. 

of a right, kiken (MW- 

Abasli, t.v. hadzukashime-ru ; haji- 
shime-ru ; nijhaji wo kakase-ru. 

to be ed, haji wo kaku ; haji- 

ru; memboku (®@) wo ushinau; 
hadzukashigaru. [The verb is often 
expressed by the adj. hadzukashii, 
or by the phrase, ma ga warui] . 


[ 2 ] 


Abate, t.v. (a demand) makC'ru ; (a 
price) maJce-ru ; nehiki wo s ; hiku. 

Abate, i.v. (in amount) Jieru ; gen- 
ji-ru ; (of pain, heat, etc.) yawaragu ; 
usuragu ; shidzumaru ; (of wind) ya- 
mu ; nagu ; shidzumaru. 

Abatement, n. (act of) eqniv. of 
Abate foil, by koto \ (of price) nehiki ; 
genka (i^M)- 

Abatis, n. rokusai (|^^) ; shishl- 
yarai. ' 

Abattoir, n. tosho{^p]^)] (for oxen) 

togyuba {M^W I iogyiijo (M^^i?)- 
Abbess, n. amadera nojtiji ('ftf$). 
Abbey, n.ji-in (#1^). 
Abbot, n. hojo {'^ -^) ; jushoku (-^ 
m ; juji (ft|#). 

chief , (of a sect) Jiossu (^i); 

(of the Zen sect) kansu {M^)- 

Abbreviate, t.v. (a Chinese cha- 
racter) ryaku (^) s ; (by omitting) 
shoryaku {^^) s ; Jiabuku ; (shorten) 
mijikaku s ; tsudzume-ru ; mijika- 
me-ru; yaku {t^^}) s ; tsume'ru; chiji" 
me-ru ; tanshuku (^21^) * '■> hashoru. 

Abbreviated, a. ryaku shita. 

character, r?/a/ctyi (:^^). 

expression, ryakugo (^i§); 

. ryakugen (:§-p*)- 
...... sentence, ryakubun {^^) ', 

ryakku (§.-6]). 

Abbreviation, n. tanshuku (^1^) ; 
gensei Q^^) ; (of an expression) rya- 
kugen (in) ; ryakugo (^^) ; (act 
of) equiv. of Abbreviate foil, by 

Abdicate, t.v. (abandon) sute-ru ; 

• saru ; yudzuru. -.i- 

to office, ji (1^) s ; jishoku 

■ (iW) s. 

to the throne, kurai wo 

saru ; jo-i iWi^) ^ > {^^ favour of 
another) kurai wo yudzuru. 

Abdicate, i.v. (from headship of 
family) inkyo (H^) s [Civ. Co.]. 

Abdication, n. (act of) eqniv. of 
Abdicate foil, by koto ; (of headship 
of family) inkyo; (of throne) jo-i. 

Abdomen, n. hara ; shita-hara ; 
tanden [f^r'^) '■> o naka ; pon-pon ; [the 
last two chiefly used by women and 
children ; (med.) ka-fukubu (TI^bK). 

Abdominal, a. shitahara no ; fca- 
fukubu no. 

Abduct, t.v. saratte iku ; kadoicaka- 
su ; tsure-noku ; ubai-saru ; ijukai (g^ 
^) s [Cr. Co.]. ^ ' 

Abduction, n. kadowakashi ; yukai 

Abductor, n. kadowakashi ; yukai- 
sha m%^). 

Aberration, n. mental , sei- 

shin-sakuran (^^fji^lL). 

Abet, t.v. (instigate) noj shiri-oshi wo 
s ; odate-ru ; keshi-kakC'ru ; sendo 
(iill) s ; kyosa (iJc^) s ; {ihe com- 
mission of a crime) hojo (^|j!j) s. 

Abettor, n. sendosha ('Jtjfjj^); kyo- 
sasha (ife^^). 

Abeyance, n, to be in (of an 

affair), mi-awasete aru ; chuzetsu ( nfi 
^g) shite oru ; teishi (j^lk) sarete 

Abbor, t.v. kirau ; imu ; n'lkumu ; 
nikushimu; imi-kirau; ken-o (^.^) s. 

Abhorrence, n. nikushimi ; iya- 
gari ; ken-o ; itoi. 

Abide, t.v. (dv/ell) sumu ; sumau ; 
oru ; vru ; jiikyo (^^)_s ; (sojourn) 
taizal (i^fi) s ; toryu iis,^) s. 

to by, (a promise, etc.) mamo- 

ru ; (submit to, as a judgment) 
nil shitagau ', nijfukuju [Wl^) s. 

to "with, tojkishuku [^'^) 

s\ to/dokyo m^) s. 

Abide, t.v. (endure) korae-ru ; ni[fa- 
e-ru ; shinobu ; gaman (^'I§) s ; shim- 
bo (^Jfe) s ; (await) matsu. 

Abies, n. (a. bifida) momi; (a. homo- 
lepis) shirdbe ; shiro-tsuga ; shiro- 
momi ; magiro-momi ; (a. menziesii) 
tohi ; ezomatsu ; matsu-hada ; (a. po- 
lita) toga-momi ; toga ; hari-momi 
(a. tsuga) tsuga. 

Ability, n. (talent) noryoku {^^ij) 

saino {-^t^) ; saikan (tJ'I^) ; rikiryo 

{i3A); J<^iryd (^ft) ; giryo (ij^f^) 

ABt [ 

man of , saishi {^^) ; sai- 

tutsu (:;j^if?5) ; sai no aru hito ; hin- 
wanka {$jcWi'M)- 
Al) initio, saisho {^W yori ; haji- 
me yori. 

Abject, a. iyashii; gesen (T^) ^<^ > 

misageta ; mikudasu-heki. 

poverty, sekihin (S^)- 

Abjectly, adv. hige (^~F) shite. 
Abjure, t.Y. (a thing) chikatte 


Abjuration, n. (act of) chikatte 
. tatsu koto. 

Able, a. sugureta ; rikiryo no aru; 
kiryo no aru ; giryo no aru ; saikl no 
aru ; (of intellect) chikara no aru ; 
sai no aru ; noryoku no aru. 

an man, yaku ni tatsu hito ; 

Unicanka (t5:^^). 

I shall be to go to-mor- 

ro"w, ashita wa iku koto ga deki-ru ; 

ashita wa ikare-ru. 

to be , deki-ru. 

to be to, is generally expr. 

by koto ga deki-ru, after the indie. 

pres., or by the potential in re-ru. 

to be un , dekinai. 

to be un to, v. to be to, 

[the verb in this case is in the 


Able-bodied, a, iassha (^#) na ; 
kybso (S^Jtfc) na\ jobu (i^) na\ 
karada no jobu na. 

seaman, joto-suifu (±^7K 

Ablution, n. senshin {}^M)'^ senjo 
(5^t^) J* (of a dead body) yukwan {-(^ 
jll) ; (religious) mokuyoku [p^]^). 

Ably, adv. jodzu ( Ji#) ni ; takumi 
nl ; kosha (x5W) ni. 

Abnegation, n. kyozetsu (JEfg) ; 
. (self-denial) kokki (^B). 

Abnormal, a. hogwai {^^D na; 
fujun (7F:jtII) na ; relgwai {^\\9b)no; 
. atarimae de nai. 

symptoms, ijo (M)l^). 

Aboard, adv. senehu {^^) ni ; fune 

off no/ senehu ni. 

to fall of, nijshotoisu (^5^) 

s ; nijtsuki-ataru. 

3 ] 


to go , nifnori-kOmu ; ni/noru ; 

josen (^^) s. 

Abode, n. jilsho (ppjf ) ; kyotaku; 
sumika ; sumai ; (in . a bad sense, 
lair) sofcwfsM (tg^). ■' 

one's 0"wn (humble), settajcu 

Abolish, t.v. haishi (^iL) s ; haitei 
(^1^) s ; nozoku ; hai (J^) s ; ya- 
me-ru; yosu. 

to be ed, haishi ni naru. 

Abolition, n. haishi. 

of the custom of wearing" 

swords, haito {^JJ). 

of the feudal system, /mi- 

han (^1^). 

total , zempai {^^). 

Abominable, a. keshikaranic ; ni- 

kumu-beki ; nikui ; nikunikushii ; ni~ 

cruelty, zankoku (^0S). 

Abominableness, n. equiv. of 
Abominable foil, by koto. 

Ab o ni ii I ably, adv. nikui hodo ni ; 
nikunlkushiku ; nikurashiku ; hldo- 

Abominate, t.v. nikumu ; ken-o (^ 
^) 5 ; goku (@) kirau. 

I such actions, kayo na 

koto wa dai kirai da. 

Aboriginal, a. moto no ; saisho (^ 
^]]) no; kongen {^^Tt) no. 

Aborig:ines, n. dojiji (±A). 
Abort, t.v. (have an abortion) ryu- 
zan ixntM) s ; (fig.) dekl-sokonau. 

Abortion, n. ryuzan ; (product of 
untimely birth) tsukitaradzu ; (fig.) 
deki-sokonai ; (wilful) datai (MEa) 

to cause ....... datal sase-ru ; ryu^ 

zan sase-ru ; ko wo orosase-ru. 

to have an (wilful), ko wo 


Abortive, a. (immature) fujuku {7[^ 
|ft) no ; (ustimely) fuji {/f\^) no; 
fugdji {-^^n^) no. 

to be , mu ninaru; muda ni 

naru ; dame ni naru. 

Abortively, adv. fuji ni ; fugdji ni;. 
fujuku ni. 


[ 4 ] 


Abound, t.v. takusan (r^lll) aru; 
tanto aru. 

to in, ni/tomu; yutaka ni 

aru ; takusan ni aru [E. obj. -i- J. 

About, prep, (approximately) koro ; 
oyoso ; gurai ; hodo ; hakari ; (con- 
cerning) ni tsuite ; ni kakawatte ; (in 
■vicinity of) no moyori ni ; no kinjo 
ni ; (nearly, but not quite) hotondo ; 
kare-kore ; (round) 7io mawari ni ; 
no gururi ni ; no shiii {^^) ni; no 
slii-men (K'^) 'ni. 

six o'clock, rokuji goro; 

hotondo rokuji (:?^BJ). 

three hundred men, sam- 

hyaku nin (H5"A) hakari. 

two years, oyoso ninen {H 


three thousand yen, kare- 
kore sanzen yen (H^Hl). 

at , goro ni; as, at three 

o'clock, sanji (HBJ) goro ni. 

that's it, sonna mon' desho. 

while you are it, sono 

tsuide ni. 

About, adv. (here and there) achi- 
kocJd ; koko-kashiko ; hobo {'Jj ^): 
shoho {^^). 

to he to (on the point of), 

is usually expr. by the future foil, 
by to suru tokoro da. 

a steamer to enter port, 

nyuko ( A?§) sen to suru kiscn {'{^ 
^); minato e hairo to suru kisen. 

to he to go out, dekakatte 


to bring- (a desired end), 

wo/shitodoku ; wo/tassuru. 

to come , (occur) okoru; de- 

ki-ru : (result) ni/naru. 

to travel , yiireki (5^^) s; 


to wander , haikwai (^pf0I) 

s ; huratsuku. 

after a verb, is also expr. by 

mawaru or mawasu added to the 
indef. form according as it is 
intrans. or trans. : as, to drive 

, oi-mawasu; to lead , 

hiki-mawasu ; to run , kake- 

mavcaru ; 

to walk 


Above, prep, (higher in place) no ue 
ni; (more in number) ijo {j^±.); 
yo (^) ; amari ; [all placed after 
the noun]. 

a hundred men, hyakunin 

(WA) amari; hyakunin ijo (^A 

one the other, (with an 

i. V.) kasanatte ; (with a t. v.) 

to pile one th.e other, dan- 
dan iWi^ ) 'ni kasane-ru. 

to be another (in ability), 

ni/sugurete oru : ni/masatte oru. 

Above, adv all, daiichi ni; 

nakanzuku ; koto ni ; kotosara ni ; 
toriwakete ; tomokaku mo ; idzure ni 
shiro. [The last two are used mth 
the positive]. 

Aboveboarcl, adv. shojiki (jEii;) ni ; 
jittei (KJ$:) ni ; akarasama ni ; muki- 
dashi ni. 

Abovesaid, a. migi no. 

Abrade, t.v. suri-hagasu; suri-hera- 
su ; (of the skin) suri-muku. 

AbrasiOD, n. suri-hage; suri-hera- 
shi ; (of the skin) suri-muki ; suri- 
kidzu ; sakkwasho {^Mi^)- 

Abreast, adv. (with an i.v.) naran- 
de ; (with a t.v.) narahete. 

to he of, nijnarande oru. 

to march, two , nireisu (zi 

^ij) ni aruku. 

Abridge, t.v. (epitomize) tsudzu' 
me-ru ; tsume-ru ; ryaku {^) s ; 
(lessen) habuku ; gensei C^^) s ; sei- 
ryaku {'^^) s ; sogu. 

to a book, hon wo ryaku 

shite kaku ; hon no naka wo tsu- 

mande kaku. 

to a man's rights, hito no 

kenri (f|iflj) wo sogu. 

to labour, tema wo habuku. 

Abridgment, n. (act of diminish- 
ing) gensei ; selryaku ; habuku koto ; 
(of a book) tsudzume-gaki ; tekiyb {^ 
^); satsuyo (t:§^) ; ryakusetsu (^ 
^); ybsetsu (■^:^); yoroku {m^); 
(of a conversation) tairyaku (A:§) ; 
ybsetsu ; ryakusetsu ; (of a period) 
tanshuku {ji^M)- 


[ 5 ] 


Abroad, adv. (before the public at 
large) seken (Ifrf^) ni ; (from home) 
yoso e ; waki e ; (in foreign countries) 
takoku (ftfe^) ni; gwaikoku {jfl*^) 
ni ; kaigwai (')^^h) ni ; (outside the 
house) omote ni ; soto ni ; (to foreign 
countries) kaigwai e ; takoku e ; 
(widely) hiroku ; amaneku. 

our friends , zaigwal {■:^^[') 

no tomodachi. 

Abrog'ate, t.v. hai ()^) s ; haishi 
(^it) s ; ton-kesu ; (denounce, as a 
Treaty) haiki (|||3S) s. 

Abrogation, n. haishi; tori-keshi; 
(act of) equiv. of abrogate foil, by 
koto ; (of a Treaty, etc.) haiki. 
of a law, haiho (^^). 

Abrupt, a. (of a person) mutonjaku 
(fe£i|g^) na ; sotsuji (4^^) na ; so- 
soisu (:^^) na ; sosokashii; sobo 
(ffi^) ^<^ ; (steep) kewashii ; kyu na ; 
(sudden) /ui {/fM) ^o. 

Abruptly, adv. ikinari ni ; (without 
notice) dashinuke 7d ; (suddenly) ni- 
waka ni ; sotsuji (^^) ni ; sosotsu 
(^^) ni ; kyu ni. 

Abruptness, n. (steepness) kewa- 
shisa ; kyit na koto. 

of behaviour, sobb (H^) 

na kyodo (^ill). 

Abscess, n. haremono : nbsb (Si^) ; 
: dekimono ; nbshu {\ 

Abscond, i.v. kakeochi s ; nige-ru ; 
shuppon {^^) j; dasso (8^^) s; 
nuke-hashiru ; tobb (^t) s ; to so (^ 

to with, (valuables), wo/mo- 

chi-nige s ; wolkaitai (^^) s. 

Absconder, n. dassbsha (MM^) ; 
tobbnin (^"t A)- 

Absence, n. (state of not being pre- 

• sent) rusu ; fuzai (^^). 

during" the of, no fuzaichu 

(/f^^'t'); no rusu ni. 

of mind, honyari shite oru 

koto; hbshin (|i»li>) ; botto skiie oru 

koto; akogare. 

we are much, put out by his 

, ano hito ga ■ rusu de wa oki 

ni komaru: > ' ; 

Absent, a. (abroad) zaigwai (:^^H 
no ; (inattentive) fuchui (^fCiiJe,) na ; 
utsu-utsu na ; hbshin (J!&AV) na ; (not 
present) /tfzai no ; rusu no. 

to be , rusu de aru ; fuzai de 

aru ; inai [neg. of i'ru]. 

to be ...... from a meeting*, kes- 

seki {Xl^)s. 

to be from roll-call, tenko 

(Slil?) ^* kake-ru. 
Absentee, n. fuzaisha (7f:^^) ; 
(from a man-of-war) dakkansha (J^ 

Absently, adv. fuchui ni ; utsu-utsu 
to shite ; hbshin shite ; botto shite ; 
bony art shite ; bbzen (v^^) to shite. 

Absent-minded, a person, 


to be , ukkari shite oru ; botto 

shite oru ; bonyari shite oru ; ako- 

Absolute, a. (as opp. to relative) 
zettai (Igtl) no; zettaiteki (^ft6^) 
no ; (perfect) expr. by no kiwamari 
after the noun ; kwanzen (^^) na ; 
(unappealable) kakutei (5^^) no ; 
(unconditional) tanjun {^^) na ; 
[Com. Co.] ; kakuzen (6^^) ^o shita ; 
kakko (5^-^) io shita ; (unlimited) 
mugen (#*P^) na ; kagiri no naL 
decree, kakutei-saiban (S^^S 


...... government, sensei-seJji (^ 

monarchy, kunshu-dokusai- 

seiji i^^WiM^kfa) ; kunshu-seiji 

Absolutel3^, adv. (not relatively) 

zettai ni ; zettaiteki (Igif 6^) ni ; 
( without fail) zehi ; zehi to mo ; 
(wholly) mattaku ; maru de ; zenzen 

...... impossible, tbtei dekinai; 

mattaku dekinai. 

...... no, sukoshi mo, or go mo, or 

taete, with neg. verb. 

,1 am opposed to, nijzettai- 

teki ni hantai (^ij) da. 

Absoluteness, n. ecLuiv. of Abso- 
lute foil, by kofo. 

Absolution, n. (of sins) shamen {^ 
^) ; s/iazai (IJcl?)- 


[ 6 ] 



Absolutism, n. sensei-shugl 

Absolve, t. V. (acquit) homen c^^) 
s ; (forgive) yurusu ; Icamben (^|^) 
s ; (from sin) shazai s. 

to from a contract, nilha- 

dan {^^) wo yurushite yaru ; 

nijhadan 7ii shite yaru. 

to from "blame, wajtsumi ga 

nai to miiomc'ru. 

Absorb, t,v, (annex territory) Jieidon 
( ^#) -^ 5 (imbibe) suikomu [lit.] ; 
Icyushu (SS^W * [lit. and fig.]. 

to gradually (territory), 

sanshoku (M^) ^• 

to be edf shimi-komu. 

to be ed. in, (deeply engaged) 

nijkuttaku (®f6) 5 ; ni/koru ; ni/ko- 
ri-katamaru ; (in a bad sense) nij- 
hamari-komu ; ni/fuke-ru ; (the pur- 
suit of women) nijatsuku natte oru. 

to become ed in study, 

gakumon (^fnl) ni koru. 

to be completely ed, mu- 

chii {^fp) ni natte oru. 

Absorbent, n. (anat.) kyunyuki (55 
A.Wi'> (cbem.) kyusMaai (®4^^1J). 

Absorption, n. kyushii (®45:) ; also 
equiv. of Absorb foil, by koto. 

Abstain, i.v. to from, woj 

tatsu ; (comment, etc.) wo/yoshite 

to from doing', shinai de 


to from flesh, and fish, 

shojin (f^iS) s. 

to from food, zesshoku ($g 

to from wine, kinshu (^ 

?@) s. 

wiojtsutsushimu and wojsessuru are 

also used for to ...... from, but 

their meaning is not so strong as 
that of tatsu. An article from 
which one habitually abstains is 
called tachimono. 

Abstainer, n. total , kinshu- 

nin (^f@A). 
Abstemious, a. yojo (^^) no yoi ; 
iashinami no yoi. 

person, geko (T^)- 

to be , setsuyo (^^) s. 

Abstemiously, adv. hodoyoku ; yoi 
kagen ni ; setsuyo shite. 

Abstemiousness, n. setsuyo ; yojo. 
Abstinence, n. (from evil desires) 
kokki C^E). 

from flesh and fish, shojin 

from food, zesshoku (|g:%). 

from wine, kinshu (^rS)- 

Abstract, t.v. (epitomize, extract) 
nuki-gaki wo s ; kaki-nuki wo s ; 
tsumamu ; kai-tsumamu ; hassui (^ 
^ ) s ; (steal) nusumu ; nusumi-toru ; 
sesshu i^M) ••?. 

Abstract, n. (selection) kaki-nuki ; 
nuki-gaki ; hassui ; (summary) fca- 
do-guki ; tekiyo (J^H) ; tairyaku 

in the , seishinjo (i^ii'li.h) ; 

chushdteki (Jl^l^fi^) ni. 

Abstract, a. mukei {Mj^) no ; chu- 
shdteki (}^^6^J) no ; kyokei {^1^) no. 
noun, chushb-melshi (J^^ig 

Abstracted, a. an person, 

7ios/im(;^>t'«) shite oru mono ; ukka- 
ri-mono ; hotto shite oru mono. 

to be , hotto shite oru ; hon- 

yarl shite oru ; akogare-ru ; hoshin 
shite oru. 

Abstractedly, adv. hoshin shite; 
honyari shite ; hotto shite ; ukkari ^o. 

Abstraction, n, (of mind) /lo^^m ; 
also equiv. of To be abstracted foil, 
by koto. 

Abstruse, a. oku-fukai ; fukai ; 
oku-yukashii; omyo (^^^) no; imi- 
shincho {M0tI\<W.) no; shin-i {-^m.) 

Abstrusely, adv. oku-fukaku; oku- 
yukashiku; omyo ni. 

Abstruseness, n. omyo; sUn-i; 
also equiv. of Abstruse foil, by koto. 

Absurd, a. tondemonai ; hakarashii ; 
tsumaranai; rachi mo nai; fiijori 
(/f^f^^) na; (false) fct/omo (H^) no ; 
kotan-mukei i^M^.^) no ; (laugh- 
able) ofcas/iii; hakana; warau-heki. 

Absurdity, n. kyomo ; koto (^^) ; 
also equiv. of Ab«urd foil, by koto. 

ABS t 

Absurdly, adv. hakarashiku;_oka- 
shiku ; baka ni ; kyomo ni ; fujori ni. 

Abundance, n. takusan ([^lll) ; 
dossari ; tappuri ; juntaku (r^?^) ; 
hojo (^^) ; yutaka ; tanto. 
Abundant, a. oi; ohitadashii ; ta- 
kusan no ; jiibun na ; dossari na ; 
juntaku na ; tappuri shita ; (of har- 
vest, etc.) yutaka na ; hojo na. 

an harvest, hbsaku (^f^). 

an year, honen (^^). 

to be , takusan aru ; dossari 

aru ; tappuri aru. 

Abundantly, adv. dossari ; taku- 
san ni ; jubun ni ; tanto ; yutaka ni ; 
hojo ni ; tappuri ; yohodo. 

Abuse, t.v. (impose on) hadzukashi- 
mC'ru; (misuse) ranyo (J^^) s; so- 
matsu Cf^^) ni tsukau ; (revile) 
nonoshiru ; waruku iu ; nijakko (^ P ) 
100 iu ; wojakko (^ P ) s ; nojwaru- 
kuchi wo iu ; hari ^^) s. 

to a woman, onna wo gokan 

(5^1^) s, or hadzukashime-ru. 

to the confidence of a 

friend, tomodachi no shinyo (f|" 
/H) y^o hadzukashime-ru. 

Abuse, n. (corrupt practice) akuhei 
iWM); heigai (^#) ; akushfi (-^^) ; 
(misuse) ranyo {'i^M) » (rude speech) 
^<^*'* (^S) ; akko (I^P); waruku- 
chi ; akutai (^|f:) ; akugen (^,W) ; 
nonoshiri ; (violation of a woman) 

s of the age, jihei (BJ|5?). 

a long" existing" , kyuhei {^ 


Abusive, a. (rude) kuchi no warui; 
warukuchi na ; hari no. 

language, akko ; waru- 

to be , akko wo iu; nono- 

Abusively, adv. kuchi waruku ; hari 

shite : nonoshitte. 

Abusiveuess, n. hari (MW) ; (^^^o 

(_^.P); akidai 'yMW)', akugen: iWi 
g ) ; kuchi no warui koto. 

Abut, t.v. tsuku ; sessuru ; sdkai s. 

Abutment, n. (of a bridge) hashi- 

7 ] 


Acacia, n. see Mimosa. 

Academy, n. (school) gakko {^^) ; 
' gakudo (^^). 

military , rikugun-shikwan- 

gakko m'm±t^w- 

r,aval , kaigun-heigakko (v'^ 

of music, ongaku-gakko (If 

Academic, a. a purely dis- 
cussion, takujo (^±J no giron 

Academicals, n. selfuku (iE^R.)- 
Acantliopanax, n. (a. ricinifolium) 

harigiri ; hodara ; (a, spinosum) 


Accede, i.v. ddi {W^m.) s\ shochi (^ 
^) s ; shodaku (^|^) s. 

to to, (a convention) ni/ka- 

mei {M^) s ; (a request), wojkiki- 
ire-ru ; wolire-ru, 

to to the throne, fcwrai ni 

tsuku, or nohoru \ sokui (ip-fe) s. 

Accelerate, t.v. (expedite), haka- 
dorase-ru ; isogase-ru ; unagasu ; (of 
speed), nofsokudo {^]^) wo masu; 

to be ed, hakadoru; (of 

speed) sokudo ga hayamete oru. 

Acceleration, n. (of velocity), zen- 
kasoku (jftljnj^) ; kasokudo {jmW^)' 

Accent, n. (in speaking a foreign 
language) hatsuon (M'a') ; (manner 
of speaking) hanashi-kata ; (mark) 
yokuyb (^^) nofugb (^^); (modu- 
lation) hatsuon no yokuyo; (rhetori- 
cal) gocho (If 1^) ; (stress) tsuyomi. 

Accent, t.v. (a syllable) wojtsuyoku 
iu ; nijtsuyomi wo tsuke-ru. 

Accentuate, t.v. (make prominent) 
teomo ni s ; (mark accent) nijhatsuon 
no shirushi wo tsuke-ru. 

to be d (become serious), 

teomo ni naru. 

Accept, t.v. (a bill of exchange) 
no/shiharai wo shbnin ijf^^) s, or 
shodaku (:^^) s ; wojhiki-uke-ru ; 
(a favour or present) morau ; ita- 
daku ; chodai (tP[^) s ; juno (^|^) 
s ; uke-osamC'ru ; [said of one's 
self] ; o uke kudasaru ; o osame ku- 


E 8 ] 


dasaru ; go juno kudasaru ; [said of 
another] ; (consent) shochi {'^j^) s ; 
shodaku (#c^) s ; shoin (^31) *' 
(take cognizance of) juri (^ Ji) s. 

to an invitation, shotai 

it^'^) ni oji-ru. 

to as true, honto {:^^) ni s. 

to office, shoku (US) ni tsuku. 

to the responsibility of, 


Acceptable, a. ki ni iru yd (f^) na 
[lit. of such a sort as is agreeable] ; 
teki-i {^%) no. 

a most thing" ^(prov,), ai- 

ta-kuchi ni hota-miochi. 

he will find that very , 

sazo yorokobimasho [lit. he is snre 

to be glad] . 

Acceptation, n. imi ; jigi (^^). 

Acceptance, n. (of a bUl of ex- 
change) hikl-uke ; shi-harai no sho- 
nin, or shodaku ; (of a present offer- 
ed to another) go junb ; o uke ; o 
osame; (of a present received from 
another) morau koto ; chodai ; ita- 
daku koto ; juno ; juryo ; hairyo ; 
[the last, from one's feudal lord] ; 
(of a proposition) shochi ; shodaku ; 
shoin (7^^ I) ; ukegai ; (of a respon- 
sibility) hiki-uke ; (of terms) uke. 

non (of a bill of exchange), 

shiharai no fushonin (3^;^|S), or 
fushodaku {'^'^^). 

Access, n. (addition) zoka (ifto) ; 
(paroxysm) hossa (f^f^). 
there is no to that place, 

asuko made yukiyo ga nai. 

to have to, (a person) nij 

menkwai C^^) ga deki-ru; (a 
place) ni/dehairi ga deki-ru ; ni/ 
shutsunyit (JiiA) g<^ deki-ru \ (a 
work of reference) wojchosa (|^^) 
s, or shiraheru, koto ga deki-ru. 

Accessibility, n. (of a person) chi- 
kadzuki-yasui koto. 

A-CCessible, a. (of a person) ai- 
yasui ; chikadzuki-yasui ; menkwai 
{M%) shi-yasui ; (of a place) deha 
no ii ; deyasui. 

he is always , itsu maitte 

mo jikl ni aite kurC'ru. 

Accession, n. (increase) zoka (if 
M) I (to a confederacy) kamei (JinM) l 
(to the throne) sokui ( BP fi ) ; senso 


of Jimmu Tenno (festival 

on Feb. 11), kigensetsu ($E7clf5). 

Accessory, n. dobdsha (j^ii^^) ; 
jilhannin [^^[JA) [Cr. Co.]; juhansha 
{m\}M) [Cr.Co.]; katanninmmAY, 
dorui (IWl^i^); (a thing added) fuzoku- 
hin [I'ii^^a) ; tsukimono. 

Accessory, a. (added) /uzofcu no. 

Accident, n. {disaster) jihen {^^) ; 
(injury) kega (t^^) ; (something 
unforeseen) igwai (Ji;^H no koto ; 
dekigoto ; guzen (f^S) no koto', 
(unintentional act) soso ()^^M) ; ma- 
chigai ; tsui shita koto ; (uninten- 
tional but due to carelessness) kwa- 
shitsu (iii^). 

a meritorious deed done by 

, kega no komyo {:^^). 

railway , tetsudo-jihen {^^M. 

^^) ; tetsudo no dekigoto. 

without , buji (to^) ni; 


Accidental, a. (done by accident) 
furyo (^ll) no; guzen {^B) no; 
futo (^Sl) shita ; fu-i (^."g.) no ; 
igwai (St^'h) no. 

fire, sosobi. 

homicide, kwashitsu-satsu- 

jin m-^mA)- 

AcciclenlaHy, adv. (unexpectedly) 
fu-i ni ; hakaradzu ; guzen ni ; futo ; 
furyo ni ; igwai ni ; (unintentionally) 

it was done quite , mattaku 

soso de gozaimashita. 

Acclamation, n. kassai (u^jj^) ; 
shosan MM)- 

Acclimatization, n. fado {Mi±.) 
ni narasu koto. 

Acclimatize, t.Y.fado ni narasu. 

Acclimatized, a, fado ninareta; 
jiko (H#f^) ni nareta. 

to become 

jiko ni 

jiko ni nare-t^ ; 
narete kuru ; fiido ni 

Acclivity, n. saka ; shahan (^hSc)- 
steep , kyiizaka. 


[ ? ] AOO 

Accoinmodate, t.v; (consult the 

convenience of) nolhenri ('®fl])_ wo 

hakaru ; (fnrnish) ybdatsu ; yoda- 

te-ru; tsugb [M'u) shite yarn. 

can you me ■with, a room, 

heya wo yodaierareru ka. 

to ...... differences, naka-naori 

wo s; wakai (^n^) s \ waboku (^ 

to one's self to circum- 
stances, ki {^^ ni nozomi hen (^) 
nioji-ru; rinki-dhen (E^ '!!,#.'#) '^o 
shochi (lE^) wo s. 

Accoiunioclatiiig", a. sewa-dzukl 
na ; (in a good sense) shinsetsu [^ 
^) na. 

Accommodation, n. (conveni- 
ences) hengl (Hl^i!) ; (financial) kin- 
yu (^li^J ; (rooms) ma; (space) 
lasho i^j^fi). 

bill, yudzu-tegata (^^.M^^lr^)- 

amount of (rooms), ma- 


as a matter of , he^igi (IMS) 

no tame ni, 

can you give me ...... for to- 

nig^lit ? konya wa tomete oku koto 

ga dekiru ka. 

range of (optics), chosetsu- 

kubkei m'^UB)- 

there is no left (in an inn), 

^usagatte oru ; akima ga nai. 

Accompaniment, n. (musical) 
hayashi; (subordinate parts in a 
Japanese orchestra) waki-jamisen ; 

, (subordinate parts in singing) waki- 
utae ; waki-shi)' (to a principal thing) 

fuzoku-butsu {WiM'^^)' '' 

Accompany, t.v. nijdbdb {WM) s'> ' 

nijdbkb {^^y s ; nildohan {\»\i^) s; \ 

to issho ni iku, ' or mairu ; i-o/tsu- \ 

; redatsu ; (departing friend) t(?o mi- \ 

"" okuru ; {rojaltj) nijbaiju {\%^) s; \ 

nijgubu {^^^) ^. , • . . 

please ...... Mr. J, to the door, 

chotto J kun. U'O deguchi made o , 

mi-okuri wo shite ageyo. 

; documents ;, . . ^, . iv.^ a letter, \ 

• .;■. t€g<imi7U-so,ete afu'shorui-i^f^l). \ 

to an,.,^r>m,y, (as;, non-com- I 

rr,-v"' t.o. .^,,w,M ,si.,vP,^esent b^;^a letter, 
okuri-mono ni tegami wo soe'X%. 

to be .......ied by (a person), 

wojdbhan s. ' ■ ' ' 

to send ......ied by a transla- 
tion, yakubun {W^) wo soete 

[Polite expressions to be used to 
another are go dbdb (l^f^iM) itashi- 
masu ; o iomo itashimasu ; go issho 
ni mairimasu']. 

Accompanyist, n. (subordinates in 
a Japanese orchestra) waki-jamisen- 
hiki. [The hiki is generally drop- 
ped]. ■ 

Accomplice, n. dbrui {^'M)', (iii 
crime) dbhansha (lol^lQ.^) ; kyohbsha 
(>^1S^); kybhansha i^U^) ; ren- 
ruisha (>^M.^') ', juhansha (^^fi:^) 
[Cr. Go.]. 

Accomplisli, t.v. (complete inten- 
tion, or work) toge-ru ; shi-toge-ru ; 
hatasu] sumasu; (intention) Jq/u (^ 
ft) 5; {oi manual work only) shi- 

to one's object, i (,g;) wo to- 

ge-rii; mokuteki (@|5^) wo tassuru. 

to be ed, (finished) sumu; 

(of an intention) jbju s \ (of a work, 
not manual) seikb (PX^) ^ 5 (o^ 
work) deki-agaru ; shi-agaru. 

Accomplished, a. tagei (^^) no, ; 
tanb (^t^) na ; gei (^) no aru ; sai- 
gaku {:^^) no aru. 

an musician, ongaku {^^) 

nijukutatsu (ffj^) shite oru hito. , 

an person, nbshd {^^^).: '^' 

an scholar, hakugakusha 

mm^i - : 

an thief, dorobb no meljin 


Accomplishment, n. (acquired 
talent) gei (®) ; saino (::^tl) 5 9^^^} 
:(iMM)'f (^c* Q^) equiv. of Accom- 
plish foil, by koto; (completion) 
shuttai {^^) ;. jbju i^^'; (comple- 
tion of an undertaking) seiko {p^ 

• light .,;._^.s, yagei (3SS). ' 

: the .....: of his work gave him 

g-r^a^ ^satisfaction, ^716 hitp wa 
, , shig^io ga jbju itisMtcci node oi ni 

manzoku {-J^aiL) sjiitq,.,:-, \^:- .-.\.',\ 


[ 10 ] 


Accord, n. (concord) v^agoi^"^); 
(music^ do-on (f^ia); (opinion) do-i 

of its own , shizen ij^j^) ni; 

jinen ( ^ ^) ni: hitori-de ni ; ono- 
dzu-to ; onodzukara. 

of one's own , dzui-% (^^E) 

ni ; jibun-gatte ni ; kimama ni ; kat- 
te ni ; (on one's own initiative) 
midzukara susunde. 

of your own , (polite) go 

katte ni tsuki. 

to be in with (another's 

views), toliken CEI.) (7« /wQ'o (^ ^) 
s ; tojiken ga itchi {—$jc) ^ I tojdo-i 

Accord, i.v- (agree) wago (^nn')s; 
au ; itchi s ; (correspond) fugo s ; 
(suit with) tsurl-au ; tekito (jg 

to with reason, rl ni au; 

dor'i (ii;ii) ni kanau. 

Accordance, n. (concord) wago ; 
(conformity) /wf/o ; (of opinion) do-i. 

in with, ni shitagatte; ni 


in with niy promise to 

you, o yikusoku dori (iJp^^^M V ) 

is in with the Treaty, 

joyaku ni shitagatte iru ; joyaku 
{{^V'}) dori da. 

is not in with the Treaty, 

joyaku ni somuite oru, or tagatte 

Acc^'rdiiig'ly, adv. (consequently) 

yotte ; sore yue ni ', shitagatte ; sono 
yue ni ; da kara ; sore da kara ; so 
shita tokoro de ; soko de. 

to inform a person (in that 

sense), hito ni sono mune, or omo- 
muki, wo shirase-ru. 

Accord i IIS" to, ni wa ; ni yotte; ni 

shitagatte ; ni yoru toki wa ; shi- 

dai; as, 

what this person says, 

kono hito no hanashi ni wa, ni 
yoru toki ni wa, or ni yoreba. 

circumstances, jigi (BJ^jaT) 

ni yotte: shidai (^JfJ) ni yoreba; 
koto ni yotte ; moyo-shidai (t^t^-^ 
t^j) ; (foil, by an expr. of doubt) 
koto ni yoru to. 

one's desire, kokoro shidai. 

the amount of money it 

costs, kane-daka shidai. 

that is circumstances, 

sore wa tsugb (fp'n') shidai desu. 

Accordion, n.fukin (M*^)- 
Accost, t.v. nijhanashi-kake-ru. 
Accouchement, n. hmnhen (^^) 5 

shussan ({HM) '' shusshb (Jh^). 
Accoucheur, n. sankwa-i {M^M)- 
Accoucheuse, n. samba (^^). 

Account, i.v. to for, no/riyu 

(JlF^) wo toku ; nojkotowake wo iu. 

to be unable to for, wajwa- 

ke ga wakaranai. 

Account, t.v, to/suru ; tojomou. 
to be ed for, wakaru. 

Account, 11. (bill) kanjo (l^jS) ; 
kwaikei ('^at') ; tsuke [last term used 
at restaurants] ; (news) tayori ; sho- 
soku (ftt.iJ ; (of ^ company, etc.) kei- 
san (st^) [Com. Co.] ; (reason) riyu 
(ild3); wake; shidai; (report) mo- 
shi-tate; hbkoku; (spoken narrative) 
shisai (fp^li]) ; iware ; hanashi ; mo- 
nogatari ; (written bill) kanjogaki {^] 
S§); keisansho (lt^#); (written 
narrative) k'ji (fB^) ; kiroku (IG^I^) ; 
shimatsugaki (tn^^)'} (written re- 
port) mbshitate-sho ; hbkokusho {'^]i^ 


current, ibza-adzuke /^J^^). 

according- to latest s, sni- 

kin (IxS) 1^0 tayori de. 

a man of no ....... yakuniiaia- 

nai hito. 

balance of an , kanjb no 


bank , glnkb-kanjb (j^fjH) 

deposit , ieiki-adzvke (^^ 

it is of no (unimportant), 

tsumaranai koto desu ; nan' de mo 
nai koto da ; sasai (|KM) na koto 

on of, no tame ni ; ni yotte. 

on all s, do shite mite mo; 

doko kara mite mo. 

on joint , nori-ai de. 

on my , waiakusM iw tame 



[ 11 ] 


on no (positively not), kes- 

shite ; do atte mo ; do shite mo ; 
[foil, by a verb in the neg.]. 

on this , kono yue ni', kono 

wake de ; sore da kara ; migi no 
wake de. 

savings' bank , koguchi- 

tbza {^hW^M)', chochiku-adzuke 

statement of , keisansho (||* 

^t) LCiv. Co.]. 

that s for it, sore ja, sono 

wake, or hadzu, da. 

to add up the total of an , 

kanjb wo shime-ru. 

to call to , kensekl (ftft) *• 

to close an , tori-hiki wo 


to enter an , kanjb wo tbroku 

(gH^) s, or kaki-nose-ru. 

to give an ! of, no/shidai wo 


to hold of no , mono no ka- 

dzu to mo omowanaL 

to leave out of y dogwai 

to make up an , kinjb 

wo s. 

to open an , kanjb wo 


to overdraw an , kwafurl- 

dashi (i^^ til ) s. 

to pay into , kanjb ni harai- 


to pay on of another, tate- 


to place to one's , kumi- 


to receive payment of an , 

kanjb wo uketoru. 

to settle an , (make up) kes- 

san {^M) s 5 (pay) kanjb wo 

to take of stock, tanaoro^ 

shi wo s. 

to transfer from current 

to deposit, tbza kanjb yori feiki- 
adzuke nifuri-kae-ru. 

to turn to , riyb (^IJ/S) s. 

to write up one's , chbmen 

(I^M) ^<^ tsuke-ru. 

Accountability, n. seme; hiki- 
uke ; sekinin (SfE:). 

to, ni/taishite sekinin no aru. 

Accountable, a. he is not 

for his actions, ano hito wa jihun 
no shogyo (PJr^) ni tsulte seme wo 
ou hodo no hito de wa nai. 

who is for this? kore wa 

dare no hiki-uke da ; kore wa dare 
no kakari, or sekinin, da. 

who is for this offence? 

kore tea dare no tsumi ni nam no 
da ; kono tsumi wa dare ni ki (§•§) 
sum ka. 

Accountant, d. kwaikei-kata {^^\ 
3^); kwaikei-gakari ; kanjb-kata (^ 
^:^) ; (in Army) gunri (^JH) ; (in 
Navy) shukei (±gt). 

"bureau lin Treasury), suitb 

kyoku il^Wi^i)- .. 

Account-book, n^ kwaikeichb ("^ 
$f^) ; kwaikeiho ('^R^^^.) ; chbmen 
(ifelf); kanjbchb (®];^i|i^) ; ehbbo {i^^ 
•f^) ; delrichb (tBAiliDi sultbchb (|ii 
\W^) I (of small expenses) kodzukai- 

Account-SaleS;, n. uriage-shikiri- 

Accoutrements, n. g^msb (^^|) ; 
gunki (^^). 

Accredit, t.v. nimmei ("ffrp^) s ; nin- 

ji'Tu ; melzuru. 

ed to the Japanese Court, 

Nihon-chusatsu ( T^li^J) no. 

Accrue, t.v. (arise) deki-ru\ shbji-ru; 

{increase) fue-ru ; bku naru; (obtainj 


the interest ing year by 

year, maitoshi tsuku rishi ; nen- 
nen toreru risoku {^\]t%). 

Accumulate, t.v. (amass) tame-ru; 
tsumi-kasane-ru ; chikuzai (#'ftt) s ; 
tsumi-age-ru ; tsumu ; takuwae-ru ; 
(collect) atsume-ru. 

Accumulate, i.v. tamam; tamatte 
kum ; taiseki{^^) s ; (of stores) 
yotte kum. 

Accumulation, n. taiseki; tsumi- 
kasane; tsumi-age ; {act of, intrans.) 
tamam koto. 

Accumulative, a.v. Accumulate, 
supra, verb used as adj. 

Accuracy, n. seikaku (f^^) ; mem- 
mitsM(lg^); seimits^ (.!|^fe 


I 12 ] 


Accurate, a. (correct) tadashii ; ma- 
chigai no nai ; (detailed) s/iosai (p^H) 
na; (minute) seimitsu na ; memmitsu 
na ; seikaku na. 

Accurately, adv. macMgai naku ; . 
tadashiku ; (minutely) seimitsu ni ; 
memmitsu ni ; komaka ni ; kuwashi- ■ 
ku ; (carefully) nen wo irete. 

A,ccusation, n. (act of) kokuhatsu 
( oM); kokuso (^=^) ; uttae ; (charge) 
zaijo (HJl^) ; (in ordinary parlance) 
kitsunan (|nli). ^ 

Accuse, t.v. (in ordinary parlance) ' 
seme-ru ; kitsunan s ; (leg.) kokuha- 
tsu s ; kokuso s. 
to falsely, hukoku (fl^^ s. ' 

Accuser, n. (in ordinary parlance) 
kitsunanslia (f^l^^) ; dangaisha (5|| 
^%) ; (legal) kokuhatsusha i-^^^) ; : 
. kokusonin {^W^K)', genkoku; gen- 

kokunin {0^-^A). 
Accused, n. (legal) hikoku ; hikoku- 

nin m^A). 
Accustom, t.v. narasu. 

to become : ed to, nilnare-ru. 

[AVhen followed by a verb in Eng. 

'" nare-ru is compounded with the 

indef. form of the Japanese verb, 

as, to become ed to eat, tabe- 

nareru; to becom.e .... . ed to 

live, i-nareru. Tsuke-ru is often 

1 used for nare-ru, .as, to become 

ed to do, shi-tsuke-ru ; to 

becomie ed to hear, kiki- 


Ace, n. pm; hitotsu. 

': Acerbity, n. (of taste) shibumi; ni-\ 
garni; (ot tein-pex)kokuhaku {^\]^). ; 

Acer Buergerianuni, mitsude\ 
momijl. ■ • 

'"'Acetate, n, 5a/cMsa)i-en (0^g|^). 
* '^ ■- :..:..'of lead,■en^o(|ali).■ 
. Acetic acid, sakusan. 

[ Aciie, i.y. itamu ; (of throbbing pain); 
chikudhiku itamu. [The adj. itav 
^ (painful) Is oftener used than thei 
« "^ verb]. i ' 

Aclie, n. iYttmi;'Zof5w (^^). \ 

'*:'--' li^94:.. . : ■. : . , . dzutsu (gj^) . ; 

stomacii ■.-. . . -. . , fukutsu (^?S). 

tooth , ha-itami', shitsii {^ 


[liara ga itai is the most common 
expression for to have a sto- 

Acliieve, t.v. toge-ru; shi-toge'ru; 
hatasu ; shiose-ru ; (of a scheme only) 
joju {J^^D s. 

Acliievement, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Achieve foil, by koto ; (of an 
object) Seiko i^"^) ; joju ; (of other 
deeds") koseki ; tegara ; koro {^^) ; 
kd (:^); (of valour) huko (5^:5(1) ;. 
kunro (^^) ; kunko i^:^). 

Achilles' tendon, akirisu-suji. 

Acliromatic, a. mushoku (to-g^) no. 

Acid, a. sui; sxippai; sammi (@|]$) 
no aru. 

to have ail taste, sammi 

wo ohi'Tu. 

Acid, n. san \^^\ 

acetic , sakusan (||ji|t ). 

carbolic , sekitansan (^^ 

carbonic , tansan ( ;'^II). 

citric , kuensan (^^t^S^l. 

hydrochloric , ensan (^5|). 

nitric , shbsan ( 5t@$). 

phosphoric , rinsan [^^t). 

sulphuric ....... ryilsan (^^|). 

tartaric ...... j shusekisan [M^ 


Acidification, n. sankwa (l^ft). 

Acidify, t.v. suppaku s; suku s; 
(chem.) sankwa sase'Vu. 

Acidity, n. sammi ; shibumi ; sumi^ 
to suffer from : of the sto- 
mach, iDalmune ga yake'Vu. 

Acknowledge, t.v. (a child) ?^^n- 
chi (|S^) -5 ; (admit) mitome-ru ; 
shochi ilfs.^) s ; shonin (#:|S) «; 
(confess) hakujo ( ^ ^) s ; zange (^ 

to a deed, (executed by an- 
other), shoken (H^) wa kakiijitsu 
(5iK) da to konin (S-fS) s; (ex- 
ecuted by one's self) jii6wn (^^} 
no shoken da to shonin (5?c|S) s. 
to a fault, tsumi ni fuku 

to a favour, on (,lt) loo sha 

s • rei (ijili) wo mosu. 


[ 13 ] 


to .;.... an error, ayamar'i wo 

to the receipt of, no ukeiori 

wo s. 

to tlie superiority of, 

nljichimoku (-^ @ ) oite oru. 

Acknowledgment, n. (admis- 

' sion) shbchi ; shonin ; mitome ; (con- 
fession) hakiijo ; zange ; (of a 
child) ninchi ; { receipt j ukeiori ; 
- I thanks) reisha (ai§^|). 

in of a present, /lenrei (jM 


ir^) ni. 

^ixtinvy n. kyokutan {^ifM) ; Iciwa- 
mari; iiari; (med.) kyokudo {^^)\ 

Acne, n. nikihl ; jakuhan (^3^). 

Acolyte, n. (Buddhist) ko-hodzu ; 

Aconite, n. kahutogiku ; torlkahuto. 

Acorn, n. donguH ; kashi no mi. 
sweet , sMi no mi. 

Acoustic, a. chokwan {^^) no. 
nerve, choshinkei (l^iif^). 

Acoustics, n. chogaku; onkyogaku 

AcTiiiaint, t.v, niJsMrase'Tu ; nilisU^ 
chi (M.'^) s ; nijlwji-ru ; ni/tsuge-ru ; 
(polite) ni / mosJii-kike-ru ; ni/o shirase 
mosu ; ni] mosM-age-ru. 

to be ed (of two persons), 

shiri-ai de aru. 

to be ed with, (a branch of 

knowledge) wo/kokoroete oru ; gaf 
deki-ru ; (a language) nijtsuji'ru ; (a 
person) wolshltte oru. 
to become ed with, (a per- 
son) to j chikadzuki ni naru ; ni/ko- 
koroyasuku naru ; (learn for the 
first time) hajimeie shiru. 

to be well ed with (a 

branch of knowledge), ni/akarui, 

-or kuwashil, de aru. 

widely ... .ed, kosai (3C^) no 


Acquaintance, n, (intimacy) 5/2.1- 
taslihni ; najimi ; (well known per- 

' son) kokoroyasui hiio ; chijin (^A) J 
chiki ; shiri-ai. 

a mere , shirl-hito. 

a person with, a larg*e ....... ko- 

-^^zi {3C[^) n'^ hiroi hito. 

I have no with him, ano 

hiio ni wa menshiki (M^) 9^ '^<^^' 

Acqiiaiiitauceslnp, n. (close) 

: shbnboku (HBl) \ kon-i {%m.)', chi- 
kadzuki ; jukkon (^^) ; shitashimi ; 

najirrii. - •■ 

i Acquiesce, i.v. (agree) itchi {—tk) 
■' s; shochi i'^^) s ; naltoku (|^f#) s ; 
; : (be resigned to) aJcirame-ru ; omoi- 
\ kiru ; dannen (^;f:) s ; (agree wil- 
! Imglj) manzoku {•^^) s. 

\ ^ to in . (sui3mit to), ni/shiia- 

• gau; nijfukujit {^^^) s. 

\ to .....-.'in everything" (said by 

{ another), ii-nari hodai ni naru. 

j Acquiescence, n. (agreement )s,\o- 

j chi ; itchi ; (gilent assent) mokuju 
; i^i^) ; (submission) kakugo (X'|^)V 

. /^^fc*'i« (mi). 

, Acquire, t.v. (gain, as money) mo- 
■ke-ru; (obtain) e-rw ; (purchase) mo- 
ioihe-ru; (a right) shutoku (^ff) s 
[Civ. Co.]. 

s a greater importance, 

hito-kiwa omoku naru. 

to by purchase, kai-uke-ru. 

to by transfer, yudzuri- 

uke-ru. ' 

to knowledge of, wojosa- 


Acquirements, n. (personal at- 
tainments) saigei {:A''^) ; geind (W 

Acquisition, n. (act of) shutoku 
(fef#) ; also equiv. of Acquire* foil. 

by koto. , ■ ' >, '"^ 

Acquisitiveness^ n. sharishih (gt 
$IJit>) ; yokushin (^it^) ; donyoku C^ ' 
^^). ■. '.■■•■. ■' ". 

Acquitj t.v. yurusu ; homen {}j^^) s ; 
shamen (|^^) s ; menso (^|^-j s 
[Gr. Pro.]. 

Acquittal, n. shamen \ homen ; (leg.) 
muzai-homen- (to^^^) ; menso {^ 
. E/^) [Cr. Pto.]. , .; , 
and discharge, mu^hi- 

ho'inen. : V ' . ' ■.' ' 

j ud gment of ..... , . ,', menso no ,ii~ 

watashi.' -- 


[ H ] 


Acquittance, n. (receipt) uketorl- 

Acrid, a. karai ; nigai. 

Acrimonious, a. (of one person 
speaking of another) nlga-nigashii ; 
doku-dokushii ; kokuhaku (^IjJ^) no ; 
(of two people disputing) hageshii; 

. gekireisu {'^\\fj^) na. 

Acrimoniously, adv. niga-nigashi- 
ku ; doku-doknshiku ; kokuhaku ni ; 
hageshiku ; gekiretsu ni. 

Acrimony, n. kokuretsu (@t^]j) ; ge- 
kiretsu ; nigami ; kokuhaku. 

Acrobat, n. karuwaza-shi. 

Acrobatic, a feats, karu- 


Across, prep, (over) goshi ni ; no 
muko ni. 

the mountains, yamagoshi 


to come , (light on) ni/mi- 

ataru ; (a person) ni/de-au ; as, 

have you yet ccme that 

passag-e in the Analects of 
Confucius ? ano ku wo mb rongo 
de mi-atari ni narlmashita ka. 
I came Mr. N. unexpect- 
edly the other day, senjitsu JH 
kun ni zonjiyoradzu de-ahnashita. 

to g"0 , no I muko e iku. 

to jump 5 wo I tohi-koe-ru. 

to look , wolmi-watasu. 

to run (abridge), wojkake- 


to shout the hedg^e, kaki- 

ne goshi ni'koe wo kake-ru. 

to throve a hridg-e a river, 

kawa ni hashi wo kake-ru. 
to walk , wojwataru. 

A-Cross, adv. yoko ni. 

the distance , sashi-watashi ; 

chokkei (SS). 

to tie and , juji ("h^) 

ni iwae-ru. 

4.ct, n. (behaviour) koi (fT^) J oko- 
nai ; dbsa ( H) f^) ; (deed) shiwaza ; 
shogyo (%:t) ; (legal) koi (f^^) [Civ. 
Co., Civ. Pro.] ; (of a play being 
performed) maku ; (of a printed play) 
dan (p^) ; (of parliament) hbrel (-/^ 

^) ; horitsu (}ig^) ; okiie; (scene, 

fig.) danraku {l^t$). 

of g*od, tensai (^.^) [Cr. 

Co.] ; fukakoryoku {7^Tijiji:fj) ; 
tempen-jisai i^^i^'Ji) ', tempen-' 
chii (5^®tii}M). 

s (as opp. to words), oko- 


in the of, (foil, by a verbal 

noun and another sentence in 
which the agent is the same) expr. 
by hydshi ni, totan ni, or hadzumi 
ni following the present indie. ; as, 

I was in the of drinking* 

when I dropped the wine- 
glass, nomu hydshi ni sakadzuki 
1(50 otoshimashita ; (foil, by a verbal 
noun and another sentence in 
which the agent is different) expr. 
by kakatta tokoro, afl&xed to the 
indef. form of an intrans. verb, or, 
kakeia toki ni, affixed to the indef, 
form of a trans, verb ; as, I was 

in the of falling into the 

river when Mr. W. caught 
hold of me, watakushl ga kavyj. 
e ochi-kakotta tokoro wo W. San 

ga osaeia ; I was in the of 

drinking when your brother 
came into the room, nomi-kake- 
ta ioki ni go kyodai ga hey a e 
haitie kita. 

one of the Chinese inci- 
dent is closed, Shlnkoku-jiken 
(y||^^f4-) wa ichi danraku {f^f§) 
wo tsugeta. 

the s of the Apostles, shito- 

gyoden (f^Mtf ^). 

Act, i.v. (behave) not expr. in Japa- 
nese by a verb but by a noun ; v. 
Action ; (be of effect) kiku ; loa} 
kikime ga aru ; (hold acting appoint- 
ment) dairi (f^If) wo s; (per- 
form an action) sum ; yattsuke-ru ; 
[vulg.] ; (perform, as an actor) yaku 
(^) wo s. 

to towards, ni/shimMke' 


to up to. a promise, yaku- 

soku (1^;^) wo shi-toge-ru, or rikb 
(Iff) s. 

to wrongly, is expr. by 

the negative of iki-todoku, or of 


[ 15 ] 


Act, t.v. (a part on the stage) tsuto- 
me'VU ; no/yaku wo s ; (counter- 
feit) mane-ru. 

to the fool, gujin (.^,A), 

or haka, nomane wo s. 

Acting", a. (taking the place of) 
in compounds— dafri (-(^11) affixed ; 

consul, ryoji-dairl [vMM-f^ 


manager, shihainin-dairl ( ^ 

Acting', n. (theatrical) shiuchi. 

Actinidia polyg^ama, mata-taU. 

Action, n. (at law) sosho (IfflS) ; 
[Civ. Pro.] ; kuji (•S-^-) ; (battle) 
senso (fjc-^) I kassen ( S^^) ; kosen 
(^iic) ; (conduct) kbi (fi^) ; gybjo 

{mk); kyodo mm); shd {mm); 

okonai ; furumai ; (conduct towards 
another person ) shi-muke ; (ges- 
tures, etc.) mihuri ; taido {W:l1t) ; 
(in art) ikioi ; taido (^,/^) ; (manner 
of dealing with a case) shohun (|g 
53*) ; shochi (fg^) ; (mode of action, 
of a person) shochi-buri ; (of a horse) 
agaki ; (working, of a thing) hita- 

clieniical , kwagaku-sayb ({{^ 


men of , yui (^^) no hito. 

private , shiso {M,aJi) L^r. 


public , koso (2j-|/f) [Cr. 


right of , saiken (^fH) [Civ. 


rocks are \70rn away hy the 

of water, iwa ga mklzu no 

tame ni herimasu. 

to b<^ killed in , senshi 

to bring- an against, ni 

taishiie soslib (l^-f?,) wo okosu ; 
wo/a'ite-doru ; loo/uUae-ru. 

to clear for (man-of-war), 

sento-gumbi (-|JcM'$|jm) wo s. 

to commence (Kiil.)> kaisen 

mm) s. 

to institute an , uttae wo 

okosu. [Civ. Pro.]. 

to take , shohun {^^) ico 

s; te wo kudasu. 

united , kyodo-undo {^^M 

W}) ; rengo-undo U^-^JlS/j). 

Actionable, a. uttaeru koto no de- 
kiru ; (criminal) kiso {-i^'P^) no de- 
kiru. ^ 

Active, a. (diligent in business) hen- 
kyo (^?S) na ; (diligent in work) 
yoku hataraku ; (energetic, of action) 
kwatsudb-tekh {^W^^'i) no ; (nimble) 
hashikol ; kwappatsu (yS"^) na ; su- 
hashikoh ; (of brain) hinsho (i5;M) 
na ; rlhatsu (^Ijf^) na ; (vigorous) 
mame na ; tassha (;^#) na ; jbhu 

capital, ryUisu-shihon {fM'M 


p artner , gyomutanto-shain 


verb, tadoshi {i^$)ifn\)- 

voice, haiaraki-kake ; nodo- 

an officer on the list, gen- 

eki-shoko imnfm- 

to be (in organizing), Aonso 

m^k) s. 

to be on the list, zaiekichu 

{^-i^L^) d^ ^'^w. 

while on service in the 

^^\6l, jiigunchri (^^cfi). 

Actively, adv. kwappatsu ni ; (dili- 
gently) henkyo (^j^J shite; (of 
brain) hinsho ni ; kashikoku. 

Activity, n (motive power) kwatsu- 
dbryoku {•/fi§)]:f3) ; (of body) kwap- 
patsu ; (of brain) hinsho ; rihatsu ; 
(opp. to passivity) kucatsudo. 

Actor, n. yakusha (tSl#) ; haiyu (f^ 

Actress, n. onna-yakusha ; joyu {-^ 

Actual, a. jitsu (^) no ; shinjitsu 
(SK) '>^^ ; inakoto no \ honto {:^^) 
no ; jissai (i^i^) no. 

condition, jikkyo (^iJi) ; 


cost, genka {0M). 

the facts, jissai (g^) ; geni' 

ha no tokoro- 

Actuality, n. jissai ; jiisuji {%^) ; 
genjiisu (fjig). 


[ 16 

_i ADD 

Adapt, t.v. (make suitable) teJcito 
■ sase-ru; .90-0 (tBJg.) s«se«rM. 

that man s himself to cir- 

^- cumstances, ano hito wa rinki- 

ohen i^iMWM) ni s. 

to to circumstances, ma ni 


to be ..;... ed for, nijau; ni/tekito 

de aru: 

to be ed to circumstances, 

ma ni au. 

to be ed to the purpose, 

yaku 111 tatsu. 

Adaptability, n. au koto ; kanau 

AdaptalblO, a. ni/au ; ni/kanau. 
to be , tekiyo sare-7'u. 

Adaptation, n. dyd{^Jfl); (act of 
making suitable) tekiyo (i^}R) suru 

Add, t.v. fuka (Pftjljn) .<? ; kuwae-ru ; 
(attach) soe-ru. 

to in writing-, kaki-kuwa- 


to to, ni/fuyasu; niltasu; 


to together, awase-ru. 

to up, shime-ru; kanjo (Hilj'iE) 

s; gokei (Mf) .9. 

Addenda sn, furoku (fvf-ft^) ; tsuika 


Adder, n. mamushi. 

Addicted, to be to, ni/fa- 

ke-ru ; ni/ooore-ru. 

to be to wine, sake ico 


to become to vices, afcuji 

(^^) *^^ somaru. 
Addictedness, n. fukete oru koto ; 

ohorete oru koto. 

Addition, n. (act of) equiv. of Add 
foil, by koto; (in arith.) kaho (Jpfi) ; 
yosezan; kasan iji]\%) ', (increase) 
zbka [ri^vX). 

-. subtraction, multiplica- 
tion, and division, kagen-jojo 

' in ...... (aggravation), amassae. 

in to, no lioka ni. 

in ....... to t'iiis, kono ue ni; kono 

hoka ni. - ' 

Actually, adv. jitsu ni; makofo ni ; 
honto nL; shinjitsu ni ; jissai ni ; (at 
the present time) gen (l|^) ni. 

Actuary, n. shuho ; hoken-tokei-ga- 

Actuate, t.v. toeing- .. ...d by 
kindly feeling, sMnsetsu-gi {^ 

to be d by (in a bad sense), 

ni tsurare'ru. 

what can have d him to 

' do such a thing ? do iu shozon 
ifft^f-) c?e a7ina koto ico shitan'daro. 

Ac U 1 n e ! ? 3 u. tonchi dX^ ) 5 ■ hatsu- 
mci (fit'i'i)' somei m$M) ; reiri {'\^ 

legal , hbritsu (•^^) ni aka- 

rui koto ; horitsujo no saichi {:^ 

A.CU[)Unctare, n. Jiari-rydji; shinji 


...... doctor J hari-i. 

to apply , hari-rybji s; hari 

v:o s ; hari wo utsu. 

Acute, a. (clever) surudoi ; kashikoi ; 

hinsho {$X^M) nd ; reiri ('^tf!)) na ; 

riko {f\\Q) na; s'atoi ; sohin (If.t|^) 

na; hintatsu (fj:^) na ; (of disease, 

. opp. to chronic) kyusei no (^i^.) ; 

gekisei (,flj!^) no; (of eye-sight) me 

no surudoi ; (of hearing) mimi-satoi ; 

• (of pain) hldoi; Jiagesliii; kitsui; 

' gekiretsu (Jflj^lj) na. 

an ...... accent, yb-onfu (:f^-^:f^). 

an ....... angle, eikaku (Ij^f^). 

an ang-led t?:iang-le, ei- 

kaku-sankakkei {§^f^Z'^J^). 

Acutely, .adv. hidoku; hageshiku ; 
kitsuku ; gekiretsu yii ; ' (with discri- 
mination) hinsho (gJcxi') '^*; riko {p\ 
■ \:\)nl; sutoku; hintatsu ni. 

Acuteness, n. (discrimination) hin- 
sho (|5:lt);. reiri ('I^'If.!)) ; surudoi 
koto ; kihin (j^tji:) ; (of a disease) 
gekishb (iy^) ; (of pain) gekiretsu. 

A.D., seireki [mM)\ kigengo (^EtC^)- 

Adagre, n. k^akugen {^^-^) ;^kotowa- 
za ; kogo {'^Wi) ; kingen {^n)- 

Adamant, .11! kongbseki (^iiJH); 
kenseki (^S") ', icsseJd (^;gf); ' ;^ i. 


[ 17 ] 


Additional, a. fuka (Pf^/jn) no; 
(supplementary) tsuika (ii,?JQ) no. 
[also expr. by sara ni or nao with 
appropriate verb]. 

guarantee money, mashi- 


penalty, /wfca-Zcei (Pf^j[jn?fiJ). 

vnle, fusoku 

Addled, a egg, kusaiia tama- 

, go ; (slightly) midareia tamago. 

A< J dress, t.v. (a letter) ate-ru ; (an 
assembly) nijenzetsu (i^|^) « ; (speak 
to) ni/ii-kake-ru ; nijhanashi-kake-ru. 

ed. bill, ginko-shiharai-tegata. 

to (a letter) to, nojna-ate 

ni s. 

to (an envelope), no/uwa-gaki 

wo s ; no/na-ate wo kaku. 

Address, n. (discourse) enzetsu 
(manner of speaking) otai-buri 
(mental adroitness) hinwan (|^9^) 
(of a letter) ate-na ; na-ate ; uwa- 
gaki ; (of a person) tokoro-gaki ; 
shukusho i^^Jx) ; (skill) takumi ; (tes- 
timonial) shotokuhyo {^i§.M)- 

book, jimmei-jilshobo (A:^^ 

of congratulation, shukujl 

■ (ill*). 

of thanks, shaji (fj|'|$). 

to the Throne, josoan (_h 


rude mode cf , shlisurei {-^^ 

iff.) na kojo (PJi). 

the (reply to speech from 

Throne), chckugo-hotoan {^Jjf^^^ 

Addressee, n, na-aie-nin ; jusliin- 
nin (^-fg A). 

Adduce, t.Y.hikii; age-ru; inyd {^\ 

Addiicible, a. agerareru ; hiku koto 
no dekiru. 

Adductor, n. tenkin (^j^). 

Adept, n. jukurensha {f^}*^^) ; iatsu- 
jm (^A) ; kuroto. 

to be an at, ni/jukutatsu 

(MS*^) ^^^^^ ^^'^• 
Adept, a. jukuren na; tokui ^%M.) 
na ; jodzu na. 


Adequate, b,. jubun {^^) na ; teki- 
to (ii^) no; sod (^gfi) no; (satis- 
factory) manzoku {%&) na. 

Adequacy, n. equiv. of Adequa 
foil, by koto. 

Adequately, adv. jubun ni ; iekito 


Adliere, t.v. kuttsuku; hebari-tsu- 
ku ; nebari-tsuku ; nenchaku (^jf^^) s. 

to to, (an opinion) ni/kodei 

(t^i/S) s; ni/nadzumu; ni/kori-ka- 
tamaru; koshu {^^) s; kataku 
torn ; (a proposal) koshu {W\^) s ; 
(a treaty) ni/kamei (liUM.) s ; nijka- 
nyit (jf)nA) -*?• 

Adherence, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Adhere foil, by koto ; (to a treaty) 
ka-nyu ; kamei. 
to give in one's to, ni/ ka- 
nyu s. 

Adherent, n. mikata ; toyo (^fffl) ; 
fujusha {W^^) (of a particular 
faith) shinja (ff ^). 

immediate (political), jiki^ 

sansha ([iL#^)- 

Adhesion, n. (to a convention) ka- 
nyu ; kamei. 

Adhesive, a. nebaru ; nenchaku {^^ 
^) siiru ; kochaku (0^) suru. 

stamp, gomu no tsuita kitte.. 

very , nebari-tsuyoi. 

Adhesively, ddv. nebatte. 

Adhesiveness, n. nebarike ; nen- 

chakushitsu (ffi^^) ; nebari. 

Adieu, n. itomagoi. 

to bid , itomagoi wo s; wd- 

kare wo tsuge-ru. 

Adipose, a. shibo (HhI^) no ; aburak- 

Adjacency, n.moyoH no koto; chi- 
kaku natt'e oru koto ; (of a house) 
tonaru koto. • 

Adjacent, a. moyorl no ; kinjo (iE 
f']i^)no; chikal ; fukin [l^ifir) no; {ot 
a house) tonari no. 
7; country, rinipj (^#[5); rhi- 

gokumm). ' 

house, rinka (p'^). 

pre f ecture, klnkeii (JSll^). 


[ 18 ] 


province, ringoku (1^^). 

to be to, nilsekkin (^^iE) 5-. 

Adjectival, a. keiybsMjb {^'^WM) 

Adjective, n. kelyoshi (?f^§f^). 

Adjectively, adv. kelyoshi io shite. 

Adjoin, t.v. (be contiguous to) nij 

Adjoin, i.v. sessuru ; tonaru ; fu- 
kin s. 

Adjoining-, a. sekkin (J^JE) shite 
oru ; fukin no ; (next door, of a 
house) tonari no. 

house, rinka (P^). 

.... prefecture, r'mken (PS^). 
province, ringoku (PP). 

Adjourn, t.v. nohasu; nohashite 
oku ; no/hinohe wo s ; mi-awase-ru ; 
enki (JiS^) s. 

to indefinitely, mukigen 

ik^MWi) ni enki s. 

to be ed for want of a 

quorum, ryukwai (tjft^) to naru. 
IMi-aioasei'u by itself means to 
give up, and only Milieu the date is 
fixed can it mean to adjourn ; 
as, shall we this till to- 
morrow, kore ica myonichl (HJ5 H ) 
Viiade mi-awasemashbka. Kore wa 
mi-awasemasho ka means, " shall 
we give this up."] 

Adjourn, i.v. (disperse) sankwai (^ 
•^) s; (of a meeting) enkirai (^-f") s. 

Adjournment, n. (dispersal of a 
meeting) sankiiai ; (of a meeting) 
enkwai ; (to a later date) enki ; hi- 

Adjudicate, t.v. sabaku ; saiban 
{MlH) s ; saiketsu (^^) s ; hanketsu 
(fij^) s; saidan (i^gff) s; shindan 

Adjudication, n. saiban ; sabaki ; 
saiketsu ; keitei (^^) ; hanketsu ; 
shindan ; shinkoku (H^) ; (act of) 
equiv. of Adjudicate foil, by koto. 

of bankruptcy, hasan-sen- 

koku i^mM.^) [Com. Co., Civ. 

Adjunct, n. fuzoku-butsu {WiM'M ', 
tsukimono ; soe-mono ; (grammar) zo- 
kushl [MW- 

Adjure, t.v. isshln-furan (— 'it\^iL) 

ni negau ; nesshin (^>t'») ni ianomu ; 
(command) ni/gemmei (^^) s. 

Adjust, t.v. (an affair) matome-ru ; 
chbwa (USj$n) sase-rw, nojkata ico 
tsuke-ru ; (fit to) awase-ru ; (put in 
order) naosu ; nofguai wo naosu ; 
seiton (HH) s ; selrl (^Jj) .9. 

to one's dress, emon wo 


to be ed, (differences) shori 

(iEJl) s ; (fit) au ; (of an affair) 
matomaru; wa}kata ga tsuku. 

Adjustable, a. to be , maiome- 

rare-ru ; wa'lchbwa ga deki-ru ; tea] 
kata ga tsukerare-ru ; ua'lguai ga 
naosare-ru ; wa^seiton ga deki-ru ; 
aicaserare-ru ; walseiri ga deki-ru. 

Adjustment, n. shilsei (fi:^) ; sei- 
ri ; seiton ; (act of) equiv. of Adjust 
foil, by koto ; (of accounts) keisan 
{t\W) '■> (o^ ^ difference between in- 
dividuals) naka-naori ; (of a differ- 
ence between states) short ; (of an 
affair) chbwa. 

of finances, zaisei-seiri (K^j^ 

convention for the peaceful 

of differences, funsb-hei- 

wateki-shori-jbyaku (^^^^n 6^ ^ 

Atljutant, n.fukukwan (glJIg ). 

general, sambb-sbkan (^fS 


battalion , daitai-fukukwan 

garrison , ybsai-fukukwan 

regimental , rentai-fuku- 

kwan mmmt)- 

Administer, t.v. tori-atsukau ; oko- 
nau ; kwanri {^M.) s ; (govern) shi- 
hai (^gH) -"^l tbkatsu (i^fe) s ; (laws) 
shikkb (l^^f) s ; (medicine) noma- 

to a deceased estate, isan 

(xS^) ^'o kwanri s. 
. to a dose, ni/fukuyaku (5R 

^) sase-ru, 

to an oath to, ni/seigen (^ 

■g') wo tate-sase-ru ; ni/sensei {^^ 
§-) wo saseru. 


[ 19 ] 


Administration, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Administer foil, by koto ; (go- 
vernment) gyosei (ffi^) ; (mode of 
government) shisei (J^jl^) ; (of an 
estate) kwanri (^JJ) [Civ. Pro.] ; 
kwanzal (^ftt) ? (of laws) shikko 

letters cf , kwanri- shosho 

Administrative, a. kwanri sunt ; 
shihai sum ; (of government) gyosei 

Court, gyosei-saihansho (f^ 


Administrator, n. (of a bankrupt 

estate) hasan-kican7Minin (iSM^Et 
A) 5 (of '^ deceased estate) sentel- 
kwanzainin (H^'I^EtA). 

Administratorsliip, n. (of an 

estate) kwanrisha {^i^^) no shoku ; 
kicanzainin no yaku {^^). 

Admirable, a, kanshin (."^ill^) na ; 

kampuku (]^^S) na ; (excellent) kekko 
i^f^) na ; (of conduct) shimbyb (-ji^ 
i?) na. 

very (of design, execution, 

etc.), zetsumyo (|g§j?) na. 

Admirably, adv. kanshin ni ; mi- 
goto ni ; (of conduct) shimbyo ni ; (of 
work) kekko ni. ■ 
most , zetsumyo ni. 

Admiral, n. kaigun-taisho (?^5^ 
3f ) [alone, or before name] ; taisho 
(;^^f ) [alone, or after name]. 
rear , kaigun-shosho {•(^'^^ 


vice , kaigun-chvjo (v'^^tf' 

the (Commander-in-Chief on 

a station), shirei-chokwan [a]^^ 

Admiralty, n. kaigunsho (v^^^"). 
council, shokwan-kwaigi {^^ 


Court of , kaigun-saihansho 

(f|:-5^^^JPir) ; kaiin-shimbansho {il^ 

Admiration, n. kampuku (,^§S) ; 
kanshin (,^j|i>) ; shotan (^i)c) \ '^^5- 
san iUM)' 

Admire, t.v. (esteem) tattdbu ; kei- 
fuku (^Jc^S.) s ; chincho (^M) s ; 
(praise) shohi (^H) s ; home-ru ; 
(wonder at) nijkansh'in (I^it^) s ; nif- 
kampuku [^M.) s ; ni/odoroku. 

Admirer, n. home-ie. 

Admiringly, adv. gerund of equiv. 
of Admire is used ; as, kanshin shite. 

Admissible, a. (of a plea) yurusu- 
beki [Civ. Pro.]. 

to be (of an argument), torn ; 

(of an expression) tsuji-ru ; tbru ; 
(of evidence) saiyo (^/fi) sare-ru, 
or ni naru ; irefe mo ii. 

Admissibility, n. equiv. of Ad- 
missible foil, by koto. 

Admission, n. equiv. of Admit 
foil, by koto ; (fact admitted) mito- 
meta koto ; (to membership in a 
society) nyilicwai (A'^)- 

no except on business, 

muyo (|ii£/H) ^^ mono iru bekaradzu. 

price of , nyujbryo {Kt^Pt)- 

ticket of , nyujoken (A^#)' 

Admit, t.v. (receive as true) shbdaku 
i^i^) s ; shdchi {7^^) s ; shoin [if: 
51) s ; mitome'ru : nintei (iS^) s; 
nindaku {%JlM) * 5 (suffer to enter) 
ire-ru ; tbsu ; hairase-ru. 

ing that it were so, tatoe 

so ni mo shiro. 

it s of no doubt, utagaiwo 


it s of no excuse, do shite 

mo ii-wake ga tatanai ; do shite mo 
wahi-yo ga nai ; do shite mo il-wake 
no itashi-yo ga arimasenii. 

these words do not of 

such a construction, korera no 
kotoba wa kono imi ni wa mochii- 

this ticket s me into the 

theatre, kono kippu de shibai e 


to a fault, tsumi ni fuku 

m) s. 

to light, akari wo tosu. 

while ing" that, to wa shd- 
chi shi-nagara ; to vxi ii-nagara ; 
to wa moshi-nagara. 

Admittance, n. v. Admission. 


[ 20 ] 


Adlllittedl^, adv. expr. by peri- 
phrasis ; as, ippan ni mitomerareru ; 
dare ni mo mitomerareru. 

Admixture, n. (act of) kongb {\^ 
^) suru koto ; mazeru koto ; (sub- 
stance) kongohutsu {%'^'^l'}) ; mazari- 
mono. ... 

Admonisll, t.v. (reprove) ni/iken 
(i&Ji) f^o s, or kuwaC'Tu ; ni/setsuyu 
(o^^k) s ; isame-ru ; imashime-ru ; 
satosu ; (warn) ni/keikai {^^) s ; 
nilkybkai {%3^) s. 

Adiiionislier, n. setsuyusha (0^f|c 
^) ; chukokusha (f^^-^^). 

Adsiionition, n. (act of) setsui/u; 
satoshi ; equiv. of Admonish, foil, 
by koto ; (reproof) iken {m>R,) ', se- 
isuyu iMti) ; kangen (if "g) ; (warn- 

ing) keikai {W^ 
kunkai {Wi^)- 

chukoku (,^>^) ; 

Ado, n, saicagi ; sodo (ISHl). 

to make much. about 

nothing", nan de mo nai koto ni 
o-sawagi wo yaru. 

Adolescence, n. shonen (^^) ; 
mlseinen (7^^^). 

Adonis davurica, fukujuso. 
Adopt, t.v. (a resolution, by vote) 
kdketsu (pX?^) s ; (as a daughter) yo- 
jo (^:^) ni s, or morau ; (as a son) 
yoshi i^J-) ni s, or morau ; (as a 
suggestion) saiyo (|^;fl) s ; mochi- 
i-ru ; tori-mochii-ru. 

ed child, morai-ko. 

...... ed daughter, yojo (^^). 

Adoption, n. yoshi ni suru koto ; 
'{leg:) engumi ; ybshi-engumi [Civ. Co.]; 
(of an opinion) saiyo (^/H) ; (of a 
resolution) kaketsu (pJ^). 

Adoptive, a family, yoka 

(S^) [Civ. Co.]. 

father, yofu (^^). 

..:... mother^- 2/060 (^f^:)- 
...... parent, 2/os/im (^||). 

Adorable, ■ a. (deserving love) ka- 
waii; kawairashii. 

Adoration, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Adore foil, by koto; (worship) . so?i- 
kei {^^) ;■ keihai i^^f^). ■ 

Adore, t.v. (love intensely) choai 

■ (ft"^') <^ ; (worship) ogamu ; sonkel 
' IW-Wi) -^ > ^^^^ (^) * ; agamC'ru. 

the people ...... their prince, 

;' jlmmih (AK) f7<^ kimi wo keibo 

■■ mM)s. : *: 

Afloring", a. equiv. of Adore used 
as an adj. 

Adoring'ly, adv. ogand^; halsJiUe:; 

■ keibo shite ; chbai shite. ■' ' ' 

Adorn, t.v. kazaru ; yosoou ; jiM- 

shoku {ifM^) s. . 

to one's self, kewai s. 

to with, nil—^ — 100 kamri- 

tsuke-ru. . • 

Adornment, n. kazari ; (act of) 
kazarl-tsuke ; sbshoku (i^g^) ; equiv. 
of Adorn foil, by koto. . - 

Adriatic, n. the , Adoria-kai. 

Adrift, adv. to be , nagare-ru', 

hybryii (M^) « '> hybhaku (^-^i^) .9 ; 


to get , nagare-dasu. 

Adroit, a. (dexterous) tegbsha '(^Vj 
^) na', takumi na ; temame na ; (in 
a bad sense) korikb ('J^^IJP) na ; 
loarugashikoi ; suhashikoi ; kosui ; 
(mentally) kashikoi ; rikb (^IJ P ) na ; 
kibin {^%^) na ; reiri ('l^jflj) na ; kvri' 
mawashi no jbdzu {±.^)na; hinshb 

Adroitly, ' adv. rikb ,m ; kashikoku ; 
hinshb ni', kibin ni; reiri ni; (of 
manual dexterity) takumi ni. 

Adroitness, n. equiv. of Adroit 
foil, by koto. 

Adulation, n. hetsurai ; neiben (f^ 
f^) ; tsuishb-keihaku (ii,t&llPP.vli); ohek- 
kd [vulg.]. 

to employ , tsuishb-keihaku 

wo iu. ^ 

Adulatory, a. tsuishb no ; hetsurai 
no ; ohekka no. 

Adult, n. seijin {p^A) ; sbnen (jji:^--) ; 
taijin{i^A); otona. 

Adult, a, seichb (jsjc;^) shita ; .sei/m 
. no; sbnen no. - . - 

Adulterate, t.v. maze-mono, s; shi- 
nagara wo waruku s ; asJiiku s. 


[ 21 ] 


Adulterated, a. fusel (;fCjE) no. 

a,Yticlej fnseihin {7f.iEua)' 

Adulteration, n. eqniv. of Adul- 
; terate foil, by koto. 

Adulterer, n. ma otoko ; kampu (^ 

^) ; mippu i^'M) ', misokao. 
Adulteress, n. kampu (|&^-). 

Adulterous, a. kantsu (^31) no\ 
shits u (^J3i) no ; mittsu [^M.) ^o. 

Adultery, n. kantsu {^M,) [Civ. 
Co., Cr.'Pro.]; mittsu {^=^); yiifu- 

to commit (of a woman 

only), ma-otoko s ; ma-otoko, or 

mippa, wo koshirae-ru. 

Ad valorem, juka no. 

duty, jukazel (^Mtft)- 

Advance, n. (in prices) ne-age ; toki 
i^M) '■> (niil.) zenshin (giJiil); sho- 
men-kosliin (lEffijff ill) '■> shingun (j!g 

• ^) ; (money lent) yodate-kin ; (on a 
contract) tetsuke-kin ; te-kbi ; mae- 
/cin ; (on produce) shi-ire-kin ; (of 
money on another's account) tate- 
kae [Com. Co.] ; (overture) moshi- 

■ dashi ; (progress) shimpo (iB^I^) 5 ^^^^" 
tatsu (f§^) ; (promotion) s/io^o (^ 

freight, moioharai-unchin (tJc 

in , saki ni ; arakajime. 

payment in , mae-barai. 

to borrow money in , mae- 

gari xdo s. 

to draw money in , zen- 

shaku (fliffa) s; uchigari s; nai- 
shaku iP^fa) ^' 

to lend money in , mae- 

gashi wo s. 

to make s to (a woman), 


to pay in , maebarai s ; zen- 

kin (gif^) de harau. 

Advance, t.v. (as, servant's wages) 
~ maegashi s ; (pay out on another's 
account) tate-kae-ru ; (the time for 
any act) kuri-age-ru, 

to an argument, ron {tm) 

wo ii-dasu. 

to ...... an opinion, mikomiwo 

riohe'ru; iken (jg,^) f^o kaichin 

to money (on contract), 

tetsuke-kin wo yarn, or utsu 

to the price, newoageru; 

ne-age wo s. 

to be d (of the night), fu- 

ke-ru ; take-ru. 

Advance, i.v. susumu ; (come for- 
ward) susunde ku-ru; (fig.) ho (^) 
wo susume-ru ; (improve) shimpo s ; 
hattatsu s ; (in learning) shotaisu {±. 
^) s; (in social position) shi'sse 
(tHft) s ; risshin {:u.^) s; (of price) 
agaru ; toki (^1;^) s ; nohoru. 

; ! (mil.) mae e ! 

to a step, ippo (— ^) wo 


to by rushes (mil.), yaku- 

shin mM) s. 

to headlong (mil.), tosshin 

mm s. 

to in age, toshi wo torn. 

to in echelon (mil.), teishin 

iWM) s. 

to obliquely (mil.), shako- 

imy) .^. 

to straight to the front 

(mil.), chokushin {}^M) *• 

to to the attack (mil.), 

koshin (^i^) s. 

Advance-g-uard, zen-ei {mWi) ; 
saki-te ; sempo (:^^) ; (of a proces- 
sion) sakidomo. 

Advancement, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Advance foil, by koto ; (progress) 
shimpo {-Mf^)'^ hattatsu (f^^) ; (pro- 
motion) shokyu (,#M) ; shoto (-^^^:;)-; 
(social) risshin (jzlj| ) ; shusse {li\ 

Advanced-post> n. zenshlnsho [m 


Advantag'e, n. (benefit) eki : rieki 
(f^'lM) ; toku (^) ; (profit) ri ; rieki ; 
moke ; (of ground) chiri (JilJI) ; (Vic- 
tory) shbri. 

there is no whatever, nan 

no . kai mo nai ; nan no eki ni mo 

to examine into the s or 

disadvantages of — , — no 
rigai-tokushitsu (^IJ^f#:^) wo ken- 
kyu m^) s. 

to take of, (a fayourablo 

moment) nojki (^) ni joji'fu ; 


[ 22 ] 


(turn to accorint) wolriyo {^\]f^) s ; 
(the weakness of another) niltsuke- 
komu ; icojsaiwai (^) to s. 

Advantag^eoiis, a. yiieki {^^) no^; 
eki no aru ; bengi (@:i[) na ; eki (^) 
ni nam ; ioku (^) na. 

Aclvaiitag-eoiisly, adv. bengi ni; 
isugo dtl^-g-) yoku. 

Advaiitageousness, n. rieki ; 

Advent, n. (of a king) rinqyo (Eg 
^) ; (of Christ) korin (I?$ES) ; (the 
festival) korinsetsu (P$£^^). 

first Sunday in , korinsetsu 

daiichi shiijitsu (^ ). 

Adventitious, a. guzen (f^^) no; 

igmai (^,^h) no ; omoi mo yoranu. 
Adventure, n. (bold undertaking) 

boken (IR^)** (danger) kiken [fa.^!^)- 
to have an , kiken ni au. 

Adventurer, n. bokensha ( ^ f^,^) ; 
(impostor) yamashi ; (pohtical, etc.) 
sakushi (^i:). 

Adventuresome, a. toppi {^M) 
no ; (full of risk) kiken-darake no. 

Adventurous, a. (daring) daitan 
{i^M) '^<^ 5 yukan (^"45:) na; kimo 
no futoi ; (fond of adventure) boken- 
zuki na. 

Adventurously, adv. daitan ni ; 

kimo-fvtoku ; ken wo okashite ; yu- 
kan i^iM) ''i- 
Adventurousness, n, equiv. of 
Adventurous foil, by koio. 

Adverb, n.fukushi (IiJIrJ). 

Adverbially, adN . fukiusM niifuku- 
shi to shite. 

Adversary, n. (foe) teki (|^) ; (op- 
ponent) aite ; aite-kata : tekishu (^ 

Adverse, a. (contrary) gyaku {^) 
na ; (hostile) tekitai (^^) no ; saka- 
ratte oru ; (of circumstances) fu-shi- 
aicase na ; (opposing) haniai (^^) 


wind, mukai-kaze ; gyakufu 

Adversely, adv. tekitai shite ; saka- 
ratte ; haniai shite. 

Adverseness, n. equiv. of Ad- 
verse foil, by koto. 

Adversity, n. wazaioai ; saigai (^^^ 
^) ; sainan {iJiM) '> yakunan (/g,^) ; 
kannan (MM)- 

Advert, t.v. to to, wo/hiku; 

wo sasu. 

Advertise, t.v. (by an advertise- 
ment) kwokoku ()^ n") s ; hirome'VU ; 
(notify) tsuchi (iffl^) s; (on notice 
board) keiji (|g^) s ; (publish. 
Mddely) fure-ru; hobo (^>^) e fure- 
ru ; hirome'VU ; hiro {^MM) ^• 

Advertisement, n. kwokoku {^ 
■^) ; (act of) eqniv. of Advertise foU. 
by koto ; (official) kokoku (-S- o") » 
(poster) keiji {%y^) ; hari-fuda; hari- 
garni ; (tradesman's) hiki-fuda ; kwo- 

Advertiser, n. kwokokusha (^^ 

Advertising-agent, n. kwokoku- 

Advertising-charge, n. kwo- 

koku-ryo i^-^p^). 

Advice, n. (admonition) iken (M^) l 
kybkun (i^fjlj) ; (counsel) kokoro- 
dzuke ; chukoku (,*'n") J kybkun ; 
kwangen (t^W) 5 jogon (fljjg); i^- 
formation) isiichi (M^IJ) 5 hokoku (f^ 
•^) ; annai. 

letter of ... 


Advisable, a. to be , expr. by 

the inf. of the verb. foil, by ho 

ga ii ; as, it will be for you 

to go to Tokyo to-morrow, 

myo-nichi (5^ H ) Tokyo e irassharu 
ho ga ii. 

Advisability, n. bengi (M^) ', teki- 
gi (ii±). 
I doubt tbe of your go- 
ing, ide nasaru no wa toku de wa 
arumai to omou. 

Advise, t.v. (admonish) isame-ru ; 
ni/iken (S^) s ; (counsel) nilkoko^'O' 
dzuke'Tu ; jogon s ; nif chukoku s ; nif 
kybkun s ; (inform) nij isiichi 8 ■', ni) 
hokoku s. 

annaijo {^p^^) ; 


t 23 ] 


to ...... to (do a certain thing), is 

expr, by the requisite verb foU. by 
2/0 iW) ^^ chukoku s, less often by 
yd ni susume-ru. 

Advise, i.v. to witli, tojsddan 


Advisedly, adv. (after deliberation) 
kanko (1|]#) no ue ; waza to ; koi 
(ilJc.s) ^^ ; loaza-waza. 

Adviser, n. sddan-aite ; jogonsha {UJ} 
■g^) ; kwangensha {WiW^) I ^^^'^ 
kokusha (,^.^#) ; (attached to a 
dept.) komonkwan (l^fp^'s) ; sanji- 
kwan (S^*^). 

legal , horitsu-komon (^#1^ 


Advocacy, n. (support) satan (:fe 
^) ; kata wo moisu koto ; (vindica- 
tion) 'moshiwake ; henkai (^15?) ; 

hogo mm)' 

Advocate, n. (leg) daigennin (RW 
A); hengonin {W^A)', bengoshi. 
(^^i) [Civ. Pro.] ; (partisan) kata 
wo motsu hito ; mikata. 
judge (mil.), riji {^^). 

Advocate, t.v. (an opinion) ii-haru ; 
shucho (^5M) s ; tonae-ru ; shbdb (ng 


Adze, n. (bow-handled) chona ; (with 
short straight handle) te-ono. 

Aeg^inetia indica, namban-kiseru. 

Aerate, t.v. nijkuki (^^) wo ire-ru 

Aerated water, ieppd-midzu. 

Aeration, n. kaki wo ireru koto. 

Aerial, a. kfiH (^^) no ; taiki {-fc 
M.) "^o; (lofty) sora ni sobieta. 

Aerolite, n. inseki (5i5). 

Aerometer, n. kenkiki {^M.^)- 

Aeronaut, n. fusen-nori {^^0^). 

Aerostat, n. kikyu [MM) ; fusen (^ 


Aerostatical, a. heikijutsu no. 
Aerostatics, n. heikijutsu {W-m.Wi)- 
-Aesthetic, a. iki na; furyil (Jgi,v5fc) 
na ; (in a depredatory sense) johin- 
buru ; fiiryu-garu ; furyu-buru. 

Aesthetics, n. shimUgaku (HH^') ; 
blmybgaku [^i^%). 

Afar, adv. tbku ni ; haruka ni. 

from , tbku yori ; empb (^^) 

yori ; harubaru to. 

Affability, n. ingin {S^M) 5 ^einei (T 
^) na koto. 
with , ingin ni ; teinei ni. 

Affable, a. (courteous) teinei na ; in- 
gin na ; onkb {^]$.) na ; nengoro na ; 
(easy of access) kigaru na ; shita' 
shimi-yasui ; choku na : chikadzuki" 

Affably, adv. nengoro ni ; ingin ni ; 
teinei ni. 

Affair, n. koto ; jiken (^#) ; koto- 
gara ; icUjb {—%). 

s (of a company, etc.), gybmu 


naval s, kalji (-^g^). 

state of s, keisei {B^)\ 

ybsu ; arisama. 

state of 

kokujb (^ 

Affect, t.v. 
bbgai (^f^) 
wo/kidoru ; 
hibiku ; ni/eikyo 
hibiku ; nijkwankei 

s m a country, 


(adversely) ni/sawaru ; 

s ; (assume the airs of) 

(have effect on) ni/ 

s ; ni/sashi- 

^) s ; (make 



a pretence of) no/furi wo s 


to friendly relations, kon- 

shin i'^^J^) no majiwari ico bbgai s. 

to be ed, eikyb wo uke-ru ; (as 

a part by disease) ni]i/o (^3^) ga 

to be ed by (moved by), nij 

kanji-ru ; ni/kandb (,^iJ) s. 

to be ...... ed by the heat, shoki 

(§^) ^^ aterare-ru, or ataru. 

Affectation, n.furl, or buri, follow- 
ing the word expressing the thing 
affected ; (of manner) nama-iki na 
koto; ;i/w(^M)- 

Affected, a, unuboreia ; nama-iki 

Affectedly, adv 

iki ni. 

unuborete ; nama- 
to talk , kidotie hanashi aio 


i 24 ] 


Aftectlng", a. kanasMi; kando {^ 
$)}) suheki; awareppoi. 
to be , kando sase-ru. 

^Aff'ectlon, n. (act of loving) itsuku^ 
shimi ; (between the sexes) renibo (^ 
. - ^) ; renjo {^fn) 5 (feeling of love) 
aijo Cg'It) ; joai H-^^) ; jiai i^^) ; : 
(of parents) c/ioai (f|^) ; (sickness) 
yamai ; sawari ; warm tokoro. 

one sided ....... kata-omoi. 

to Tbe devoid of , wa^joai ga \ 


to feel for, wolkawaigaru; 

wo/ai s. 

Affectionate, a. nasake-hukai ; jo- [ 
ai no fv.kai ; aijo nofukai. 

an father, ji/w (^6C). i 

an mother J ji&o (^^). 

Affectionately, a. aijo-fukaku ; 

Affiance, t.v. U-nadzuke s ; wajkon~ 
^'^{^M) '^0 yakusoku (^^;^) too s. 

Affianced, a bride, or hus- 
band, ii-nadzuke. 

Affidavit, n. (spoken) seigen (^W) ; 
seishi (^^) ; (written) senseisho (^ 
et) ; seisin (Mm- 

to make an , seigen wo tate- 

ru ; sensei s. 

Affiliate, t.v. to/gappei (-g^f^f) s. 

Affiliation, n. gappei. 

Affinity, n. (connection) kwankei (|| 

^) ; (connection between persons) 
, innen (01^) ; en (^) ; (in chemistry) 

shinwaryoku {$i^U-h) ', (marriage re- 
. .lationship) en (^) ; (of languages) 

^uiji ifMih) ; (of soimds, colour, etc.) 


Affirm, t.v. (aver) kakugen (ClW) s ; 
shikatoiu; iw, (estab- 
lish) tashika ni s ; (make a solemn 
declaration) chikau ; seigen (^W) s. 

Affirmation, n^ (assertion) kaku- 
gen ; dangen (ilfW) I (confirmation) 
kakusetsu ; (solemn declaration) sei- 

Affirmative, a. (confirming) kaku- 
jiisu (Cig) no ; kakuiei (fi^ '^>?io. 

Affirmative, n. ail answer in the 

or negative, dakvM (^^) 

no henji. 

a reply in the , shodaku (;?: 

^) no henji (ig^). 

in the (consenting), ojite. 

Affix, t.v. tsukeru ; soe-ru ; (a stamp) 
haru ; chofu (It^f^f ) s ; clibyo (MS^) s ; 
(in grain.) gohi (f^^) ni tsuke-ru. 

to a seal, in (fp) wo csuy 

cJioin (i^Pp) 5. 

Affix, n. (gram.) setsubigo (^Mln) 5 

: goU (il^M)- 

Afflict, t.y .\kurushime-ru ; nayamasu ; 

how ed you must be, sazo 

go shusho {^l^) de gozaimashp. 

"to be ed, kurushimu ; naya- 

mu ; kanashlmu. 

Afflicting", a. kuTushii ; kanashii ; 

Affliction, n. (distress) nangrj (|f^) ; 
luai{f^^^)', kana shimi ; {puin) kutsu 
i^'M) ; kurushimi. 
Affluence, n. (riches) fukki (*g^) ; 
impu i^-M) ; hdfu (^g). _ 

in , yutaka ni ; ' hofu ni ; i'ln- 

pu ni. 

to live in , yutaka ni kurasu. 

Affluent, a. yutaka na; nanifujiyii 

' (^^ ^) '^<^ 'i^ct^ ; fukki na ;. Tio/w wa. 

Affluent, n. edagawa ; shiryil (^•^). 

Afford, t.v. (produce) ,sran (;^) s; 
shoji-ru ; (stand without serious de- 
triment) no/chikara ga aru ; (yield) 

I cannot a carriagre, hasha 

■ wo oku yoyu (t^fS^) get nai ; hasha 

wo motsu chikara ga nai. 

Afforestation, n. zorin-jigyo (j^f^ 


Affray, n. kenkwa (nl#) ; sodo (,|f 
gj) ; sojo (li^) ; sdid\^^) ; tataki^ii. 

Affreightment, n^ {sempalcu)- 
yatoi-ire-keiyaku ( |g ^fi® A^l^)-' 

Affront, t.v. (insult) hadzukashifne- 

ru; ni/bujoku (^#) s; ni/Jiaji-wo 

Makase-ru; nijhurei (ISfji^) tt;o"._s; 

'u,v.5(fm:ake an^ry) okorasu\ ikarasu ; 

nof'k'h ni saivaru. ■ ■ :, 


[ 25 ] AFT 

you have quite recovered, 

go zenkwai (^'|^) ni naite kara, or 

riaUa ue de. 

I shall clean up you 

have gone out, o dekake ni natie 

kara soji (|§^!^) too itashimasu. 
(in imitation of) tori ni. 

a model, mihon {^'^) dori 

(in search of) the particle " wo " 
with suitable verb. 

whom are you enquiring' ? 

donata wo tadzunete irassharu ka. 
(subsequent in time) noclii ; ato de ; 
— 90 (^) [with words of Chinese 

entering port, nyukogo 


I went out, watakushi ga 

deta nochi ni, or ato de. 

marriage, kekkongo (^^ 


sight, ichirango (— ^i^). 

that, sono a''o de; sono 

nochi ; sono go. 

this (in future), /l;o/^o noc/ii ; 

kore kara snki ; kono go ; kbgo 


he came you went out, 

dekake ni natta ato e kimashita. 

it cannot he done until 

to-morrow, ashiia yori saki de 
nakereha deklmasenu. 

1 will come you, (imme- 
diate and dependent in time) o ato 
kara mairimasho ; (independent 
and subsequent in time) o ato de 

(successively) tsudzuite ; ni tsuide. 

day day, hi ni tsuide ; hibi. 

month month, tsuki-dzuki. 

one another, zokuzoku ; tsu- 

year year, nen-nen ; nen 

wo otte. 

all, (when the result has 

been anticipated) tsumari ; hata* 
shite; hikkyb [^%); toiei {^]J^); 
shosen (%^) [the two last always 
with a negative] ; (when the re- 
sult is contrary to expectation) 
ani hakaran ya ; angwai (^^h) 
ni ; zongwai (f^^'h) ni ; sekkaku 
(tlffifj) [the last is placed at the 
beginning of the pbrasej. 

Affront, n. hujoku ; hurei. 

Afloat, adv. kaljo (*?^±) ni. 

a rumour is that, no/hyo- 

han (^^J) ga am. 

to be , ukande oru, 

Atbot, adv. aruite ; kachi de. 

Aforesaid, a. mae ni itta ; mae ni 
noheta ; migl no ; kudan no ; zenjo ( fj 
ji^) no ; zenken {mM) '^w ; zenkl (ffj 
IG) no. 

Aforetlioiig-lit, a, koi {^M.) '*o. 



Afraid, a. I am , kowai ; okka- 

nai [lit. it is fearful.]. 

I am he won't come, kure- 

ha ii ga. 

I am I shall not be able to 

come, tabun mairaremai to omoi- 

I was you might not like 

it, moshiya ki (^) ni iranii koto 
wa ariya shimai ka to omotta. 

to be , (of, 'ico) kowagaru ; 

osore-ru ; kyofu (^'^j) s ; ni/biku- 
hiku s ; (anxious) wo/anji-ru ; woj 
shimpai s. 

to be to cross, icataru no wo 


AfrCwSll, adv. (again) kasanete ; futa- 
tabi ; mata ; (anew) sara ni ; arata 
ni ; aratamete. 

Aft, adv. (at the stern) tomo ni ; sembi 
{MiM) ^* 5 tomo no ho ni ; sengo 
(^^) ^^^ ; (towards the stern) tomo 
no ho e; sengo no ho e. 

After, prep, and conj. (behind in 
place) ato kara ; ni tsuide ; [the latter 
denotes either " on another's heels " 
or " next in order."]. 

I will come you (in posi- 
tion), ato kara mairimasho ; 
[generally expr. in Japanese by " o 
saki e ide nasai," lit. "please 
go in front."], 
(coordinate in time and denoting 
an action taken up at the point 
where a previous action was left 
off) kara ; no ue de ; ue de; [the 
last preceded by the verb in the 
past tense.]. 

consideration, kangae no 

ue de. 


t 26 ] 


I went ..... all, totd iita; isui 

ni mairimashita, 
, , a short while (future), .su- 

koshi hakari tatsu to. 

a while, ikura ka aida ga 

aite kara ; ikura ka ma ga^ tatte 

' ...... date bill, hidzukego-harai 

no iegata. 

sight bill, ichirango^arai 

no tegata. 

I shall discontinue the paper 
the 30th, sanju nichi Jcagiri, 

or igo (J^^), shimbun wo yoshi- 


the day , sono akuru hi; 

sono yokujitsu{^B)• 
to ask (a person), no /koto wo 


to run , wo I Gt-kake-ru ; woj 


to take , nilni'VU, 

to throw good money 

had (prov.), dordbo ni oisen. 

After, a. (in place) usliiro no ho no ; 
(in time) ato no; nochi no; (naut.) 
tonio no ho no ; sembi (^M) ^^o ho 

After-birth, n. nochi-zan; (pla- 
centa) ena. 

After-effects, n. (of a disease) 

■ byogo. (/j5g|^). 710 tsukare, or hiro (^ 

' ^) ; (of an event) yoha (^i^). \_Yo- 

hyd (il^fpg) denotes a fresh disease 

following and the result of a prior 


After-glow, n. yilyake. 

After-grow'th, n. niban-hae. 

After-life, n. mirai {^^); raise 
{^^); nochi no yo. 

^Afteriiooii, n. hlru-sugi ; hiru-go ; 

V'$ogo^\^\^.); umago. 

. - I will call in the course of the 

^ -■ ■ ,,:... J hiru kara agarimashb. 

'Afterpains, n. sango (M^) i^o ita- 
) mi; atohai'a 710 itami. 

Aftertaste, n. atokuchl 

Aftertliong'lit, n. ato-jian; tfiuiso 

Afterwards, adv. nocM nl ; ato de ; 
nochihodo ; sono go; igo (J^j.^); (of 
. past time) sorio nochi. 

I will reply ....,., otte go ai- 

satsu (^1^*) itashimasho. 

we will talk of that ....... sore 

, wa ata no hanashi ni itashimasho. 

Ag"ain, adv. (another time) maia; 
. (a second time) futatahi ; saido (^. 

and , tahi-iahi ; kur%- 

kaeshite ; salsan (U'H) ; hampuku 
{KM) shite. 

as much , m.d sore dake. 

as as, hai{^'); as, he 

is as old as you, anohito 

wa anata yori bai toshi wo iotte 


half as — — ....... vio Jiamhun 

(^-i53') dake, or hodo ; as, this 
melon is half as larg-e ...... as 

that, kono suikwa [yMJ^) wa ano 
suikwa yori mo hambun dake bkii 

once , mo ichldo ( — ^) ; mo 


over , aratamete. 

to come , de-naoshite kii-ru; 


to do over , shi-naosu. 

to write over , kaki-naosu. 

will talk of that , sore tea 

kasanete no hanashi ni itashimashd. 

Ag"aiiist, prep, ni taishiie ; 7ii midcat- 
te ; (contrary to) ni hanshite ; (in 
exchange for) to hiki-kae ni ; (in 
opposition to) ni sakaratte ; ni han- 

tai 5//i/e ; (leaning up ) ni tate~ 


a claim ....... 7ii taishite no, or 

ni kakaru, ybkyu ( §^>J< ). 

the grain, (of wood) safca- 

me ni ; (fig.) iya-nagara ; iya-iya. 

offences property, zalsan 

ni taisuru tsnmi. 

over , no muko ni. 

right over , no ma-mukai ni. 

to be , ni / sakarau ; m,ukd- 

dzura ni narii; (Opi3ose) kobamu; 

to be set up third pr rfcies, 

wo motte\daisansha (^vZE."#) ni 
taikb (itt/C) ■'>• [Com. Co ]-. 


[ 27 1 


to gOi y ni/sakaraw, rd/somu- 


to hold , ni/oshi-ate-ru. 

to lean , {i.Y.) ni/motare-ru; 

71%} yon-kakaru ; (t.y.) ni/motase'ru; 
ni / yori-kake-ru ; ni/taie-kake-ru. 

to nail , ni/kugi de uchi- 

' tsuke-ru. 

to pull , to I hippari-au. 

to push. , nijoshi-aie-ru; ni/ 


to push one another, oshi- 


to ride , (t.v.) nilnori-isuke- 


to send an expedition , 

nijehseigun (^tiE?) ^^'^ okuru. 

to speak , (in argument) 

no hantai-setsu {^^i^) wo ndbe-ru ; 
(speak evil of) wo j soshiru ; ura- 
hara no setsu wo nobe-ru. 

to strike , (i.v.) ni/tsiiki- 

ataru ; (t.-v.) nijhuchi-isuke-ru. 

to throw , ni/nage-tsuke-ru; 


to thrust , nil oshi-tsuke'Tu, 

Agape, adv. kucld wo aite. 

Ag'ate, n. mend ; menoseki (^l|i^H) '■, 
(type)* [corresponds in size to Japa- 
nese type No. 7, sldcMgb (-bl^)]. 

Age, n. (a century) isseiki {—^%]^) ] 
(length of life) ioshi ; nenrei (^i^) ; 
yowcii; nempai (^^) ; (period in 
history) jidai (Of j^) ; nendai (^^'f^) ; 
(whole duration of being) jimiyo 

of , seinen (^^) ni naiiai 

taijin {-J^\) ni natta ; ieinen (T^) 

ni natta ; as, I am , teinen ni 

natte oru. 

spirit of the ,....., jisei {U^ 

the of man is seventy 

years, ningen (Af^) no juniyo xoa 
shichiju nen desu. 

to come of , teinen ni itaru. 

under ....... shonen (:^b^) no; 

miteinen {■^'J'^) no; ieinen-miman 

with , toshi kagen {"JiVC^) de ; 

ioshi no sei de ; as, his eyes are 

dim with ^ ioshi no sei de me 

ca kasunde oru. 

Age, i.v. (appear old) fuke-ru ; (grow 
old) ioshi wo torn ; oi-ru ; ioshiyoru ; 
ioshi wo kasane'VU. 

Japanese women ...... rapidly, 

Nihon no onna wa fuke-yasui. 

look of (of works of art), 


middle s, cliuko ( i^ "S")' 

to have a look of (of 

things), /wrw?>iie 7me-rw. 

Aged, a. toshi-yotta ; ioshi wo iott'a ; 
konen {'^^) no; toshi-kasa na. 
an person, toshiyori; rojin 

Agency, n. (instrumentality) sewa ; 
shusen (^J^) ; iori-mochi ; haikdi {^ 
^) ; (mandate) inm (^fitr) ; (office 
of a commercial agent) dcnriten (f^Ig 
/jg); iori-aisukaijo ; (right to repre- 
sent) dairi-ken (f^Jifi). 

a natural , shizenryoku ( ^ ^ 

•^) ; shizen no hataraki ; shizen no 
sayo (f^ffl) ; shizen no kotowari. 
sole , iUe-hmnbai {—'^-W. 

Agent, n. (deputy) dainsha (ftll 
:#) ; myodai (%f^); (manager) shi- 
hainin (*^@EA) *, (of a merchant) dai- 
rinin (f^llA) [Civ. Co.]; daiH.^hi 
Consular , daiben-rydji {\K.^^ 


forwarding ., unso-ioritsugi- 

nin (iSigm^A). 

general ....... so-dairinin (|£ f ^ Jj 


house , sahainin (^gHA). 

sole , iiie-dairinin (— ^f^IJI 


shipping , kwaiso-donya {M 

special ., tokiibetsu-ddirinin 

mmr^iMA). ^ . .. 

steamship company's ....... ki- 

senkwaisha-dairinin . {•i%-^^%t{'^iM. 

Agglomerate^ t.v. marome-ru. 

Agglomerate, i.v. katamaru. / 

Agglomeration, h. hiio-marome ; 
katarnari ;. (act of) equlv. of ^ Ag^glo- 
merate foil, hy koto. ' • 


[ 28 1 


Agg"lutiiiant, n. (viscous sub- 
stance) nenchakubutsu (^5^^^) ; neba- 
ru mono. 

Ag-granclize, t.v. kizddai {)Mk)ni 
s'yfukyo {%W) ni s; sondai {^^) 
ni s. 

Ag-granclizement, n. self , 


Ag-g-ravate, t.v. (a disease) omclcii 
s ; (irritate) okorase-ru ; ikarase-ru ; 
no/hara wo tatase-ru : (make worse) 
ashiku s ; teomo ni s ; ^'ildai {W^i^) ni 
s ; (of pain) hageshiku s ; isuyoku s. 

to "be d, (angry) wa\hara ga 

iatfiu ; (made worse) omoku nam ; 

judai ni nam ; (of an illness) 

omoru ; (of pain) tsunoru. 

Ag-gravatioii, n, equiv. of Aggra- 
vate foil, by koto ; (of a crime) omo- 
ku sum koto ; masu koto. 

Aggravating", a. (annoying.) hara- 
tatashii ; (of persons) urusai ; (of 
occurrences) imaimashii. 

Aggravatingly, adv. hara ga taisu 
hodo ; urusaku ; imaimashiku. 

Aggregate, n. talamari ; danketsu 
(S-^) ; (sum) sokei (M^ff) ; gosu (^ 
Hi) ; shime-daka ; tatamari-daka. 

in the , bdzu ni] gairyaku 

{^^) ; tairyaku {:k:^). 

Aggregate, i.v. danketsu {^^) s ; 
shugo i^'^) s. 

Aggregation, n. equiv. of Aggre- 
gate foil, by koto. 

Aggression, n. kogekl (^^) ; (ter- 
ritorial) shinryaku (^§) ; shimhatsu 

Aggressive, a. (of a policy) s7dn- 
ryaku-teki {'^^fy^) no ; (quarrelsome) 
kenkwadzuki na ; kenkwappayai. 
an person, vxinryokka {^-f} 

to be , kenkwa {\i^0} vco shi- 

knke-ru, or uri-kake-ru. 

Aggressively, adv. kenkwix wo 

Ag-gressor, n. kdgekisha {^^^); 
shimhaisusha ("^dc^)- 

who was the ? saki ni ie- 

dashi wo sldia no wa dare da^ 

Aggrieved, a. to feel , fuhev 

(/fC,2p-) 7ii omou ; fukwai (TF^'^) ni 

Agliast, adv. to he , akke nv 

torare.-ru ; kimo wo tsubusu ; gyo- 
ien (ffll^) s ; tamage-ru. 

Agile, a. hashikoi ; mi-garui ;. 
suhashikoi : (of brain) binsho (^^) 
na ; reiri ('l^'^Jj) na. 

Agility, n. mi-garui koto ; subashiko- 
sa ; hashikoi koto ; (of brain) binsho ; 

Agitate, t.v. (excite passion) geki 
{^) sase-ru ; gekido {^i%)) sase-ru ; 
(move violently) ugokasu ; furu- 
wasu; (stir up) stndo (flflid) s; 

to be d, (mentally) awate- 

ru ; gekido s ; (lit. and fig.) doyo- 

Agitate, i.v. (of political agitation) 
U7ido (iiKi|ijj) s. 

to for, no I undo wo s. 

Agitatedly, adv. awatete ; gekido 

Agitation, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Agitate foil, by koto ; (lit. and fig.> 
doyo ; (political) undo. 

Agitator, n. sendbsha ('Mi^#)r 
(political) undosha (^iS^). 

Aglow, adv. to be (of the face), 


Ag'nostic, n. fukashigironsha (:^njr 

Agnosticisin, n. fukashigiron. 

Ago, adv. izen (^grf) ; mae\ ato; ato 

long , hisashii mae ni; yo- 

hodo zen ni ; hisashii ato. 

some time , ikura ka mae ni. 

that happened three years 
, sore wa sannen mae no koto 


Agoing, to set ....... ugokasu- 


Ag'onize, i.v. kurushimu, 

Ag"onize, t.v. kurushime-ru ; nayatna' 
su ; mfki wo momase-ru. 

Agonizing, a. kurusML 



I 29 ] 


-Ag"Oiiy, n. kutsu {^^)', kurushimi ; 
hammon {j:Mf^). 

unable to endure tlae , 

kutsu ni taenu. 

Agrarian, a laws, dendo-hei- 

bunho {m±^5f^). 
rising, ikki (— ^). 

Agree, i.v. (concur) doi (l^ji;) s; 
(consent) shochi {'^^) s ; shodaku 
(7fc|§) s ; (correspond) au ; tsuri-au ; 
fugo i^"^) s; (enter into an agree- 
ment) yaknsoku (jj^^^) s ; (harmo- 
nize) vmgd (^n'o*) ^ I chowa (I'JIfn) s ; 
(of food) sho ('1^) ni au ; karada ni 
au ; karada ni ieki (j^) s ; (yield 
assent) nattoku (|^f>i) s; ioknshin 

I , shochi itashimashUa. 

I with you that , go 

doyo ni to omou. 

I cannot , {do shite mo) sho- 
chi ga dekimasenu. 

that dees not with my 

constitution, sore tea watakushi 
no sho ni awanai. 

those persons well to- 
gether, ano hitotachi wa makoto 
ni naka ga yoL 

to that, or to, (of a stipula- 
tion) to yakutei (|^/£) s ; koto zoo 
vaku s. 
to to (a bill), wojkakeisu (n]' 

to upon (fix in consultation), 

kyotei (^^) s ; kyogi-kettei ({^^ 

to with, (a sentiment) w:«/ 

dokan (fo)!^) de aru ; (a view) 
ni/doi s ; (concur with, a person) 
tojdoi s ; (correspond) yil/au. 

Agreeable, a, (of a person) choshi 
iMJ") '^^ y^^ '■> <^hoshi no umai ; 
(pleasant) kokoroyoi ; yukwai (f^^) 
na; omoshiroi. 

to (corresponding to), ni 

kanau ; ni tekito {^M'U) sum. 
that man's manners are very 

, ano hito nofu {^) wa makoto 

ni yoifu desu. 

Agreebleness, n. equiv. of Agree- 
able foil, by koto. 

Ag"reeably, adv. kokoroyoku ; omx)^ 

shiroku ; hodoyoku. 

to, ni shitagatte ; ni ojite. 

Agreement, n. (between states) 
kyosho (Ei^); kyotei (E^); (con- 
tract) keiyaku (^^^) ; yakujo {^i^^) ; 
torikime; (convention) kybyaku (^ 
^j) ; torlkime-sho ; (promise) yakn- 
soku (^^'^) ; (seaman's) yatoi- 
kelyaku; koyo-keiijaku {M1M%^^) 
[Com. Co.] 

amicable , dakyo (^j^^). 

by mutual , aitai de; goi 

i^M) de. 

mutual , hanashi-ai ; moshi- 


secret , mitsuyaku (^fl^). 

special , tokuyaku (i|#^). 

to arrive at an , v:a]hanash'i, 

or sodan (+@^jl^), ga matomaru ; kyo- 

9^ (Er«ii) 9^ totonou. 

verbal , kuchi-yakusoku. 


Agriciiltoral, a. nogyo (^"^:' 

kbsaku {^^W) no; noji {^^' 


bank, nbgyb-ginko (HH^ 

bureau (Govt.), nbmukyoku 

chemistry, noqyb-kwagaku 

country, nosankoku (i^^ 



implements, nogu (^.jl). 
products, nbsamhutsu {'^M. 

Agriculturally, adv. 

kbsaku ni. 

nogyo ni ; 

Agriculture, n. nbgyb (^H) ; nomu 
(^^) ; nbji (ft^) ; kbsaku (#ff^). 

industry, and commerce, 

nbkbshb (^X&). 

department of , nomushb 


department of and com- 
merce, nbshbmushb {W^f^^)- 
Minister of , nbmu-daijin {^ 

Minister of and com- 
merce, nbshbmu-daijin (^f,!f f^/c 

science of , nbgaku {^^::). 


i 30 ] 


j\.g'riciilturalist, n. noka (^^) ; 
(farmer) nofu (^^) : hyakusho ( U 

Ag-round, adv. to run on, 

l^ ii.Y.)ni/nori-uge-ru; (t.-y.) nilnori- 
kake-ru; ni nori-age-ru. 

to be 

., noriagete oru. 

Ag-ue> n. oko7'i; gijaku (fg) ; kan- 
keisunetsu if^^i^:).^ 

Alieart, adv. saki ni ; mae ni ; hcina 

cannot see , muko ga mienai. 

cannot see an inch , issun 

(—7}*) saki ga ^nienai. 
straight , massugu ni. 

Aid, n. tetsudai ; tasuke ; hosa (fife) ; 
joryoku {?^j]i3); (as intermediary) 
sewa; shuserL {^j^)', (assistant) te- 

■ dai; joshu (^^) ; (in danger) 
tasuke; kyujo ($5:fe)) '» kyilsai; (to 
persons In distress) kyiijo ; fujo (^ 

Aid, t.v. tasuke-ru ; hosa s ; (as 
intermediary) no/ sewa wo s; ni/ 
sJmsen s ] {at a piece of work) 
tetsudau ; nijte wo kasu ; (in danger) 
kyffjo s ; kyusai s ; (in distress) 
kyiijo s ; fvjo s. 
- to ...... and abet, kyosa (ife^) s. 

Aide-de-camp, denreishi ({#^(5^) ; 
bakuryo (^^) ; (to the Sovereign) 
jijil-bitkioan { (^^^^ 'g ). 

Aig'i^inette, n. (on uniform) kazarl- 
; shokucho (|^|^). 

Ail, i.v. wadzurau ; nayamu ; yamu. 
to be ...... ing, hura-bura wadzu- 

raite oru. 

Ail, t.v. what s you? do nas'tta 

no da. 

Ailiiient, n. shippei {piM) l y<^mai; 

byoki {ff]M,) I wddzurai. 
AAm,i.'\'.nera% wo isuke-ru; kenio (^ 
^) wo isuke-ru ; shojun (PS^) s ; 

to at, 7,00/ nerau ; (fig.) ivo/me- 

aU ni s ; mokuieki ( @ fil] ) to s ; 

mune to s ; hakaru. 

to be ...... ed at (of a scheme), 

' woi'moJcuteki to s. 

AiiM, t.v. (a gun) rnuke-ru. 

Aim, n. nerai; shojun; (fig.) ate; 

me-aie ; ate-do ; mokuteki (06^); 
mokuromi ; keisaku (ff^) ; kokoro- 
zashi ; (mil.) shojun. 

to miss one's ....... tca^nerai ga 

■ hadzure-ru ; "(fig.) wa]ate ga hadzu- 


Aimed, p.p. ; object ...... at (mil.), 


■well fire (mil.), seimitsu- 

hassha (iff ^flM). 

Aimless, b.. ate-do no nai; ku {^) 
na ; mukento [MM^"^) ^^ 5 telken 
(^^) '^0 nai. ; 

Aimlessly, adv. aie naku ; me-ate 
naku ; mokuteki naku ; ate-do naku ; 
kit ni ; mukento ni. 

Aimlessness, n. equiv. of Aimless 
foil, by koto. 

Air, n. (a draught) kaze ; (look) yosu ; 
taido (^.Ig); fusai {W^^); fiiri [of 
a false appearance] ; (of music) /m- 
shi; choshi (|^^) ; (of the atmos- 
phere) kiiki i^m.) ; t'^iJ<^^ {:^<M.)' 

in the , kilchu {^^<^) ni. 

to g-ive one's self s, iba- 

ru; yodaihiiru {^\^^^);; 

ybsuhuru ; mottaiburu ; waga ' mi 

ni moitai wo tsuke-ru. 

with an innocent , shiranu 

furi de ; nani mo kuwanu kao de. 

Air, t.v. (a room) ni/kaza-ire v:o s; 
ni/kilki wo tbsu ; ni/kaze wo ire-ru ; 
(clothes) hosu ; sarasu ; (clothes, etc., 
before a fire) kawakasu; (yearly, 
after rainy season) mushi-boshi s; 
doyb-boshi s. 

to one's views, iken (.1'.^) 

wo nobe.-ru. 

to assume the s of, wo/ki- 


to put on s, kidoru. 

Air-brake, n. yoki-seidoki {^M.^^\] 

Air-lbladder, n. (of a fish) uH- 
bukuro ; (dried). ni6e. 

Air-cusliioii, n. kuki-makura. 
Air-g-un, n. kuki-ju {^M.^%) ; kiju 

{M%) ; fuhb {UM) ; kaza-deppo. 
Air-liole, n. kaza-mado. 


[ 31 1 


Airily, adv. assari to; uwajoshl ni ; 

Airing", n. (of outdoor exercise) sam- 
poiWcm; shoyoim^). 

summer (of clothes, temple 

treasures, etc.), mushi-hoshi ; doyo- 

to take an , sampo s; shoyo 


Air-pump, n. haiki-pompu ; haiklsho 
Air-sliaft, n. kaza-ana ; tsukiro (jl. 

Air-sac, n. (of a bird) kino (^ft). 

Air- tight, n. kidci no hairenai ; 
(empty of air) kuki-nuki no. 

Airy, a. kaze-toshi no yoi ; seisei ( ^ 
/<r ) to shita. 
to be , icajyoku kaze ga torn. 

Ajar, adv. he has left the door 

, to wo hambun {^^) ake- 


the door is , to ga hosome ni 

aite oru ; to ga hambiraki ni natte 

Akimbo, a. to stand with arms 
, hiji wo haru ; hari-hiji wo s. 

Akin, a. (fig.) nijrui (^) shita ; niyc- 
ri no ; (lit.) shinzoku (|^i5^) no. 

Alabaster, n. sekkwa-sekko (HitH 
^) ; hakuryusan-sekkwai (^^jjitSlS" 


Alacrity, n. keikical (H'l^). 

to show , haki-haki s. 

with , haki-haki to. 

Alarm, n. (condition of mind) odoro- 
ki; (instrument) shingbki {\kvliK^) ; 
(notice of danger) keiho (^|^) ; (sig- 
nal) aidzu. 

bell, keisho (^If) ; hansho 

{^hj)- [When struck rapidly it is 

called hayagane.] 

clock, mezamashi-dokei. 

gun^ keiho {WV\^). 

to beat the , Iceiho (^f ^ ) ico 


Alarm, t.v. (give notice of danger) 
keiho, or aidzu, s ; (give notice of 
danger in order that it may be re- 
pelled) bogyo (K/^) no aidzu s; 
(frighten) odorokasu. 

to be .ediy odoroku \ bikkuris). 

kowagaru. ■ 

Alarming", a. ayaui; fuanshin (?f^^ 
jfiv) na ; fcovjai ; osoroshii. 

Alarmist, n. kiyuka (tEffi^)- ' 

Alarmist, a. kiyU (tE®) '^c>- 

Alas ! interj. aa ; satemo-satemo ; 
aware ya ; aware nam kana. 

Albatross, n. (diomedea derogata) 
kuroahodori ; (d. brachyura) ahodori ; 
bakatiori ; shlnten-o (im^Wi)- 

Albicore, n, maguro ; shibi-maguro. 

Albino, n. shirakko. 

Album, n. shogwajo {^^^^). 

photographic , shashinjo 

(^iU-'lli^) '■> shashin-basami. 

Albumen, n. tanipaku ; shlromi ; 
tampakushitsu (^Q'iO- 

Albumenuria, n. tampakunyo (^ 

Alchemist, n. renkinsha (iH^#). 
Alchemy, n. renkin ; renkinjutsu 

Alcohol, n. shusei {M'l^) ; arukoru ; 

shochfi i'JMMi)- 
Alcoholic, a poisoning-, 

shusei-chiidoku {^'^^^). 

Alcoholism, n. shudoku (rg#). 
Alcove, n. toko no ma. 
Alclebaran, n. akaboshi. 

Alder, n. (alnus maritimus) han no 

Alderman, n. shi-sanjikwaiin (f|j# 

^'^A) 5 [obsolete expressions : cho- 

yo-gakari ; sodoshi-yori.'] 

Alert, a. yudan (vfftgff) no nai ; nuke- 
me no nai. 

Alert, n. to be on the , kiwo 

shimete oru ; ki wo kubatte oru. 

Alertness, n. equiv. of Alert foil, 
by koto. 

Aleutian Islands, Areuto-shoto. 

Algae, n. kaisb-zoku (•J'^^jJ^) ; kalsb- 

rui {-mmm- 

Algebra, n.daisu-gaku {f^Wc-^)- 


Alg'ebraical, a. daisu-gaku no. 

Alias, n. gimei ii^:^) ; hemmei {^^). 
to take an , gimei s. 

Alien, n. iakokujin (flll^A); gioai- 

kokvjin (^^^ A)- 
Alien, a. (different) kawaiia ; 

chigatta ; kotonatta ; (foreign) ia- 

koku no ; gwaikoku no. 

Alienability, n. yudzurareru koto. 

Alienable, a. yudzurareru ; yudzurl- 
watashi no dekiru. 

Alienate, t.v. (estrange) tozake-ru ; 
to/zekko (Igx) s ; rikan {^f^) s ; 
hedate-ru ; soen (j^i^) ni s ; (transfer) 
yudzvru ; yudzuri-watasu. 

to affection between 

friends, tomodachi no naka wo 


to be ed, soen ni nam. 

Alienation, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Alienate foil, by koto ; (estrange- 
ment) soen ; rika7i ; kakui {^M) l 
aisodzukashi; zekko; (mental) sei~ 
shin-sakuran (^-C^iB^iL); (of terri- 
tory) kaisvjo (t-iJIg) ; (transfer) yu- 

Alig'lit, i.v. ori-ru ; kudaru ; (from a 
vehicle) gesha (~Fli) ^ '> (o^i ^ tree) 

Alig'lit, a. tlie lamps are , 

akari ga tsuiie oru. 

Align, t.v. narahe-ru ; ichiretsu{ — ^ij) 
ni s. 

Alignment, n. narabi ; (act of) 
equiv. of Align foil, by koto ; (mil.) 
seiton (^H). 

Alike, a._nita ; niyotta ; ruiji (Hf^) 
no ; ichiyo (— ^^) no. 

to be , nite oru ; niyoru. 

Alike, adv. doyo (I^IH) ni ; hitoshiku. 

Alimentary, a.jiyo {'i^^) no. 

canal, eiyokwan {'•^^^^); 

shoshokkwan W'^^^). 

Alimony, n. yashinairyo ; [Civ. 
Pro.] ; hekkyo-ieateryo ; fujoryo (^ftd 
^) ; (to a divorced wife) rienkin (^ 

Alive, a. (exhibiting motion) kwatsudo 
i'/^Wl) »^o; ugoku; (living) ikUa; 

_]^ ALL 

( prightly) kwaikwatsu ('^•?^) no ; 
kw -ppatsu (fJi^) na ; (susceptible to 
€ '^■ion) kanji-yasuL your parents still ? 

go ryoshin (^ '^) wa go zommei {^ 

p^) de irasshaimasu ka. 

to be , iklte oru ; zommei shite 

oru ; (of a tree) m'ldzu wo agete 


to keep , ikashite oku. 

Alkali, n. arukari ; [in combination 

with another word kari (|jq 


Alkaline, a, arukari ni kasuheJci : 
arukari-sei (S.l|j!jnS14) no. 

flavour, arukari no ajiicai. 

All, a. suhete no; issai {—^J]) no; 
nokoradzu no ; moro-moro no ; mina 
no ; Imina, nokoradzu, and shikkai 
(?S^) are adverbs]. 

the ships have left, fune 

wa nokoradzu shuppan ( tUljiJl) •'ihita. 

the soldiers ran away, 

heisotsu {^^) wa mini nigeta. 

I have paid off my debts, 

shakkin (fa^) wa shikkai (i^-^) 

haratte shimatta. 

I will buy these, kore wo 

mina kao. 
All is likewise sometimes expr. by a 
negation of the individual ; as, 

know, shiranai mono wa nai. 

men love money, ningen 

(A^) ni kane no kirai na mono wa 


at once (together), ichido (— 


co:-:.ntries, hankoku {f^^) 

kakkoku (#^). 

day, icJdnichi; shujitsu (^ 

) ; higana-ichinichi. 

four died, yottari to mo shin- 

generations, hansel (|||H:) ; 

bandai [MK)- 

men, hammin (H^) ; dare 

de mo. 

night, shuya {^^) ; yoju 

(^■^ ) J yoppite ; .yodoshi. 

of a sudden, niwaka ni; 

toisuzen {^fA) ; dashinuke ni ; fui 

{-^m to. 

of you, 7nina sama: mina 

san ; mina. 


one, gowbei-tarohei. 

one's life, sMshin (|^ Jj ) ; 

shogai (jfeiM)- 

over (covering everything), 

heitari ; beta ichi-men. 

over mud, doro-darake. 

over oil, abura-darake. 

over the world, sekai-ju {\^ 


...... the hetter, nao li. 

the provinces (of Japan), 

shokoku i^M)- 

there are, are-giri; noko- 

radzu ; arittake. 

the world, sekaiju. 

the year round, nenju (^ 


things, hamhutsu (^4^). 

will go in, hairi-kire-ru. 

at events, nani shiro ; idzure 

ni shite mo ; to mo kaku mo. 

hox and , hako no mama de ; 

hako goto. 

by means, zehi (;^^) ; zehi 

to mo ; dozo. 

for that, da ga; da keredo- 


in , isugo ( fP ^ ) ; nokoradzu 

de ; mina de. 

it is gone, mo tsukimashita ; 

mo mina ni narlmashita ', mo naku- 

it is over (finished), mo 

o shimai da ; mo shikata ga nai. 
[i. e. there is no help for it]. 

it is over with him, ano 

hito wa mo totemo dame da ; mo 
totemo kono yo no hito de wa aru- 

it is the same, hitotsu koto 

da ; onaji koto da ; (in neg.) 
kawari ga nai. 

not at , sukoshl mo; issetsu 

(— tJO) ; nekkara ; chitto mo ; ikko 
(— fS]) ; [all with a neg.]. 

this is there is, kore kiri 

da ; kore de arittake desu. 

to "be sold, uri-kirete oru. 

to walk on fours, yotsumbai 

ni aruku. 

with one's heart (devot- 
edly), shin (iC») kara. 

Allay, t.v. (excitement) nadame-ru ; 
(pain, etc.) yawarage-ru ; shidzume-ru. 

[ 33 ] ALL 

to be ed, yawaragu; shidzu- 

maru ; genji-ru. 

Alleg'atioii, n. mdshl-tate ; ii-taie ; 
shuchb (^ft) ; (act of) equiv. of 
Allege foil, by koto. 

of fact, jijitsujb (^K_h) no 

shucho [Civ. Pro.]. 

Alleg'e, t.v. il-taie-ru ; moshi-tate-ru ; 
shucho s. 

Alleg:iaiice, n. chilgi {!^^^) ; (to a 
Idng, etc.) gimu (^^). 

oath of , chujun no seiyaku 

to return to one's , kijv.n 

mm) s. 

AUeg-orical, a. hiyuteki (Jrh^ilfi^) 

{no) ; tatoe no. 

Alleg'orically, adv. hiyuteki ni; 

Alleg-ory, n. tatoe ; hiyu {It^M) ; 

Alleviate, t.v. yurume-ru ; herasu ; 
genji-ru ; yawarage-ru ; (sorrow) 

to be d, raku (^) ni naru; 

yurumu ; yawaragu ; usuragu. 

Alleviation, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Alleviate foil, by koto, or words 
below foil, by suru koto ; (pain) kei- 
gen (lli^) ; (sorrow) an-% (^^) ; hul 

Alleviatory, ». Alleviate (t.v.) 
used as adj. 

Alley, n. roji {^-X) ', komichi. 

blind , ikidomari no roji (5§- 


Alliance, n. domei (I^IS.)- 

Anglo- Japanese , Nichi-El- 

domei iU^^S^). 

offensive and defensive , 

koshu-domei (;^*3PP^)- 

the Triple Alliance, sangoku- 

dbmei (H^IWl^). 

Allied, a. (resembling) ruiji (M,^X) 

no ; ruiji shita,. 

countries, dbmeikoku (fnHHl 


troops, rengogun (^f^'^^). 

Allig'ator, n. wani ; gakugyo {'^MX 


[ 34 ] 


Alloiig"e, n. (of a bill) Aosen (WM) 
[Com. Co.] ; fuseni'f^^). 

All,ot, t.v. (to a person) nijbumpai (^ 
,gC) s ; ni/waritsuke-ru ; ni/wari- 
waiasu ; nijhaito (gEm") -^ 5 (to 9- pur- 
pose) ni/a/e-Tiame-rM. 

Allotment, n. haifo ; humpai ; warl- 

icatashi ; imri-tsuke ; (thing allotted) 

- humpaibutsu (:5a'@E^) 5 haitohuisu (gg 

Allow, t.v. (agree) shodaku (;^it) s ; 
sAom (;^5I) 5 ; shochl [j^j^) s; (an 
argument) mitome-ru ; shonin {W^tM) 
s ; (a request) kikl-ire-ru ; (give) atae- 
fu; kyoyo 0^-^%) s ; kyiiyo {1^^) s; 
sadzuke-ru ; (permit) yurusu ; kyoka 
(f^pj) s.; also expr. by tlie causative 
form of the verb ; as, 

the autborities him to 

sell playing cards, sono suji 

wa ano hito ni karuia too urasete 


we ..... him to do as he likes, 

ano hito no suki no yd ni sasete 


Allow^able, a. yurusu koto no deklrw 

Allowance, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Allow folL by koto ; (money) teate- 
kin ; (that which is given) teate ; 
hyuyo-hutsu (^|^^^). 

of rice (in lieu of wages), 

fuchi [obs.]. 

annual , nenkin (^^); 

{samurais pension) karoku {^f^). 
field service , senji-zoho ( ^ 

horse , haryo {M}pi). 

lodging , takuryb {'^%\). 

, shokuryo (:^7|^il-). 
, shodo-hifukuryo {^j} 

mess . 

jg^M4); shitakuryo iitm'^). 

please make s for me, o 

sasshi kudasai ; go ryosatsu (|y.^) 
wo negaiiai. 

ration , kohun-kyuyo (P^,^^ 


to make s for (take into 

consideration), loo / shakuryo (jifj 
m) s. ^ 

Alloy, n. (compound) kongo-klnzoku 
Q^^^^M) ; gokin (^^) ; kongbhutsu 
{Wi'^^'Yn) ; (metal admixed) mazemono. 
Ishakudo {-^4^) is a Japanese alloy 

of copper and gold, shibuichi (23^—) 

of three parts of copper to one of 

silver! . 

■ > 

Alloy, t.v. ni/maze-ru ; ni/rroajie-ru. 

Allude, i.v. to to, wo/sashlfe iu ; 

(hint at) honomekasu ; niowasu ; to- 
mawashi ni iu ', loo /fil {^) s ; (in- 
sinuate) nijate-tsuke-ru ; nijaie- 

Allure, t.v. hikldzuri-komu ; sosc- 
nokasu ; yuwaku (^^) .*?. 

Allurement, n. yitwaku ; 50.90- 
nokasM; (act of) equiv. of Allure 
foil, by koto. 

Alluring", a. kokoro wo hiku yd na. 

Alluringly, adv. kokoro too hiku yd 


Allusion, n./wQ'eu (p.^") ; (insinua- 
tion) atetsuke. 

Alluvial, a. sado (#±) no. 

...... deposit, chindeibutsu (-^^f/S 

Ally, n. ddfrieisha ([Wl^^) ; (confeder- 
ate in crime) katodo ; (in war) 
mikata ; (of a country) ddmeikoku (f^ 


to make an of, wo'imikata 

ni s. 

Ally, t.v. to one's self with, 

no/mikata ni tsuku ; to/musubu ; 
to/gattai (-r*|^) s ; (of a country) 
tofddmei (iT^^j wo musubu. 

Almanac, n. koyomi ; (in book 
form) toji-goyomi ; ryakureki (P-^^) ; 
(in sheet form) hashira-goyomi. 

Almighty, a. zennd (^t^) no ; tsil- 
riki-jizai (M^^^) no; daijl-zai- 
ryoku {-/^^^ij) no ; jihisuriki (Jfiip.iE, 
•^j) aru. 

Alinigiity, n. the,.....,, Jdtei (h 
^) ; Kami. 

Almond, n. amando: botankyd {^ 
m; hatankyd i^K^). 

Almost, adv. hotondo ; taiiei ; yaya ; 
md sukoshi de. 

all, taigai {-hM) ', iaitei {^ 

ig) ; kubu-ddri. 

all gone, taiiei nakunaita. 


[ 35 ] 


dead, .shini-kaJcatia ; shinu 

bakarl de atta ; (of a suicide) shlni- 
sokonaita ; sfifliii-haguretd. 

he is well, hotoii4o naori- 

masliifa. """,.■ ■■ ■ 
it is ...... ■G.vetij go rinichikai. 

Alms, n, hodokoshi; gienkifi {^i%^); 

. shinse-kin (I^JS^) i (aid) sukui ; (ob- 
jects given) sew,otsu ; (offertory) sax- 
sen (^1^). 

AllllS-b,OX,.n. (before a sbfine) sai- 
sen-tako ; (in a public place) gien- 

Alms-giver, n. jizenka {^M^) l 
hodokoshi wo, suru hifo. 

Alms-g"iviiig', n. hodokoshi ; glen. 

Alms-liouse, u. ybikuin (MWI^)- 

Aloe, n. rokwai (MWJ- 

Aloes-wood, n. jlnkZ (yjfc#). 

Aloft, adv. (naut.) hohashira no ue 
ni; \ kijo (^JL) m. 

Alone, adv. hitori de ; tan ni ; bakarl. 

leave it (i.e. don't touch it), 

ijiruna ; sawaruna. 
living ....,., hitori-zumai. 

sitting" , dokuza (5^^). 

to let (not to alter), sono 

mama nl shite oku ; ufchatte oku ; 
hotte oku. 

to stand , (without alHes, 

etc.), koritsu (IKJil) s. 
travelling* , hitorl-fahi. 

Along", adv. (lengthwise) iate ni ; 

all (all the way), zuito. 

with, to issho {—pjf) ni ; to 

tomo ni. 

eonie ....... o ide ; Sa ! o ide ; koi. 

go ...... (be quiet), o yoshi yo; o 

yoshi nasal ; yoshi tamae. 

"it is all of him (vulg.), 

aitsu no o kage da. 

I will go with you, go 

issho ni mairimasho ; o tomo Itashi- 

to bring with one, (a per- 
son or animal) tsurete ku-ru ; (a 
~ thing) motte ku-ru ; jisan (J$^) s. 
to pull , hikidzuru. 

Along", prep the mud wall, 

kahe wo tsutawatte. . 

the roofs, yane-dzuiai. .ni- 

the shore, hama-dzutai ni. 

, put these pots all the 

edge of the verandah, kono 
hachi wo engawa nq hana e nardbeie 
oite kurero. 
there are house$ all ...... the 

road from Shimhashi to Shina- 
gawa, Shimhashi kara Shinagawa 
made ie-tsudzuki da. 

to pass , (i.v.) wo I torn ; (t.v.) 


to sail the coast, kaigan 

(v%'^) nl soite torn. 

■ Alongside, adv. so6a ni. 

put the boat , jiki soha e 

■ isukero. 

to bring the pier, sambashi 

e yokodzuke ni s. 

to lie (of a ship), jiki sobd 

ni kakatie oru. 

Aloof, adv. he seems to keep 

from me, ano hito v:a icaiakushi 
100 sakete oru yosu da. 

ministry which stands 

from parties, chozen-naikaku (|5 


to keep from, (i.v.) ni/ 

tozakaru ; (t.v.) ico / tozake-ru ; wo/ 


to stand , takami de kembutsu 

to stand from political 

parties, selto-igwal (j^^^^h) ni 

Aloud, adv. ogoe de ; oki na koe de ; 

koe wo ageie ; koe wo takaku shite ; 
daion {'}<.'§) de ; kosei (1^^) de ; 
kowadaka ni. 

Alpaca, *. 

Alphabet, n. A. B. C. ; iroha [the 
latter properly restricted to the 
Japanese syllabary]. 

Alpliabetical order, iroha-jun. 

Already, adv. mo ; mohaya ; sude ni. 
...... decided, (a.) kitei (156^) no. 

Also, adv. and conj. (connecting 

clauses) maia ; (in addition) rao ; 

(likewise) yaharl. 


[ 33 ] 


and , yaha7'l ; oyobi ; 

(formal) narabi ni. 

I will go, watakushi mo iko. 

not only, but , bakari 

de naku mo ; (formal) nomi- 

naradzu ; as, it was not only 

unamusing- "but expensive 

fuyukwai (^'l^'l^) na nomi-naraclzu 
naofuben (^fM) de atta; put in 

not only this but that, 

kore bakari de naku sore mo irero. 

A^ltar, n. saidan (^ig) ; seldan (^. 
tf^) ; (Anglican) seitaku (^^) ; (Bud- 
dhist) kodzukue ; kbrodai (^']83) ; 
(Shintoist) kumotsudai {'^^kM)- 

family , (Buddhist) bntsudan 

(^tf.) ; (Shintoist) kamidana. 

Altar-cloth, n. (Buddhist) uchi- 

Alter, t.v. (a document) kaki-naosu ; 
kaki-kae-ru ; (change) kae-ru ; henji- 
ru ; henko (®^g) s ; (correct) naosu ; 
aratameru ; (revise) kaisei (^lE) s. 
to one's mind, kigawari s 



ga kawaru ; kokoro-gawari 

(for the better) 

Alter, i.Y. kavxtru 

naoru ; araiamaru. 

to for the better, yoi ho e 

kawaru ; (morally) kaishin {^,\^\) s. 

to for the worse, icarui ho 

e kawaru. 

Alteration, n, henkwa (®fti) ; kai- 
hen (^@>); kaioari; {act oi) henko 
(®^l£) ; equiv. of Alter (t.v.) foil, by 
koto ; (amendment in a law) shusei 
(^iE) ; (in a building) moyo-gae ; 
kaichiku (K^^) ; (in a document) 
kaki-naoshita tokoro ; f kaiji {^'j'-) ; 
(revision, of a lav/, etc.) kaisei. 

Altercation, n. sdron {^f^) ; koron 
iUtm); isakai ; gekiron C^tm)- 

Alternate, i.v. kawari-gawari ni s ; 
koiai (^^) s. 

Alternate, a. tagai no ; chigai no ; 
kogo (^3l) no. 

current (elec), kohan-denryu 

on days, ichi-nichi oki ni; 

kakujitsu (l^ Q ) ni. 

Alternately, adv. (of the object) 
tori-kaeko ni ; hitotsu oki ni. \_tori- 

kaeko ni means in the sense of 

first one, and then the other in its 

place ; hitotsu oki ni means with 

the omission of every second in- 
dividual] ; (of the person) kawari- 
gawari ni ; kawari-banko ni ; (of 
times) ichido-gawari ni ; alternation 
of the action is expr. by the repeti- 
tion of the frequentative form ; as, 

he lives at Tokyo and 

Yokohama, Tokyo ni sundari 

Yokohama ni sundari s. 

to drink , yattari ioitari shite 


Alternative, n. shiyo ; shikata. 

must choose one of two s 

either or , ka 

ka nisha (Zl^) so7W iisu wo 

erabanakereba naranu. 

there are only two s, 

futatsu shika michi ga nai. 

there is no other , hoka rd 

shiyo ga nai. 

to choose one of two s, 

futatsu no uchi hitotsu wo erabu ; 
nito (z:^) no uchi itio (— ^) ico 

Alternation, n. kawari-gawari ; 
junkman {WM.) \ koiai (^f^). 

Altliea, n. mukuge ; tachi-aoi. 

Altlioug"Ii, conj. keredomo ; to wa 
ie ; to iedomo ; ga [all post-posi- 
tive] ; also expr. by the concessive 
forms of the verb. 

Altitude, n. takasa ; (astron.) kbdo 

Altog'etlier, adv. mina issho {—j^^) 
ni; nokoradzu; ichldo ( — [^) ; (in 
fine) kekkyoku {^M}) ; tsumari; 
(quite) matiaku. 

how much does it come to 

? shimeie ikura ni nam ka ; 

mina de, or tsugo {Mn;), dore hodo 

ni nam ka ; sokei (|§,|i") ikura ni 

naru ka. 

not , anagachi; soyina ni 

[both with neg. verb]. 

Alto-relievo, n. ukiage-hori; uki~ 


[ 37 ] 


Altruism, n. Htashin (flJfliJi\l>) ; alia- 
shin (^#1^) ; aitashugi (^fife±ii)- 

Altruist, n. riiasJmgi (^ljfllj±t^) no 

Altruistic, a. rita-teki {^\]M^) (no). 

Alum, n. myoban (fj^^). 

Aluminium, n. * (3&|i^;g.^). 

Always, adv. Hsu de mo ; sholcku ; 
sMju {tu^) ; isune ni ; taedzu ; (eter- 
nally) itsu made mo ; eikyu {^^) ni. 

lie is out when I go, itsu 

'itte mo rusu da. 

Am, i.v. aru ; oru ; i-ru. [See also 

A.3I , gozen (^-fjij). 

Ama.lg'am, n. (mixture) kongobutsu 

Amalg'aiiiate, t.v, (mix) jnaze- 
awasu ; kongb (Jji'g') s ; (unite) gap- 

Amalg-amate, i.v. gattai (^5^)s; 
Jiitotsu ni ivtru ; (of companies, 
parties, etc.) gap pel s. 

Aiiialg'amatioii, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Amalgamate foil, by koto ; (mix- 
ing together) kongb ; (uniting) gap- 
pei ; godo (-^{nj). 

Amass, t.v. takuwae-ru ; tame-ru ; 

aisume-ru ; chikuseki (^fa) ^• 
Amateur, n. (as opposed to pro- 

fesional) shiroto. 

Amateurish, a. sldroto-'banare no 
shinai ; shoshin-rashii (lO'CO- 
to be , shiroto-ge de aru. 

Amateurishly, adv. shiroio-banare 
sedzu ni ; shiroto-ge de. 

Amateurishness, n. shiroto-ge. 

Amatory, a. rembo (^^) no ; ren- 
al no ; aijo (^i^-) no. 

Amaurosis, n. sokohi ; aki-mekura ; 
kokunaishb (Mr^^). 

Amaze, t.v. odorokasu ; hikkuri sase- 

to be d, hikkuri s; akire-ru ; 

kimo wo isuhusu ; tamage-ru ; gyo- 
Un (iqj^) s. 

Amazement, n. gybten; or other 
equiv. of To be amazed foil, by 

Amazing", v.. hikkuri suru hodo no ; 
gybten suru ; odoroku-heki. 

Amazingly, adv. hikkuri sut^ hodo ; 
gybten suru hodo. 

Amazon, n. Amazona. 

Ambassador, n. (resident) faishl {i^ 
^) ; (special envoy) tokushi (#[$); 
iokuha-taishi {'■\^^B.''^<.i'^)- 

at the Court of — — , 

chusatsu-taishi {%iMA.i^)- 
extraordinary and pleni- 
potentiary, tokumei-zenken-taishi 

Ambassadorial, a. taishi no. 
Ambassadorship, n. taishi iio 


Amber, n. kohaku (l^JQ). 

Ambidextrous, a. rybte-klki no\ 
rybte-dzukai no. 

Ambig'uity, n, equiv. of Ambi- 
guous foil, by koto. 

Ambiguous, a. almal (^3$) na ; 
honyari shita; hakkiri shinai; fu' 
mei {^W na; fumeiryb {^^f]^) na. 

Ambiguously, adv. honyari to; 
aimai ni ; fumei ni ; fumeiryb ni. 

Ambition, n. iaimb{i^^); kbmyb- 
shin i^^tt'); meiyoshin (^#iC:^); 
(in a bad sense) kachi-ki ; yashin (i? 
it^) ; haki (^S)- 

Ambitious, a. taimb no aru; kb- 
mybshin no aru ; meiyoshin no aru ; 
(in a bad sense) kachi-ki na ; yashin 
na ; (of power) ken (f^) wo musahoru. 

Ambitiously, adv. taimb wo idaile. 
Amble, i.v. daku-ashl ni hashlru. 
Amble, n. daku-ashi. 
Ambulance, n. yasen-hybin (ifUc^ 
^) ; yudb-bybin {MihM^^)- 

cart, fushbsha-umpansha (^ 

corp^, yasen-eiseifai {WWM 

Ambuscade, n. (place) maifukujb 
(St'v^^) J (troops in ambush) /use- 
zei; fukuhei 0^^). 


[ 38 ] 


Ainbii.sli, n.maifuku {Mik)- 

to fall into an , fukuhei ni 


to lie in , maifuku Ot^) ^» 

fukuhei wo s. 

Ameliorate, t.v. kairyo (bS:^) s; 
yoku s ; kalsei {^]£) s. 

Amelioration, n. kairyo; kiisei; 
(act of) equiv. of Ameliorate foil, by 

Amen,* [pron. Ahmen]. 

Amenable, a. (to jurisdiction ) ni/ 

zoku (^) suru ; nij shitagau-heki ; ni/ 
fukujii iM.'^) suheki ; (to persua- 
sion) iu koto wo kiku [lit. listens 
to what is said], 

this controversy is not to 

ordinary diplomatic methods, 
kono funso {^^) ica tsiljo (i2i^) 
no gwaiko-tetsudzuki (^hj!^^^) ni 
yoite shori (|Eil) suru koto ga 

Amend, t.v. naosu ; araiame-ru ; (a 
document) teisei (fXiE) s ; kaizan (2^ 
^) s; (an institution) kalkaku [^ 
^) s; kaisei (^SCiE) s; (a law) shusei 

to one's conduct, kaishin 

(^it^) s ; okonai wo naosu. 

Amend, i.v . naoru ; aratamaru ; 
(of a disease) kwaiho ('j^^J'J ) ni mukau^ 

Amendment, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Amend foil, by koto ; (of a com- 
position) tensaku {\^.^\\) ', (of a law, 
etc.) kaisei (s^HE) ; (of an institu- 
tion, etc.) kaikaku (B5C^) ; (of behavi- 
our) kaishin (^*t^) ; shusei ((llriE) ; 
(parliamentary) shuseian ((rtjE^) ; 
(parliamentary, proposed) shuseiseisu 

AmendSj n. (in kind) haisho Ot§^) ; 
isugunai ; aganai. 
to ma.'he ...... f agajiau; madou. 

to make for to-day I will 

take you somewhere to-mor- 
row, kyo no um£-awase ni ashita 
doko e ka tsurete itie yaro. 

Amenity, n. (of climate )_onica (^ 
• fn) ; (of temper) onrya (rS^)* " 

Amenorrliea, n. gekkei-fucho (^ 

^^T^P^); tsukiyakxi-f'ujun.' ■ ' , 

Ament, n. neko. 

Amentia, n. hakuchi (i^^). 

America, n. *; Beikoku {^^). 

Central , Chuo-Amerika. 

Europe and , 0-JBei (Wk^). 

Ncrth , Hoku-Bei [it^). 

South , Minami-A7nerika ; 

Nam-Bei {^\^). 

U. B. of , Gasshukoku {"^^ 


American, a. Amerika no ; Seikoku 

American, 7%. Amerikajin {^^^\]M 
A) ; Beikokujin. 

Amerce, t.v. (fine) ni/hakkin (f^^j 
ICO kwa (f^) s ; karajbakkin wo torn. 

Amethyst, n. shisekiei (^S^) ; 
murasaki-zuisho (^7^00). 

Amiability, n. aikyo {'M:M) ; cnjun 

Amiable, a. yasashii ; Mtoyaka na 
onjun na ; aikyo na [the last partis 
cularly of women]. 

Amiably, adv. yasashiku ; hitoyaka 
ni ; onjun ni ; aikyo ni. 

Amicable, a. shitaslni ; mutsumajii ; 
shimhoku (M^i) na ; yugi-teki {MM 
fj^) no ; (without recourse to war) 
heitva-iekl i^f-^n^'^) {no). 

arrangement, wadan ($n 

^) ; jidan {yf$^) ; jikudan (?^=^). 

relations, konshin (ta^) no 


settlement, wakai (|n^) 

[Civ. Co., Civ. Pro.]. . 

Amicably, iidv. sMiasMku ; midsu- 
majiku ; naka-yoku ; odayaka ni ; 
heiica-teki ni ; yugi-teki (^|y!^^j) ni. 

to he settled, jidan de 

* to settle ., wakai s ; jidan s. 

Amidships, adv. sempidm (I5HS) ni; 
; fune no mannaka ni. 
helm. , markaji. 

Amiss, a. if anything" should 

happen , , nani ka koto ga atta 

hi ni uia: 

it would n6t be to do so, 

so shite mo waridcu wa arumai. 


I a9 3 


nothing" comes to a 

hungry stomach, himojii ioki 
no mazui mono nashi. 

there's not much , taishita 

kotoja nai. 

to he , koto ga aru. 

to take , wajki ni sawaru. 

Amiss, adv. is usually expr. by a 
compound of sokonau with the ind^f . 
form of the verb ; as, 

to do , yari-sokonau. 

to hear , kiki-sokonau. 

Aniitablia, n. Amida. 

Amity, n, wago (^Il'a') \ wasldn (Tfn 
H) ; sUmboku\l^m) ', shukb (ftHO- 

treaty of peace and , kowa- 

joyaku {^MM^)- 

Ammonia, n. ammonia (^^/ig.5S). 

Aiii munition, n. danyaku (?1^). 

wag-gon, danyakusha (5^^ 

^); yohisha (ltDi|l{I). 

arms and , heiki-danyaku 

ia round of , danyaku ikko 


Amnesty, n, (general) taisha (;^c|5c) 
[Cr. Pro.] ; sobarai ; (special) toku- 
to grant a general , taisha 

■ s ; sobarai s. 

Among', prep, no naka ni ; no uchi 
ni ; no aida ni. 

learned persons, gakuslia- 

kan (^^r^l) ^*- 
Amongst, prep. v. Among. 

Amorous, a. iajo (^'f-f) na; (of 
men) onna-dzuH na ; (of women) na. 
to put on ...... looks, irome wo 


Amorously, adv. airashiku ; jo lof 

■ fukunde. ^ 

Amorousness, n. tajo; ren-ai (f^ 



Aniorpllous, a. mushokei 

Amortization, n. shokyaku (iV/ Jp) 
[Com. Co.]. 

Amortize, t.v. shokyaku s. 

Amount, n. taka ; (sum) kingaku 

insured, hoken-^kingaku (^ 

of loss, sonshitsu-qaku (|^:^ 

^); kesson-gaku (^ti.-|i). 

it depends on the of, no J 

oi-sukunai, or tasho {^^),ni yoru. 
what is the ? (of a calcu- 
lation) shimete ikura. 

whole , sodaka ; sokei (llJt) ; 

sojime ; shimedaka. 

to find the , sldme-ru. 

Amount, i.v. to to, ni/naru; 

(be equivalent to) ni/ataru ; to/ 

onaji koto de am. 

it ...... s to no more than , 

tada ni todomaru. 

Amour, n. shitsu (^i§) ; iro. 

to have an , shitsu (r^^iOi) s. 

to have an with, nijtsvji' 

ru ; ni/kuttsuku. 

to tell the story of (a person's) 

s, {hito no) noroke-hanashi 

ico s. 

Amphibious, a. suiriku-ryosel {7}^ 
I^PS^S) ^<^ 5 suiriku-heiju (rKl^l^fft) 

to be , oka ni mo midzu ni mo 

i-ru [lit. to live on land and also 
in water]. 

Ample, &. julnin (5^^) na; (of gar- 
ments) oburi na ; dahu-dabu shita 
there are ....... grounds for 

thinking, sozo (jMf^) suru ni 
amari aru. 

Amply, adv. jubun ni ; iappuri to. 

Amplification, n. equiv. of Am- 
plify foil, by koto. 

Amplify, t.v. kwatsudai {^:^) ni s; 

okiku s ; kwodai (j^A) ni s; hire- 

me-ru ; (by addition of explanatory 
: " details), shbsai (f^lffl) ni setsumei (^ 

J^) s; (in writing) motto: nobashiie 

kaku ; fuen [%Ms) *• 

Amputate, t.v. setsudan (-^iff) s. 

Amputation, n. setsudan. 

.Amulet, n. mamori; f/q/if (aif|). 
case, mamori-bv.kuro. 


[ 40 ] 


Amur Kiver, Kohuryuko {WMXO. 

Amuse, t.v. nagusame-ru ; omosMro- 
garase-ru ; ianoshimase-ru ; asdba- 


to a child, kodomo mjo 


to one's self, asobu. 

to one's self with, wofna- 

gusami, or ianoshimi, ni s. 

to he d at, wolokashigaru; 

rco I omoshirogaru. 

Amusedly, adv. omoshiro-sd ni. 

Amusement, n. asoU ; nagusami ; 
lanoshimi ; goraku ($^lg) ; yugi {M 

places of , asobi-la; yugl-ha 

to cause , omoshirogarase-ru. 

Amusing", a. (pleasing) omoshiroi; 
kybmi (®p^) no aru; (slightly ridi- 
culous) okashii. 
Anabaptist, n. salsento iWi^^)- 
Ansemia, n. Unketsuhyb (S:ifiL^) ; 

Anaemic, a. hinketsushd (^ifiL'l'i) no; 
chi no ke no usui ; chi no fusoku {^ 
^) na ; ketsueki-ketsuho (jfilri^^Z) 

Anaesthesia, n. masid (MM)- 

to he in a state of , masui s. 

Anaestlietic, n. mayaku (fft^l) ; 

masui-zai {MW^M) I nemuri-gusuri. 
Analects, n. (of Confucius) rongo 

Analogical, a. ruiji {^^X) no\ 
dokei (|nl^) no. 

AnalOgicallyj adv. ruiji ni; dokei 

Analogous, a. niyon no ; nikayotta ; 
ruiji no ; dbyb (fpl#) no. 
to he , ruiji s. 

Analogously, adv. onaji yd ni; 
niyotte ; nikayotie. 

Analogy, n. ruiji ; dokei ; (literary) 
dogorui (IwlISM)- 

forced ^J'ukwai (pf^'^). 

there is no between the 

cases, kono jiken (^#) wci suko- 
slii mo ruiji no ten ga nai. 

Analysis, n. hunkai {^M) ; (chemi- 
cal) bunseki (^^) ; (logic) suigen 
(liif>) ; (table) hunsekihyo {^^M)- 

Analytical, a. (fig.) suigen no; 
suikyfi (M^) «o; (lit.) lunkai no; 
bunseki no. 

Analytically, adv. suigen shite; 
suikyu shite ; bunkai shite ; bunseki 

Analyze, t.v. (fig.) suikyil s; senji- 
tsume-ru ; (lit.) bunkai s ; bunseki (^ 
^) s ; kaisekl {^^) s. 

Anarchical, a. ransei (ILj&) no; 

museifu {^)^fU) no ; muselfu-teki (&fi 

^J^il^) [no). 
Anarchist, n. museifuto-in (tojg^jj^ 

s, muselfuto. 

Anarchist, a party, musel- 

Anarchy, n. museifu (Mj^/i^) ; ko- 
kuran (llE) ; ransei (ILi^). 

a country in a state of , 

rangoku (SL^). 

Anasarca, n. suiki (7K0.) ; (early 
stage of) mukumi. 

Anatomical, a. kaibbjutsu (B?n!lPE) 
no ; kaibbgaku [H^-^]]'^) no. 

Anatomically, adv. kaibbgaku de ; 
kaibbjutsu de ; kaibb de. 

Anatomist, n. kaibbsha (I5?^lj#) ; 
kaitaigakvsha m-W^^)- 

Anatomy, n. (practical) kaibb ; kai- 
bbjutsu (te§I]ij) ; (science of) kaibb- 

Anatomize, t.v. kaibb s. 

Ancestor, n. senzo {^U.) \ sosen 
(ia.:5fe) ; t 50S0 (iia.^). 

.. worship, sosen-reihai [j^yc 

festival m honour of the Im- 
perial s, (autumn) shuki-kb- 

reisai (#c# §M^) 5 (spring) shun- 
ki-kbreisai (#^^Ml^)- 
Ancestral, a. (derived from ances- 
tors) senzo-yudzuri no ; senzo yori 
tsutawatta;' denrai ((#3!5) no; (per- 
taining to ancestors) senzo {^M) no ; 
sosen (iM:5fe) no. 


[ 41 ] ANE 


Ancestry, n. (good birth) iegara ; 
mombatsu (P5lf ) ; (lineage) Icetto (jfiL 

Anchor, n. ikari. 

to cast , ikari wo orosu; io- 

^yo (t^lS) s. 

to lie at , kakatte i-ru ; iei- 

haku (^-^S) ^hite oru. 

to weig-h. ....... ikari wo age-ru; 

hatsubyb (^|S) ^• 
Anchor, t.v. ikari wo orosu ; tobyo s. 

to , ... at, ni/ tobyo s; ni/teihaku 

s ; ni/kakaru. 

to be ed, kakatte i-ru. 

Anchorag'e, n. kakari-ba ; teihakvjo 

dues, teihakuzel (B^/fllJ?:) ; 

teihakuryo {'^^tiP^). 

Anchorite, n. intonja (l^i^^). 

Anchylosis, n. kwanseisu-kochaku 


Ancient, a. mukashl no ; inishie no ; 
koseki ("S" h') no ; oko (^£"5") rio. 

and modern times, kokon 
ima mo mukashi mo ; kon^ 

from times, korai {l^M) ', 

mukashl kara. 

in times, mukashl wa. 

songs and modern, kokin- 

shfi ii^^m- 

very , o-mukashi no. 

very times, taiko (;^'fi'). 

Ancient, n. kojin ("S"A) ; mukashi 
no hito. 

the s, kojin. 

Anciently, adv. mukashi wa ; ini- 
shie wa ; koseki ni ; oko ni. 

And, conj. The conjunction between 
two clauses of a sentence is expr. by- 
putting the verb of the first clause 
in the gerundial form ; as, 

open a bottle bring* it 

here, tokkuri wo akete motte koi ; 
but if the two verbs are disconnects 
in thought, so shite (so doing) is 
inserted after the gerund at the end 
of the first clause. 

The conjunction of two or more 
nouns is expr. by placing to after 
each, in cases where the nouns are 
commonly associated ; as, 

hat umbrella, boshi (ipl^) 

to komori to, 
but the last to is frequently omitted. 
When not usually associated ni is 
used instead of to after all but the 
last noun. 

The conjunction of two adjectives is 
expr. variously ; as, 

a short fat man, set no 

hikuifutotta otoko. 

cheap durable, yasukute 

jobu na. 

he is utterly lazy use- 
less, kata de dajaku {'\%M) de shiyo 

no nai otoko da. 

long slender, hoso-naga'i. 

there are both g-reen red 

ones, aoi no mo aru shi, akai no 

mo aru. 
The conjunction of gerunds is expr. 
by the frequentative form ; as, 

rising falling, agattari 

The repetition of gerunds is expr. 
by doubling the indef. form and 
adding shite ; as, 

buying buying, kai-kai 


walking ...... walking, aruki- 

aruki shite. 
So shite and sore ni are used for 
at the beginning of a sent- 

is sometimes represented by 

the simple juxtaposition of words ; 

incense flowers, ko hana. 

wine fish, sake sakdna. 

Narabi ni and oyobi are formal 
expressions for 

Anclre\^^, n, Andere. 

Anflromeda japonica, aseU ; 

Anecdote, n. handshi ; kidan (0 
^) ; monogatari ; (of a person no 
longer living) iisMica,(^|g). 

Anemometer, n. furyokkei {^-fy 

Anemone, n. okina-gusa. 
Aneroid barometer, mueki-ken- 


[ 42 ] 


Aiieurism, n. (serious) domyakuryu 
{i'jl%^) ; (slight) chikobu. 

Anew, adv. araia ni ; sara nl ; (a 
second time) /wtotobi. 
to notify , fure-naosu. 

Aiig'el, n. iennin (^A) ; iennyo (^ 
■p:) ; (Christian) tenshi (^^) ; ten- 

Ang"elica japonica, sJdshi-udo ; 
.(a. kiusiana) ashiiaha. 

Allg"er, n, ikari ; haradachl ; rippu- 
ku {ilW, (Jokii^M)- 

great , o-haradachi ; dai-rip- 

puku {■k:\LW- 

in a moment of , ittan { — 

iL) ^^0 haradachi-magire ni. ' 

Ang'er, t.v. rippuku sase-ru ; okora- 
se-ru ; ikarase-ru ; ni/hara wo tata- 

Aiig-iiia pectoris, muna-Uami ; 

kyoisu im^M)- 
Angle, n. (degree of inclination of a 

slope) kakudo {f^J^) ; kobai (-i^gU) ; 

(from the inside) snmi ; (from the 

oiitside) kado ; (in geometry) kaku 


ac.ute , eikaku (0^^). 

of deflection, hen-i-kaku {^ 

of depression, fukaku {^ 

of elevation, gyokaku (jlp 



of fire, shakaku (It^)- 

of incidence^ kwosenkaku 

of reflection, hanshakaku 

{lym%\)\ kwaikaku (fe]^). 

of r€ fraction, sekkwbkaku 

(i?r^f^); kussetsukaku {]^^f^). 

exterior , gwaikaku {9\>f^). 

interior , naikaku (l^f^). 

obtuse .,...., donkaku (|$^). 

one , ikkaku ( — ■pj ). 

opposite , taikaku (^^ ). 

re-entering ..,..., okaku (lUI:^). 
salient , iokkaku {^%)! 

Angle, i.v. Isurl ico s ; sakana wo 
to for, wojtsuru. 

Angler, n. uo-isurl; isurlie; (fish) 
anko (-^^St5f,^.). 

Ang'lican, a and American 

Episcopalian Church, Nippon- 
Seikokwai ( 7^^^"^). 

Ang'ling", n. tsuri. 

Ang'lo-Japanese, a. Nichi-Ei no. 
alliance, Nichi-Ei-domei 


Angrily, adv. haradachi-so ni ; oko- 
riso ni ; okotte ; hara wo iatte ; 
pumpun shite. 

Angry, a. okotia ; hara wo tatta ; 
rippuku (jzll^) shite oru. 

to become , okoru; rippuku 

s ; ikaru ; wd]hara ga tatsu ; (of a 
sore) tadare-ru. 

to make , okorase-ru; rippu- 
ku sase-ru ; ikarase-ru ; hara wo 
you are quite right in being 

, go rippuku wa go mottomo 


Ang"ular, a. kado-daita ; kado no 
aru ; kadobatta. 

Angularity, n. (of temper) gwanko 
(jgiH) ; gwanko (t^H) ; kadohatie iru 

Anhydrous, a. musui (M^K) '^o. 

Aniline dyes, anirin-senryb. 

Animadversion, n. hlnan {$^'^§) ; 
kenseki (Hm) > kltsunan (tnfilt)- 

Animadvert, i.v. to upon, 

(censure), hlnan (#^ii) s ; kenseki 
(SIX) s ; togame-ru ; seme-ru ; ki- 
tsunan (g^^fl) s. 

Animal, ,n. (a living creature) do- 
butsu iWl^) ; (birds and beasts) 
kinju (^ilj); (quadruped) kedamono ; 
chikusho (^^) ; kemono. 

s, chikurui {^'M)- ^ 

domestic , kachiku (^^). 

wild , yajuimW- 

Animal, a. (as opposed to intel- 
lectual) jils^m (ij^*t>) no. 

charcoal, jutan (i^^). 

courage, Jcekki no yil (IfiL^ 

desires, juyoku (11^^). 

fluids, dob'utsueki (Wi^M^)' 

food, nikushoku (I^^), 

heat, iaion (|^^), 


[ 43 ] 


kingdom, dohutsukui (tjj^ 

5f ) ; dbhutfiumon {'^Vnf^). 
'. spirits, kekki (ifiL^)- 

Aniiiialciile, n. saishd-ddbuisu (^ 

^H'l'-\''0) ; shbdobutsu ('J^ilJ4-^). 

AiiiJiiate, t.v. (give life to) ni/tama- 
shii ICO ire-ru ; ikase-ru ; (stimulate) 
nifkiryoku {m.f)) '^o tsuke-ru; nij 
seiki (^U) vco tsuke-ru; hagemasu. 

to l3e d. by, icolfukumw, wo/ 


Animate, a. ikiia ; seik'i {^M.) '^'^o 
aru ; in compounds kwatsudo-{f^^). 

Animated, a. (of places, etc.) nigi- 
yaka na. 

photographs , kwatsudo- 

shashin (f^fjjSE)- 

Animation, n. kwaisudo. 

wanting in , kwakkl [t^M,) 

no n'li. 

Anisnosity, n. enkon (^f^) ; urami ; 

Animus, n. akui {Mm^) I urami ; 
iJ<^on (xttR) 

Ankle, n. ashlkuhi. 

hone, kurohushL 

joint, kwakwanselsu (^f^ 


Ankylosis, n. kwanseisu-kochaku 


Annalist, n. hennen-kisha _(|i^fa 
^) ; nendai-rekishika (^fCfMUi^)- 

Annals, ji. neMalki (^f^fS) ; reki- 

Anneal, t.v. ni/yakl wo modosu ; 
(earthenware) yaku. 

Annex, t.v. (subjoin, as an enclo- 
sure, etc.) soe-ru ; fudzui {WiW) ^ ; 
(territory) heidon ('^#) s ; awase-ru ; 
gappei (^ff) s. 

Annexation, n. (of territory) hei- 
don ; gappei. 

Annexe, n. (of hotel) shinkwan 
(iS^f B§) [li^- I16W building] ; hanareya ; 
fuzokv.ya (Pft^M) ; iatemashi [an 
annexe attached to the main build- 

Annexed, p.p. soeta ; fuzoku (Pj?^) 

documents, fudzm-shorui 

Annihilate, t.v. messuru ; ho7'o~ 

bosu ; metsuhb (i^t) sase-ru ; sozetsu 
(^ij^g) s ; mlnagoroshi ni s ; neda- 
yashi s. 

to be d, zemmctsu {^\jii) -v ; 

danzetsu (^^) s ; jakumetsu (3^i^) 
s [a Buddhistic expression]. 

Annihilation, n. (destruction, ruin) 
metsuhb ; zemmetsu ; zetsumetsu ($g 
jlS) ; sbzetsu ; nedayashi ; (extinc- 
tion of being) jakmnetsu. 

Anniversary, n. klnembi (^:f:0); 
iwaihi ; (birthday) ianjbbi (^^ U ) ', 
(festival) shunensai {^^f-^) ', (of a 
death) 7neimc/a (pjJ'H); shbtsuki-mel- 
nichi iJ^'^^B) I (of the Emperor 
of Japan) ienchbsetsu (J^^^). 

first ....... ichinenki ; (of a death) 

isshi'iki { — 'M^.). 

third (of a death), sannenkl 

(H^.g-,) ; sankwaiki (Hfqjyg;). 

Annotate, t.v, ni/chukai {^M) s ; 
ni/bbchii (f^li) wo fu s; ni/chu- 
shaku (iit^j wo kuwae-ru; (with 
kana) bbkun (SIP!) -'^- 

d, chus7iaku—{no) ; chftshahu 

no tsuita ; chushaku no haitta. 

Annotation, n. chukai ; bbchit ; 
chushaku ; kbgi (f^li^) ; {kana) bb- 

Annotator, n, cJuishakusha (|£|^ 
^) ; chidcaisha ; bbchusha. 

Announce, t.v. (an appointment, 
marriage, etc.) hirb (JS'M) s ; (inform 
of) tsuge-ru; shiraseru; tsuchi'{^^j^) 
s ; fuichb (n^li,) s ; (officially) kokuji 
("o^) s ; (publicly) /wfcofcw (^-g') s ; 
fco/u {^^) s ; kbkoku {^^) s ; (re- 
port) hbkoku (1^ o") ^• 

Announcement, n. hbcM (fR.^-n) ; 
sata ; fuichb ; (of an appointment, 
marriage, etc.) hirb ; (official) kokvji ; 
(public) kbkoku ; kbfu ; kbgen ; kohb 

prelimiiiary , yokokii (^ 


[ 44 ] Am 

Annoy, t.v. (cause inconvenience to) 

Jcomarase-ru ; wadzurawasu ; kuru- 
shime-ru ; nayamasu ; ni/melwaku {^ 
^) ICO kake-ru; meiwaku sase-ru ; 
(tease) ijime-ru. 
to get ed, jlre-komu. 

Annoyance, n. meiwaku ; hanro (tl 
' ^); konku mWl kuno (^'[f ) ; 

Annoying", a. urusal; me^ido (©^'ij) 
na ; komatta ; meiwaku na ; wadzu- 
rawashil ; hanro na ; kurushii. 

Annoy in g'ly, adv. urusaku ; mendo 
ni ; melicaku ni ; hanro ni ; wadzu- 

Annual, a. nennen (^ <r ) no ; relnen 
(t^lj'ti) 'rto ; toshi-nami no; malnen 
{'uySf-) no ; toshl-doshi no ; (lasting a 

' season) ikkisei (— ^ife.) '^o ; (lasting 

- a year) toshi-goto no ; ichinen-tei (— 

- ^/il) '^0 ; (performed in a year) ichi- 
nen-kan { — ^fs\) no. 

expenditure, saishuisu (^ 

ai). , 

...... expenses, nempi (^g). 

.il... pa3?inents, nempu (^Sk)- 

: salary, nempo (^^). 

...... trade report, shogyo-nempo 

to make .payments, nempu 

wo harau. 

Annual, n. toshlgare-so ; (book or 
report appearing annually) nempo. 

Annually, adv. nennen ni ; toshi-goto 
. ni ; toshi-nami ni ; malnen ; maido- 
shi ; toshi-doshl ni ; saisal (^ ^ ). 

gets larger, toshi-mashi ni 

bkiku nam. 

Annuitant, n. nenkin-jitryosha (^ 

' ^^0I#). 

Annuity, n. nenkin (^^). 

...... for a term, of years, yugen- 

■ ', nenkin (^p^^^). 

. . ...... for life, shushin-nenkin (|^J| 


deferred , sueokl-nenkin. 

Annul, t.v. (abolish) haishi (l^lt) s ; 

hai s ; tori-kesu; (a judgment) haki 
<. i^M) ^ s l .(an order) tori-kesu ; (as, a 

power of attorney) mwfco (fe^Fj) ni s. 
.;^; the contract was ...... led, ya- 

V' kujo (^^) ica hadan ni natta. 

to a contract, yakujb wo- 

hadan {^^) s ; kaiyaku {1^^-^^) s. 

Annular, a. wa-nari no ; marui ; 
kuruma-nari no ; sharin-nari no ; wa^ 
gata no. 

eclipse, kinkwanshoku (^1^ 

Annulment, n. tori-keshi ; haishi. 

Annum, per , nen {^) ni, 

ten per cent, per , nenni 


twelve per cent, per ....... nen 

ichiwari ni hu ; tsuki ichi bu. 

Annunciation, n (Ang.) mi-tsuge^ 

Anodyne, n. chintsuzai {^MM)- 

Anoint, t.v. (with oil) wo/ahura de 
nuru ; e/ahura wo num. 

Anomalous, a. kaku ni hadzureta ; 
hakaku (?^^) no ; ho-hadzure no ; 
ishiki (3^5^) no ; fukisoku (:^^^1J) 
no; hensokuteki {^^\i{^) no. 

state of things, hentai (^ 

Anomalously, adv. kaku ni hadzu- 
rete ; ho-hadzure ni ; fukisoku ni ; 
hakaku ni ; hensoku ni. 

Anomaly, n. hohadzure ; hensoku 

mm ; kikwan (^11). 
Anon, adv. ottsuke ; tadaima. 

Anonymous, a. mumel fe^) no; 
tokumei (g^) no. 

association, tokumei-kuml- 

ai(g^|l^)[Com. Co.]. 

letter, tokumei no shojo (g 

Anonymously, adv. mumel de; to- 
kumei de. 

Another, a. (in exchange) kawarl 
no ; (not the same) hoka no ; hetsu 
no; ta no ; imahitotsuno. 

day, goniehi (^0) ; (at some 

future date) iajitsu (ft^ ) ; mata 
no hi. 

person, hoka no hiio ; hetsu- 

jin (SO A); yo7iin (^A) ; (as dis- 
tinguished from one's self) yoso 
no hito ; ia no hito ; hiio ; as, do 

not to person what you 

would not have done to your- 


[ 45 ] 


self, onore no hossezaru tolcoro hito 
ni hodokosu koto nakare [prov.]. 

one, (in addition) hoka ni 

hitotsu ; mo hiiotsu ; (in exchange) 

mo hitotsu no ; hoka no. 

time, goshite ; gokoku (^ 


one , ai-iagal no. 

one a f ter , dojidan ( P^ <r ) ^ii ; 

junjun ()il| « ) ni; hitori-hitori ni ; 

Answer, n. henjl (Ig^) ; hento (jg 
^) ; koiae ; aisatsu ; (to a letter) 
kwaito (;'g]^) ; henkan {\EWl) 5 ^^'^- 
s/io (Stfl); (in law) toben {^W4) ', 
tbhensho (^^?S) [Cr. Pro., Civ. Pro.] 

definite , kakutb (5^^). 

immediate , .sokuio (Ip^). 

Answer, t.v. koiae-ru ; ni/henji 
IDO s. 

to the purpose, (in default 

of a better) ma ni au ; (properly) 
tekitd (ii^) 5. 

-Ans^l'er, i.v. henjl wo s ; hento s ; 

aisatsu s ; kotae-ru ; o henjl ico s ; 

o kotae s [the two last polite] ; (by 

letter) kwaito s. 
to back again (of a ser- 
vant), kuchi-hento s ; kuchi-gotae 
wo s. 

to for, (be responsible for) 

idce-au ; no! seme wo ou ; hoshb 

to for it, ukeau. 

Ans\^'erable, a. (capable of b(?lng 
answered) koiae no dekiru ; henjl no 
dekiru ; hento no dekiru. 

to be for, no/seme ni ataru, 

or nmji-ru. 
■ to be to, 7ii talshitej sekinin 

(ufi) r/« a^'w- 

to liold one's self for, hiki- 


who is for that ? sore ica 

dare no ukemochl, or sekinin, da, 
[of a duty]. 

Ant, n. ari. 

white , ha-ari. 

Antagonism, n. telko (igJo;) ; han- 
tal OzM) j (between nations) teki- 
gaishln (i^'\u 

Antag-onist, n. aite ; tekishu (U 
^) ; (enemy) teki ; (enemy of long 
standing) kyidekl {MW.) \ ^^^ '■> ^<^' 

Antagonistic, a, tekltai (iiit) no ; 
hantai no. 

to be (fig-)» sakarau. 

to become ^tekininaru. 

Antarctic, a. nankyoku (j^^) no. , 

circle, nankyokken {[)'i^^): 

ocean, nankyokuyo (ft^l^v^) ; 

nampyokal (|^7K?|). 
pole, nankyoku. 

Antecedent, a. mae no ; izen (j^til) 

no ; zen no. 

Antecedent, n. (gram.) senkbji {^ 

Antecedents, n. senrel [^^])y 
(life history) raireki (^^) ; rireki 
(^(S) ; svjo (^1^) ; (of a servant) 


Antedate, t.v. ni/tsuki-hl wo yojci 
(WJE) shite oku ; nojhldzuke wo kuri- 
ageie kaku. 

Aiitediliivian, a. daikodzui-zen {:^ 

'(^■/Y^m) no. 
Antelope, n. sheep-faced , 


Antennae, n. tsuno ; shokumo (f51 
^); fhokkaku (^l^j). 

Anterior, a. (of place) mae no ; (of 
time) mae no ; izen (J^mj) no ; zen ( sfj) 
no '. sakl no. 

Anteroom, n. dsetsvjo (WMM) ; 
mrirhlai shlisu \ soto no ma', (in the 
In: 13. Household De^Dt.) iamari no ma. 

Antliem, n. (hymn) sambika. 

national , kokka (^^). 

[The Japanese national anthem 
is known as " Kiml-ga-yo," the 
British as " Himune "]. 

Antlier, n. oshlbe no atama. 

Ant-liill, n. aridzuka ; ari no i] 

Antliology, n. (Chinese) shikushil 
(i#'&]ft) ; (Japanese) wakashu (tPU^ 
-^) ) (poems, etc.) kakushit (^.'6]||). 

Antlirax, n. tansonetsu 


[ 4:6 ] 


Antliropolog'ical, . a. jinruigaku 
no ; jinseigaku no. 

...... society, jinruigakkwai (AiS 

AiithropolOg^y, n. jinruigaku (AH 
^) ; jinseigaku { A'l^^)- 

Antliropomorplioiis, si.jinrui (A 
f^) no ; liito ni rui shita. 

Antliropomorpliisin, n. sJwijin- 
dokei-setsu (^Alolf^lt)- 

Anti-, usually expr. by hi (^^), or 
hantai (IxWi) ', as, 

government party, seifu- 

hantai-to {^JhJZ'MM)- 

Semitic party, hi-Yudaya- 

jin4o mmi^Am)' 

Anticipate, t.v. (act before another) 

semhen {^W) wo tsuke-ru ; ni/sen wo 
kosu ; (expect) matsu ; machi-uke-ru ; 
(foresee) senken (^JL) s ; mae kara 
shiru ; mi-tosu ; (take before another, 
or before the proi3er time) saki-dori 
s ; mikoshi wo isuke-ru ; (think be- 
forehand) 2/0,90 (^;^.) s; yoki (^ttj]) 

to be d, se7i wo kosase-ru. 

Anticipated, a. yoki no. 

Anticipatory, a. mikoshi no. 

importation (in expecta- 
tion of increased duties), mikoshi- 

Anticipation, n, senken ; yoso ; yo- 
ki; yoryb [WA%^)- [See Anticipate 
for different meanings]. 

in , m'le-motte ; mae kara; 


in of, wo mikonde. 

Antidote, n. gedokuzai (f5?-#f|!j) ; 

Antifebrile, n. netsu-samasU ; 
genetsuzai (fj¥,fr[^lj) ; kunetsuzai (|i^ 


Anti-foreig-n, a. haigwaiteki (P^'h 
ft'j) no. 

Anti-g'overnment, a. seifu-hantai 

{M-flX.M) no. 
Antinoniianism, n. jiritsu-haihan- 
■ ro7t ( f^ f.^tl'i^OT). 
Antimony, n, *. 

Antipathy, n. ken-o (Iji®;) ; kenki 
(ttgt) ; en-o (1^^) ; aku-kanjd {^,'§, 
'J"^) ; (unreasonable) ke-girai. 

cats and dogs have an to 

one another, inu to neko to wa 
sho (f^) ga awanal. 

I have an to that, are wa 

watakushi ga dai kirai da. 

personal (unreasonable), 

jimbutsu ( A4I5) no ke-girai. 

Antiphlogistic, n. obkinyaku (g§ 


Antipodes, n. hantai-hankyu {JxM 
^^) no shokoku (i|-gl). 

Antipyretic, a chinnetsu, (f^^) no ; 
shbnetsu (fj^'f^) no; netsu-samashi 
no ; kainetsu {'ff4W:) no. 

Antipyrine, n. * (^^n^^*^). 

Antiquarian, n. kdbutsuka (^41? 

^) ; kobutsugakusha ( iJr#J^#) I 

kbkoka (H'lS"^)- 
Antiquarian, a. kbkogaku-teki (^ 


Antiquated, a. suiatta ; furu- 
mekkashii ; furukkusai ; kofu ('S'JSL) 
7'/i, ; ryukb {^i^) ni okureta ; chimpu 
miM) na. 

Antique, a. kofii ("S"!^) 7ia. 

Antiquity, n. (ancient times) 
mukashi ; inishie ; kodai (■jJrfsi) > bseki 
f^'a) ; (an old article) kobutsu ("S" 


Antiquities, n. (ancient remains) 

koseki ("fi-gt)- 
Anti-scorbutic, n, kwaiketsuhyo 

(ifltfiljf^) wofusegu ai-gusuri. 

Antiseptic, a, fuhai (HfR^) wo 
fusegu ; kusari ico fusegu ; bbfu (g§ 
m) no. 
Antiseptic, n. bbfuyaku il^}MM)l 

bbfuzai mum- 

Antitliesi;^, n. (opposite) hantai (^ 
f.|) ; (spoKt,n) tsulgo (ftl^) ; (written) 
tsuiku (fj'p]). 

Antithetical, a. hantai no ; isuigo 
no : tsuikuieki (ft'&J^^j) 710 ; tsuiku no. 

Antithetically, adv. hantai ni; 

isuigo ni ; tsuiku 7ii ; tsuikuteki ni. 

Anti-trade, n. hantai-hoeklfu (SiJ 

Antler, n. mata ; maiadzuno ; (of a 
deer) tsuno ; rokkaku (^^). 

Anus, n. komon (glP^) ; s/iin no 
ana ; karamete [vulg.]. 

Anvil, n. kanashiki. 

Anxiety, n. ke-nen (ip.'s^) ; shimpai 
i^t^W) y fu-anshin (^^iC^) ; yiiryo 
(ffilS) ■> kokorodzukai ; (desire) setsu- 
i>o{ -tJJ^) ; (subject for anxiety) fcwro 

about the future, torikoshi- 


to live in a state of constant 

, anji-kurasu. 

Anxious, a, (causing anxiety) kidzu- 

I was very about you, 

oki ni anji moshita. 

to be , shimpai s ; anji-ru; 

ke-nen s ; fuaii (/(^^) no omoi wo 
s ; kurb s ; kidzukai ni omou ; 
ki 100 momu. 

to be about, ki ninai^ul'E. 

obj. -f- J. subj.] ; ico/ki ni kake- 

to be about the future, 

sue-zue wo anji-ru ; saki-zaki wo 

to feel , fuayi no omoi v:o s. 

you must be very , sazo 

go shimpai de gozaimasho. 

Anxiously, adv. shimpai shite ; ki ni 
shite ; anjite ; ki wo monde. 

to ask , shimpai-so ni kiku. 

Any, a, (an indefinite number) ikutsu 
ka ; (an indefinite quantity) ikura 

ka ; (any kind of) donna de mo ; 

(of whr.tever kind or quantity) sukoshi 
de mo ; chiiio de mo. 

In an interrog. sentence is 

generally untranslated ; as, 

are there ? aru ka ; (mean- 
ing any left) mada aru ka. 

time, itsu de mo. 

way will do, do de mo yoi. 

are you better ? sukoshi wa 

o kokoroyoi ho de gozaimasu ka. 
in case (only at the begin- 
ning of a sentence), nani shiro ; 
dono michi. 

[ 47 ] APA 

it is not of ...... consequence, 

iaishita koto de wa nai. 

not more, mo nai. 

without more ado, kare 

kore iwadzu ni. 

Anybody, pron. dare de mo. 

Anyhow^ adv. (at all events) dose ; 
.sore wa tomo are ; nani shite mo ; (in 
any way) do de mo ; (whatever hap- 
pens) zehi tomo ; nani ni yoradzu. 

that won't do , do shite mo 


Anything", pron. nan de mo. 

will do, nan de mo yoi. 

have you more to say ? 

mada ossharu koto ga gozai- 
masu ka [pol.]. 

it is but cheap, yasui 

dokoro de wa nai. 

to say that comes into 

one's head, dehodai wo iu ; 
detarame wo iu. 

Anywhere, adv. doko de mo ; doko 
ni mo ; (motion to) doko e de mo. 

Aorta, n. daidomyaku {:kt)]M)- 

A outrance., aku made. 

Apace, adv. sumiyaka ni ; kyu ni ; 
kyilsoku (M'.jM) ni ; zunzun. 

Apart, adv. hetsu-hetsu ni ; wakete ; 
hanashite ; ko-ko ni. 

from the question of, wa 

tomo are ; too sate oife ; as, 

from the question of 

capacity he is too old to serve, 
riko (^IJP) to haka wa tomo are^ 
or giryo HXM) '^^ sate oite, anna 
ioshiyori de wa totemo tsutomara- 

to be , hanarete oru. 

to be far , kake-hanarete oru. 

to blow , fuki-hanasu. 

to place , wakete oku. 

to pull , hiki-hanasu. 

Apartment, n. ma ; zashiki. 

.s, (in an inn) ryoshuku {f£ 

^) ; (lodgings) geshuku ("F^). 

Apathetic, a. mujo no ; reitan no ; 
aiso no nai ; (physically) shinkei (j|i\ 
^) no chidon (^||) na. 

Apathetically, adv. mujo ni ; reitan 


[ 48 ] 


Apathy, n. mujo (M'lH) ; reitan (?^ 

Ape, n. saru ; (wild) yaen (Slfia) V 

Ape, t.v. wolmane-ru ; nojmane wo s. 

Aperient, n. gezai {~fM)', kudashi- 

gentle , tsuji-gusuri ; keisha- 

2«i (llf^^J) ; kwangezai (i^Tllll). 

Ai)ertiire, n. (hole) ana ; kuchi ; 
(opening) suki-ma. 

Apex, n. teppen ; chojo (J|[±.) ; zetcho 
(12^) ; (of ^ small object) .safci, 

of the lungs, hai (gf) no 

sentan {^^). 

Apliasia, n. gengo-fudzui {n^^M)'> 
gengo-futsu (Wi«^ifli). 

Aplielioii, n. enjitsuten (^Hii!|); 
taiyo (;fcpj) yori no saienten (^Mifi)- 

Aphorism, n. kakugen (t^W) ; fc»^- 
O^n (^W) [lit- golden saying]. 

Aphrodisiac, n. saiinyaku (fgy^ 
^) ; hojlnyaka (filj*^.^) ; kyojinzai 

Aphthae, n. gwakosb {^W^). 

Apiece, adv. dzidsu ; ate ; meimei (^ 
<f ) ni ; f kakuji {^^) ni. 

how many are there ? 

/ii^ori a^e ikuisu dzutsu aru ka. 

Apocalypse, n. mokushiroku {t^^fk 


Apocrypha, n. *. 

Apog-ee, n. enjiten (WMh)- 
Apolog'etic, a. bensoteki {W^^^) no. 
to be , ayamatte oru ; kino- 

dokusb-na kao wo s. 

with an air, kinodoku-so ni. 

Apolog'ize, i.v. ayamaru ; wabi-ru ; 
ii-wake s ; henkai (W^M) s ; o wabi wo 
mosu [humble]. 

A.polog"y, n. wabi ; benkai ; ayamari ; 
ii-wake ; wabi-goto ; moshi-wake. 

a mere for soup, shiru to iu 

na bakat i ; na bakari no shiru. 

a written , ayamarl-jomon ; 

shazaijo (I9J|E|!K) ; wabijo. 

please accept my ies, go 

kamben ({t|]^) wo negaimasu. 

Apoplectic, a. soichu {^^) no. 

Apoplexy, n. sotchu {^^); (cere- 
bral) no-soichu {^^^) ; nb-ikketsu 

Apostacy, n. hmshin (^>it^) ; kikyo 
i'Mfx) ; reikyo {^W(.)- 

Apostate, n, henshinsha (J@.C^^) ; 
(from a party) dattosha (fl^'^^-) ; 
(religious) haikyosha (^lic^) ; kikyo- 

sha m^m)- 

Apostatize, i.v. henshin (®jC^) s ; 
(from a faith) oshie wo sute-ru ; shin- 
ko iiUmi) wo sute-ru ; (from a party) 
dattb s. 

A posteriori, 


kbten-teki (^^^S^) 

Apostle, n. shito (^^) ; aposioro. 

Apothecary, n. kusuri-ya ; seiyaku- 
sha (^^^) ; yakuzaishi (^JtSSiH) I 
baiyakusha (p^ 

.:^^#) 5 chbzaisha (p^ 

Apotheg"!!!, kakugen (t-^W)- 

Apotheosis, n. kami ni matsuru 

Appall, t.v. gybten (ffp^) sase-ru; 

Appalling", a. osoroshii ; odoroku- 
beki ; gybten suru hodo no. 

an accident happened 

yesterday on the Tokaido 
railway, Tbkaidb (^v'^jM) senro 
{¥k^) ^^ sakujitsu (0^0 ) odoroku- 
bekijiken (^f^) ga arimashita. 

Apparatus, n. dbgu {'M^) ', kikai 
{^W ; kigu i^M:) ; shikake. 
photographic , shashinkl 

Apparel, n. ifuku (3KflIJ) ; irui (^ 

M) ; ^shb (3K^). 
Apparent, a. (evident) hakklri to 
.'ihita ; gen ni mieta ; hanzen (•■^IJ^) to 
shita ; me ni miete iru ; meihaku ( Ij^ 
) wa ; kenzen (M^) w<^- 

Heir , kwbtaishi ( ^;j^ J- ) ; 



[ 49 ] 


Apparently, adv. usually expr. by 
ybsu ni mie-ru, or io mieru, placed 
after the verb ; as, 

to-day is a holiday, for 

all the public offices are shut, 
kyo vca kyvjitsu (^Q) to miete 
hobo {-)S ^) no yakusho (tSl^i?) Oct 
shimaUe oru. 
In conjunction with an adj., etc, ifc 
may be expr. by rashii ; as, 

so, sorashii. 

true, hontorashii. 

a person blind, mekura- 

rashii hito. 

a person the captain, 

sencho (1^:^) io ohoshii hito. 

at about 8 o'clock, hachiji 

to ohoshii koro. 

is also occasionally expr. by 

mita tokoro wa ; mikake vca ; as, 

he was drunk but in 

reality sober, mita tokoro de wa 
yotie imashita ga jitsu wa yotte 

Apparition, n. hakemono ; yurei 

mm.) ; yokwai mm- 

Appeal, i.v. joso (±11?) s; (from 
Court of first instance) koso {^M) s ; 
(from Court of second instance) 
jokoku {±.^) s ; (from Customs, etc.) 
sogvcan (|/?^) s. 

it does not to me (is not to 

my taste), icatakushi ni wa muka- 
nai ; icatakushi ni wa kanshin {^ 
ilis) shinai. 

to to (have recourse to, com- 
plain to), ni/uttae-ru. 

to to arms, kankwa (T^) 

ni uttae-ru. 

to to charity, jizen {'^,^) 

ni utiae-ru. 

to to force, wanryoku {^'fy) 

ni uttae-ru. 

Appeal, n. (from a judgment, in 
first instance) koso {^M) [Cr. Pro.] ; 
(in second instance) jokoku (Ji-^) 
[Cr. Pro.] ; (from a ruling) kokoku 
(t^ n-) [Cr. Pro.] ; (general) joso (_h 
|jf) ; (to a superior dejpt.) sogwan (|^ 
gii) [esp. from the Customs to the 

petition of , kbsoj'6 {:\PM'^)\ 

koso-moshitaiesho (^l/'ffh-AL^) ; 

jokoku-moshitatesho {.h^^iiL^) 
[Cr. Pro.] ; (from the Customs) so- 
gwansho (s^^S#). 

Appear, i.v. (become visible) 
araware-ru ; (before any public 
authority) shutto (ffiSM) s; (in an- 
swer to a summons, before a Court) 
shuttei (tii®) -^ ; (seem) mie-ru. 

a ghost ed, hakemono ga 


a god s, kami ga shutsugen 


it s to me, watakushi no 

watakushi ni wa 

omou ni wa 


so it s, so to mie-ru. 

Appearance, n. (likelihood) yosu ; 
keshiki ; moyo {^^$) ; (outbreak, of 
a disease) Jiassei (^ik) ; (outward) 
gwaikwan (^hf|) ; katachi ; mikake ; 
gwaiken (5'h^) ; (personal) nari ; fd 
(M) ; fus_ai (a^) ; yohb (^|5d) ; 
(state) ybsu ; arisama ; tei (^) ; 
keikyb {^'Ji). 

outward (as opposed to in- 
ner reality), gwaikwan {^IW.)- 

there is no of the rain 

ceasing", ame ga yamu yb na 
keshiki tea nai ; ame no yami-sb 
na keshiki wa nai. 

to keep up s, gwaiken (^h^) 

wo tsukurou ; (of persons in public 
positions) taimen {'^M) '^o tamotsu, 
or iji mW) s. 

to make an (be ornamental), 

midate ga aru. 

to put in an , kao-dashi wo s. 

[Followed by "of being " and an 

adj is expr. by so ni after 

the stem of the adj. ; as, with 

an of being" glad, ureshi- 

sb ni]. 

Appease, t.v. nadame-ru; yawarage- 
ru ; shidzume-ru. 
to be d, ioa]ki ga sumu. 

Appellant, n. (from a jurlgmcnt, 
in first instance) kbsonin {ti:'^iff 
A) ; (in second instance) jbkoku- 
nin (JLo" A) ; (from a ruling) kbkoku- 
nin (la a"A) ; (to a higher Dept. v. 
Appeal) sogwannin (g/iliHA)- 

Appellation, n. meishb ( ^ fjij) ; ionae- 
kata ; mybmoku ( ^S @ ). 


[ 50 ] APP 

Append, t.v. soe-ru ; fsuke-ru ; kuwae- 
ru ; tsuika O^M) s. 

Appenclag'e, n. soe-mono ; tsuki- 
mono ; fukabutsu {WiM^^M) ', fuzoku no 
mono ; fuzokuhin (Rf^^tw) J fuzoku- 
hutsu mM^^J})' 

useless , yokei (^ff) na 

mono ; zeibutsu (^^^). 

Appendicitis, n. chiiyosuien (0if^ 
Appendix, n. isidka ( ; furoku 

mm) ; zoho {mm- 

vermiform , chicyosui {^^M 

Appertain, i.v. to to, (belong 

by right) 7il/zoku {^) s ; (relate to) 
ni/kwankei (||I^0 ^• 

Appetite, ^ n. shokvyoku (:^^) ; 
shokki i'^M.)- 

to laave a g-ocd. , shokuji 

i^W-) Qci susumu ; shokki ga aru. 

to have a poor , shoku ga 


Appetizing", a, olshl-so na ; I'.ma-sd 
na . 

Appetizing'ly, adv. oishi-so ni ; uma- 
so ni. 

Applaud, t.v. (by acclamation) kas- 
sai (rt^>{t) s ; (by clapping the hands) 
hakvshu (t^^) .5 ; (commend) home- 
ru ; shosan iWlM) ^ I shobi CM.^) s. 

Applause, n. (acclamation) kassai ; 
(clapping of hands) hakushu ; (com- 
mendation) shobi ; shosan ; sanibi 

great , dal-kassai [-:kJ%^). 

to win , kassai too haku 

m) ^• 

Apple, n. ringo. 

Adam.'s , nodo-bone ; nodo- 

hotoke ; nodo-dango. 
of the eye, hitomi. 

Appliance, n. dogu (ilJ^). 

s, kigu (^j,). 

Applicability, n. (of a rule) tekiyo 

(ii/H) ; (suitability) tekito [M'B)- 
Applicable, a. tekiyo no dekiru ; 

ate-hamerareru ; tekito na. 

to be to, (appropriate) nij 

tekito s ; (as a rule) ni/tekiyo s 
[wo after equiv. of Eng. subj.]. 

Applicant, n. negai-ie ; negai-nin ; 
(claimant) seikyusha {f^^<^) ; (for 
a post) kibosha (^-^^) ; shigwansha 
(^\®I^) ; (foi* ^ purchase) nozomi no 
mono ; o nozomi no kata [polite] ; 
(for shares) moshi-komi-nin ; obosha 
(|[g^-:g-) ; (petitioner) shutsugwansha 
(ffiM^); shutsugwannin (tHiMA.); 
(to a Court of Law) shinseinin ( i\i |^ 
A) ; moshitate-nin [Civ. Pro.] ; (to the 
Customs) shinkokusha {t\\^^i^). 

Application, n. (act of applying, as, 
of a rule) tekiyo {'M^) ', (act of apply- 
ing, in a literal sense) tsukeru koto ; 
haru koto ; chbyb (|fi^) ; chofu (fiilift) ; 
(close study) benkyb {^%.) ; senshin 
{M>t'') 5 (petition) negai ; seigwan (|^ 
m) ; shutsugwan (tHM); (petition, 
written) negai-sho ; gwansho ; seigwan- 
sho ; shitsugwansho ; (proposal) moshi- 
komi; (request) seikyu {=^:^<) ; tano- 
mi ; (to a Court of Law) shinsei ( ^ ffj) ; 
mbshitate [Cr. Pro.] ; (ditto, written) 
shinseisho (E^t^^) ? moshitate-sho. 
form, moshikomi-yoshi {i\i}K 


medicine for external , 

gwaiyo-yaku {9bHl^). 

practical (of a science, etc.), 

oyo mm- 

to make an , shidsugwan s. 

writtGii , negaisho ; seigwan- 

sho (iMMtt) ; mbshlkomlsho. 

Applied, a. byb- (|fSffl) (^o). 

chemistry, oyo-kwagaku 

mathematics, oyo-sanjutsu 


mechanics, oyo-kikaigaku 

tactics, oyo-senjutsu 

Apply, t.v. (as, ornamentation to a 
surface) hodokosu ; (carry out, rules, 
etc.) shiko {JMil') s ; (put one thing 
to another) tsuke-ru ; kuwae-ru ; (put 
to practical use) oyo s ; (refer as 
suitable to something) ate-hame-ru ; 
(stick in) ha^u ; (use for a particular 
purpose) shiyd ((^/H) ^ > tsuJcau. 


[ 51 ] 

to money (to a purpose), 

kane wo muke-ru. 

to (rules) strictly, reiko 

(i&ff) s. 

to tlie mind, nen (;ft) wo 

ire-ru ; senshin ( ^ tt") s. 

Apply, i.v. (make application) moshi- 

komu ; (petition) negau ; negai-de-ru ; 

(of rules) wo]tekiyo (@/fl) s [Civ. 

Pro.] [E. subj. ~ J. obj.] ; (request) 

seikyii (|n^) s ; tanomu. 

to for, wojtanomu ; wojselkyu 

(lw^<)5; (to a Court) wojshinsei 
( ^ iw ) ^ ; wo/mosJii-taie-ru [Civ. 

to to (a Court), nijsliinsei 

i^Wi) s- [The person applying is 
termed sJunseinin {^tnK), the 
person applied against hi-shinsemin 

Appoint, t.v. (fix) kime-ru ; (select 
for a duty) sennin (^f£) 6r [Com. 
Co.] ; (to an office) ninji-ru ; meijiru ; 
ii-isuke-ru ; nimmei {Q:^) s. 

ed day, teijltsu (^ EI ) ; yaku- 

soku shita hi. 

to be ed, H-fsukerare-ru; mei- 

zerare-ru ; niiizerare-ru ; nimmei save- 


Appointment, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Appoint foil, by koto ; (arrange- 
ment with another) yakusoku (^^) ; 
(office) yaku (fx) ; shoku {^^) ; (to an 
office) nimmei (ft pi?) [Civ. Pro.]. 
and dismissal, nimmen 


the of Mr. A. as the Head 

of the Bureau of Woods and 
Forests is an act of gross 
favouritism, A. Kan ga sanrin- 
kyokucho {\l\Pf.W]^) ni ninzerareta 
no vxi bi ni hempa (fim^) no shocM 
{ME.) desu. 

to take up an , shiinin, 

(tfcff:) s ; chakunin {^'B:) s. 

Apportion, t.v. haito [Mm) s ; icari- 
tsuke-ru ; humpai (^^t) s ; hunyo 

Apportionment, n. humpai (^gC). 
Apposite, a. tekito (®^) na. 
Appositely, adv. tekito ni. 
Appositeness, n. tekito. 


(gram.) dokaku 

Apposition, n. 

Appraise, t.v. (estimate) mi-tsumo^ 
ru ; (estimate value of) wojnebumi s ; 
no/neuchi wofumu ; nijne wo tsuke-ru ; 
wo/hyoka (|f-^) s [Civ. Pro.]. 

Appraisement, n. hyoka (|qi(R) 
[Civ. Co.] ; nebumi ; neuchi wo tsukeru 
koto ; (estimated value) hyokagaku 
iW^MW ; kantei-kagaku {$^'^^W- 

Appraiser, n. hybkanin (f^^A,); 
(official) kanteinin (ISi^SA) [Civ. Co.]. 

chief (at Customs), kansa- 

kwa-chb {^.^M^)' 

Appreciable, a. ikuhun-ka no. 

Appreciably, adv. ikuhun-ka. 

Appreciate, t.v. (esteem highly) 
kampai (!^|M) s ; kanshln (I^<li^)s; 
(estimate justly) nehumi s ; shinka 
( iS-fM) ■^'0 shira ; (motives, etc.) 
rybsatsu {T'M-)^'^ sassuru; (recog- 
nize) mi-tome-7'u. 

Appreciate, i.v. (of price) tbki 

mm s. 

Appreciation, n. equiv. of Appre- 
ciate foil, by koto ; (of price) tbki. 

Appreciatively, adv. homete ; 67io- 
saii (Hfitt) shite. 

Appreciatory, a. homeru ; in Chin- 
ese compounds san- (|^) ; as, 

criticism, samvyb (^^) ; 

kbhyb am)- 

Appreliesid, t.v. (arrest) t.sukamae' 
ru ; ho'>aku {■\\\\Wj s ; taiho [M^] s ; 
kbin {Yv]^\) s ', (fear) o.9ore-ru ; kldzu- 
kau ; kenen (';'>§.t^) s ; (understand) 
mitomeru ; rlkai (il^'?) 5 ; etoku 
(^M) 5 ; satoru. 

it is ed that , (no) 

osore ga aru. 

Appreliension, n. (arrest) hohaku ; 
taiho ; kbin : (faculty of) saiori ; 
rikai-ryoku ; (fear) kldzukai ; sh'mipai ; 
oso7'e ; kenen ; kokorodzukai. 

Apprentice, n. shugybhbkbnin (g(IC'^ 
i|S-2rA) ; mlnarai [Civ. Co.] ; nenkihb- 
kbnin (f^^^S-A) ; (of artisans) 
minarai-sei ; nenki-mono ; deichi ; toiel 
(^5^) ; (sea-faring) shugyb-sei {^X 


[ 52 ] 


.s' school, iotei-gakko {^^ 

Apprentice, t.v. ddcld-bdkb ni dasu ; 
nenkihoko ni dasu ; nenki {^^) ni 

Apprenticeship, n. shugybhbkb ; 

Approacll, i.v. (in place) chika-yoru ; 
tsume-yoru ; sekkin (|^iS) s ; (in time) 
chika-yoru ; sematte ku-ru ; seppaku 

the bird does not let me , 

tori ga yose-tsukenai. 

the time is iiig"? jiptsu ( H^ ) 

ga seppaku shite oru ; w,b saki ga 
mijikaku natta. 

Approach, t.v. (another Govt.) ni/ 
kbshb (^^) s ; ni/kake-au; (bring 
near) chikaku yose-ru ; (come near) 
e/chikaku yoru. 

to closely (of place), nij 

sekkin s. 

Approach, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Approach foil, by koto ; (of an 
attacking force, storm, etc.) shurai 
(Sl^) ; (to a bridge) tamoto ; (way) 
liairu michi. 

Approachahility, n. (of a person) 

chikadzuki-yasui koto. 

Approachable, a. (of a person) 
chika dzuki-yasui. 

Approbation, n. (consent) tokushin 
(m-iD); shbin (^^1); dbi {^M) ; 
(praise) shbsan CM.^)- 

A.pprobatory, a. equiv. of Approve 
used as adj. 

Appropriate, a. sob {^UM) na ; 

tekiib [M'U) *'i<^ ; *o^o (tB"^) na. 
Appropriate, t.v. (embezzle) tsukai- 
komu ; (set apart to a purpose) aie- 
hame-ru ; senyb (M)^) -^ I (take to one's 
'self to the exclusion of others) j'lbun 
no ho e tori-komu ; waga mono to s. 
to public money to a pri- 
vate purpose, kwankln Cg*^) wo 
shiyb IflfW) s. 

Appropriately, adv. tekltb ni ; sbtb 
ni ; sod ni. 

Appropriation, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Appropriate (t.v.) foil by koto ; 
(embezzlement) tsukai-komi. 

Approve, t.v. yoshl to s ; ka ( pJ) to 
s ; (action taken) zenin {^f^) s ; 
sansel {^}^) s ; salyb (l^c/II) s ; (a 
proposal) nijsandb (^1^) s ; (consent) 
shbchi (^^) 5 ; shbdaku (^P«|^) s ; 
(of a Sovereign) kanb {p/i^\) s ; 
(officially) ninka (|SpT) s ; kbnin 

I do not much (of some- 
one else's action), amari kanshln 
(!^'tO shinai. 
Approval, n. shbchi; shbin (;^HI); 
shbdaku ; sansei ; (of action) zenin 
i^M) ; (of a Sovereign) kanb ; 
(official) ninka (|SbJ)- 

Approximate, a. oyoso no ; taigai 

numbers, gaisit {^tk)- 

Approximate, i.v. chikayoru. 

Approximation, n. chikayoru 
koto ; (of a calculation) ga'isan (tiJ^). 

Approximately, adv. chikaku ; 
oyoso ; (at a rough estimate) gaisan 

de ; zaito ; arakata. 

Appurtenance, n. fuzokuhin (Pf^p 

n"p) ; fuzokubutsu {mM'M [Civ. Co.]. 
Apricot, n. anzu (^). 
April, n. shigimtsu (29^) ; t udzuki. 
A priori, senten-teki {■^'^'ii^) ni. 

Apron, n. mae-kake ; mae-dare ; hiza- 
kake ; (of a gun) hihuta ; (worn by 
artisans) ahuraya-san ; (worn by 
wrestlers) keshb-mawashi . 

waterproof (of rU,Jsha),hiza- 


A propos, (by the way) lokini ; tsui- 
de ni ; (opportunely) yoi toki ni ; kb- 
kikwai l^piflf) ni. 

that conies very , aita kuchi 

ni hoiamochi no yb da [prov.]. 

Apt, a. (quick to learn) nomi-komi no 
hayai ; satori no' yoi. 

to (prone to), foil by a verb 

is usually expr. by yoku foil, by 
the indie, pres., by -yasai or -gachi 
suffixed to the indef. form, or by 
yaya mo sureha ; as, 


[ 53 ] 


lie is to be anxious about 

trifles, ano hito im yoku sasai 
(Jt^) ^^'^ ^oto wo ki iM^) ni kakeru 
hito da. 

we are all to make mis- 
takes, yo no naka no hiio-bito wa 
mina ayamachi wo shi-gachi da. 

to break, koware-yasui. 

to is also expr. by the deside- 

rative form of the verb -tagaru ; 

to be to wither, yoku kare- 


Aptitufle, n. tachi. 

tbat boy has a natural 

for mathematics, ario ko wa 
sanjutsu (^®) no tachi ga ii. 

Aquariuni, n. suizokkwan (7jc^tl)- 

Aquarius, n. (astron.) shitsubinkyu 

Aquatic, a animal, suiju- 

dobutsu (7K'^ilj4'^) ; suisei-ddhutsu 

bird, midzu-tori ; suicho 


plant, midzu-kusa ; suiso 

Aqueduct, n. suido (/^jl;)- 
Aquilegia atro-purpurea, (colum- 
bine) odamaki. 

Aquiline, a nose, kagi-bana; 


Arabesque, n. karakusa ; kara- 

Arable land, (cultivated land, not 
being paddy field) hafake ; hata : 
hata-chi ; kbsakuchi (^M'^i^Ul) \ kochi. 

Aralia edulis, udo. 

Arbitrament, n. (as, of public 
opinion) seisai (^IJ^). 

to submit to the of war, 

- ikusa no kekkwa {^^) ni maka- 
^ se-ru. 

Arbitrarily, ad-v. kimama ni ; kidzui 
iMJM) ^^ 5 katte ni ; hoshii-mama ni ; 
nin-i (^^,) ni ; jimama ni ; (without 
consulting others) sendan {%^) ni. 

Arbitrariness, n. ki-mama ; kidzui ; 
- hoshii-mama ; nin-i ; jimama ; sendan ; 
(of government) gyakusei {^^). 

Arbitrary, a. kimama na ; kidzui 
na ; katte na ; jibun-gatte no ; doku- 
dan (J^ilf) no. 

Arbitration, n. chiisai [i'^M)- 

award , chiisai-kettei ; (writ 

ten) chusai-ketieisho (f^f'^^S^)- 
...... tribunal, chusai-saiban {^ 

Arbitrator, n. chusalnln (f^'^A). 

Arbour, n. chin ; adzumaya. 
wistaria , fuji-dana. 

Arc, n. (of a circle) kosen {%^^) 
yumi-gata ; yumi-nari. 

Arch, n. yuml-narl ; (of greeneryj 
* ; ryokumon (|v^P5)- 
triumphal , gaisen-mon (fjl 

Arcliaeolog"ical, a. kohutsugaku- 

teki {-^^mtl'^}) {no). 
Arcliaeolog'ically, a. kohutsugaku- 

jo {de). 
Archaeologist, n. kobutsugakusht 


Archaeolog"y, n. kobutsugaku 
kbkogaku (^'g"^'). 

Archaic, a word, kogo {'^ 

1^); haigo{^U). 

Arcliangel, n. tenshicho {'^{^^). 

Archbishop, n. kantokucho (^=^ 
-^) ; (Buddhist) daisojo {^^JE.)', 
(Protestant) daikantoku {-/^^>1^) ; shi" 
kicai-kantoku {a]'^^'U) ; (R-C.) daii 
shukyo ii^^m). 

Arched, a bridge, sori-hashi; 


two bridge, megane-bashi. 

Archer, n. ite; shashu (|^^); 
(astron.) jinibakyu (A .HI?); (pro- 
ficient) kyujutsuka (^^^). 

Archery, n. kyvjutsu. 

ground, shajutsujo (tt^^) * 

daikyuba (:^^^) ; (for miniaturQ 
) yaba ; yokyuten {^^f^). 

Archipelago, n. gunto (p^). 

Architect, n. kenchiku-shi (3^^ 
g]|j) ; kenchiku-ka (^^^) ; edzu-hiki. 

Architectural, a. kenchikugaku 
d^'^) no ; zoeigaku (it^^) no r 
yadzukuri no ; kenchiku no. 


[ 54 ] 


adv. kenchiku- 


gaku-jd {de). 

Arcliitectlire, n. (as a branch of 

study) kenchikugaku ; zoeigaku ; 
kenchikujutsu (^^^tj) ; zokajutsu ; 
(it^ftl) ; zoeijutsu (is*^^) ; (style 
of) tate-kata ; yadzukuri. 

Archives, n. kiroku (fGI^-) ; hunko 

press, kiroku-dana. 

bureau of , kirokkyoku (|EI^ 

Archivist, n. kiroku-gakari ; kiroku- 
hokwansha {^Mii^^if)' 

Arctic, a Ocean, hokuhyoyo 

iityK'i^) ; hokkyokuyd {;\tWi^) ; 

hokuhyokai [it^'M)- 

regions, kantai (l^-^r). 

Ardency, n. nesshin (^.t^). 

Ardent, a. hageshii ; seikyu (1^^) 
na ; mbretsu (^^|^) na ; (zealous) 
nesshin na. 

Ardently, adv. hageshiku ; moretsu 
ni ; seikyu ni ; (zealously) nesshin ni. 

Ardour, n, (of affections) on-ai {j§^ 
^) ; ai-yoku (^^) ; (of courage) 
yuki i^M.) '} (zeal) nesshin. 

Arduous, a. hone no oreru ; hone-ori 
no; konnan {^^^) na; nangi ('Ht^) 
na ; shinki-kusai [provincial]. 

labour, hone-ori shlgoto ; 

tsurai shigoto. 

Arduously, adv. hone-oUe ; konnan 

Are, i.v. vide Be. 

Area, n. menseki (g|^) ; (in ta'd) 
tambetsu (S^lj) ; (in tsubo) tsubo-su ; 
tsubo-kadzu ; ji-isubo ; (of a building) 
tate-tsubo ; (math.) seki (f^) ; menseki 
(ffi^);,(of a country) /MA;wm(i|ig^); 

Arena, n. (for fencing or jujutsu) 
dojo (j1^) ; (for wrestling) dohyo 

the of competition, kybso- 

jori (H^^H). 

the political , seikai (j^^). 

Arg'entiferous, a. gin wo fukuyida, 

Arg'ue, t.v. & i.v. ronji-ru ; bem- 
paku iWtWi) ^ ; benron {^tm) « ; giron 
iMtm) -5 ; (dispute) soron (#^fi^) s. 
to that, to/shucho {^M) s. 

Argument, n. ron ; giron ; bem^ 
paku ; (contention) ronten itmMh) J 
(debate) toron ; (dispute) soron ; (in 
a law case) benron. 

a fruitless , midzukake-ron. 

an obstinate , oshi-mondo. 

basis of an , ronkyo (fm^)- 

to put forward , ritsuron ( ^ 

., ron wo Jtajime* 

Hira) •^• 

to start an 


Argumentation, n. ritsuron. 

Argumentative, a. rikufsuppoi ; 

rikutsubatta ; girondzuki na ; giron-- 

an person, gironka (^f^^). 

Arg-umentatively, adv. rikutsup- 
poku ; rikutsubatte ; giron-dzuki na yd 
ni ; giron-gamashiku ; giron-mekashi- 

Argumentativeness, n. equiv. 
of Argumentative foil, by koto. 

Arid, a. kampatsu (^M) '^ > ^^- 
agatta ; (fig. of a subject) kanso- 
mumi i^'i^M^) na. 

Aridity, n. kanso ; kampatsu ; kawai- 
ta koto ; (fig.) kansb-mumi. 

Aries, n. (astron.) hakuybkyu (^^ 

Aright, adv. iadashiku ; machigai 

to j udge , tadashiku handan 

mm) ^. 

Arise, i.v. okoru ; de-ru ; hassuru (^) ; 


to out of, yori/shbji'ru. 

Arithmetic, n. sanjutsu (^^) ; 
sugaku (U^). 

menta 1 , munazan ; muna- 

kanjb ; anzan (0^^). 

Arithmetician, n. sugakusha (fjt 
^^) ; sanjutsuka (^^|§^). 

j Ark, n. (biblical) hako-hune. 


[ 55 ] 

Arm, n. (as distinguished from hand) 
ude ; kaina ; (as dist. from leg) te ; 
(as of a telegraph post) ude-gi ; 
(carried by a burglar) kyoJcl {^^) ; 
(military weapon) huki {%k.^x) 5 helki 
{^<7i^) ; (of a chair) h^ji ; (of coat) 

of tile sea, irl-uml. 

vac^Jiika {-^JiW. 

s (i.e. war), heiryoku {^'fy)- 

and accoutrements, sogu 


and ammunition, helki- 

4anyaku (-£|a3f ^). 

advance s ! mae tsutsu ! 

chan ge s I kae tsutsu ! 

examine s ! aratame tsutsu ! 

fore , ni no ude. 

order s ! tate tsidsu ! 

pile s ! kuine tsutsu I 

pile cf s, sa^u {X^^. 

port s ! hikae tsutsu ! 

present s ! sasage tsutsu I 

recover s ! age tsutsu ! 

side , token (TJ^iJ). 

shoulder s ! nlnae tsutsu ! 

sling" s! kake tsutsu! 

small s, shbju {^h^%). 

support s! kakae tsutsu I 

to break the , ude ga ore-ru ; 

(of another) no/ude wo oru, 

to hold under the , (a large 

thing) ko-waki ni kakae-ru, or kai- 
komu ; (a small thing) wakl ni 
hasamu ; icaki-basamu. 

to look on with folded s, 

shilshu-hokwan {%'$\^WW.) ^' 

to open the s wide, ode wo 


to pile s, tsutsu wo komu. 

to take up s, kankwa (^:^) 

wo ugokasu. 

trail s ! sage tsutsu ! 

upper , ichi no ude. 

Ann, t.v. nijhuki (5\:||) wo motase-ru. 

to one's self, huki wo toru ; 

(of a soldier) huso (^^^) s. 

to he ed, huki wo keitai (^ 

^) s ; huso s ; huki wo motsu. 

Arm, i.v. huki wo sonae-ru ; huhi {^ 

Armament, n. huhi {^^) ; gumhi 
(^fl) ', (of ^' warship) huso. 

reduction of . 

^^0 CWMU'P)- 


.s, gumhi-shukU' 

Armchair, n. hijltsuki-isu ; hiji- 

arm-rest of , kyokuroku ([g 

Armed, a. huki-keitai (S^f|3§.^) wo- 

party, husbtai (j^;^^) ; 

huki-keitai-hei (-^V;^^^^^). 

robbery, jikyoki-goto {^^^ 

Armful, n. an , hito kakae. 

Armistice, n. kyusen (j%i!c). 

Armless, a. an person, ude- 


Armlet, n. ude-kazari. 

Armorial, a bearings, mon 


Armour, n. yoroi ; gusoku [^^)', 

one suit of , gusoku hito soroi. 

Armoured, a battery, soko- 

hodai (^tp^"S). 

cruiser, koso-junyokan (^i| 


train, hiko-ressha (gSFp^iJ 
huso-ressha (^\:^^ij^)- 
turret, sbko-hbtb (^^fpB^if ). 

Armourer, n. gusokushl {Mi&Mi) ', 
hukishi (^l;tl^rfj) ; hugushi (5^, J^g^) ; 
(•rail.) jukb (I^X) ; (naval) heiki-ko 
(:^^X) ; buki-kanshunln (^^^^3* 
A) ; heiki-kanshunin {^^^^A). 

Armour-plating", n. kbteppan (^ 


Armoury, n. hukigura ; huko (^J^) ; 
heiko {^[^). 

Armpit, n. waki no shita. 

hair of the , waki-ge. 

smell of the , loaki-ga. 

Arms, n. (weapons) See Arm. 

Armslengtli, n. to keep at , 

yose-tsukenai yb ni s ; tbzake-ru. 

Army, n. gunzei (5#) J guntai (5t 
@^) ; (as opposed to Navy) rikugun 


brigade, ryodan {MM). 

contractor, rikugun- 



[ 56 ] 


corps, gundan (^^). [The 

" Army corps " does not exist in 
Ja^Dan though the term totoku-bu 
(tP#oC) is applied to the territorial 
limits of three divisions which 
about correspond to an English 
Army corps]. 

division, shldan (gip®). 

list, rikugim-meibo ([^^^ 

^) ; (on active service) geneki- 

meiho {fg'i^^m)- 

medical corps, guni-hu (^ 


of the enemy, tekigun 

service corps, shicho (|g[fi). 

besieg-ing , kojogun (^^ 

Ip:) ; hbigun (^|115)- 

centre of au , chiigun (4" 

commander of an -bri- 
gade, ryodancho {MM^) 5 -corps, 
gundancho (^ffli) ; -division, 
shidancho {M)^^)- 
Field- Marshal Commander- 
in-Chief of the , daigensui 

front of an , gun no shomen 


main , hongun (^^). 

national , kokumingun (^^ 

rear of an , fcoei (^^). 

reserve , (first) yobigun (]|||§ 

If) ; (second) kobigun (^|i^). 

standing , jbbigun ('^iii^). 

to be an man, gunj'in (^A) 

de aru. 

to call out the whole y'sogun 

(^?) 1^0 shosku (SS) •5- 

to join the , nyiltai {KW) s. 

to leave the , taiekl (jl^) 5; 

jotai (!^I^) ni nam. 

to serve in the ^fukueki (^ 


Army, a. gun- ( 5) ; as, sur- 
geon, gun-i (^g). 

Aroma, n. kaori ; kbki (^^). 

Aromatic, a. kaori no aru ; kbki no ; 
hbkb ('^#) no aru ; kbbashii ; ii nioi 

Around, prep, no mawari ni; no 
gururi ni ; no meguri ni. 

Arouse, t.v. (as public attention) 
kwanki (^^) s ; hiki-okosu ; (excite) 
okosu ; hagemasu ; (from sleep) 
okosu ; no I me wo samesase-ru ; yobi- 
okosu ; (stir up) hiki-okosu. 

Arraig'n, t.v. (accuse) kokuso [^ 

1^) s. 
Arraignment, n. kokuso. 

Arrange, t.v. (a number of articles 
in proper position) kazaru ; halretsu 
(^^ij) s ; (for exhibition) chinretsu 
(j^^ij) 5 ; (in a row) narabe-ru ; (make 
plans for) no/teate wo s ; (on account 
of another) tori-hakarau ; (put in 
order) soroe-ru ; totonoe-ru ; (put to 
rights) katadzuke-ru ; (settle) moto- 
me-ru ; tori-matome-ru. 

it is d that , no 

isugb (SP^) da. 

to beforehand, mae-motte 

klme-ru ; nojte-hadzu wo s ; no/uchi- 
awase wo s. 

to be d, (in order) sorotte 

i-ru ; narande oru ; kazatte aru ; 
katadzuiie i-ru ; (of a matter) mato- 
matte i-ru ,; wa^kata ga tsuita. 

Arrangement, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Arrange foil, by koto ; (agree- 
ment) mbshi-awase ; (formal agree- 
ment) iori-kime ; (in advance, of a 
programme, etc.) yotel C;^^) ; (of a 
room) tori-isuke ; (of exhibits) chin- 
retsu (I^^iJ) ; (preparations) shiiaku 

(^JS); yoi mm; tsugb m^); 

(putting in order) selton (^Ig) ; 
.seisw6i (f^fi) ; (way of) sbchi (^it) ; 
(way of arranging ornaments) kaza- 

amicable , jidan {^^) ; ju- 

kudan {^f^). 

an has been arrived at, 

kybgi iM)M) ga totonotia. 

change of s, moyb-gae. 

to make the necessary s, 

tsugo wo s. 

Arrant, a. honib (2{C^) no; also 
expr. by the adv. mattaku. 

coward, dai no okubyb (^^ 

^^' . , - 

fool, obaka; karabara. 

rogue, gokuakunin (isE^A). 

that is an lie, mattaku 

uso da. 


[ 57 ] 


Array, n. battle , ikusa no 

sonae ; jinzonae ; jindaie. 

Array, t.v. (dispose in order) nara- 
he-ru ; halretsu (^^ij) s ; (dress) yo- 
sou ; (of an army) no/jinzonae wo s ; 
selretsu (^^ij) sase-ru. 

Arrears, n. (of money) todokori ; 

ental {Mi^) ', entalkin (5i'Htr^) j '^^^ 


to be in , todokoru; entai s 

[Civ. Co.] ; (of work) okure-ru ; 

Arrest, t v. (check) fusegu ; todo- 
me-ru ; tome-ru ; (seize) torae-ru ; 
torl-osae-ru ; isukamae-ru ; meshi-to- 
ru ; hohaku (Hifii) s ; taiho {MW) ^ 
[Or. Pro.]; koin m^\) s. 

to "be ed, haku ni tsuku. 

Arrest, n. (mil.) kinko (f^^) ; (pur- 
suit and seizure) taiho ; (seizure) 
hohaku dilH) ; (seizure and produc- 
tion) koin. 

close (niil.), jukinko {^^ 

i@) ; heimon (PflP5) [the former of 
a private, tlae latter of an officer]. 
expenses of , taihohi {M'^ 


open (mil.), keikinko (M^M) l 

kinshin (iltft) [the former of a 
private, the latter of an officer]. 

release from (mil. ), kinko- 

homen (^fij^^). 

to place under (niil.), kinko 

ni shosuru. 

warrant of , taihojo (j^li^)- 

Arriere-tief, n. hairydchi (^r1J|) ; 

saiyu (5|^q)« 
Arriere-vassal, n. haishin (|^S). 
Arrival, n. chaku (^) ; tochaku (^ij 

in port, chakko (^j^). 

s (of goods), c/8,afcw-m ; iri-ni. 

on , tsuki-shidai ni ; chaku, 

or tochaku, shidai ni. 

on the sMp's , chakusen- 

shidai (^Ig^S) ni. 

safe , anchaku (^^). 

Arrive, i.v. tsuku ; chaku s ; tochaku 
iM^) 5 ; (in a ship) chakusen (^ 


to safely, buji (fet^.) ni 

chaku s. 

Arrog-ance, n. ohei (^jf^) ; ofii (f^ 
M.) ; goman (^'|g) ; koman (^ft). 

Arrog"aiit, a. ohel na ; ofu na ; go- 
man na ; kownn na. 

Arrog-autly, adv. ohel ni ; ofu ni ; 
goman ni ; koman ni. 

Arrog-ate, t.v. okasu ; sen-eisu (ff ^) 
s ; sensho (f^#J) s. ^ 

Arrog-ation,. n. equiv. of Arrogate 
foil, by koto. 

an act of , ekken {M\U) ^o 

shogyo (^iffr). 
Arrow, n. ya [a.n. hon (zj^)]. 
Arrow-lie ad J n. ya no ne ; ya-jirl. 

Arrow-root, n. kudzu; kuwai (^ 

Arse, n. shlri. 

hole, kbmon (|lP5) '■> shirt no 

ana ; karamete. 

Arsenal, n. zoheisho {'yM^JM) ', helki- 
seizojo i^^mmPn) -, (at Tokyo) ho- 
hel-kosho {^^XJ^). 

Arsenic, n. yoseki (#;£[) ; hiseki 

Arsenical, a. yoseki no ; hiseki no. 
Arsenious acid, ahisan (S^ittgl). 
Arson, n. tsukehi ; hokwa {^^'A) ; 

(crime of) hokicazai itk'k^)- 
Art, n. (dexterity) takumi ; komyo 
(3^#) ; udemae ; giryo (^^) ; (fine) 
hijutsu (H^) ; (mechanical) jutsu ; 
gijutsu i^Wi) ; geijutsu (p^). ' 

s and crafts, gigei (ft^). 

the shipbuilder's , ^zosen- 

gijuisu (itHgiiii). 

works of , hijutsuhin (H^j 


Artemisia, n. mochigusa ; mogusa. 

Arterial, a. dbmyaku (Ijjf^) no. 

Artery, n. dbmyaku (ij!il!^). 

Artesian, a well, horinuki- 


Artful, a. (crafty) bchaku {^^^) na ; 
kbkatsu (j^c^'i') ^« ; (skilfully made) 
takumi na ; seikb (^7^) na. 

Artfully, adv. bchaku ni ; kbkatsu 
ni ; takumi ni ; seikb ni. 


Artllritis, n. kwanseisu-kinsho (|| 

A^rticle, n. (a particalar substance 
or commodity) shina ; shinamono ; 
huppin (4':^Ho) ; (contribution to a 
newspaper) tosho (f5:#) ; (editorial) 
shasetsu (jjttt^) ; ronsetsu {mW ; 
(grammatical) kwanski (j^fS) ', (of ^ 
treaty, etc.) kajo {mm I joko mM) I 
jomoku (fi^^). 

s of association, teikwan 

i'&m [Com. Co.]. 

......s of war, gunriisu (5#) 

for ship's use, senyohin (I3 

definite , teikicanshi {"^^ful). 

discussion of a bill by 

, chikujo-shingi (JEf^llral)- 

indefinite , futei-kwanshi {'^ 


in the of death, (in articulo 

mortis), shinime ni ; shinigiwa ni. 

ship's s, sensekisho' i^^f^). 

third (of a treaty, etc.), dal- 

sanjb (^Hf^). 

toilet s, keshohin (ft^on)- 

Articulate, a. (distinctly uttered) 
hakkiri shita ; fummyo {^^) na; 
meiryo (^^) na. 

animals, kwanseisu-dobutsu 

[ 58 ] ART 

Articulate, t.v. hatsuin (?^^) s. 

to distinctly, hakkiri to 

hatsuin s. 

Articulated, a. (anatomy) kwan- 
setsu (Ifjffl) no aru. 

Articulation, n. (anatomy) kwan- 

setsu ; (sound) hatsHin. 

Artifice, n. hakarigoto ; sakuryaku ; 
hoben {y^^)', i^kuda ; (to procure 
money) sandan (^p^). 

Artificer, n. (skilled workman) mei- 
shb (igI2) ; melko (^X) ; rybko {% 
X) ; (workman). /cojm (XA) ; shokko 

s' school, kikwanjutsu-ren- 

shvjo mmmm^t^m)- 

Artificial, a. jinzd (Am) '^o ; jinko 
(Ax) no; saiku {MX.) shita; in 
compounds jinzd- (AjnK or saiku- 
(^BIX) ; (feigned) itsuwarl no. 
eye, ire-me. 

flowers, isukurl-bana. 

hair, ire-ge. 

ivory, jinzo-zoge. 

leg-, tsugi-ashl; gikyaku (i 

mound, tsuki-yama. 
nose, tsuke-bana. 
tears, sora-namida. 

teeth, ire-ba. 

thing", saiku-mono. 

Artificially, adv. jinzo de ; (feigned- 
ly) itsuwatte. 

Artillery, n. (body of men) hohei 
{^^) ; hoheitai (^Hl^) ; (guns) 
taiho (;^5S) ; bdzutsu ; (science) fto- 
jutsu {Xx^Wl- 

driver, hohei-gyosotsu (^H 

ammunition wag-g-on, ho- 

hel-danyakusha {l^^W^M)- 

park, hosho (5^1^). 

train, hohei-shicho (5^:^^ 

coast defence , yosai-hohei 

(S^SS:^); yosai-hoheitai d^^frg 

corps of and engineers, 

hoko-heidan {Vt^X.^M)- ' 

field , (guns) yasenhb (if^ 

;CS) ; (troops) yasen-'hohei (i'fi^S^ 


foot , ioho-hohei (^:^5tl:^). 

horse , kihohel (|§5^|^). 

mountain , (guns) sampo 

(lil^); (troops) sampohei (i_Ll??g 


siege , kojoho (i^ftjc^) ; 

(troops) kojohohel (:^^^;^). 

Artilleryman, n. hohei {i^^^). 

Artisan, n. shokunin (^A) ; kojin 
(XA); koshd{X.m- 

Artist, n. (in a general sense) gishi 

(S6f ) ; gigeisha {^M^) ; bijutsuka 

(^^^) ; (painter) ekaki; eshi; 

gwako (^X). 

Court , ieishitsu-gigei-in (^^ 

Artistic, a. gachi {^^) no aru ; fii- 
9<^ {M>W-) na ; bijutsuteki (^^6^) no. 

Artistically, adv. gachi ni; fuga 
ni ; bijutsuteki ni. 


L 59 ] ASO 

Artless, a. shojiki (iEiH) na ; mu-jaki 
i^^M.) ''^^ '■> ub'^ ^<^ *> adokenai ; gu- 
choku (#,ii;) na; shiisuboku (!^th) 
na ; iakumi no nai. 

Artlessly, adv. shojiki ni ; mu-jaki 
ni ; uhu ni ; adokenaku ; guchoku ni ; 
shiisuboku ni ; iakumi naku. 

Artlessness, n. equiv. of Artless 
foil, by koto. 

Aruiii tripliylluiii, hange (^K)- 
As, adv. and conj. (because) kara ; 
yue ; ni tsuite ; (by way of) to shite ; 
(for example) tatoeba ; rei wo age~ 
reba ; (in the same manner with) 
tori ; -^gotoku ; (with verbs of using) 

according- , 7?i shitagatie. 

far (a place), made. 

for me I am ready at any 

time, waiakushi wa itsu nari to 

sashi-tsukae ga nai. 

I go (on the way), iki-gake 


I said just now, tadaima 

moshita tori. 

I return, kaeri-gake ni. 

it were, iwaba. 

....._. I was going to bed, mo 

neyo to suru toki ni. 

I w^as on the way to, 

e iku tochu de. 

many there are, arit- 

take ; arudake. 

much , d.ake ; hodo ; as, 

a woman does not eat 

much a man, onna wa 

otoko hodo tabenai. 

follows, sa no ioril; tsugi 

no tori. 

often , iambi ni ; as, 

often I meet him, 

ano hiio ni au iambi ni. 

one grows old, ioshi wo 

toru ni tsuite. 

quickly possible, 


rutake hayaku. 

soon I started, u*a<a- 

kushi ga dekakeru to sugu ni. 

soon it is ifinished, 

deki-shidai ni. . 

soon it strikes six 

shut the gate, rokvji (:;^a|) wo 
littara sugu 7ii mon wo shimero. 

soon ever, is expr. by 

ya inaya ; as, soon 

ever I gave him water he 
drank it up, midzu wo yaru ya 
inaya mina nonde shimatta. 

soon ever I saw him, 

miruka minai uchi wa. 

"sure , is expr. by to 

iu to kiito ; as, sure I 

go out it rains, waiakushi ga 
deru to iu to kitto ame gafuru. 

they climbed, noboru ni 


yet, imada ; ima made. 

you are about it, o tsuide 

ni; ote tsuide ni. 

you were (mil.), moto e ! 

he trembled he spoke, 

hanashi wo shi-nagara miburui wo 
shite ita. 

is not , no yd ni 


it is amusing far 

that goes, omoshiroi koio wa 
omoshlroi ga. 

I thought much, sore mita 

koto ka. 

it is far from this to 

Shiba, koko kara Shiba e iku 
dake aru. 

it is you say, o hanashi no 

tori de gozaimasu. 

Japanese wine is not 

strong European, Nihon 

no sake wa achira no hodo kitsuku 
wa nai. 

leave it it is, sono mama 

ni shite oke ; sore nari ni shite 


to regard , tojminasu, 

Asafoetida, n. agi. 

Asbestos, n. ishiwata ; sekimen C^ 
m) ; sekijfi (H^). 

Ascarid, n. kwaichu (li^). 
es, kwaichurui {^U^M)' 

Ascend, t.v. & i,v. noboru ; agaru. 

^) ; sei- 

Ascendency, n. kensei (| 

ryoku {^:fo) ', ken-i (p^). 

Ascension, n. (to heaven) shoten 

mm- ■ A 

day, shotenjitsu {^^ U)- i 


[ 60 ] 


Ascent, n. nobor'i ; (a hill) ndborl- 
saka ; saka. 
a steep , kyuzaka. 

A^SCertain, t.v. (by enquiry) kiki- 
awase-ru ; (by seeing) mi-todoke-ru ; 
(find out) shirahe-ru ; iadasu ; tori- 
shirdbe-ru ; (make certain of) tsuki- 
tome-ru ; tashikame-ru. 

Ascertainable, a. to be , 

pass, voice of equiv. of Ascertain. 

Ascetic, a. kwayoku (^^) no. 
to be , yoku wo sei (^Ij) s. 

Ascetic, n. ivja (M-^)- 
Asceticism, n. selyoku-shugi (|lj,^ 

Ascribable, a to, ?^^/d(|f) 


Ascribe, t.v. ni/ki (^|) s ; no/.sei 
ni s. 

I it to fheliesitf atsusa no 

sel ni s, or atsusa no set ka to 

Asli, n. (tree) toneriko. 

Asliamed, a. I am to say, 

hadzukashii hanashi da keredomo. 

not to be of, wojhajitomo 


to be , hajl-ru; inemboku {'^ 

@ ) wo ushinau ; ki ga togame-ru ; 
haji wo kaku. 

to make ed, ni/haji wo kaka- 

se-ru ; nijchijoku (5'&#) wo atae-ru. 

Asli-colonred, a. hai-iro no ; usu- 
nedzumi-iro no. 

Aslies, n. hai. 

to reduce to , hai ni s; 

■\ kwaij'm {^j^) ni s. 

Asliore, adv. to run , (on a 

rock) ilea ni agaru ; za.sho (^■^) s ; 
a7ishd (0§#.) ni fureru ; (on the 
sand) su ni agaru ; asase ni nori- 

Asli-pan, n. (of gmte) hai-uke. 

Asli-tray, n. hai-zara. 

[The section of bamboo used as 

an by the Japanese is called 


Ash-Wednesday, n. suiyo-kwai- 

Asia, n. Ajia ; Ajiashu (ffilfflffiiHI). 

Minor, Ko-Ajia. 

Central , Chuo-Ajia. 

Asiatic, a. Ajia no ; Ajiashu no. 

Asiatic, n. Jjiajm (S&IHiSA). 

Aside, adv. (on one side) loaki ni ;. 
(to one side) waki e. 

to put , (in order) kaiadzu- 

ke-ru ; (to keep) totte oku. 

to set (a judgment), tori- 

kesu. [Cr. Pro.]. 

to stand , waki e yoru. 

putting" for the moment, 

shiharaku sashi-olte. 

Asinine, a. hakarashii ; haka-haka- 

Ask, t.v. (inquire; kiku ; tadzune-ru ; 
ukagau ; (request) negau ; tanomu. 

may I ? negawaremasho ka. 

to after a friend, tomo no 

ampi {^^) wo tou. 

Askance, adv. to look ...... at,, 

wo/yokome ni mi-ru ; (with suspi- 
cion) wo/shirime ni mi-ru. 

Askew^, adv. to be , magatie 

oru ; nejireie oru. 

Aslant, adv. to be , saka ni 

natte oru ; naname ni natie oru. 

Asleep, adv. to be , neteoru; 

(of the legs) wa]shibire ga kire-ru. 

to be peacefully, suya- 

suya to nete oru. 

to fall in one's seat, i-ne- 

muri wo s. 

Asparagus, n. * ; (officinalis) tern- 
mondo (";^P5^) '> (wild variety) hiji- 
kakushi ; tatsu no hige. <-, 

Aspect, n. (look) yosu ; arisama ; 

(of affairs) moyo (^\m) , keikyo {-^ 

i^) ; (of a house) muki. 

viewed in its legal , hori- 

isu (}^#) no ue kara mireba. 

Aspen, n. yama-narashi ; maruha- 
yanagi ; hako-yanagi ; yomi-furi. 

Asperity, n. huaiso (^^tB) ; hukotsu 


with. , huaiso ni; hukotsuni. 

Aspersion, n. soshiri; soshiri-zam- 


[ 61 1 


Asplialt, n. *; chirekisei [iWMH)- 

Asphyxia, n. chissoku (^>t,). 

Aspiration, n. ho/u (IfeM)- 

Aspirant, n. netsuhbsha {^%^) ; 
kohosha (^'f[fl^). 

Aspire, i.v, to to, ivo/nozomu; 

wolneisubb {^^) s. 

Aspiring'ly, ady. netsubo shite. 

Asquint, adv. to look , yoko ni 

7/il-ru ; naname ni mi-ru. 

Ass, n. usagl-uma ; roba (|§.^) ; (fool) 

Assail, t.v. seme-ru ; kogeki (j^^) s ; 
osou ; uisu ; (with words) kogeki 
s ; hakugeki (|^^) s. 

Assailant, n kogekisha (;^^^) ; 
seme-kaia ; (one who acts with intent 
to harm) kybkbslia (ITdfT^) ; (one who 
does bodily injury) kagaisha ihU-M-^). 

Assassin, n. shikaku ($IJ§) ; seki- 
kakxL (flj^) ; ansatsunin [^%^K)- 

Assassinate, t.\. ansatsu (P^^IS') s. 

to be d, ansatsu ni au; 

ansatsu sare-ru. 

Assassination, n. ansatsu ; yami- 

Assault, t.v. (a fortress) u^o/kbgeki 
($5[©) s ; wo/shingekl (^^) s ; ni/ 
seme-yose-ru ; ni/uchi-iru ; wo/sJulgeki 
iUW-) ^> (strike) nagum; hutsu; 
bda (l^fX) s_ [leg. term] ; (strike 
repeatedly) chbchaku (fj^) ^ 5 randa 
(|l?T) s. 

Assault, n. (of a fortress) kogeki; 
sJiingeki ; shugeki ; (of a person) bda ; 
rojida ; chbchaku. 

and wounding", bda-sbshb 

imjim) [Cr. Co.]. 

resulting" in death, bda- 

cjushi {mimm- 

to take a town by , machi 

ICO osottc torn, or seme-toru. 

Assay, t.v. hunseki {^^fx) s ; fuki- 

Assay, n. hunseki ; fuki-wake ; hun- 
seki-shiken (^|/fst^)- 

master, hwiseki-shikenkwan 

Assayer, n. hunsekisha {^^)x^) ; 

Assemljlage, n. yori-ai ; shukicai 
{%^) ; kwaigb (^^) ; shilgb {%^) ; 
gunshu (^^). 

Assemble, t.v. atsume-ru ; (call toge- 
ther) yohi-yoseru ; yobi-aisume-ru ; 
shbshu {^%) s] hoshil {^%) s ; 
(collect things together) matome-ru. 

Assemble, i.v. (of persons) shnkwai 
(S"^) s ; kwaigb (^^) s ; yori-au ; 
shugo i^"^) s ; tsudou ; (of jDersons 
or things) atsumaru ; (of things) 
matomaru ; tsudou. 

Assembly, n. shnkwai ; yori-ai. 

city , shikwai (Tii#). 

law of ies and political 

associations, shukwai-seisha-hQ 

liberty of ^ shilkioai no jiyfi 

prefectural , kenkwai (i|-^). 

to beat the (niil.), shugbfu 

{%''^^) ICO uisu. 

to sound the (mil.), shugbfu 


Assenibly-room, n. kwaijb (^^) ; 
shUkwaijb (J^^H). 

Assent, i.v. shbchi {7^j^) s ; naitoku 
iWi^W) s '} shbin (^ll) s ; shbdaku 
(^fi^) s ; gaten (^i^) s ; dbi ([^:t) s. 

to to, wolkiki-ire-ru. 

to be ed to (of a request), 

kikidzumi ni nam. 

Assent, n. shbchi ; naitoku ; shbin ; 
shbdaku ; gateri ; dbi. 

Imperial (to a bill), go saiJcx 

Assert, t.v. (asseverate) ii-haru ; gbjb 
(IUSS) '^^'^ hatte iu ; (maintain) ii-ha- 
ru ; shuchb (i?^) s. 

to one's authority, jibim no 

kenryoku (i^;;fj) ico shuchb s. 

Assertion, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Assert foil, by koto ; (what is as- 
serted) iu tokoro ; shuchb ; ii-tate \ 
dangen (ilia) ; kakugen (^W)- 

Assess, t,v. (a price) nedzumori s ; 
hybka {^^) s ; (charge a sum on) 
nilwaTi-tsuke-7'u ; nijwari-ate-ru ; (fix 
or ascertain) tadasu ; kime-ru. 


I 62 ] ASS 

to the land tax, chiso (ttli |g.) 

wo sadame-ru. [Nawa wo ire-ru, or 
sao v:o ire-ru, means to measure 
the land for the purpose of asses- 
sing it. Kemmi (|^^) s. is to ins- 
pect standing crops for the same 

Assessment, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Assess foil, by koto ; (of duties) 
fukwa i^Wk) ; (of lands) taka ; (of 
taxes) zeigaku (|S|1) ; (valuation) 
neuchi ; nedzumori. 

basis of of a tax, kwazei- 

hydjun [M^W^Wl- 

Assessor, n. (judicial) haiseki-hanji 
(P^;^^1J») [Civ. Pro.] ; (of taxes) 

kwazel-hyokanin (l^^fp'^A)- 

Assets, n. zaisan {MM) ', zaidan 
(UM) [Civ. Co.]; shisan (^M) ; 
(of deceased persons) isan (x^M)- 

Asseverate, t.v. dangen (^"i") ^l 
ii-kiru ; ii-tsunoru ; ii-haru. 

Asseveration, n. dangen ; (act of) 
equiv. of Asseverate foil, by koto. 

Assiduity, n. henkyo (^5^) ; konki 
i^RM.) ') t>enrei (f^l^jj) ; kon ; tansei 


a person of great , kon no 

tsuyol hito. 

Assiduous, a. henkyo sum ; iansei 

na ; yudan H^Wi) ^<5 '^<^^- 
Assiduously, henkyo shite ; yudan 


Assig'U, t.v. (allot) haito (@E^) s ; 
hiimpai (■^^G) s ; warltsuke-ru ; icari- 
ate-ru : haihun (SE"^) s ; (fix) klme-ru ; 
sadame-ru ; kakutei ({i^^) s ; (trans- 
fer) yudzuri-watasu. 

to a reason, shidai-gara wo 

iu ; wake wo iu. 

Assig"n, n. (a person to whom 
property is assigned) yudzuri-ukenin 
[Civ. Co.]. 

Assig'nal)le, a. yudzuri-watashi no 

lie did it "without any 

reason, kii ni itashlmashita. 

Assignation, n. (appointment for 
meeting) kwaigo i^^^) no yakusoku 

au yakusoku ; (ditto, secret) 
mikkwai (^'^) no yakusoku. 

house, machi-ai ; deai-jaya-; 

machiai -jaya ; kashi - seki [W. 

Assignment, n. yudzurl-watasTii 
[Civ. Co.] ; (written) yudzuri-watashl- 

Assignor, n. yudzuri-watashi-nin 
[Civ. Co., Com. Co.]. 

Assimilation, n. (fig.) dokwa ; (lit.) 
shbkwa (fj^ffc). 

Assimilate, t.v. (bring into confor- 
mity) onajiku s ; ichiyo (— -f^) ni s ; 
(fig., ideas) dokwa s ; (of food) 
shbkvca s. 

Assimilative, a. dokwa-ryoku ([Wlfi: 
;^)"wo aru. 

Assist, t.v. teisudau ; tasuke-ru ; nijie 
wo kasu ; hosa (|f|)f^)s; joryoku 
{^^) s ; (further the interests of) 
nojshusen (^J/^) ito s ; no/sewa wo s ; 
(relieve) sukuu ; fujo {^%M) s ; (suc- 
cour) tasuke-ru ; (unite forces with) 
nijkasei {MW") ^• 

Assistance, n. tetsudai ; joryoku ; 
hosa ; (furtherance of interests) nn- 
ryoku (^;/j) ; sewa ; shusen (j^^) ; 
(in danger) kyi(p ($jcIlJ!]) ; kyusai 
($^-M); (pecuniary) Jiojo (fifi/l) ; 
(reinforcements) enjo (I^Oij)- 
divine , myoga {%J}U)- 

Assistant, n. tetsudai-nin ; (clerk) 
shoki (#|E) ; (shopman's) tedai; 
(doctor's) Jos/m (^^1)5^) ; (to parties in 
a sviit, not being a barrister) hosanin 
mii^A) [Civ. Pro.]. In compounds 

is often expr. by jo {^J}) or ho 

iM) ; as, 

mayor, joyaJcu {Wi^). 

teacher, jfofc^/o {^WO- 

consular , rybjiho {i^M^)' 

Associate, n. (companion) tomo- 
dachi ; nakama ; hobai (§illl). 

Associate, i.v. to with, (in 

business) to/Jcumi-au ; to/kyodo {^ 
^) s ; (socially) to/majiwaru ; to/ 
tsuki-au ; ni/chikadzuku. 

Associate, t.v. (to join with one as 
a partner, etc.) kyodo (^I^) s ; (con- 
nect in thought) renso (:^^,) s. 


[ 63 ] 


the crow is ...... d with the 

cherry (in Japanese art), karasu 

ga sakura no tsukimono da. 

to he d with, ni/sanyo 

mm) s ; as, 

the people are d with the 

sovereig-n in the g-overnment 
of the country, jlmmin {\l^) ga 
■ kokud (^3E) to tomo ni kokusei 
(^jj^) ni Sanyo (#^) s. 

Associate-judg'e, n.; baiseki-hanji 

Association, n. (a society) nakama ; 
shachu (jpi:4^) ; kumi-ai; kyokwai 
('^^) ; (body of persons) dantai 
(SIh) ; (commercial) shbkwai {^^) ; 
kwaisha (■^jjth) ; kumi-ai [Civ. Co., 
Com. Co.] ; shadan (ffcg) [Civ. Co.] ; 
(state of being associated, of persons) 
majiwari ; tsuki-ai. 

of ideas, kwannen-rengo (|||;st 


^^^) ; renso 

articles of , teikican 

[Com. Co., Civ. Co.]. 

evangelical , fukuln-kyo- 


Assort, t.v. no/kuchi-vjake wo s ; wo/ 
tori-wake-ru ; no/mi-wake wo s ; no/ 
hunrui {^W.) wo s. 

ed (various), iro-iro no. 

Assortment, n. (act of) kuchi-wake ; 

hunrui ; rui-wake. 

an of goods, iro-iro no mono ; 

kakusku (^M) *^(^ shinamono. 

Assuage, t.v. (anger) nadame-ru ; 
(pain) usurage-ru ; yawarage-ru ; 
karuku s ; karume-ru. 

to thirst, kawaki wo tome-ru, 

or toku. 

to b 3 d, yawaragu ; usuragu. 

Assume, t.v. (pretend to possess) 
ni/mise-kake-ru ; (take for granted) 
kari ni moke-ru ; katei (fj^yfe) s; 
kari-sadame-ru ; okudan (flf,iff) s. 

d voice, kowa-iro. 

ing that , to sure- 

ha ; to mireba. 

even for the moment ing 

that, kari ni io shite mo. 

if we that, kari ni to 

shite mo. 

Assumption, n. (ascension) shdten 
(^^) ; (conjecture) okusetsu ["^M) \ 
sbzo (jHf^) ; (for the moment) katei. 

Assurance, n. (act of) uke-ai ; hosho 
{%M)', (confidence) shinyb (ff^B) ; 
(impudence) heiki {^M,) ?* zuzushii 
koto ; (insurance, q.v.) hoken {^W.)- 

Assure, t.v. (declare) uke-au ; tashika 

ni uke-au ; (insure) ni/hoken wo fu 

iWi) ^f 01 tsuke-ru. 
Aster, n. ezo-giku ; daruma-giku. 
Asterisk, n. hoshi ; seiten (Ml£)- 
Astern, adv. (at the stern) iomo ni ; 

semhi (|g^) ni ; sengo (^|^) ni ; 

(behind a ship) fune no ato ni; 

(behind the stern) tomo no ato ni ; 

(towards the stern) tojno no ho (3^) e. 
to go , ato ni modoru ; gotai 

Astlima, n. zensoku (Ci.iO- 
Astlimatic, a. zensoku ni kakatta ; 
zensoku wo yamu. 

Astlimatically, adv. zeizei to iki wo 

Astigmatism, n. fukushigan (^g 

Astonish, t.v. odorokasu ; hikkuri 
sase-ru ; kimo wo tsubusase-ru ; gyoten 
(W^) sase-ru. 

to he ed, odoroku ; bikkuri s ; 

kimo ICO tsubusu ; gyoten s. 

Astonisliing, a. kitai (^^J na ; 

Astonisliingly, adv. kitai ni ; myo 
ni ; odoroku hodo ni. 

Astonishment, n. gyoten ; bikkuri ; 
tamageta koto. 

Astound, t.v. to toe d, gyoten s ; 

kiw.o ICO tsubusu. 
V. Astonish. 

Astraddle, adv. matagatte. 

Astragalus, n. kyokotsu (!?E#). 

Astray, adv. to go , mayou. 

to lead , (fig.) mayowasu ; 

madowas^rru ; (lit.) hagurasu. 

Astride, adv. to toe of, ni/mata- 

gatte oru. 

to get of, ni/matagaru. 

to sit , uma-nori ni nam. 


[ 64 ] ATE 

Astriiig'ency, n. shibumi ; shihusa ; 

.shlhui koto. 
Astring'ent, a. shihui. 
Astriiig-ent, n. shiirenzai (4W.5|1]) '> 

shfishukuzai (it^WiM)- 
Astrologer, n. hoshi-uranaija ; kyu- 

seika {j\,BM)' 
Astrology, n. hoshi-uranai ; hokusei 

{ bm- 

Astronomer, n. temmon-gakusha 
(^3i:^^i ; seigakusha (M^^)- 

Astronomy, n. temmon-gaku ; sei- 

Astute, a. surudoi ; hinsho (|t^M) J^ci ; 
hashikkoi ; hinwan (|t:5[^) na; (in an 
eyil sense) kbkaisu ('^J-if ) na. 

Astuteness, n. hinsho ; hinwan ; 
(cnnning) kolcatsu. 

Astutely, adv. surudoku ; hinsho ni ; 
hinwan ni ; kbkaisu ni. 

Asunder, adv. to come , hana- 


to cut , kiri-hanasu. 

to pull , hippanasu. 

Asylum, n. (for lunatics) fiden-hybin 
(7^11^7'^?^) ; kichigai-hybin ;_ (for the 

deat and dumb) mb-a-bybin 


(for the poor) ybikuin (gW 
1^) ; (p!ace of refuge) nige-ha ; 

At, prep, ni ; de. 

all (in neg. sentences), go 

mo ; sukoshi mo. 

any time, itsu de mo. 

first, shote ni ; saisho (^|0) > 

hajime wa. • 

hand, soba ni ; chikaku ni. 

last, (after much difiaculty) 

yatto ; (when result has been de- 
layed) ybyaku ; (when result was 
foreseen) shimai ni ; tsui ni ; owari 
ni ; (when result was not foreseen) 

least, semete ; (of number) 

sukunaku mo. 

most, bku mo. 

once, sugu ni ; tadachi ni. 

present, tbji {^^) ; ima wa. 

th.e best, yokute mo. 

the same time, shikashi 


times, toki-doki ; toki ni yotte. 

British Consul Yoko- 
hama, zai-Yokohama Eikoku-rybji 

I cannot understand it 

all, sappari wakaranai. 

Atheism, n. mushinron [^Mln)' 

Atheist, n. mushinronja (Mfi^fra^)- 

Atheistical, a. mushinron no. 

Athens, n. Atene. 

Athletic, a, undo ni nareta. 

sports, undbkwai (i^iJ"^). 

Athwart, prep, no yoko ni ; ni yoko- 
to lie , nijyokotawaru. 

Atlantic Ocean, iaiseiyb {i^'^-^). 

Atlas, n. chidzusho (JilS#). 

Atmosphere, n. kilki {^m.)', iaiki 
{■p\:M,) ') (a weight of air) kiatsu (^ 


Atmospheric, a. kilki no ; taiki no. 
engine, kiatsu-kikai (^|g 

pressure, kiatsu {M,^)- 

Atoll, n. sayigo-tb y^/^^ 
Atom, n. hihunshi (fi:53*?). 

s, mijin i^iJM)' 

to smash to s, mijin ni 


Atomic, a theory, genshisetsu 

weight, kwagbryb Ht'am.)' 

Atomiser, n. (scent) kbsui-fuki. 

Atone, i.v. to for, wo/aganau; 

wojtsugunou ; wojshokuzai (f^^p) s. 

Atonement, n. shokuzai ; aganai ; 
tsugunoi. ; 

Atractylis, n. (lancea) sbjutsu (^ 
7ft); (ovata) okera. 

Atrocious, a. gokuaku (isE^) no ; 5o- 
aku (;^^) no ; nikunikushii ; (cruel) 
zannin (^^^») na ; zankoku (^St) na. 

Atrociously, adv. nikunikushiku ; 
gokuaku ni ; hbaku ni ; zannin ni ; 
zankoku ni. 


[ 65 ] 

Atrocity, n. zannin ; hogyaku (^ 
^) ; gokuaku ; hoaku. 

the Armenian ies, Arume- 

nia no gyakusatsu (^|5). 
Atrophy, n. yase-hosorl ; ruiso (^ 
M.) 5 jiyo-ketsuho (-^^i^^) ; suijaku 

Attach, t.v. (annex, as an enclosure) 

soe-ru ; soe-tsuke-ru ; (fasten) tsuke- 
ru ; isugl-awase-ru ; (leg.) sashl-osae- 
ru ; (tame) nare-sase-ru ; narasu ; 
(tie) musuhi-tsuke-ru ; (win the affec- 
tion of) no/kl wo torn ; najimase-ru. 

barrister ed to the Court, 

sa'ibanjo-dzuki, or shozoku (^JrM)j 

no hengoshi (^Hi). 

to weight to, nijomokl ico 


to he ed (of persons), nlfren- 

chaku (^•^) s. 

to he ed to, (accompany) 

ni/tsuki-sou ; (affixed) ni/fuchaku 

iMW) s ; (form part of the suite 

of) ni/zuijii (^t^) s. 

to become ed (of animals), 


Attache, n. (dipl.) kosaikioan-shiho 
(^Ff. fulfil) ; gwaikokwan-ho {^{^^ 

Honorary , melyo-kosaikwan- 

sMho {^m^^^'^mm- 

Military (Naval) to a "Le- 

gation, kbshikwan-dzxiki-rikugun- 
{ka igun)-hukwan ( ^ [3! g § Pft ^^^ ( '(^ 

Attachment, n. najimi ; ren-ai (f|§ 
^) ; «yo (^It) ; renchaku {MW- 

a one-sided , kata-omoi. 

of goods, huppin {'Y/,i]^a) sa- 


provisional of property, 

zaisan-kari-sashiosae [Civ. Co.]. 

Attack, n. (from ambush) sogekl 
mW); (%•) hakugekl {%^^) ; (lit. 
and lig.) kogekl (J^^) ; (of an epide- 
mic) shurai (M^) ; (sudden) shugeki 

an from both sides, hasa- 


in skirmishing order, 

sampei-kogeki H^^::^^). 

flank , sokumen-kogeki (f^lj® 

forward to the 


. ! shugeki 

m susume 

frontal , shomen-kogeki ( IE M 

to advance to the , koshin 

Attack, t.y. (an argument) hakugekl 
iWiW) * > (^ person) ni/utte kakaru ; 
(lit.) seme-ru ; utsu ; (lit. and fig.) 
kogekl (:^|^) s. 

ing force, yose-ie; shugeki- 

to a judgment, salban (^ 

^J) ni taishite fufuku (^^g) ico 

to unawares, no/fid (/f^iE) 

wo utsu ; osou. 

to be ed by (a disease), ni/ 

kakaru ; nl/okasare-ru. 

Attain, t.v, toge-ru ; e-ru. 

to an object, mokutekl (@ 

ft^) wo tassuru. 

Attain, i.v. to to, (arrive at) 

ni/Uaru ; (reach to) nl/oyohu : ni/ 
todoku; nl I tassuru. 

Attainable, a. tassu-heki ; itaru- 
beki ; todoku-beki ; oyohu-heki ; togu- 

Attainment, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Attain foil, by koto. 

Attainments, n. (learning) gaku- 
shlkl i^^y, gakuryoku {^^). 

Attempt, t.v. (the commission of a 

crime) hakaru ; (try) yatte mi-ru ; 
kokoromi-ru ; tamesu. 

foil, in English by a verb is 

expr. by the gerund foil, by mi-ru ; 
as, to to walk, aruite ml-ru. 

to more than one can do, 

jibun no chlkara no oyobanu koto 

wo shiyo to s. 

to suicide, jlsatsu {^^^) wo 


Attempt, n. fameshl ; kokoroml ; 
(to commit a crime) misui-zal {y^^ 
m [Cr. Pro.]. 

to commit , ml- 

sui ; as, to commit suicide, 

jlsatsu-raisui {^^^M)- 
to murder, bosatsu-mtsdt 


[ 66 ] ATT 

Attend, t.v. (a great ceremony) nif 
sanretsu (#^ij) s ; (a meeting) ni/ 
'shiisseki (JH^) s ; (as a witness) 
nijiachl-au ; (go with) to/dohan (l^f^) 
s ; (go with, of an inferior) ni/dzuiko 
(^ff) s; ni/tsuki-sou ; (of a doctor) 
chlryb {^{-^^^ s ; te-ate s ; (of a nurse) 
kambyo (^^) ^ 5 kango (^^) s ; 
(of mjaltj) ringyo {^UM) s ; (royalty) 
ni/baiju if^-'^) s ; m/fcojft (^^) 5. 

to be toy a doctor, is?ia ni 

kakatte oru. 

to. fail to (a meeting), 

nl/kesseki (X^ii) •^• 

Attend, i.v. (give the mind to) nen 

{^.) wo ire-ru ; (heed) kl wo tsuke-ru \ 
chft-i (ii.ig;) s ; (to a moral precept) 
woltsutsushimu ; (to one's duty) loo] 

to at, ni/de-ru ; (a meeting) 

nlfshusseki ( IB^) s ; (of an official, 

at his office) shukkin (Hj^) s ; 

(on a summons) ni/s/m^^o (tHSM) s ; 

(school) e/kayou. 

to fail to at (a meeting), 

ni/kesseki {^1^) s. 

Attendance, n. (at a meeting) 
shusseki {^J^) ', (at office) shukkin 
(JBDj); (in answer to an official 
summons) sliuttb (ffi^M); (serving) 
kyil^i (^ft). 

to be in (on Royalty), gvibu 

■ {^ms. 

Attendant, n. (at a theatre) dekata ; 
(at a yose, etc.) naka-uri ; (follower) 
tomo ; jilsha (i^^) ; tomo-mawari ; 
(on a sick person) kango-nin ; tsuki- 
hito ; (on Boyalty) bmjilsha (Pr^^-^) ; 
dzaikosha (^ ?!:#). 

immediate s (followers, of 

a political chief), jikisansha (j£^ 

Attendant, a. tsukisoi no. 

Attention, n. chid (viS); kokoro- 
gake ; nen wo ireru koto ; ki wo tsu- 
keru koto ; (act of civility) yiitai (® 


! (mil. command), kl wo 

tsuke ! 

thank you for the , go nen 

(ift) 1^0 itta koto de gozalmasu 
[used in thanking for a not abso- 
lutely necessary act of civility]. 

the is disturbed, ki (^) go. 


the is drawn away, ki 

ga utsu7\L. 

to attract , hito-me wo hiku. 

to attract one's (of things), 

me ni tomaru. 

to attract public , sejln 

(lit A) no chili wo hiku; "^seken 
(t!tf^) no jimoku (^@) ivo shbdb 

to call to, wo I chut (ii 

M) s. 

to devote to, nljchumoku 

to pay great s to, te-atsuku 


to pay no to (an order), 

luo/rniml ni mo tomenal. 

with undivided , yonen {^ 

;f:) naku. 

Attentive, a. (courteous) telnet {~f 
^) na ; ingin (,Sg^) na ; (heedful) 
ki no klita ; yoku ki no tsuku ; chid 
no todoku. 

Attentively, adv. (carefully) teinei 
ni ; (courteously) ingin ni ; te-aisuku ; 
(with fixed attention) ki wo tsukete ; 
nen wo irete ; chui shite. 

Attenuate, i.v. to become d, 

yase-ru ; yase-hosoru ; hosoku naru. 

Attest, t.v. (certify something spok- 
en) shbgen (i^ W) ^ J uke-au ; hoshb 
(1^11) s ; (certify something written) 
shbmel (|^5^) s. 

Attestation, n. shbmel; (certifi- 
cate) shbmelsho (1^5^^). 

Attire, t.v. nijkise-ru ; (in fine gar- 
ments) yosou ; kazaru. 

Attire, n. ifuku (3KIR) ; ishb (^ 

Attitude, n. karada-tsukl ; (fig.) 
keshlki ; taldo ; ybsu {^J-) ; (in 
fencing or wrestling) mi-gamae ; (of 
an actor) miburi ; (of support or op- 
position) kbhai ([t]^). 
to assume an of opposi- 
tion, hantal {JxM) ^0 taido wo 
to strike an , kidoru. 


[ 67 ] 

Attorney, n. (barrister) dalgennln 
(f^WA); hengoshi <MM±) ', joshi 
i^^)', igeneml) my oclal [t^i^) ; dal- 
risha (fCii#) ; (under a special 
power of attorney) hurl-dainin (tj^il 

- fv;A); (under power of attorney) 
dalrlnin ii^^^). 

general, kenji-socho {^^M^ 

' ^)- 

power of' , ininjo {^^wY, 

dairi-mmjo-( f^ligl^JiJ^). 

AttrA-Ct, t.v. hiku ; hiki-yose-ru ; 
(allure) yuwaku (^^) s ; yuin (1^51) 
s ; sasou ; izanau. 

to attention, hito-me wo 


Attraction, n. (act of) eqiiiv. of 
Attract foil', by koto ; (in physics) 
inryoku (5I;/j); (of gravity) juryoku 

power of (of persons), yuin- 

ryoku im^lti)- 

the chief (of a show), yohl- 


Attractive, a. (of a person) me nl 
tsuku ; kokoro wo ubau ; (of a wo- 
man) alkyo (^$^) no aru ; (of a 
thing) meboshil. 

A.ttractively, adv. omoshlroku ; me 
, ni isuku hodo. 

Attractiveness, n. (of a woman) 


Attributable, a. to be to, 

ni/gen-in (l^S) ^5 no/ tame de am ; 
no{sel de aru ; ni/motodzuku. 

Attribute, t.v. (impute) ni/kadzu- 

to to (consider as caused by), 

no/set (i:§) ni s. 

Attribute, n. tokushitsu (@'K); 
koyushltsu (©^|t) l (gram.) zokusei 


Attributive, a. (gram.) zokusei-tekl 

mnM no. 
Auction, n. serl-uri ; kyohai (|SK) 
[Com. Co.] ; /co'^ai (2^S). 

market, seri-ichi. 

to sell by , ser'i de uru ; 

seri ni kake-ru ; seri-uri ni s ; kyo- 
hai s. 


seri-uri-nin ; kyo- 

Auctioneer, n. 

hainln (^MA). 

Aucuba, n. aoki. 

Audacious, a. (daring) daitan {:k. 
S@) na; futeki (vf:^) na ; (insolent) 
furachi na ; fuioi. 

conduct (in a bad sense), 

bojaku-bujln [^'^M\) no okonai. 

he is an fellow (in a bad 

sense), aitsu wa tsura no kawa ga 

Audaciously, adv. daitan ni ; fu- 
teki ni ; furachi nl. 

very ...... (in a bad sense), hb- 

jaku-bujin ni. 

Audacity, n. daitan ; futeki ; fura- 

Audibility, n. kikoeru koto. 

Audible, a. to be , kikoe-ru. 

Audibly, adv. kikoeru hodo; kiko- 
eru yd ni. 

Audience, n. (assembly, of hearers) 

kiki-te ; hochonin (W^^K) ', choshu (|^, 
■^) ; (ditto, of onlookers) kembutsu- 
nin (^^l^^jA); (between Royalties) go 
taigan (if|g) ; (of Royalty) haieisu 

private , naietsu (^|^). 

the Crown Prince will have 
an of the Emperor to- 
morrow, ashita Kwotaishi-Denka 
i^MJ-^T-) iccc Tenno-Heika {^^ 
liT) ni go taigan araserare-ru. 
to have an of (the Sove- 
reign), nl/ekken s. 

Audit, n. kicalkei-kensa (^|Mtj^). 

Audit, t.v. kensa (|^i£) s. 

to the books, chobo {^MM\ 

wo kensa s. 

Auditor, n. (listener) kiki-te; Idcho- 
n'm (f^'ii^A) ; (of a firm's accounts} 
kansayaku {^^iSt) ; (of public ac 
counts) kwaikei-kensakwan (^tt^!^ 

Auditory nerve, choshinkei {^$[i 

Aug'er, n, neji-giri. 


[ G8 ] 


Aiig'inent, t,v. masu ; fuyasu ; zoka 

to a penalty by one de- 
gree, honkei {:^M) ni itto (— ^) 
ICO kuioae'Tu [Cr. Co.]. 

Aiig-meiit, i.Y. fue-ru ; zoka s. 

Aug-iiieiitation, n. zoka. 

Aiig'iiientative, a. zoka sum; ma- 
su ; fuyasu. 

A^gg-joentatively, adv. mashite ; 
fuyashiie ; zoka shite. 

Aug'ur, n. uranalja. 

Aiignrjf n. (omen) shlrase ; zempyo 

August^ n. hachlgwatsu (A^). 

August, a. tattoi ; ikwo {^^t) no 
aru ; igen {^^) no aru ; song en (g 
M) na ; (of a Sovereign) shison {% 
'^) na. 

Aiig'UStly, adv. tatfoku ; songen nl. 

Aug-iistness, n. ikwo ; igen ; son- 
gen ; (of a sovereign) shison. 

Aunt, n. oha. 

Aureole, n. gokico {Mit)- 

Auricle, n of the heart, 

shmji (ili^:^). 

left , sa-shinji (/feiC^^). 

right , u-shinji {:^>t>i). 

Aurisculp, n. mimi-kaki. 
Aurora "borealis, hokkyokko (it 

Auscultation, n. choshlnho (W-i^ 

Auspices, n. (patronage, protection) 

o kage ; hogo {^M)- 
Auspicious, a. (fortunate) medetai; 

engi (|^|E) no yoi ; kltchb 1'^%) no ; 

dzuicho (f^^^) no ; saiwai na. 

day, kichinlchi ("j^ ). 

Auspiciously, adv. medetaku ; engi 
yoku ; kitcho ni ; saiwai ni ; dzui- 
cho 7ii. 

Auspiousness, n. engi no yoi koto ; 
kitcho ; dzuicho. 

Austere, a. katai ; (harsh) genju (^ 
"M) na ; kakoku C^Uu) na. 

Austerely, adv. kataku ; genju ni ; 
kakoku ni. 

Austerity, n. kakoku ; genkaku (^ 
;f^) ; or by equiv. of Austere foil, by 

Australia, n Osutoraria ; Obshu 


Austria, n. Osiitoria ; Okoku (iH^). 

Authentic, a. (genuine) tashika na ; 
honto no ; kakvjitsu (fiH^) no ; makoto 
no ; (of news only) ate ni naru. 
"work, hommono. 

Authenticate, t.v. (certify) shbmei 
(fit 0-^) « ; shbkO'tate-ru {^^) ; tashi- 
kame-ru ; kakujitsu ni s. 

Authenticity, n. kakujitsu ; mako- 
to ; honto ; jitsu ; (truth or falsity) 
shingi (fg®). 

Author, n. (of a book) sakusha 
{\^^)\ cho sakusha (^Y^^) ; chojii- 
tsusha i^ii^M) ; (of a particular 
work) kaita hito. 

Autlioritative, a. kensei (f^^) no 
aru ; ken-i {\$.^) no aru ; kenryoku 
no aru. 

Authoritatively, adv. ken ni yotte ; 

ken-i de. 

Authority, n. (legal power) ken (f^) ; 

kengen (f{lP.I) I kenno (f^t^) ; kempei 
(fW); (order) mei; meirei (^^) ; 
(order, official) kwammei Cg*^) ; 
(power, derived from influence, etc.) 
kenryoku {^-fy) ', (prerogative) kenri 

executive ies, gyoseikwan 

(ffit^C'f ). 

local ies, chihokwan {i^^^) 

[hmited to Prefectural Auths.]. 

persons exercising , 

(official) chokwan (:^'g"); kwanri 
(m* |!i) ; kwan-in Cg*^). [It is a 
common practice to speak of the 
office instead of the officials ; as, 
keachb {%M§^ (the Prefectural 

Office) for the ies of the 


the ies, tokyokusha (#^^). 

the ies concerned , sono suji ; 

toqai-kwancho ('t^sJ^'s H) ; shunin- 
kwancho (ittfli). 


[ 69 ] 


Autliorizatiosi^ n. ninka (ISrI) ; 

without , yurushi nashi ni ; 

midan ni ; (official) ninka naku ; 
kwankyo ('g ff^) naku. 

Authorize, t.v. ni/ken wo aiae-ru ; 

nijinin (^ffr) 5 ; (justify) yurusu ; 

menkyo {^Wt) s ; kyoka (fj^pT) s. 
Autliorsliip, n. chojuisu (^i^). 
Autobiog'rapliy, n.jiden (g@). 
Autobiograplier, n. jiden-kisha 

Autobiograpliical, a. jiden no. 

Autocracy, n. dokusai-seiji (^^ 
iS:^) ; sensei-seiji (||3tlji^^). 

Autocratic, a. dokusai no ; sensei no. 

Autocratically, adv. dokusai ni ; 
sensei ni. 

Autocrat, n. senseisha i'^M^) J 

senseika (.^3iiJ^)- 
Autog'rapli, n. jikiJdisu (Ol^) ; 
jihitsu (^^). 

of the Emperor, go shim- 

piisu (ilplll^) ; shimpitsu "(^^). 

Autog"rapliic, a. jihitsu no; (of a 
Sovereign) go shimpiisu no. 

Automatic, a. jido no ; jido-ieki no. 
telephone, jido-denwa ( g §)} 

Automatically, adv. jiddryoku 

Automaton, n. jid'M {^$)]^) ; 
jido-ningyo ( i $)} AB )• 

Automobile, n.jiddshi {t^%'^). 

Autonomy, n. (of government) 

dokuritsu-ken (5^^^!^) ; jitchi (^ta) 

no ken. 
tariff , zeiken {^^). 

Autopsy, n. (med.) kenshiho (-f^J^ 
f5) ; shitai-kaiho (^1$^^!]) ; shigb- 
kenshi {^JBWW' . 

Autumn, n. aki. 

Autumn, a. aki no ; in Chinese 
compounds shuki- {^k^)- 

leaves, koyo (^^). 

manoeuvres, shuki - enshu 



races, shuki-keiba (^^]^,^). 

Autumnal, a, aki no ; (past middle 
age) shoro {^^) no. 

equinox, aki no higan (tl^^). 

Auxiliary, a, hojo (^Bjf)) no. 

coin, hojo-kwahei iM^hW^)- 

ship, goyosen (tP^flfS). 

verb, jodoshi [ItifyWlM)- 

Avail, i.v. yd {}^) ni tatsu ; yaka (i3![ 
ni tatsu. 

not to , kanawanai. 

Avail, t.v. I will myself of 

your help, o tanomi moshimasho. 

I will myself of your 

hospitality, go yakkai (/a^) ni 

I will myself of your 

kind assistance another time, 
sekkaku {^fH) no go shinsetsu 
{^^) t?e gozaimasu ga go (^) shite 

I will myself of your 

kind invitation and come, ga 
annai (^ p*9 ) ni amaete mairimasho, 

I will myself of youi 

kind permission, sore de wa o 
kotoba ni amaete negaimasu. 

to one's self of, ni/jozuru ; 

wo/saiwai ni s ; ico/mochii-ru ; wo/' 
riyo (^IJffl) s. 

Avail, n. (benefit) kai. 

to be of no , muda de aru; 

dame de aru ; nan no kai mo nai. 
medical treatment proved of 
no , ryoyo (^^) ga kanawa- 
nai datta. 
without , kai naku. 

Available, a. yo ni tatsu ; yueki 
( WM) no ; yilko (^^j) no. 
a passport , for one year, 

ichinen yuko (— ^W^j) no menjo 

every means, arayuru shu^ 

dan {^^). 

I have spent all my 

money, mochiawase no kane wo 
tsukatte shimatta. 

not , erarenai. 

there was no money , 

kane wa sukoshi mo erarenai datta. 

time for which (a ticket) is , 

{kippu no) tsuyo-kigen (Mffi^RS) » 

(a licence, etc. ) yuko-kigen. 

to be (valid), tsuyo {'MM) *• 


[ 70 ] 


Avalaiiclie, n. nadare ; (of snow) 

Avaiit-goarrt, n. semho (:5fe^) ; 

Avarice, n. yoku ; yokubari ; riyoku 
(^ij^) ; donyoku (MB) ', goyoku 


Avaricious, a. yoku no fukai ; don- 
yoku na ; yokuhaita. 
to be ....'.. yokuharu. 

Avariciously, adv. yoku fukaku ; 

Avariciousiiess, n. yoku no fukai 
koto ; donyoku ; yokubari ; donran 


Avatar, n. gongen {\U^Ms)- 
Aveng'e, t.v. nojkataki wo utsu ; 

nojkataki wo toru ; no/ada wo mukuu ; 

fukushu (fS!^) 8 ; (an insult) sosogu. 
to one's self, ada wo mukuu. 

Aveng'cr, n. kataki ico utsu hito ; 
fukushusha {\%.^-^) ', ada-uchi wo 
suru hito. 

Aveng'ing', a. equiv. of Avenge 
used as adj. 

Avenue, n. (a double row of trees) 

namiki ; nawa-te. 

Average, n. narashi ; heikin (^ilj). 
adjuster, kaison-seisannin 


...... agreement, kaison-keiyaku- 

sho mm%^m)- 

clause, kaison^oko (}'§i^ 

contribution, kyodo-kaison- 

huntankaku (^^v'^lt^l@#I)- 

deposit, kaison-yokin {^i^^ 

j^%)] kalson-kybtakukin (v'^JI.'^ 

statement, kaison-seisansho 

general , kybdo-kaison (itf^ 

V'^M) [Com. Co.] ; kybtan-hunson 

particular , tokutan-sonshitsu 


on an , heikin; narashite. 

Average, a. narashi no ; heikin no ; 
nami no ; (quite ordinary) heibon 
i^fl) no. 

tare, heikin-frdai (^ii)®. 

above the , hWon (^^/-L' 

[used adjectively]. 
an . 



man, junin-nami no hito. 

Averag"e, t.v. narasu. 

Averse, a. to be to, vjo/kJrau ; 

ico/iyagaru ; wo/ltou ; wo/kono- 

Aversion, n. (an object of dislike) 
kirai ; (feeling of dislike) iya-ki. 

to have a feeling of , iya-ki 

ga sasu. 

Avert, t.v. yoke-ru ; sake-ru ; (turn 
away) somuke-ru. 
to the face, kao wo 


Aviary, n. toya ; tori-goya ; tori-beya. 

Avidity, n. yokubari ; musabori. 

with , yokubaite; musabotte; 

(of eating) gatsu-gatsu shite ; kitsu- 

Avocet, n. sorihashi-chidori. 

Avoid, t.v. (act so as to prevent) 
is expr. by the neg. indie, pres. foil, 
by yb ni s ; (not to hold intercourse 
with) tbzake-ru ; (shun) sake-ru ; yoke- 
ru ; nogare-ru ; manukare-ru. V. also 

could not , is expr. by yogi 

naku, yondokoro naku, or yamu wo 
edzu, foil, by the indie, past ; as, 
I could not coming al- 
though I did not wish to, 
mairltaku wa nakatta ga yogi naku 

Avoidable, a. sakerareru ; yokera- 

reru ; manukareru ; nogareru. 

Avoidance, n, equiv. of Avoid foil, 
by koto. 

Avow, t.v. kbgen {^m) s ; meigcn 
(^^W) s ', hybmei {^^^) s ; (crime) 
hakujb (QH^) s ; nijfuku (^g.) s. 

Avowal, n. (act of) equiv. of Avow 
foil, by koto ; (of crime) hakujb. 

Avovredly, adv. byake ni ; akara- 
sama ni ; kbzen (-S-^J^) ni ; uchi-akete ; 
melhaku (55Q) ni. 

Await, t.v. matsu ; (with anticipation) 
nozomu ; kibb (^^) s. 


[ 71 ] 


Awake, t.v. olcosu ; (out of sleep) 
no/me wo samasu. 

Awake, i.v. oki-ru ; wa]me ga same- 
ru ; (fig.) keisei (WM) S' 

Awake, a. are you ? (polite) 

me-zame de gozaimasu ka. 

to Tbe , me ga samete oru. 

to lie at night, ne-sohlre-ru ; 


A^^akeiiing", n. (act of) equiv. of 
Awake foil, by koto. 

Aw"ard, t.v. kime-ru ; atae-ru ; (judi- 
cially) saidan {^^) s ; shimpan 
(^^IJ) s; hanketsu (^J^) s; (of 
rewards) atae-ru ; juyo (i^H) s. 

Ajward, n. (in an arbitration) kettel ; 
keitelsho (^^#) [the document] ; 
(judgment) hanketsu ; saidan ; 

Aware, a. as you are , go 

shochi (7?c^n) no tori ; go zonji no 

to be of, wo/shitte oru ; wo/ 

shochi {'^^) shite oru ; icojzonjite 


without being ...... of it one's 

self, ware shiradzu. 

Awash, a. to be , nami ni uta- 


Away, adv from, wo hanarete. 

to be , rusu de aru; inai 

[neg. of i-ru\. 

to blow , fuki-harau. 

to do with, wo/hai ()^) s; 

wojhaishi (^Jt) s. 

to fade , kie-use-ru. 

to fl-ing , furi-sute-ru. 

to g"0 , lite shimau. 

to put , ka tadzuke-ru ; 

shimatte oku. 

to run , nigete shimau ', shup- 

pon (itl#) s ; tdbo (i^t) s ; (from 
a ship) dassen (g^lfi) s ; (from a 
ship of war) dakkan (|}^|g) s ; 
(from the army) datsuei (fi^J^) s. 

to run with, (a woman) 

to/kake-ochi s ; (the property of 
others) wo/mochi-nige s ; wojmotie 

to send , , (dismiss) kaesu : 

{drive away) opparau. 

Awe, n. osore ; osore-iri ; ikei i-^^^). 
to stand in ...... of, ni/ki (^) ga 


Aw'e, t.v. odokasu ; kowagarase-ru. 

to into, foil, by a verbal 

noun is expr. by ni/odoshi wo 
kakefe, foil, by the causative 
verb ; as, 

to into obeying-, ni/odoshi 

wo kakete shitagawase-ru. 

Awe-iuspiring", a. (of a spectacle) 
susamashii ; (of persons) ririshii. 

Awful, a. osoroshii ; ikwo {^it) no 

Awfulness, n. osoroshii koto ; 
(solemnity) igen (^^). 

Awfully, adv. taihen {-J\:^) ; (slang) 

Awliile, adv. shibaraku ; sukoshi no 
aida ; zanji (^Bf ). 

AAvkwarcl, a, (impolite) gasatsu 
{^W) na ; setsuretsu (JtH^) '^cc', 
bukitcho na ; (of an affair) komatta ; 
(wanting dexterity) bukiyo (/ptiffl) 
na ; heta na. 

Awkw^ardly, adv. (impolitely) 

gasatsu ni ; setsuretsu ni ; bukitcho 
ni ; (wanting dexterity) bukiyo ni ; 
heta ni. 

Awkw^ardness, n. (of an affair) 

komatta koto ; (of manners) gasa- 
tsu ; setsuretsu; (want of dexterity) 

Awl, n, kiri. 

Aw^ll, n. hogi. 

Awning", n. hlyoke ; (in a junk) 

toma ; (of reeds) yoshi-dzuppari. 

Aw^ry, adv. to be ,.,..., magatte i-ru 
igande i-ru ; nejirete i-ru. 

to get , magaru ; igamu . 


Axe, n. yoki ; ono. 

heavy , masakari. 

Axillaries, n. waki-ba. 

Axloin, n. kakuron {^tm) ', kakugen 

i^^M) J koron ; fubaisu {'^i^) no 



[ 72 ] 


Axis, n. shimho {tt^^^) ', jiku (fi|). 

of the earth, chijiku (J&ffi). 

major , chojiku (:^llll). 

minor , tanjikiL (^Hii). 

polar , kyokkei 

Axle, n. shingi {>t>:^)', jiku (fg) ; 
shajiku (:^llll) ; shirnhd (it>#). 

Axle-box, n. kama-guchi [strictly 
the metal cylinder on the outside of 
the hub]. 

Axle-tree, n. y. Axle. 

Ayes, n. sanseisha {^^^). 

Azalea, n. tsutsuji. 

purple , mikawa. 

red , kirishima ; satsuki ; 

honkiri ; keragiri [all different 


white , ryukyu. 

Azedarach, n. sendan (MM)- 

Aziinutli, n. chihei-keido {i^^H^); 
chihei-keigi {M^^M)- 

Azote, n. chisso (^^). 

Azure, a. sora-iro no. 

B, n. (No. 2) oisu (^). 

Babble, i.v. (utter words imperfectly) 
kata-koto 200 iu ; (talk idly) hecha- 
hecha shdberu ; detarame wo iu. 

Babble, n. kata-koto. 

Babbler, n. shaherL 

Baboon, n. Mhi-zaru. 

Baby, n. akamho ; shoni ('J>^) ; yaya 
[W. Jajpan] ; (contemptuously) oho- 
san ; gaki ; (endearingly) hotchan ; 
hoy a. 

Babyisli, a. (childish) kodomo-rashii ; 

Baclielor, n. dokushln-mono (>j§J| 
^) ; hitorl-mono ; (academical) gaku- 
shi {'?^±). 

Bacillus, n, haikin (l^'^) ; hachi- 

plague , pesto-kin. 

Back, n. (anat.) senaka ; haihu 
(WpB) 'y (inner part) oku ; (of a 
house, outside) ura ; urate ; (reverse) 
ura ; rimen (SMf) '■> (space behind) 
ushiro ; (of a chair) yokkakari ; (of 
a blade) mune ; (of a book) sena. 

of the hand, te no kb (^). 

behind one's , kage de. 

to fall, lie, etc., on one's , 

aomuke, or aomuki, ni kordbu, 
ne-ru, etc. 

to turn one's , shiri-muke 

ni s. 

Back, adv. (ago) zen {m) I (of place) 
ushiro e ; ato e ; usually expr. by 
kaeru, or less commonly by modoru, 

to come , affixed to the indef. 

form, or following the gerund, of 
an intrans. verb, and by kaesu, or 

less commonly modosu, to send , 

affixed to the indef. form of a trans, 
verb ; as, 

to flee , nige-kaeru ; nigete 


to call , yobi-kaesu; ydbl- 


there and , iki-kaeri ; joge 

( JiT) ; ofuku i^tm- 

to answer , kuchi-gotae wo s. 

to be , kaette oru. 

to go on one's word, kotoba 

wo liamu ; sJiokugen (;^W) ^• 
Back, t.v. modosu ; (encourage) no/ 
shiri-oshi wo s", odate-ru ; (bet on) 
no/ho e kake-ru ; (a warrant) ni/okuin 
(^E[)) s ; (as, a picture) ura-uchi s. 

to oars, ato e kogu. 

to ....:. up, suke-dachi s ; no/koen 

(^^) wos ; nojushiro-date ni naru. 


[ 73 ] 


Back, i.v. (move backwards) afo- 
yori s. 

to out (fig.), ato-shizart s; 

ato-hisshari s. 

Kackbite, t.v. no/kage-gucM wo iu. 

-Backbone, n. sehone. 

Backdoor, n. ura-guchi. 

Kackg'aininon, n. sugoroku (^7^). 

Backg'ate, n. ura-mon ; (of a castle) 


BacIigTOUiifl, n. (of a picture) 

tdmi ; ashiral. 

to relegate to the , noke- 

raono ni s. 

Backpiece, n. (armour) sena-ate. 

Back-rent, n. (of a house) yachin 
no todokori. 

Backroad, n. ura-michi. 

Backroom, n. oku no ma ; oku- 


upstairs , ura-nikaL 

Backside, n. ushiro no ho ; ura no 
ho ; (buttocks) shlri ; keisu. 

Backslide, i.v. (apostatize) daraku 

mm s. 

Backslider, n. daraku sUta hito. 
Backstreet, n. ura-dori. 
Backtooth, n. okuba. 

Backward, a. (behind time) osoi\ 
(in civilization) hirakenai ; (in learn- 
ing) okute na. 

country, kbshinkoku (^ 


to be , okure-ru ; (of an indus- 
try, etc.) fushin (^^^) de aru. 

Backwards, adv. (back foremost) 
ushiro-muki ni ; (towards the back) 
afo e. 

to fall , nokezoru; aomuki 

ni korohu. 

to g-o y afo e modoru, or kaera. 

to look , furl-kaeUe mi-ru. 

to read. 

sakayoml s. 

to turn ....... (i.v.) ato e mawaru ; 


to walk , ato-dzusarl wo s. 

Backwasb, n. me-na7n'. 

Backyard, n. ura-niica; (of a 
country-house) sedo-niwa. 

Bacon, n. * ; rakan ; shio-buta. 

Bacteriological, a. saikingakvjo 
mm'^-±.) no. 

Bacteriology, n. baiklngaku (f^^ 
^) ; saikingaku. 

Bactrian camel, niho-rakuda 


Bad^ a. wand ; yoku nai ; furyo 
i'^Si) na ; (unprincipled) furachi 
na ; (as, for the health) qai ni naru ; 
yiigal {■^■^^) na. 

fac9, akusb (^40). 

faith, akui (si^J [Com. Go.]. 

languag-e, akko (^P). 

man, akunin (^A); waru' 


milk, furyd-gyfmyfi {7f^'% 

priest, akuso (^{^). 

to g-o (of provisions), waruku 

naru ; sue-ru. 

Badg-e, n. me-jirushi ; kisho {^X^-)- 
Badg'er, n. and-guma ; mami ; 
[tanuki, the usual rendering, is 
properly the racoon-faced dog, 
nycterutes procyonoides]. 

Badg'er, t.v. ijime-ru ; (with ques- 
tions) najiru. 

Bad-hearted, a. hara no warui; 
hara-kurol ; mune no yoku nai ; 
akushin (^iU^) na. 

Badly, adv. icaruku. 

...... behaved, (in manners) gyo- 

9i _(fT^)^ no warui ; (in conduct) 
9y(>Jo (fT/li:) no warui; mimochi 
no warui ; fuhinko {^^a^j) na. 

built, tatekata no warui. 

made, fu-deki no. 

Badness, n. warui koto : ikenai 
koto ; furyo {yf%). 

Bad-tempered, a. tachi no warui ; 
seishitsu {'\±'^X) no warui ; (of animals) 
otonashiku nai. 

Baffle, t.v. (an effort) muda ni s ; 
(a person) shikujlrase-ru ; shippal 
(^R^) scise-ra ; ni/ippai kuicase-ru 
[vulg.] ; (as a pursuer) hadzusu. 
to be d, muda ni naru. 


[ 74 I BAL 

I3ay, n. fukuro ; (travelling) kahan ; 
(sporting term) emono ; (as an aux. 

numeral) hyd (^) ; as, 1 of 

rice, jcome ippyo ; 2 s, nihyo ; 

3 s, sambyo ; 6 s, roppyo ; 

10 s, jlppyo; 100 s, 


folding" , ori-kahan. 

han d , iesage-kahan ; (lady's) 

sh mgen-hukuro. 

rice , kome-dawara. 



Bag'g'ag'e, n, nlmotsu (f^t^/j) ; kori 
(ff^) ; kwamoisu {^^'Y'J}) ', (personal) 
te-nimoisu ; keitaihin (^^p"). 

train (of an army), shicho 


Baggy, a, to get at the 

knees, wajhiza ga fukure-ru. 

JBail, t.v. (of the judge) ni/hoshaku 
wo yurusu ; wo/hoshaku ni fu {^) s ; 
(of the surety) hoshaku shite morau. 

Sail, n. (release on bail) hoshaku 
[Cr. Pro.] ; (money) hoshaku-kin (f^ 
m^); hoshdkln imf^^) [Cr. Pro.] ; 
(surety) hoshdnin (fJgrlf A)- 

to admit to , ni/hoshaku wo 

yurusu [Cr, Pro.] ; (on the personal 
guarantee of relatives) seklfu (^ 
ft) s [Cr. Pro.]. 

Bailiff, n. shittatsurl (^^^) [Cr. 

Bait, n. csa ; e ; (lure) eba ; otori. 

Bait, t.v. to a hook, hari nl 

esa ICO tsuke-ru ; hart ni e wo sasu. 

to a horse, uma ni kaiba wo 


Baize, n. arai keorimono. 

Bake, t.v. yaku. 

to he ...... d, yake-ru. 

Baker, n. panya ; panyaki. 

Bakery, n. panya. 

Balance, n. (weighing machine) 
hakari ; tembin (^ff ) [with sus- 
pended beam] ; kamhin (ff ^) [on 
pedestal] ; (of an account) sashi-hikl ; 

' (remainder) sashihiki-nokori ; nokor'i- 
daka ; zankln (@^) ; zangaku 
(^#1) ; (to debit) harai-nokori ; hiki- 
oi ; (equipoise) isurl-ai ; (fig.) kenko 


carried forward, TcurikoshM 

' ...... of power, kinsei. (t^^) ; 

seiryoku {^^) no kenko. 

the (astron.), temh'mkyu (^ 


Balance, t.v. (counterpoise) tsuri- 
to an account, kessan 

to one's self (or one thing 

on another), isuri-ai wo ioru. 

Balance, Ly. isuri-au. 

Balance-sheet, n. iaishaku-taisho- 
hyo im^mmm [Com. Co.]. 

Balancing-, n. (of accounts) keisan 
(tt-M:) [Civ. Pro.]. 

Balcony, n. nikai no engawa. 

Bald, a. (hairless) atama no hageta. 

patch, hage, 

to become , walatamct ga 


Baldaquin, n. tengai (^^). 

Balderdash, n. iaica,'i mo nil koto. 

Baldliead, n. hage-atama ; (opprob- 
rious) yakan-atamci. 

Baldric, n. kybju (3^f^). 

Bale, n. kori ; hyd (f^) ; tsutsumi. 

Bale, t.v. to out, kai-dasu. 

Balk, n. (beam) o-geta. 

Balk, t.v. no/ jama wo s. 

Ball, n. marl ; (toy) ie-mari ; (bullet) 
tama; (dance) ^wto/cicai (HJg^). 

of string, tama-ito. 

firing with cartridge, 

jitsudan-shagekl (S§^tt^)- 

tennis , tama. 

to play at ....... marl wo isuku. 

Ballad, n. naga-uta. 

Ballast, n, soko-ni ; karu-ni ; funa- 

Ballet, n. shihai no odorl. 

the Kyoto , miyako-odori. 

Balloon, n. filsen {JB,^) ; keiklkyu 
&lmM) ; iXoj) fusen-dama. 


[ 75 ] 


Ballot, n. toJiyo (J^^). 

box, iohyokwan (t^MM)- 

closed , kimei-tohyo (|B^ 

opening of the , kaihyo 

. mm- 

to open the hox, kalko 

(r?3is) s. 

unsigned , muklmel-tohyo 

Ballot, i.v. tohyd s. 
Balloting'-paper, n. tdhyo-yoshi 

Balm, n. nyuko (fL#)- 

Balsam, n. hdsenkwa. 

Baltic, n. Baruio-kai. 

Balustrade, n. tesuri ; (of a bridge) 
rankan (t||^)' 

Bamboo, n. take ; [common varieties 
are madake used for gutters, medake 
for laths, yadake for arrows, hachiku 
for fences], 

b. nana, horaichiku (^^^t). 

b. senanensis, suzu. 

grass, or dwarf , s-asa. 

s and trees, chikuboku (ffTl^). 

black , kuro-dake ; kuro- 


Ba^nboo-w^are, n. take-zaiku ; chik- 

Bamboozle, t.v. haka ni s. 

Ban, n. kinsei (^f^lj). 

Banana, n. (tree) hasho Cg^) ; 
(fruit) * ; hasho no mi. 

Band, n. (fillet) himo ; (company) 
nakama ; kumi ; (belting) shirabe- 
gawa ; (for tightening waist-coat, etc) 
shime-age ; (stripe) suji ; (of music) 

a (as of colour), ittai (— ^). 

belly (of a horse), liara-obi ; 


military , gungakutai (^ 


waist , obi. 

Band, i.v. to together, to wo 

musuhu ; toto (i^^) too kumu ; 
danketsu {^^) s . 

Bandage, n. hotal {Wi^^v) 5 wa/cl- 
momen ; (worn by pregnant women) 

Bandbox, n. kami-hako. 

Bandit, n. sanzoku (Ul^)- 

Band-master, n, gungakucho (^ 

Bandolier, n, sage-gawa. 

Bandsman, n. gungakushu i"^^^)- 

Bandy, t.v, to words (of abuse), 

uri-kotoba ni kal-kotoba wo s. 

Bandy-legged, a. ashi no magatia ; 
wani-ashi no. 

Bane, n. doku (^) ; gai (^). 

Bang, n. (of a gun) don. 

with a , don to ; patan to. 

Bang, i.v. (as a door) aoru ; bata- 
bata s. 

Banish, t.v. nagasu ; tsulho (i^ j^5c) -*?. 

to to an island, shima-naga- 

shi ni s. 

Banishment, n. (punishment) ruzai 
ifi^U) ; ryukei {-(MM) V (to an island) 
entb (x^^) ; shima-nagashi. 

Banisters, n. tesuri. 

Banjo, n. (Japanese) samisen. 

Bank, n, (of earth) dote ; tsutsumi ; 
(dyke) teibo (±^I)§) ; (of a river) kishi ; 
kawabata ; kawabe ; (for money) 

of England, Elran-ginko 

of Japan, Nippon-ginko. 

both s (of a river), ryogan 


industrial , kwangyo-ginko 

opposite (of a -riveT), taigan 


savings , chochiku-ginko (fj 

Bank, t.v, (enclose with a bank) nij 
dote wo kidzuku. 

to up the fire, sekitan {JBWi) 

ICO tsumi-age-ru ; hi wo ike-ru. 

Bank-bill, n. ginko-tegata ; Jcawase- 

Banker, n. ginkbka {Wi^lW) ) ginkb- 


E 76 J 


Banking-, n. ginko-eigyo (^fT^H). 

Bank-manager, n. ginkd shihai- 
nin (^ff ^@EA) ; ginko-todori. 

Banknote, n. ginkdken (^ff#) ; 
ginko-shihei (^fT^lc^) ; -'icitsu {^l) 
[general term for paper-money]. 
sham s, gwanro-shihei (3^f^ 

Bankrupt, a estate, hasan- 

zaidan (^Mfttl 

to become 

hasan s ; shin- 

dai-kagiri ni nam ; bunsan {-^M) 
s ; tsiihure-ru ; botsuraku {il^f^) s. 

Bankrupt, n. hasansha (^^#) ; 

bunsannin {^MA)' 
Bankruptcy, n. hasan [Com. Co., 

Civ. Co.]. 
adjudication of , hasan-sen- 

koku (?^Mi:^). 

Banksia rose, mokkb-bara (7[c^ 

Banner, n. hata ; hata-jirushi ; 

(sacred or festival flag) nobori. 

Imperial , kinki {^1^). 

Banns, n. kekkon (t^^^) no yokoku 



Banquet, n. enkwal {%^) ; 

chiso mm^) ; kyoo imB)- 
Banquette, n. toda (gglg:). 
Bantam, n. chabo. 

Banter, t.v. chakasu ; hiyakasu ; 


Banter, n. Myakashi. 

Banyan, n. yusu-. 

Baptism, n. senrel ('/^tjf^) ; bapu- 

...... of infants, ybnen-seisenshlkl 

Baptist, n. Shinrel-kyoio (■/lj!^?:k^|). 
s, (church) Shidzurtis-kyokicai ; 

Shinrel-kyokwai (•/§iiitfic'#') ; (sect) 

Shinrelha (?f jf^M)- 
Baptize, t.v. ni/senrel wo okonau. 

to be d, senrel wo uke-ru. 

Bar, n. (bolt of a gate) kwammkl ; 
(of a sliding door) shimbarl-bb ; 
(cross-piece) yokogi ; (implement of 
wood) bo (^) ; (of metal) kanabo ; 
(bar-room) * ; sakaba ; (dock, old 

style) shirasu ; (new style) hlkoku 
iW-a') ^0 s^ki (^) ; (of a river) kaica- 
guchl no su ; (mus.) shbsetsu (/J>|0). 

s (of a cage), kbshi {k^^). 

silver, ginkwal (^i)|). 

the (lawyers), bengoshi {W^^ 


the ...... of public opinion, 

yoro7i i^m) no seisai {^\]M)- 

to be a to, ico/samatage-ru. 

to be called to the , bengo- 

shi no meyikyo (^f1^) wo uke-ru. 

Bar, t.v. (a door) 7ii/kwannukl wo sasu, 
or orosu ; ni/shimbari wo kau ; (law) 

to the way, tdsembb wo s ; 

tsukb (i^fT) wo samatage-ru \ mi- 

chi wofusagu. 

Barb, n. (of a fish-hook, etc.) ago ; 
kaerl ; ^'^akari ; (of an arrow )kaerl. 

Barbarian., n. yaban (1^1'^) ; banjln 

Barbarity, n. zankoku (^JgS). 

Barbarous, a yaban na ; (uncivi- 
lised) m'lkai (tj^Hj^D no ; (cruel) z:in- 
koku na ; zannln {f^^,) na. 
custom, rbshfi (P0^)- 

Barbarously, adv. muzan (M^J ni. 

Barbel, n. (of a fish) hlge ; (the fish) 

Barber, n. rlhaisushi (iJ^UlU) ; io- 

's shop, tokoba; rlhaisuten 

Barberry, n. hal-noboradzu. 
Barbette, n. hbza (cg^). 
Bard, n. shijin (i#A). 

Bare, t.v. hadaka ni s. 

to the body, hada wo nugu. 

Bare, a. hadaka na ; (unornamented) 
kazarl no nai. 

mountain, hage-yama. 

Bareback, adv. to ride ., hada- 

ka-uma ni noru. 

Barefaced, a. atsukamashll ; ic'.su- 
mempi {^M&) na. 

lie, makka na uso. 

Barefacedly, adv. atsukamashlku. 


[ 77 ] 


Barefoot, adv. suashi ni ; (out of 
doors) hadashi ni. 

Barelieaded, adv. kahuH-mono na- 
shi ni. 

Barely, adv. yatto ; yatto no koto de ; 
karaku ; wadzuka ni ; karojite. 

to escape death, shini- 


Barg'aill, n, (contract of sale) "baibai- 
kelyaku (HM^I^) ; haiyaku (^|^, 
or Kl;^) J tori-hiki ; (cheap purchase) 
yasiKji: I. 

money, tetsuke-kln ; tetsuke 

[Civ. Co.] ; sashikin. 

into the , omake ni [placed 

at the beginning of a clause]. 

to strike a , ie ico utsu ; te- 

awase ico s. 

Barg'ain, i.v. kakehlki too s ; negumi 
wo s. 

I did not for that, sore ica 

mur'i na chumon (^■^) da. 

Bargaiiliilg", n. kakehikl ; negumi. 

Barg'e, n. (small) hashike ; hashike- 
hune ; (large, of European shape) 
daruma-sen ; (worked by oars) tem- 
ma-sen ; (house-boat) yane-bune. 

Baritone, n. chuseion (ffJ^gf). 

Barium, n. * ; jfido (g±.). 

Bark, n, (of a tree) kawa ; (medi- 
cinal) Jjokuhl (TJ^i^) ; (dog's) hoeru 

Bark, t.v. no/kawa wo liagasu, or 
miuku ; (as one's shin) nojkawa wo 

Bark, i.v. hoe-ru ; wan-wan to naku. 
to at, ni/hoe-kakaru ; 7x1/ hoe- 

tsuku. <r 

Barley, n. o-mugl. 

Barm, n. koji. 

Barn, n. naya ; mono-oki. 

Barnabas, n. Barunaba, 

Barnacle, n. ebosJd-gai ; fujlisubo. 

Barnacle-g'oose, n. (Hutchins') 

Barnardia japonica, sandal- 

Barometer, n. seiukei. 

aneroid , mueki-seiukei ( M^^ 

Baron, danshaku {^^); dan. 
Baroness, n. danshaku-fnjln {^^ 

A, A-dan-fujin. 

Barque, n. samhon-hashira no hO" 
mae-sen [lit. 3-masted ship]. 

Barracks, n. helel i^'^) ; to7i-ei 
i^''^) ; helsha {^^) ; elsho .(^Pfr). 
square, elnai-naitel (^l^'* 

confinement to , eiso-kinko 

{'^t^m ; icuisoku (^s). 

to break , datsuel (fl^*^) s. 

Barrel, n. (cask) taru; [1 , 

hiio taru] ; (of a gun) tsidsu ; jfisliin 

rifled , senjoko (^fiH4?). 

to brown a , jushin ico ran- 

shoku (^@.) s. 

Barrelled, a. double gun, 

nirenju (H^^l^) ; soshinjii {MM 


single g'un, tampatsvju {^ 

m^); tanshinja i^^Mm- 
Barren, a. (producing no fruit) mi 

no naranai ; (of land) yaseta ; fumo 
(^^) ?^o ; (unxjrofitable) mueki (M 
^) na. 

land, yase-ehi; are-cJil. 

woman, umadzu-me. 

BarrenAVort, n ikariso. 

Barricade, n. saku {1^). 

Barricade, t.v. (a street) ni/sak'i 
ICO kidzuku, or tateru ; (a door) ni) 

sldmarl wo tsuke-ru ; (a house) ni/tc' 
jimarl wo s. 

Barrier, n. (wicket) kido ; (parti« 
tion) shikiri ; (at a guard-house( 
kwammon (||P5) ; {^^ formerly aj 
Hakone) sekislio (||j5ff) ; (fig.) kyc* 
heki im^) ; shoheki (BM)- 

Barrister, n. hengoshi {WM-t)\ 
daigennin (f^oA); (at the English 
bar) jcs/ii (li^igip). 

Bar-room, n. * ; sakdba. 

Barrow, n. (vehicle) te- gumma \ 
(mound) tsuka. 


[ 78 ] 


Barter, n. kdkwan {^^) ; koeki (^ 
^ ) ; torikae ; sudorikae. 

Barter, t.v. kokwan s ; kdeH s ; tori- 
kae ru ; sudorikae ni s. 

Bartliolomew, n. Barutoromai. 

Barytes, n. ryusan-judo (^§^fi±). 

Basalt, n. hashira-ishi. 

Base, (that on wliicli a thing rests) 
ashi ; (lowest part) ne ; (of a pillar) 
ishi-dzue ; hashira-dai ; cTiukyaku (:j^ 
IIP) ; (of a mountain) fumoto ; (fig.) 
moto ; genso (7t#) ; (of a triangle) 
kisen (^|f«) ; (in the game of base- 
ball) *; (in the game of "prisoner's 
base ") ?ie ; (chem.) enki (^^). 

ang-les at the , kisenjo (^^^ 

Ji) no kaku (f^). 

angles below the , kisenka 

no kaku. 

hospital, ydbi-hybin {Mi%'M 


of operations, (mil.) konkyo- 

c/iMitiii-iil) ; sakugen [^^^^) ', (ge- 
neral) ashi-damari. 
prisoner's , onigokko. 

Base, a. iyashii ; hiretsu {^^J) na ; 
geJiin (Tbh) ^m ; yahi (Elf-^) na. 

Base, t.v. sue-ru. 

to (a judgment, etc.) upon, 

wo [hanketsu, etc.) no riyfi (JlE^) 
to s, or dodai (JhM) ni s. 

to be d upon, ni/motodzuku ; 

nijyoru ; niljunkyo (j^^) s. 

Baseball, n. * ; yakyu ; yakyugi 

Baseless, a. atokata mo nai ; mukon 
(M^^) no. 

Base-line, n. kisen {W^x)- 

to lay down a , kisen wo 


Basely, adv. iyashiku ; gehin ni ; hi- 
kyo (-^-'1^) ni. 

Basement, n. room in the , 

ikkai-shita ; shita-zashiki ; cJilka- 
shitsu (Ji^T^)- 
Bashful, a. uchiki na. 

to feel , iDalma, or k'lmarl, 

ga warui ; wa]hadzukashii ; hadzu- 

sun, liinata- 

Baslifully, adv. hadzukashigatte ; 
hajikande ; ma no waru-sb ni. 

Baslifiilness, n. uchiki. I 

Basic, a. (chem.) ji- (^). 

Basil, n. sweet , eararagi. 

Basin, n. (small) domhuri ; (large) 
hachi ; (for washing the hands) cho- 
dzu-liu.cM ; tarai ; (for washing sake- 
cups) haisen {'^yf:^) ; sumashi. 
metal , kana^-darai. 

Basis, n. (foundation) dodai {±M.) \ 
(fig.) kiso ( J^#) ; moto ; dodai ; 
motoi; yoridokoro ; konkyo (tj^|^); 
(standard) hybjun (t^'^'p) ; (of na- 
tional policy) kokuze ([^^). 

Bask, i.v. to before the fire, 

hi ni atatte ne-ru. 
to in the 

hokko s. 

Basket, n. (with a handle) kago ; 
(without a handle) zaru ; (tortoise- 
shell shaped) kame-no-ko-zaru ; (fish- 
ing) hiku ; (used as an eeltrap) uke ; 
[jakago are bolster-shaped s fill- 
ed with stones and used for embank- 
ing rivers]. 

fire tea, kago-cha. 

fish , (trap) do; (for keeping 

fish alive in) ikesu ; efu. 

steaming , selrb (MW)- 

wickerwork (for baggage), 


Basketful, n. a , hito kago. 

Basket-work, n. kago-zaiku. 

Bas-relief, n, asa-ukibori. 

Bass, n. (fish) the nearest allied fish 
in Japan is the suzuki. 

Bass, n. (mus.) ^eion ; teiomhu i^"^^). 

Bastard, n, tetenashigo ; shiseiji (^ 
^^); (child of a concubine) mekake^ 
hara no ko ; wakihara no ko ; (re- 
cognized by father but not legiti- 
mized) shoshi (^^). 

Baste, t.v. (sewing) kuke-ru ; ni/shi- 
tsuke wo kake-ru ; kari-nui s ; (cook- 
ery) dbura wo tarashite yaku. 

Bastinado, n. ashi-tataki no kei 


Basting-tliread, n. shitsuke-ito. 


[ 79 

] BAT 

* — ■ — " " ' 

Bathmg--g-owii, n. yukata ; yu- 

I5atliing"-place, n. yueijo itlfi--^^) ; 
sv.ieiba (7jci^^). 

Bathroom, n. yudono [not of a 
public bath] ; furoba. 

Bath-tub, n. furo ; furo-oke ; sue- 
furo ; (metal-bottomed) goemomburo ; 
(in public bath-house) yubune. 

Baton, n of command (of 

general of Old Japan), saihai (^ 

-. my 

field-marshal's , qensuijo 


Battalion, n, daitai (AM)- 

one , ichi, or ikko (— j^), 


Batten, n. (of a door) san ; (of a 
loom) osa. 

Batter, t.v. sanzan ni utsu. 
to down, buchi-taosu. 

Battering'-ram, n. the Japanese 
substitute was a heavy mallet termed 

Battery, n. (assault) oda (gttT) ; 
(fort) hodai (5^^) ; daiba {^^) ; 
(electrical) denchi (^ftll) ; (of artil- 
lery) hohei-cMtai (V^^^W)- 
a of field artillery, yasen- 

field , yahodai (ifS^S)- 

m.asked , impei-hodai (|^|^ 


storage , chikudencJii (^^ 

voltaic , ryudenchi {^^^). 

Battle, n. tatakai ; sensd (ilc^) ; 
kassen (^^). 

eLYxay, jindate. 

formation, sento-taikei {^^ 


hymn, gunka (^^). 

in extended order, sankai- 

sen mmm)- 

decisive , kessen {^W)- 

line of , senretsusen (^^ij ^). 

the thick of the , shura 

iBB) no chimata (fj). 

iKastion, n. ryoho (^i|). 

Bat, n. (animal) fcomori [a. n. hiki, 
jTC]; (used in baseball, cricket, etc.)* ; 
uchibo. ^ 

Batch, n. one yhito kumi; (of 

cooked food) hito kama. 

the first , ichibamme no bun 

Bath, n. (hot) furo ; v. Bath-tub 
and Bathing-, 
hot s (natural), onseji ('^^) ; 

tojiba {'m^m)- 

sea-water ...... s, (hot or cold) 

kaisuiyoku ; (hot) kaiswi - onyoku 


steam , mushi-furo ; mushi- 


to give a cold to, nijmidzu 

wo abise-ru. 

to go to the (public), ?/w ni 

iku : sento (f^v^) ni iku. 

to go to the mineral s, 

ioj'i (y^v'o) 'ni iku. 

to prepare the , furo wo 

tate-ru ; yu no shitaku ico s. 
to take a (not in the bath- 
room), gyozui (^f7K) wo tsukau. 

to take a cold , midzu ni 

halru ; (douche) midzu wo abi-o'u. 

to take a hot , yu, or furo, 

ni halru ; nyutb ( AV^) ^ '> nyiiyoku 
(AV§) s. 
Bathe, t.v. ni/yu, or midzu, wo abi- 
se-ru ; (a wound) arau. 

Bathe, i.v. (in cold water) midzu wo 
tsukau ; midzu ni hairu ; (douche) 
midzu wo abi-ru ; (in warm water) 
yu ni hairu ; yu wo tsukau ; (in a 
shallow bath) koshi-yu wo tsukau. 
to in the sea, umi ni hairu. 

Bathhouse, yuya ; furoya ; sentb 


Bathins", n. (swimming) yuei [l^ 
%) ; suiei {7Y^). 
cold-water , reisuiyoku {i^ 

sea- water , kaisui-yoku {^^ 

Bathing-draw^ers, n. sarumata ; 

Bathing'-dress, n. kaisui-meri- 
^ yasu; oyogi no kimono. 


[ 80 ] 


., uchi-jini s ; 

to be killed in 

senshi (Pc^) s. 

to form a line of , sentosen 

{W^M).'f<^o hiku. 

to join , kosen (^IPt) s. 

Battle-axe, n. masakari. 

Battle-cry, n. toki no koe. 

to raise the , toki no koe ico 


Battlertoor, n. hago-ita. 

and sliuttiecock (the garxie), 

oyohane ; hanetsuki; oihago ; (the 
articles) hane-hagoita. 
to play at ...... and shuttle- 
cock, hane ico tsuku. 

Battlelield, n. senjb ; kassemba {"^ 

ancient , ko-senjo ('S'iJc^). 

Battlement, n. hazama ; Jwne-gaki. 

Battle-Sliip, n. sentokan (icl^)- 

BaAVCt, n. zegen OkW)- 

Baw^fliness, n. d-guchi. 

Bawdy, a. d-guchi na. 

book, waraihon. 

picture, shungica (#W). 

to talk , d-guchi wo kiku. 

Baw^l, i.v. dki na koe, or d-goe, wo 
dasu ; donaru. 

Bay, a. heni-tohiiro no. 

horse, heni-kurige ; kage. 

Bay, n. (of the sea) iri-umi ; wa ; 
iri-e ; in compounds, -wan (^) ; as, 

Tokyo , Tokyo-wan. 

s and harbours, kowan (}f^ 

Bayonet, n. ken (g^i) ; (triangular) 

juso mm- 

charge, juso-kogeki (§jfe'|t 

exercise, jnken-renso (|j|^ 

. Mm); jukenjutsu (M^fg). 

fix s ! tsukeken. 

sword , jilken. 

to charge s, ken wo kamae- 


to fix s, ken wo tsuke-ru. 

to unfix s, ken wo hadzusu. 

unfix s ! tore ken. 

Bay- window^, n. de-mado. • 

Bazaar, n. (industrial) kwankoba (^ 

charity , jizenkwal (^#^). 

B.C., kigen-zen ($E7CBtf)- 

Be, i.v. (1.) Followed by a prepo- 
sition; (of animate beings) i-rij ; oru; 
(of inanimate objects) ai^u ; as, it is 
on the cabinet, tansu no ue ni aru ; 
ni aru may be replaced by de aru ex- 
cept when aru is used attributively ; 
as, the book which is on the 
cabinet, tansu no ue ni aru hon. 

Politer forms of ar'u are arlmasu, 
gozaimasu ; of i-ru, imasu ; of oru, 
orhnasu ; honorific equivalents of 
i-ru and oru are o ide nas-aru, o ide 
nasalmasu, irassharu, irasshaimasu, 
orare-ru, oraremasu. De aru com- 
monly contracts to da ; de gozaimasu 
to desu. Of aru the negative forms 
are nai, arlmasenu ; of i-ru, inai, 
imasenu ; of oru, oranu, orimasenu. 

(2.) Followed by a predicate: 
de aru ; as, he is a doctor, are wa 
isha da ; it is certaiu, tashika da. 

The Japanese inflected adjective in 
its simple form contains in itself tlie 
ic''.ea of the present tense of the verb 
to ; as, is bav^., icaru'i; some- 
times no da, 71 da, or da is added ; 
otherwise the adverbial form of the 
adjective, which is liable to certain 
contractions exemplified below, is 
used in conjunction or combination 
with aru, or an equivalent ; as, is 
bad (polite expression), icarfi gozai- 
masu ; was bad, waruk-atta ; is 
not bad, icaruku nai ; waruku ari- 
masen ; waru gozaimasen ; waruku 
wa gozai'inasen. 

(3.) As an auxiliary verb : 
following the gerund of a transitive 
verb i-ru and oru have the force of 
an English continuative joresent ; as, 
kitte oru, is cutting ; aru a semi- 
passive force ; as, kitte aru, is cut, 
— to be distinguished from the true 
passive has been cut, kirareia ; 
following the gerund of an intransi- 
tive verb i-ru and oru have the force 
of a continuative present ; as, maUa 
oru, is waiting ; or of a perfect ; as, 
kite oru,^ is come. In the case of 
Japanese verbs of which the present 


[ 81 ] BSA 

tense is inceptive, to is rendered 

either by the past tense of the verb 
itself, or by the gerund with oru ; as, 
tsukare-ru, is getting ^ bired ; 
tsukareta or tsukarete oru, irf tired. 
For the formation of the passive of 
Japanese verbs vide Chamberlain's 
Handbook § 303. In conjunction 

with Chinese-Japanese words to 

is rendered {a) by sum ; as, ryuko 
sum, is fashionable ; (&) by shita ; 
shite oru ; as, hason shita, is injur- 
ed ; (c) by sare-ru ; as kando sare-ru, 

to disinherited ; {d) by ni 

natta ; ni natte oru ; shite am ; as, 
haishi ni natta, is abolished ; or 
(e) by a periphrasis ; as, to ex- 
amined, shiken ico uke-ru. 

that as it may, sore wa so to. 

if that so, so naraha. 

is not ? de wa nai ka ; ja nai ka ; 

as, isn't he crying ? 7iaite im ja 

nai ka. 

is to, hadzu da ; the funeral is 

to take plac9 at 12, sogi (PH) 

'xajiiniji ni shikko (fJ^fT) sum hadzu 


there is, there are, ay^u. 

to in, (at home) uchi 7ii oru ; 

(polite) orare-ru ; o uchi desu. 

to out, (from home) dete oru ; 

(of a fire) kiete oru. 

to up (out of bed), okite oru. 

to let , utchatte oku ; sono 

mama ni shite oku. 

Beacli, n. hamabe ; hama ; umihe ; 


Beachcomber, n. gorotsuki. 

Beacon, n. (signal-fire) kagari-hi ; 
(for mariners) rippyo (5l^) ; se- 
jlrushi ; (post) miyogui. 

Bead, n. tama. 

s of perspiration, tama no 


portiere, tama-sudare. 

glass s, nankin-dama. 

to count s (of a chaplet), 

juzu wo kuru, or tsuma-guru. 

Beak, n. kuchi-bashi. 

Beam, n. (wooden) hari ; keia ; (of a 
balance) hakari-zao ; sao ; (of the 
sun) hikari ; hizashi ; kwosen HtW:) 5 
(of a ship) haha ; f shod (iE|^^). 

abaft the , fshod-go [JEffi 

Bean, n. mame. 

broad s, sora-mime. 

French s, ingen-mame. 

haricot s, daidzu {i^^). 

Indian , adzusa. 

[Other kinds are sasage and 

Beancurd, n. tdfu. 

Bear, n. kwna ; (com.) uriya. 

's collar (marking on throat), 

tsuki no wa. 

brown , higuma; (ursus 

arctos, var. coralis) akaguma [found 
in Yezo]. 

polar , shiro-kuma. 

the Great , hokuto-sei ; hoku- 

to-shichisei Ht-l'-bM) \ hagunsei 

Bear, t.v. motsu ; (endure) koraeru ; 
shinogu ; (with patience) shimho (^ 
Jfe) ■'^ ; gaman (^'ll|) s ; (in the mind) 
fukumu ; (on the back) shou ; obuu ; 
(give birth to) umu ; (fruit) musuhu ; 
usu. expr. by mi ga nam [lit. fruit 
is borne] ; (as a strain) ni/tae-rii ; 
(as, insult) shinobu ; (take upon one's 
self) hiki-uke-m. 

he ran away because he could 

not being scolded by his 

master any longer, shujin ni 
kogoto wo iicarete tamaranai kara, 
shimai ni kake-dashite shimaita. 
he was born in Tokio, Tokyo 
umare da. 

I cannot it any longer, 

TOO do shite mo koraerarenai. 

I cannot to see such 

cruelty, sonna mugoi koto wo 
mini ni shinobinai. 

I can't this hot weather, 

kono atsusaja tamaranai. 

to a grudge against, nij 

urami wo fukumu, or Idaku. 

to charges, Myo wo motsu. 

to in mind, kokoro-gakete 


to ..... interest, wa]rishl (^fl]^) 
ga tsuku ; bonds ing in- 
terest at 5 p.c. , gdbu-tsuki no 
kosai (^S-H). 


I 82 i BEl 

i ;' to off, motie iku ; (a prize) 


to tlie costs of a suit, 

sosho-hiyo (|)f|S.^^) wofutan (^ 

to ...... witness, shoko-daie-ru ; 

shonin (f^A) ni tatsu. 
to "be born, umare-ru. 
to be born again (by transmi- 
gration), umare-kawaru. 
to bring" to (guns), muke-ru. 

Bear, i.v. (by the compass) ni/ataru. 

to up, shikkarl shite oru ; ki 

wo tashika ni motsu. 

to '. upon, (have application 

to) ni/kwankel (||^) s ; ni/kanau ; 
ni/kivan s ; (lean upon) nijyori-' 

to with, (tolerantly), kam- 

hen iWlM) s ; kannln (DiS,) s. 

Bearalble, a. shinogl-yoi ; shinogare' 

Beard, n. Mge ; ago-hlge ; (of wheat) 
noge ; hashlka. 

Bearer, n. (of a letter, etc.) tsukal ; 
tsukaino mono ; jisannin (J$#A). 
company (mil.), elseitai {^ 

chair , kago-kaki. 

cheque to , muklmel-shiki (&£ 

lE^i^) no kogltte [Com. Co.]. 

coffin , hitsugi-kakl. 

standard , kisJiu itM^)- 

stretcher ....... tankasotsu (|/|^ 

Bearing-, n. (manner) kyodb (^U) ; 
shiuchi ; sdburi ; (appearance) yosu ; 
(relation) kwankei (||#0 ; (of a place) 
hogaku (^|^) ; ichi (ik^) ', hoi. 

magnetic s, jishm-hol (^Jf 


to take s, hogaku wo ml-ru. 

Bearskin, n. kuma no kawa. 

Beast, n, kedamono ; chikusho (^ij^) 
[nsed also as a term of abuse]. 

birds and , kinjii (;^i^). 

man and , jinchiku ( A^)- 

Beat, n, (of a sentry, etc.) mochiha ; 
(of a policeman) junra {j!^M) no 
michi-suji ; (of the pulse) myakuhaku 
iM.^) 5 ''^<c/ii ; (hunt on a large scale) 

on one's ....... junkwaichil {^M 


Beat, i.v. (1. persons) utsu; hutsu; 
naguru ; oda (l^fX) ^ I doyasu [vulg.] ; 
(with repeated blows) tsudzuke-uchi 
ni s ; randa (il^) s ; (thrash) cho- 
chaku Xfr^) s ; (2. things) utsu ; 
(with repeated blows) tataku ; (as a 
carpet) haiaku ; (in a contest) nij 
katsu ; wojmakasu. 

to down (price), negiru ; 

fumi-taosu ; tsuke-konasu. 

to in a door, to ico uchl- 


to off, oi-harau. 

to out thin, usuku tatakl- 

nohasu; Mchi-nohasu. 

to the alarm, keiho (^|R) 

wo utsu. 

to the assembly, shiigb-fu 

(^ o'ln) '^^0 utsu. 

to the charge, shingekl-fu 

(iS^ff) '^0 idsu. 

to the reveille, klsho-fu (|a 

^ff ) wo utsu. 

to time, hyoshi ii^J-) wo 


to to death, uchl-korosu; 


to up, (ingredients) kaki- 

maze-ru ; (game) karl-tate-ru. 
to be en by, ni/make-ru. 

Beat, i.v. (win) katsu ; (of the heart) 

doki (i/jf^) ga s ; odoru ; (with 
alarm) dokl-doki s ; (of the pulse) 

to about the bush, mawari- 

kudoi hanashi wo s. 

to in (of a ship), maglrl- 


to to windward, kaza-kami 

ni magiru. 

Beater, n. (of game) kari-tatenln ; 
seko (#^) [obs.]." 

Beating, n. (thrashing) chochaku ; 
(victory) uchikachi ; (of the pulse) 
myakuhaku (U/^lll)- 

to give a to, nifbo wo 


Beatitude, n. {N.T.)fukugen (fgW)- 
Beau, n. sharemono ; mekashlya. 


C 83 ] 


Beautiful, a. utsukushii ; kitei (^ 
^) na; Hrei (HM) ^^5 rippa na ; 
migoto naj uruwashii ; kiryo no yoi 
[of persons only]. 

Beautifully, adv* rippa nl ; If^rel 
. ni ; migoto ni ; utsukushiku. 

Beautify, t.v. kazaru ; rippa ni s. 

to one's self, mekasu; ya^ 

tsusu [W. Japan]. 

Beauty, n. utsukushisa ; hi (^) ; 
(good looks) a kiryo ; (grandeur) 
rippa na koto ; (a belle) 6yin ; heppin 

m^n) ; Ww^ mm A) ; ukei (^f^). 

a (when seen from behind), 

haimen (If M) no hijin. 

Beaver, n. kairi (-/tlS)- 

Because, conj. kara ; yue ; ^/we ni [all 
' post-positive]. 

Because of, prep, no tame ni. 

Beclie-de-iiier, n. (fresh) namako ; 
(dried) iriko ; (better quality of same) 
kinko {jt^). 

Beckon, t.v-. maneku ; te-maneki s. 

Beckon, i.v. te-maneki vio s. 

Become, i.r. nijnaru ; to/naru ; kuru 
[with gerund] ; (following an adjective 
form in ku) nam ; naiie kuru ; also 
expr. by the pres. tense of incep- 
tive verbs; as, isukare-ru, to 


to a man, otona ni nam. 

to easy to understand, 

wakari-yoku nam. 

to gradually colder, dan- 
dan samuku natte kuru. 

to useless, yaku ni tatanaku 


what lias of, wajdo shita ; 

wa/do natta ; ica/do shita n'daro. 

Become, t.v. ni/niau. 

Becoming", a. (of dress, etc.) niau ; 
utsuri no yoi ; (proper) fusaimsliii ; 
soto iM^) na ; sod (|@B^.) na. 

Beeoming"ly, adv. yoku niau yd ni ; 
(as occasion requires) soto ni. 

Bed, n. toko ; nedoko ; (of a river). 

furniture, ne-ddgu. 

camp , fyasho (^^). 

coal , tanso (/^^). 

dry (of a river), kaicara. 

flower , kwadan (ib®)- 

oyster , kaki-liansliokujd {%, 

talking" in , ne-monogatari. 

to be in , nete oru; fusette 


to go to , ne-ru] yasumu; 


to make the (Japanese), 

toko wo ndbe-ru ; toko wo shiku ; 
toko wo toru [of these the first is 
most, the last least, elegant]. 

to take to one's , dotto toko 

ni tsuku. 

to take up the (Japanese), 

toko ICO tatamu, or age-ru. 

Bedaub, tv. ni/nuri-ckirakasu ; as^ 

to a gate with paint, 7non 

ni 2)enki wo nuri-chirakasu. 
ed with, -darake [post- 
positive] ; as, it is ed with 

ink, inki-darake da. 

Bedcliamber, n. nema; ne-heya; 
shinsh'itsu (!S^)- 

Bedclothes, n. yagu {^M,)', (quilts) 
futon ; (sleeved-coverlet, thick) yogi ; 
(thin) kaimaki. 

Bedding", n. yagu ; (ceremony) toko- 

iri ; (for horses) hiki-wara ; ne-icara. 

Bedmate, n. (in immoral sense) ai- 

Bedroom, n. v. Bedchamber. 

Bedside, n. makura-moto ; makura- 

Bedsore, n. toko-zure. 

Bedstead, n. nedai. 

Bedtime, n. nerujikan. 

Bee, n. hachi. 

honey , mitsu-hachi. 

queen , me-hachi; nyoo-bachi. 

Beech, n. buna. 

Beef, n. gyiiniku (^|^) ; ushi no 
niku ; gyu. 

Beefsteak, n. hifuteki. 


[ 84 ] 


Bec-liive, n. hacM no su. 

Beer, n. hiiru ; hakushu. 

brewery, hakushu-jozojo [i 

draught , taru-hliru. 

Keeswax, n. miisuro {^^). 

Beet, n. (bot.) tojisa : chosen-na. 

Beetle, n. various kinds are kogane- 
mushi ; saikachi-mushi ; kahuto- 
mushi; mushi and kaichii (:^^) are 
generic terms for s. 

Beetle-browed, a person, 

odeko ; dekosuke. 

Beet-root, n. aka-kabu ; hiiisu. 

Befall, t.v. nifau ; ni/kakaru ; ni/sogu 
(ilM) s [E. obj. - J. subj.]. 

a misfortune has en me, 

sainan (^|i) ni atta. 

Befit, i.v. ni/sdo (tBfiS) s. 

Beiitting", a. sod na. 

Befog-g'ed, a. to he (fig.) 

(jori-muchu (EM® 4") ni samayou. 

Befool, t.v. haka ni s ; guro {^,^) s. 

Beiore, prep, and conj. (of place) no 

mae ni ; (of time) mae ni ; no saki ni ; 
no mae ni ; 7,en m, or izen (J^^tij), with 
words of Chinese origin ; (in advance 
of) ni sakidatte ; (with a vb.) mae ni 
witli present tense, often in the 
negative ; udd ni with neg. present ; 
zen ni. 

long-, chikai uchi 7ii; tb- 


one's face, menzen (Wfil) '^^ ', 

me no mae de. 

this (in historical narration), 

kore yori saki. 

he fell with a g'roan he 

had time to draw his sword, 

katana wo nnku ma mo naku un to 


just , chodo foil, by future of 

vb. with to sum tokoro e ; as, just 

I went out, chodo dekakeyo 

to sum tohoro e. 

Before, adv. (of place) mae ni ; (of 
time) mae ni: saki ni; sen{^)ni; 

izen (j^tif) ni ; kanete ; (till now) ima 

I have heard of this , kore 

wa mae ni mo kiita koto ga am. 

I never understood it , 

hajimete icakatte kita. 

the same as , moto no tori; 

izen no tori. 

Beforeliaiid, adv. maemoite ; araka- 
jime ; mae kara ; saki kara ; kanete. 

to he with, nojsen (^) loo 


to make up one's mind j 

saki kara mi konde oku. 

Befriend, t.v. sewa s ; tasuke-m ; 

to he ed by, nojsewa ni nam ; 

no/yakkai (/g-^) ni nam. 

Beg", t.v. (ask) negau ; tanomu [ico 
following object if a noun, yo ni 
following dependent vb.] ; kou 
[with a noun only], 

I your pardon, f/owe^ (^p|^) 

nasai, or kudasai ; mappira gomen ; 


to earnestly, kongwan (f|l 

m) s. 

to pardon, ayamaru ; 


Beg', i.v. (solicit charity) mono-morai 
s ; kojiki wo s ; (of a dog) chinchin 
wo s. 

! chinchin. 

Beget, t.v. (a child) koshirae-ru ; 
(cause) shoji-ru. 
only beg-otten son, hitori-go. 

Beggar, n. kojiki ; mono-morai ,* 

(belonging t® former caste of sf 

hinin (^A) '■> (iii slang) yatsu ; yaro< 

Beggar, t.v s description, 

icalmeijo {^^) ga dekinai. 

Beggarly, a. kecM na. 

Beggary, n. sekihin (^^). 

the end will be , hate wa 


Begin, t.v. hajime-ru ; (be the first 
to commence) shi-kake-ru ; (set on 
foot) okosu. 


[ 85 ] 


Begin, i.v. hajimam ; (arise) oJcoru ; 
(as a meeting) hiraku. 

to on (a job), 7il/torl-Jcakaru ; 

nijchakushu (^^) s. 

to to, expr. by -dasu and 

-hajime-ru in comp. with indef. 
form of vbs. ; as, 

to to blow, fuki-dasu ; to . . . 

... to do, shi-dasu ; to to 

TSLin,furi-dasu ; to to speak, 

ii-dasu ; to to use, tsukai- 


-kake-ru in comp. conveys the 
idea to and leave un- 
finished; as, a book I began 
to read, yomi-kaketa hon. 

]Bej*lnner, n. sMnzan-mono {W\^ 
:#) ; narenai mono ; (student) shoga- 
kusha (fj'^^). 

Beg'iililiiig', n. hajbnar'i ; hajime ; 
(opening, as of a negotiation) kaishi 
(l^^n) ; (origin) okori ; moto ; hottan 
(M^) 5 I'noto no okori ; (of the season 
of the dog-days) irl. ^ 

at the very , massaki nl. 

of spring", haru-sakl. 

of the world, sekai-kai- 

byaku mmm)- 

Begone, interj. ike ; dero. 
Begonia granclis, shilkaidd {fk 

Begrudge, t.v. (money, trouble, 

etc.) oshimu. 

Beguile, t.v. azamuku ; mayowasu ; 

to away, oMki-dasu. 

to away the time, ioki wo 


Behalf, n. on of, no iame ni; 

ni kavcatte ; no kawari nl ; (in the 
name of) no meigi {^^) de ; (as 
representing) wofdaihyo shite. 
to act on of, nijtanomare-ru. 

Behave, i.v s well, wa]gyogi 

ga yoi. 

to towards, nijshimuke-ru'. 

(parents, husband, or master) nlj 
tsukae-ru ; (child, wife, or servant) 

Behaviour, n. (deportment) gyogl 
(^T^) ; gyojo (fffe) ; tacU-furumal ; 
(habitual) numochi; hinko (no fir); 

okonai ; (towards others) shimuke ; 
(on particular occasion) sohuri ; kyodo 
{^W\) ; dosa (fjf^). 

Behea(l, t.v. nofkuM wo klru. 

Beheading, n. uchi-kuhi ; zanto 
(l/rll) ; (punishment) zanzai (l/rl?). 

Behind, adv. ushiro ni ; ato ni. 

to be (late), okure-ru; to be 

far , haruka ni okure-ru. 

to leave , nokoshite oku; 

(forget to bring away) oki-wasu- 

to remain , nokoru; ato nl 

nokoru ; i-nokoru [of persons only]. 

Behind, prep, (at the back of) no 
ushiro ni ; (at the back side of) no 
ura ni ; (screened by) no kage ni ; 
(further back than) no ato ni ; (follow- 
ing after) no ato kara ; no ato ni 
t suite. 

to be (inferior to), nifoyd'oa- 

nai ; nijotoru. 

to bind with the hands 

the back, ushiro-de ni shibaru. 

to talk about one one's 

back, kage-goto wo iu. 

Behindhand, adv. to be , 

okure-ru ; ato ni naru ; osoku naru. 

to be with (a payment), gaf 


Beholder, n. kemhutsunin (^4"^ A); 
miru hito. 

Behoves, imper. vb. it one to, 

ica/kanyo (ff^) de aru. 

Behring Sea, Beringu-kai. 

Being, n. (living thing) ikita mono ; 
seilmisu (_^T:^). 

human , ningen (A^)- 

to come into (as of a con- 
tract), seiritsu (^B^^l) s. 

Belabour, t.v. rayida (iLfl) s; 
tsudzuke-uchi ni s ; hunnaguru [vulg.]._ 

Belated, a, osomaki no. 

Belch, n. okuhi ; geppu (P^^). 

Belch, i.v. okuhi wo s ; geppu s. 

Belching, n. geppu. 

I Beleaguer, t.v. tori-kakomu. 


'Belfry, n. sJwro (^ 

[ 86 ] 


f) ; kane-tsuki- 

Belgian, n. Berugi-jin. 
Belgium, n. JBerugi (Q^^). 

Belie, t.v. to one's looks, 

mikake ni yoranai. 

Belief, n. (persuasion of truth) 
shiny (fgffl); (personal opinion) 
kangae ; sJioshin (^Jrfl) ; (religious) 
shinkoshin (fsJIpitO- 

my is that it is a lie, 

watakushi no omou ni kiito uso 

Believe, t. & i.v. (think true) shin- 
ji-ru ; tashika ni omou ; honto (:^^), 
or makoto, to omou ; shinyo s ; (in 
religious sense) shinkb s ; shinjin 

hard to , sMnji-gatai. 

to firmly that, tojkakushin 

mm s. 

to in (a person), wojshmyo s ; 

ni/shin wo oku. 

to he unahle to , wo/shinjl- 

kane-ru ; wajshinjirarenai. 

Believer, n. sMnja ; shinto (fa^) ; 

shinkosha iiUi'^^)- 
Bell, n. kane ; (ball-shaped) suzu ; 
(hand- or house-) rin (§^) ; yohirin ; 
(to ring in the wind)/Mnn (j^i^)- 

alarm (in trains), {ressha-) 

keihoki (^|R|^). 

electric , denrei {^^). 

fire , hansho {^M)- 

signal , gosho (fi^)- 

temple , tsuri-gane. 

to ring" a , kaiie wo narasu. 

Belladonna, n. repr. by scopolia 
japonica, hashirl-dokoro ; omeki- 
gusa ; roio (^^). 

Belle, n. Ujin (^A) ; heppin inUM) > 

Belles-lettres, n. hungaku {^'^). 

Bellicose, a. (fond of war) ikusa- 
dzuki na ; (provocative) chosenteki (^ 
m^^) no. 

Bellig"erent, n. (state) kosenkoku 
(^iic^)j (person) fcosens/ia. 

JSelljar, n, haikUho (P^^). 

Bellow, i.v. unaru ; hoe-ru. 

Bellows, n. fuigo ; (foot) tatara ; 
[fuki-dake is a bamboo tube used 
in Japan to blow up a fire]. 

Bellows-tisli, n.fuigo-uo] sagl-hue.- 

Bell-pull, n. kane no Mkite. 

Bell-ringer, n. (in the Japanese 
manner) kane-tsuki. 

Belly, n. hara ; o naka [used by 
women] ; (children's word) pompon ; 
(of a musical instrument) do (^|^). 

to lie on the , utsuhushi ni 

ne-ru ; harambai ni naru ; uisuhu- 
shite ne-ru. 

Belly, i.Y.fukure-ru. 

Belly, t.Y.fukurasu. 

Bellyache, n./M7<3wfs27 (3^^); hara- 

to have a , wa]hara ga itai. 

Bellyband, n. (worn by men next 
the skin) domaki ; hara-maki ; (worn 
by pregnant women) Imra-dbi ; (sad- 
dle-girth) haruhi ; hara-dbi. 

Bellyful, n. to eat one's , 

hara-ippai ni tahe-ru ; liara-sanzan 
ni tcibe-ru. 

Belong", i.v. to to (be the 

property of), no/mono de aru : no/ 
shoyu [ffi^) ^e (^fu ; (be a part of) 
nilfuzoku (1%^) s : nilzoku s ; nij 
isuite oru. 

to to the department of 

(of an affair), nolkakari de aru. 

Belongings, n. shojihin {pfr^^^u)'* 

shoyuhin {^ft^^a)- 
Beloved, a. kawaii ; chbai (f|^) no ; 

saiai (^^) no. 

^ Below^, prep, (underneath) no shita 
ni ; (in a document) no tsugi ni. 

directly , no ma-shita ni. 

that is cost-price, sore wa 

mot one yori yasui. 

to be , " (inferior to) nijotoru ; 

(unworthy of) ni/ni-awa7iai. 

to he sample, mihon yori 


Below, adv. shUa ni. 

ahove and ijoge (JiT). 


[ 87 ] 


Belt, n. obi (worn by men next the 
skin) domaki ; hara-maki ; (securing 
woman's sash) obi-dome ; ohi-sJwM ; 
(mech.) shirabe-gawa ; choiai (H^), 
leather , kawa-dbi. 

Bemoan, t.v. nageku ; kanashimu. 

Bench, n, shogi (j^j^/L) I nagai koshi- 
kake ; suzumi-dai [an open-air seat 
•usually 6 ft. by 3] ; (carpenter's) 
daraiban; (judges) hokwan (f^ls); 
saibankwan (ili^lj'g ) ; (judge^ dais) 
hanjiseki (#1j^;jf5) ; jodan {±.1^). 

Bend, t.v. (make crooked) mage-ru ; 
(curve) sorase-ru ; (double) oru ; as, 

to the knee, hiza wo oru ; 

(fig. to one's will) ndbikasu. 

to the body, mi wokagame- 

ru ; kagamu ; to (the body) 

backwards, wo/nokezoru. 
to the neck, kogomu. 

Bend, i.v. magaru ; (under a weight) 
shliiau ; (warx^) soru ; (of a slack rope) 
taruinu ; (of fruit-laden branches) 
tawamu ; (before the wind, & fig.) 


Bend, n. magari ; (corner) kado ; 
(from warping) sort. 

Beneatll, prep, no/shita ni ; (un- 
worthy of) nijni-awanai. 

Beneatll, adv. shita ni. 

Benedicite, n. (canticle) hammotsu 
(114?^) no s/io (^). 

Benediction, n. (the prayer) sTiuku- 

Benedictus, n, Zakariya no sho. 

Benefaction, n. megumi ; (dona- 
tion) megumi-kin. 

Benefactor, n. onj'm (,^, A)- 

Beneficence, n. on ; ontaku (,1//^) ; 
megumi ; jinkei (fzi^). 

Beneficial, a. (to, no) tame ni naru ; 

(to, no) eki ni naru ; (to, ni) yueki 

I^m) na. 
Benefit, t.v. (confer benefits) m.egu- 

mu ; (advantage) no/tame ni naru ; 

nojrieki (^ijlii) ni naru. 

Benefit, i.v. moke-ru ; (improve) 
sakan ni naru. 

Benefit, n. (advantage) rieki (^IJ^); 
eki ; kai ; (profit) moke ; rieki ; 
(favour) on (,^.) ; (conferred by 
treaty) hen-eki (filS)- 

s, onkei (,^,|i). 

for the of, no iame ni. 

to be unmindful of s, on wo 


to receive s, on wo uke-ru; 

on ni naru. 

Benevolence, n. hakuai (f^^) ' 
jizen i^M) ; nasake ; jihi {^M) 
jinkei ((i:|£). 

Benevolent, a. jlhl-hukai ; nasake- 

society y jlzenkwai (^##). 

Benevolently, adv. jlhi-bukaku i 

nasake-bukaku. ; 

Benig"lited, a. (fig.) mono ni kurai 
ankoku (IT^||) na. 

Benig'lited, p.p. to be , ijo ni 

iru ; kuraku naru. 

Bent, n. (propensity) kuse ; (ten- 
dency) katamuki. 

Bent, a. & p.p. magatia ; iganda. 

a person solely on money 

making", tameru ippo no hito. 

to be (with age), wa]koshl ga 

magatte oru. 

to be on, ikigomi ga aru ; 

zehi (;^^^) with desiderative adj.; 

as, is on going", zehi 


Benumbed, a. to be ....... (with 

cold) kajikamu ; kogoe-ru ; (lose 
sensation) shibire-ru. 

Beyiaine, n. *. 

/Beazoic acid, ansokkosan (-^,i. 

Benzoin, n. ansokko. 

Bequeath, t.v. nokosu ; yulgon 
(itW) de nokosu; iryu {^^) s; 
(as a memento) katami ni okuru. 

Bequest, n. yuimotsu (3^4^^) ; kata- 
mi; izo{^m) [Civ. Co.]. 

Berheris japonica, hiragi-nan- 
b. vulg-aris, hehi-ndboradzu. 


[ 88 ] 


Bereaved, p.p. to "be of, nif 

shini-okure-ru ; ni/okure-ru ; nij 

Bereft, p.p. to be of, wo/tora- 


Beri-beri, n. kakke 
BeriniKla-g'rass, n. gyogi-shiba. 

Berry, n. mi. 

Berth, n. (sleeping place) ioko ; 


(sitimtion) kuchi; ichi (feu 
choring place) kakari-ha ; hydchi 
mm); telkeijo mm^)i)'y tellmkujo 

to take up a (of a ship), 

teiryu (1^^) s. 

Bertliing"-officer, n. teihakujo- 
shitei-gakarl (ng'/Q^irtgS^)- 

Beseech, t.v. ori-itte negau ; tatte 
neqau ; tangwan (i)ci!l) ^ 5 kongican 

mm) s- 

Beset, t.v. ni/semaru. 

Beside, prep, (at the side of) no 
sdba ni ; no waki ni. 

it is the question, mondal- 

gvoai (fn^M^'h) ^^ <^^^'- 
Besides, prep, no Jioka ni j no ue 
ni ; no hetsu ni. 

Besides, ady. (in addition) Jioka ni ; 
hetsu (Sij) ni; (moreover) amassae; 
sono ue ni mata ; omake ni. 

Besieg"e, t.v. toH-kakomu ; kakomu ; 

d, rojo {fM)no. 

ing army, kojogun i:^^^). 

Besmear, t.v. nifnuri-chirakasu ; nif 

ed with, expr. by -darake 

na ; -mabure na [post-positive]. 

Besom, n. hoki ; kusa-hoki. 

Bespatter, t.v. nijhane-kake-ru ; m/ 
hukkake-ru ; 7ii/hane-chirakasu. 

ed with mud, doro-darake 


Bespeak, n. (order) afsurae-ru ; chu- 
mon (ii^iC) s ; (arrange beforehand) 
mae-motte tanomu ; mae kara yaku- 
soku i^^y^) shite oku. 

Besprinkle, t.v. ni/fuH-kake-ru. 

Best, a. ichihan yoi ; saijo {^±.) no ; 
tohikiri no [the latter two words are 
chiefly used in trade] ; (very good) 
goku yoi. 

the class of fjoto (±^) 7io. 

the in Japan, Nihon-ichi 


the in the world, tenka- 

ichi no. 

the ...... plan, tokusaku ((§^). 

Best, adv. ichihan yoku. 

Best, n. at , ichihan ii to shifa 

tokoro de. 

the plum blossom is now at 

its , ume no hana wa tadaima 

migoro, or sakari, da. 

to make the of (an inferior 

article), ma ni aicasete oku. 

to the of my knowledge 

and belief, t yo no shiri-uru 

to the of one's power, 

chikara no oyobu kagiri. 

Bestiality, n. {Ivi^i) j ay oku [W^f£). 

Bestow, t.v. atae-ru ; sadzuke-ru ; 
fuyo (Pftl^) s ; hodokosu. 

to pains on, wo/hone-otte s. 

to have (a rank) ed upon 

one, ni/jo (^^) serare-ru ; (a deco- 
ration) wo/sadzukerare-ru. 

Bestride, t.v. ni/matagaru ; (sit 
astride of) ni/matagaru ; ni/uma- 
nori ni naru. 

Bet, i.v. kane wo kake-ru. 

I on the chestnut, wata- 

kushi wa kurige ni kake-ru. 

Bet, n. kake. 

Betel-nut, n. hinrdji [I^Blf)- 

Bethink, t.v. to one's self of, 


Betimes, adv. yoi jibun ni ; (early) 
asa hayaku. 

Betoken, t.v. shimesu ; no/shirushi 
ni naru ; (be a symptom of) no/choko 
{''^i\^) de aru; nofzencho (at[^y de aru. 

Betray, t.v. (one's country) uru ; (as, 
a friend) otoshi-ire-ru ; (as, a plan to 
the enemy) naitsii {p^M,) s ; uragiri 
shite shirase-ru ; (a secret) morasu. 


[ 89 3 


15etrotli, t.v. ii-nadzuke-ru ; ii-nadzu~ 
ke s. 

Betrotlial, n. U-nadzuke. 

presents, yuino (InM)- 

i$etrotlied, a. U-nadzuke no. 

Ketter, a. motto yoi ; the compara- 
tive is usu. expr. by " good than " ; 

as, this is than that, sore 

yori kore ga yoi ; by hodo yoi in such 

pb rases as the bigger the , 

okii hodo ii ; the fewer the , 

sukunai hodo ii. 

it is to, expr. by ho ga ii, 

ho ga yokaro, or mashi da ; as, 

it is to give it up, yoshita 

ho ga yokaro; it is to go, 

ittaho ga u ; it is not to 

go, ikanai ho ga yoi, or mashi, da. 

still , nao ii. 

to be than, ni/masaru. 

Better, adv. motto yoku ; (with more 
advantage) isso ; mushvro ; is so no 

I am much. to-day, kyo wa 

oki ni yoku narimashita. 

to feel (in health), kokoro- 

yoku naru. 

to get , kwaiho ('I^^j^) nl 

omomuku ; kwaiki ('1^^) ni mukau. 

Betters, n. me-ue. 

Betting', n. kakegoto. 

Between, prep. 710 aida ni ; (of 
places) no aida ni ; -kan (^) ni. 

1900 and the spring of 

1901 (an indefinite period), Meiji 
33 nen kara 34 nen no haru ni 

some time 9 and 10 

o'clock, kvji yori jfiji made no 
aida ni. 

let this be ourselves, kore 

wa uchi-uchi no hanashi ni shima- 
sho; kore wa kono ha giri no hana- 
shi ni shimasho. 

to get , no I aida ni hasamaru. 

to hold , no I aida ni hasamu. 

to bold the teeth, ku- 


to keep \I:ave in common), 

moyai ni s. 

Bevel, n. waikaku (^/^). 

Bevel, t.v. nijmarumi wo tsuke-ru. 

Bevel-sqiiare, n. tsugai-sashigane. 
Bevel-wlieel, n. waikaku-shirin (^ 

Beverag'e, n. nomimono. 

Bevy, n. (of birds) mure. 

Bewail, t.v. nageku ; kanashimu. 

Beware, i.v. ki wo tsuke-ru ; ki wo 
yurusanu ; yudan (vfll^f) shinai. 
......! ki wo tsukeyo. 

of pickpockets ! siiri go 

yojin (/Hit^) ; kwaichumono go yojin. 

to of, (followed by parti- 

cij)le) expr. by yb ni ki wo tsuke-ru 

followirtg a neg. vb. ; as, of 

catching cold, kaze wo hikanai 
yd ni ki wo tsukeyo ; (abstain .from) 
w oj tsu tsushimu . 

Bewilder, t.v. mado'casu ; mago- 
tsidcase ru. 

to be ed, magotsuku; mago- 

mago s : uro-uro to s. 

Bewitch, t.v. (deceive) hakasu ; 
tahurakasu ; (possess, as an evil 
spirit) ni I tori-tsuku. 

to be ed, taburakasare-ru. 

to be ed by a fox, ni]kitsu7ie 

ga tsuku. 

Bewitcliing, a. (of a woman) hore- 

hore sum ; aikyo (^|^) no aru. 
Beyond, prep, (further on than) no 
saki ni ; (on the further side of) no 
muko ni. 

expectation, igwai {mM 


this I know nothing, 

kono hoka ni nani mo shiranu. 

he lives three doors my 

house, icatakushi no taku kara 

sangen (H$f ) saki ni oru. 

is the scope of, nojhan- 

i-gwai {^M9h) de aru. 

that is him, sore wa ano 

hito ni oyohanai koto da. 

that woman is expression 

beautiful, ano onna wa iu ni 

iwarenai hodo utsukushii. 

to go -. (pass), wo/sugi-ru ; 

wo/iki-sugi-ru ; wo/tori-kosu. 

Bezoar, n. goo ('^^). 
Bi- (chem.) jS- (g). 


[ 90 ] 


Hias, n. (partiality) eko-hiiki ; hem- 
pashin {^^tt^) ', Jiempa ; henko ((jg 

Biassed, a view, henken {^ 

to be , ippo {—^) ni kata- 


to be in favour of, nojhiiki 

wo s. 

Bib, n. yodare-kake. 

Bible, n. seisho (B^) ; seikyo (^ffe).« 

Bibliophile, n. hon-zuki ; shomotsu- 

Bicarbonate of soda, * ; ji'i- 

tansan-sbda (S^^S^W^)- 
Bichloride of mercury, shbkb 


Bicycle, n.ji^ens/ia (^^^). 

Bicycle, i.Y.jitensha ni noru. 

Bicycling-, Bicyclist, n.jUensha- 

Bid, t.v. ni/ii-tsuke-ru. 

to goodbye, (for a while) 

itoma-goi wo s ; (when -visiting) 
Uoma wo mbsu. 

to up the price, ne wo seri- 


Bid, i.v. (at an auction) ne wo tsu- 
ke ru ; ire-ne wo s. 

Bid, n. ire-ne ; tsuke-nedan ; tsuketa 

Bidder, n. seri-te ; kyobainin (^K 
A) [Civ. Pro.], 
successful , rakusatsunin (^ 

Bidding", n. to start the , 

yari wo ire-ru. 

Bide, t.v. matsu. 

to one's time, jisetsu (D||0) 

wo matsu; kikwai (^^) ico ma- 
tsu ; tsugo wo matsu. 

Bier, n. koshi. 

Big", a. okii ; okl na ; in compounds 

0- or dai- ; as, a wave, o- 

nami ; a bottl®^ o-hin. 

about as as thiSj 'cono 

kurai oki na. 

as as a hen's egg*, kelran- 

dai (HtJ;^) 710. 

and little, daisho {i^^h). 

to be with child, /iarande 


to talk , taigen (:;;^W) '^^ 

haku ; koman (li}'|^) wo iu ; o- 
huroshiki wo hiroge-ru. 

Big"amy, n. jukon (M^)- 

Big"-bellied, a. hara no oki na. 

Big"nonia g"randiflora, nozen- 

Big-ot, n. henkutsunn (1!^"® A). 

I ) na ; ^en- 

Bigoted, a. gwanko (j 
kutsu na. 

Bigotry, henkv.tsu. 

Bilateral, a contract, sbmu- 

keiyaku {M^%¥}) [Civ. Co.]. 
Bilberry, n. {^vnit) fujlmmi. 
Bile, n. tanju (9®ft). 
Bilg"e, u. funa-zoko. 
Bilg-e-w'ater, n. aka. 

Bilious, a. to feel , walmune ga 


Bill, n. (beak) kuchi-hashi ; (account) 
kanjo-gaki ; kanjo (^j^) ; kakitsu- 
ke ; kaki-dashi ; tsuke ; (statement 
of particulars) kakitsuke ; (com., 
note) tegata [Com. Co.] ; (pari.) hoan 
{^{kM) ; m<in {MM) ; ctn ; (for the 
revision of a law) kaisei-an (25ciE^)- 

of costs, hiyo-keisansho (g 

/Hitl-t) [Civ. Pro.]. 

of divorce, rienjo {M^V^)- 

of exchange, kawase-tegata ; 


of fare, kondate ; shina-gaki. 

of health, kenko-shosho {^ 

)MB.W ; kenzen-shosho (ff^lgtf ). 

of lading, funadzumi-sho ; 

funoMi-shbken ; senka-shoken (15 1^ 

i^#) [Com. Co.] ; kwahutsu-hiki- 

kaesho [Com. Co.]. 

of sale, haihai-shosho (^^ 

1^^) ; uriwatashi-sho. 

exchequer ■ , okura-shoken. 

play , handzuke. 

Bill-broker, n. tegata-nakagainin. 

Bill-collector, n. kaketori ; .shUn 
kinkata it^^';^). 


[ 91 ] 


Billet, n. (situation) Jcuchi ; ichi 


a of firewood, maki ichiwa. 

Billet, t.v. (qnarter) yado-wari s ; 

Billet-doux, n. iro-humi ; ensho (fg 

Billeting", n. (of soldiers) shukusha- 

Bill-liook, n. (for splitting fire- 
wood) maki-wari. 

Billiard-room, n. tamatsuki-ha ; 

Billiards, n, tama-tsuki. 

to play , tama wo tsuku. 

Billiard-table, n. tamatsuki-dai. 

Billow, n, o-nami ; hato (i^?^). 

Bill-stamp, n. shoken-inshi (Hl^fp 

Bill-sticker, n. fuda-hari. 
Bi-5netallism, n. fuku-honi-sei (^ 

^lifllj) ; rydkwasei Im^tW- 
Biliary, a, stars, shinju-fukusei 

Bind, t.v. (tie) shibaru ; iwae-ru ; ku- 
kuru ; (a book) tojUru ; (with an 
edging) ni/heri ico tsuke-i'u. 

the book is well bound, seihon 

iWl^) 0^ yoku dekite oru. 

to (several volumes) in one, 

gappon H^:^) ni s. 

to the hair, kami ico iu. 

to up (a wound), libtai (|§g 

Binder, n. (of books) selhonya (^ 

Binding', n. (edging) heri ; (book- 
cover) hydshi (^|ft) ; (process) sei- 

European , seiyo-tojl ; yoso 

half- leather , se-gawa. 

leather , so-gawa. 

way of , toji-kata ; hyoso 

mm) ; seilion (^7{C). 

Binoculars, n. rydgankyo (p^B&ii) ; 

sogankyo [Ufi^W'- 
Biograpliy, n. denki (f^|E) ; ^e^ ; 

icldda ik i ( — - f^ fB ) • 

Biologist, n. seioutsugakusJia (^4'^ 

Biolog'y, n. seibutsugaku. 

Biota 1 orientalis, konote-gashiwa. 

Bircli, n. kaha no ki ; kaha ; shira- 

Bird, n. tori [a.n. wa\ ; (released at 
a Buddhist funeral) hanashi-dori. 

a little told me, kaze no 

tayori de kiita. 

of Paradise, /wcTio (JH^,^). 

s and beasts, kinju{^'^)', 

tori-kemono ; tori-kedamono ; choju 

s of a feather flock tog-e- 

ther, ushi ica ushi-dzure, uma wa 
uma-dzure [either expression may 
be used singly] ; doki {^M.) <^*" 

s of passage, watari-dori. 

caged , kago no tori. 

killing two s with one 

stone, ikkyo-ryotoku (-^^^f#-)- 

they found the had flown 

(i.e. the criminal escaped), itte 
mitara moniike no kara datta. 

Birdcage, n. torikago. 

Birdcall, n. yohiko ; yose. 

Bird-catcher, n. (using a limed 
pole) tori-sashi. 

Bird-fancier, n. toriya. 

Birdlime, n. torimochi. 

Bird's-eye-vie\%^, n. mi-hai-asM ; 
(picture) zendzu (:^fll) ; zenkei {^%.). 

Bird's-nest, n. tori no su. 

Birtli, n. umare ', shussan (Hi;^); 
shussho (IB^) ; tanjo; (of a royalty) 
go kbtan (jJpK^sE) ' (parturition) sa,n 
\W) \ himihen (^^) ; (good lineage) 
iegara ; mornbatsu (P5^)- 

before , shusshozen (tBikfl^). 

of good , iegara, or umare, 

no yoi. 

premature , tsuki-taradzu ; 

ryiizan {MM)- 

still , .shitai-humhen (^tf^ 

m)- . 

to giv^e to, umu ; .shussan s 

umi'Otosu [vulg.] ; (fig.) okosu. 


[92 ] 


Birthday, n. tanjobi (il^H); tan- 
shin (IgM)- 

of the Emperor (of Japan), 

tenchosetsu (^^fj!). 

of the Empress (of Japan), 

chikyiisetsu {i^X$^)- 

Birthplace, n. umare-kokyo ; shus- 
sho no chi ; kokyo {^M) ', furu- 

Biscuit, n. * ; kwashi [generic term 
for cakes] ; (ungla^ed pottery) klji 

Bisect, t.Y. (math.) tohun {^^) s. 

Bishop, n. (Prot.) kantoku (1|#) ; 
(Rom. Cath.) sUkyo ( fJife) ; (Budd- 
hist) sojb (ff'jE) ; (chess) kaku (^). 

Bishopric, n. kantoku-shoku (^^ 


Bismuth, n. sden ; jagan-seki. 

subnitrate of , jishosan-sden 

Bistort, n. ibuki ; tora-no-o. 

Bisulphide, n. carbon jryu- 

kwa-tanso [^\^]n.^)- 

Bit, n. (of a bridle) kutsuwa ;fukumi ; 
(tool) mawashi-giri ; (fragment) kake ; 
kire ; 07'e ; hera [of wood]. 

a (a little), sukoshi; choito ] 

shosho (^^) ; chomhori ; chitto. 

not a , sukoshi mo, or nek- 

kara, with a neg.; as, it was not 

a interesting, nekkara 

omoshiroku nai. 

Bitartrate, n. jushuseklsan {'MiU^ 


Bitch, n. me-inu. 

Bite, t.v. kamu ; (seize with the teeth) 
ni/kui-tsuku ; nijkami-tsuku ; (of a 
ilea) kuu ; (of a mosquito) sasu. 

to be bitten in the leg by a 

dog, ashi wo inu ni kamare-ru, or 


to off, kami-kiru; kui-kiru. 

to off more than one can 

swallow, hitokuchimono ni ho wo 

yaku [prov.] 

Bite, i.v. kui-tsuku ; (as mustard) 
kiku ; (hold) hikkakaru ; (of fish) hip- 

to well, yoku kuu. 

Bite, n, kami ; (woiiiid) kami-kidzu. 
flea , nomlkkui. 

Bitter, a. nigai ; (distressing) tsurai ;. 
(of cold) hidoi. 
to the end, aku made mo. 

Bitterly, adv. (fig.) itaku. 

Bittern, n. sanka no got. 

Von Schrenck's little ,. 


Bitterness, n. (taste) nigami ; (fig.) 

Bittersweet, n. (hot.) maruha no 

Bivalve, n. moroha-gai. 

s, sokoku-rui (M^'M)- 

Bivouac, i.v. roel (^'^) s ; yaei {W- 
'•^) s ; nojuku (5?f^) s. 

Bivouac, n, roei. 

Bi-vi^eekly, a. kakushu (Pj^jM) no. 

Blab, i.v. shaberu. 

Black, a. kuroi ; in Chinese com- 
pounds koku- ; as, the Death, 

kokushibyo (H^^). 

horse, aoge. 

tea, kocha (^^). 

tinge, kuromi. 

to become , kuro-dzunde 


Black, n. kuro ; (negro) kuromho ; 
kokujin (|^ A)- 

sketch in and white, 


Black, t.v. (boots) ni/sumi wo nuru ;. 

Blackberry, n. kuro-ichigo. 

Blackboard, n. kuro-ita ; kokuban 
(H;^) ; nuri-ban. 

Blacken, t.v. kuroku s. 

to the reputation of, noj 

meiyo {^^) wo kldzu-tsuke-ru. 

to the teeth, o haguro wo 


Blackeye, n. to get a , wa\me 

no maicari ga aza ni nam. 

Black-eyed, a. me no kuroi. 

Black-flag", n. the s, kokkitai 


[ 93 ] 


Blackguard, n. futoi yatsu ; gesu- 
hatta yatsu. 

you ! herabo-me. 

JBlacking", n. kutsu-zumi ; sumi. 

3lacking'-brush, n. kutsu-hake. 

Blacklead, n. kokuen (M|gf). 

Blackleg-, n. hakuto (M^). 

Blackmail, n. yusuri. 

Blackmail, t.v. yusuru. 

Blackness, n. kurosa ; kuroi koto. 

Black Sea, Kokkai (M?t)- 

Blacksmitli, n. kajiya. 

Bladder, n.fukuro ; (anat.) shobem- 
hukuro ; hokwo (^§|i^) ; (of a fish) 

Blade, n, (of grass) ha ; (of a screw) 
hane ; (of a Japanese oar, ro) ude ; (of 
a knife) mi. 

naked , nukimi; hatto (^7J)- 

unground , arami. 

Blame, t.v. (censure) togame-ru ; ken- 
seki (il^) s ; (disparage) waruku iu. 

I alone am to , watakushi 

hitori no tsumi, or ayamachi, da ; 
icatakushi hitori no warui no da. 

who is to ? dare no isumi 


Blame, n. (fault) ayamachi ; tsumi ; 
toga ; seme ; (censure) kogoto ; toga- 
me ; kenseki. 

to bear the of another, 

hito no tsumi wo shou. 

to lay the on another, 

hito ni tsumi wo kabuse-ru. 

undeserved , mushitsu (4|S-^) 

no tsumi. 

Blameable, a. tsumi no aru ; hinan 

(^^li) subeki. 
Blameless, a. tsumi no nai. 
Blamelessly, adv. tsumi naku. 

Blamelessness, n. tsumi no nai 

Blanch, t.v. (as linen) sarasu ; (as 
rice) shirage-ru. 

Klancli, i.v. iro wo ushinau ; aoku 

Bland, a. ingin (6g^) na ; nyuwa (^, 
■ ^n) na. 

tone, nekonade-goe. 

Blandish, t.v. ni/kohi-hetsurau. 

Blandishment, n. seji. 

Blank, n. (in a document) aiia 
tokoro ; yochi (i^iife) ; (in a lottery) 
hakushl (j^|E^) ; (of a domino) shiro ; 
(the space left before the name of a 
person of high rank) ketsuji (X^). 

Blank, a hook, hakushicho (Q 


■. cartridge, kuho (^f^). 

form, yoshi (fflll^). 

map, rinkwaku-chidzu (fjii 

paper, hakushi ; (left at the 
end of a document) yohaku (t^Q ). 

to leave , akete oku ; shiroku 

shite oku. 

Blanket, n. ketto ; mosen (^fg) ; 

he has the effect of a wet ....... 

are ga kuru to kemvtaku naru. 
horse , ha-i (,^^). 

Blankly, adv. (vacuously) bozen {f^ 

:^) to shite ; bonyari to shite. 

Blaspheme, t.v. nonoshiru ; kusasu. 

Blasphemy, n. nonoshiri ; kami wo 
kegasu koto. 

Blast, n. (sound produced by blow- 
ing) >/a ; (air) sJiofii (iiE)- 

a of wind, ichijin (—11^) no 


one (on a steam- whistle), 

itteki ( — '^) ; hito-koe ; issei ( — ^). 

Blast, t.v. (rend with explosives) 
bakuhatsu (jl^|^) sase-ru ; haretsu (^ 
§^) sase-ru. 

Blast-furnace, n. shofuro {'iijj^ 


Blasting', n. bakuhatsu ; bakuhatsu- 
koji (if^Sx^). 

Blaze, i.v. moe-ru. 

to up, moe-agaru. 

Blaze, t.v. to abroad, il- 


Blaze, n. (flame) hono ; kwaen (V 
^) ; (spot) hoshi. 


[ 94 ] 


Blazing', a. sun, enten (^^5^). 

to be exposed to the sun, 

enten ni teri-tsukerare-ru. 

Bleacll, t.v, sarasu. 

Bleacliecl, a. sarashi- ; as, cot- 
ton, sarashi-momen. 

Bleacliing'-powcler, n. sarashi- 

Bleak, a. fuM-sarashi no; samishii; 
samu-so na. 

Blear-eye, n. yani-me ; tadare-me. 

Blear-eyed, a. yani-me no ; tadare- 
me no ; (with sleep) neboke-manako 

Bleat, i.v. naku. 

Bleed, t.v. no/chi wo torn ; (a horse) 
shiraku ($1J|§) s ; (of one's money) 
iiojkane wo sui-toru ; nojiklchl wo 

Bleed, i.v. kara'\chi ga de-ru ; shuk- 
ketsu (tHjfil) 5. 

nose s, hanaji ga de-ru. 

Bleeding", n. (hemorrhage) shuk- 

the stops, chi ga tomaru. 

to stop the , chi tco tome-ru. 

Blemish, n. (ht, and fig.) kidzu ; 
(fig ) kakin (^i). 

Blench, i.v. hekieki (JS|^) s. 

Blend, t.v. kongo (jii^) s ; konji-ru. 

Blend, ^i.v. mazaru. 

Blenheim-spaniel, n. chin. 

Blenny, n. dainangimpo. 

Bless, t.v. (confer a favour on) 

megumu ; (God) agame-ru. 

Blessed, a. saiwai na. 

Blessing", n. saiwai ; kofuku (^fl) ; 
on ; megumi ; ontaku {^j^) ; (the 
pra^^er) shukuto {WM). 

Blight, n.fuke ; (damage by insects) 
chfigai (^'#). 

Blight, t.v. (frustrate) n.unashiku s. 

to be ed (of plants), /u/ce m 


Blind, a. me no mienai ; mekura- ; 
(fig.) mbmai ("^^) na ; gumai {r^M) 
a person, mekura ; mojin ("^ 


a person of one eye, mek- 

kachi ; kata-me. 

alley, fukuro-yokocho ; iki^ 


female musician, goze. 

colour , shikimb ['^'M) ^o. 

love is , koi wa shian (,^,^) 

no hoka. 

man of the guild, zatb ()^ 


the gut, mochb ("^■^). 

to get drunk, shotai (lEtfc) 

7iaku you. 

Blind, n, sudare ; (of reeds) yoshidzu ; 
(of fine bamboo) 7nisu ; (of cotton, 
etc.) hiyoke. 

Venetian (shutter), yoroi- 


Blindfold, t.v. nojmekakushi wo s. 

Blinding, a. (dazzling) mdbushii ; 
(obscuring sight) me ga kuramu yd 
na ; (of rain) me ga akerarenai yd na. 

Blindly, adv. (without looking) 
muchu (^^4^) de', (gropingly) te- 
sagurt de. 

to follow (figOj nijmojil ("g" 


Blindman's buff, me-kakushi. 

Blindness, n. momoku ("^ @ ) ; 
[mekura, a blind person, is com- 
monly prefered to an abstract term]. 

colour , shikimb ('^"^). 

snow , yuki-kurami. 

Blink, i.v. ma-tataku ; ma-hataku. 

Bliss, n. tempuku (^|S) ; tenko {^ 
^) : saijb (:^.L) no saiwai. 

ignorance is , shiranu ga^ 


Blister, n. (from rubbing) midzu-^ 
bukure ; (from a burn) hi-hukure ; 
(plaster) hatsubb (1^?&). 
to apply a , hatsubb wo haru. 

Blister, i.v, ni]midzu-hukure ga deki- 
ru ; (as paint) wa'imamako ga dekU 

7'u ; uku. 

BLI [_95 ] 

Blister-tly, n. hammyo. 

Blister-steel, n. awa-hagane. 

^Blizzard, n.fuhuki. 

Bloated, a. muJcunda. 

to become , mukumu ; (oil the 

drowned) midzu-hukure ni nam. 

JBloe, n. en (as of bills so pre- 
sented), ikkwatsu (— fS") shite. 

Block, n. (of stone) shikaku (29^) 
na islii ; (pulley) semi ; kassha (^f* 
^) ; (used in printing) hangi {fSi^)- 
printing", mokuhan-zuri {/\z 

system (railway), kukwaku- 

shingo-ho ((Sffifsfilri). 

chopping" , manaita. 

he's a chip of the old , 

otottsan to sokkuri desu. 

one (of buildings), hito mune. 

Block, t.v. fusagu ; sasae-ru ; tozetsu 
(i±IS) s ; (as a pari, bill) nigiri- 
tsuhushi ni s ; nigiri-tsvhusu. 

to be edyfusagaru ; (of roads, 

etc.) tozetsu s. 

to be ed up, tsumaru. 

Blockade, n. hosa (ttM) I funa- 

Blockade, t.v. (a port) hosa s ; (a 
fortress) tori-kakomu ; hoi ("S^®) s. 

Block-cutter, n. hangiya (IK/ivM)- 

Blockliead, n. gubutsu i^M)' 

Blood, n. chi ; ketsueki {M.W) ; (po- 
etical) ake ; (taken from a living 
person) ikichi. 

bad (lit.), akketsu. 

bathed in his , ake ni so- 
matt i,. 

fresh , senketsu (iflfiL). 

to have a rush of to the 

head, nohose-ru. 

to make bad between, no 

aida e/midzu wo sasu. 

to spit , toketsu (PilfiL)5. 

to squeeze out the life's 

of a people (said of an oppresive 

govt.), no/koketsu ('fflfiL) ^^'O shihoru. 

Bloodlieat-point, n. ketsuonten 


Blood-relation, Blood-rela- 
tionship, n. ketsuzoku {MM) [Civ. 

Bloodshot, a. chi-hashitta. 

eyes, chi-manako. 

to have eyes, chi-manako 

ni natte oru. 

Bloodstain, n. kekkon (ifiLC^) ; chi 
no ato. 

Bloodstone, n. ketsugyokudzui (jfiL 
^11) ; kesseki (ifiL^)- 

Blood-thirsty, a. chi wo konomu. 

Blood-vessel, n. kekkwan (ifiL^) ; 

chi no suji ; myakkwan [WcW)- 
Bloody, a. (blood-stained) chi ni 
yogoreta ; chi no tsuita ; chi-darake na. 

battle, kessen (]fiLl!c). 

discharge, geketsu (Tlfil). 

Bloom, n. (on fruit) ko. 

of youth, wakai sakari. 

full , hana-zakari. 

to have a upon it, (of 

frmt), ni]ko gafuku. 

Blooming", a. sakan na. 

Blossom, n. hana ; (as aux. num.) 
rin {^). 

full , massakari. 

to be in full (esp. of the 

cherry), ramman (jii'^) shite oru ; 
mankai (?^§3) de aru. 

Blossom, i.v. (of flowers) saku ; e7nu. 
to beg-in to , saki-some-ru. 

Blot, t.v. ni/sumi wo tsuke-ru ; yogosu ; 

(dry with blotting-paper) sui-toru. 

to out, kaki-kesu ; kesu. 

Blot, i.v. (run, as ink) nijimu. 
Blot, n. shimi. 

covered with s, shimi-darake 

Blotch, n. shimi ; (on the body) aza ; 
hanten (j^%^). 

Blotting-paper, n. suitori-gami ; 
oshi-gami ; shimitori-gami. 

Blow, i.v. (of the wind) fuku ; (of 
flowers) saku ; hiraku. 

to iHf fuki-komu. 

to over (fig.), koto-naku sumu. 

to through, fuki-tosu. 

to up (explode), haretsu {^ 


[ 96 1 


Blow", i.Y.fuJcu. 

to siboutyfuki-chirasu. 

to ashore, fuki-age-ru. 

to a trumpet, rappa wo 

fuku, or narasu. 

to away, fuki-harau. 

to away the clouds, fcwwo 

wo fuki-harasu. 

to ...... hac^, fuki-kaesu. 

to down, (from an elevation) 

fuki-otosu ; (from a standing posi- 
tion) fuki-taosu ; fuki-kaesu. 

to off, fuki-hanasu ; to be 

n off, fuki4o'basare-ru. 

to off the leaves, ha wo 


to off the roof, yane wo 


to out, (extinguish) fuki- 

kesu ; (as a volcano) fuki-dasu ; 
funshutsu (llRlii ) s. 

to over, fuki-taosu. 

to the nose, ha)%a vco kamu. 

to up, (scold) nijkentsuku tco 

kuwase-ru ; shikaru ; nijkogoto wo 
iu ; (inflate) /wfcwra/casw ; fukurasu; 
(explode with powder) ; kwayaku 
('A^) d^ haretsu (fl;^) sase-ru ; to 

be n up (scolded), kentsuku 

wo kuu. 

to get n, wa'\ iki ga kire-ru. 

Blow, n. iataki [idiom generally pre- 
fers the nse of the vbs. tataku, utsu 
or hutsu] ; (as oj^p. to a cut) daboku 
(IT^) ; (gale) o-kaze. 

to come to s, huchi-ai, or 

tataki~ai, ni nam. 

to strike the first , saki e 

hutsu ; saki ni tedashi wo s; saki 

Qii te wo kudasu. 

without striking" a (of mil. 

operations), yaiba ni chi wo nuradzu 


Blower, n. (mech.) sbfuki (jig^^) ; 
(of a stove) futa. 

Bl0Tt^g:iin, n./ukiya. 

Blowpipe, n. suikwakwan (ti/^'A^) ; 
(bamboo for raising fire) fuki-dake ; 
hiuke-dake [W. Japan], 

Blubber, n. abura-mi ; abura. 

Blubber, i.v. wd-wd to naku ; wame- 

Bliiclg-eoii,"n. ho {^). 

Blue, n. ao [applied to both blue and 

green] ; asagi-iro. 

bright , ruri-iro. 

dark , hanaAro ; (of cloth) 


light , midzu-asagi ; midzu~ 


sky , sora-iro. 

steel , ai-mirucha. 

very dark , ai. 

Blue, a. expr. by an equiv. of Blue, 
n. foil, by no ; aoi [applied to both, 
blue and green]. 

and white porcelain, some- 


grey, ai-nedzumi. 

Blue-book, n, [Elkoku no) gwaiko- 
hunsho i^l'^'X^)- 

Bluebottle-liy, n, ao-hai. 

Blue-eyed, a, aoi me no; f hekigan 

{^m no. 
Blue-jacket, n. suihei (yK:^)- 
Blue-lig"lit, n. rankwa (^'A). 
Blue-magpie, n. onaga-dori. 
Blue-peter, n. shuppanki (ffilHi^E). 
Blue-sky, n. ao-zora. 
Blue tail, n. robin , ruri-hiiaki. 

Bluff, n. gake ; (at Yokohama) yama ; 
yamate ; yamate-cho. 

Bluff, a. (in a good sense) kisaku (^ 
f^) na ; (in a bad sense) mutonjaku 

Blunder, n. ayamari ; shissaku [^ 

^) ; kwashitsu {'M^) \ ochido. 
Blunder, i.v, sosb (l^^f'S) s ; ayamaru. 

Blunt, a. (having a thick edge) nihui ; 
(not edged) ha no nai ; dontai (|{|fi) 
na ; (in manner) enryo (^)^) no nai ; 
bukotsu (M'^) na. 

a answer, ki de hana wo 

kukuru aisatsu (^#). 

Blunt, t.v. nibuku s ; (a sense) chidon 

{MM.) ni s. 
Bluntly, adv. enryo naku ; kemmo- 

hororo ni. 

to refuse , pittari kotoicaru. 


[ 97 

J_ JiOB 

Boarder, n. (lodger) kishukunin (^ 
^A); (schoolboy) kishukusei (^ 

Boarding", n. (wooden) ita-hari ; 
(food) makanai ; (calling) geshuku- 

cost of , makanai-ryo. 

Boarding'-liouse, n. kishukush'^, 
(^^^) ; geshukuya (T^M). 

Boarding"-inaster, n. (for sea- 
men) suifu-shusensha {T^^fkt^^)- 

Boarding--scliool, n.jiku (^). 

Boast, i.v. taigen (;^p*) ^o haku ; 
koman (^'1^) wo iu ; talheiraku {i^^ 
^) ICO tsuku. 

Boast, n. (vaunting) koman ; (cause 
of pride) jiman ( ^ '1^). 

Boaster, n. hora-fuki. 

Boat, n. fune ; (as dist. from a ship) 
ko-hune ; (of Japanese build) sampan ; 

baggage , uwani-hune; ha- 

bridge of s, funa-hashi. 

ferry , watashi-hune. 

gun , hbkan (CgjiS). 

bouse , yane-huyie ', yakata- 


junk's , temma. 

life , kyumeisen ($$:^I5) ; 


submarine (torpedo), senko- 

suiraitei (^ff^KSli) ; sensui-sui- 

raitei (}^7K7K®|i). 

torpedo , suiraitei (7jc^|i). 

Boat-builder, n. funa-daiku. 
Boatliook, n. kagi. 
Boatliouse, n. funa-gura ; teiko (fg 

Boating", n. funa-asdbi ; funa-yusan 

Boat-letter, n. (a tiade) funa-yado. 
Boatman, n. sendo (^H) ; sempu 

Boatrace, n. funa-kake ; tantei-kyb- 

so [i'm.^M)- 
Boatswain, n. * ; suifuchb (7jt5^:^). 
Bob, n. (of a pendulum) omori. 
Bobbin, n. ito-maki. 

Blur, t.v. kumorase-ru. 

to be red, kumotte i-ru ; 

kasv.nde oru ; (as print, etc.) hak- 
kiri shinai ; (run, as ink) nijimu. 

Blurt, t.v. to ...... out, kuchi wo 

suberashite iu ; (another's secret) 
suppa-nuku. ■■'^^• 

Blusli, i.v. (redden in the cheeks) 

wakka ni nam ; (for shame) sekimen 
(#tSl) s: (tig.) memboku (®@) wo 

Bluster, i.v. rikimu. 

Bluster, n. kara-ihari. 

Boa, n constrictor, uwahami; 


feather , hane-erimaki. 

Boar, n. o-buta. 

wild , i no shishi ; shishi. 

-Board, n. (wooden) ita ; (food) maka- 
nai ; (signboard) kamban (^^) ; 
(cardboard) itagami ; daishi (SlU^) ; 
(on which games are played) bari ; as, 

chess , shogi-ban (Jlf tS^) ; (in 

flooring, opening to storing-place 
beneath) age-buta ; (used to dry 
clothes on) hari-ita. 

America mission, Kumiai- 


of enquiry shinsa-iin (^^ 

of national defence, koku- 

bb-iin mW^FA). 

of Trade, Shbmu-kyoku (j^ 


charge for , makanai-ryb. 

notice , keijiban {^yfM.)- 

on , (adv.) sennai (^P9); 

(prep.) ni notte. 

school , gakumu-iin (^^31 

to go on a ship, fune ni 

nori-komu ; fune ni iku ; jbsen (^ 

to take on , (cargo) tsumi- 

ire-ru ; (persons) nose-ru. 

Board, t.v. (cover with boards) ni/ita 
wo haru ; (furnish with food) maka- 

to a ceiling, tenjb wo haru. 

to a ship, fune ni uchi-noru ; 

fune wo nori-toru. 

to up, ita-gakoi s^ 

BOB [_98 ] 

Bodliisattva, n. hosatsnX^^). 

]Bo(lice, n. kimono. 

Kodily, a. (pertaining to the body) 
karada ni tsuita; shintai {M^) w 
kwan (^) shita. 

heat, taion (p-/S.). 

streng-tli, tairyoku (fl::^). 

!Bo(lily, adv. sokkuri. 

Bodkin, n. (needlework) sashi-hari ; 
(printing) * ; (for the hair) kanzashi-' 


Body, n. (distinguished from spirit) 
karada; shintai (^gfl); (substance) 
huttai (415 tS) [scientific term] ; (of 
txooj)3) tai {^^) ; in compound words 

-tai; as, solid ies, kokeitai (gj 

^i^ti) '■> (association of persons) dantai 
(jglft) ; (of a church) kwaishiiseki {^ 
^l,^"}) [i.e. space occupied by the 

a large of persons, ozei {i<c 

f^"-) no hito. 

de^d , shigai C^^^) ; sJiitai 

heavenly ies, tentai (^fl). 

main (of troops),- hongun {:^ 

the consular .. 


the diplomatic 



., kakkoku- 

kbsaikwan ^3cp 
dantai (^t^l^'g H 

the whole , manshin {\^^)\ 

zenshin {-^^ ) ; soshin {M-^ )• 

the whole of persons, ichi- 


Body-armour, n. do (gjnl). 

Bodyg"iiard, n. goei; (of troops) 
goeihei {M'M^)- 

Bog", n. (quagmire) 7iuma ; yachi. 

Bog'ey, n. hakemono ; (scarecrow) 

Bog'g'ie, i.v. mago-tsuku ; mago-mago 

Bogie, a. ...... carriage, hogishiki- 

\yakusha [lif-^^^'^). 

Bog"US, a. ikasamci no ; nise-. 

Boil, i.v. (of water) waku ; nie-tatsu ; 
(of waves) awa-datsu. 

does not the water yet? 

yu wa mada ni-tatanai ka. 

to completely, ni-tatsw; 


to fiercely, nie-kaeru. 

to over, ni-kohore-ru. 

Boil, t.v. (solid things with flavouring) 

ni-ru ; (in water alone) ude-ru ; yude- 
ru ; (decoct, as tea) senji-ru ; (silk) 

to down, ni-tsume-ru. 

to rice, meshi wo taku; 

f kome wo kashlgu. 

to water, yu wo wakasu ; yu 

wo tagirasu. 

Boil, n, haremono ; dekimono. 
blind , nebuto. 

Boiled, a. nita. 

eggs, ude-tamago. 

soft eggs, hanjuku-tamago 


Boiler, n. kam,a ; kikwan {\MM.) » 
(round a fireplace, of copper or brass) 
doko {^^) ; (bed on which the kama 
rests) hettsui. 

cylindrical , entokwan (H:^ 

watertube , suikwanshiki- 

kikwan (yjcf^^itil)- 

Boiler-plate, n. kwanyd-teppan (^ 
Boiling", a point, T^^^^o^en (^^ 


water, nitatta yu ; nie-yu. 

Boisterous, a. (of the wind) aral ; 

arakenai ; (of persons) sawagashii ; 

ramho (iL#) na. 

Boisterously, adv. sawagashiku. 

Boisterousness, n. sawagashii 
koto ; rambo. 

Bold, a. daitan {-k^) na ; yuki (^^) 
no aru ; dokyo (J^Bll) no yoi ; tan- 
ryoku (81:fj) no- aru; [manly) isagi- 
yoi ; (planned with courage) isam^a- 
shii ; (impudent) koshaku (/]^^) na ; 
(forward) sashide-gamashii ; (audaci- 
ous, in bad sense) daitan-futeki (;^fl^ 
^i^) na ; (of type)futoi. 

EOL ij)9 ] 

[Boldly, adv. (of writing) iappiisu (^ 
Boldness, n. daitan {i^M) ; 2/"^^ (H 

Bole, n. miki. 

Boletus dimidiatus, mannen- 
take ; reishi. 
b. versicolor, saru no Jcoshikake. 

Bolster, n. knkuri-makura ; hozu- 

Bolt, n. (of a door) kwannuki [a.n. 
/i,on, 7[s:] ; (strong pin) o-kugi; ryoto- 
kugi mMW- 

a from, the blue, seiten (B^ 

'^) no hekirekL{^^). 

Bolt, t.v. (a door) no/kicannuki wo 
kake-ru, or hame-ru, or tozasu ; (food) 
maru-nomi s : (sift) furuu. 

Bolt, i.v. (abscond) toho {^'t^) s; 
shuppon {^^) s\ chikuten (JE^) s ; 
dzuitokuji (^^v#) w*o kime-ru ; (of a 
horse) tohi-dasu ; Jdkkake-ru. 

to be ed with, by a horse, 

uma ni hikkakerare-ru. 

Bomb, n. hakuretsudan (Jt^g^SH) ; 

haretsudan {^§BW) ; hodan iW/^)- 
Bombard, t.v. hogeki s. 
Bombardment, n. hogeki (^i^;^)- 
Bombast, n. kogen (iiiW) ; hogen 

mm- , ... 

Boinbastic, a. shikaku-hatta ',fvko 


Bombay-duck, n sayori. , 

Bona iide, shinyo ^i^p]) skito; z>^.n-i 
{^^^) wo motte; (ased ttdj'e'cti\e]y) 
shinjitsu (fi^) no. 

Bona lides, zen-i. 

Bond, n. (rope) nawame ; (deed) sho- 
mon (ilf^) ; shosho (ig#) ; (for re- 
payment of loan) shakuyo-shosho (f§ 
Hlnif^) > (archit.) shikikata ; joshiki 


commutation s (of Japanese 

shizoku class), kinroku-kosai (^|^ 

industrial s, kigyo-kosai (|B 

public , kosai-shosho ; kosai. 


war s, gunji-kosai (' 



Bonded warehouse, hozei-so'-^o- 

Bondsman, n. (surety) hoshonin (f^ 

Bone, n. hone ; kotsu {'^). 

s (skeleton), gaikotsu (f^*^). 

bare s, hakkotsu (Q*^). 

manure, koppun-hiryo {^'^ 

of contention, kenkwa (B^ 

1^) no tane. 

of the arm, wankotsu {^%). 

s and sinews, kinkotsu (j^ 

full of s, hone-darake no. 

without making" any s 

about it, iehi mo ni mo naku. 

Bone, t.v. (extract bones) no/hone wo 

Boned, a. hone wo totta. 
large , hone-huto no. 

Bone-setter, n. hone-tsugi ; sek^ 

kotsu-l (tic'i'©)- 
Bone-setting", n. hone-tsugi ; sek-- 


Bonfire, n. kagarlM ; (at the JBon 
festival) mukae-hi; okuri-hi [the 
muhae-hi are lighted at the beginning 
( «f t he festival to welcome the return- 
in g spirits, the okuri-hi at the end to 
speed them departing]. 

Soiiiii Islands, Ogasawara-jima. 

Bonito, n. kaisuo ; (small variety) 

soda-gat sufl. , ., 

- cJri^d ,.;..,, Jx^atsuo-hushi. 

"ScnuG, -h. '(extra dividend) rlnji-hai- 
tbkin (EgttgH'^^) ; (gratuity for 
services) shbyokin (^^^). 

Bony, a, honeppoi ; (like bone) gotsu- 
gotsu sum. 

Bonze, n. Idzu {^^) ; (polite eqm- 
ydlent) shukke {^'^). 
chief , os/io(fnf^)- 

Book, n. hon (:^) ; shomotsu {^^^) ; 
[a.n. of whole books, bu (^), of single 
volumes, satsu, ^] ; (section of a 
treatise) hen (^) ; (mercantile) chobo 
i^M) [Civ. Co.] ; chbmen {i^M)\ in 

compounds, -chb\ as, pass ^ 



[ 100 ] 


s, shojaku (Hl^) ; shoseJci. 

catalogue, shomoku (#@). 

of words (of a play), kyaku- 

hon il^^). 

CliinesB , (printed in China) 

tohon if^:^) ; (composed in Chi- 
nese) kanseki (^|f ). 

folding" , ori-hon. 

foreign , yosho (v^#). 

incomplete ....... hahon {^A^). 

Japanese (printed in Japan), 

icahon (lUTfC). 

manuscript , shahon {'M^) 5 


old , kohon{-^:^). 

picture ....... ehon. 

proscribed , tome-hon. 

second-hand , furu-hon. 

text , kyokwasho (tkl^^). 

I5ook, t.v. (enter in register) cJiomen 
e tsuke-ru ; (luggage) adzuke-ru ; (as 
a seat) ii-konde oku. 

Book-binder, n. seihonya (i^^^M)- 

Book-box, n. homhako. 

Book-case, n. hondana ; shodana ; 

Book-collector, n. zdshoka (^ 

mm- ■ ■ 

Booking"-office, n. shussatsuj/y {^\ 


window, kippu-giichi. 

Bookkeeper, n. hoki-kata i.'-chdjjo- 


Bookkeeping-, n. heki; '(study) 
hokigaku {B$i^)- ■ 

by double entry, fukushiki- 

boki m^mmy 

by single entry, ianshiki- 

Bookmarker, n. shiori. 

Bookseller, n. honya (^KM)- 

's shop, shoshi (^^) ; shorin 

second-hand , furuhonya. 

Bookshelf, n. shodana. 

Bookworm, n. sumushi ; (fig.) toku- 
sho-heki (^fl?#). 

lioom, n. (of a sail) hogeta ; keta. 

Boom, i.v. don-don to nam ; (of 
trsidie) jbgeiki (±.:^^) de aru. 

Boomerang, n. *; ifhikyoraiki 

Booming, n. don-don iu oto; dzudon 
to iu oto. 

Boor, n. inaka-mono ; dempu ; (clown) 
dempu-yajin{^^i^^A) ', hyakusho-me. 

Boorish, a. husaho (Mf-^-^) na ; yabo 
(ifg) na. 

Boot, n. kutsu ; [a.n. of pairs, soku, 
^] ; [peasants in Japan wear a 
rude kind of boot called kawa-gutsu], 

brown leather s, akai kutsu. 

elastic-side s, fukagomu- 


high s, naga-gutsu. 

laced s, amlage-gutsu. 

patent leather s, gomugawa- 

gutsu ; gomuhiki no kutsu. 

rubber s, gomu-gutsu. 

snow s (of straw), wara-gutsu. 

without taking off one's s, 

kutsu no mama. 

Booth, n. koya-gake. 

wayside , kake-jaya. 

Bootjack, n. kufsunugl-lta ; kutsu- 


Bootlace, n. kutsu no himo. 

J^ootmaker, n. kutsuya. 

Booty, n. hundori-hin ; emono ; senrl- 

'^in (PI'Ju"b). 
Boracic acid^ hosan [BM^)- 
Borax, n. hbsha (fiB§:g$j). 

Border, n. (edge) fuchi; (edging) 
heri ; heritori ; (at neck of a Japanese 
lady's dress) han-eri ; (flower-bed) 
kwadan (^t2) 5 (frontier) kyokai ; 
sakai ; kuni-zakai ; (frontier-district) 
kyokaichi (i^-^ife). 

within the s of, no keidai 

mmni. ;^, 

Border, i.v. to on (be contigu- 
ous to) 7ii/kuttsuite oru ; ni/ionari- 
atte oru ; ni/setsuzoku (^U) s. 

Bordered, a. (of a garment, ete.) 
heridorl wo sJiUa. _ 


r 101 J EOT 

Bore, t.v. (a hole) ake-ru ; (a well) 

to a hole through, ni/av^ 

wo kiri-nuku. 

to a hoZe with at^ awl, 

fcin de ana wo ake-ru. 

Bore, n. (person) urusai hUo ; (annoy- 
ance) mendo (M@J) I (hole) kiri-ana ; 
(of a river) kaica no tsunami ; (of a 
gnn) jushin {§^^ ) ; (calibre) kokei 

smooth gun, kakkqju {}%• 


twelve gu-n, junihan-kei 

i-f'-mB) no tepp5 imm)-^ 

Bored, a. to be , taikufsu 


Boredom, n. ialkidsu. 

Boring", n. (of a well) horimdci. 

machine , kikai-horl {^W.M)- 

manual , te-hori : jlnko-bori 

(AXISi). ' . 

Born, p.p. to be , umareru. 

Borro^v, t.v. kari-ru ; karu [W. 
Japan]; shakuyo (fpffl) s ; kari- 
uke-ru ; (humble exin-ession) haishaku 

may I this book for two 

or three days ? Eono lion wa 
nisannichi Jiaishaku ga dekimasho 

Borrower, n. kari-te ; kari-nusM ; 
kari-kata ; shakuyo-nushi ; (humble 
term) haishakunin (^(q A.)- 

Bosom, n. (breast) mune; (of the 
dress) fidokoro ; kwaichii {'\^ip). 

to put into the , futokoro ni 

ire-ru ; kwaichu s. 

Bosom-friend, n. sMn-yu (11;^); 

qokii kon-i no tomodachi ; hekkon 

(MWi) no hito. 
Boss, n. (on a helmet) hoshi ; (stud) 

ebo ; (knob to hold by) tsumami ; 

(slang, for master) iaisJio (V<)if )• 

Botanical-g-arden, n. shokuhutsu- 

en (filJ^gi). 

Botanist, n. shokuhutsugakusha (|j| 
4'^^^%) ; honzoka (^^^). 

Botany, n. shokuhufsugaku ; hofizo- 

Both, a. ryoho (®3J^) no ; dochira mo 
no ; idzure no ; usu. expr. by one of 
the following equivalents, treated as 
fin adverb : (of persons and things) 
dochira mo ; ryoho ; ryoho to mo ; 
(of persons only) futari ; fidari to 
mo; ryonin C^A) io mo; (not of 
persons) futatsu, or the appropriate 
aux. num. ; futatsu io mo. 

hands, ryote. 

parties, soho (^>^). 

sides (of things and persons), 


Both, conj. mo; and, mo 

mo ; ni wo awaseie ; 7no 

mo awasefe. 

Bother, n. mendo (®j^ij) ; okku. 

Bother, t.v. komarase-ru ; kurushi- 
me-ru ; (dun) ni/saisoku (f^fj£) s. 

excuse my ing- you, but, 

go meiwaku {^^,) nagara. 

I fear I am always ing 

you, maido go yakkal (/b:^) ni 

Bothersome, a. mendo-kusai ; okku 
na ; (of persons) urusai ; yakkai no. 

Bo-tree, n. hodaiju (#i§f^). 

Bottle, n. iokkuri ; bin (i^) ; [a.n. 
hon, :^]. 

gourd, hyotan (|K^) ; fidcube. 

seller, binya. 

empty , aklbin. 

feeding , uha4radzu, 

large , obin. 

sake , choshi {ij^J-) ; kan- 

dokurl iMW-M)- 

small , kdbin. 

smelling , kagi-bin. 

Bottle, t.v. bin ni tsume-ru ; bin s. 

Bottled, a. bindzume no ; bin-iri no. 

Bottom, n. (of a vessel, river, etc.) 
soko ; (lower part of a thing) shita ; 
(of a net, basket, etc.) shiri ; (of a 

of the sea, kaitel (f^.^). 

price, ketchaku (^^) no 

nedan {[K^)- 

double (of a ship), niju-zoko 


lie is a good fellow at ,ne 

wa, or shin wa, ii hito da. 
ship's , senteii^^). 


[ 102 ] 


JSottoiilless, a. soko no nai ; (with 
the bottom knocked out) soko-nuke 

JBottoiiiry, n. fana-jichi ; sentai- 
shichiire mfS.KA)' 

Boudoir-size, n. (of photo.) o-gata. 

JBoiig"li, n. eda. 

I5oiig"ie, n, * ; isunyo-kicanki (^^ 

Boulder, n. iwa. 

Bounce, t.v. to a ball, -tnari 

wo tsuku. 

Bounce, i.v. 


to back, hane- 

Bound, i.v. hane-ru ; tohu. 
to back, hane-kaeru. 

to up, iohi-agaru. 

Bound, t.v, (act as a boundary) no/ 
sakai ni nam. 

to be ed. by (as a country), 

ni/sakai shite oru. 

Bound, n. (a limit) kagiri ; saigen 


atone {&g.), ichiyaku {—^) 


there are s to one's pati- 
ence, gaman ni mo hodo ga aru. 

there are no s to it, saigen 

no nai koto da. 

-Bound, a. & p.p for, -yuki no. 

volume, tojl-hon. 

the place one is for, 

mokutekichi ( @ 6^J Jill). 
to be to, expr. by an equiva- 
lent of Must : (expressing con- 
viction) ZiacZzw da; as, he is 

to come, kuru hadzu da ; he is 

to know, shiranai hadzu wa 

nai; (expressing obligation) gimu 
(-^^) ga aru following vb. 

Boundary, n. sakai ; kyokai. 

line, kyokai-sen (ili-^^^O- 

mark, kyokai-hyo [i^^W^ > 

ji-zakai no shirushi. 

northern , hokkyo ( ^b ^ ) 5 


within the ies of, no kuiki- 


Boundless, a. kagiri no nai ; saigen 
(!^1^) no nai ; saigai (I^jM) no nai ; 
mugen (fel^S) no. 

Bountiful, a. mono-oshimi no nai. 

Bountifully, adv. oshimadzu ni ; 
taiso ni ; juntaku (j0/^) ni. 

Bounty, n. (liberality) onkel (,^.^) ; 
(premium) shoreikin i^Wl^). 

Bouquet, n. hana-iaba ; (of wine) 

Bourse, n. * ; torlhikijo. 

Bout, n. (drinking) sakamori ; (wrest- 
ling) tori-kumi ; (fencing, etc.) shiai. 

first ) ichihan no shiai. 

Bow, n. (weapon) yumi ; (of a violin) 
yumi ; (of a necktie) cho-gata {^Jf^). 

a strung" , hari-yumi. 

and arrows, yiimi-ya. 

double (knot), ryo-hizaori. 

single , kata-hizaori. 

to bend a , yim%l wo haru. 

to draw the long , hart wo 

ho ni iu. 

to have two strings to one's 

, ryotemhin ( |g ^^) wo kake-ru. 

to string" a , yumidzuru wo 


Bow, n. (of the head) jigi ; (of a ship) 
miyoshi ; hesaki ; omote ; senshu (|5 
tf) ; (No. 1 rower) * ; t teljiku 


Bow^, t.v. mage-ru ; kagame-ru. 

to the head, atama wo 

sage-ru ; f sashi-utsumuku. 

Bow, i.v, ojigi tw s. 

to humbly, heifuku (^f^) s ; 


Bowdrill, n, mai-kiri. 

Bowel., n. harawata ; wata ; in com- 
pounds -cho (gg). 

Boivl, n. hachi ; (earthenware) dom- 
huri ; (for rice) meshi-jawan ; chadzu- 
ke-jawan ; (of a pipe) gan-kubi ; 
(w^ooden) wan (^) ; (with a lip to 
facilitate pouring) kata-kuchi ; (a 

^bowlful) ippai {—iff.) ; (for rinsing 
wine-cups) haisen {'i^^^i^). 

Bow^l, t.v, korogasu, 

Bow-leg'^ed, a, wani-ashi no ; soto- 
wa no. 


[ 103 ] 


Bowler, n. (hat) marugaia-hoshi ; 
yamadaka-hoshi ; (cricket) * ; nage-te. 

Bowiiiaker, n. yumi-shi. 

Bowman, n. ite. 

Bo\%^sliot, n. (distance) yagoro ; 
the enemy could not approach. 

to within , yagakari made 

teki ga chikayoru koto ga dekina- 

Bo"U^sprit, n. yaridasM [a.n. hon, 

Bowstring", n. yumi-dzuru ; tsuru 
[a.n, suji\. 

Bow"- window, n. de-mado. 

Bow-WO\^^, n. (child's word) wan- 

Box, n. (a chest, also the quantity 
contained therein) hako ; (made of 
thin wood bent) orl ; (tree) tsuge ; 
(driver's seat) gyosha-dai (|X^^) > 
(theatrical) sajiki [upstairs] ; udzu- 
ra ; takadoma [downstairs] [a.n. ken, 
H^] ; (space partitioned off for spec- 
tators at a theatre) masu. 

a tier of es (to hold food), 

kumi-futamono [porcelain] ; jfibako ; 

kiri-dame [wooden]. 

contained in a , hako-irl no. 

despatch , hunko (^J^) ; (for 

carrying letters in) fumi-hako ; 


nest of es, ire-ko. 

pilgrim's travelling* (on 

legs), oi. 

to give a on the ears to, 

nojatama wo haru. 

Box, i.v. genkotsu-uchi wo s ; kento 

Boxer, n. kentosha (^^^). 

the s, (Iho-ch'uan), giwadan 

(^InH) ; kempt (^H). 
Boxing", n. kento ; kentojutsu (^ 

Box-maker, n. hakoya. 
Boxwood, n. tsuge. 

Boy, n. (male child) otoko no ko] 
danshi {^J-) ; (lad) shonen {''J^^) ; 
wakaishi ; (son) musuko ; (shopboy) 
kozo ; detchi ; [the Eng. word is in 

use for the chief man-servant in 
foreign households in Japan]. 

s and girls, donan-donyt 

office , kodzukai; (child em- 
ployed at a public office) kynji 

l^oyeott, t.v. to/torlhiki wo kyoze- 
tsu s. 

Boycott, n. * ; haibai-kyozetsu (Rg 
JB$g) ; torihiki-kyozetsu. 

Brace, n. (a piece of timber) sujlkai- 
nuki [a.n. hon, :^] ; (of a drum) 

s, dzuhon-tsuri. 

a (of birds, cock and hen), 

hito tsugai ; (2 birds) ni wa. 

Brace, t.v. (tighten) shime-ru ; shik- 
kari shime-ru ; (apply a brace to) 
nilshimhari wo kau. 
to hack the sleeves (of a 

dress), tasuki wo kakeru. 

Brace, i.v 

wo dase. 

up ! genki {ytM.) 

Bracelet, n. ude-wa. 

Bracken, n. wardbi. 

Bracket, n. (fastened to the wall) 
like ; (in printing) kwakko [^^%). 

Brackish, a. shioppai. 

Brad, n. kugl ; muto-kugi (MM^) 5 

Brag", i.v. taiheiraku {:k.^^) wo iu ; 
koman {MiW) '^o iu ; hora wo fuku ; 
d-huroshiki wo hiroge-ru. 

Braggart, n. hora-fukl ; kage-henkei. 

Bragging, n. nodeppd. 

Bralima, n. Bonten; Bonten-o (^ 
^i) ; (fowl) * [one of the species 
of shamo]. 

Bralimanism, n. Baramon-kyb (^ 

Braid, n.jabara. 

gold , kimmoru. 

silver , gimmoru. 

straw , mugiwara-sanada. 

Braid, t.v. amu. 


[ 104 ] 


Brain, n. no. 

s (concrete), nodzui (13i^) ; 

nomiso ; (abstract) chie. 

disease, nohyo (M^). 

fever, nokinsho (J3i:^if)- 

concussion of the , nbshintb 

water on tlie , nbsulslm (g§ 


Brain-power, n. noryoku {MfJ)- 

Brake, n. (kind of fern) warabi ; 
(thicket) ydhu ; (mech.) wa-dome ; 
ha-dome ; seidoki [Mfh^^M)- 
cane , iake-yabu. 

Brake-van, n. kwankyusha (^ 

Bramble, n. ihara. 

B rambling", n. atori. 

Bran, n. (rice or barley) nuka ; 
(wheat) fusuma. 

Brancli, i.v. (divide) wakare-ru ; 
futatsu ni nam ; (as antlers) eda ni 
natte oru. 

Branch, n. eda ; (of a family) hunke 
{^^) ', wakare ; (of a river) eda- 
nagare ; shiryil {^^) ; (of a firm) 
shiten (^/jt;) ; de-mise ; shutchojo {]i\ 
pPir) ; (agency) dairiten (f^il/g) ; 
in compounds often shi- ; as, 

line, sliisen {'^^%). 

of study, gakkwa {'^f^). 

road, eda-michi'^ wakare- 


shop, dedana. 

main (of a family), honke 

Brand, n. (mark) yaki-in ('^F4]); 
yakihan (i^^J) ; (trade-mark) in; 

shirushi; as, eagle , washi-in; 

(on a criminal) irezumi ; (burning 
wood) moe-ki. 

Brand, t.v. (mark) nilyaki-in wo s ; 
(a criminal) nijire-zumi wo s ; [in 
Japan the branding of criminals was 
performed by means of tattooing]. 

Branding"-iron, n. yaki-gane. 

Brandisli, t.v. furl-mawasu ; hira' 

to olott^ furl-age-ru. 

Brand-new, a. ara-; as, a 

pipe, ara-giseru. 

Brandy, n. hurande. 

Brass, n. shinchu. 

Brass-w^ork, n. shinchu-zaiku (^ 

Brave, a. (of persons) tsuyoi ; yuki 

iWjM.) ^io aru ; (of actions) isamashii ; 

yuyushii ; doshii. 

a soldier, yiish,i (^±r)- 

Brave, t. v. (danger) okasu ; also 
expr. by neg. of osore-ru. 

to the winds and waves, 

fuha (jE^) '^^"0 shinogu. 
Bravely, ~adv, tsuyoku; IsamasMku ; 
yuyushiku : bbshiku. 

Bravery, n. yuki {^M.) \ (valour) 
huyu {^^) ; yiikay-. {^jWi- 

Bravo, interj. umai, umai ; n^yo, my 5 ; 
dekashlta, dekashita. 

Bra^wl, n. sawagi ; soto. 

Brawl, i.v. kenkwa [Us.^) s ; soto (^ 

Brawny, a. ara-kureta. 

a fellow, ara-otoko. 

Bray, i.v, iiaku. 

Braze, t.v. shinchu-rodzuke ni s. 

Brazen-face, n. tetsumempi (i^® 

Brazen-faced, a. atsukamashii ; 
tetsumempi na ; kogan (,IJ|5) na. 

Brazier, n. hibachi ; [different kinds 
are hako-hihachi enclosed in a wooden 
box, called naga-hihachi if oblong ; 
shikami-hihachi with lion heads for 
legs ; sentoku-hibachi, pot-shaped, of 
blonze. Ankwa is a brazier enclosed 
for safety's sake in a ■\;< 3oden cage]. 

Breach, t.v. kudzusu. 

Breach, n. (in a wall) kudzure- 
kuchi ; (quarrel) /tenafca ; (of friendly 
relations) haretsu (^g^) ; (of a law) 
than (^^D.) ; (of a treaty) thai (j^"^). 

of contract, iyaku (^|^j) ; 

keiyaku-ihan (^^Jj^S) ; hayaku 


of the peace, chian-hogai 



t 105 ] BEE 

prison t hagoku {''^'^) ; haro 

(^^) ; datsugoku {j^W^V 

to commit a of, ni/somuku ; 

ni/motoru ; ni/ihan s ; nijihai s. 

Bread, n. pan ; (as opp. to cake) 

basket, pan-ire. 

brown , fusuma no pan; 


daily , nichiyo (Hffi) no kate. 

new , dekitafe no pan. 

Breadtli, n. haha ; yoko-haha ; fuku- 
^^ (fS^) ; (of a jflag) tate. 

length, and , yoko-taie. 

to be within a hair's of 

war, senso r/a kiki-ippatsu [ia,^-^ 
^) no kan ni sematte oru. 
JSrealc, i.v. koware-ru ; (into frag- 
ments) kudake-ru ; (as, a bottle) icare- 
ru ; (without separating) kujike-ru ; 
(of a long thing) ore-ru ; (as a string, 
of continuity, relations, etc.) kire-ru ; 
(of the weather) kawaru ; (of surface 
bubbles) kie-ru ; (of a boil) no'lkuchi 
ga aku ; tsubure-ru ; (of a boy's voice) 
icoe-gawari ga s ; (be nicked) kake-ru. 

the clouds are ing", kumo- 

gire ga s, 

the day s, yo ga ake-ru. 

to into, (a house) ni/oshi- 

komu ; ni/oshi-iru ; (as a godown) 

wo/yahutte hairu ; ing into a 

cellar, anagura-yahuri ; ing 

into a godown, dozo-yahuri. 

to out, (of war) okoru; 

hajimaru ; (of an epidemic) hassei 
(?^i) s ; (of a conflagration) shuk- 
kwa {^'k.) s. 

to. out again (of an epide- 
mic), saihotsu (3^) 5. 

to up, (of a meeting) san/cioai 

(I5[t) s; kaisan {Wm) s; (of a 
school) yasumi ni nam ; kyiika (1% 
Bg) ni nam ; (as a wreck) hakwai 

mm) s. 

to with (of relations), to/en 

{^) g(^ kire-m ; to/zekko (|gx) s ; 
tojte-gire ni nam. 

Break, t.v. kowasu ; kudaku ; waru\\ 

kujiku ; om ; kaku ; kim ; hakwai 

(^S) s ; hasai {'^^) s ; (throw into 

disorder) midasu ; (a law) okasu. 

to a promise, haiyaku (^ 

to a seal, kaiffi (|g$t) s; 

(improperly) hafit (^M) •^• 

to a set (in selling), hashita 

ni um. 

to ground (engineering), 

kaisaku {^^) s', kiko (|aX) s. 

to in (a horse), shikomu ; 

nori-ire-ru \ narasu. 

to oif, oru ; (negotiations) 

hadan {^^) ni s ; (work, etc.) 

cMzetsu, (4' Is) ■^• 

to off friendship, zekko 

to one's promise, yakusoku 

i^^'M) "^^ yabuTu. 

to open a grave, haka wo 


to prison, ro wo yahuru ; 

hagoku {^^) s ; dakkan (fl^^) s ; 
datsugoku (8^^^) s. 

to the ice (in introducing a 

subject), kiri-dasu. 

to to pieces, tsuhusu ; mecha- 

media ni kowasu. 

to up (for cultivation), 


to up a camp, teisuel (ifSc 


to wind, he wo hiru, or tare- 

ru ; hbhi {^^Mi) s. 

to be broken, the appropriate 
equiv. for Break, i.v. ; (of railway 
communications, etc.) futsu (/fCj^) 
ni naru ; (torn) yahure-ru. 
to be broken down (in means), 

to be broken off (of negotia- 
tions), hadan (^^^) ni naru ; 
haretsu {^'^) s. 

Sreak, n. (discontinuity in space) 

kugiri ; sukima ; aida ; (in time) ma. 

of day, yo-ake ; ake-gata. 

Breakables, n. koware-mono. 

Breaker, n. (wave) shira-nami ; 
(small barrel) midzu-taru. 

Breakfast, n. (morning) asahan ; 
asameshi ; (mid-day) hirumeshi ; chii- 

jiki mM)- 

Breakfast, i.v. asahan, etc., wo 

I have ed, mo asahan ga 



[ 106 ] 


I have not yet ed, mada 

gozen-mae da ; mada asahan-mae 

Break-neck, a. to drive at 

speed, shikku (t^H) s. 

Break-up, n. (as of a polit. party) 

gwakai (JC^?)- 

Breakwater, n, nami-yoke ; hoha- 
tei (Jj^ijlciJk) '■> (ill ^ river) midzu-yoke. 

Breaiii^ n. tai ; (clirysophrys aries) 
hedai ; (c. hasta) kuro-dai ; (hoplo- 
gnathus fasoiatus) ishi-dui ; shima- 
yoko-dai ; (h. punctatiis) ishigaki- 
dai ; (lethxinns haematopterus) fue- 
fuki-dai ; (1. richardsonii) meichi-dai ; 
(pagrus cardinalis) kasugo-dai ; (p. 
major) aka-dai ; odai ; (p tmnifrons) 

Breast, n. (of either sex) mune ; 
(ar,at.) kyobu (B^hK) ; (of a woman) 
chlcfd ; chihusa ; (of a fowl) daki-mi ; 
(fig ) kokoro. 

chicken , hato-mune. 

to make a clean , mwie wo 

uclil-ake-ru ; hakujo (^Jl^) s. 

to seize by the of the 

coat, muna-gura wo torn. 

Breastbone, n. muna-ita ; kybkotsu 

Breast-higli, adv. mune made. 
Breastplate, n. mune-ate. 
Breastwork, n. kyoheki 

Breatli, n. iki ; [one , hito iki] ; 

kokyi'c (1^®). 

he is not to be mentioned in 
the same with (is not com- 
parable to), to/ddjitsu ( [i] ) no ron 
(Ira) ^^^ ^'^ naranu. 

to be out of , wa'\iki ga kire- 


to hold the , iki wo korosu. 

to take , iki icoire-ru; (fig.) 

hito-iki wo tsuku ; yasumu. 

without taking* , iki wo 

tsukadzu ni. 

Breatlie, i.v. iki wo tsuku. ^• 

to one's last, wayiki gatae- 


to upon, ni/iki wo kake-ru. 

to with difficulty, expr. by 

iki-gurusliii [it is painful to ]. 

Breathing", n. iki ; kokyu (n^®)- 
throug"h the nose, hana- 


Breathlessly, adv. iki wo kirasMte ; 
iki wo kitfe. 

Breecll, n. shirl ; (of a gun) daljlri ; 
koshin i'i^^). 

Breeches, n. (long) momoshlki ; 
(short) ham-momoJdki ; (trousers) dzu- 

Breech-loader, n. kosdjii (^^ 

i%) ', moto-gome-ju [a.n. cho (^)]. 

Breed, t.v. sodate-ru ; kau ; shiyo (|n| 
^) s ; (fig., foment) kamosu. 

Breed, i.v. (of insects) waku ; (of 
animals) fue-ru. 

to from, no/tane wo toru. 

Breed, n. tane ; in Chinese com- 
pounds -shu; as, of mixed , 

zasshu (^li) ^0- 

Breeder, n. shiyosha {^^^). 

Breeding', n. (nurture) sodate-kata ; 
sodachi ; kyoiku (fjcW) '■> (of animals) 
shiyo ; (manners) shitsuke. 

Breeding-place, n. makiha [a.n. 

for cattle, hokuchikujo i^^- 

t^) ; ushl-maki. 

Breeding'-time, n. (as of birds) 

sanshoku-ki {MV^^). 

Breeze, n. kaze. 

Breezy, a. kaze no oi ; kaze-datsu. 
Brent-g"OOse, n. kokugan (|^)j^). 
Brethren, n. kyodai ; (iticluding 
women) kyodai-shimai {^^M^'M). 

Brevier, n. (type) * [corresponds in 
size to Japanese type No. 6, rokugo- 
kwatsuji {:^W^^)l 

Brevity, n. (shortness) mJjikai koto ; 
(conciseness) fca?i?!aH(|^^) ; kansetsu 

Brew^, t.v. jozo (^in ) s ; kamosu ; 
(fig.) kamosu. 

Brew^er, n.jozdsha (^i§^); shuzo- 
ka (Mijn^) ; sake-tsukurl. 


[ 107 ] BRI 

Brewery, n. jozdsho i^^f'Jr) ; (of 

sake) sakadzukuri-ha ; saka-gura. 

Bribe, n. icairo (0 HS-) ; mainai ; 
liana- (jusuri ; sode-no-shita. 

Bribe, t.v. ni/wairo ico isukau ; ni/ 
mainai wo yarn ; ni/esa wo kau. 

Bribe, i.v. icairo wo tsukau. 
Bribery, n. wairo. 

affair, shuwai-jiken {l\^MW- 

Bric-a-brac, n. kotto-hin {'WMaa)- 
Brick, n. rengwa ; rengwaseki {>'^% 

s (child's plaything), tsumi-ki. 

tea, dancha ($^^). 

fire , taikwa-rengwa {^'A'^ 

Brick, a. rengwa-dzukuri no. 

Bricklayer, n. rengwa-tsumi ; ren- 
gwa-shoku {>^Wi^). 

Brickmaker, n. rengwa-yaki. 

Bride, n. hana-yome. 

Bridegroom, n. hana-muko. 

Bridg'e, n. hashi [a.n, kasho] ; (of 
musical instrument) koma. 

s (general term), kyoryo (^ 

keeper, Jiashi-'ban; hashi- 


of boats, funa-hashi. 

of the nose, hana-suji. 

cantilever , *. 

draw , Jiane-hashi. 

iron , ietsu-lKishi ; tekkyo {^ 


pontoon , uki-hashi. 

stone , ishi-hashi ; sekkyo (^ 


suspension , tsuri-hashi. 

swing , mawari-'bashi. 

temporary , kari-hashi. 

the approaches of a , hashi 

no tamoto. 

the sacred (at Nikkd), 

(o) mihashi ; f go shinkyo (^ijJf^). 

trestle , kachukyb (^^^). 

two-arched , megane-hasM. 

[other kinds are maruki-hashi, a 

log" , taiko-hashi, or sorl- 

hashi, a round-backed, ornamental 

, and mannen-hashi {'^if.)^). 

a narrow plank erected over 

mountain streams above the reach 
of freshets]. 

Bridg'e, t.v, ni/hashi wo kakeru ; 
ni/ hashi wo kasetsu (^15) ^• 

to be d (of a river), ni}hashi 

ga kakatte oru. 

Bridg-e-stoiie, n. mizo-huta-ishi. 

Bridle, n. tadzuna [a.n. hon (:2fc) ; 

Bridle, t.v. to the passions, 

yoku {^) wo sei ({jflj) •<?. 

Brief, a. te-mijikai; kantan (^.p.) 
na I (abridged) ryaku (lag^) shita. 

Briefly, adv. te-mijikaku ; tsumande ; 
kai-tsumande ; te-mijika ni ; kantan 
ni ; ara-ara. 

Briefness, n. kantan. 

Brier, n. hara ; (bramble) ihara. 

Brigade, n. (mil.) ryodan. 

fire , shobo-gumi ', shobbtai (fj^' 

mixed , konsei-ryodan (jjJJsJc 


Briga€lier, n. ryodanchb [MMW)- 

Brigand, n. sanzoku (U-lM)- 

mounted .- s, hazoku {^^). 

Briglit, a. akiraka na ; (full of light) 
akarui ; (of the eyes) suzuyaka na ; 
(cheery) yoki (|^^) na ; (of colours) 
hade na ; (of weather) kwaisei ('|^B§) 
710 ; (intelligent) ki no kiita ; hatsumei 


eyed, me no patchiri shita. 

to be , hikaru. 

Brighten, t.v. hikarase-ru ; (polish) 

to up, nojtsuya wo dasu. 

Brigiiten, i.v. hikatte kuru. 

to up (of weather), hare-ru ; 


Brigiitness, n. tsuya ; hikari ; kwb- 

ki am)' 

Brilliance, n. hikari ; kvjosai (^ 



[ 108 ] 


Brilliant, a. (fig.) hanahanashU ; 
kencho {MM) na. 

exploit, ikun {^Hj). 

to be , pika-pika s ; tera- 

tera s. 

Brilliantly, adv. (fig.) migoto ni. 

Brim, Ji.fuchi. 

Brimful, a. ippai (— -t^) haitta. 


ippai ni natte oru. 

ISrimful, adv. ippai ni. 

Brindled, a. tora-ge no. 

Brine, n. shio-midzu. 

Bring", t.v. (a thing) motte kuru ; (a 
person) tsurete kuru ; (an animal) 
hiite kuru [tliese distinctions are not 
always observed]. 

to about, (arrange) ni/hakdbi 

ICO tsuke-ru ; (accomplish) shi-toge- 
ru ; (canse) kitasu ; shoji-ru (^). 

to across, watasu. 

to an action, kiso (JB|^) s. 

to an action against, ico/ 

aite-doru ; wojuttae-ru. 

to back, motte kaeru ; tsurete 

kaeru ; (as, an answer) moratte ku- 
to forth, (bear), umu ; shussJio 

to forward (a topic), ii- 

dasu ; moshitate-ru. 

to in, (from outside) tori- 

komu ; (a bill) teishutsu (J.|{i]) s. 

to on, okosu. 

to out, mochi-dasu ; tsure- 

dasu; (a book) shuppan (ttHK) s; 
(a vessel) kicaiko s ; officers 

cliarged v/ith ing out a 

vessel, kwaiko-iin {M^^m)- 

to over to one's side, to7-i- 

komu ; kochi no mono ni hiki-tsuke- 

to tog*ether, (assemble) 

atsume-ru ; (join) awase-ru. 

to ...... up, (vomit) haki-dasu; 

m.odosu ; (educate) sodate-ru ; kyo- 
iku (f^^) 5 ; to i)e brought up, 

to upon one's self, maneku. 

to with one, jlsan (J$#) s ; 

keitai (|^=if ) s. ' * 

Bring'ing'-np, n. sodachi ; sodate- 

Brinlv, n. kiwa ; kishi. 

Briny, a. shioppai. 

Brisk, a. (of persons) haki-haki 
sMta ; (of i^ersons and trade) kwap- 
patsu (JS'i^) ^^Gt- 

Briskly, adv. haki-haki shite ; kimi 

Briskness, n. kwappatsu. 

Bristle, n. kovoai ke ; ara-ge. 

Bristle, i.v. to up (lit. and 

fig.), ke wo sakadate-ru. 

British, a. Elkoku (^^) no ; Igirlsu 

Columbia, Eiryo-KoromMa. 

India, Eiryo-Indo {'^Mt^^^M.)- 

subject, Eikoku-shimmin (5£ 


Brittle, a. moroi ; koware-yasui. 

Broacll, t.v. (a cask) no/kucld ico 
ake-ru ; (a topic) ii-dasu ; (a secret) 
kuchi-hashiru ; kogwai ( P ^h) s; 


Broad, a. haha no hiroi ; hiroi ; (of 
piece goods) o-haha no. 

...... g-auge, kwokido ( ^^M)- 

in daylight, hakuchu {t\ 

g) ni ; mappiruma ni ; hiru-hinaka 

it is an inch , haha ica issun 

Broad-minded, a. kokoro, or hara, 

no bkii ; tairyb {-hm) ^^<^- 
Broad-sliouldered, a. kata no- 
hiroi ; kata no hatta. 

Broadside, n. hengen-seihatsu (f^^ 


Broadwise, adv. yoko ni. 

Brocade, n. (name of an import) 
mon-kanakin; (Japanese) nishiki. 

Chinese , kara-nisldki. 

gold , kinran (^f-^). 

Kyoto (one kind), nishijin-ori 

silver , ginran {^M). 

Broil, t.v. aburu. 


[ 109 ] 


IBroiliiig", a hot, kogeruybni 


weather, enten (j^^). 

Hroken-backed, a. koski-nuke no. 
to be ....... wa] koshi ga nukete 


JBrokeii-wiiid, n. naira. 

35roken-wiiicled, a. naira-ke no 

Sroker, n. nakadacMnin [Com. Co.] ; 


I5rokerag'e, n. (commission) kbsen 
(Pl^); tesiiryo {^IJf^) ; (business) 
nakadachi-eigyo H^iL'M'M) [Com. 

Bromide of potassiiiiiij shuso- 
kari i^^MW.)' 

Bromine, n. shuso.^ 

Broiicliial-tiibes, n. kibwanshi{M, 

Bronchitis, n. kikwanshi-en (^^ 
^3^) ; kikwanshi-katarii. 

Bronze, n. kara-kane ; seido {ff^^). 
...... statue, dozo (iij0)- 

Brooch, n. eri-dome ; mune-kazari. 

Brood, i.v. (mentally) mono-omoi wo 
s ; kuyo-kuyo omou. 

to over, idsu-idsu kangae-ru ; 

ku ni s. 

Brood-mare, n. tane-meuma. 
Brook, n. kogawa. 

Broom, n. (cytisus) enishlda; (for 
sweeping) kusa-hbki [general name 

for s made of stalks]. 

bamboo , taka-hoki. 

millet-stalk , morokoshi- 


palmetto-fibre , shuro-hoki. 

Broomstick, n. hoki no e. 

Bros, n. (brothers) kyodai-shokwai 

Broth, n. shiru; isuyu; dashi; 
" soppu." 
too many cooks spoil the , 

hito okereha koto naradzu. 

rothel, n. joroya (:^gPM) ; yiijoya 
(jIjE^M) ; kashi-zashiki {M^§X) I 
giro iti^^). 

quarter, kuruwa ; yukwaku 

toro (^^) .9; 

to g-o to a 


Brother, n. kyodai {^^); (one's 
fellowman) doho (IflHg,) [esp. in sense 
of compatriot]. 

s together, kyodai-doshi. 

elder , ani ; ani-san ; ani-ki ; 

(honorific) ani-san. 

young-er , ototo; shatei; 

(honorific) otbto-go ; go shatei (itp^ 

Brother-in-law, n. (elder sister's 
husband) ans-muko ; gikei (-^H.);. 
(younger sister's husband) imbto- 
muko ; gitei (^-^). 

brothers-in-law, gikybdai (^^ 
Brotherly, a. kybdai no yb na ; kyb- 
dai-gara no; kybdai-dbyo {^^^W) 

Brow, n. mayu ; (eye-brow) mayu-ge. 
to knit the s, hachi no ji (^) 

wo yose-ru ; mayu wo hisome-ru. 

Browbeat, t.v. toi-tsume-ru ; najiru ; 
kitsumon (f^jin) s. 

Brown, a. (light) toU-iro no ; cha-iro 
no; chakasshoku (^||^) no; (red- 
dish) shihu-iro no; (chestnut) kuri- 
irp no ; [akai is often loosely used 

for ; as, boots, akai 


dark , ankasshoku (P^|f^) 

no. "" 

Brown, n. tdbi-iro; cha-iro; shibu- 

Brown, t.v. to a rifle barrel, 

yjushin (i^J) wo ranshoku (^|5) 
ni s. 

Bruise, n. uchi-kidzu ; dahokushb (tT 

^%) '} (trace of) aza. 
Bruise, t.v. my arm is d from 

a blow, ude wo hutarete aza ni 

natte oru. 

Brunt, n. to bear the of the 

attack, kbgeki (:^^) no shb 
ni ataru. 


[ no ] 


Brush, n. hake ; (European) hurashi ; 
(foi writing Japanese) /wde, 

hearth , (of palmetto fibre) 

shuro-hoki ; (of stubble) kwojim- 

paint , e-hake. 

scrubbing , tawashi. 

Brush, t.v. haku ; (boots) migaku ; 
(the hair) tokasu ; (clothes) e/hurashi 
'CO kake-ru ; no/gomi wo otosu. 

to aside, yoko ni harau; 


to away, harau. 

to out (a room), no/gomi wo 


Brush, i.v. to against, nij 


Brushw^ood, n, (standing) shigemi ; 
(cut) soda. 

Brusque, a. sokkenai. 

Brusquely, adv. sokkenaku. 

Brussels-sprouts, n. me-kaheji. 

Brutal, a, zankoku na ; zannin na ; 
zanr/yaku na ; satsuhaisu na : yahan 

mw ^«- 
Brutality, n. zankoku (^J|§) ; za^i- 
nin (^^») ; zangyaku {^^); satsu- 
hatsu (i^fjt). 

Brutally, adv. equiv. of Brutality 

- foil, by 711. 

to be murdered, zansatsu 

i^MWt) sare-ru. 

to treat , gyakutai (^^) s. 

Brute, a courage, hippu (jTU 

^) no yil (^). 
Brute, n. chikusho (^^). 
Brutish, a.jiishin {^>Z^) no. 

Bubble, n. ahuku ; midzu-tama ; ahu ; 
(on surface of liquid) awa. 
to burst like a (come to 

nothing), midzu no awa ni naru. 

Bubble, i.v. icajahuku ga tatsu ; 

Bubo, n. yokone ; hendoku (jM^)- 
Bubonic plague, "pesto " ; koku- 

shihyo {^^jn)' 
Buck, n. 0-jika [a.n. hiki (G5)]v 


Bucket, n. te-oke. 
well , tsurube. 

Bucketful, n. one .... 
ippai {,—%). 

Buckle, n. hijo-gane ; shime-gane. 

Buckle, t.v. noj'hijo-gane xioo shime-ru. 

Buckskin, n. shika no kawa. 

Buckthorn, n. (rhamnus japonicus) 


Buck up, i.v. genkl {jcM,) '^'^^ dasu ; 
isei (^^) wo tsuke-ru. 

Buckwheat, n, soha. 

pure , kisoha {^^0). 

Bud, n. (of a flower) tsuhomi ; (of a 

leaf) me. 
Bud, i.v. wa] tsuhomi ga de-ru ; wal 

me ga de-ru ; me wofuku ; megumu. 

Bud, t.v. ni/me wo tsugu ; ni/me-tsugi 

wo s. 
Buddha, n, Hotoke ; Nyorai ; (Gau- 
tama) Shaka (^all) > Butsu [^), 

's death, JSfehan (vS5§). 

's disciples, Rakan (^^). 

large image of a , Daibutsu 

the five s, Oochi-nyorai {^j^ 

Buddhaizing", a. hutsu-jimita. 

Buddhism, n. Bukkyo {^W) ', -Bwp- 

po(f^'^); Butsudbi^m- 
Buddhist, n. Bukkyd-shinja ; Buk- 

kyo-shinto Hf^iWcim^) '. Bukkyoto. 

Buddhist, a. Buppd no. 

canon, Issai-kyb (— -^|S). 

idol , Butsuzb (^ ffi ) . 

monastery, tera ; jlin (^]^). 

picture, Butsugwa ('^jfi). 

priest, hozu {^^); osho {^[i 

f^); so (It). 

scriptures, Bukkyo {^f^). 

temple, Bvtsudo {^r^) ; ga- 

ran (fj/ilSi) ; (in wide sense) tera ; 
[as a rule a Buddhist temple has 
two names, one ending in -ji (^), 
the other in -san (Uj)]. 

Budge, i.v. ugoku. 

will not an inch (fig.), ippo 

(•— ^) mo shbizokanai. 


[ 111 ] BUL 

Budget, n. yosan-an {WM-^) 5 yosan. 

supplementary , tsuika- 

yosan (iilm^^). 
Buff, a. (colour) gampi-iro no. 
Buffalo, n. yagyii (if^) [a.n. UH 

water , suigyu (tK'T)- 

Buffer, n, kwanshoki (^®^) ; nan- 

dbki mm^)- 

state, chukan-koku {^f^W)i 

kansho-koku (^^^). 
Buffoon, n. (professional) hokan (^ 
r^); taiko-mochi ; (general) odoke- 
Bug", n. nankin-mushi. 
Bug'bane, n. awaho. 

Bugle, n. rappa (PjlJH) ; (ajuga de- 
CLimbens) kikuba no juni-hitoe. 

call, goo7i m'W)- 

to sound a , rappa wo fuku. 

Bugler, n. rappashu (ffflJH^) ; rappa- 

Bugleweed, n. ezo-koshirone. 

Bugloss, n. ushi no shitagusa. 

Build, t.v. tate-ru ; fushin {^tn) ^ i 
kenchiku (^^) s; (a fort, etc.) 

kidzuku ; (a -vessel) koshirae-ru ; kenzo 

mm) s. 


built into the wall (as 

shelves), tsukuri-tsuke no. 

to a temple, tera wo konryu 

to up again (fig, one's coun- 
try's fortunes, etc.), saiko (1^®) s. 

Build, i.v. fushin wo s. 

is in course of i^ig, fushin- 

chu {^tj^^) da. 

Build, n. (manner of building) tate- 
kata ; (of body) taikaku (|^t-§). 

of I'.rge , o-gara no. 

ship of Japanese , niJion- 

gata-sen; tcasen (^nl5). 
Builder, n. (contractor) kenchiku- 
ukeoinin ; kenchikunin (H ^ A) ; 
(mason) ishiya ; (carpenter) daiku. 

Building, n. (act of) fushin; ken- 
chiku; zoei (xa*^)) (the fabric) tate- 
mono ; kasaku (^t^) ; (of a vessel) 

s (general term), kaoku {^M)- 

land, takuchi (^itfe). 

materials, kenchiku-yozai ( ^ 

new (annexe of an hotel), 

shinkwan (^|t). 

Bulb, n. ne [lit. root] ; tama ; (of a 
thermometei) kyu (5^). 

Bulbul, n. brown-eared , hiyo- 


Bulge, i.v. to out, haramu; 


Bulk, n. (largeness) kasa ; (dimen- 
sions) okisa ; (cargo) ni ; (quantity, 
of goods) yoseki (§^). 

in (without covering), muki- 

dashi ni. 

the greater , okata ; tdbun 

Bulkliead, n. kakuheki (Piii) ; shi- 

Bulky, a. kasabatta. 
to b3 , kasaharu. 

Bull, n. o-ushi [a.n. hiki (15)] ; 
(com.) kalya. 
the (astron.), kinqyukyu (^ 

Bulldog, n. kenkwa-inu {^s.^i^). 

Bullet, n. tama ; dangwan (?||^l). 

mould, keikaku (3il^)- 

expanding , kaiten-dangwan 

shrapnel s, sandan (^?||). 

stray , sore-dama ; ryudan {f^ 

5^) ; nagare-dama. 

Bulletin, n. (doctor's) yodai-gaki (^ 
^^) ; hydsho-nisshi (^^ H |g) ; hyo- 
sho-kiji (^£^nE#) I (mil.) rikugun- 
koho mW-^Wi)- 

Bull-figiit, n. togyugi iU^M)- 

Bullfinch, n. teriuso. 



Bullfrog", n. hiki-gaeru. 

Bullion, n. (uncoined gold or &.U«er) 


gold , kinkwai (^i^). 

silver , ginkwai (^:t^). 

BuUneck, n. ikubi. 

Bullock, n. o-ushi ; (ox) ushi. 

Bull's-eye, n. (of a target) hoshi. 


[ 112 1 


!Blllly, t.v. ijime-ru. 

ing" tiie weak, yowai-mono- 


to a man out of his 

opinion, muri wo itte hito wo 

to irto, muri ni — yo ni 

oshi-isuke-ru ; icolmuri-ojo sase-ru. 

]3lllly, n. dbare-mono ; hokaku {^%). 

IBullying", n. yowaimono-ijime. 

Sulriisll, n. (Japanese )ga/iM; 

(typha angustifolia) hime-gama ; (lake 
club-rush) futo-i. 

Bulwark, n. {naMt) funa-hata ;funa~ 
huchi ; nami-yoke ; (rail) tesuri ; (fig.) 
hainpei (MM-)- 

Biiin'ble-bee, n. kumabachi. 

Buiilboat, n. shokuryossn {^P^ll^). 

Suiiiiiialo, n. sayori. 

Susnp, i.v, ataru ; hutUukaru ; (au- 
dibly) doshi-doshi ataru. 

Sump, t.v. hutsuke-ru. 

to heads together, hachi- 

awase wo s. 

IBump, n. kobu. 

of wisdom (on Amida's 

brow), hyakugo (^^). 

Buuiplviii, n. country , muku- 

dorl ; aka-getto [lit. red blanket]. 

JSuiiiptious, a. namaiki na. 

BuBiiptiously, adv. namaiki ni. 

Bumptiousness, n. namaiki. 

Bun, n. (containing sugared beans) 
manjn (tS^H) 5 ampan ; [the latter are 
not quite as soft as the former]. 

Buncli, n.fusa. 

a of g-rapes, hudo hitofusa. 

Bund, n. kalgan-dbri {:M:f^'M.)- 
Bundle, n. (parcel) tsutsumi ; (in a 
cloth wrapper) furoshiki-dzutsumi ; 
(of sticks, straw, etc.) taha ; wa ; 

to make (sticks, etc.) into a , 


Bundle, t.v. to together, 


to up, tsutsumu. 

Bung", n. sen (:j^). 

Bung-alow", n. hiraya. 

Bung-liole, n. de-guchi. 

Bungle, t.v, yari-sokonau. 

Bungler, n. heta; hebo. 

Bungling, a. (unskilful) bukiyo [7^ 
fs/fi) na; (clumsily made) busaiku 
( ^i'tkIOX) na ; fu-iegiwa no. 

Bunker, n. coal , sekitanso {^ 

p;|)|i|) ; sekitan-gura ; sekitanko {'^ 

}H-^) '■> dampro [c-oolie's term]. 
Bunting, n. (flag-cloth) hata-fu (^ 

Bunting, n, (emberiza elegans) mi- 
yama-hojiro ; (e. sulphurata) nojlko ', 
(e. variabilis) kuroji ; sumiyaki. 

Japan meadow , hojiro. 

masked , aoji. 

painted , ho-aka. 

ruddy , shima-nojiko. 

rustic , kashiradaka. 

snow , yukl-hojiro. 

thickbilled reed , o-jurin. 

yellow-breasted , shima- 

aojl ; chosen-aoji. 

Yezo , nabe-kamuri ; kojurin. 

B^»oy, n. fuhyo {•l^-^^-); uki-jirushi; 
(of an anchor) uke. 

Buoy, t.v. (keep afloat) ukase-ru ; 
(mark by buoys) nijfuhyo wo tsuke-ru. 

Buoyant, a. (tending to float) yoku 


Bur, n. (general) toge no mi ; ho (^) 
[scientific term] ; (of chestnut) ega ; 
iga ; (of the common agrimony) imi- 


Burden, n. (load) ni\ (trouble) 
nanqi (fiflli) ; (of a tax, etc.) futan 
(ttM) ; (of proof, etc.) gimu (^-^) ; 
(responsibility) seme ; sekinin (^^) ; 
(of a ship, in tons) tonsu (Hl^M) ; (in 
koku) kokusu (SSt)- 

f 50 tons , gojliton-dzumi no. 

TO become a to, nojyakkai 

(/gf^) ni naru. 

Burdensome, a. nangi na ; kyu' 
kutsu (I55M) na. . 

Burdock, n. gobo (^^). 

Bureau, n. (sub-dept.) kyoku (^); 

"bui^i); as, mining- , kwozan- 

kyoku (iilljji)- 


[ 113 ] 


JSurg-lar, n. yato (S^) ; osU-komi ; 
goto ; [the latter two are not confined 
to night-robbers]. 

Burglary, n. yakan _{^W\) *^o goto ; 
yato ; oshi-komi ; goto. 

Burg-omaster, n. sMcho (iff^) ; 
(gull) shiro-kamome. 

Burial, n. maiso {MM) "> (funeral) 

tomurai ; sorei (l^ji^) ; in Chinese 
compounds so- ; as, rites, so- 

shiki (^5^). 

permit, maiso-ninkasho [M^ 


service, maisoshiki. 

Burial-g"rouiid, n. hakdba ; hochi 
(^lllj) ; maisochi mM^^) > (of a 
family) hodaisho (^i^p}f) [^ ii- kasho]. 

Burin, n. ta-gane. 

Burniali, n. Blruma (01^). 

Burn, n. yakedo ; kwasho {'Ai%)- 

Burn, t.T. yaku ; mosu ; moyasu ; 
(scorch) kogasu ; (cauterize) yaku ; 
(a criminal) ahuri-korosu. 

to a town (in war), machi wo 

yaki-uchi s. 

to coal, sekitan vio taku. 

to down (purposely), saki- 

harau; to be t down, sho- 

shitsu {j^^) s ; yake-ochi-ru ; (of a 

mud godown) ochi-ru. 

to one's self, yakedo s. 

to be t out, yake-dasare-ru. 

to be t to death, yake-shinu ; 

shoshi (!^^) s. 

to up, yaite shimau ; yaki- 

side-ru ; (firewood, etc.) taki-tsuku- 

su ; to be t up, yakete shimau. 

Burn, i.v. (blaze) moe-ru ; (be con- 
sumed by fire) yakeru ; (be scorched) 
koge-ru ; (have a sensation of heat) 
piri-pirl s ; (smart) shimi-ru. 

the candle s quickly, ro- 

soku no tdbori ga hayai. 

to out (of a candle, etc.), 

taisu ; tatte sMmoAi. 

to make , mosu. 

Burnet, n. cMyu ; eblne ; dangobana ; 
garden , ayame-tarmi. 

Burning', a. yakeru yb na ; hageshii. 

g-lass, hitori-megane. 

point, (of converging rays) 

shoten (S^J^) [used also fig.] ; (com- 
bustion point) hakkicaten (MAlft). 

Burnish, t.v. migaku. 

Burnt-offering", n. hansal (|^^). 

BurroAV, t.v. mogaru ; horu. 

Burrow,, i.v. tsuohi wo horu ; tsuchi 
wo moguru. 

Burrow^, n. ana. 

Burst, n of passion, fungeki 


Burst, i.v. sake-ru ; (of a bomb, etc.) 
haretsu (^i^) s ; (as a bottle) kowa- 
re-ru ; (of a boil) fukkiru ; (of a 
blister) no]kuchi ga aku ; (of clothes) 
yabure-ru ; hari-kiru ; hari-sake-ru. 

to into (enter uproariously), 

e/abare-komu ; e/rannyu (iLA) s; 

e}chmnyu{^^\) s. 

to into tears, watto naki- 


to open, (of a flower) hokoro- 

hu ; (of rijDe fruit) emi-icare-ru. 

to out a second time (of 

fire), sm-kae-ru ; okori-kae-ru. 

to out of, yori/fuki-dasu ; (a 

house) woltohl-dasu. 

Burst, t.v. saku ; ydburu. 
to in, oshi-kowasu. 

Bury, t.v. (in the ground) wne-ru ; 
udzume-ru ; ike-ru ; (a corpse) maiso 
(ffl^) ^ I hbmuru ; ike-ru ; ume-ru. 

to alive, iki-ume ni s. 

to in water, suiso (yjcp) s. 

Burying", n alive, iki-ume. 

Bush, n. (shrub) kwamboku (^HtH:) 
[a.n. kabu] ; (vintner's sign) saka- 

Bushel, n. equiv. to 1 ^o 9 sho 5 go 
Sjaku 3 sai. 

Bushy, a. shigetta ; habarl no yoi ; 
(of the beard) musha-musha to haeia. 
to become , habaru. 

Business, n. (work, affair) yb ; ybji 
(MS-) 5 shigoto ; ybmuki (/TlfSj) ; jlmu 
W^); gyomu {M^); (calling) ka- 
gyb i^M) ; tosei OJ^^) ; (profession) 
shokugyb (^^) ; eigyb (#||) ; (mer- 


[ 114 ] 


can tile calling) shogyo (i^ll) ; (trade) 
shobal (i^^) ; (an industry) jigyo ; 
(dealings) torihiki ; (matter, question) 
koio ; jllcen (^f^) : ikken (— #). 

hours, shitsumu-jlkan (^^ 
IBj; ; eigyo-jikan. 

tax, elgyo-zel C^^H'I^). 

, year, jigyo-jiendo (^II^JS). 

commercial (i.e. job), shoyo 


conversation on .;...., yodan 


I have there, asuko ni yd 

ga aru. 

I have come on j yo ga atte 


it is none of your , omae no 

shitta koto ja nai ; omae no kwan- 
'^61(111^0 su-heki koto de wanai; 

although it is none of my , 

yokel na koio da ga. 

it is not my (duty), icata- 

kushi no kakarl de wa nai. 

no admission except on ! 

miiyo (M,rH) no mono iru hekaradzu. 

orainary , jomu ('^^). 

practical man, jitsugyoka 

public , koyo (o^^) ; komu 


to be in the habit of doing 

(trade) with, to[shiju torihiki 

uo s. 

to close a , helten {^J^) s. 

to make a of, wo/gyo {^) 

to s. 

to open a , kaigyo (^||)s; 

kigyo (|E^) s. 

what is your ? nani go yd 

desu ka. 

go and ask him what his 

is, nan no yo de kita ka tadzunete 

Bust, n. hansUnzo {^^%). 

Bustard, n. great , nogan. 

Bustle, n. sawagi ; zattd (fl^) ; 
(cheerful) nigiwai. 

to be in a , sawagu; (of a 

person, flurried) awate-ru ; (of a 
place) gota-gota s. 

Bustling-, a, (person) sawagashii ; 
(place) nigiyaka na. 

Busy, a. isogashii ; sewashil ; (of 
traffic) liimpan (H^) na. 
I am sorry to have troubled 
you when you were , o iso- 
gashii, or taho na, tokoro wo o jama; 
wo itashimashita. 

I am too to see him just 

now, ima o-torlkomi da kara o me 
ni kakarenai. 

I have been too lately to 

go out, konaida-chii yo ga okute 
soto e derare-nakatta. 

to be , tori-komu ; tayo (^^) 

de aru ; taho {^ft) de aru ; hamho 
(^'Itr) de aru. 

Busy, t.v. to one's self about 

(an undertaking), 7iiJhonso (^^) s. 

Busybody, n. sewa-yaki. 

But, conj. (yet) shikashi ; shikashl 
nagara ; ga at the end of a clause ; 
(only) tada, or tatta, followed by 
hakari, or kiri ; (except) no hoka ni. 

for, de nakereba. 

still, da ga; da keredomo ; 


cannot , yori hoka wa nai. 

I have one, hitotsu shika 


I have nothing this, kono 

hoka ni nani mo nai. 

nothing a joke, hon no 


there is nothing for it to 

go, iku yori hoka wa nai. 

Butcher, n. niku-ya (I^M) ; ushi-ya. 

Butcher, t.v. (cattle) tsubusu ; 
(brutally murder) gyakusatsu (^^) s.. 

Butcher-bird, n. (shrike) mozu. 

Butcher's-broom, n. nagi-ikada. 

Butchery, n. (shambles) togyuha 
iM^^) '■> tosatsuha {^Wt^) > (mas- 
sacre) gyakusatsu. 

Butler, n. (in a nobleman's house- 
hold) zemhu (^^). 

Butiiient, n. (of a bridge) hashi-dai. 

Butt, n. (bank of earth) adzuchi ; 
(target) mato ; (cask) o-daru ; (object 
of merriment) warai-mono ; (of a 
gun) dai. 
end of daijiri. 

small of 


BUT [ 115 1 

JBiitt, t.v. atama de tsuku. 

Butter, n. hata. 

fresh , shin-hata. 

tinned , kwan-hata. 

JButtereup, n. kiwpoge (^li 
vma no ashigaia. 

Buttered, a. haia-nuri no. 

15utterily, n. cho (^) ; cho-cho [a.n. 
ica ; hiki]. 

net, iabo. 

Buttocks, n. shirt ; ketsu ; (single) 

projecting" , defchiri. 

Button, n. hotan ; (knob, of a 
drawer, etc.) tsumami ; (to retain 
tobacco-pouch, etc., at belt) netsuke. 

Button, t.v. noj'hoian wo kake-ru. 

Button-liole, n. hoian no ana. 

Button-liook, n. hotan-kake. 

Buttress, n. tsumhari. 

to support by a , nijtsumbari 

ICO kau. 

Buxom, a. gicanjo (^5t) na. 

Buy, t.v. kau ; motome-ru ; ioru ; (on 
a large scale) kokyii (S^:^<) s ; konyu 
(KilA) s ; (stock in trade) shi-ire-ru ; 
no/shikomi ico s ; (bribe) haishu 

mm s. 

to and keep, katte oku. 

to a pig" in a poke, kal- 

kahurl wo s. 

to "back, kai-modosu. 

to for a mere song", sutene 

7ii kau. 

to for cash, genkin (i^^) 

de kau. 

to in, kai-toru. 

to on credit, kake de kau. 

to up, haishu (H45:) s ; kai- 

komu ; (of govt.) kai-age-ru ; (the 
whole of a number of things) kai- 
shime-ru , (all the places in a 
carriage, etc.) kai-kiru. 

Buyer, n. (customer) kai-te ; (one 
wishing to buy) nozomi-te ; (as dist. 
from seller) kai-kata ; (one who has 
bought) kai-nushi. 

Buying- and selling-, uri-kai; 
haihai (MH)* 


Buzz, i.v. (of an insect) lyumhun nam ; 
(as machinery) hunibun iu. 

Buzzard, n. nosuri. 

eagle , kuma-taka. 

honey , hachi-kuma. 

Japan , aka-nosuri. 

Javan , sashiha. 

rough-legg-ed , keashi-no- 


By, prep, (near) no soha ni ; no icaki 

ni ; as, sit me, xcatakushi no 

soha ni o kake nasai ; (not later 
than) made ni ; made ; as, I shall 

be ready 10 o'clock, jilji made 

ni shitaku ga dekimasho ; that' 

timie, sore made ; (through the agency 
of) ni ; no tame ni ; as, he was 

bitten a dog-, inu ni kamarefa ; 

he was killed dacoits, dohi 

(iH) no tame ni korosareta ; (by 

means of) de ; de motte ; as, boat, 

fune de ; land, oka de; riku 

iW) <^6 » sesLf funaji de; (by 

way of) ico hete ; kara ; wo totte ; as, 

he entered the window, 

mado kara haltta ; (by virtue of) ni 

yotte ; as, treaty, joyaku ni 

yotte ; joyakvjo (fi^|>^±.) ; (near to, 
in passing) no mae ico ; no kinjo wo ; 

as, I passed the temple, tera 

no mae ico forlmashita ; (with a ver- 
bal noun in English) gerund in 
Japanese ; if there is an implied hy- 
pothesis a conditional construction is 
used ; as, he was killed fall- 
ing from the roof, yane kara ochite 
shinda ; you will hurt yourself 

smoking too much, amari 

tahako wo nomu to o karada no gai 
ni nam darb ; (in comparisons) hodo ; 

dake; as, is longer 10 feet 

than, yori jlsshaku hodo nagai ; 
(in si3ecifying dimensions) ni ; as, 
6 feet 3 , sanjaku ni rokushaku. 

and , yiochihodo ; (shortly 

after) yagate. 

far, haruka ni. 

one's self (alone), hitoride; 

(without help) hitori de wa. 

the way, tochii (^4^) de; 

(introducing a topic) tsukanu koto 
^ desu ga. 

day day, hihi ni ; when an 

idea of increase of degree is present 


t 116 3 


-mashi ni is suffixed to tlie noun ; 

as, ki-mashi ni, day day 

more ; toshi-mashi ni, year ...... 

yesiv more. 

N E., kifa sukoshi Jiigashi; 

hoku-'bi-td (:|k^i^). 

one one, hiiotsu-dzutsu [or 

instead of hitotsu the appro- 
priate aux, num.] ; hitotsu-hitotsu 

to calculate the day, lil- 

icari de kaiijo (D!]^) s. 

to come (acquire), te nl iru 

[E. obj. -5- J. subj.] ; as, how 

did you come that book 2 

sono hon wa do shite o te ni iri- 

to hire the hour, jikan- 

gime de yatou. 

to sell the pound, ikkin 

{—Jx) de uru. 

By, adv. to lay 
ICO tame-ru. 

money, kane 

to put , shimau ; kaiadzu- 


to pass , tbri-sugi-ru. 

Kye, by the , toki ni ; tsuide ni ; 

tfiuide nagara. 

I5ye-law, n. klsoku [W^D \ (I'nl© 
relating to details) saisoku (|{g9,!j). 

15 y- election, n. koketsu-senkyo (fi 

Byg'Oiie, a. sugi-satta. 

15yg-one, n. let s be s, sugi- 
satta koto wa torikeshi ni shiyb ja 
nai ka. 

By-patli, n. kando (f^il). 

By-road, n. waki-micM ; nuke-michi. 

Bystander, n. waki ni tatte iru hito ; 
kemhutsunin {^Y/JiK)- 

to send away the s, liito- 

harai ico s. 

15y-street, n. ura-dbri ; (cross-street) 


C, (enumerative) hei (^). 

Cab, n. hasha {^M)- 

Cabal, n. toto (^;1) ; idyo (^|a). 

Cabalistic, a. himitsu (|g;^) no; \ 
okugi (^^) no aru. 

Cabbag'e, n. * ; hotan-7ia ; ha-hotan. . 

Cablsi, n. (hut) koya ; (in a ship) ■ 

senshitsv (■^^). 

first elass , )dtd-shitsu ( l;^ 

m)- ' : 

Cabin-boy, n. {senshitsu no) kyfiji 

{mi±). ■' : 

"Cabinet, n. (council of state) naika- ; 
kit ( F^] ^ ) ; (ditto, in early years of ; 
Meiji) dajokwan (::fei^'g*) [composed 
of Dajb-daijin (:ki^A'E), Sadaijin 
{^kW, & Udaijin {^k^), and a 

certain number of Sangi (#^) or 
councillors] ; (ditto, under the Shogu- 
nate) gorbjil (j$p.^t|3) ; (furniture) 
tansu (H^). 

- council, no/ikaku-kwaigi [p^ 

Cabinet-maker, n. kagushi {^^ 
g]p) ; sashimono-shi ; sashimono-ya. 

Cabinet-size, (of photo.) chugata. 

Cable, n. bdzuna ; (of an anchor) ika- 

one (nautical measure), ichi- 

ren {—^). 

submarine , kaitei-densen {^^ 

Cackle, i.v. (of birds) naka ; saedza- 
ru ; (tattle) hakahanashi wo s ; sat- 


E 117 ] 


Cactus, n. shdboten ; sappb. 

[a large in the Loochoo islands 

is called Bdra\, 

Cadaverous, a. yase-koketa ; shibito 
1^0 yd (^g) na. 

countenance, shiblto-dzura. 

Caddis, n wormy sukn7iiomw- 


Caddis=-fly, n. fukugani. 

Cadence, n. (fall of the voice) yoku- 
on m=W) ; yokuyo mWs)- 

Cadet, n. (son) basshi i^J-) ', 
(naval) kaigun-seito (?^^ife.t;^) ; kai~ 
gun-heigakko-seito {'M'^i^-^^^^M)- 

Cadet-family, n. hekke (^ij^) ; hun- 

ke {^m- 
Cadg"e, i.v, isoro s ; shokkaku (^^) 

wo s. 

Cage, n. (for animals) ori ; (for birds) 

Cairn, n. isliidzuka. 

Caisson, n. sensui-hako (-J^yKiS) ; (for 
ammunition) danyakusha (3^.^^). 

Cajole, t.v. ni/Jietsurau ; ni/kohi-ru; 
ni/omone-ra ; no/kigen wo toru ; woj 
kuchi-guruma ni nose-ru. 

Calce, n, kwashl ; (a concrete mass) 
katamari ; (hard) hi-gwasJd ; (made of 
mochi) mochi-gwashi. 
sponge , kasTxtera. 

Cake, t.v. kaiamaru. 

Cakya-Muni, n. Shaka-muni (|^ 

Calabasli, n.fukube; Jiyofan {^^). 

Calamitous, a. sainan (i^lfl) na ; 
fuko (yf^^) na ; fushiawase na. 

Calamitously, adv. Uamashiku ; 
aware ni ; fuko ni ; kanashiku. 

Calamity, n. sainan {PiM) ; fuko 
{yf^) ; saigai {%^) ; wazawai. 

Calcareous, a. ishihai no ; seki- 
kwaishitsu (^i?c^) no ; ishihai no oi. 

Calcination, n. equiv. of Calcine 
foil, by koto. 

Calcine, t.v. ishihai ni s ; yaite kona 
ni s ; (animal or vegetable subst- 

ances) kuroyaki ni s ; (metal) san- 
kwa mit) s. 

Calculable, a. kanjo no dekiru ; 
kazoerareru ; hakarareru ; sanyo sa- 
reru ; keisan sareru. 

Calculate, t.v. kanjd (|gj^) s ; fca- 

zoe-ru ; hakaru ; keisan (^tJ^) s ; 

(the value of) mi-tsumoru ; (with a 

view to a future enterprise) tsumoru. 

is ..^...ed to, indie, pres. foil, by 

kanjd da, omowareru, or shite aru ; 


behaviour of that kind is 
ed to cause niucli trou- 
ble, sono yd na okonai wa dii 
konnan {WfM) i(^o shojlru to omowa' 

to upon, tsumori, ov miJ^omi 

de aru ; as, 

I on receiving an answer 

next month, raigetsu {'^H) henjl 
(M^) 0'^'-' kuru tsumori d:i. 

Calculating', a. (in a bad sense) 
kanchi (^^) no aru ; (of a person). 

Calculus, n of variations, 

henkwan-sampo (^>j^J^tfe). 
differential , hihun-sanmch 

integral , sekibun-sampo (f^ 


urinary , sekirin {:SM) i kes- 

sekibyo (|j^S^). 

Calculation, n. kanjd {§jl'^) ; kei- 
san ; (act of) equiv. of Calculate 
foil, by koto ; (mental) tsumori ; (of 
a coming event) yotei ii^"^). 

exact , seisan ()^^). 

rough , gaisan (iJ||:). 

Calendar, n. koyomi ; reki ; (alma- 
nac) rekisho (®#*). 

a month, rekigetsu (M^)- 

European , seireki (ts/^)- 

lunar (Chinese), inreki (j?^ 


new , shinreki (^r®)- 

old , kyureki (^ j§). 

solar , taiyoreki [MMM)' 

Calf, n. (animal) ko-ushi ; (of the leg) 

fukurappagi ; komura. 
lo^e, hatsu koi. 


[ 118 ] 


Calibre, n. (diameter) 7co/cei (p^) ; 
sasJd-icatashi ; chokkei (ii^@) ; (of a 
gun) suguchi; hoko (?fSP); kokei 
(P@); (of mind) noryoku (^^:;^) ; 

kiryo mm.)' 

Calico, n, sarasa ; kyarako ; kana- 

Cafig-rapliy, n. nosho (tg#) ; hi- 
hitsu (^^). 

CaligTapliist, n. noshoka (t^#^) ; 

Call, t.v. (assemble) shoshu {^ 

(assemble, of students) hoshii (^^) 
s ; (give a name) nadzuke-ru ; (name) 
tonae-ru ; iu ; mosu ; (summon) yohu ; 
(summon in) yobi-komu. 

to back, yobi-kaesu ; ydbi- 


to forth, dasu ; furui-okosu. 

to in, (a doctor) kake-ru; 

(withdraw from circulation) hiki- 

age-ru ; hiki-kaete yaru. 

to names, warukuchi wo iu ; 

akko {W;U)s. 

to near, yohi-yose-ru. 

to out, yobi-dasu ; (the re- 
serves) shoshu s. 

to over, ichi-ichi ydbi-tate-ru ; 

ichi-ichi ni yobu. 

to the roll, tenko (i,^llf ) s. 

to together, yobi-atsume-ru ; 

shoshu (^^) s. 

to to mind, omoi-dasu; 

omol-tsuku [E, obj, -i- J. subj.], 

■what is that ed ? sore wa 

nan to iu mono ka ; sore wa nan to 

moshimasu ka. 

Call, i.v. (visit) tadzune-ru ; ukagau ; 
(used to another) homon {n}j\a\) s. 

to at (in passing) ni/tachi- 

yoru ; niiyoru ; (of a ship) e/isuke- 
ru ; e'yoru : e/kiko {^'^) s. 

to on, tadzune'Tu ; wo/ homon 

(tSfol) ^^ ; (^ sick person) mimau; 
wo/mlmal ni yuku. 

to out, oki na koe wo dasu ; 

(for help) scikebu. 

to out to (a person), yohi- 

kake-ru ; ni/koe wo kake-ru. 

to upon (to perform an act), 

ni 7 CO saisoku (f^fS) s ; sai" 

JcoJcu (fi-^O s [Com. Co., Civ. Fro.]. 

Call, n. (for help) sakebi ; (on a sick 
person) mimai ; (visit) tadzune ; />o- 

deposit at , toza-adzuke-kin, 

return , henrei (Mij^)- 

to pay a (on shares), harai- 

komi wo s [Com. Co.]. 

Calling", n. kagyo (^H) ; shokugyo 
(fiiiili) ; hongyo \i^M) ', (employment) 
shigoto ; nariwai ; tsutome ; (trade) 
shobai (j^M)- 

Callosity, n. tako (P|g) ; mame. 

Callous, a. (fig.) jo (j-^) ni utoi ; mujo 
i^'fn) n<^ '■> reitan (?^'^) no ; nasake 
no nai ; awaremi no nai. 

Callously, adv. mujo ni ; reitan ni ; 
nasake naku ; awaremi naku. 

Callousness, n. mvjd ; reitan ; awa- 
remi no nai koto. 

C allow", a. (immature) chi-kusai (fL 
^) ; chi no ka no nukenai [vulg.]. 

Calm, a. (in face of danger) ochi- 
tsuita ; (of a person) ochitsuita ; 
chinchaku (y^^) na ; chbicho {\^ 
^) na; (of the sea) odayaka na ; 
nagi no yoi ; shidzuka na ; (of wea- 
ther) helon (■^^) na ; nodoka na ; 
uraraka na. 

to he, naglte i-ru ; nagi da. 

to become , ochitsuku ; (of 

sea) nagi-ru. 

Calm, t.v. (appease) yawarage-ru ; 
shidzume-ru ; nadame-ru ; nagusame- 

to be ed, shidzumaru. 

to one's anger, ikari wo 


to one's self, ki wo ochi- 


Calm, i.v. (of the wind) nagi-ru. 
to down, osamaru. 

Calmly, adv. shidzuka ni ; ochitsuite ; 
nodoka ni ; odayaka ni ; chinchaku 
ni ; chincho ni. 

Calmness, n. (of sea) nagi ; (of 
weather) heion ; (self-reijose) ochi- 
tsuita koto ; odayaka na koto ; chin- 
chaku ; chincho. 

Calomel, n. keifun (HIJ) ; kanko 


[ 119 ] 

Caloric, n. kwaJci {'AM.)- 

Calorimeter, n. solmonld {jM^Wi- 

Caltrop, n. (bot.) hamabishi. 

Caninmiate, t.v. soshiru ; zanso 
(lU^^) s; zanr/en (^W) « ; hibo (p 
1^) s ; hiki {%^M) -^ ; zamho [WM) s ; 
hukoku (Miq) s. 

Caliimiiiatioii, n. equiv. of Calum- 
niate foil, by koto. 

Caluiimiator, n. zansha (H^) ; 
hibosha iWrn-^) ; hikisha (mM^) ; 
hukokuslvt ItW^'^) \ zamhosha (^ 

Caluiiiiiy, n. soshiri ; zanso ; zan- 
gen ; hihb ; hiki ; hukoku ; zambo. 

Calyx, n. uiena ; (iifter the ^oetals 
have fallen) lieta. 

CaToibortia, n. Kamhocha. 

Ca^Mel, n. rakuda (ifp). 

Bactrian , niho-rakuda. 

Ca^iiellia, n. tsuhaki. 

flower, tsuhaki no hana. 

oil, tsuhaki no ahura. 

Camera, n. * ; shashinki. 

Camlet, n. goro ; goro-fukurin. 

Camomile, n. kamltsure ; (med.) ku- 

yoku {"^M)- 
Camp, n. jin-ei i^'-^) ; jln {f$) ; gun- 
ei {'^■'^) ; jinya mm). 

liill (at Yokohama), Yato- 


to out, nojuku (if^) s. 

to pitch, a , jln wo toru ; jln 

wo haru ; setsuei (^^) s. 

to strike , fm wo hiku ; tetsu- 

el im^d) s. 
■Casiipaig"!!, n. ekl (^3;) ; sen-eki {^ 
^); sulshi{]^m). 

plan of , sakusen-kelkwaku 


to take part in a , jiigun 

'Cam]>aiiile, n. kane-tsukido ; shoro 


Campanula, n. tsurigane-so. 

i); (best 

Camphor, n. shono ( 
quality) ryilnb (f|J5f ). 

refined , hennb {fcM)- 

tincture of , henno-chinki. 

Camplior-tree, n. kusu. 

Camplior-woocl, n. kusu no ki. 

CampiiiS4-gT02iiicl, n. skaelchi (^ 


Camp-stool, n. shogi {fjf.^). 

Camping"-out, n. nojuku ; roel (^ 

Can, n. (for tinned meats) kwan (^). 

Can, t.v. kwandzume ni s. 

Can, i.v. expr. by the potential, by 
intrans. form of the verb, or by the 
pres. indie, foil, by koto ga dekl-ru. 
Deki-ru, which is literally " to come 
forth," IS used as the potential of 
suru, to do. 

Canal, n. hori-icari; horl-kawa; 
(anat.) kwan (^) ; (as part of a name) 
hori ; (drain) mlzo ; kokyo (r^.Ji) ; 
(on a large scale) unka {'^M). 

Canard, n. kyoho (^$g) ; kwaden 

Canary, n. (bird) kanarla. 

Is. Kanaria-sliotb {^%). 

Cancel, t.v. (annul) hai ()^) 5 ; torl- 
kesu ; halshi (^it) s ; (obliterate) 
kedzuru ; massatsu {^^) s ; sakujo 

mm s. 

the contract has heen led, 

yakujo ga kaijo nl natta. 

to a contract, yakujo (j?.^^) 

wo kaijo (B?[l^) s. 

Cancellation, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Cancel foil, by koto ; torl-keshi ; (of 
a contract) kaijo (^?I^) ; (of a law) 
haishi (j^lL) ; (of an article) sakujo 


Cancer, n. gan (^) ; (astron.) kyo- 
kaikyu (^^^). 

of the breast, nyugan{% 


of the stomach, igan ( ^^). 

tropic of , geshisen {'K^^k) > 

hokkwaikisen (4b [51 1%^)- 


[ 120 ] 


Candid, a. (of persons) Jcoketsu (i^ 
•J^) na ; tampaku (v2^Q) na ; seiren 
(inM) '^^ J assari shita ; akarasama 
na ; rokotsu na ; (of statements) 
uchi-aketa ; tsutsumi-kakushi no nai ; 
akarasama na ; rokotsu {'^%) na. 

Candidly, adv. uchl-akete ; tsutsumi- 
kakushi naku ; akarasama ni ; ro/co- 
tsu 7li. 

Cazididate, n. kdhosha (l^fFli^t) » 
(for exam.) shigwansha (ju^M^)- 

Candidness, n, (of persons) koke- 
tsu ; tampaku ; seiren ; rokotsu ; 
assari shita koto ; (of statements) 
rokotsu ; uchi-aketa koto ; tsutsumi- 
kakushi no nai koto. 

Candied, a. satodzuke no ; satosei 
(SliM^) no. 

Candle, n. rosoku (ilill'ii;^)- 

to offer a (at a shrine), o ro 

wo ageru. 

Candle-end, n. tsukai-nokori no 

Candle-lig'lit, n. rosoku no akari ; 

shokkwo {fyt)- 
Candle-power, n. [a. n. shoku]. 
ten , jisshoku { -tj^i). 

Candle- stick, n. (small, of metal) 
teshoku ; (tall) shokudai ; rosoku^ 
tate ; [The Japanese formerly used 
what is called a homhori, a sort of 
hand lantern, as a bedroom ]. 

Candour, n. (frankness) koketsu 
(i^iM) 5 tampaku (-^1^); (freedom 
from bias) komei (■S-RjJ) ; mushi 

Cand3^, t.v. satodzuke ni s. 

Cane, n. (for school use) muchi ; 
(rattan) to (f§) ; (walking stick) tsue ; 

Cane, t.v. (schoolboy) ni/muchi wo 

Cane-bottomed, a. to-hari no. 

Cane-cliair, n. to-isu. 

Cane-brake, n. yahu ; takayabu. 

Cane-seat, n. (of rikisha) to-huta. 

Cang'ue, n. kuhi-kase. 

Canine-tooth, n. kiha ; kiml^a 

Canister, n. (for tea) chatsubo ; cha- 
ire ; (cylindrical) chadzutsu ; (shot) 
tettodan {WiWM)' 

Cannibal, a country, shoku- 

jin-koku (:^AP)._ 
race, hitokui-jinshu. 

Cannon, n. taiho (i^Ti^) ; odzutsu 

ball, Jiodan {^^f^.). 

the sound of , hosel (U^^). 

Cannonade, t.v. hdgekl (Tl^p) s. 

Cannonade, n. hdgekl (li^||). 

Cannon-ball, n. taiho no tama ; 
hodm (TfS?f_) ; hbgan {i^^%) ; dan- 
gwan {W%). 

Cannot, i.v. dekinai ; koto ga deki- 
nai ; also neg. of the potential or 
intrans. form of the verb ; icake ni 
wa ikanu, or mairimasenu, follov,dng 

Canoe, n. utsubo-'bune ; maruki-hune. 

Canon, n. (law) norl ; winori. 
Buddhist , hukkyo ( iJ\M)- 

Canonical, a. (not apocryphal) sel- 
kei (iE|g) no. 

books, (Buddhist) okyo (H); 

kyoten (ilS-ffi-) ; kyomon (f^i) ; is- 
saikyo (— tQ-^). 

Canonicals, n. shikifuku i^JlU.) ; 
(Buddhist) hofuku {'^m.). 

Canonize, t.v. shinsel (jjiiii^) to s ; 
(Buddhist) jobutsu {^^^) sase-ru. 

Canopy, n. tengai {'^^) ; (of the 
Emperor) ryitgai (f|^). 

Cant, n. kuchi-guse. 

Cant, t.v. katamuke-ru ; katageru. 

Cantate, n. shl-kujuhachi-hen {^^ih 

Canter, t.v. kakesase-ru. 

Canter, i.v. (of the horse) kake-ru ; 
(of the rider) Jcake wo noru. 

Cantlaarides, n. hammyb (ItetS)- 
Can thus, n. (anat.) mejirl ; mana- 

external , gwaishi (^'hW). 

CAK [_121 ] 

Canticle, n. sho (^). 

Cantilever, n. udegi- 

Canvas, n. (for bags, shoes, etc.) 
dzukku; (sail-cloth) ho-momen. 

Canvass, t.v. to for votes, 

tdhyo (tS:^) f-^o motome-ru. 
Canvasser, n. kwanyum (tf]s^M.) ; 
undosha [MWP-^') 5 honsonin (^^A). 
Canvassing', n. kwanyu. 

tour, ijfizel (ilft). 

Caoutchouc, n. gomu (ig^). 

Cap, n. kaburl-mono ; hbshi (lp|l^) ; 
(deer-stalker) torluchi-ho ; torl-uchi ; 
(mil. & nav.) gumho (jfilpl); (of a 
gun) kwan ; raikwan (ff^-) ; (police- 
man's, etc.) kwambo (ll'lfi) ; (worn 
by Japanese judges) hobd (iilll|) ; 
hokwan (v^^) *, [Japanese caps 
forming part of the ancient court 
dress were called kammuri and 

Capable, a. generally expr. by the 
passive and intrans. forms of the 
verb ; (of performing duties) ikitodo- 
ita ; shikaku no aru ; yui (^^) no ; 
shuwan [^^) no aru. 

a box of holding this 

much, kore dake hairu yo na 


to be of, ni/iki-todoku ; nij 


Capability, n. saino {-^t^) ; klryo 

mm.) ; shuwan {^U)' 
Capacious, a. (large) bki na ; 

(roomy) hlroi. 

Capacity, n. (legal) nbryolcu it^-fi) 
[Civ, Co.] ; (of space) yoryb (^M) 5 
yoseki (#f:^) ; (qualijEication, quality 
in which one acts) shikaku (^/|^^) ; 
mibun (^^); (understanding) chie 
mM) ; saiki (;t^) ; kiryo (^M)- 
carrying (of a ship), seklryb 

person of full , nbryokusha 

{i^-nm [Com. Co.]. 

person without legal , mu- 

noryokusha (#1^^:^^). 

Cape, n. misaki ; saki ; hana ; (cloth- 
ing, man's) kappa ; (woman's) kaia- 


Cap-k-pie, zenshin (^ J|) ," zentai (^ 
|:f:) ; mans/tm (ff^Jl), 

Caparison, t.v. (a horse) ni/ha-i (.H 
35c) v:p kake-ru. 

Caper, n. (used in sauces) *. 

Caper, n. odorl-haneru koto ; kuruu 

Caper, i.v. (frolic) odoru ; odorl-hane- 
ru ; kuruu. 

Capillary attraction, mosal no 
inryoku (^1;^). 

Capillary-vessel, n. mosalkwan 

Capita, per , ichln'm ni tsukl. 

Capital, n. (metropolis) mlyako ; 
shufa (-M-/]^) ; shuto {-^U) : (money) 
motode ; motokin ; shikln (i^^) ; shi- 
hon (iif^) ; shlhonkln ; (of a column) 

circulating , yudzu-shihon 

fixed , kotel-shihon {^'^1^ 


foreign , gwaishi {jfhft)- 

paid-up , haralkomi-shikin ; 


subscribed , obo-shikin (^, 


unpaid , mlharal-shlkin ; mi- 


Capital, a. (excellent) goku yol ; sa'ijo 
(;^_b) no', migoto no ; taishita. 

crime, shikei (^fij) ni shosu- 

heki hanzai (^ll|f|). 

letter, kasMra-moji ; kashi- 


...... punishment, shikei (^^'ij) 

[Cr. Co.] ; shlzai (^P|). 

to inflict pimishment on, 

wo/shizai ni okonau ; woj shikei ni 
shosuru ; nijshikei ico shikkb (^ 

Capital, interj. suteki da', umai! 

umai ! 

Capitalist, n. shihonka (^7^^) ; 
kinshu (^i); toshisha (J^^^). 

Capitalize, t.v. shihon ni muke-ru. 

Capitalization, n. shihon ni mu- 
keru koto. 

CAP [ 122 i 


Capitally, adv. joto (±.-^) ni ; goku 
umaku ; migoto ni. 

Capitation, n tax, jintozel 

Capitulate, i.v. kosan (|J$#) s ; ko- 

fuku (P^^R.) s ; kudaru. 

Capitulation, n. kosan ; kofuku. 

Caprice, n. waga-mama ; kimagure ; 
muragi ; utsurigi ; kimama. 
a sudden , deki-gokoro. 

Capricious, a, kawari-yasui ; akip- 
poi ; utsurigi na ; muragi na ; kima- 
gure na ; kimama na. 

to be 


Capriciously, adv. waga-mama 7ii ; 

kidzui ni ; kimama ni ; akippoku ; 
utsurigi ni ; kimagure ni ; muragi ni. 

Capriciousness, n. v. Caprice. 

Capricorn, n. (astron.) makatsukyu 

tropic of , tojisen (^M^xfJ I 

nan-kwaikisen (MIS]§§^^)- 

Capsicum, n. togarashi. 

Capstan, n. manriki (H;^) ; rokuro 

(flili.) 5 maki-rokuro. 

Capsule, n. (hot.) tane-hukuro ; 

(med.) /u/afro-(7wsi(ri. 

Captain, n. (military) rikugun-taii 
{^^W'XWi) \ (naval) kaigun-taisa (f^ 
IP^A""^) ; (of a man-of-war) kancho 
(1^^) ; (of a merchant ship) sencho 

{mm- ' 

surgeon- , itto-gun-% (— ^^ 

Caption, n. daimoku (f^g); nadai 

Captious, a. (of a person) rikutsii- 
hatta ; ki-mudzukasliii ; rikutsuppoi ; 
(of the thing said) rikidsugamashii. 
"peYsony rikutsu-ii. 

Captiously, adv. rikutsubatte ; ki- 
mudzukashilcu ; rikutsuppoku. 

Captiousness, n rikidsubaru koto ; 
ki-mudzukashii koto ; rikutsuppoi 

Captivate, t.v. nojkokoro wo uhau ; 
nolkokoro wo hiku. 

to be d (by a woman at first 

sight), ico/misome-ru. 

Captivating", a. aikyo no aru. 

Captive, n. toriko ; horyo (ti0) *» 
to be , toriko ni natte oru. 

Captivity, n, toriko ni natte oru 
that bird •will not live in , 

ano tori ujo tsukamaete oite wa 
shinde shimau. 

Captor, n. hokwakusha (J|^^). 

Capture, n. hokwaku {^M) j (of a 
town) ryakushu (Pig-^). 

Capture, t.v. toriko ni s ; ikedoru ; 
torae-ru ; (a ship) hokwaku {^^) s ; 
hoda (Hf^) s ; (a town) nottoru ; 
ryakushu s ; (carry off) kasume-ru ; 
(game) toru ; hokwaku s ; (make 
prize of) hundori ni s. 

Car, n. kuruma ; (of a balloon) fune ; 
(of a god) dashi ; yatai ; (on which 
the sacred emblem is carried at a 
native festival) mikoshi ; (ornament- 
ed with spears) yamahoko. 
dining" , shokudosha {^^ 

electric tram 


sha iWlM^W-) ' densha (^^). 
lugg-age (of a train), kwa- 

sha iWcm- 

passenger (on a railway), 

kyakusha (§!^I) ',fune [vulg.]. 
sleeping , shindaisha (^"^ 


tram , tetsudo-hasha {^}M.Mi 

Carat, n. 18 s, juhakkin (i^A 

Carbine, n. hajfi [Mk) ; kiju m^^)- 
Carbolic-acid, n. sekitansan (S'R 

Carbon, n. tanso (jv^^). 

bisulphide, ryukwa-tanso 

Carbonate of lime, tankwa- 

.sekkwai [jpkit'^^)- 
Carbonate of soda, tansan- 


Carbonic-acid, n. tansan (/^gl). 
Carbuncle, n. yb (H). 


[ 123 ] OAR 

Carburetted, a hydrogen, 

tankwa-suiso (^ftxKM*)- 

Carcass, n. shigai (^f|) ; shikahane' 

Card, n. fuda ; (playing) karuta ; 
hajia ; mekuri-fuda ; hana-fuda ; 
(visiting) meishi ; tefuda ; nafuda. 
a of silkworm's eggs, 


Card, t.v. kaku ; kushi-kedzuru. 

Card=board, n. atsugami ; itame- 
gami ; itagami ; awase-gami. 

Card-case, n. nafuda-ire ; meishi-' 

Cardiac, a. shinzo (*t^^) no. 
orifice, i nojoko (JiP). 

Cardinal, a. kanyo (Hf Ic) na ; omo- 
naru ; dailchi (^— ) no. 

number, gensilji (ii\|t'7-) ; 

/«5r« mWc). 

...... points, s/ii/io (izg^^). 

virtues, hongen {'^i^J) no 

toku m)- 

the 5 virtues (of Confucian 

pMlosophy), gojo (E^). 

Cardiiig'-frame, n. (cotton spin- 
ning) ryujoH mWM)- 

Carding-iiiacliine, n. kesahakl- 

Carditis, n, shinzo-en {^t^M'^)- 

Card-rack, n. fuda-sashi ; jo-sashl. 

Care, n, (anxiety) shimpai (it'^W^) ', 
kurb {'^§^) ; ke-nen {M^) 5 (charge 
of a person) yakkai (/g^) ; sewa ; 
(heed) yoj'm ; dud (i^jg,)- 

if one does not take , 

yudan sum to. 

to be under the of, oio/ 

yakkai ni natte oru ; no/sewa ni 

natte oru. 

to for (be kind to, as, the 

poor), ni/me wo kake-ru. 

to give into the of, ni/ 


take of yourself (to an 

invalid), o daijl ni nasai. 

to take (be cautious), ki ico 


to take of, (be careful of) 

wo/daiji ni s ; (take charge of) woj 

adzukaru ; wojkicauri (^Jl) s. 

with (on packing-case)^ 

ioriatsukai chid (^^v±iS)- 

Care, i.v. shimpai (*C^gll) s ; shinto (.t^ 
gg) ni kake-ru. 

I don't , kamawanii. 

not to about, ni/kamawanu ', 

iujtonjaku (|^^) shinai. 

Careen, t.v. kashige-ru ; katamuke- 

Careen, i.v. kashigu ; katamuku. 

Career, n. (of_^a person) kelreki (|^ 
^) ; rireki (^^) ; (running) michi ; 
(whole life) isshogai (— ^jM)- 

I shot that hare in fall , 

anousagiica issho-kemmei (— ife.'^ 
^) ni kakete oru tokoro ico utta. 

that man has a brilliant 

before him, ana h'lto no zento (fjfj 
j^) iva ialshita mono da. 

Career, i.v. Isolde kake-ru ; issho- 
ketamei ni kake-ru. 

Careful, a. (of acts) nen (;f:) no itta ; 

(of persons) yojln-bukai ; (thorough) 

sh'uichd (ti^l^') na. 

perusal, jukuran {fJ:fJt)- 

if one is not , ki (^) wo 

isukenakereba ; waruku suru to. 
to be , nen (;st) wo ire-ru. 

Carefully, adv. nen wo irete ; ki wo 
tsukete ; teinei (T^) '^* '■> shincho ni ; 
yojln shite ; tsura-tsura ; yudan 

you must preserve it, 

taisetsu (;^-tJO) ni hozon (f^#) shi- 

nakereha naranu. 

very , yoku-yoku. 

Carefulness, n. yofm {)%p)\ 
tsutsushimi ; kinshin (iltC) 5 yojin- 
hukai koto ; chili. 

Careless, a. sosokkashii ; fuchui (7fC 
vi^J na ; sokotsu (ffiiS) na ; kei- 
sotsu ($1^^) na ; soso (fl^g) 7ia ; 
zonzai na ; yudan (rSifr) suru. 

to be about the future, 

saki wo omowanu. 

Carelessly, adv. sosotsu ni ; sokotsu 

ni ; fuchui ni ; ukkari ; sosokka- 

shiku ; somatsu (19.^) ni ; zonzai ni ; 

, keisotsu ni ; soso ni ; orosoka ni ; 

I yudan shite. 


[ 124 ] 


Carelessness, n. fuchiii ; soryaku 
(il'^) ; huyojin {^^J^it-*) ; keisotsu 
(f«52^) ; soso (|9.i^@) ; naozari; fu- 
ikitodoki ; (about health) fu-yojo {7[^ 

Caress, n. (kiss) seppun (^H^). 

Caress, t.v. (kiss) wo/seppun s ; (with 
the hand) kawaigatte nade-ru ; nade- 

Caressiiig'ly, adv. kawaigatte. 

Caretaker, n. hannm (gA) ; (in 
owner's absence) rusul ; rusuhan ; 
(of a cemetery) hakamorl. 

Cargo, n. tsumi-ni ; funa-ni ; nl. 

boat, hashike-hune ; daruma- 

hune ; ni-hiine. 

coolie, okl-nlnsoku ; nakashi 

[W. Japan]. 

general , zakkwa (:?t;p;). 

return ., kaeri-ni. 

Cari"bl>eaii Sea, Karibu-kai. 

Caricature, n. (drawing) odoke-e ; 
gigwa (j^H) ; ponchl-e ; [otsu-e and 
toba-e are lands of s]. 

Caricature, t.v. (in a drawing) 

ponchi ni kaku ; toba-e nl kaku. 

Caries, n.fukosso {fM^&)' 
Carious-tootli, n. mushi-ha. 

Cariiiiiiative, n. kufiiyaku (,iil|t 
sb|) ; kazagusurl. 

Carmine, n. heniko ; yoko (#|r). 

Carnag'e, n. satsuhatsu {^\X) ', to- 
satsu (Ig^) ; satsuriku (l^i^). 

Carnal, a. jdyoku ('I1|^) no ; inyoku 
{i^W^) '^0 ; (worldly) kono yo no. 

to have knowledge of, icoj 

kan-in (^v^) s. 

Carnation, n. Oranda-sekicMku {^ 

Carnivora, n. nlkuslioku-jurui {'^^ 
S^®) 5 nikushoku-dobutsu {^^WW^). 

Carnivorous, a. nlkuslwku {^%) 
no ; nikvjiki no. 

Carotid artery, keldomyaku {^ 

Carouse, n. gbln (^1^0 I ozake wo 
nomu koto. 

Carouse, i.v. ozake wo nomu ; gbln s. 

Carp, n. kol; (in op-p. to red ) 


red , liigoi. 

silver , funa [a. n. Idki {J£,)\. 

Carp, i.v. kuchi-yakamashiku lu. 

to at, wo/togame-ru ; nl/ 

kuchi-kogoto wo in. 

Carpenter, n. dalku (;:A:X)- 

's squnre, sashi-age. 

foreman , toryo [i^^]. 

ship's , funa-dalku. 

Carpet, n, jntan (^g:J) ; sldkimono. 

Carpet, t.v. nr/jiltan, or shikimono^ 
wo sliiku. 

Carping', a. kudd yakamashil. 

Carriage, n. (charge for) unchln (jtg 
;g) ; unsochlii (M^M) 5 (clitto, by a 
coolie) nlnsoku-chin [KScM.) *> (ditto, 
by a man) dachin ; tsukalcldn ; 
(ditto, of a letter) hikijakuchin (?i|Hiil 
^) ; (ditto, of a letter by post) yilhin- 
zel (ilijM'^) ; (ditto, on horseback) 
dachin ; (deportment) karadatsukl ; 
(freight) funachln ; (manner of walk- 
ing) aruki-buri ; aruki-tsuki ; arukip- 
puri ', (transport) unso ; (vehicle) 
kurwna ; [a. n. cho (^) ; dai (^) ; 
ryo (*ilj)]. 

hire, jSsha-cJi in (^Ili^') ; 

basha-dai [MjM^)- 
four-v^rheeled , yorin-basha 

gun , hosha {'^^^i) ; hoka (u^ 

horse , basha {MiM) l^- n. 

ryo ; dal]. 

railway (passenger), kyaku- 

sha i'^M). 

shaft of a , naga-e. 

to dismount from a , gesh < 


two- wheeled , nirhi-basha 

(z:|i^.lim).— — 

Carrier, n. (one who forwards goods) 
unsbnin [Com. Co.] ; unsb-kata ; unsb- 
ya ; Idkyaku-ya [obsolesc] ; (one who 
carries loads) ni-katsugi ; tsukai-ya. 

Carrier-pig-eon, n. densho-bato ;, 


Carrion, n.funiku (^i^). 
Carrot, n. ninjin ( A#)- 

Carry, t.v. hakobu ; umpan {Mm) s\ 
(about one's person) keitai (^^) s ; 
(a palanquin) kaku ; (cargo) sekisai 
(fftte) s; umpan (ilj^]^) •? ; tosal {^ 
lie) s ; (from the hand) sage-rw, 
hisage-ru ; tadzusae-ru ; (in the 
arms) daku ; (in the belt) sasu ; (in 
the hand) motsu ; (on a pole over the 
shoulder) katsugu ; ninau ; (on the 
back) shou. 

money led forward, kurl- 

. to a cliild on tlie back, 

kodomo ICO olmu. 

to across, motte icataru. 

to all before one, nviUaku 

joju (^JJC) s ; subete shubi-yoku 


to away, moite iku. 

to back, 9720^^6 kaeru; 


to down, motte ori-ru. 

to forward (a balance), 


to in, 7notte hairw, mochl- 

komu ; liakobi-komu. 

to cff, motte iku; saratte 


to en, (a business) itonimu', 

(continue) keizoku (IHI^S) s ; 

tsudzukete yaru. 

to one's self, iachi-furumau. 

to out, motte de-ru ; mochi- 

dasu ; hakdbi-dasu ; (a contract) 

rikb (^-ff) «^ ; (a law) shlko (^ff) 

s ; (fig.) shitoge-ru ; joju sase-ru ; 

(put in execution) okoaau ; shikko 

(^Lfr) s ; jifc/co (iff) «. 

to out strictly (a law), rei- 

ko i^'ir) s. 

to through, moite toru; 

(fig.) yari-tosu ; kwantetsu (S!|iS) ^• 

to two together (on a 

pole), wo/sashi-mochi ni s. 

to up, moi^e age-rw. 

to with it (a meaning), 


Cart, n. kuruma ; (drawn by horses) 
hariki {^ti) ; ni-hasha {^^^_). 

coolie, shariki {^^). 

hand , niguruma; [various 

[ 125 ] CAS 

sizes are daihachi-guruma ; dai~ 
sldchi-guruma ; dairoku-guruma]. 
rdail , yiibin-hasha (ilvfM.^^)- 

Cartag'e, n. kuruma-chln ; unchin 
(M^) ' nigui'uma-chin. 

Carte-de-visite, n. y. Card ; (size 
; of x>hoto,) kogata-{no). 

Cartliaimis tiii€toriiis, heni-no- 
hana ; Jcurenai. 

Cartilag'e, n. nan/cofsit (ijiJi^'b*). 

CartogTaplier, n. seidzushl (^® 

Cartoon, n./ilshigwa iMMM)- 

Cartridg'e, n. Imyago ; jidio ({^^il) ; 
. (empty) kara ; (loaded) tama. 
. blank , krdid (^U^). 

belt, obikawa. 

box, hayago-hako. 

Cart-wlieel, n. kuruma no wa. 

Cart-T*^rig"lit, n. kuruma-shi ; sJia- 
.sho (IlilS). 

Carve, t.v. (cut artistically) horu ; 
kizamu ; chokoku (^;^ij) s ; (cut up) 

to meat, niku ico kiri-dasu. 

Carver, n. (sculptor) horlmonosJil ; 
chokokushi mWM)- 

Carving", n. horlmono ; chokoku (^^ 
^Ij) ; cUbkokuhutsu {^''^M'V'Ji) ', (act of) 
equiv. of Carve foil, by koto. 

art of , chokokujuisu (J^^^iJ 


Cascade, n. taki. 

Case, n. (a box outside another) uwa- 
hako ; ol ; (box) hako ; (box and its 
contents) hako ; (etui) -ire ; as, 

cigar , hamaki-ire ; (to pull 

out) tsutsu. 

Case, n. (a previous example) 
tameshi ', (circumstance) baai ;. 
(grammatical) kaku (^|J-) ; (of illness) 
kvjanja ; (precedent) rei (0ij) ; (that 
which happens) koto ; jiken (^•f-]'-) ; 
ikken (— #)• 

a in point, tekirei (i^if^ij). 

a civil , minji-scsho (R-^-|Jj 

IS) ; minji-jiken. 

a criminal , keijl (^ij^). 


t 126 ] 


,.., sonnara ; sore de 
sono haai ni wa. iv 

in a.ny , do atte mo ; zehito 


in any since i dose 


in he should do so, moshi 

so sum toki ni wa ; so sum haai 
. ni wa. 

in either , dochi ni shite mo. 

in some s, doka sum to; 

am haai de wa. 
in that 

in the of, ni atte wa. 

make ready in he should 

come, kum ka mo shirenii kara 
shitaku wo shite oke. 

neijv s (of disease), shin- 

kwanja (^.§.^). 

to put the , kari ni tatoete 

mini to. 

such "being- the , sasuga ni. 

Case-liardeiied, a. (fig.) haji wo 
shiranai ; tetsurnempl {W.M}k.) no. 

Casein, n. rakuso (H^). 
Casemate, n. (fortification) inlibdai 

(F^^iS^) » kakure-daiha. 
Casement, n. mado no to ; iohira. 

Casli, n. (copper coin) dbkwa (|ln]M!) ' 
(copper, etc., coin) zeni ; o ashi > 
chomoku (.^@); (pocket-money) 
kodzukai-zeni ; kodzukai ; (ready 

. money) genkin (i|.^) ; shokin (IE, 
^) ; sokkin (lip^) ; (small copper 
coin) komakai o ashi ; harasen. 

Casli, t.v. kane ni hiki-kae-ru ; shokin 
ni kae-ru. 
to a cheque, iegata wo sho- 
kin ni kae-m. 

Casll-account, n, (in a bank) toza- 

Casli-I>ook, n. kingin-deiricho ; 
suitoho i^^^fg). 

Casli-Tbox, n. kane-hako. 

Casllier, n. suitdkata ; genkin- 

Casliier, t.v. shikujirase-m ; menji- 
ru ; menshoku (l^lful) s. 

to he ed, shikujiru ; wa]yaku 

(tS!) gci agaru ; menshoku ni nam. 

Casing*, n. (act of) oi wo kakeru 
koto ; (cover) /u^a. 

Cask, n. taru. 

Casket, n. tama-tehako. 

Caspian Sea, Bikai (Mt^)- 

Casque, n. kahuto. 

Cassation, n. Court of , dai- 

shin-in {~A.W^7c)' 

Cassia, n hark, keihi (^^) ; 

nikkei (|^^). 

Cassimere, n. kedonsu. 

Cast, n. (shape) kata ; (thrown off 
skin) nuke-gar a. 

one (of a net), hito-ami.' 

the last , ichika-hachika ; 


to have a (in the eye), 

sugame de am. 

Cast, t.v. (a shoe) otosu ; (metal) i-ru ; 
i-hagasu ; (shed) nugu ; (sow) maku ; 
(throw) nage-ru ; horn. 

the die is , koto sude ni sada- 

maru ; mo ottsukanai. 

to he away (on a coast), 

nagare-tsuku ; hijochaku (J^'^') s. 

to be down, wa]ki gafusagu ; 

rakutan [f^l^) s. 

to about, kufn (XM^) ■^• 

to anchor, ikari wo orosu; 

tohyo {mm) s. 

to aside, haiki {MM) *• 

to ...... away, utcharu. 

to dice, sai wo nage-ru. 

to down , nage-otosu ; nage- 

orosu ; nage-kudasu. 

to forth (expel), oi-dasu; 


to in, horl-komu. 

to i-i the teeth, togame-ru. 

to lots, kiiji wo hiku. 

to off (of a ship), tomodzuna 

wo toku. 

to one's self upon, ni/ 


to off' restraint, kihan (Q 

fi^) i:o dassuru. 

to out, hori-dasu. 

to ...... up (add), shime-ru; kei", 

san ([tt^t) s ; kanjo {WlJ^) s. 

to young", ryuzan {x^M) s. 

Castanet, n. yotsu-dake. 


I 127 ] OAT 

Cast-away, n. (a reprobate) sutari- 
mono ; gorotsuki ; hurai (^^) na 
yatsu ; naradzu-mono ; (shipwrecked 
person) hyoryiisha {t^^^)- 

Caste, n. zokuseki (^K^) ; shuzoku 
(li]55l) 5 (theatrical) yakuwari. 

to lose with, nijutomare-ru ; 

nijhinseki (^/f) sare-ru. 

Castellan, n.jodai (Mf^). 

Caster, n. (cruets) yakumi-ire ; 
(small wheel) ashiwa ; ashi-guruma. 

Castig"ate, t.v. w^su ; mucki '^Isu ; 
sekkan (|ff^) 5 ; shioki s. 
to be ...... d, sekkan sare-ru. 

Castigatlon, n. sekkan (^^) ; (act 
of) equiv. of Castigate foil, by 

Casting", n. (process) cJmzo (^in) ; 
(thing cast) i-mono. 

Casting-vote, n of a chair- 
man, gicho (^^) no saiketsuken 

Cast-iron, n. chfdetsu {MW- 

Castle, n. shiro [a. n. kasho (^^jf)]. 

s in the air, kuchu (^rfi) no 

rokaku (@^) ; shinkiro {^MM:)- 
remains, shiro-ato; joshi 


town, jo/ca (^"y:). 

Castle, n. (in chess) koma. 

Castor-oil, n. hlmashi no ahura. 
plant, to-goma. 

Castrate, t.v. no/kintama wo nuku ; 
■Xioojkassei (f-!]^') s ; ni/kyosei (^^) 
ICO okonau. 
to "be d, kassel sare-ru. 

Castration, n. kassei (fij'^) ; kyo- 
sei (ic#) '■> (act of) eqiiiv. of Cas- 
trate foil, by koto. 

Cast-steel, n. chuko (^i^). 

Casual, a. (fortuitous) /w-i (::^,g;) no ; 
omoigakenai ; guzen (f^^) no ; futo 
(/f^H) shita ; hyotto shita. 

a person, kiraku {M,^) na 

hito ; nonki (^^) na hito. 

a visitor, tama ni kuru 


in a manner, sore to naku ; 

ori nifurete. 

Casually, adv. hyotto ; futo (/FIffl) ; 
hakaradzu ; (by the way) tsuide ni. 

Casualty, n. (to shipping, etc.) 

sonan (^^Hi) ; (wound) kega ; fusho 
{%.%) ■' (wounded person) keganin ; 

fushoshrt mmm)- 

ies (mil. andnay.), shishoshoc 

mWW ; songai m^)- 

returns, shishohyo (^f^^). 

Casuist, n. ketsugi-ronsha (^l^lmt 

tjasuistry, n. ketsugiron. 

Cat, n. neko. 

even if it rains s and dogs, 

shajiku (^|^) wo nagashite mo. 
to he like and dog, ai-tekl- 

shi mMM) s. 

tabby , tora-neko. 

tortoise-shell , mxke-neko. 

wild , yama-neko. 

Catalepsy, n. sUdobyo (jLill^). 

Catalogue, n. mokuroku ( @ ||^) ; 
(auctioneer's) shinagaki ; (of books) 
shomoku (^ @ ). 

Catalog'ue, t.v. no/mokuroku wo 
tsukuru ; nojshomoku wo koshirae-ru. 

Catalpa kaempf eri, kisasage ; 

Catanienia, n. tsuki no mono ; 
meguri; gekkei {J^^) ; keisui (I^tK)- 

to have , karada ga yogore- 

ru ; tsuki no mono wo mi-ru. 

Catamite, n. kagema ; o kama. 

Cataplasm, n. pappu (^^). 

Catapult, n. ishinage ; pachinko 
[used by children] ; (ancient weapon) 
ishiyumi ; dokyu (^^). 

Cataract, n. (cascade) taki ; (sur- 
gical) sokohi ; naishogan (l^J^E^). 

Catarrh, n. *;filja {MM) ; kambo (^ 
^ ) ; (of a horse) naira. 

Catastrophe, n. ihen (M^O ; Hai- 
nan (^H) ; saigai {%^). 


[ 1-28 i 


Cfltcll, t.v. (a disease) ni/kakaru ; ni/ 
tottsukare-ru ; (arrest) tsukamae-ru ; 
torae-ru ; (as a ball) uke-ru ; (com- 
mtjnicate to) ni/tsuku ; (a con- 
tagious disease) nijkansen (,^^) s ; 
ni\utsuru [E. subj.-j- J. obj.] ; 
(receive) uke-ru ; (take) toru ; (what a 
person says) wojkiki-toru. 

to a fever, netsu ni okasare- 


to e.^ scolding, kentsiiku iDO 


to cold, kaze ico hlku. 

to liold of, tsukamu ; tot- 


to fire, ni]}d ga tsuku ; ni] 


to raiu-v/ater, amamidzu 

wo tame-ru. 

to up (overtake), nijoitsuku. 

to be caugM in (a trap, etc.), nij 


to get csbuglat on, ni/hikkakaru. 

Catcli, i.v (as on a nail) hikkakaru ; 
(spread by infection) utsuru ; densen 

I didn't on (was disinclin- 
ed), ki ga noranai datta. 

Catcll, n. (of a door) kakegane ; (a 
find) liorldashi-mono ; e-mono ; (of 
fish) ryo {Wi) '■, (on fusuma) hiki-te ; 
(ring-shaped) kwan (^). 

a g"Ocd. , ii ryo. 

to make a g-ood (in bad 

sense), ioa]yoi tori ga kakaru. 

Oatcli-worcl, n. tori-kotoha. 
Catecliisni, n. kokwai-moyido {<^^ 


Catecliist, n. * ; dendoshi (^it^lp). 
Catecliize, t.v. (instruct) mondo s ; 

(interrogate) kitsumon (tnW\) s. 
Catecliii, n. asenyaku (linfrajl^). 
Catecliuilieil, n. *; senrei-shigwan- 

'•^ha im^l^M^^) ; mondosei (r«1#ik). 
Categ'Orical, a. kakujitsu (5^^) 

iia ; meihaku (fV^I^) na ', hitsuzen {\i^\ 

f^) na ; mujoken (Ij^fi^j^-) no. 

answer, keito (^^) ; 

kakuto (fi'f^^). 

Categ-orically, a. kakujitsu ni ; 
meihaku ni ; hitsuzen. 

Categ'ory, n. (class) shurui (fff^) ; 
(list) hu. 

Cater, i.v. makanau. 

Caterer, n. makanai-kata. 

Catering*, n. makanai. 

Caterpillar, n. (black) kemushi; 
(green) aomushi ; imomushi ; [other 
kinds are shakutori-mushi ; hamushi]. 

Caterwauling, n. 7ieko no naki- 

Cat-tisli, n. namadzu. 

Catgut, n, iengusu. 

Catliartic, n. gezai {~f^]) ; kudashi- 
gusuri ; kudasJii. 

Catlieacl, n. ikari-dome. 

Cathedral, n. kyddo (fjc^) ; dai- 
kwaido {i<^^). 

Catheter, n. innyokwan (^I^^*) ; 
dbnybkwan (^^^). 

Catholic, a. (in composition) ko- 
(^) ; (liberal) (^or^o (!^g) no hiroi; 
tairyo (:^cm) '^^' 
faith, kbkyb {{ 

religion, kbdb (S-\M)- 
holy church, .seifco/ctcai (^ 

Roman church, Rbmakyb ; 

Kaiorikkukyb; Tenshukyb (^±f:fc); 
(building) tenshudb (t^^.^). 

Catholic, n, (Roman) Tenshukyb-to 

{7^~^mm; Bbmakyb-to mmm) 

Kaiorikkukyb no shinja. 

Catholicism n, n. Roman , Ten- 
shukyb (^*±ife). 

Catholicity;, n. doryb no Jiiroi koto. 

Catkin, n. neko ; enokoro (^^). 

Cat's-cradle, n. tasuki-dori ; aya- 

Cat's-eye, n. tomho-dami. 

Cat's-paw^, n, (dupe) chbchin-mochi ; 
(naut.) soyokaze ; hifd (®j^) ; nam- 

Cattle, n. kachiku (^^) ; (bovine 
species) gyu (^) [a.n. hiki {/^) ] ; 
(including horses) gyiiba {^^). 
breeding, hokugyu (t^-^). 

Cattle-plague, n. gyueki (^^i£). 


[ 129 

Catty, n. kin (fr)- 

-CaiiUlron, n. kama ; (for boiling 
water for tea) chagama. 

Cauliflower, n. 


hana-na ; hana^ 

Caulk, t.v. nilmaki-hada wo ume-ru. 

Cause, n. (ground) shisai (ffllD) ; 
jii/ii (^j^) ; wake ; riyil (JMEtl) ; j^'^o 
(4"-^^) ; (reason why) dori (illi) ; 
wake ; (suit) ji/cen (^-fj^) ; (that which 
produces an effect) kongen (tJ^Tc) ', 
kompon i^^-^) ; g-e/i-m (^K@) ; ^'^oto 
no okori. 

and effect, (Buddhist reli- 
gion) ingica (@^) ; (pbil.) genin- 


celebre, yfimei {^^t) na 

jlken (flr#). 

final , kekkyoku {^^W}). 


hottan (?:f jJJm) ; gen-in 

for this , kono yue 7ii. 

for what , 7iani yue ni. 

proximate , kin-in (i5:0)- 

remote , en-in (^@). 

to make coninion , kyodo- 

itchi {'^\u\—^^) s; kybsldn-ddryoku 


without apparent , nan to 


without , yue naku. 

Cause, t.v. no/moto ni nam ; hiki- 
okosu ; shoji-ru ; usually expr. by 
the causative form of the verb ; as, 

to to eat, tabesase-ru [from 


to to rain, furase-ru [from 


to to weep, nakase-ru [from 


to to write, kakase-ru [from 

When the action is expr. by a noun, 
sase-ru, or kake ru is used ; as, 

to hardship, nanjU {f§.^) 


to trouble, tekadzu ico 


Causeless, a. yue naki; yoridokoro 
hO it/d ; iKare no nai ; icake no nai ; 
riyu (iliij) no nai^ 

_] OAV 

Causelessly, adv. yue naku ; iicare 
naku ; wake naku ; riyu naku. 

Causelessness, n. equiv. of Cause- 
less foil, by koto. 

Causeway, n. dote-michi. 

Caustic, n. (moxa) kyii (^). 

lunar , shosangin {^ffMWi) ', 


Caustic, a. hiniku na ; (chem.) kasei- 
mm ; as, 

soda, kasei-soda. 

Caustically, adv. hiniku ni. 

Cauterize, t.v. ni/sJiakuho {i^-fik) wo 
hodokosu ; (apply moxa) ni/kyu (^) 
wo sue-ru. 

Cautery, n. (application) shakuho 
{jt^'^) ; (iron) yaki-gote ; (with moxa) 
kyfden {^^^). 

Caution, n. (provident care) yojin 
(ffl»t>) ; keikai _ (W^) ', (warning) 
imaslibne ; keikai. 

Caution, t.v. imashimeru ; isame-ru ; 
nijkeikai s. 

Caution-money, n. koshokin (f^|g 
^) ; (of a servant) mimoto-kin. 

Cautious, a. yojin-hukai ; yojin no 
yoi ; (over-prudent) shoshin {^]^,t'*) 
to be over , yojin shi-sugi-ru. 

Cautiously, adv. yojin shite ; keikai 
shite ; ki wo tsukete. 

over , shoshin-yokuyoku ; yd- 


Cautiousness, n. equiv. of Cauti- 
ous foil, by koto ; (excess of prud- 
ence) shoshin. 

Cavalcade, n. gybretsu (^f^'J). 
Cavalry, n. kihei. 

regiment, kihei-rentai {'^^■% 

soldier, /d/iei (.i||:Ea). 

lig-ht , keikihei (ilii!.^:^). 

prepare for ! kihci ni yoi 


Cave, n. hora-ana ; iwiya ; gankutf.u 


dwellers (of ancient Japan), 



i 130 ] CEN 

Cave, i.v. to in, meri-komu; 


Cavern, n, v. Cave. 

VsiyU, i.Y. fu-rikutsu (yfiMM) woiu; 
he-rikutsu wo iu. 

QsiYil f n.fu-rikutsu; he-rikutsu. 

Caviller, n. rikutsuka (i|J|5^). 

Cavity, n. (hollow) kuhomi. 

...... of the eye, gankwa (B^^). 

Cavv, i.v. karakara to naku ; naku. 

Cawing", n. karasu no nakigoe. 

Cayenne-pepper, n. togaraslii. 

Cease, i.v. (lapse) shometsu (Jj^'i^) s ; 
(come to an end) owaru ; (stop) 
yamu ; todomaru. 

Cease, t.v. yame-ru ; yosu ; teishi 
( (^it) s ; todome-ru. 

Ceaseless, a. iaema no nai ; yama- 
nai ; kandan (f^^lf) no nai. 

Ceaselessly, adv. taema naku ; 
shikiri ni ; kiri-nashi 7ii ; kandan 
naku. ■ 

Ceaselessness, n. equiv. of Cease- 
.. less foil, by koto. 

Ceeropis alpestris, anagura-tsu- 

hame ; tokkuri-isuhame. 

Cedar, n. (of Japan) sugi. 

Cede, t.v. yudzuru ; joyo (M^) s ; 
(territory) katsujo (=|!llg) s. 

Ceiling", n. tenjo (^^) ; (supported 
from above instead of below) tsuj'i- 

coffered , gofenjo ('o'^#)- 

Celadon, n. (porcelain) seijl {^i^). 
pale , isukiyo-seiji. 

Celandine, n. kusa no 5, 

poppy J kusa-yamahuki. 

Celebrate, t.v. (honour by cere- 
monies of joy) iicau ; shuku (;!£) s ; 
mitsuru [generally used in connec- 
tion with religious ceremonies] ; 
(solemnize) okonau ; kyoko (^^f) s. 

to a marriage, kekkon- 

shiki (Uft§:^) wo age-ru. 

Celebrated, a. nadakai ; yumei (^ 
^) na; kdmei {M^) na ; chomei 
{^^) '^05 ; iddjirushii. 
place, meisho (igj^r). 

product, meibuisu ; meisan 

Celebration, n. (of a festival) 
maisuri ; iwai ; (act of) equiv. of 
Celebrate foil, by koto ; shukuga 
{^"M) j (commemorative fete) shuku- 

of a marriage, kekkon- 

sJiiki; ko7igi {^^^). 

Celebrity, n. (fame) kdmei (^fl^) ; 
cJiomei {^^^) ; meiyo (^#); (person 
of distinction) goketsu {^^) ; chomei 
na hito ; yumei na hito ; kdmei na 
hito ; seibb (^^) no aru hito ; raimel 
{'^ :^) na hito ; kikoeta hito. 

Celerity, n.jlnsoku (i£j3[i). 

Celery, n, * ; oranda-mitsuha. 

Celestial, a. ten (5^) no. 

bodies, tentai (5^|^). 

Empire, Ghukwa {^^). 

equator, tenkyu-sekidb (^]^ 

globe, kontengi (t^?^^). 

Celibacy, n. dokushin (5S J| ) ; hitori- 
gurashi ; hitori-mi. 

Celibate, n. hitori-mono ; dokushin- 
mono ; hitori-mi. 

Cell, n. (biol.) saiho (iBlHg.) ; (of a 
lunatic) ori ; (prison) kamho (^^). 

of honey, hachi no aria. 

dark , anshitsu {^^). 

police s, ryuchijo {^^Wi)- 

solitary , misshitsu (^^). 

Cellar, n. anagura ; mono-oki. 

Celtis sinensis, e no ki. 

Cement, n. *. 

to coat with , semento de 

tsugi-awase-ru, or seisugo (^ n*) s. 

Cement, t.v. (broken china, by 
baking) yaki-tsugi s ; (tig.) awasu ; 
musuhu : ketsugo (U^) s. 

Cemetery, n. hakasho ; hakdba ; 
hochi (^ife) ; maisochi {i^M^) > ^2/^- 
db-bochi (^l^gi-fil) ; [the last is a 

public , distinct from cemeteries 

attached to temples]. 

Cenotaph, n. (ace. to Buddhist rites) 
ihai ; (ace. to Shinto rites) tamashiro ; 
(of stone) kinenhi (JElttfi^) ; sekihi 
(5$^-) ; ishidzuka^ 


[ 131 ] 


Censer, n. kdro {^'M)- 
Censor, n. ken-etsn-kimn {{^^g'g ) ; 
(Chinese) gyoshi (i^)^). 

of the press, kenkokwoin 

Censor sliip, n. ken-etsu. 

of the press, kenko (l^fini)- 

Censorate, n. keihokyoku {^i^Jw}). 

Censorious, a. (of a person) kogoto- 
dzuki na ; kuchi-yakamashii. 

Censure, n. togame ; Mhyd (ithl^) ; 
hinan (^|i) ; kenseki (H^). 

vote of (pari), fushinniri' 

ketsugi (/f^fsffi^ft). 

Censure, t.v. togame-ru ; Aihyo (#t 
fp) s ; hinan s ; kenseki s. 

Census, n.jinkohyd (AP^) ; (statis- 
tical) kokusei-chosa (^^|^^). 

officer (at mayor's office), 

koseki-ri (^H;^). 

to take the , nhnhetsu ( A ^0 ) 

wo aratame-ru ; kokb (^P) wo 
clibsa (1^^) s. 

Cent, n. (coin) sen [0). 

one , issen. 

one-tenth of a , ichirin. 

ten s, ikkwan [rikisha-man's 


Cent, per , hyakubun (W:^) ^o, 

five per , gohu. 

ten per , ichiwari. 

twenty per , niicari. 

two per , nibu. 

two and half per , nibu- 

gorin. . 
Centenarian, n. hyakusai (W^) 
no hito. 

Centenary, n. hyakunen-kinensai 

Centennial, a, (happening every 
hundred years) hyakunen ni icJiido 
{-m no. 

Centering", n. kyoka {^'^). 

Centigrade, a thermome- 
ter, hyakudo no kandankei (^11^ 
ft) ; sesshi-kandankei (i^i^ ). 

Centipede, n. mukade. 
spider , geji-geji. 

Central, a. mannaka no ; child {^-^i:) 
no; chilshin {{p )t^) no. >'• 

bureau, chiio-kyoku [^^^). 

the g-overnment, chiio-seifu 

Centralization, n. chub-shuken (tf 

Centralize, t.v. chushin {^it^) ni 
atsume-ru ; hitotsu-iokoro ni torimato~ 
meru ; chub ni aisume-ru ; (of govern- 
ment) chub-shuken ni s. 

Centre, n. mannaka ; mashlii ; chu- 
shin (4i,t>); chub {^^)', (of an 
army) chugim (cf>^) ; (of gravity) 
juryoku-chiishin {W.^ ^ )t^) ; jiishin 


trade , shbgyb no ybchi ( 1^ Jfe ) ; 

shbgyb no chushin. 

Centrifugal, a force, rishin- 

ryoku {M'^'^fi) '■> richiiryoku (^ 
tj];^); enshinryoku {^tt'*^) l hi- 
sanryoku {Mnkti)- 
pump, rishindb-pompu. 

Centripetal, a force, chushin' 

ryoku {^it^fi); kyushinryoku (:^ 

Century, n. hyakunen (W^) '■> isseiki 

the ninetenth , jilku-seiki. 

the present , gen-seiki (f^ 

Ceplialotaxus drupacea, inu- 
gaya ; hebo-gaya ; (id. var.) chbsen- 
gaya ; tbgaya. 

Cereal, n. kokurui {^M) > kokumotsu 

the 5 s, gokoku (SiS). 

Cereal, a. kakurui no ; kokumotsu 

no ; gokoku no. 

Cerebellum, n. shbnb (<J>J3i). 

Cerebral, a. tainb (AM) no; (in 
Chinese compounds) nb- ; as, 

hemorrhage, nb-ikketsu (M 

Cerebrum, n. tainb (AM)- 
Ceremonial, a. reishiki [i^'^) no ; 
reigi (iiiSil) no ; shiki {x^) no ; reihb 
(?^t£) '^0 ; gishiki (1^5^) no. 
Ceremonial, n. gishiki {^'^). 

Ceremonious, a. (particular about 
forms) katakurushii ; gishiki-batta ; 
gishiki ni nadzunda. 


[ 132 ] 


Ceremony, n. (form) shiki (5^) ; 
gishiki (ili^) ; reishiki (jfifit) » relhb 
\flii.) ; (propriety) enr?/o('jlg:). 

board of ies, shikibu-shoku 

closing' (pari.), Jieijoshikl (^ 

don't stand on , dozo go en- 

ryo naku ; go yosJia (#|5[) naku. 
master of ies, shikibukwan 


opening" (of a railway), kal- 

tsu-shikh iff^Mxk)- 

please speak without , 

enryo naku hanashi nasal. 

to use , ni/kamau. 

without , ikinari nl ; huenryo 

{WMM.) ni ; hureiko {ii^MM) ni. 

without the slight , enryo- 

eshaku {^JB.'^W) i^'^o naku. 

Certain, a. (sure) tasldka na ; kaku- 
jitsu i^'M.) no ; hakkiri shita ; utagai 
no nai ; hanzen {^IfM) to shita. 

a , aru ; in Chinese com- 
pounds ho- {'^) ; (the one you and 
I wot of) rei no ; ano. 

a country, hokoku (^^). 

don't know for , shika to wa 

shiranai ; yoku wa sMranai. 

I know for , tashika ni shiite 


is it quite ? sol (tgi^) im 

gozaimasenu ka ; tashika desu ka. 

on a day, aru hi no koto de. 

there was a man, nanlgashi 

to iu hito ga otta. 

Certainly, adv. (by all means) ika 
ni mo ', (of course) mochlron ; (with- 
out fail) kltto ; kanaradzu ; tashika 
nl ; kakujltsu ni ; (without doubt) 

Yes, ! yo gozahnasu to mo I 

Certainty, n. kimitta koto ; hitsujo 
(i^>^) ^<^ h^oto ; kakujltsu {itfi^). 

Certificate, n. shbmelsho (ain;3#); 
shbsho {=^%) ; shomon {^-^). 

of competency, (navig.) 

kalgl-menjb [\^-^W\}^ \ (general) 
giryd-shbmelsho {^t%m.^M^)- 

medical , yodai-gaki; shin- 

dansho (t^^'§) ; shlnsatsusho (|^ 

Certification, n. shomei ; equiv. of 
Certify foil, by koto. 

Certified, a copy> selhon 

Certify, t.v. (as a witness) shogen 
(n^a) s ', (authenticate) kakunin 
(fife'ES) s '} (authenticate, a document 
or fact) shomei s ; ninshb (fi^J??) s 
[Cr. Pro.] ; (endorse) nilokugakl wo 
s ; nijokuin (^HlJ) wo s\ (testify) 
.uke-au; hosho (f5^|g) s. 

Cerumen, n. mimi-aka. 
Cessation, n. telshi (j^jk) ; chushi 

Cession, n. jdyo (ip|a) ; yudzurl- 

wittashl ; katsujo (^-IJIS). 
Cess-pool, n. osui-dxme ; gesui-dams. 
Ceylon, n. Seiran (I^H). 

Cliafe, t.v. (excite heat) suri-atatamG' 
ru ; (irritate) shakuru ; geki (^) sase- 
ru ; okorase-ru ; (rub) suru ; kosuru ; 
masatsu ['^JtM) s. 

Cliafe, i.v. (be irritated mentally) 
gekl s ; (of the skin) surl-muke-ru ; 
(wear by rabbing) sure-ru ; surl-heru. 
to against, nljsure-au. 

Cliaff, n. kara ; nuka ; (joking) kara- 
kal ; hlyakashi ; (of rice) momlgara. 

CliafF, t.v. nl/karakau ; wo/hiyakasu ; 
warau ; haka 7il s ; guro (,#,f^) s ; 
(a woman) naburu ; naburl-mono ni s. 

Cliaff, i.y.jddan {%t^) wo iu. 

Cliallng-disli, n. hlhachl. 

Cliag'riii, n. hammon [fJif^^] ; kokoro- 

Chain, n. kusarl. 

armour, kusarl-katahira. 

of mountains, renzan {^j^\i\). 

shot, re.nsadan (^lt';i-) J 

saremlan (lt^?^)- 

mountain , sammyaku ( [Jl)]|i^). 

Cliain, t.v. kusarl de tsunagu ; nif 
kusari wo tsuke-ru. 

Cliain-piimp, n. kusari-pompu. 

Cliair, n. koshlkake ; isu : [a.n. kya- 
ku] ; [koshlkake is applied by Japan- 
ese to any piece of furniture used as 
a seat ; isu i'^^J-) is the armchair 


I 133 ] 

used by a priest at religious cere- 
monies] ; (for a rail) makura ; (pro- 
fessorial) koz% ifi^J^). 

sedan , kago. 

the ...... (chairman), kwaicho {^ 

■^) ; gicho. 

to take the , gleho-seki {^^ 

f^) ni tsuku ; kwaicho-seki ni 


Chair-bearer, n. kago-kaki; 

Cliairinaii, n. (of a company) 

shachb (jjifc;^) ; (of a meeting) kwaicho 

■ {^^) ; gicho (iiM) ; kwalshu ('^'i). 

of committee, iinchb (^ 

Cliairiiiansliip, n. equiv. of Chair- 
man foil, by 710 shoku {^^). 

Chalk, n. (for blackboards) hakuhoku 
(SM); (^or painting and the toilet) 
gofuh m^). 

Chalk, t.v. hakuhoku de .'^hinisu. 

Challeng'e, t.v. (a judge for partia- 
lity, etc.) kihi ( aji) .9 [Civ. Pro., Cr. 
Pro.]; (a statement) hakugeki (|^^) s ; 
(demand) yokyu (-^>!<) s ; (to a tight) 
ni/kenkica (n^li^) wo fukkake-ru ; (to 
combat, by letter) ni/hatashijo wo 
tsukeru ; ni/kettojo {l^Wh^) "^^ tsuke- 
ru ; nijhatashi-ai wo moshi-komu [also 
used of a verbal challenge]. 

Challeng-e, n. (of a judge) kihi (,g; 
ig) ; (spoken) ketio no mbshi-komi ; 
(written) ketto-jo ; hatashi-jo. 

Chalybeate, a. tefsu wo fukumu ; 
tetsu no am. 

waters, ganteisu-sui (^ 

Chamaecyparis, n. (c. obtusa) hi- 
noki ; (var, kamakura) hiha ; ogon- 
hiha ; rasha-hiha ; kenjaku-hiha ; (c. 
pisifera) sawara. 

Chameleon, n. sMchimen-iokage. 

Chamoerops exeelsa, shuro (;^ 

Chamber, n. (of a gun) yakushltsu 
(^^) ; (of the Diet) gijishitsu (^ 
W-'M) ■> !7yo (11^) ; [room) ma ; shitsu 
(M)} hey a. 
air , kishitsu (^^). 


bed , nema ; shinshitsu (^^). 

of commerce, shogyd-kwai- 

gisho (MWi^MfJx)' 

combustion , nensho-shiisu. 



kishitsu (-/^r 

Chamberlain, n. jija (-^^) ; (of a 
noble) karei (^^). 

grand , jijilchd H^'^^). 

Chamber-pot, n. shihin (i^^^^) ; 
henki (Hl^). 

Chamois-leather, n. shika-gawa. 

Chamomile, n. kami-tsure. 

Champ, t.v. kamu. 

Cha^npag'ne, n. shampan-{shu) (H 

Champion, n. senshu (ig^). 

wrestler, ozeki {:k.Wj) '■> ^'^ '^"^ 

shit a kaizan (13 ill). 

the world's bicyclist, 

sekai-ichi no jitensha-nori. 

Championship, n flag, 

yashoki mmm)- 

Chance, n. (fortxiity) saiicai (^) ; 
gybko ('^f^) ; (likelihood of an 
occurrence) kidzukai ; (opportunity) 
kikwai (tl^)- 

a mere (of good luck), kohore- 

zaiwai ; hon no saiwai. 

by , fui to; guzen (f^^-!>) ni; 

omoigake naku ; fui (/f^i@;) ni ; fui 

to shite ; (luckily) saiwai ni. 

by one in a thousand, 

man-icJii ; man ni hitotsu. 

by some , do iu hadzumi ka. 

if by any he should come, 

rnoshi ya ano hiio ga kitara. 

I'll try my , ichika hachika 

yatte miyb. 

I will give him another , 

ano hito ni kondo tea yurushite 


to happen by , fuji ni aru ; 

guzen ni aru. 

Chance, i.v. to to be present, 


Chancel, n. *. 

Chancre, n. kansb (ffl*-^) ; f^^/can 

_ (JHA 

diaiidler, n. rosokusho 

Cliaiig'e, t.v. (alter) kae-ru ; heiiko 
(@H ) s ; (an object which is in a 
"box) ire-kaeru ; (exchange) iorl-kae- 
ru ; kokwan (3^^) s ; (for the better) 
wojaratame-rii ; (into small coin) ku- 
dzusu \ komakai no ni s ; komakaku 
s ; kowasu ; (]paper money for specie) 
dakwan (^^) s. 

to clotlies, kimono ico 


to horses, boats, vehicles, 

etc., n r'l-kae-ru. 
. to house, tentaku (§§^) s; 

ie ICO kae-ru. 

to money, kane wo Idlci-kae- 

ru ; rijogae s. 

to one's habits, (for the 

better) kaishin (B5[it>) s ; (for the 

worse) henshin (^ili^) s. 

to one's mind, Jiengae s. 

to one's party (in politics), 

shugi (±^) wo kaeru. 

to one's socks, tahi wo ha~ 


Oliailg'e, i.v. kawaru ; henji-ru ; hen- 
kwa (^^ft) s ; (for the better) yoku 
nam ; aratamaru ; (for the worse, of 
habits, etc.) henshin (^jli^) s ; (gra- 
dually) utsuru ; (of a metamorphosis) 
hake-ru ; henji-ru ; (of colour) hen- 
shoku (^^^) 5; (of habits, for the 
better) kaishin (^it^) s ; zen ni utsu- 
ru ; zempi (h(i#H) wo aratame-ru. 
to to black, kuro ni hake-ru. 

Change, n. 

Change foil 

hiki-kae ; 
(of a sum 
habits, for 
habits, for 

(act of) equiv. of 
by koto ; (exchange) 
kokwan ; (intentional 
henko (^^|£) ; (natural 
kaicari ; henkwa (^^ft) ; 
of money) hiki-kae ; (of 
the better) kaishin ; (of 
the worse) henshin ; (of 
ministry) kotetsu (3^^) ; (of seasons) 
kaicari ; (of train) norikae ; (out of a 
sum of money) tsuri ; (small coins) 

of clothes, kigae. 

of occupation, shobai-gae. 

of place, tokoro-gae. 

s (vicissitudes), uisuri-kawa- 

ri ; hensen (^•^) ; kawatta koto. 

I 134 ] OHA 

I have no small , komakai 

no ga nai. 

there is no , kawari ga nai. 

to take a of air for one's 

health, tenchi-rybyo {^i^0,^) s. 
to undergo a (of condi- 
tions), ippen {—^) s. 

violent , gekihen ( i|5[@)- 

without a (of train), nori- 

kaenai de ; chokko {^^y) de. 

Cliang-eable, a. (fickle) utsuri- 
yasui ; akippoi ; kawari-yasui ; henji- 
yasui ; utsurigi na ; muraki na ; (in 
love) uwaki na. 

Cliaiig-eableness, n./wjo (7f:^) na 
koto ; akippoi koto ; kawari-yasui 
koto ; utsurigi na koto ; uwatsuku 
koto ; utsuri-yasui koto ; henji-yasui 
koto ; (in love) uwaki na koto. 

Cliangeably, adv. akippoku ; kawa- 
ri-yasuku ; utsuri-gi ni ; utsuri- 
yasuku ; muramura to ; henji-yasuku ; 
(in love) uwaki ni. 

Cliange-sliop, n. rybgae-ya. 

Cliannel, n. (among shoals) miyo ; 
funa-michi ; suiro (tK^) '■, (gutter) 
mizo ; (strait) seto ; kaikyb (?^ll^). 

Bungo , Bungo-nada. 

marks, miyo-gui', miyo- 

jirushi ; (buoys.) fuhyo (i^^). 

through the proper , soto 

(ffi'^) '^^ tetsudzuki wo hete ; sono 
suji wo hete. 

Cliaiit, t.v. ginjiru ; idau. 

Ciiaiit, n. uta ; shbka (ng^) ; (of the 
Monto sect of Buddhists) eika (f| 

Cliaos, n. konton (ligfife) ; somai [^ 
^) ; (confusion) konzatsu (-/Ji^Pi) ; 
konran (J^iL) ; gotagota. 

Cliap, n. (a sore) akct-gire ; (crack) 

Cliap, i.v. wa]hibi ga kire-ru ; (of the 
earth) hi-ware-ru ; sake-ru. 

Cliapel, n. reihaidb (nit^-^^) '» shb- 
haido (/Jn^^) ; shokyodo (/J>fe^). 

Cliapfallen, a. utsumuite oru. 
to be , utsumuku. 

Clsaplet, n. (beads) jMZit {Wi^)- 


[ 135 ] OHA 

Chaplain, n. (of a Legation) sokican 
(f&'g*) ; (of a prison) kyolcwaishi (i^ 

army , rlkugun-kwaishl ([^ 

navy , kaigun-kwaishi (;'§:t^ 


'Clia;3inail, n. (xDeddlar) koshonln {^y 
fM\) '■> tabl-aklndo. 

Chapter, n. sho (^) ; hen (^) ; (of 
a story-teller's tale) seki (/J^). 

Char, t.v. kogasu ; (reduce to char- 
coal) sumi ni yaku. 

Char, i.v. koge-ru ; (be reduced to 
charcoal) sumi ni yake-ru. 

Character, n. (disposition) umare- 
tsuki ; seishitsu (1'^^) ; shored {'^ 
^) ; (letter) monji (^^) ; moji [X 
*^) ', ji (^) ; (of a servant) suisenjo 
(iiflJK) ; hinkd-shbmeisho (iJo^fif 11^ 
^') ; (nature) seishitsu ; (reputation) 
hyoban (fp^j) ; meihun (^K); rei- 
hun {^m). 

a (eccentric person), kawarl- 


a man of bad , hyoban no 

warui hito. 

a man of fine , hitogara ( A. 

^"^*) no yoi hito. 

a man of strong" , shikkari 

shita hito. 

a man's ...... (disposition), jiyn- 

hutsu ( A4^^)- 

ancient Japanese , jindai- 

moji (#f^'^^) [supposed]. 

is cleared, ml no akari ga 


chief (in a novel), shuj'mko 


chief male (in a play), shu- 

jinko {±A^). 

Chinese , kanjl i^'^-) 

European , yokomojl. 

female (in a play ) , oy ima ; 


index of difficult Chinese 

s (arranged ace. to number 

of strokes), kenji (j^^). 

male (in a play), tachi-yaku. 

minor male (in a play), 


real , honsho {^\^). 

Sanscrit , honji (^^). 

to clear one's ^ mi no akari 

wo iate-ru. 

to get a bad , hyoban ga 

waruku naru ; 7ia ga waruku nam ; 
meibo wo ushinau ; ioa'\gwaibun ga 
waruku naru [the last is now 
generally used in the sense of 
" feeling shame "]. 

to regain one's , hyoban wo 


Characteristic, n. (distinctive 
quality of a person) mochimae ; 
kuse ; tokushitsu i'-^^) ', tokusei (4# 
14) ; (of a thing) tachi ; tokushitsu ; 
tokushoku (^@,). 

bad , warui kuse. 

natural , umaretsuki ; sei- 
shitsu {\±m. 

Characteristic, a. tokuyu (i{#W) 
no ; dokutoku (5^4$) no. 

it is of the man, ano hito 

no tokushitsu (if#K) desu. 

Japan's art, Nihon tokuyii 

no bijutsu. 

Characterize, t.v. the dis- 
honesty which s that 

people, anojimrnin ( AK) no toku- 
sei (^'I'i) to natte orufushojiki {Tfi 

to be d by (of a disease), 

wojtokucho (4#ti]c) to s. 

to as, to hinan i^^-JB) s. 

Charcoal, n. sumi ; (in balls) t'adon. 

animal y jUtan {>^j^). 

hard , katazv.mi. 

porous , sakura-zumi. 

wood , mokutan (tJcJ^). 

Charcoal-box, n. sumi-tori. 

Charcoal-burner, n. sumi-yaki. 

Charg'e, n. (accusation) uttae ; koku- 
so {-^'M) '■> (accusation, by an offi- 
cial, in that capacity) kiso (|Eg^) ; 
(attack) shingeki (iH^) ; totsugeki (5^ 
^) ; tokkwan (5^M) '■> shugeki (H 
^j ; kogeki (:^p) ; (criminal) haw 
zai no kado ; (expense) dai (f^) ; 
ryo (f4) ; daikin {jX^) ', daika (f^ 
^) ; (for transport) unchin (JM.^) 5 
unsochin {^'MM) I i^ov wages) chin- 
sen (Kl^) ; chlngin {M^) '> \0f a 


[ 136 ] 


gun) hatsuhun (?^^) ; tenso (^^) ; 
kome ; (of electricity) sekiden (^^) ; 
(price demanded for a service) kaki- 
dashi ; ryo [^) ; (trust) nin {^) ; 
sekinin (^^). 

for labour, temachin. 

for paper, kami-dai. 

s, (on estates) sozei (|g.ffl:) ; 

(taxes) toritate-kin. 

doctor in of a ease, s7iu- 

nin (i-ff:) no isha. 

doctor's , shinsatsuryo (|^^ 

is open to the of being" 

, no kirai aru. 

miscellaneous s, zappi (*^ 

on what ? nan no kado de. 

the person in (of any 

given work), kakarl no hito ; shu~ 
mn (if£) no hito. 

the pupils under his , uke- 

mochi no seito (ifei^). 

to be in of (certain duties), 

ICO I tor l-atsu kau . 

to be put in of (an affair), 

wo/inin sare-ru ; Lcojitaku sare-ru. 

to give in , (an affair) wo/ 

makasu ; icojtaku (|^) 5 ; iDoJinin 
(^ffi) s ; wo/itaku (^|^) s ; (a 
thing) u-ojadzuke-ru ; (deliver over 
to a judicial officer) ico/hlki- 

to have of, ukemotsu; adzu- 


to put down to a person's 

(in an a/c book), no/kayoi ni 

s ; nojkayolcho ni kisai (fEilik) ^ > 
nOjkanjb (1^^) ni kaki-nose-ru. 

to reduce the (in a gun), 

soryo (^fi}-) ICO genji-ru. 

to sound the , shilgekl no 

aidzu wo s ; shingekifu (jH^ff ) 
wo so {^) s. 

to take of (a thing), u-oj 

adzukaru ; ico/hokwan (f^^) s. 

to take over of (official 

work ), ico/Ji Iki-ts'U (ju . 

Cliarg'e, t.v. (accuse, of a public pro- 
secution) kokuhatsu ( o^f^) s ; (of the 
complainant) wo/uttae-ru ; ico/kokiiso 
i'a'fJi) s '■> {^ weapon) ni/tamagome s ; 
ni/kome-ru ; ni/tenso s ; (levy) choshi'i 
(ftJlk) s; (place to the debit of) 

chomen (i{i^M) ^^^ tsuke-ru ; chomen 
ni kinyu (|EA) s ; (rush upon) ni/ 
kakatte iku ; ni/sJii-kakatte iku ; wo/ 
kogeki (;:^|^) s ; wo/osou ; wo/shu- 
gefci s. 

to be d with (a mission), 


to amine, kwako (^^), or 

jiraikwa (iiil®^), wo sochi (^^) 


to with , (no) 

tsnmi wo 

ni kise-ru. 

Cliarg'e, i.v. kogeki s ; shingeki s ; 
totsugeki s ; shugeki s. 

he d 10 yeiif jil yen totta. 

how much do you ? ikura 

torn ka. 

Cliarg'eable, a. (of an impost, etc.) 
kica-su'beki ; owasu-heki. 

Cliarg'e-d'affaires, n. dairi-koshl 

ad interim, rinji-dairi-koshl 


Charger, n. gumha {'^Mj)- 

Cliariot, n. gunsha ; helsha {■^'^). 

CIiarital>le, a. jihi-hukai ; nasake- 
bukai ; jizen-hukai ; jizenshin no 
fukai ; jizen no ; (in judging others) 
kwanjin-taido (j^fn;^/^) na ; kwan- 
dai (^y^) na ; kwanyo (|^§) na. 

disposition, ji5/ii?i (^wCO 5 

jizenshin (^,^ili'«) ; jinshin (friiC^). 
institution, jikei-in (^,3)^ 

Ciiaritableness, n. equiv. of 
Charitable foil, by koto. 

Cliaritably, adv. jihi-hukaku ; ji- 
zen-hukaku ; nasake-bukaku ; nasake 
ICO kakete ; (in judging others) 
kicaiijln-taido ni ; kanyb ni ; kicandai 


Cliarity, n, (alms) hodokoshi ; se- 
motsu (ti^^li) ; (benevolence) Jinkel 
(f:^E) ; jizen (^#) ; jizenshin \^M 
ili>) ; (in judging others) kwanyo ; 

act of , iizen-shogyo ; (secret) 

intoku mW.)-" 

bazaar, jizenkwai {'Wi^'W)- 

fund, jizen-kikin (^.#|C-^). 


[ 137 

hospital, 'jizen-'byoin {W:WM 

^) ; jiJcel-hyoin mMM^)- 

school, jizen-gakko (^#^ 

Cliarlataii, n. (boaster) hora-fuki ; 
(in learning) ese-gdkusha ; (quack) 

Cliarm, n. (amiability) aikyo (^$,f ) ^ 
(amiilet) mamori ; mayoke ; gofu {^ 
^^■) ; (magic spell) maj'mai. 

Cliarm, t.v. mayowase-ru ; (cleligbt) 

to be ed by, ni/mitore-ru ; ni/ 

shinsui (jC^M) ^• 
C'liarmiiigj a. aikyo no aru ; (of a 
person) liore-hore sum yd na ; aikyo 
no aru ; (of a thing) mltoreru yd ni . 
idsukushii ; hijo ni utsukushii [the 
last is always used in jest]. 

Clsf^'l't, n. (sea) kaldzu (v-^Jp]) ; (piece 
of pasteboard on which information 
is exhibited) hayamihyo. 

Charter, n. (document bestowing 
rights) tokkyojo {'-{^f^^) 5 (of a ship) 
chlntaishaku {'MMia) [Com Co.]. 
provisional , kari-menkyo 

Cliarter, t.v. yatoit ; yatol-ire-ru ; 
■ chinshaku (H'fo) s ; kari-ire-ru. 

d ship, yatoi-sen ; (by govt.) 

goyosen ii^jM'^)- 
Ciiarterer, n. (of a ship) chinshaku- 
nin (Jtfu A) [Com. Co.] ; yosensha 

Cliarter-party, n. fune-yatoi-ire- 
keiyaku ; yatoisen-keiyakusho ; chin- 

Cliase, t.Y. okkake-ru ; ou ; tsuigeki 
iiAW) * ' (ga^®) karu ; (metal) uchi- 
dasu ; (ornament) chokoku (l^^^'j) ^• 

to a^way, oi-tate-ru; op- 

parau. . i^ 

Cliase, n. (of animals) kari ; juryo 
(^1^) ; (of an enemy) tsidgeki (if. 
^) ; oi-uchi ; (printing) * ; (pursmt) 
tsuikyu (i^H). 

Cliasm, n. sakeguchi ; ware-me. 

Cliaste, s. (of design) assari sliita ; 
(of style) kanketsu (^;f^) na ; (of 
men) katai ; doioku {m.Wd ^o 5 (of 

] OHE 

women) teisetsu iM.W) '^<^ '' ^^^^^ (M, 
f^) na ; mimochi no ii ; misao-tada- 

woman, teijo {M.'ic)- 

Cliastem, t.v. (correct by punish- 
ment) cltoji (fl^r'p) s ; korashime-ru ; 
kyosei {T:^ii£) s; (punish) sekkan {^ 
^) s ; keiiseki (Hg) s. 

Cliastise, t.v. korasu ; korashime- 
ru ; chobatsu (MWy) -^ 5 (with arms) 
seihcttsu {^tiE\X) s ; seito {%M) s- 

to a rebel, choteki (-^i5c) 

wo utsu. 

Cliastiseiiieiit, n. chooatsu (fl^fij) ; 
korashlme ; (with arms) selhatsu (|iE 
tJc) ; seito. 

Chastity, n. (of men) doioku ; (of 
women) teisetsu (Mffff) » teishuku (^ 
\U) '■> teisb ; misao ; shukv.ioku (?^|^). 

Cliat, i.v. danshb {tk%) •'? 5 yomoyama 
no hanashi wo s ; kandan (p^fj^) s. 

Chattels, n. (law) dbsan (IJ:^); 
yidai-dosan {'^'^^]M). 

goods and , kagu {'MB:)'* 

kazai i^M)- 

Chatter, i.v. (talk) shaberu ; kuchi 
wo tataku ; tagon (^^) s. 

teeth , ha no ne ga awanai. 

to like mag-pies, pera-pera 

shaberu ; pecha-pecha shaberu. 

Chatter-box, n. o shaberi ; tagon 
na hito ; kuchi-kadzu no oi hlio. 

Chatty, a. hanashi-dzuki na. 

Cheap, a. yasui; kakko (/f^H') i^(^l 
choku (if[) na; teiren (fSl^) na; ge- 
jiki (TiS) '>^CL } renka (l^fM) ^<^ 5 (of 
little worth) yasuppoi. 

a victory (of little worth), 

tsumaranai short (^^IJ). 

and nasty, yasukaro waru- 


dirt , sutene no; nisoku-sam- 

mon {zIa^^'^) no ; tsubushi no. 

selling , yasu-uri. 

that is the ...;.. est price, sore 
wa ichiban (— If) gejiki ("Fiil) da. 
this is much ...... er, kono ho 

wa yohodo yasui ;. kore '.wa yoppodo 


[ 138 ] 


toku (^) da [lit. is considerable 


to feel {f shamed), haji-iru ; 

sekimen (#23) •"• 

Cheapen, t.Y. (b3at dov/uS negiru ; 

Clieap-jack, n. yohi-uri-akindo. 

Cheaply, adv. yasuku ; kakko {^^W) 
ni ; choku {^) ni ; gejiki (~FM-) ^^^ J 
renka ni ; teiren ni. 

to buy a victory , tayasuku 

shori (05-fIj) ^^'0 e-ru. 

Cheapness, n. renka ; teiren ; gejiki ; 

Cheat, t.-v. damasu ; damakasu ; 
damakurakasu ; hikkake-ru ; tabura- 
kasu ; manchaku (B^^-) s ; (with a 
counterfeit) miyakasu ; gomakasu. 

to be ed, katari ni au. 

to be ed out of, de 

peten ni kakaru. 

to out of 



peten ni kake-ru ; wojdashi-nuku. 

Cheat, i.v. dzurui koto wos. 

Cheat, n. (one who cheats) petenshi ; 
dzuo'id yatsu ; kansho (^[^ ) ; sagi- 

Chec^l-i, t.Y. (by comparing) hiki- 
awQS2-r%t ; (examine) shirahe-ru ; 
aratame-ru ; (hinder) samatage-ru ; 
hogai mm_s; ^ogai (ffiil) .s ; (of 
accounts) chosa (|J^g) s ; (stop) osae- 
ra ; tome-ru ; ieis/u (l^lk) s ; (verify) 

to the enemy, teki wo kui- 


Check, n. (at chess) ote ; (for foot- 
gear) gesoku-fuda ; (for luggage) 
chekki ; warlfuda ; ai-fuda ; (hind- 
rance) samatage ; soj/ai ; hogai ; 
(pattern) gohan-jima ; henkei-jima ; 
(stop) osae ; teishi. 

to meet "with a , tonza (i|^ 

^) w;o kitasu; tochu (^4") tZe 

Checkerboard, n. gdban. 

Checkers, n. go-isid ; (game) go. 

to play , go wo utsu; go wo 


Check-mate, n. o-isume ; o-tedzume. 

Checkmate, t.v. nojkeikwaku wo 
kowasv, or daha (IT^) ^ > {^^ chess) 
tsume-ru ; o-tsume ni s ; o-tedzume 
ni s. 
to be ed, tsume-saserare-ru. 

Cheek, n. ho ; hopeta. 

Cheek-hone, n. ho-hone ; kwankotsu 

Cheer, t.v. (comfort) nagusame-ru ; 
(gladden) yorokobasu ; no'jki wo hit- 
tate-ru ; (salute) wojkassai {^^) s. 

to on (encourage), kdhu (^ 

^) s ', hagemasu. 

Cheer, i.v. (applaud) kassai (tt^jj^) 
s ; (when attacking) toki no koe wo 

to up, wa]ki ga hare-ru ; yoki 

ni nam. 

Cheer, n. kassai ; (when attacking) 
toki no koe. 
three s, sansho (Hng). 

Cheerful, a. (of persons and places) 
yoki (P^^) na ; (pleasing) yukwai (f|^ 
'^) na ; genki no yoi ; (smiling) niko- 
niko to shita. 

Cheerfullj^, adv. (gladly) yorokonde ; 
(smilingly) niko-niko shite ; (will- 
ingly) kokoroyoku ; iso-iso to shite. 

Cheerfulness, n. (of a place) yoki 
(Fl^) ; yukwai (t^'l^) ; (of persons) 

Cheering", a. yorokohashii ; yukwai 
na ; hagemasu yo na ; ki ga hittatsu 
yo na. 

Cheering'ly, adv. hagemasu yd ni ; 
ki ga hittatsu yd ni. 

Cheerless, a. inki {^'^U.) nu ; fu- 
kwai (TF^'^) na ; yimtsu (^^) na. 

Cheery, a. yukwai (tly'l^) na. ; sokicai 

{M\^) na ; yoki [Wym-) '^^• 
Cheese, n. * ; kanraku {fiM)- 
Chef-d'oeuvre, n. (a fine work) 

jodeki; myoko (H'X) I melsaku (^ 

Yf) ; kessaku (f^f^) ; (chief work) 

h'l^sei (^ik) no saku. 

Chemical, n. kwagakuyakuhin (it 
^^-flo); seimiyaku ifi'i^y^). 


[ 139 ] 


Oliemical, a. kwagaku Ht^) no ; 
kivaqaku-jd Ht^^) 1^0 ; kwagaku- 
teki (it^^'^i) no. 

analysis, kwagaku-hunseki 

combination, kwagaku no 

icago (5fn o") ; kwago. 

compound, kwago-huisu (f|^ 

diemicallj^, adv. kwagaku-jo de ; 
kwagaku-teki izi. 

Chemise, n. jiban (|^|^) ; shita- 
jiban ; hadagi ; juhan ; (long under- 
garment worn by Japanese women) 

Chemist, n. kwagakusha Ht^^) ', 
(pharmaceutical) kusuri-ya ; ki- 
gusuri-ya ; yakuzai-shi (^^fljllill). 

Chemistry, n. kwagaku (ft'^)- 

inorg-anic , muki-kioagaku 

org-anic , yuki-kwagaku (;^ 

Chemulpho, n. Jinsen (fujll). 

Cheque, n. (bank) kogitte ; tegata ; 
kitte [Com. Co,]. 

book, *; kogitte-cho. 

Cherish, t.v. (an idea, desire) idaku ; 
motsu ; (harbour) fukumu ; (love) 
kawaigaru ; jiai (^^) s ; choai (f| 
^) s ; huiku (^"^j s. 

to resentment, ishu {^,^) 

wo fukumu. 

Cherry, n. sakuramho ; sakura no 

the Imperial Garden- 
party, kwan-o-kwai (IgtM"^)- 
Cherry-blossom, n. sakura no 

Cherry-tree, n. sakura ; sakura no 

double , yae-zakura ; hotan- 

zakura ; chochin-zakura. 

drooping" , shidare-zakura. 

early , higan-zakura. 

singrle , hitoe-zakura. 

wild , yama-zakura. 

Cherubim, n. EeruUmu. 

C/hervil, n. uikydzen. 

Chess, n. shogi (l^tS). 

board, shogi-han. 

man, shogi no koma ; koma, 

player, shogi-sashi. 

to play , shogi wo sasu. 

Chest, n. (bosom) mune ; kyobu (j|^ 
§1)) ; (box) nagamochi ; hitsu. 

of drawers, tansu. 

to measure the g-irth of one's 
, kybkwaku (B^9§) wo hakaru. 

Chestnut, n. (fruit) kuri, 

tree, kuri no ki. 

dried , kachiguri. 

Chestnut, a. kuri-iro no ; (of a 
horse) kurige no. 

horse, kurige no uma. 

Chevaux-de-frise, n. sakamogi ; 
(on garden wall) shinohi-gaeshi. 

Chew^, t.v. kamu ; soshaku (Dj.11^) s ; 

to the cud, nlre-kamu ; 


Chiaroscuro, n. notan (f^-^). 
Chicane, n. tekuda ; kankei (^f ft). 
Chicanery, n. kokatsu-shudan (^Jf- 

Chicken, n. hina ; hiyokko. 
breast, hato-mune. 

Chicken-breasted, a. hato-mune 

Chicken-hearted, a. okubyb (gf, 
"M) '^^ 5 /^i no yowai ; kyojaku ('I^^|) 
na ; ikuji {MM^) no nai. 

Chicken-pox, n. midzu-bbsb ; suitb 

Chick-weed, n. hakobe (^^). 

winter-g-reen, tsumatori- 


Chide, t.v. shikaru ; hisseki (nb^) s ; 
kenseki (f|^) s ; kaseki (npj-^) <ff ; 
ni/kogoto wo iu. 

Chief, n. (head) kashira ; tbryb (i^ 
^1) ; shuryb (-^-^1) ; (lord) shukun 
(±^) ; (master) shvjin (±A) ; (of a 
tribe) shuchb {^^) ; (of robbers, 
etc.) kyokwai (gfj;) ; oyadama ; 
kashira ; (in compounds) -chb. 
of police, keibuchb (Wp^^)- 


[ 140 ] OHI 

Cllief, a. omo na ; dai-ichi (^— ) no ;' 
shuyo no (^J^) no ; shu to sJdia ; (of 
persons) kashira-datta ; omo-datta ; 
joi (Jili) no ; (of topics) kado-datta ; 
omo-datta ; 5/l^t to s?dta ; shuyo (i 
,. g^ 710 ; sai^/o (:^H) no. 

in compounds may be expr. 

by -gashira or -cho, suffixed to tlae 

noun; as, coolie, niiUoku- 


object, shut (dbif;)- 

officer (of steamslrip), litd- 

unienshi (^^M^i±)- 

■ seat, shoza (JiB&:). 

secretary, shokikwancho (^ 

Cliief-jiisticej n. v. President. 

Cliielis^ adv. omo ni ; taitei (7^^^) ; 
' moppara ; dziii-ichi (^-^) ni ; dal- 
ichl {^—) ni ; shu to shite, 

Cliig'ilOil, n. (natural) taho. 

Cliillblaiii, n. shimo-yake. 

Cliilcl, n. ko; kodomo ; jido {^"m;) ; 
shoni (/Jn^) ; (polite) ko san. 

eldest ....:., soryo (Hil) ; (fe- 
male) soryo-musume ; chojo {^~ic) I 
(male) soryo-musuko ; chbnan [^ 

only , hitorikko. 

spoilt ....... dadakk'o. 

stillborn , shitaiji (^^n^)- 

to. be witli , mimochi de am ; 

kwainin (jl^^) shite oru ; harande 

youngest , sueko ; sue no 

ko ; hasshi (^^). 

DMIdbeariiig", n. san {^) ; shus- 
san {\},\'^) ; ko wo umu koto ; humhen 

to be past , u:a]lnimbenkl ga 

■ • sugita ; wa]otok.o ni natta [-vulg.]. 

Cliilcll>e(l5 n. a woman in , 

., sampu i.^^'). 

, to die in . , nanzan {ti^^) de 

shinu ; san {M.) de shinu. 

iJliiidlbirtli, n. shussan (fHi?) ; 6i^m- 
pains after , . . . . . , ato-hara. 
pains of , mukai-hara. 

.Gliilcltioocl, n. (time of) yonen (:^ 
&f)', yosho {i^^) no tpki; kodomo 
. no iihun. (B|f ;^) ; osanai ioki. 

a friend of one's , chikuha 

{YfMj) no tomo. 

in one's , kodomo no ioki; 

kodomo no uchi. 

CliiMisli, a. kodomorashii ; shoni no 
yd na ; kodomo-jimita ; otonagenai. 

to bo with, age, toshi no sei 

de tolfoke-ru. 

Liy, adv. kodomorashiku ; 
shoni i^h"^) no yd ni ; kodomo-jimite ; 
jigi (^,i|) ni hitoshiku ; otonage' 

iiiiiidiisilliess, n. equiv. of Child- 
isli, foil, by koto. 

Cliilfllike, a. kodomo no yd na; 
kodomo ni niawashii ; (meek) nyilwa 
(^?f^n) na. 

CMlij n. kanki {^M.) '■> (%•) ojike ; 

kanshin (^it^) ; [med. ) okan (^;^) ; 

(sensation) okan {^J^) ; sanwke. 
a came over the as- 
sembly, shukwaisha ($^^^-) ni 
ojike ga isidta. 

a caug-lit in sleep, nehie. 

a comes over me, samidce 

ga s ; zoku-zoku s. 

to catch a , kanki {^M.) '^o 

uke-ru, or hiki-komu. 

CM^l, t.v. (fig.) no/kyo (M) ico sama- 
su ; (lit.) hiyasu ; samuku s. 

to become ed, samuku naru. 

iiMness, n. samusa; kanki (^ 
^) ; (of behaviour) ' reitan {7^i!;i) ; 
reigu (?^M)- 

a. samui ; kanki na ; (of 
behaviour) reitan na ; reigu na. 

a person "wlio feels , samu- 

garibd ; samugari. 
to feel , samugaru; zoku- 
zoku .9. 

.Cliiiine, t.v. narasu. 

Clliliie, i.v, to in with, (an- 

. ' other's remark) ni/ai-dzuchi wo s ; 
(correspond) ni/chowa {pJiH) s. 

CMme, n. one .....; of bells, /cane 
hito soroi. 

CMmerical, a. ku (^) na ; niabo- 
roshi no yd na ; yume no yd na. 

CHI [ 141: ]; 


Chimerically, adv. ku ni. 

diiilliiey, n. kemuridashi [a. n. hon, 
:^]; ento mWl: entotsu m^) I' 
(of a lamp) hoya. 

Cliiiiiiiey- sweeper, nV ' ' 'entoisu- 

Chi Timiey-s weeping-, n. entotsu- 
CliisMoiiaiitlius frag'rans, robai 


■Cliiii^ n. ago ; otogai ; agito. 
double ,futa~ago. 

CliiiiJi , n. (country) Shina ; Shinkoku 
ifPiM) '■> Rankin [vvAg.]; (iDorcelain) 
, ishi-yakl ; ■ jiki (tSir^); toki (!J|[t^) :; 

and Japan, Msshin ( H fn )• 

Ivlercliants Co., Shosho- 

kyoku {^^,mWi). 

Sea, Shina-kai. 

Town, Nankin-machi. 

Nortli , Hokushin {it\n)- 

Oliiiiti-aster, n. ezo-giku ; satsmnar- 

China-grass, n. karamushi. 

.Clilna-root, n. dobukuryo (±i^^) ; 

sankiral {]\xWi%)- 
^China-shop, n. setomonoya ; tokiya. 

Chinese, a. Shina no ; Shinkoku no ; 
Shincho no ; Nankin no. 

Chinese, n. (language) Shlnago ; (as 
used in Jajpan) kango (^|^) ; (as 

• written in Japan) kamhun {^'%)', 
(native of China) Shinajin ; JSankin- 


book, kansho (91^); kan- 


cliaracter, kanji (•^^^). 

pb-ilosoplier, jw5/ia (f^:^). ' 

scholar, kangakusha {^^ 


, kangaku (^^). 
, . classics, shisho 

study of . 
the four 


Chine, n. sehone. 

of beef, sebone-tsuki no niku 

Chink, n. (crack) sakeguchi; sake- 
■ me ; sukima ; (sound) oto. 

Chink, t.v. (.sound) chin-chin nq,rasu 

Chink, i.v. (sound) chin-chin nam. > 

Chintz, n. sarasa. 

Chip, n. ki-klre ; mokuhen {A<-}f) > 
ki-kudzu ; (long and thin) koppa ; 
(small) kedzuri-kudzu ; soge-kudzu ; 


Chip, .t-v. sogu ;. kedzuru ; (earthen- 
ware, etc.) kaku ', ni/kidzu wo tsu- 
; ke-'ru. 

'Chip, i.v. kake-ru. 

Chirographer, n. shoka ; (a pro-? 
' ficient in writing) noshoka (ith#^)» 

(XDublic scribe) hikkosha (^f^^j ; 

shajisel C^"^^); .daishonin (•f^# 
,.A,). . , . 

Chirog'raphy, n. sho; (art of) sho- 

/io (#?£); shajijutsui'^'t^Wi)' 
Chiromancy, n. tesd-mi. 
Chiromancy, n. teso-jutsu. 

Chir|), iv. chu-chit to saedzuru, or 
*- .= naku. 

Chirp, n. naki-goe. 

Ciiinis hexag-ramnius, (fish) ai- 

Chisel, n. nomi. . , 

cold ytagane{^). 

Chisel, t.v. horu ; chokoku (J5|^^!j) 5. 

■Chit, n. chitsu. 

Chit-book, n. * ; uketoricho. 

Chitterlings, n. shocho (/J^lli). 

Chivalrous, a. kyoki (fj/^M) no aru ; 
otokogi no ; gikyoshin no ai'u. 

Chivalry, n. gikydshin (Hf^it^) ; gi- 
kyo ; ninkyo {^'^). 

Chives, n. asatsuki. 

Chloral, n. *. , > 

Chloride, n. ...... of ammonia, 

ensha (^gl)). 

of iron, enkwa-tetsu (^ft;®^). 

' of lead, enfctea-en (Igff^lg); 

Chlorine, n. *; enso (^^). 

Chloroform, n. * 

Chlorophyll, n. yoryokuso i'M^^W<)- 
Chlorosis, n. iobyo {^"^f^) ; dhan 

mm)- .., 


[ 142 ] 


Choice, n. nozomi ; sulci ; erami ; 
sentaku (Wi^M) 5 (f^ct of) equiv. of 
Choose foil, by koto. 

he has no in the matter, 

ana kata wa sono koto ni tsuite 

eri-gonomi ga nai. 

I have no particular , 

hetsudan {MWt) yori-konomi wa nai. 

take your , suki na no wo 

totte kure. 

you may take your for a 

dollar, yori-dori ichi yen de gozai- 


Clioice, a. sugureta ; h'^bon {^JVi 
na ; (as, of food) seisen (5!^i||) na. 

Choicely, ady. seisen shite. 

Choke, t.v. nojiki wo tome-ru ; no/nodo 
wo shime-ru ; (of a drain, etc.)/M.9a- 
gu ; (of a gun) shihorl-tsutsu ni s. 

to down tears, namida wo 


to get ed up, tsumaru. 

Choke-bore, n. shihort-tsutsu (^ 

Choke, i.v. (absolutely) iva]nodo ga 
tsumaru ; (partially) ica]7iodo ga tsu- 
kae-ru ; muse-ru ; musebu ; sokuhaku 

(MM) s. 

Cholera, n. korera. 

morbus, kwakuran (^iL)- 

Choleraic, a disease, ruiji- 

korera (iffl^) ; giji-korera (Ufl^) 

[in contradistinction to shinsho- 

korera (E^/^S^$iJ)]. 

Choleric, a. ki (^) no mijlkai ; tan- 

k^ (M0.) *^<^ > haradachippol ; oko- 


person, kanshaku-mochi (^ 


Choose, t.v. (desire) nozomu ; (elect) 
senkyo (^^) s ; (for a post) sentei 
(3§IS) -s ; (one thing in preference to 
another) no/ho ni s ; no/ho wo torn ; 
(select) erahu ; eramu ; sentaku (^ 

there is not much to 

between them (nearly equally 
bad), gojippo-hyappo no ron da. 

to one's time, ii toki wo 


to out, yori-dasu ; eri-dasu. 

Chop, n. (in compounds) -in (£[])* 
(mark) shirushl ; kigb (|B>!ll)- 

Chop, t.v. kiru ; tatsu. 

to dowuj kiri-taosu. 

to jfine, kizamu ; kiri-kizamu^ 

to off, kiri-otosu. 

Chop, i.v. (change suddenly) kyu (7%) 
ni kawaru ; (of the wind) fuki- 

Chop-fallen, a. uttori shita. 

Chopped, n. (stamped by govt.) fco- 
kuin-dzuki (SEPIW) ^o- 

Choppiiig'-block, n. vianaita. 

Chopsticks, n. hashi ; (which can 
be split asunder) iDari-hashi. 

lacquer , nuri-basM. 

plain , sugi-hashi. 

Chord, n. (of a circle) chokusen- 
tsiigen {^^J^'^^) ; (of music) gas so 

Choroid coat, (of the eye) myaku- 

raku-maku {M^M)- 

Christendom, n. Yaso-shinko no 
kakkoku (ig>|3) ; Yasokyo-koku (51?,^ 



Christen, t.v. ni/senrel 

to be ed, senrei wo uke-ru 

Christening", n. senrelshiki (v^tii® 
^) ; (of a ship) me'imelshiki (-p^^5^). 

Christian, a. Yasokyb no ; Kirisuto 
kyb no. 

convert, Yasokybto {$X^). 

Christian, n. Yasokyo-shinja {J^$M 


Christianity, n. Yasokyb {%l/^^) ; 
Kirisutokyb (^^Jffe). 

Christian-name, n. na ; namae ; 
jltsumyb (^^). 

Christmas, n. * ; kbtansetsu (1?$'^ 


Christmas-day, n. Yaso-kbtansai 
{M^^^W:^) 5 Yaso-kbtanjitsu. 

Chromatic, a, han-onkai (4^^P§); 

scale, han-onkai. 


[ 143 1 oia 

Chronic, a. (lingering) daradara 
shita ; mansei ('l^'l'^) no. 

disease, manseibyo ('I^l:^^) ; 

koshitsu (i®^); jihyo (^#^). 
to be , dara-dara s. 

Chronicle, n. kiroku (sEI^-) ; kiji 
(IBV) 5 hennens?d (|S^^) ; iiendaishi 

s (O. T.), rekidaishiryaku (^ 

Chronicle, t.v. kiroku s ; hensan 

Chronicler, n. kirokusha (iEI^#) ; 
henshisha {^^^). 

Chronolog^ically, adv. nempyo de ; 
nendai ni shitagatte ; nendai wo ote. 

Chronolog"ist, n. nempyb-gakusha 

Chronolog"y, n. (science of) nendai- 
gaku (^f^^) ; (set of dates) nempyo 
{^^) ; nendaiki (^fCIE)- 

Chronometer, n. *. 

Chrysalis,- n. sanagi (ifc^). 

Chrysanthemum, n. kiku. 

Imperial Garden-party, 

kwangikukwai (i|^#)- 

Order of the , kikkicasho 

Chrysolite, n. kanranseki iW^^'^). 

Chubby, a. pocha-pocha futotta ; 
marupocha no. 

Chuck, t.v. to away, hori- 

dasu ; nage-dasu. 

Chuckle, i.v. fukumi-warai s ; kusu- 
kusu warau ; (of a fowl) kokko to 

Chuckle, n. fukumi-warai ; kusu- 

Chum, n. doryo; dbso (I^,^) no 
tamo ; nakayoshi. 

Chum, i.v. (become very friendly) 
shimmitsu (|^^) 7ii naru ; (live toge- 
ther) dobo (^^) ni sumu. 

Church, n. (body) kybkwai (tfe-f") ; 
(building) kwaido ('^^) ; kybkmaidb 
(i^'i'^) ; reihaidb (f^^^) ; seidb 

Congregational , Kumiai- 

kybkwai (^I'^fjc't'). 

Episcopal (body), Seikbkical 

(S^^) J Eantoku-kybkwai (^^ 

Methodist , Mii-kybkwai (^ 

Presbyterian , Ifchi-kyb- 

kwai (— iSiifc-^-). 

Roman. Catholic , (body) 

Bbma-kybkwai ; Tenshu-kybkwai 
(^i.ffe#) 'y (building) tenshudb 

Universalist , Uchu-kyokwm 


Churching", n. sango-kanshashikl 
iM^^M^) ', {Shinto) ubugaml-mairi. 

Church-warden, kybkwai-iin {^ 

Church-yard, n. hochi [MM) ; ^ 

Churl, n. huaisb (4|^+'@) na yatsu ; 
hukotsu (M#) ^^ yatsu ; (rusticj 
inaka-mono ; dempu-yajln (H 7*^10? A). 

Churlish, a. huaisb (IJ^^^S) na; 
hukotsu (te*!*) na. 

Churlishly, adv. huaisb (M^^Q) ni ; 

hukotsu (fe#) ni. 
Churlishness, n. huaisb ; hukotsu. 
Churn, n. kakunyuki (^|L^). 
Churn, t.v. kakl-mawasu. 
Chute, n. * . 
Chyle, n. nyuhi [^\M). 

Cicada, n. semi ; [tsuku-tsuku hbshi ; 
ahura-semi ; higurashi ; uma-semi ; 
mimmin-semi ; bshiitsuku-semi ; ji-ji- 
semi are different kinds]. 

Cicatrix, n. kidzu-ato. 

Cicatrize, i.v. kidzu ga naoru. 

Cigar, n. hamaki-tahako ; maki- 
iabako [a. n. hon]. 

Cig'ar-case, n. hamaki-ire. 

Cigar-holder, n. hamaki-suikuchi : 

case for , paipu-ire. 

Cigarette, n. kami-maki-tahako 
[a. n. /ion]. 

Cigarette-case, n. kami-maki-ta- 


[ 144 ] 


Gig"arette-lioUler, • n. suikucM ; 
. paipu. 

case for , paipu-ire ; suikuchi- 


Ciliary process, mdyo-tokki {^}f 
■ ^i 

CiiicliOiia bark, n. kinahi {^TS 

Cinder, n. moegara ; yakegara ; (of 
charcoal) keshidzumi. 

Cinematograpli, n. kwatsudo- 
. shasMnkL{'ifi^%^^). 

picture, kwatsudo-shashin. 

Cinnabar, n. shu (^) ; sJmsha (^ 

Cinnamon, n. nikkei (f^^) ; keihi. 

oil, keihiyu (^J^vi). 

Cion, n. (of a plant) tsugl-ho ; ho ; 

Ciplier, n, see Cypher. 

Circle, n. han-i ; maru ; kwansen 
(^i|) ; wa ; (geom.) kwansen (^f^^O ; 
enkei (Hlf^) ; ken (|1|). 

centre of a , chushin [ip it^). 

circnmference of a , shui 

(I^H) ; meguri. 

concentric s, doshinken ([^ 


diameter of a , chokkei {'^ 


radius of a , liankei (4^^). 

to ride in a , wa-nori wo s. 

to sit in a , kuruma-za ni 


Circle, t.v. (move round) mawaru ; 
(snrrotind) kakomu ; torl-maku. 

Circle, i.v. mawaru ; (of a bird) 

Circuit, n. mawari ; (division of a 
country) do {M.^ ; (of a judge, etc.) 
junkwai {^M) 5 (of an electric 
current) kwaisen ([n]4?<)- 

closed (elec), lieisaku-kwai- 


open (elec), kaiho-kwaisen 

the Kyushu , Saikaido (^ 


to make a , mawari-michi vuo 

s : ukwai (jj|^) s. 

CirCMitoiis, a. n%awari-ddi ; uen (i£ 
f§) no ; mawari-kudoi ; to-mawashi 
■ no ; [the last, of speech only]. 

Circiiitoiisly, adv. mawari-ddku ; 
uen (^xw) ni ; mawari-kudoku ; to- 
. maicaslii ni. 

Circular, a. marui ; wa no ; ica- 
gatachi no ; (geom.) enkei (JHf^) no. 

Circular, n kwaijo (M^) ; kwaisho 
(M#) ; kwaihun {JM~X) (comm.) hiki- 

Circulate, i.v. mawaru ; meguru ; 
senten {1jMM) ^ 5 (of capital) yudz:u %ii 
ji) s ; (of money) isuyo (iSM) ^ ; (of 
news) dempa (f#-j#) s ; n</M (fj»fc,^) s ; 
(of blood, decimals, etc.) junkwan (^ 

Circulate, t.v. mawasu ; megurasu ; 
(of news) dempa sase-ru ; rw/w sase-ru. 

Circulating', a decimal, jun- 

kwan-shdsfi (MSd^lt)- 

library, kashihonya. 

medium, tsuyo-kingln (M>^ 

Circulation, n. (act. of) equiv. of 
Circulate foil, by koto ; (of a news- 
paper) hakko-daka; ure-daka; (of 
capital) yildzu {^^liM) ; ryutsu {^M.)\ 
(moving round) mawaru koto ; senten 
(JSIH) ; kwaiten (MW-) 5 junkwan {jj§ 


amount of coins in , kwahei- 


of the blood, chi no meguri ; 

chi no junkican ; ketsueki-junkwan 

to be put in , hakko ni nam ; 

tsv.yb ni naru. 

to put 1 ^ , hakko (f^^f) s ; 

tsuyo (iS,,^) sase-ru ; (utter, as 
forged coin) koshi {ff^) s. 

Circulatory, a organs, jun- 

fcican-fcmo (tigl^tg). 

Circumambient, a,, i-nyo (H|^ 
no ; shui (JnlHl) no. 

Circumcise, "t.v. nojinkyo (F^^) no 

saki-kawa v:o kiru ; (O.T.) nijkatsurei 

(S'Jiil) '^^'o hodokosu. 
Circumcision, n. saki-kawa .wo 

kiru koto ; katsurei ; (holy-day) ju- 

katsureijitsu {^^\\f^\^). 


Circumference, n. maicari; shui 
(^[SI); kaJcoi; meguri; gururi. 

Circimilocution, n. ii-mr/.washi; 

■"6/1 (ix.vS) no go ; mawari-lcudoi ii-yo. 

to say with , to-mmcashi ni 

iu. rf^ 

Circumlocutory, a. n-mawashi no ; 
uen no ; ukimi {QM) no ; mawari- 
lcudoi ; to-mawashi no. 

Circiimnavig-ate, t.v. sJmkd (j^ 
^li) s ; nori-maimru ; isshii {—^)s. 

CirciiBiiiavig-ation, n. shziko ; 

CircilMirotatory, a. seyiten {'IkW 
suru ; mau,aru. 

Circemscribe, t.v. (limit) kaqiru ; 

seigen {W3i) s ; nijkagiri wo tsujce-ru. 
Circp.Bispect, a. ydjin-hukai; sai- 

shin (in>\:^) na; shincho ('Ixt-M) na; 

nukari no nal ; sJmto {M\^\]) na. 

Circmiiiiispection, n. yojin [f^ ,t>) ; 
shincho {'\%W ', saishin ($11],^) ; shin- 

Circilinstaiice, n. koio ; koiogara. 

s, (in regard to worldly estate) 

shinsho-muki ; (of an affair) koto 
no shimatsu ; jljo {^.'\^) ; koto no 
shidai ; jokyo ('jf ^) ; koto no isai 
(^f;Hl) ; koto no tetsudzuki ; (of a 
person) kydgii (:^ig). 
accommodatiiig' one's self to 

s, rinki-ohen {U^MW-M)- 

according: to s, moyo (f^^f) 

shidai; koto ni yoreha; koio ni 
yotte ; shina ni yotte ; jigi (tlj^g:) ni 

adverse s, gyakukyd (j^i^). 

a man in g-ood s, sod na 

shinsho {M±)no hito. 

s change the man, kyogu 

^5B.) w;a hito wo kae-ru. 

favourable s, junkyd {M^yfr) . 

in such s, sonna lail ni wa ; 

sonna toki ni wa. 

the private ...... s (of a person), 

uchimaku; naijo {\^ftk). 

the whole s, ichibu-shiju (— 

m^m ; ikyoku i^m). 

to act according- to s, rinki 

(&1^) ni shochi (^[g) s. 

i l^5_J GIT 

to he in SSisy ,^^,.^^s^nap.i-fu0ri 
(^6f^) naku kurasu; hidari-^thi- 
wa de kurasu. ^ 

to be in g-ood " s, sod ni 

kurasu ; wa]shinshd-muki ga yoi. 
unavoidable ...... s, yondokoro 

nal haai ; yoginai haai. 
under any ". . . . . .s, do atte mo. 

CirciiiBistantlji], a. (detailed) ichi- 
■ hu-shiju (— *[J|rA|^~) n^. komakana; 

ikyoku {^^)7ia; shosai (^Im) na; 

kosai (g;,^ffl) na. 

evidence, jokyo-shoko ('fl|?J?. 

mm. . 

Circiiinstaiitially, adv. ikyoku ni ; 
tsuhusa ni ; shosai ni ; kosai ni ; 
komaka ni. 

Circumvent, t.v. (deceive) da7na- 
kasu; {almrakasu; manchaku {WfM) 
s; (the plans of another) no/hakari- 
goio no ura wo kdku, or ydburu. 

CircuMivention, n. equiv. of Cir- 
cumvent foil, by koto. 

Circus, n. kyokuha [Ht. equestrian 
feats]; {]^lace) kyokubajo {^M^-)- 

Cistern, n. midzu-dame; suiso (7]c 
If); (for holy water at Buddhist 
temple) mi-tarashi; (in bath-room) 

Cisticola cisticola, sekka; kono- 

Citadel, n. (of a castle) hommaru; 
' (of a town) 'shiro ; toride. 

Citation, n. (act) yohl-dashi; sho- 
kwan ; (warrant) shokwanjo (-S^'l^); 

Cite, t.v. yohl-dasu [Ct. Pro.]; sho- 
kwan (^2^) s; (quote) hiku; inyo 
. (01^) .5. 

■fco an instance, rei wo age-riL 

Citizen, n. (of a countrv)j iji^min (A 
K) ; komin {^^) ; (of a town) shi- 

■ tnin (TfJK:) ; /wmm (/ff^:). 

Citizenship, n. kokuseki (|i!||) ; 
kdmin^^no shikaku (Jtt-^) ; kdmhiken 

Citrate, n. o.^ magnesia, 


of iron, kuensan-tetsu (jiijfl^ . 


[ 146 1 


Citric, n acid, huensan (|&]i^ 

Citrus japonic a, husshukan {^ 
^-fff) ; (c. trifoliata) kamto.chi]. 
{c. olivaeformis) kinkan {^W)' 

City, n. tokwai (fp-^) ; [Kyoto, Tokyd 

and Osaka are called Fu (/j^), or tofa 

(f P/f^) ; these three towns with Nago- 

ya are also called daitokwai (;^f P#)]. 

Yokohama , Yokohama-shi 

(TfJ)- ^ 

aboembly, shikwai 0^^). 

Civil, a. (as distinguished from milita- 
ry) hun- (ifc); (courteous) teinei (^ 
^) na; reigi (jfif.^) no aisui ; telcho 

(MKM) ^<^ ; (relating to a case) 

min^i (^^) no ; mi7ijijd (K^±.) no, 

bureau for matters, minji- 


"bureau of administration 

(in Formosa), minseikyoku (Kj^J^). 
chief of the administ- 
ration (in Formosa), minsei-cho- 
kwan {^)^^t)- 

and military; humhu {J^^) 


authorities, hunga {'^^). 

case (law), minji-sosho (^^ 


engineer, dohoku-gisM (±.:^ 

Jj^fiip) ; doboku-sU (±7lc^). 

law, mimpo {^^). 

power, hunken (^|§). 

service, hunkwan {^^). 

service examination, toyo- 


service regulations, hun^ 

kwan-ninyorei (^'g f£^^). 

war, nairan (^iL); kokuran 


the list, kwoshitsuhi (^^^). 

Civilian, n, (not an ofl&cial) jimmin 

(AR) ; (official) hunkwan (^'g ).. 
Civility, n. (politeness) teinei {%^) ; 
teichb (MW- 

a man of great , rdgi no 

aisui Into. 

I thank you for your to 

me, go yfdai ni adzukarima shite 

arigato gozaimasu. 

to treat with , yidal (@^) 

s ; yilgu (@iS) s. 

Civilization, n. (effect produced) 
hummel {'^\^) ; kaikwa (I?^ft); hum- 
mei-kaikwa ; kyokwa (tfcft) ; (process) 
hummei {'^^f]) ni sura koto; kaikica 
iMit) s'^'""^ koto; kyokwa (fjcft) suru 

Civilize, t.v. hiraku ; hummel ni s ; 
kaikwa s-; kyokwa s. 

Civilized, a. hirakeia ; kaikwa shita ; 
hummei na. 

country, hummeikoku (^nj] 

Civilizing", a. hummel-teki (^Il/]6^3) 

Civilly, adv. tei7iel ni ; ingin {f^^j 
ni; telcho ni; te-aisuku. 

Clack, t.v. to the tongue, shita 

wo narasu. 

Claim, t.v. (demand as due) seikyu (=^ 
^) s; motome-ru; yokyu (M4<) s 
[more forcible than two preceding] ; 
(maintain) shucho (^5^) s. 

right of , seikyuken (HH^i^f^) 

[Com. Co.]. 

for damages, songai-ybsho 

Claim, n. seikyu (1*^) I motome; yo- 
kyii (^^). 

Claimant, n. selkyusha (lw^<^) ; 
ybkyusha {^'^^) ; selkyu-yiikensha ; 
(before a court) shinseinin [X^tnK). 

Clam, n. (area inflata) akagai ; (cy- 
therea meretrix) hamaguri. 

Clammy, a, to be ,nebatsuku;. 

neha-neba s ; nenchaku (ffi^) s. 

Clamorous, a. sbzbshii ; sawagashii ; 
kamahisushii ; yakamashii. 

Clamorously, adv. sbzbshiku ; sawa- 
gashiku ; kamahisushiku ; yakama- 

Clamour, n. sawagi; kentb (nt.1?!^); 

kensb (UaSi) ; sbdb (SliJI). 
Clamour, i.v. sawagu ; wameku ; ken- 
io {'^%fx^) s; omeku. 

to for (fig.), icojkoe takaku 


Clamp, n. (metal) kasugai ; (wooden) 
chigiri-jime ; [ai-kugi is a piece of 
wood for clamping two boards to- 


[ 147 


Clamp, t.v. awase-ru ; shime-ru ; shime- 

Claniping--screi;v, n. tome-nejl 

Clan, n. (faction) toha {^M) I (fami- 
ly) Jcachu (^cfJ); ichimon ( — P5) J 
(the samurai under one daimyo) han 

Clan, a. hanibatsu (^M) ^^- 

government, hambatsu-selfu 

Clandestine, a. sMnohl no ; ommitsu 
(M^) ^0 5 himitsu (|gf.^) no. 

meeting, shinohi-ai; ai-hiki; 

mikkwai (^#). 

Clandestinely, adv. shinonde; ka- 
kurete ; hisoka ni ; sotto ; shinohi de ; 
ommitsu ni ; himitsu ni. 
to meet , shindbi-au. 

Clank, i.v. kachin-kachin to naru; 
gatan-gatan to naru ; gata-gata naru. 

Clannish, a. danketsu OI^) shita ; 
kettaku (^J^) shita; tohashin {WsiB. 
it^) no aru. 

Clannisllly, adv. danketsu shite; 
kettaku shite. 

Clannisliness, n. equiv. of Clan- 
nish, foil, by koto. 

Clansman, n. hanshi (ll±)- 

Clap, t.v. (applaud) kassai (n^^)s; 
hakushu (^^) s. 

to one's hand, (over any- 
thing), ejte wo ate-ru ; te defusagu. 

to the hands, (for joy) te wo 

utsu ; hakushu (^^) s; (to sum- 
mon a servant) te wo tataku. 

to the wings, hahataki s; 

hane wo hata-hata s. 

Clap, n. (disease of men) rlmhyo (>|fc 
^) ; (of women) shokachi {f^'iSj). 

Clap, n. (of approbation) hakushu; 

a thunder , raimei; [often 

expr, in Jap. by kaminari ga hata- 
meku, " the thunder roars "]. 

Clap-board, n. shitami-ita; hame- 
iia ; hame ; (of roofs) yane-ita. 

Clap-doctor, n, sodoku-semmon-i {^ 

Clap-net, n. wana-ami. 

Clapper, n. (of a bell) shita ; (watch- 
man's) hyoshigi. 

Clapping, n. (applause) kassai (D^ 
^) ; hakushu (tl5^). 

Clap-trap, n. mise-kake; maya- 

Claret, n. aka-hudoshu (Sl^j^fS) 
[properly means any land of red 


Clarification, n. sumasu koto. 

Clarify, t.v. sumasu. 

Clasil, i.v. (be contraditory) sogo (|| 
^) s ; dochaku (^^) s ; teishoku (^ 
K^) s; (collide) huttsukari-au ; sho- 
totsu s ; (conflict of interests, etc.) 
shototsu iWi^) s ; (interfere) kachi- 
au ; (of bells) jan-jan to naru. 

Clasli, n. (fig.) kachi-ai ; teishoku (|E 
f^) ; shototsu (W^) f •5O.70 ; dochaku ; 
(of weapons) kengeki {%)i'^^^) no koe ; 
tachi no oto. 

Clasll, t.v. chb-cho utsu ; kachUkachi 

Clasp, n. (buckle) hijo-gane ; (hook) 
toyne ; tome-gane ; kagi-botan ; kohaze ; 
(of a pouch) kanamono. 

Clasp, t.v. (catch hold of) yil/shigaml- 
tsuku ; (embrace) nl/daki-tsuku ; 
daku ; (fasten a clasp) tome-kagi wo 
kake-ru ; (grasp) niglru. 

to the hands, te wo kumu; 

(in prayer) te wo awase-ru ; gassho 

Clasp-knife, n. tataml-kogatana. 

Class, n. (grade) tokyfc (#,^) ; (in a 
school) kyu (^) ; (kind) shurui (^ 
$^) ; (of a railway, etc.) id (^) ; (sci- 
ence) bu {^\{); mon (P5) 5 bumon; 
(section) bu (^y^). 

all es (of the people), joge (Jb, 

"1^) ; shimln (KK) tomo ni. 

belongs to the which 

pays 5% duty, gobu zei no bu ni 

zoku shite oru. 

first (of a school), dai-ikkyu. 

first (railway), jbto (±^); 

itto (— ^) ; second , chutb (t|i 

^) ; nitd{zL^); third. , kato 

(T>"#); santd[-£Lm. 


[ 148 a 


the lower es, kato-shakwai 

tlie ■ middle es, cMdo-shakwai 

i^'^ifil'^)', cliuryu-shakwai {^^^ 

the upper es, joio-shakivai 

(Ji^.ifi'i"}; joryu-shakwai (Jif/it^ 

ChlSS, t.v. no/huicak^, s ; ^.wo'^ruihetsu 
- (iil;"!])^; rdltdkyu\?$^)i\<:>tsuke-ru. 

Classical laiig'iiag"e, gagen [f^ 

Clasr>ics, n. (Cliinese) keisho (ilMS) ; 
■ shlsho-qokyb {mM'^t^) \ ■ keiten (|S 

1 study of the Greek , Glrisha 

no kobungaku ("^^fc^). 

Classification, n. ruibetsu (MM) I 
hunruiho {^M^) ; iruiho {^M&)- . 
...... of land, jimoku ( ti @ ) . 

Classify, t.v. hunrui s; irui s; no/ 
hiacake wo s ; no/kyu [^) wo wake-ru ; 
ico/ruibetsu s. 

Clatter, n. (of dishes, etc.) gacha- 
gacha sum oio ; (of geta) karan-koron 
surv. oto ; (of voices) pera-pera shdberu 

Clatter, i.v. gata-gata s ; gacha-gacha 

Clause, n. (article) kajo (^f^) ; (of 
comx)Ositioii) ku ('S]); (subheading, 
one sentence of an article) kd. (^). 

s,j5fco mm)- 

most favoured nation , sai- 

keikoku-jokwan (:^^|^f!^|X)- 

penal s, hassoku (|ijp.ij) [Civ. 


second of A.Tt. I, dai-ichijo 

dai-niko. ■ 

CSavicle, n. sakotsu (i|'|'). 

Claw, n. isume; (hooked) kagi-tsume. 

Cla\^^, t.v. loojtsume de kaku ; hik~ 

to hide one's s (fig.)? ^efco wo 


Clay, n. neba-tsuchi ; hena-tsuchi.. 
red , aka-tsuchi. 

Clean, a. kirei (^^) na; sappari 
shita; seijo (fit?^) na; seiketsu (y^ 

•J^) na ; (free from moral defilement) 
keppaku {-M^) na; renketsu (^jg) 
na; (moral) rZoifofcw (-It^^J net. 

a sliirt, kirei na shatsu. 

to make a "breast of, woj 


Clean, t.v. kirei (^-Htil) ni s ; kiyome- 
ru ; no/aka wo oiosu ; (a room) woj 
soji (^11^) s; wQ/seiketsu {\n'iM) ni s; 

, ■ (dust) nolgomi wo liarau ; no/gomi wo 

CleaziiiJig", n. sdji; (act of ) equiv. of 
Clean foil, by koto ; (sanitary) sei- 
. • ketsuho (fnuii^). 

general , susu-haki ; osdji ; 


Cleanliness, n. seiketsu (r^ifi) ; set- 
' jo {^TlW) ; (of morals) keppaku iM^ )\ 
renkeisu ; dotoku. 

Cleanly, a. (of body) seiketsu na ; (of 
' morals) keppaku {^^) na; renkeisu 

Cleanse, t.v. v. Clean. 

Clean-sliaven, n. kii^ei ni sotia„ 
(wearing no beard) Mge no nai. 

Clear, a. (m-anifest) akiraka na ; (of 
print) azayaka na; hakkiri shita; 
semmei {B^Wl) na; (of the voice) 
saeta ; hakkiri shita ; (of water) 
swula ; (of weather) uraraka na ; sei-r- 
' '^o {\nM)na; (perspicuous) meihaku 
(Wl^) na ; hummyo i"^^)]) na ; meiryb 
{^h^) na; hakkiri shita; (trans- 
parent) ibmei {^^J\) na; sukitoita; 

weather, seiten (n^ ^) . 

it is not , fumei ( Tf, ^J\ ) de aru. 

to be , sae-ru [of the voice]. 

Clear, adv. sukkari ; nokoradzu. , 

Clear, t.v. (clarify) sumasu ; (free 
from anything noxious) iori-saru; 
nozoki-saru ; (free from obstructions) 

to be ed (of suspicious, etc.), 

hybkai (7j<f>1?) s ; ioke-ru- 

to a fence, hei wo iohi-koe-ru. 

to ...... a place (of people), hito- 

harai wo s. 

to a ship, shukko (ffij^) no 

tekadzu, or ietsudzukA, wo s. 


to away, (an encumbrance) 

toTi-harau ; (as, buildings) tori- 

harau ; (by burning), yaki-harau }. 

(dirt, etc.) iori-noku ; (dishes) 


to away rubbish, comi wo 

to ...... expenses, shushi (J}5cS) 

ai-tsugiinou ; tsuku-tsuJcu ippai ni 
nam; sontoku (ttf-|.) nashi ni 

to from a ciiarg-e of crime, 

muzai (fepl) to handan (flJi'f) s. 

to land, j'lmen (tUlSl) ^co 

hiraku, or kaihotsu (f^ft) 5 ; ^oc/ii 

(±ili)) ^t•o kaitaku (If^j-H) 5. 

to oif (a mortgage), wfce- 

to ofi" debts, shakkin {f^^) 

wo kaisai (-g'-<^) s ; fusai (Mffi) W50 

shokyaku (|^*ic|J) 5. 

to ...... one's reputation, mi no 

akari wo taie-ru. 

to the country of (bandits, 

etc.), wo/soio (M^-) s; icolsojo 

to the ccean of pirates, 

kcdjo (V^±) kara kaizoku (v%'^^) 
wo nozoki-sarii. 

•to the road, michi ico hiraku, 

to the throat, seki-harai 

ico s. 

to up (a point), melryo (n^Qg) 

ni s ; melhaku (H^S) ni s. 

Clear, i.v. (of a ship) shukko-tetsu- 
dzuki wo sumase-ru ; (quit port) 
shukkb (Hi J^) s ; (of weather) hare-ru ; 

the weather has ed, sei^en 

(nf ^) ?ii natia. 

to out of (vacate), ico/hiki- 


Clearance, n. (of a ship) sJvuJckd 

fee, shiikko-lestiryo (JtiJ^H^^ 

permtit, shukko-menjo (^Hj^ 


sale, mikiri-uri. 

Clear-cut, a. (of a face) kippari 
skita ; rlrishii. - 

Clear-lieaded, a. meicM {WS) na ; 
somei (Iffn/j) na. . 

149 J 


Clearing", n, kiichi (^JH) ; akichi. 

Clearing'-lioiise, n. ginko-kdkwan- 
, jo (^ff^^j^jr). 

Clearly, adv. akiraka ni ; haki-hakt 
to ; melryo (fj^[J^) ni ; hummyo {^W\\ 
ni ; wakari yoku ; kenzen {^f/^) to. 

Clearness, n. (of the skin) klyoi 
koto ; seijo {\nW) '» (of the sky) hareta 
koto ; seiro (Pfll^)' (perspicuity) mei' 

ryo mm)- 

Clear-sig-litecl, a. (discerning) ?nei- 
saisu m^) na; keigan (^(114) m; 
(lit.) me no yoku kiku. 

Cleat, n. san (@) ; osae-gi ; (on gang* 
board) fumi-ki. 

Cleave, t.v. saku ; waru. 

Cleave, i.v. kuttsuku. 

Cleaver, n. (a knife) daiAoc/iO (/ciri 
T) ; hoto (*IJ7J). 

Clef, n. ompu-kigo imU^m- 

Cleft, n. ware-me ; sake-me. 

Clematis, n. senninsd {-kM) '■> (c 
ilorida var.) tessen {l^\\]\); {g. paterisj 


Clemency, n. kwandai (H;^) ; 
kwanjin (^fn) ; kwanyo {"^W ; (oi 
weather) onwa (iS^n). 

Clement, a. kwandai (^/^c) na; 
kwanjin na ; kwanyo na ; (of weatherj 
omca na ; odayaka na ; nodoka na. 

Clemently, adv. kwandai ni ; kwan- 
iin ni ; kwanyo ni. 

Clencli, t.v. to the fist, 

kobushi wo nigiru ; genko (^gj) 
wo nigiru ; genkotsu {^•^) wo 

to the teeth, ha ico kui- 


V. also Clinch. 

Clerical, a. error, fude no aya- 

mari ; ji no ayamari ; goji {Wi^) ; 
moji no machigai. 
work, kakimono. 

Clerg-y, n. seishoku (g.IClii), 


[ 150 ] 


Clerg-yiiian, n. (Buddhist) osho (^n 
^) ; (Christian missionary) senkyo- 
shi {"U^Mi); (Christian pastor) 
hokushi ifxMi) ; (Christian preacher) 
deiidbsld (iJjldtp). 

Cleric, n. (merchant's) iedai ; clio- 
tsuke : (official) shoki [the official 
title is zokkwan (^'"s) ]- 

of the Court, saibanjo-slioki 
S^I)Prr"tfE) [Cr. Pro,, Civ. Pro.]. 

head (native), hanto (-^M)- 

office of the s of a Court 

(of law), shokikwa (ftoGI^). 

Clever, a. liko (^n n ) na; hinsho 
(I^M) na; reiri {'\^\M) ^^^'^ ^^^ "^^ 
kiita; somel (WM) >^« ; ei&in (^WO 
na ; (of actions) jodzu (±.^) na ; 
josai {'kd'A") n^^ 5 iakumi na. 

person, kosha [sfy^) \ (with 

the hand) iegosha ; myoshu (]5i?#). 

Cleverly, adv. riko ni ; hinsho ni ; 
eihin ni ; jodzu 7ii ; josainaku ; taku- 
mi ni. 

Cleverness, n. riko ; reiri ; hinsho ; 
eihin ; somei ; (of actions) jodzu na 
koto ; josaiimi koto ; takumi na koto. 

Click, i.v. kachiri to naru. 

Click, n. to shut with a (t.v.), 

kachiri to shime-ru. 

Client, n. (dependent) irainin (fixIM 
A) ; (law) sosho-irainin (E^fSf^^iA)- 

Clientele, n, tanomlte. 

that doctor has a large , 

ano iska (^^) ni kakaru hito ga 
bi ; ano isha wa hyoka {^^) 
ga ol. 

Cliff, n. gake ; zeppeki (.^gH) ; kiri- 
tatta kishi. 

Climate, n. kiko {MPX) ; /"^o (E±). 

Cliniateric, a. kiko no. 

Climax, n. (the greatest degree) chojo 
(]K±) ; kiwamari; kyokudo {^f^) : 
saikoten {fxWi^h) 'y kyokuten (^th) 5 
zetcho (|.g3^) ; (rhetoric) ze7isd (jITi^) • 

Climb, i.v. nohoru ; (mount up) 
agaru ; (with difficulty) yoji-ndboru ; 

Climl), t.v. ni[nohoru ; (with difficul- 
ty) ni/yoji-nohoru ; ni/hai-agaru. 

Climb, n. tozan {^\li)- 

Climber, n. (class of plants) kadzu- 
ra-mono ; tsuru-mono ; (of a moun- 
tain) nohoru-hito ; nohorl-te ; tozansha 

Climbing", n. mountain ,yama 

e nohoru koto. 

Clinch, t.v. (a nail) nojsaki wo mage' 
ru ; (tighten) shime-ru. 

to an argument, ronkyo 

(traiS) "^'0 tashika ni s. 

Cling', t.v. (embrace, hold fast to) 
ni/daki-tsuku ; ni/sugari-tsuku ; ni/ 
tori-tsuku ; nij shigami-tsuku ; nij 
tsuramaru ; (stick to) nijkidtsuku ; 
ni/fuchaku {^HM') -^ I (to a prejudice) 

to round, ni/matou ; ni/ 

matoi-tsuku ; ni/matsuwaru. 

Clinical, a. rinshbjb (6li^ Ji) no ; 
hybshb {^^) no ; rinshb no. 

thermometer, ken-onki (^ 


Clinically, adv. rinshbjb (!5^;^Ji) de. 

Clink, t.v. narasu ; hihikasu ; chirin- 
chirin to narasu ; gacha-gacha 


Clink, i.v. chirin-chirin to naru ; 
gacha-gacha naru. 

Clink, n. chirin-chirin to naru oto. 

Clinker-built, a. kawara-huki no 

yb ni koshiraeia. 

Clinker, n. hal-kasu. 

Clip, t.v. hasami-klru ; tsumu ; (of 
hair) karu. 

Clip, n. hasami. 

Clipper, n. (vessel) hayahune. 

s (scissors), hasami. 

hair-dresser's s, harikan 

[frcm Bariquand, name of French 


Clipping, n. (extract) hassui (il^). 
Clique, n. nakama ; hbtb (HM) J 

tbha imm)- 


[ 151 1 OLO 

"Cloak, n. gwaito (^h^); torribi] (for 
rain) kappa ; (ladies) uwagi ; (pre- 
text) kojitsu (PK) ; kyotaku {^t^) ; 

long" (worn by Japanese 

women), adzuma-koto. 

Cloak, t.v. kakusu. 

•Cloak-room, (at hotel, etc.) gwaito- 
shitsu ; (at railway station) {ryo- 
kaku)-keiiaihin-adzukejo (J^^J^^r an 

Cloakings, n. mompa. 

Clock, n. ^ofcei (B|ft). 

alarm , mezamashi-dokei. 

table , oki-dokei. 

"wall , kake-dokei ; hashira- 


Clock-maker, n. tokeishi ; tokeiya. 

Clock-tow^er, n. tokei-dai. 

Clock-Tvork, n. karakuri; zemmai- 
jlkake ; tokei-jikake. 

a figrure, iokel-jikake no 

ningyo (A}f^). 
X)lO(i, TL. katamari ; (of earth) tsuclii- 
kure ; dokwai (±.t^). 

Clod-liopper, n. maka-mono ; do- 
by aku slid ; mukudori [Tulg.]. 

Clog", n. (impediment) jrtma ; jama na 
mono ; shogaibutsu (^5|4!^) ; (kind 
of shoe) geta ; kakko [child's word] ; 
(tied to an animal) omori. 

[Different kinds of s (shoe) are 

komageta, ashida. hiyori-geta, icho- 
ha, etc.]. 

Clog", t.v. fusaku ; shogai s. 
to be g"ed, tsumaru. 

Cloison, n. suji. 

Cloisonne, n. skippd-yaki (-t:®!^). 

witliout cloisons, musen- 

jippo (te|^-t:K)- 
Close, a. chikai; (intimate) atsui; 
shimmitsu (H,^) na ; (of a bedroom) 
ne-gusai ; (of a room) i-gusai ; (of 
texture) me no tsumatta ; me no 
komakai ; (of the air) mushi-atsui ; 
(parsimonious) tsumashii ; kechi na ; 
rinshoku (^^) na ; shiwambb (^^ 
^) na ; (reticent) mu-kuchi na ; 
chimmoku (yjfei^) na. 

a friend, shin-yu (H;^). 

a strugcgle, gobu-gobu na 

^yoso (^#). 

a translation, chokuyaku 

connection (between events), 

missetsu (^^^) no kwankel (||^). 

order (mil.), heishiiku (^|g). 

season, klnryoki i^MM)- 

to the Custom House, 

zeikvxin {Mt^%) no jiki kinjo (ii[i£ 
PJr) ni. 

to the feet, ashimoto ni. 

to the pillow, makura- 

moto ni. 

follow behind me, wata- 

kushi no ato ni kuttsuite ki na. 

place it to the wall, kabe 

ni piitari to kuttsukete oke. 

to be (stuffy), ki ga komoru ; 

mutto s. 

to be at hand, (lit.) te-jlka 

ni aru ; (of a term) sashi-tsumaru ; 
seppaku (-tQig,) 5. 

to draw to (t.v.), Mki- 


to keep in confinement, 

misshiis'U (^^) ni kankin (gi*^) s. 

to place to, ni/kuttsukete 


Close, t.v. shime-ru ; tozasu ; toji-ru ; 
fusagu ; (a letter) filji-ru ; (business, 
etc.) heisa (f^^) s ; (complete, finish) 
joju (jlSclfc) "^ ; (end up) musubu. 

to be d, (of a country) sakokit 

(Its ) ^^ nam ; (of a door) tatte 
oru ; (of an affair) matomaru ; 
rakuchaku (^^) s ; kotodzumi ni 
nam; kyoku (^) wo musubu; (of 
a school) wa]yas2imi da ; (of a 
shop, for a holiday) kyiigyo (^H) 
s ; (of ports) sako (itjf ) ni nam ; 
(of the mouth) fusagaru ; (perma- 
nently, of a shop, etc.) heisa 

mm) s. 

to accounts, kanjd {W}^) wo 

sumasu ; seisan {^1^1) s. 

to a meeting", heikwai {^ 


to an affair, jiken {^i^) wo 


to the country, sakoku 


to the eyes, me wo toji-ru \ 

me wo fusagu. 


to tlie mouth (be silent), 

kuchi wo musuhu ; kuchi wo fusagu. 

to tlie ports, sako i^M) s. 

to up, (a hole) fusagu \ (a 

room) tate-kiru ; shime-kiru. 

Close, i.v. (in fencing) io/tachi-au ; 
tofuchl-au ; (in wrestling) toltorl- 
kumu ; (of a flower) sliibomu ; (of an 
office) hlke-ru ; (of the day) kure-ru ; 
(of the mail) shlme-kiri ni naru ; 
shime-kiru ; (suspend business, for 
a holiday) kyugyo (fic^) s. 

riglit I (mil.) migi ni tsume. 

Close, n. (ending) shimai ; oicari ; 
sue ; shfibi (?v^^) ; (of an . affair) 
ketsumatsu (I^tj^) ; shukyoku {t^W}) ; 
(of a sitting, or session) heikwai 
ifB'a) y (o£ the theatre) hane ; kaburi. 

Close, adv. (densely) kaiaku ; miisu 
rd ; klsshlri to ', mlsseisu (^j^) 
shite ; (nearly) chikaku ; majikaku ; 
" piliari to. 

at liaiid, te-jikaku. 

Closed, p.p. and a. shimekiri no. 

carriage, hako-hasha. 

to traffic, brai-dome ni naiia. 

Ciose-listed, a. v. Close (a). 

Closeness, n. (of a room) mutto suru 
koto ; ki ga komoru koto. 

Closet, n. (cupboard) todana ; oshi-iri. 

water , hevjo {^f'J{) ; kawa- 

ya ; setchin [MM) ', setsuin (g^jlf) ; 
habakari [the last used only by 

Closing;, n. (act of) equiv. of Close 
(t. and i.v.) foil, by koto ; (ceremony) 
heikwai-shiki (P^'§"^). 

Clo§mg--tiine, n. (at P. O.) ' shime- 
kirl-jikan ; (at school, barracks, etc.) 
mongen (F5F.^)- 

Closure, n. (of parliament) ioron- 
sMiketsu (ftlTO^^n) ; toron-shukyoku 

Clot, n. katamari ; gyoketsu C||^^) ; 
gyokwai (WM)- 
a of Mood, gyoketsu (^l5l). 

Clotli, n. kire ; nuno ; ori-mono. 

bleaclied cotton , sarashi; 


measure, kujirajaku. 

[ 152 ] OLO 

cotton , momeri. 

emery , yas'dri-nimo. 

Italian , *. 

saddle , kura-kake. 

table , teburu-kake. 

woollen , rasha. 

Clotlie, t.v. ni/kimono v:o kise-ru. 

to be d in, icojkite oru; tcof^ 

chakuyo {^ff]) s ; (of trousers) 
wo/tsukete oru ; wojugatsu. 

to be d witli (fig.), icojobi-ru. 

to with (fig.)j '^^ '-^'^ 

makase-ru ; ni wo atae-ru. 

Ciotlies, n. kimono ; ifuku (^^cfjS) ; 
fuku (n,R) ; ishb (3S^) ; irui (aSct^) ; 
he-he [child's word] ; (given to a 
servant at New Year, etc.) shikise ; 
(polite) meshimono. 

bed , yagu {^M:)- 

dress , embifuku (s^MHS.) 5 

reifaku (jfiM). 

foreig-n (i.e. European), yo- 

fuku {mn 

holiday , haregi; yosooiki. 

mourning , mofuka (^Jjii). 

old ffurugi. 

old merchant, furugi-ya ; 


plain (not uniform), shifuku 


plain constable, kakusode- 

'iunsa ; heifuku-junsa (-^^R.^^^^)- 

Clotlies=liorse, n. ikb (35cl'lx). 

Clotlies-line, n. monohoshl-nawa. 
[The Japanese use a bamboo called 

Clotlies-siispender, n. emon- 

Clotlling', n. irui {'^^) ; ifuku 

mn^); ^<^irui (MM) I ishb mm; 

hifuku (^fjR). 

Clotted, a. kaiamaiia ; gybketsa 

Cloud, n. kumo ; (fig., as of the 
political siiusbtion) fiiun (Mj^)- 

the shave begun to clear 

away, kumo ga hare-kakaita. 

to be wrapped in s, zed] 

ichimen (— ®) ni kumo ga kakatte 


[ 153 

Cloud, i.v. kumoru. 

Cloud, t.v. kumorase-ru. 

to become ed (of the eye), 




a. kasa-gumo wo 

Cloudy, a. kumotta. 

moon, ohorodzuki. 

...... weather, donten (ft^) ; 

uttoshii tenki ; (in spring) hana- 

to become , kumm^u ; kumofte 

kuru ; (of a liquid) nigoru. 

Cloudiness, n. ukki (^^ 
wine) nigoite oru koto ; nigori. 

Cloudless, a 


hareta ; seiro (nHI^) 

Clout, n. zokin {^{\) ). 

Clout, t.v. (strike) utsu. 

to on the "heady atama wo 

Clove, n. choji (T^)- 
Cloven-footed, a animal, 

sbteijii (^Ef^'i^). 

Clover, n. umagoyashi ; tsume-gusa. 

wh ite , oranda-renge ; shiro- 


Clown, n. dokekata ; taikomochi ; 
hokan (^fej) ; kokkeisha (?f ^^) ; 
(rustic) inaka-mono ; yajin (Sf A). 

Clownisli, a. husaho (&tf^-^) na ; 
sokotsu ('|B.i^») ?ia. 

Clownislily, adv. husaho ni ; sokoisu 


Clownislmess, n. husaho ; sokotsu. 

Cloy, t.v. (glut) rnampuku {%^) sase- 
ru ; (surfeit) hoshoku [^'%) s. 

Clul), n. (association) kurabu (tE^ 
^) ; (card) mitsuha ; (stick) 55 (^) ; 
kombo i^^'^) ; (pilgrims') /co5/i:t (=g 

ifi); fcojTi (=14^)- 

president of a pilgrims' , 

sendatsu i-^^). 

Club, t.v. to to death, hoku- 

satsu i^Wi) s. 

Club-foot, n. surlkogl-ashi ; ehl- 
ashi ; kama-ashi. 

] CQA 

Club-niOSS, n. hlkage no kadzura. 

Cluck, i.v. kokko to naku. 

Clue, n. tegakarl ; tancho {^i^) ; ito- 
guchi ; atedo ; kokoro-atari [the last 
two signify greater chance of tlis- 
covery] ; (trace) keisekl (^j?^). 

Clump, n. (of bushes) yahu ; (of 
trees) mori. 

Clumsily, adv. hukiyo (M^^fl) ni; 
setsuretsu {^^^J) ni ; heta ni ; rodon 
ni ; ma-nuke ni ; fuieisai (^ffi^) ni. 

Clumsiness, n. hukiyo ; setsuretsu ; 
rodon ; ma-nuke ; futeisai. 

Clumsy, a. (of jpersons) hukiyo na ; 
ma-nuke na ; rodon (#|i^) na ; fu- 
teisai na ; (of shape) hukakkd (*S;'i^ 
0') na ; husaiku (to.^^HIX) na. 
a fellow, hukotsu-mono. 

Cluster, n. (of flowers) ichida (— ^) 
no hana ; (of fruit) fusa ; (of in- 
dividuals) hito-mure ; f/w«ju (^^H). 

large (of fruit), suzunari. 

star ....-.., seidan {MM) 5 seigun 
Cluster, i.Y. (of persons, etc.) mura- 
datsu ; muragaru ; gunju (^^) 5. 

Clutcll, t.v. nigiru ; tsukamu, 
to tight, nigiri-tsume-ru. 

Clutcll, n. 7iigiri ; tsukami. 

Clyster, n. kwanchb-zai (J^Jji^l]). 

to give a , kwanchozai wo 


Coacll, n. hasha (,t|^) ; (closeable) 

Coacliman, n. gyosh% (|X#)- 

Coadjutor, n. hosha (?i^) ; joshiL 

(iyj^) ; jorikisha (flj[j;0^-) ; tetsudai- 

nin (^SA)- 

Coag'ulate, i.v. kori-katamaru ; g^/o- 
/ce^s-M (^^) s. 

d blood, gyoketsu (^ifiL). 

Coag'ulation, n. gyoketsu (^i^). 

Coal, n. sekitan. 

bituminous , yushitsu-sekl- 

tan imC^m)- 

de^Qt, sekitanko (Hptl^) J 


field, haiden ('^^ffl). 


[ 151 ] 000 

mine, sekitanko {'^f^i/i). 

smokeless , muen-sekitan {^ 

Coal-lieaver, n, sekitan-katsugi. 

Coaling'-statioii, n. chotanjo {p-}^ 
0i) ; sekiian-chochikujo {^m^B^rJ'i)' 

Coalesce, i.v. kwaigo l^-^) s; 

ketsugo i^"^) s ; rengo (i-^) s ; 

wago (^n-M ) s ; gatssuru. 
Coalescence, n. kwaigo ; ketsugo ; 

rengo ; wago. 

Coalition, n. v. Coalescence. 

g-overnment, rengb-naikaku 

Coal-scuttle, n. sekitaji-ire ; seki- 

Coaming-s, n. sdkoran (^fPtll). 
Coarse, a. arai ; arappoi ; (in make) 
sosei ii^M) no ', sozo (i^ljn ) no ; (in 
texture) ji no arai ; me no arai ; 
(rude) yahi na ; somatsu (15.^) na. 

food, soshoku (|g,:^). 

language, kitanai kotoha. 

Coarsely, adv. (carelessly) zonzai ni ; 
(rudely) somatsu ni ; bukotsu ni ; 
yahi ni ; (thickly) futoku. 

Coarseness, n. equiv. ot Coarse 
foil, by koto. 

Coast, n. umihe ; hamabe ; kaigan (-/-^ 
^) ; kaihen (•^-^-^) ; kaihin (v'-^i^). 
artillery, kalgan-hohei (i^^ 

battery, kaigan-hodai {il^^ 


defence, kaiho (v$|^) ; kai- 

gan-hogyo m^^'0,). 

...... defence vessel, kaibokan 


line, kaigan (i^^). 

Coast, i.v. to along", kaigan ni 

sbte hashiru ; kaigan wo noru. 

Coasting", n pilot, enkal- 


trade, enkai-bbekl {'i'a'M'M. 

vessel, enkai-kokosen (•/S''/^ 

M'^y^) 5 ji-mawari-bune. 
Coat, n. (garment) uwagi. 

of arms, mon; mon-jirushi. 

of mail, kusari-katabira. 

dress , embifuku (j^^UR) ; 

reifuku (jfiJJIl). 

frock , farokku-kdto. 

one (of paint), hito-nuri. 

over , gwalto {9b^)- 

short (jacket), sebiro. 

the first (of paint), shita- 


the second , naka-nuri. 

the last , uwa-nuri ; shiage. 

to turn one's (fig-)? henseisu 

mm) s. 

Coat, t.v. (cover) ni/kise'VU ; ou ; nij 
kabuse-ru ; (with paint) nijnuru. 

to with tin-foil, nijsuzu- 

haku wo klse-ru. 

to with varnish, nijurushi 

wo nuru. 

Coated, p.p with, (metal) 

-Iclse no ; -blki no ; (paint) -nxiri 


with zinc, aen-bikl no. 

Coating", n. (of metal) kise ; (of 
paint, etc.) nurl. 

Coax, t.v. no/kigen {\^l 
child) nadame-sukasu. 

wo torn ; (a 

Cobalt, n. * 
oxide of 


.... sankwa-kobaruto. 

Cobble, t.v. zonzai nl koshirae-ru. 

Cobbler, n. kidsu-naoshi. 

Cobble-stone, n. gorota-ishi ; jari- 
ishi ; maru-ishi. 

Cobweb, n. kumo no su. 

Coccyx, n. 

bitei-kotsu (i 



Cocliin-Cliina, n. Ajinan (^M) ; 
Kochi (3cab). 

Cocliineal, n. yoko (#^). 

insect, enogu-musJd ; enshi- 

chil iMM^^i) ; garanchu (#Bilgi). 

Cock, n. ondorl ; on ; (of a gun) 
uchi-gane ; (of birds) osu ; on. 

and bull story, kwoto {'^ 

§) na hanashi. 

fight, <o/cei. (1^). 

to fight s, tori no ke-ai rco 

sccse-ru : tori wo ke-awase-ru. 


[ 155 ] 


■Coclv, t.v. (a fire-arm) no/uchi-gane 
wo age-ru ; (one's hat) yoko ni 

to the ears, mimi wo sdba- 

daie-ru ; kiki-mimi wo tate-ru. 

Cockcliafer, n. kogane-mushi. 

Cock-crow, n. ichiban-dori nojlhun 
{n|53^) ; keimei (Hql). 

Cocker, t.v. wo/shoai (M^) -^ 5 w;o/ 
deJciai (i^^) s. 

Cockerel, n. ondori no ko. 

Cocktiqliting", n. tori no ke-ai ; 

jceitd mm)- 

Cockle, n. akagai ; kisagai. 
Cockle, i.v. (of paper) uku. 
Cockroach, n. dbura-mushi. 
Cockscomb, n. (bot.) mieto ; kelto 

(ifjHM) 5 (fop) share-mono ; date-sha ; 

(of a cock) tosaka. 

leafy , ha-geiio. 

Cockspur, n. kedzume ; (bot.) san- 


Cocoaiiiit, n. yashi no mi. 

oil, yashi no abura, 

palm, yashi. 

Cocoon, n. mayu ; kaiko [proiDerly 
the silkworm] ; (of wild silkworm) 

doupion , iama-mayu. 

pierced , degara. 

Cod, n. (gadus brandtii & minor) tara ; 
(g. chalcogrammus) sukecho-tara. 
rock , ainame. 

Code, n. hoten {^^). 

civil , mimpo {^^). 

coramercial , shoho (j^vifc)- 

criminal , keiho (^ij-/^). 

of civil procedure, minji- 

soshoho (J^^D?f2r£). 

of criminal procedure, 

keJjl-soshoho (M^Wifh'ik)- 

address, ryakugo (§.fj^). 

teleg"ram, ango-denshin (0^ 

vlkWiU) [^^sed also to mean a 
cypher telegram]. 

Co-defendant, n. kyodo-hikoku {^ 
m&^) [Civ. Pro.]. 

Code-w^ord, n. dempo-fugo (^= 

Coflicil, n. (of a will) yuigonsho (^ 
WS) ^0 tsuika (i^j^jn). 

Codify, t.Y. hensan {MM) •^' 

Codliver-oll, n. kanyu (^yft) ; tara 
no dbura. 

Coerce, t.v. kyohaku (#^9) s ; shii' 
ru ; kyosei {^^U) s. 

to into doing", muri ni, or 

shlite, sase-ru. 

Coercion, n. kyohaku ; kyosei. 

Coercive, a. kyohaku no ; kyosei no ; 
kyoseiteki (5S^1J6^) no. 

Coercively, adv. kyohaku ni ; kyo' 
ni ; kyoseiteki ni. 

Coffee, n. kahe ; kohi ; (Japanese, 
made with roast barley) hattal. 

Coff'er, n. hltsu. 

Coffin, n. kwan {1^'^) ; hitsugi ', haya- 
oke ; kwan-oke ; [the two latter are 
of tub shape] ; (in which the body is 
laid recumbent) negican. 

Cog", n. wa no ha. 

Cog"ency, n. chikara. 

Cog"ent, a. (of an argument) yilryoku 

(%3^J) ^0 ; (of a reason) yondokoro- 


Cog'ently, adv. yilryoku ni. 

Cog"itate, i.v. fakaku kangae-ru ; 
chinshi (y!t>^^) s ; jukko (^#) s ; 
jukuryo (^|^) s ; jukushi (^>^,) s ; 
shian {^^^) s. 

Cog'itation, n. chinshi ; jukko; shi- 
an ; jukuryo ; jukushi. 

Cogitative, a. shisbryoku {^^W.l'i 

Cog"nate, a, (of the same nature) 
dorui ([Wljljt) no; ai-rui suru ; doshu 
( |Hi II ) no ; (related by blood) ketsu- 
zoku (ifil]^) no ; shinzoku no. 

Cog'nac, n. * ; hurande. 

Cognizance, n. chishiki (^|^) ; 
mitome ; (judicial) niniei (|1^). 

it came to my that he 

was abseiit from duty, / re 

wa s?iokuvf:j, (fS^^) wo yasmide 


[ 156 ] 


otta to iu koio ga watakushi ni 

to take of, juri (i^fl) .9 [Civ. 


Cog"-Ti^lieel, n. ha-guruma. 

Goliabit, i.v. (live together) dbsel ([f^ 
•^) s ; (of husband and wife)/^7/u de 
hurasu ; fufu-gurashl s ; (of man 
and v^'oman) ddkin ((W)^) s ; tomo-ne 
s ', fufu no yd ni hiiotsu ie ni sumu. 

Cohabitation, n. filfu-gurashi ; 
ddkin ; dosei ; tomo-ne. 

Co-lieii';, n. kyddb-sdzokunin {^^i^^ 

Coliere, i.v. nenchaku ()jfA^) s ; 
nehatsuku ; hiitsuku ; kuttsuku. 

Coliereiicy, n. (connection) ren- 

zoku (:;i|:l). 

Colierent, a. (consistent) isuji- 
tsuma no au ; renzoku sum ; ren- 
raku (f§||§) no yoku isuiia ; ai- 

a discourse, tsiiji-isuma no 

atta ron (f^). 

Coherently, adv. renzoku shite ; 
renraku yoku tsuxie ; ai-tsuranatte. 

Cohesion, n. (connection) renzo/cw ; 
renraku ; (physics) gybshuryoku {'^ 
^i3) '■, (sticking together) nenchaku 

mw ; fuchaku [mm)- 

Cohesive, a. nenchakuryoku no am. 

power, nenchakuryoku (f^^ 

'Jj) ; gybshuryoku. 

Coiifiire, n. yuikata. 

Coil, n. (of a snake) (hehi no) 

of rope, isuna no wa ; tsu7ia 

no taga. 

to arrange in a , wa oii s. 

Coil, t.v. wa ni s. 

to round, nijmakitsuke-ru. 

Coil, i.v. (of a snake) toguro wo maku. 

to round (an object, of a 

snake)j ni/maki-tsuku. 

Coin, n. kwahei (^^) ; (as dis- 
tinguished from paper currency) 
shbkwa (iE;^). 

copper , dbsen (^|^) ; dbkwa 

imWCl ; z6nL 

., nise-kin ; gizo-^ 

counterfeit , nise-Kin ; gizo-^ 

kwahei (©ia!^^) I ganzb-kwahei 
(Wit^t?) ; gankin (g^). 

gold , kinkwa {^^). 

silver , ginkwa iMW) I 

(w^edge) kusabi. 

to pay a man back in his 

'^''"" .., hito ni shippei-gaeshi 


ICO s 

Coin, t.v. chuzb {Mxt) * J ^'^"^ I fuku. 

Coinage, n. chuzb {M'>!t) ', (currency). 
kwahei {^^) ; tsuyb-kingin (Mffi:fe 

discount on , fuki-heri. 

Coincide, i.v. (with, ni) au ; (with, 

to)f'ugb{n-^)s; ibgb (tS:^) 5 ; (ac- 
cidentally) angb (B^n') s ; (be con- 
temporaneous) ■wa]dbji (IWinj) ni 
okoru ; (math.) itchi (— -i^) s. 

Coincidence, n. (concurrence of 
events) /ur/o ; angb ; (math.) itchi. 
a mere , fui (^iE) no koto. 

Coincident, a. equiv. of Coincide 
used as adj. 

Coincidently, adv.fugb shite; an- 
gb shite ; itchi shite ; (contemporane- 
ously) dbji ni. 

Coiner, n. (counterfeit) gizbkwahei- 
chi'absha {{^^mW^iWu-^-^i) '■, nisegane- 

Coition, n. kbsetsu (3C|^) ; kbgb (^ 
'^) ; tsugau koto. 

Coke, n. kokusu ; gaitan (f|/^). 
Colander, n. suinb (f^ft). 
Cold, n. samusa ; kanki {^M.) ; ^ei- 
ki [Hji'm,) 5 kanrei {^'i^) ; (catarrh) 
kaze; kamhb (.^i) ; fuja {MX^); 

subject to catching , kaze- 


the demon of s is upon us, 

kaze no kami ga hairu [commnn 
Japanese expression]. 

to catch 

kaze wo hlku. 

Cold, a (indifferent) reitan (?^g^) na ; 
(of bodies) tsumeiai ; hieta ; (of 
weather) samui ; hiyayaka na ; kan- 
ki na ; kanrei na ; reiki na. 
sake, hiyazake. 


[ 157 ] 


water, mldzu ; re'isui (?^7K) ; 

hiya-midzu ; hiya [the last used by 

I feel a little , chiito samuke 

ga s. 

in blood, heiki {^M.) ^'^ 5 

muzan (to^) ni. 

to be (of weather), hleru. 

to feel , hiyaisuku ; samul. 

to grow , 'hie-ru ; (fig.) reitan 

ni nam ; mujb (-^Sfit) ni naru. 

to leave out in the , vioj 

reUjii (?^iS) s. 

■Cold-blooded, a. reiketsu (i^tlfiL) 
na ; (fig.) zannin (@J5'^) na ; muzan 
(^^) w^ ; zankoku {^&u) i'^^- 

animals, relketfiU-dbhutsu 

Cold-iiearted, a. hakvjd (Jfgllt) net ; 
miijo (llStit) '^<^ ; nasakenai ; reitan 
(?^>^) na. 

Coldly, adv. (with indifference) rei- 
tan ni ; nasake naku. 

Coldness, n. (indifference) reitan ; 
WMJo ; (of temi)erature) samusa ; 
kanki ; rci/ci ; kanrei. 

to treat with. , reitan ni tori- 

aisukau ; reigu (?■l^ii|) s. 

Colic, n. sentsu mXi'M) ; fukutsu (Jg 
ji^) ; hara-iiami. 

Co-litig'ailts, n. kyodo-soshonin (ifc 

IWIUkISA) [Civ. Pro.]. 
Collaborate, i.v. to with, to/ 

gosaku (p-fp)*; to/gassaku {^ 

Collaborator, n, gdsakusha (^f^ 

^) ; gassakusha ( n'f^^)- 
Collaboration, n. gassaku ; go- 
this book was translated by 

A in with B, kore tea ko 

m^) to otsu [Zij) no kyoyaku {^f^) 

Collapse, n. (fig.) gwakai {%f^) ; 
doho-gwakai (±^3C^?) 5 (med.) sei- 
ryoku-chinsui (^'■^f};/^^) ; kyodaisu 
iJkW ; (of a building) hokicai (^^) ; 
(of a plan, etc.) shippai (^H5c)- 

Collapse, i.v (fig.) gwakai s ; do/io- 
giiiakai s , (of a building) kudzure-ru ; 
hokicai s ; (of a plan) shippai s. 

Collar, n. en ; 7cara. 

dog's , kuhiwa. 

hig-h party, haikara-to. 

stand-up , tachi-gara. 

turn-dov/n , nijii-kara. 

white (mark on a bear's 

throat), tsuki no wa. 

COilar-bone, n. sakotsu (it'i')- 

Collate, t.v. yomi-awase-ru ; taishS 
mm) s; kyogo m^) s; (collect) 
. -soroe-ru ; seiton (^|^) s. 

Collateral, a. (subordinate) fudzui 
mm.) no. 

family, hunke (^^) ; sJii- 

shin iicMl)- 

relatives, hokeishin iW^^) 

[Civ. Co.]. 

security, fuka-ieito (Ff't/jntJ^ 

Collation, n. (act of collating) 
equiv. of Collate foil, by koto ; (of 
facts) taisho {31M) ', (repast) shoen 
(/Jn^) ; ko-zakamori. 

a stand-up , risshoku {'^'%), 

Collator, n. taishosha {tmM)- 

Colleague, n. ddryb {^^)', dbyaku 
([^^5:) ; dbshokusha ([WJlfgi^i. 

Collect, t.v. aisume-ru ; (a debt) tori- 
tate-ru [Com. Co., Civ. Co.] ; (by call- 
ing) yohi-atsume-ru ; shoshu (SIfe) ^ > 
(by purchase) kai-atsume-ru ; (facts) 
shiishu (M.M) ^ I mora {^fiM) ^ ; (fo^ 
keeping) tame-ru ; (into one body) 
hito-maiome ni s. 

ed speeches, enzetsushu {^M 

to one's self, ochi-tsuku. 

to taxes, shfizei (45(1^) si 

chbshtL (ii45:) s. 

Collect, i.v. atsumaru ; fukuso (f^^) 
s ; takaru [vulg.] ; (of dust) tamaru. 

Collect, n. (prayer) iokuio (ij$li). 

Collected, a. ochi-tsuita ; jljaku {^ 
^) to shita ; heiki {^M,) na ; taizejn 
(^^) io shita. ] 

Collectedly, adv. ochi-tsuite ; jijak'j 
to shite ; heiki ni ; taizen to shite. 

UOL t_ 

Collection, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Collect foil, by koto ; (of animals) 
atsumari ; mure ; muragari ; (of 
money) glenkin (^Ji^); (of persons) 
. kwaishii {^1^) ', (of poems, etc.) -shu 
(^) ; (of taxes) chosMl (iM5f). 

complete (as, of laws, in 

titles of books), daizen (;^^). 

Collective, a noun, shugo- 

meishi (^'^^^). 

Collectively, adv. awasete ; siibete ; 
sotai (^,ti) de ; gasshite. 

Collector, n. (of art objects) kodzuka 
(0i^^); Ujutsuka {W^W^ [sbopld 
really be applied only to artist him- 
self] ; (of bills) kaketori ; shukinsha 

■ (^^^) J (of taxes) shuzeikwan (Jj^^ 

Colleg'e, n. daigaku ; daigakko {i^^ 

of engineering", kokica-dai- 

gaku {-XMi^m' 

of law, hbkwa-daigaku {^"^ 

of literature, hunkwa-dai- 

gaku {-^pfi^^). 

of medicine, ikvca-daigaku 

of science, rikwa-daigaku 

Colle-veg'etale, n. kanten (l§^). 
Collier, n. sekltanhori; tankofu (|^ 

Collide, i.v. (with, ni, or to) tsukl- 
aiaru ; shototsu (Ifj^) s ; (fig.) iei- 
shoku it^M) s ', ai-han s ; shototsu s. 

Colliery, n. tanko (pt?^)- 

Collision, n. shototsu (®^) ; (fig.) 
shototsu ; teishoku. 

Colloquial, a language, zoku- 

go (f#|g) ; zokuwa (f^lS). 
Colloquialism, n. zokuwa ; y.okugo. 
Colloquy, n. kwaiwa {^f^) ; taiwa 

mm)- _. 

Collusion, n. nare-ai ; kyoho (it|^) 
[Civ. Pro.]. 

to act in , nare-ai de koto wo 

s ; tojtsuji-ru. 

to be in , nare-au. 

158 J 


Collyrium, n. me-gusurl ; tengansui 

Colon, n. * ; juten (gj]^) ; (anat.) 

ketchb [mm)- 
ascending , joko-ketcho (±.fT 

Colonel, n. rikuqun-taisa (!^i^:;^s:^) 
[with the name] ; taisa [after the 
name] ; (of a cavalry regiment) 
kihei-taisa {^^i^iic) \ (of artillery) 
hohei-talsa [li^^i^lk)- 

lieutenant , chtisa (tj?'^)- 

surgeon , itto-gun-i-sei (— ^ 


surgeon-lieutenant , nito- 

gun-i-sei {-^'^miE)- 
Colonial, a. shokwmmchi [V^^i^) 

no; zokuchi {^M)no; shokuminteki 

if^m^) no. 

government, (in Formosa) 

sotokufu (11,^/^) ; (in foreign 
countries) seicho {^M)- 

office, (in .Japan, formerly) 

takushokumusho {%V^^^^) ', (in 
other countries) shokuminsho [9^^ 
Colonist, n. shokumin (KSK) ; ijtimin 

Colonization, n. kaitaku (PilH) ; 

kaikon (p^^). 

Colonize, t.v. kaikon s ; kaitaku s 
ni/shokuinin s. 

Colony, n. (country colonized) shoku- 
minchi ; zokuchi. 

Minister for the s, (in 

Japan) takushokumu-daijin {^y^^^ 
f^T'M^) [office no longer exists] ; 
(in other countries) shokumu-daijin. 

Colossians, n. (epistle) Korosai-sho. 

Colour, n. iro ; (of dyed materials) 
some-iro ; (of paintings) saishiki (^ 

s, (paints) enogu ; (of paint- 
ings) saishiki (^@.) ; chakushoku 

mm- ■ 

of age (on act objects), furu' 

mi ; koshoku (g"^). 

guard of the s, gunki-goeltai 

Iniperial s, kwbki [Mtli^)- 

regimental s, gunki 

rentaiki {U]!^M). 


[ 159 ] 


royal s, oki (3i^)- 

saluting" the s, gunki-keirei 

to change , kao-iro wo kae-ru. 

to salute the s, gunki ni 

kelrei s. 

troops serving" v/ith the s, 

johihel i'^M^). 

Colour, t.v. irodoru ; nijiro ico tsuke- 
ru ; saisfiiki iJjj^'S.) s ; chakiishoku 

Coloiir-bliudness, n. shikmo (@. 

Coloured, a. iro-dotta ; saishikl no ; 
also expr. by iro- prefixed to the 
noun ; as, 

shirting's, iro-ganakin. 

Colouring", n. (of paintings) sai- 
shiki ; irodori ; (colour-scheme of a 
picture) iro-ai. 

Colourless, a. mushoku (||i£@.) 7io ; 
(fig.) mumi (te?^) na. 

and transparent, muslioku- 

tbmei (^^jg^) no. 

Colour-priut, n. nishiki-e. 

Colour-printed, a. saishiki-dzuri 

Colporteur, n. koshonin (frJ^A). 

Colt, n. koma. 

Columbine, n, (aquilegia) odamaki. 

Column, n. (mil.) jureisu {^'^\\) ; 
jutai (^1^); (of a book or newspaper) 
ran (^) ; (pillar) maTU-hasliira ; en- 
chu (lim) ; (printing) a.n. dan (p^). 

close , heigd-jfiiai {l^^mv^i). 

formation, jidal-taijl (|^!^ 

conroany , chfdai-jidal {^M 

m... )■ 

flying , hetsudotai (^ij^IyjI^O- 

in our literary , hungaku- 

rannai i^'^^^) ni. 

section , shotai-jfdai {A^%M: 


sing-le (naval formation), 

tanretsu-jujin {W-M^W-)- 

to wheel into , jutai [W^) 

ni senkwai (J^Ia]) s. 

Coma, n. konsui (-g^Bl). 

Comatose, a, to be in a state, 

konsui (-^8^) shite oru. 

Comb, n. kushi ; (cock's) tosaka ; 
(insect's nest) su ; (worn as an orna- 
ment) sashi-gushi. 

fine-toothed , suki-gushi. 

honey , hachi no su; mitsu- 


tortoise-shell , hekko (^^) 

710 kushi. 

Comb, t.v. nijkushi wo ire-ru ; ni/ 
kushi wo ate-ru ; kushi de kaku ; (long 
hair) tokasu. 

to smooth, kushi de nade- 


to out, suku ; tokasu. 

Comb-malier, n. kushiya. 
Combat, n. (battle) tatakai ; kosen 
(^Ic) ; sensb (fJc^) ; (conflict) tbso 


Combat, t.v. tojtatakau ; tojarasou ; 

ni/telko (iglni) •'' I (^°- argument) 7i'i/ 

liantai (^it) ^' 
Co^iibatant, n. taiakau hito ; (as 

dist. from non-combatant) sentoiii (Pc 


.s, (of two armies) teki-mikata 

no ryogun (p^5) 5 (of two or more 
persons) sbtosha (^^^). 
Combative, a. kenkwadzuki n% ; 
satsuhatsu (^fjc) ^<^ I kenkwappayai 

Combination, n. (chem.) wagb {^l\ 
■^) ; hbf/b (^^) ; (of persons) ketsu- 
go (^^) ; dbmei (|^^) ; kybdb {^ 
|w!); gappei {^^)\ rengb {liU^); 
itchi (— IJ:); (of things) ketsugb ; 
itchi: (math.) hensiVio (ftSt/^). 

Combine, t.v. awase-ru ; issho (-^^jf ) 
ni s ; gappei (^^) s. 

Combine, i.v. issho ni naru ; gassu- 
^ ru ; (chem.) wagb s ; hbgb s ; (form 
an association) danketsu (Hlq ) s ; 
(of persons) (with, to) ketsugb s ; db- 
mei s ; rneiyaku (^^) s ; gappei s ; 
wagb s ; (of things) ketsugo s. 

Combustible, n. nenshitsuhutsu ('J^ 
W^) ^ kanembutsu {uS'Ji^M' 

Combustible, a. kanenshitsu (pjj^ 
%) no; (inflammable) moe-yasui ; 
moe no ii : hitsuki no hayai. 


[ 160 ] 


Come, i.v. kuru ; [syn. mniru, suisan 
(iH^) s ', sanjo (#±.) s, and sanji- 
masu are used of one's self in speak- 
ing to an equal or superior ; o ide 
nasaru, o ide ni nam, irassharu, of 
the person addressed if an equal or 
superior ; mie-ru of a third person, 
one's superior ; maJcari-de-ru is a 
term of humility used of one's own 
coming] ; (to another's house) agaru. 

a. down, reiraku (^f^). 

......! \ Sa! Sal 

off the fiower-bed ! kwa- 

dan {\t.W.) '^'^ dero. 

it came short of what we ex- 
pected, omotta liodo jfibun (^■^) 

ni ikanakaita. 

please at four, yoji ni o ide 

wo negainiasu. 

please in, o agari nasal 

[Japanese house] ; o tori nasai. 

when spring" s, liaru ni n'lru 


to about, okoru ; deki-ru. 

to across, icatatte kuru; 

koshite kuru ; (hg.) mi-ataru. 

to after, nojato kara kuru. 

to and go, oral (^£:5fi) s. 

to at (with intent to attack), 

ni/tohi'tsuite kuru. 

to back, kaette kuru ; modoi- 

te kuru. 

to by (obtain possession of), 

wa] te ni iru ; e-ru. 

to down, orl-ru\ kudaru; 

(lovver price) nedan wo make-ru. 

to down in the world, 

ochl-hure-ru ; reiraku (^^) s ; 

rakuhaku (^fi|,) s. 

to for, (a thing) wo/ tori ni 

kuru ; (to fetch a person) nojmukai 

ni kuru. 

to forth, de-ru. 

to home, uchi e kaeru, or 

modoru ; (to reach the mark) teki- 

chu (i^4^) s. 

to in, hairu ; (of rain) furi- 


to into fashion, ryiVco (-gft 

^y) ni naru. 

to near, chikayoru ; chlka- 


to of, karajde-ru. 

to off, tore-ru; hanare-ru; 

hage-ru ; (of dry paint) hage-ru ; 

(of wet paint) tsuku ; utsuru ; (suc- 
ceed) umaku iku ; shid)i ("M'M) yoku 
iku; Seiko {)^^) s; iki-todoku; 
(take place) aru. 

to on, (advance) susunde 

kuru ; (progress) shimpo {M'P) s ; 
(for hearing) aru ; as, that case 

s on for hearing on the 1 st 

May, ano jiken (^#) no shhnmon 
(^la]) ?«ct gogicaisu ichinichi [JL^ 
—'^)ni aru [if the case is a l©ng 
one kara/hajimaru is used instead 
of aru]. 

to over, icatatte kuru : koe- 


to out, (be revciiled) araioare- 

ru ; (lit.) dete kuru ; (of a bud) 
megumu ; (of a flower) saku ; emu ; 
(of a stain) ochi-ru. 

to round (recover), homimku 

i^iM.) s ; zenkwai (J^'I^) s. 
to short (in quality or num- 
ber), /i^so/cw (/p;M) s. 

to to grief (of a plan), ship- 

pai (-^Hic) s. 

to to an end, owa7u; kyoku 

( ,lpj ) ICO musuhu. 

to to lig"ht, araware-ru ; o- 

yalce ni naru ; hanzen (^1J^^) to 

to to one's self, (from a 

faint) iki-kae-ru ; sJioki [^M.) '^^ 
naru ; (recover command of one's 
faculties) shoki ni naru ; Jci ga 

to to the point, yoten {^^}^) 

ni kuru. 

to under (a rule), nijgaitb (|^ 


to up, ndbotte kuru; agatte 


to upon (unexpectedly), 

omolgake naku kuru. 

to up to (a standard), nijau ; 

gokaku ('n't^) ^• 

to up with, oi-tsuku. 

Comer, n. new (in an office), 

sMnzan (.fJi#). 

Comers and. g-oer^, de-iri no kito- 
hito; (passers-by) orai {^^) no 

Comedian, n. doke-yakusha ; doke- 


I isi ] 


Coiiiecly, n. doke-shibai (ii-fb^^) I 
kokkel-engeki (tt#-[^®IJ)- 

•Comeliness, n. klryd no U koto. 

Comely, a. kirei {^M) '^<^ I kiryb 7io 
it ; utsukushii. 

Comestibles, n. shokumotsu i^'-l^j}) ; 
shokuryo i^"^^) ; shokurybhin (^7}4 

Comet, n. hoki-boshi ; suisei (^-M)- 

Comfort, t.v. (console) ii-nagusame- 
ru ', nagusame-ru ; imon {^M) s. 

.'Comfort, n. (consolation) nagusame ; 
(quiet enjoyment) anraku (^|^) ; 
kiraku {M.m)- 

s (for troojDS in the field, etc.), 

mo?i-/iiH (Stfjt^ «,). 

Comfortable, a. raku {^) na ; 
kokoro-mochl no yoi ; anraku na ; 
nukui [Kobe dialect] ; (of a room) 
i-gokoro no yoi ; (of boots) ?iakl- 
gokoro no yoi ; (of clothes) ki-gokoro 
no yoi. 

Comfortably, adv. raku ni ; anraku 
ni ; kiraku ni. 

to be cff, fajiyii (^^El3) 

naku kurasu ; hidari-uchiwa de 

Comforter, n. (for the neck) eri- 

Comfortless, a. fujlya na\ fuben 
(^fSI) na ; anraku de nal ; omo~ 
shlrohu nai. 

Coiisfbrtlessiiess, n.fujiya ; fuhen- 

Comie, a poem, kyoka (^^). 

Comical, a. (of persons) dokefa ; 
bakageta ; (of things) okashi na ; 
odoketa ; hybgeta ; kokkei (^f-ff ) no ; 

Comically, adv. ddkete ; hyokete ; 
okashiku ; odokeie ; kokkei ni ; baka- 

Coming-, n and groing', shutsu- 

^niu (JilA) ; brai (;f£^) ; de-iri. 

Comity, n. shitashimi ; yuai (j^M) ; 
ogi (3C&a). 

internatio^al , kbsaijb (^^ 

±)no kbi iHMj. 

Comma, n. ten {^^). 

inverted s (printing), i«wo^en. 

[The sense of inverted, commas is 
conveyed by to iu no wa, or to ica, 
following a single term (as hiio to 
ica " man ") or to aru wa following 
a quotation]. 

Command, n. (mil.) kwanri (^*JJ[) ; 
kantoku (gj^) ; (order) melrei \i^<%-) ; 
mei ; ii-tsuke ; (possession of control) 
shihai ($00. 

Imperial s, chokumel (jlrh 

pn ^ 

officer in , sJilkikwan (^g:}^ 

Ig ) ; shireikican ("gj^'g ). 

the second in on the China 

station, Tbyb-kantal-fukushirei- 
kwan {'M.M^WM'^^t)' 

to give the word of , gbrei 

ivin.^) f-(^o kake-ru ; gbrei s. 

Command, t.v. (give directions to) 
shlkl (tn^) s ; (give word of com- 
mand) rd/gbrei s ; (have within a 
sphere of control, of a fort) wo/yaku 
(fa) s : (have within a sjjhere of 
vision) mi'ioatasu ; ml-harasu ; mi- 
orosu [the last from a height] ; (troops, 
a sliip, etc.) shikis ; (order) ni/meirei 
s ; nl/meiji-ru ; nijii-isuke-ru. 

Eng-land s the sea, Eikoku 

0kW) W5a kaijbken (v#Jif|i) wo shb- 
aku (^H) s. 

to be ed (by the Emperor), 

bse-tsidcerare-ru ; no/mel wo hbji-ru. 

Commandant, n. shiklkwan {\^% 
'g ) ; shireikwan (Ufr'g ) ; shirei. 

Commandeer, t.v. chbhatsu (&i 

m s. 

Commander, n. shireikwan ; shikl- 
kwan ; in Chinese compounds -chb 
(:^); (a general) ^ais/io (A}jf ) ; sltb- 
gun (Hf ^) ; (naval rank) shbsa {^p 
'^) ; (of a body of troops) iaicho 


in Chief, (mil.) rikugup- 

shireichbkwan [^ :^ ^ .a. _^ v^- ^ . 
(nav.) kaigun-shirelchbkwan (-/fe'ili 

in Chief of the Imperial 

Guards, konoe-totoku {UtWi 


[ 162 ] 


in Chief of the army, (the 

Yum-perov), daigensui [i^ytW- 
in Chief on the China 

Station, ■ Toyd-kantai-shireicho- 

kiL-an mmm^n^^t)- 

Coiinuancling', a. (controlling by 

ir.fiuence) ikico {^-)t) no aru ; igi 
(Klcfll) no aru ; {fa (^E) no aru ; (of 
a i)osition) siiyo (^-^) no ; (over- 
looking) mi-harasu ; mi-orosu ; mi- 

officer, jochokwan (_h:^'g ) ; 

shlreikwan (nl^'i^). 

Coiiiiiiancliiient, n. imashime ; {^^). 

the five s, gokal (3l?I^)- 

the ten s, jlkkai (i^?^). 

Coiiiiiia-sliapert, a. iomoe-gata no. 

Coiiuiieiiiorate, t.v. matsw-u ; ki- 

nen (lE^tt) •? ; hi:au. 
Coiiiiiieinoratioii, n. matsui'l ; ki- 

nensai (f{i;tt^) ; klnensliiki (fEitti^) ; 

shukuten {f^^) ', (act of) equiv. of 

Commemorate foil, by koto. 

Coinineinorative, a. klnen-{no) ; 
kinen no tame no. 

Oominence, t.v. hajime-ru ; okosu ; 
(negotiations, etc.) kaishi {^tu) ^• 

to business, kaigyo (p|^) s. 

[Com. Co.]. 

Commence, i.v. hajimaru ; cliaku- 
shu (^^) s. 

Coiiimeiicemeiit, n. hajhnarl ; 
torl-tfrnkl ; hotlan {^^f^) ; (origin) 
okor'i ; kigen (lEj^^) ; ransho (ik^)- 

from the very , hana kara ; 

salsho (^tZI) kara. 

the of the cold weather, 

samusa no torl-tsukl. 

Commend, t.v, (entrust) yudane-ru ; 
rnakase-ru ; iaku (|^) s ; Uaku (^|^) 
s; (introduce) shokai {^^) s; 
(praise) home-ru ; shosan (^f^) s ; 
shoyo (#|j^) s : (recommend) sulky o 
i^f fc) ^ ; sulsen (MM) ^• 

Commendable, a. shbyb, or sho- 
san su-heki ; homete yoi hodo no. 

Commendation, n. shdyb ; (re- 
commendation) sulky ; suisen. 

note of , suisenjo (Mi^Jfc) J 


Commendatory, a. equiv. of 
Commend, used as adj. 

Commensurable, a. tobun {^^) 
no ; dbryo (IWIS) no. 

number, jinsu [^W)- 

quantity, jinr^/o (^g). 

Commensurate, a. tekib {W^-) 

Comment, i.v. to on, (criti- 
cize) wojhihyb (#[:fp) s ; wo/hybron 
(fPtrni) s ; (write notes) chukai (|£ 
^) s ; chushaku (|if^) s. 

Comment, n. (criticism) hihyb ; hyb- 
ron ; (notes) chukai ; chushaku. 
favourable , kbhyb {^ffj . 

Commentary, n. chukai ; chusha- 
ku ; chu. 

Commentator, n. chukalnin ; chu- 

Commerce, n. shbgyb (p^j^) ; shb- 
&«i (iSM); tsushb (ili^); hbeki (;g 
^) ; kbeki (^M) [the last three when 
spealdng of commerce with foreign 
nations] ; (between the sexes) kbgb 

chamber of , shbgyb-kwaigi- 

sho (p^H^IPJr)- 

treaty of , tsushb-jbyaku (^ 

Commercial, a. hbekijb no ; shbgyb- 
jb {fr^M±.) no; shbhaijb no; tsu- 
shbjb no. 

agent, shbqyb-dairlsha {fS\f^ 

attache, kbsh'ikicandzuki- 

shbgyb-shisatsuin ( ^ f|^|t ^^ iS ^/^i^J 

bureau, shbmukyoku (f^^ 

^); tsiishbkyoku (j^f^i/rfj). 

code, shbhb {^fk}- 

museum, shbhin-chinretsu- 

hwan [^S'Mm^)- 

port, hbeki-kb {%W{%). 

transaction, shbkbi (j^jff^) 

[Com. Co.] ; shogybjb no torihiki. 

traveller, chiimon-tori. 

person with an extensive 

connection, iorihlki-saki no bi, oi 
?iiroi, hito. 


[ 163 ] 

Coimnination, n service, 

taisai-sange [i^^'^\^). 

Coiiiiiiiilgle, t.v. maze-ru ; konjl-ru ; 
komca (-(^f]]) s ; kongo [j^"^) s. 

Coiiiiniiig'le, i.v. mazaru ; konji-ru ; 
kongo s. 

Coiniiiiserate, t.v. awaremu ; fu- 
hin (^fH) ni omou ; kawai-so ni 
omou : hinzen (^^) ni omou. 

Coiiiniiseration, n. awaremu koto ; 
awaremi ; remmin ('|||^) ; hinzen. 

Commissar j^, n. (mil.) shichokan 
i^M^) ; hyoro-gakari. 

g'eneral, heitan-sokan {■]^'^}i 


Commissariat, n. (in the field) 
heiiamhu {^i^M) 5 hydrokyoku (^^.g 
Comiinssioil, n. (brokerage) kosen 
(Pl§); iesuryb\ sewaryd ; (certifi- 
cate of office) ininjo (^S^); (mo- 
ney-clianger's) klrichin. 

of an offence, hanzai (^B.|fi) ; 

tsumi wo okasu koto. 

of inspection, sMsatsuln 

examination for a , shokb- 

sidken [mmM)- 

sale en , itaku-hambai (^^^ 

Commission, t.v. ni/taku s ; ni/ma- 
kaseru ; ni/inin {^^) s ; nijzoku- 
iaku iMH) ^ ] ni/itaku {^tt) s ; 
(from a superior officer to a sub- 
ordinate) 7ii/ken (f^) wo sadzuke-ru. 

Commissioii-ag-ent, n. nakagal- 

Commissioned, a officer, 

slibkb (51f j^) ; shikwan (i'^B )• 
Commissionaire, n. machl-dzukai. 
Commissioner, n. kakari ; iin 
(^H) ; riji (il#) ; jimukwan (^f^ 
•g ) ; (for the examination of wit- 
nesses) jutaku-hanji {'^t^^]^). 
chief , jimuchbkwan (^^^ 

of customs, zeikwanchb [^ 


of police, keihuclib {'^^^) ; 

(in Tokyo) keishi-sbkan [WM^M,^)- 


special , tokuha-jimukwan (^ 

trade , shbgyb-shisatsuin ([^ 

Commission-mercliant, n, na- 


Commit, t.v. (an offence) okasu , 
nijtsumi wo okasu ; (entrust) ni/taku 
(J^) .9; ni/makaseru; ni/iiiin (^ffr) 
s ; (of theft, etc.) hataraku. 

to be ted for trial, kbhan 

('S-^j) nifusare-ru. 

to a crime, tsumi wo okasu ; 

hanzai (^H) s. 

to adultery, mittsu (^M) s. 

to a theft, settb (^'^) s. 

to for trial, kbhan (^^J) ni 

fu m) s [Cr. Pro.]. 

to murder, hitogoroshi wo s. 

to one's self, kotohajichi wo- 


to robbery, gbtb (5§.^) s. 

to suicide, jisa^sM (^^) s. 

to to memory, anki (ff^lE) 

s ; soranji ru. 

to to prison, wo/tbgoku {\^ 

}|j(^) s ; 7ii/nyi~igoku {\W0 '^^<5 ^^<^i- 


Commitment, n. (to prison) ^c- 

goku ; goku ni kudasu koto. 

Committal, n. (for trial) kbhan ni 
fusuru koto. 

Committee, n. iin (gl.). 

chairman of ., iinchb (^S 


room, iinshitsu (^M^)- 

member of a ....... i-in (^fO- 

standing" , jbchl-iin ("^^ 

Commix, i.v. kongo (Ji^-p") « ; konwa 

(iii^n) s ; mazaru. 
Commixture, n. kongb ; konwa. 

Commode, n. (night-stool) chbdzu- 

Commodious, a. henri (iM^U) no ii ; 
henri na ; hengi (®S) na ; (of a 
house) katte no ii ; tsugb [M'a') '^c> ii. 

Commodious! y, adv. (of a house) 
katte yoku ; tsugb yoku. 

Commodiousness, n. henri ; ben- 
gi ; katte no ii koto ; t&ugb no ii koto. 


[ 164 1 


Commodity, n. shinamono ; akinai- 
mmo; shohin (j^nn); kwahutsu (^ 

ies, shoshikl (^g.). 

price of ies, hukka (4^M)- 

staple , jiiybhin {WMan)- 

ConiiillOii, a. (used by the public) 
/c(3.</m ('i>^) no\ kbyo (^/fl) no; 
(owned in common) kydyfi (^W) 
no ; (frequent) Jieizei (-^p-ife.) no ; 
isurei (iOll^lJ) no; fudan (^llf) no; 
(general) futsii {^'M.) no ; ippan 
( — ^) no ; (ordinary) jmjo (#'^) no; 
hou'jb {A.M) no; heibon {^.fl,) no; 
honzoku (/Lf^f) no; nami no; tada 
no ; (ordinary, in depreciatory sense) 
somaisu (J^^tIC) na. 

Si feilo'W, retto-dbhutsu [^ 

a saying*, ari-fureta hana- 

shi ; fuisu (^-M.) no hanashi ; zoku 
ni iu koto. 

a soldier, heisotsu {^^). 

estate, moyai-jinshb. 

gender, tsiisei (M1^)- 

noun, fuisu-meishi {^M^ 


occurrence, ctrlgachi na 


property, kybyubutsu {^'^ 


sense, jbshikl {'^'M- 

in , (like others) dbyb ([fi]t:l) 

ni; (in concert) kybdb (^JW)) 
. ni. 

is no person, nami no hito 

de wa nai. 

out of the ., hito-tbri de nai; 

nami-hadzureta ; Jiihon {i^J\,) na; 
(of objects) chinkl (3^^) na ; 
ke-u na. 

the people, heimin (^^R) ; 

shomin (^K) 5 nami no hito. 

CoiiiHioii, n. kybyucU {^'^i%); 
kbchi {^I^t^). 

rights of , iriai-ken (A#|#) 

[Civ. Co.]. 

Comuioner, n, helmip- (^K). 

■Coiiisiioiily, adv. tsune m; tsfirei 
(iSt^iJ); fudan {7f^); heizei (^^); 
ippan {—^) ni; (in common par- 
lance) zoku ni. 

Commonplace, a. heibon i^-hl) 
na ; honyb {VlM) na. 

a discourse, heibon no hana- 
shi ; hehoron ; ari-fureta hanashi ; 
chimpn if^JM) na setsu [WD- 

Commons, n. House of ^ 

sh'ugi-in {^IMtc)- 

Commonwealtli, n, (form of gov- 

. ernment) kybwa-seiji (^.f;niC^fn) ; 
(confederation) rempb (Ifl^^j^). 

Commotion, n. sawagi ; sodb (|| 

Com?minaI, a. shichbson (TiiiTIJ-i^J') no. 
Commune, n. (rural) gun (^fj) ; 
(urban) shl-ku (il^imi.)- 

Commune, i.v. to with one's 

self, mokkb (^i^#) s ; chinshl (•/'^ 

Communicable, a. tsutaerarem ; 
(of a disease) densen {\%t&) sum koto 
no deklru. 

Communicant, n. juselsansha {-^ 

Communicate, t.v. (a message) 
dengon (®s") -^ 5 (from an official 
superior) tassuru ; tsfdatsu (.udi^) s ; 
(g ve information) tsfichi {'M'%\i) ^ > 
shirase-ru; hbchi ($R^l) s; (of a 
disease) densen (fS^) saseru ; utsu- 
raseru ; (of knowledge) denju (^ 
W s. 

Communicate, i.v. (as, tAvo rooms) 
tsfijite oru : (partake of communion) 
selsan (^^) too ukeru. 

to with, tojkbtsu (^iOi) s; 

(enquire of) nijtoiawase-ru. 

Communication, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Communicate foil, by koto ; 
(intercourse) kbtsu (^iOi) ; (letter) 
tsfi.chb (iCQItt); shomen (^jSf) [offl- 
ciai] ; (passage between) kbtsu ; (sent 
to a newspaper) tbslio (jSt^); kisho 
(^^); (tidings) ciodzure ; tayori'; 
shbsoku (j'[^\^,). 

.s (mil), kbtsu renraku (JJ^M 

UW ; kbtsnsen {'j^mW- 

department of ...... s, tdshlnshb 

evil s corrupt g-cod man- 
ners, shu (^) ni majiwareba akaku- 


[ 165 ] 


line of , kbtsusenro {^.^i5« 

^) ; heitansen (^ffi^PJ. 
Minister of s, teishin-daijln 

railway is interrupted, 

tcisudo (iti^) ga futsu (^jS) ni 
natta. ^i, 

there is telephonic ' be- 
tween Tokyo and Yokohama, 

Tokyo to Yokohama-kan (^) ni 
denvca (^nS) no kotsu ga aru, or 
denim ga tsyjite oru. 

Coilliniiiiicative, a. hanashizuki 

to be J fuk>J7~> (3gj^) naku 


CosnsnmiioiJ, n, (Lord's Suppsr) 
fPAsan; ■<^eisanshiki (^^5^). 
to administer the Holy , 

seisanshiki ico okonau. 

Conisiliiiiisill, n. kyosanron {^M 

Comiimiiist, a party, kyo- 

SQ.nio (^^pt). 

Cosiisminity, n. (a society) dantai 
(®tl) ; (state) kokumin (I^R) ; (the 
public) koshu (^^). 

of sentiments, dojo (l^'f"^)- 

the foreign , kyoryu-gwaijin 

(!^^5'bA) ; gicaijin-shakimi (j'bA 

villag>e , huraku (o^^). 

Coininutable, a. (exchangeable) 
kaerareru ; kokwan {^^^) no dekiru. 

Coill3llllta.tioii, n. (change) hen- 
ko (#]E) ; (interchange) kokwan (5c 
^) ; (in law) genkei {^M)- 

Coiiiiliute, t.v. (exchange) kae-ru ; 
(interchange) kokizan (^^) s; (in 
law) genkei s. 

Compact, n. yakusoku (^<]>^) ; ya- 
kvjo (|ii:g) ; keiyaku {%^^). 

Compact, a (closely united) mitcha- 
ku (^^) shite aru ; kimmitsu t;^^) 
na ; (of texture) me no tsunda ; 
(solid) kenjitsu (^^) -na ; kengo (^ 
0) na; kenro (^^) 7ia; (terse) 
kanketsu {^'M) n'^- 

Compactly, adv. kenro ni ; kengo 

Compactness, n. kenjitsu ; kengo », 
kenro ; (of style) kanketsu. 

Companion- n. n^ykamct; tsure; 
(colleague) doryo (Iflf^); doyiku 
(friend) tomodachi ; hohal (§)iU|) 
(on a journey) michldzure. 

for life (husband or wife), 


picture, a.ife no e. 

Companionable, a. mnjiicari-ya- 
sui ; il-tsure no. 

Company, n. (band) nakama ; ku- 
mi; (commercial) kwaish:t {-^j^) ; 
shosha (^ffc); (guests) kyaka ; a 
kyaku san; ralkyaku (^^) ; hin- 
kyaku (^^) ; (of a regiment) chiltai 

a ship's , norikur.u-in. 

double , chogo-chiltai ifM"^^ 


front , sdizen-chidal {^tt]^ 


I cannot see him, as i have 

with me, kyakurai {^^) da 

kara o ai mosu koto ga dekinai. 

in (before people), 7a^o ?ia7ca 


in with, to issho ni; to 

torao ni. 

joint-stock , kabushiki-kioai- 

sha [Com. Co.]. 

rear , saigo-cJmtai {^^^^C)- 

to be in with, tojtsure- 


Comparable, 'i. to be , kura- 

berare-ru ; wajhikaku (J:k|ic) g<^ 

Comparative, a. hikakuteki (ibfJc 
6^) no. 

anatomy (med.) h'lkaku- 

kaibo (itmmw- 

degres (gram..), hikakukyil 


Comparatively, adv. hlkakujd ; 
icarlai ni ; hikakuteki (J:b$^^^']) ni', 
(to a considerable extent) zuibun 
IM^) ' kanari. 

Compare, t.v. kuralje-ru ; hiki-kura- 
be-ru ; mi-kurdbe-ru ; mi-awase-ru ; 
kurdbete mi-ru : hikaku (J:h;$ic) * '> 
(documents, or objects side by side) 

[ 166 1 


hlkl-awase-ru ; iaisho (f|P3) f^ \ teri- 
aicase-ru ; (read ovoi together) yomi- 
mcase-ru : (refer to for comparison) 
sansho (#n3) s. 

d with, ni/hisnreba. 

to to (liken by way of illus- 
tration), nijmi-taie-ru. 

Comparison, n. hikaku (J:i:$ic) ; 
(act of) eqniv. of Compare foil, by 
koto ; (as, of handwriting) iaisho ; 
(for reference) sansho. 

degrees of (gram.), /i^/ca/m- 

kyii [mkm- 

iut with, ni kura^eU miru to ; 

ni hikaku shite miru to. 

will not bear , dojltsu ( It] H ) 

no ron (fi^) ni naranai. 

Compartment, n. shlkiri; kubun 

water-tight , bosui-kaku- 

heki {^7]Cf§m- 

Compass, n. (mariner's) jishaku (5j^, 
;g); rasUmban (pWt^) ; kokalyo 
rashingi {^^WWiM^fM)- 

prismatic , soryo-rashingi 

surveyor's , sokuryo-rashi n~ 

gi m\&mB^m)- 

the four points of the , 

shiho mi3)' 

Compass-needle, n. rashin. 

Compasses, n. rybkyakki {MMW 5 

Compassion, n. airen (^'I^) ; rem- 
min ('lH'i^) ; avcaremi ; itawarl ; jihi 

Compassionate, a. jihi no aru ; 
nasake-bukai ; aicareppoi ; sokuin 
{'MM.) '^0 kokoro ga aru ; jihi-bukai ; 
airen-bukai ; remmin-hukai. 

Compassionate, t.v. awaremu ; nij 
jihi wo tare-ru ; itawaru ; fubin ni 

Compassionately, adv. jihi-buka- 
ku ; nasake-bukaku ; awarende ; ita- 
watte ; nasake wo kakete ; remmin- 
tukaku ; airen-bukaku. 

Compatibility, n. kdteki {'f^M)- 

Compatible, a, to be , kayiau ; 

iekigo (ig-g*) s. 

Compatriot, n.. ddkokujin ([^^ A); 


Compel, t.v. shiite, zehi, oi muri ni, 
or muri yari ni, foil, by the causative 
form of the verb ; as, 

he led me to go to Yoko-' 

ham a, naiakushi v.o .'^hiite Yoko- 
hama e ikaseta. 

to one to do an unpleasant 

job, iya na shlgoto 7co muri ni 

to (a person) to , ni 

wo shii-ru ; as, 

to (a person) to drink 

sake, ni sake wo shiiru. 

Compendious, a. kanryaku noj 
tsudzumayaka no ; kaitsumanda ; yd- 
ryaku no ; saiyo no. 

Compendiously, adv. kanryaku 
ni ; tsudzumayaka ni ; kaitsumande ; 
saiyo shite ; yoryaku shite. 

Compendiiiiii, n. yoryaku {^^) ; 
saiyo (It^) ; taiyo (::^^) ; korei 

mm)- . ^ 

of laws, horitsu-taiyo (V5# 


Compensate, t.v. (make am_ends 
for) arjanau ; tsugunau ; baisho (g§ 
ft) s. ' 

Compensate, i.v. kaerare-ru [ht. to 
be exchanged]. 

dees not for, nijkaerarenai. 

it does not me, hiki-awanai. 

Compensation, n. (equivalent) 

tsugunoi ; baisho ; (money) tsugunoi- 
kin; shbkin {^%.)\ baishb-kin (jgt^ 
<^) ; (remuneration) hbshu (IW). 

by way of ^ sono kawari ni\ 

sono hbshu to shite. 

claim for , ybshb (^^) 

[Cr. Pro.]. 

Compensatory, a. tsugunai no; 
baisho no. 

Compete, i.v. arasou ; kisou ; kyoso 
im^) ^ ' 1^cLn-au ; kybshin {^M) s. 
to for, wof arasou. 


I 167 j 


Competence, Competency, n. 

(fitness) teklgo {'M'^)'^ -^otd (:j=0#) ; 
tekifo (ife^) ; (of a court) kwmikatsu 
{^W>) ; (powers) kengen (ffP^) ; 
(subsistence) sod [if'^^-) ni shinsho 

master's certificate of , 

sencho-menjo (MiMi^^)- 

to exceed one's , ekken 

{MB) s. 

Competent, a. (adequate) soo na ; 
(fit.) tekito na ; soto na ; tekigo na. 

he is a man for the post, 

sono shoku {^) ni tekito na hito de 


the Court, kwankatsu-sai- 

hanjo i^mmnm)^ 

the miinister, shumu-daijin 

the officer, iogai-kwanri ("^ 

Cosnpetently, adv. sod ni ; tekito 
ni ; soto ni. 

Competition, n. kyoso iM^) I seri- 
al ; kisoi. 

Competitive, a examina- 
tion, kybsd-sldken (^^^§^). 
exhibition, kyosidnkwai 

Competitor, n. kyososha (^^^). 

Compilation, n, (act of) hensan 
(11^); (book) henshfisho (|i|5f ) ; 
(thing compiled) hensan shita mono. 

Compile, t.v. kaki-atsume-ra ; henshu 
{^M■) s\ hensei (|i^) s; hensan 
{%W) s 5 (returns) chosei {MM) s- 

Compiler, _n. hensansha (11^^); 
henshunifi (|)il$|:A)- 

Complacency, n. manzoku {ff\k^). 

Complacent, a, (contented) omca 
iimM) na ; (self-satisfied) jitoku (^-j 
^%) shite oru ; tareri to shite oru. 

Complacently, adv. (contentedly) 
manzoku shite ; (in a self-satisfied 
manner) J tVofcu shite; tareri to shite; 
(without troubling) kamaimdzu ni ; 
heiki {^M) de. 

Complain, i.v. (express pain) nanju 
(Iffiife) wo iu ; (grumble) fusoku {^ 

>S) 1J0O iu ; kujo {^\'n) '^o ^"^ \ guzu- 
guzu iu ; fuhei (/f^^) wo narasu ; 
guchi wo iu. 

he ed of a headache, dzuisu 

i£0 uttaeta. 

to against, wo/uitae-ru. 

to to (a superior), ni/uttae-7'u ; 

ni/shusso (jii|/f) s. 

Complainant, n. kokusonin (■g'glf 
A) [Cr. Pro.] ; genkoku {M>^) ; (sue- 
ing for damages in a criminal 

case) mhiji-genkokunin (^^M'o'A) 
[Cr. Pro.]. 

Complaint, n. fuhei ; kujo ; 'against 
a judge's ruling) kbkoku {\X^) [Cr. 
Pro., Civ, Pro.] ; (against a defen- 
dant) kokuso {^th) [Cr. Co., Cr. 
Pro.] ; uttae ; sosho (t^fS) ; (paper 
containing complaint) kokusojo (-^ 
M'\k) [Cr. Co.]; uttae-shoj sojb (s/f 
^^) ; (sickness) Ijybki (f^;fe) ; yamai ; 
shippei i'^Jp]). 

Complaisance, n. (courtesy) reigi 


ingin (j|^,^) ; (compliance) 

jvjun ; (comj)liance, in a bad sense) 
mokuju (^X f,i ) ; (disx^osition to please) 
shinsetsu (i^ljj). 

Complaisant, a. (courteous) reigi 
no aru ; ingin na ; (compliant) j?7jMn 
na ; sunao na ; (compliant, in a bad 
sense) mokuju suru ; (desirous to 
please) shinsetsu na. 

Complaisantly, adv. reigi atsuku ; 
ingin ni ; teichb (^-l^H;) ^^ » shinsetsu 
ni ; (compliantly) jujun ni ; sunao ni ; 
(compliantly, in a bad sense) moku- 
ju shite. 

Complement, n. (full quantity) 

zengaku (^H) ; zensu {^WCl '■> (full 
numbers) zensu ; (full personnel) 
teiin (^M) ; (gram.) kwanseiji {^^ 
1^) ; hosokugo {%%^t^) ; (that which 
comx^letes) hoju (|f|5^) ; tashimae; 
iashi ; hosoku (|i{)i£) ; oginai. 

Complementary, a. hoju suru ; 
tasu ; oginau : hoketsu (|f}iX) suru. 

Complete, a. (entire) jilhun {^^) 
na ; in Chinese compounds zen- {^) ; 
(of a set of things) sorotta ; gubi 
(^IjI) shita ; kwanzen {^^) na. 
a victory^ zenshb (^#). 


i 168 ] 

a stranger, midzu shiradzu 

no hito ; aka no tanin. 

cure, ze?rji (^'?t^). 

the house, zenka (^^). 

to "become , sorou. 

I'oiliplete, t.v. (an undertaking) 
kii-ansei {yc)^) ^ I (arrangements) 
toionoe-ru ; (finish) shi-age-ru ; tsu- 
kuri-age-ru ; hatasu ; totonoe-ru ; seiko 
iJ^'^h) '^ I (of a bnilding, etc.) rakusei 
it^M) <5 ; (of a-n affair) rakuchaku 
iW^) * 7 (snpply deficiencies) soroe- 
ru ; hoju (fff]^) s ; oginau ; some- 
times expr. by -dzumi ni nam [E. 
obj. -T- J, subj.]. 

to be d, deki-agaru; shi-aga- 

ru ; joju {)]^i^) s ; (of engineering 

work), shunkb (^X) s. 

to delivery of, watasld- 

dzumi ni nam. 

to payment of, haral-dzumi 

ni nam. 

Coilipletely, adv. mam de ; matta- 
ku ; marukkirl ; sukkari ; juhun (^ 
5^) ni; preceded or foil, by a verb 
it is often rendered by kiru, or 
hate-ru, suffixed to the indef, form 
of a verb, 

useless, sapparl yaku ni 


to be tired of, ni/aki-hate-ru. 

to understand , wakari-kiru. 

to use up , isukai-isukusu ; 


Completio_ii, n. shuttai (Jil^); 
kwansel ; joju; kicanrijo {jcT) '■< (^ct 
of) eqi-iiv. of Complete foil, by 
koto ; (of a building) rakusei ; (of an 
affair) rakucJiaku ; (of a period of 
time) mankl {ii^^) ; (of engineering 
work) shunko (^X). 

Cojoplex, a. (involved) sakuzatsu 
(faS) shiie am ; fukuzaisu {^S.^) 
shite aru ; lianzatsu (^f^) na. 

Complexion, n. (colour of the 

skin) kao-iro ; iro ; ganshoku (||@.) ; 
(condition of things) kwokei Ht^) ', 
arisama ; keijo (J^^) ; moyo ; gwai- 

Complexity, n. sakuzatsu; fuku- 
zatsu ; hanzatsu. 


(act of) jiljun y 

Compliance, n. 

fukujii (UR^^). 

Compliant, a. jujun na ; nyuwa 
(^?n) na; sunao na; (in a bad 
sense) mokuju sum. 

Compliantly, adv. j?7jwn ni; nyfuca 
ni ; simao 7il. 

Complicate, t.v, maze-koze ni s ; 
konzatsu (?^^) sase-ru. 

to be d (of affairs), iri-kimde 

i-ru ; sashi-motsure-ru ; komiitte 

Complicated, a. irikunda; komi- 
itta ; fukuzatsu {f^f^) na ; .sakuzatsu 
i^M^) na ; (of illness) heihaisusho 
iWM^) no. 

Complication, n. konzatsu (?M^) ;. 
sashi-motsure ; hanzatsu (^^} ; 
(disease in addition to primary 
malady) heihatsuhyo (ff|^^^) ; (poli- 
tical, etc.) kaito (!^f§) ; fuica (/f^^n) 5 
fungi (^Ei) ; fuvjo {^M) ; fun-un 

slight , iki-chigai. 

Complicity, n. nare-ai ; kyobo [^ 
Uft-) ; kybhan (^^[1) [Cr. Co.] ; (as an 
accomplice) juhan (ti^^d) [Cr. Pro.]. 

Compliment, n. (congratulation) 
shukuga {§11^) ; (greeting) aisatsu 
i^MW) '•> (hollow) o seji ; (praise) 
home ; shosan (^^). 

to present one's s, yoroshiku 


Complimentary, a. gagi (M^) no ; 
shukuga [f^'M.) no ; (flattering) o seji 
no a 

address, shukuji {§i%*f) ; 

shukubun (jn£^) [written]. 

letter, gajo {fU^)'- 

ticket, yiitaiken (@^#) ; 

tokutaiken (#'fS^^). 

Comply, i.v. shbdaku (^^) s ; sho- 
fuku (7|caa) s ; dot {^M) s. 

to with, ni/oji-ru ; ni/shlta- 

gau ; (submit to) ni/fukuju (^g,t^) ^• 

to with a formality, tetsu- 

dzuki wofumu. 

Component, a, gosei i"^^) no; 
sosei {M.0.) no ; kumi-tateru ; kosei 
(#j->^) sum. 

parts, seihun (^^). 


[ 169 ] 


Comport, t.v. to one^s self, 


Coiiiportiiieiit, n. tachi-furumai ; 
gyojo (ffJt^) ; shogyo {ff]M)' 

Compose, t.v. (calm) sludzume-ru ; 
nadame-ru ; (form) koshirae-ru ; 
tsukuru; seisaku (^f^) s ; (of a 
book) araicasu ; tsukuru ; chojtdsu 
(^■i^) •■? ; (poetry) tsukuru ; yomu ; 
(printing) kumu ; shokuji (tg'T-) s. 

to be d of, de/dekHe i-ru; 

yori/naritatte oru ; (of a machine) 
yorl/kumi-taterare-ru ; (organized 
with) de/soshiki (th/lik) -^^'^'^ «^'"- 

what is this of? kore wa 

nan de dekite 'oru ka. 

Composed, a. chinchaku (y^^- ) na. 

to be (tranquil), kl ga suwatte 

i-ru ; ochitsui-c i-ru ; Jieiki {^m.) 
de oru ; taizen (Ijffrf^) to shite oru. 

Composing-stick, n. sutekki. 

Composite, a. sJmgo (11-^) shite 
aru ; kumi-awase no. 

...... ship, gbseikan (^^|g), 

tekkotsu-mokuhikan ( Wl'WM&J^)- 

Composition, n. (act of) eq^-liv. of 
Compose foil, by koto ; (as, of a 
court, etc.) soshiki (ffii^) ; (com- 
pound) kongobutsu {\^'^'Y'j]) ; (con- 
struction) gdsel{j^^) ; sosei (|lJ53c) ; 
teisai {^M) ', (for discharge of a 
debt) jid(in \^th) ', (literary) sakuhun 
(f^^) ; (of a picture, etc.) icU (^H) ; 
(style) huntai (^j^) ; (the literary 
work composed) saku (f^) ; sakuhun 
(tt^); huns?id{^^). 

Compositor, n. shokuji-kata {■^'^ 
?g-) ; kumi-kata ; (of Eur. print) 

Composure, n. (tranquillity) heikl 

Compound, n. (enclosure) konai 
i^P'^) > teinai (Sjjl^)^ kakoi-uchi ; 
kamai-uchi ; yashiki ; (mixture) kon- 
gobutsu (ri?:'p'4'^) ; kicagobuisu (ft-^ 
9fl.i}) ', goseibutsu (-^jB^^j) : mazemono; 
{word) jukugo (Ifyffj). 

Chinese (word), jvkujl (fA^]-' ). 

Compound, t.v. (combine) maze-ru ; 

to medicines, kusuri ico 

chogo (p ^)s. 

to a debt, shakkin (fa^) ico 

naisai (l^t^)-?; shakkin ico jidan 

to for one half, handaka de 

sumashite morau. 

Compound, a. gosei shit'aru ; kwago 
shifaru; sosei (ffi.B^) shifaru; (of 
engines) jurensei (M?9^^) ^^C) ; fuku- 
shiki (|^5\^) no. 

interest, jiiri (il;^-!J); mjii- 

rlsoJcu (Zl^^lj.gj. 

Compradore, n. kampu. 

Compreliend, t.v. wa/gaten {f^fl) 
ga iku ; satoru ; rikwai (il"^) s ; 
rybkai (X^2^)s; nomi-komu; also 
expr. by hara ni hairu, fu ni ochi-n: 
or, mune ni ochi-ru [E. obj. -r- J. 
subj.] ; (include) fukumu ; hOgan 
(tL^) s ; ganchiku (^^) s. 

Compreliensibility, n. equiv. ot 
Comprehebasible folk by koto. 

Compreliensible, a. (capable of 
being understood) rikwai no dekiru ; 
rybkai no dekiru ; chitoku (^Df^-j 
subeld ; satorareru. 

Compreli€^nsibly, adv. rikwai suru 
yb ni ; rybkai suru yb ni ; chitoku 
suru yb ni ; satoru yb ni ; nomi-kcmu 
yb ni. 

Co:iipreliension, n. gaten ; rilwxi ; 

powers of , eioku-ryoku ( §• f^- 

■^) ; rikwai-ryokii {i^'^'fy). 

person of quick , nomikomi 

no hayai hito. 

Compreliensive, a. (extensive) 

kwatsudai {'ifiik) na ; hiroi. 

a report, memmitsu (|if,^') 

na hbkoku ($^1§-). 

a scheme, daikufu {'MliL^)- 

Compreliensiveness, n. kwatsu- 
dai na koto. 

Compress, t.v. osu ; oshi-shime-ru ; 
osJu-cJiijlme-ru ; oshi-fsuke-ru ; atchaku 
^■) s ; assaku (B.lf) s. 
ed air, assaku-kukl (|^|^ 

.re i4v ; • 


[ 170 ] 


Compressibility, n. assaku ^no 
deJciru koto ; asshuku-sJmtsu (I^J^K) I 
osareru koto ; osM-shimerareru koto ; 
oshl-chijlmerareru koto. 

Compressible, a. assaku ()pff ) no 
dekiru ; asshuku (J^lta) '^^ deklru ; 
atchaku no dekiru ; osareru ; oshl- 
shimerareru ; oshi-chJjlmerareru. 

Compression, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Compress foil, by koto ; (state of) 
atchaku ; assaku. 

Comprise, t.v. (include) hbkwatsu 
i%\^) s ; gancMku {"zW) ^ ' fukumu ; 
/logan (-Q,^) s. 

Compromise, n. jidan (^p) ; 
naka-naori ; dakyo (^^) ; icakai (5fn 
|?i^) [Civ. Pro., Or. Pro.] ; (between 
various views) setchusetsu (t!r^^) > 
(to avoid appeal to the authorities) 
7iaisai (^^). 

money paid by way of , 

jldan-kin (^|^^). 

to make a , soho {M'^) 

ayuhi-au ; sdho yudznri-au. 

Compromise, t.v. (arrange) naisai 

■ ni s ; jidan wo s ; ombin ('^jM) '^* 

sumase-ru ; yudzuri-ai de sumase-ru. 

to one's reputation, gicai- 

hun (^'hpfl) y^o sokonau ; gicaibun 
wo waruku s ; (of an act) v:a'\hydhan 
(l^i^IJ) n'l kakaicaru ; walgwaibun 
ni kakawaru ; i':a]gicaibun ni kwan 
s ; (of an act, by a merchant) wa'\ 
noren ni kakawaru [the subject 
being the compromising act]. 

Compromise, i.v. yudzuri-au ; joho 
(liS#) s ; wakai (ftllW) '^o s ; da- 
kyo s. 

Compromising", a. gwaibun ni 
kakawaru ; hyoban ni kaJcawaru ; 
gwaibun no warui. 

Comptabilite, n. kwaikei ('i'tt)- 

Compulsion, n. kyohaku (5Sifl,) ; 
muri-ojo (Ijtfllf^^J. 

by , muri-oshi ni ; muri ni; 

shiite ; osJdtsidcete, 

Compiilsorily, adv. scmaite ; muri- 
yarl ni ; iya-o nashi ni. 

Compulsory, a. muri no ; shiite no ; 
oshiisuke no ; kyoseiteki (?§,f^Ij6^) no 
[also pron. gosei]. 

education, kyosei-kyoikv (5S 

execution, kybsei-shikkb (^^ 

loan, oshi-gari. 

Compunction, n. zempi-kokwai (hij 
0^1^'W:) ; isuikwai (ifif^). 

Computable, a. suisoku sareru ; 
keisan sareru. 

Computation, n. keisan (ft^) ; 
kisan (^tt) ; kanjo (p^) ; (act of) 
equiv. of Compute foil, by koto ; 
(conjecture) suisoku 

Compute, t.v. kazoe-ru ; keisan (ff* 
^) s ; hakaru ; tsumoru ; kisan (|Q 
J^) s ; kanjo {W]'&) s ; (conjecture) 
suisoku s. 

Co3nrafle, n. nakama ; nakama- 
doshi ; (companion) hobai (/illi!||) ; 
doryb (fnlf^) 5 iomo. 

Con, t.v. nianabu; sarau ', sarae-ru; 
onshfi (iS.^) s. 

Concatenation, n. renraku (i^ 
|§) ; rengb (jli^) ; renzoku (ii|f|t). 

Concave, a. kubonda ; nakabiku na. 
to become , kubomu. 

Concavity, n. kubomi. 

Coii cave-convex, a. btotsu-ryb- 
men (iJI'iTIj^aJ®) no. 

Conceal, t.v. ; ou ; (a fact) 

tsutsumu ; impei (^.f|^) s ; kakusu ; 

Concealment, n. (act of) kakusu 
koto ; ou koto ; (of a fact) impei (j^ 
1^) ; (of the truth) kakushi-date. 

place of , kakure-basho. 

witbout , tsutsumi-kakushi 

naku ; fukuzb (|^^) naku ; kaku- 

sadzu ni. 

Concede, t.v. (admit as true) yuru- 
su ; daku (^) s ; make-ru ; (a privi- 
lege) jbyo (|gm) s ; (surrender) 

Conceit, n. jlman (St€); Ji/^* (^ 
^) ; unubore. 


[ 171 ] 


Conceited, a. namaiJci na ; unu- 
horefa ; jiman na ; jifu sum. 

fellow, namaiki na yaisu, 

to be , riko-huru. 

Conceitedly, adv. riamaiki ni ; unu- 
borete ; jiman shite ; jJfa shite. 

Conceivable, a. sdzd (i®f^) no deki- 
ru ; omoi-tsukareru ; omoi-hakarare- 
ru ; hakarareru ; shiryo sareru ; 
omompakaru koto no dekiru. 

Conceivableness, n. equiv. of 
Conceivable foil, by koto. 

Conceive, t.y. (devise) mokuromu ; 
omoi-tsuku ; (suppose) hakaru ; omoi- 
hakaru ; shiryo [JS.p^) s ; omorn- 

■ pakaru. 

to be d (of a child), deki-ru. 

Conceive, i.v. (a child) kwainin (fg 
J^) s ; kwaitai {\Mhn) s ; haramu ; 
mi-gomoru ; ninshin {ti^PM) •^• 

Concentrate, t.v. (boil down) nl- 
tsume-ru ; senji-tsume-ru ', (bring to- 
gether) yose-atsume-ru ; shwjd (il'^) 
s ; (troops) shuchu {%^^ ) s.' 

to the' mind, kokoro ico 

moppara ni s ; zenshin {^^) no 
chikara ico sosogu ; ki wo tsume- 
ru ; seishin (fff.C"') ico kome-ru. 

Concentrate, i.v. to at, nij 

yorl-atsumaru ; ni/shugo s. 

Concentration, n. shugo (H-n-) ; 
yose-atsume ; kikwa {M.\\L) '■> (of 
mind) senshin {Mjt^) ; sennen {Mt's) ', 
(of troops) shuchu. 

Concentric, a. ddchushin (iW]f^i^) 

circle, doshin-en (!nl*t''Iil). 

Conception, n. (med.) kwaitai (jg 
}^) ; harami ; ninshin ; kwainin ; 
(notion) omoi-tsuki ; sozo ; ryoken ( g 
^) ; (power of apprehending) shiko- 
ryoku {^^%'fi) ; sbzbryoku [WMti)- 

to be beyond a person's , 

sbzo no hoka de aru ; sozo no fodo- 

kanai koto de aru. 

Concern, t.v. n'jkGkarlau; ni/' 
kwankei ((Iff;) s ; ni/kayisho {^'i'^) s. 
a matter that does not 
cne, yoso-goto. 

that does not you, anata 

no adzukaranai koto da ; kimi no 
.shitta koto ja nai [not polite]. 

the authorities ed, sono 


the ed, rigai-kwankeinin {f]\ 

^l^f^^A) ; kwankeisha ; kwankei 

no hito. 

the officials ed, togai-kwanri 

to be ed, waVcwankei ga aru. 

Concern, n. (affair) jimu (^^) ; 
yomuki ; jiken (^{4) I (solicitude) 
shimpai (i^gC) ; ke-nen (f#;t:) ; 
kokoro-dznkai ; hairy o (jll!)^). 

that is a big* (undertaking), 

o-jlgyo (^^) da. 

to feel , shimpai s ; ke-nen s. 

Concerning", prep, ni tsuite ; ni 
kakaicaite ; ni tsuki. 

Concert, t.v. hydgi (fpm) shite kime- 
ru ; kyogi {W}^) shite kime-ru ; 
hakaru ; kyotei ('l^y^;) s ; gitei (^^) 
s ; giketsu {sMVl s. 

ed, kyodo (^I^) no. 

ed action, rengo-undo (i^H* 

JMiJJ) ; kyodd-undo. 
Concert, n. ongakkwai {"al^fl) ; 
sbgakkwai (^i^^) ; (agreement 
in a plan) rengo {^/^) ; (musical 
harmony) gassb {'^^). 

in , gassb shite. ^ 

to act in with, tojteikei (^^ 

^) s ; to /koto wo tomo ni s. 

Concertina, n. te-fukin. {e^^^). 

Concession, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Concede foil, by koto ; (a govt, pri- 
vilege) tokkyo (l^-ft) ; kwankyo {'^ 
Wr) ; (for miniixg) saikutsuken (j'^^'Ii 
W) ; (settlement) kyoryuchi (^^4) ; 
{to lay a railway) fusetsuken (|^'|S; 


exclusive (i.e. reserved to 

one nation), senkv:an-kyoriJuchl C^ 

lumber , saibatsu-tokkyo. 

mining" , saikutsu-tokkyo (^ 

mutual s, tagainojbho. 

to make a , ippo i—}^) wo 


to make s, jbho (sl^^) .9; 

taijb (illl) s. 

OON [ ^^72 ] 


Concli, n. horagai ; hora. 
Coiicliolog'ist, n. kairui-gakusha 

CoiicliOlogy, n. kairid-gaku {MiM 


Coiiciliate? t.v. (an inferior) natsu- 
ke-ru ; (win over) no/kigen {f^^M) ^"<^ 
torn ; (win over, from a state of hos- 
tility) nadame-ru ; yawarage-ru. 

Coiiciliation, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Conciliate foil by koto. 

Conciliatory, a. odayxka na ; on- 
jun i^]^) ua ; chdwa-tekl (f^^lll^^) 

Concise, a. te-mljika (^^^) na ; kan- 
ryaku (^P^) na ; kantan (^^^) na. 

Concisely, adv. kai-isumande ; 
tsudzumete ; ryaku (§) shite ; te- 
mijijca nl ; kantan ni ; tsudzumciyaka 

Conciseness, n. kanketsu {^-M) ', 
kantan ; kanryaku,. 

Conclave, n, mikkwal (^--#) ; shi- 
kwai (^X-f-). 

Conclude, t.v. (a contract, etc.) iori- 
musvhu ; musuhu ; teiketsu {^^$^) s ; 
(finish) shimau ; oicaru ; kwanJcetsu 
('$Sln) s ; toge-ru ; ketsuryb (fe^T) « ; 
nojrakuchaku (^^) ico tsuke-ru ; 
(infer) nintei (1^^.^) 5 ; mi-tome-ru ; 
suidan (f^^) s ; (judge) dantei (^ 

to a treaty, joyaku, (f^|^) 

ICO musuhu ; jbyaku wo teiketsu (|.^ 

Conclude, i.v. musuhu ; ketsuryb (|§ 
y) s ; rakuchaku s. 

Conclusion, n. (act of) ketsuryb ; 

equiv. of Conclude foil, by koto ; 

(end) shbnai ; owari ; kekkyoku {^ 
- 0i) ; -rakuchaku (^^-) ; shumatsu [^ 

^); shiibii^^); shukyoku (^Fj) ; 

dondzumari ; (inference) mitome ; 

suidan ; nintei (|g^) ; (of a treaty) 


of preliminary examina- 
tion, yoshin-shuketsu (l^^l^lt)- 

in (opening a peroration), 

owari ni nozonde. 

Conclusive, a. tashika na ; kakko 
(f^^) taru; meikaku {^i^)na; (of 
reasoning) tekisetsu (j^-iiQ) na. 
proof, kwakushb (jS^H). 

Conclusively, adv. tashika ni ; 
danko (^^) to. 

Concoct, t.v. (devise) kuwadaie-ru ; 
hakaru ; kufu (X^) s ; (prepare 
■with various ingredients) koshirae- 

to a scheme, kuwadaie xoo 


Concoction, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Concoct foil, by koto ; (compound 
prepared with different ingredients) 

chimmi (^ii^) ; chimhutsu (^^^). 

Conco:!nitant, a. ai-tomonau ; /it- 
dzui (Pft^) no ; tsuite iru. 

Concomitant, n. soe-mono ; tsidci- 

Concord, n. (harmony) w^a^o (^f-Dp') ; 

icahoku (^fnnl) ; chbica (il|;fn) ; (of 

opinion) doshin ([ij.t^); dbi (|n]ii;); 
(state of agreement) itchi ( — $X)- 
to be in , wa]naka ga yoi. 

Concordance, n. jimoku-henran 

(ll?0fM^); ybji-sakuin (5^|^^B1)- 
Concoi^rse, n. gunju (^H) kwaigb- 
{%^); shiigb {^^) ; taikwai i^-^). 

to make a , gunju wo nasu ; 

shtujb s ; kwaigb s ; taikwai s. 

Concrete, a. gybketsu (^^) oio; 
kessei {^,^) no ; koketsu {M^) shita ; 
(as opp. to abstract) gutaiteki ( J^l^^^) 
no ; yukei {'■^Jf^) no ; keishika (f^ffij 
~F) no. 

Concrete, n. *. 

Conciibinag'e, n. mekake wo oku 

koto ; chikushb (^^). 

Concubine, n. mekake ; tekake ; 
kakoi-mono ; shb (^) ; (vulg., of 
women attached to foreigners) rasha- 


Concupiscence, n. shiyoku {MJB) l 
shiklyoku (^^) ; jbyoku ('{f ^) ; in- 
yoku (J^&^). 

Concur, i.v. (act jointly) tomoni s ; 
kybryoku ('I^j;:^) s; tasuke-au; 
(agree) dbshln {^^t*) s ; fugb (ff'g^) 
.9 ; kanau ; (in opinion) dbi {^M.) s. 


[ 173 ] 


■CoiiClirreiice, n. (approbation and 
cooxjeration) sando (^foj); (con- 
junction) godo (•n'ro'l) ; kybdb {^W\)\ 
(consent) doi (|u)i@,); shodaku {1^ 
If) ; kyodaku (ftit)- 

of cifences, sdzai-guhatsu 

mmm&) [Cr. co.]. 

Conciirreut, a. (cooperating) kyo- 
ryoku {^f}) no; cyodo (^^|nj) no; 
(existing at the same time) dojl (1^ 
B#) "0 ; (joint and equal in authority) 
doken (l^Jtl) wo yu s. 

offence, heigozai ( fff ^ ^). 

Concurrently, adv. tomo ni ; gas- 
shite; kybdb (-ji;-lTf!) sliite ; (at the 
same time) ddji ni. 

with, to/doji ([T^n-J) ni. 

CoiiCiiHsion, n. shodo ('fTi'M) 5 shin- 

dd m$h)- 

of the brain, ndshhitd{^^ 


Condemn, t.v. (censure) seme-ru ; 
togame-ru ; (pronounce sentence on) 
ni/senkoku {'m.^) s ; nl/tsumi wo 

to as unfit for use, haihutsu 

(H4"^J) io s:idame-ru. 

to to death, shikei (^jfij) ni 

senkoku s ; shlzai (^^) ni kime- 


to to hard labour, j^/d^fco 

(tfi'^10) ni senkoku s. 

Condemnation, n. (act of passing 
sentence) ^S'wnii no mdshi-watashi ; 
senkoku sum koto ; (censure) seme ; 

to death, shikei {^M) no 

ii-watasJd [Cr, Pro.]. 

Condemnatory, a. (sentence) kei- 
batsu (?fCf3") sum. 

language, seme-kotoha. 

Condensable, a. gyoshuku (;|J,|;g) 
no dekiru. 

Condensation, n. gyoshuku (;|5 
IS) i (act of) equiv. of' Condense 
loll, by koto ; (of style) tanshuku {^^ 
Iffl) ; kanryaku (^4). 

Condense, t.v. gyoshuku (JUIfg) s ; 
(of style, etc.) tansJiuku (^ji|f|) s ; 
kanryaku {'^\'^) ni s. 

Condenser, n. gyoshuku-kiki (^|^ 

Condense, i.v. gyoshuku s. 

Condescend, i.v. (humble one's- 
self ) heri-kudaru ; koshi wo hikuku 
s ; mi wo kudasu ; kens on (^^) 5 ; 
hige (^"f) s. 

Condescending-, a. telnei (IR^) 
na ; shinsetsu (l^i^J) na ; (in an un- 
favourable sense) teinei ni mise-kake- 

Condescendingly, adv. telnei ni ; 
shinsetsu ni ; (in an unfavourable 
sense) telnei ni mise-kakete ; (of a 
Sovereign) kashikoku mo. 

Condescension, n. ingin (9g^) ; 

telnei iUl^) ; shinsetsu (iFi-tfl). 
Condign, a. soto i^^,'^) na ; teklto 

iW^) na; shlto (^^) net; soo {^^ 

M) na. 

Condign ly, adv. sotonl; teklto ni; 
soo ni ; shlto nl. 

Condiment, n. (pickle) tsuke-mono ; 
(spice) yakumi (^il^). 

Condition, n. (clause or term) jo- 
ken mm ; Jcajd itMm ; (state) arl- 
sami ; yosu (ti^^) ; jbtai {^Wd \ 
jbkyb [^^Wi; keisei {^^) ; kwbkei 
{%^)\ (status) mihun [M't^); (^hii 
mm ; hungen {^,m). 

actual , jlkkyb (^J^). 

precedent, 'telshi-jbken {^']ir 

fi^#) [Civ. Co., Civ. Pro.]. 

on that, is most easily expr. 

by the conditional form of the 
verb ; yakusoku {^^'^) ni shite may 
also be used preceded by the sen- 
tence which is the subject of con- 

the of affairs, jijo {^^'\'^) ; 

toki no moyb (t;^#)- 

the present of affairs, gen- 

kon (i^^) no keisei ; ima no arl' 
sama ; tbjl (^UJ) no keisei. 

Conditional, a. jokentsuki (fi^^Ff^) 

Conditionally, adv. joken wo tsuke- 
te, ox fushite. 

Conditioning- liouse, n, (for silk) 
kilto-kensajo (ft^ffr). 


[ 174 ] 


Condole, i.v. to with, woj 

tomurau ; wo/aito ( ^t^) s ; 7ii/ku- 
yami ico iu. 

Condolence, n. (on a death) ku- 
yami ; aito. 

letter of , kuy ami-jo. 

words of , choshi{^=ii\). 

Condone, t.Y. ynjo (^^.) s. 

Conduce, i.v. to to, no/tasuke 

ni nam; wo/hojo {'MQ)i) s ; wo/josei 
{^J}M) s j no/tashi ni nam. 

to to health, yojb (^i) no 

tame ni nam ; karada no tame ni 

Conducive, a. to be to, v. 


Conduct, n. (behayiour) okonai ; 
gyojo {^jVi) ', hinko {aa^y) ; mimochi 

\Mn-); shogyb mm); kdi i^rm); 

kyodo [^^i) ; (escort) goso (aljig) ; 
goel{M^); (giiitling) l<^yodb (i?^); 
tehiki; annai (^j^); (management) 
tori-atsukai ; tori-okonai ; shori (|g 
3il) ; shikko (^ff) ', (manners) gyogi 


Conduct, t.y. (as, water) hiku ; (con- 
trol) kwanri (^*il) s; sJi'hai (_^|jll) 
s ; (manage) tori-atsukau ; torioko- 
nau ; shdbun (|1^) s ; sliori (|iJi) s ; 
(show the way) nojannai wo s ; michi- 
hiku ; (to the hospital, etc.) okuru ; 
(to police station, or before magis- 
trate) inchl (^IJ^) 5 [Civ. Pro.]. 

badly ed (of persons), gyogi 

(^ff§) no icami ; fugybgi (^fff^) 
na ; fidiinko (^"off) na. 

Conductor, n. annaisha {MP^'^); 
kybdbsha (f|5^:#) ; (of a train, etc.) 
shaslib (i|i^') ; shacho (tii:^:) ; (of 
heat) dotai (^f4^) ; (physics) indem- 
hutsu (5r^4-^j). 

lightning" , hiraishin {M'M 


Cone, n. ensuikei ([11^1^$); (of a 
pine-tree) matsukasa ; matsu-bokkurl. 

Confabulate, i.v. konwa s ; ucJd- 
tokete hanasu ; hanashl-au. 

Confabulation, n. konwa {'ij}-=fi) ; 
uchl-toketa hannshi ; hanashl-aC 

Confectioner, n. kicashija. 

Confectionery, n. kwashi (|gl^) ; 
tbkioa (|§^) ; kwashi-mi. 

Confederacy, n. (in a bad sense) 
totb (^^) ; (league) dbmei (Ih1]S) ; 
meiyaku {^^^) ; (of states) tempo (f^ 
^P) ; domeikoku {\n\^^) ; meiyaku- 
koku i^^M)- 

Confederate, a. dbmei no ; m,ehjaku 
no ; rengb i^-^) shlfaru ; [1^ a bad 
sense) totb no. 

states, domeikoku (l^^SS)- 

Confederate, i.v. dbmei s ; meiyaku 
s ; rengb s ; (in a bad sense) toib s. 

Confederate, n. katan (jbnin) no 
mono ; dbmeisha ( fa\ ^^) ', (in a bad 
sense) totb no mono ; (in crime) db- 
rui ; renrui (^-H) ; katbdo. 

Confederation, n. (act of) eqiiiv. 
of Confederate (i.v.) foil, by koto ; 
(league) v. Confederacy. 

Confer, t.v. (a diploma, etc.) juyo (|g 
M) s ; (grant) atae-ru ; sadzuke-ru ; 
tamau ; (of alms) hodokosu. 

ceremony of ring di- 
plomas, shbsho-juyoshiki (i§=#ig 


to favours, megumi wo hodo- 
kosu ; megumi wo kake-m ; jihi (^ 
^,) wo tare-ru. 

Confer, i.v. sbdan {^UtA) s ; danji-au ; 
kake-au ; uclii-awase wo s ; hiki-au ; 
1^y(^gi (rP^St) « ; ^^^^/r (i>^;l) s ; dangb 

m^)-^; i^yogimm^- 

Conference, n^ shbgi {^^'%) ; dam- 
pan [fkH) ; hybgi (fligg) ; kwaidan 
{'^th) 5 kake-ai ; sbdan (t0|^) ; dan- 
gb ; kyogi ; (meeting) sbdankwai [^% 
Wl-^) ; kybgikwai {M^B:^) \ ^yogi- 
kwai (2piil^). 

of tne Houses (pari.), kybgi- 

the Peace , helwa-kwaigi (^p 

U & pi). 

Confess, t. and i.v. hakujb {^^HJi) s ; 
(disclose) v.chi-ake-ru ; (voluntarily, 
of a crime) j haku ( ^ t^ ) s ; ji'^hu ( g 
■g') s ; (with remorse) zange (f^tS) S' 

Confessedly, adv. aklraka ni; jinin 


[ 175 ] 


Confession, n. hakujo {i'^^) ; zan- 
r/e ; (act of) equiv. of Confess foil. 
hy koto; (voluntarily of a crime) ji- 
haku ; j'lshu [Cr. Pro.] ; (written) 
kuehi-gaki ; kosho ( P #). 

to take down a , kosho wo 


Confessional, n. zangesho {MW^fi). 

Confessor, n, zange wo kiku hito. 

Confidant, n. shimpvku {,tM) no 
hito, or mono ; shin-yu (|g,:^) ; shim- 
pvku no tomo. 

Confide, i.v. to in (trust), wo/ 

shinyo (fg/H) s ; wo/shinnin H^^) 
s ; wo/shinji-ru ; wo/tanoinu ; wo] 
tayori ni s ; ni/irai (i^M) s. 

Confide, t.v. (entrust) tanomu ; irai 
{ikM) s ; taku (^:£) s ; makase-ru. 

to to (confess), ni/uchi-akeru. 

to to the care of, 7ii adzuke- 


Confidence, n. (absence of anxiety) 
anshin (^,liO ; (courage) daitan (^ 
li) ; tanryoku {^-fy) ; (reliance) sh'm- 
yo (fs/R) ; tanomi ; shinnin (fg£t). 

to have in, wo/shinyo s ; ni/ 

shinyo wo oku. 

self ..jishin (iff). 

to forfeit , shinyo woushincm. 

tc inspire with , anshin (^ 

itO sase-ru ; (reliance on) shinyo 
sase-ru ; ate ni sase-ru. 

to lose in, nij shinyo wo oka- 

nai V' ) ni nam ; ^so/ate ni shinai yd 
ni n ru. 

want of (in the ministry), 

fushinnin (:^fg^). 

Confident, a. (bold) omoikitta ; dai- 
tan iJ-^^) iwl; (in the sense of 
" having assured confidence ") expr. 
by utagai no nai ; (impudent) atsu- 
kamashii ; zfizilshii. 

to'l^e (in anxiety), kijbhu (^ 

5t5^) de aru. 

to he that (positive), wo/ 

kakvjitsu {0^) to s ; to/tekkiri 
omou ; tojkakushin (Siff) s. 

to he over , kakushin (fiifg) 

ni sugiru : fhinjl-sugi-ru. 

Confidential, a. (private) himitsu 
iU^^^) no ; kimifsu (j^^) no ; (trusty) 
shimpuku (^t^)^) no; shinzubeki; 
tariomi ni nam ; (marked on a letter) 

despatch, kimitsusho (i|J^^ 


letter, shiniensho (||^#). 

Confidentially, adv. naimitsu (^ 
^^) ni. 

Confidently, adv. shlnjite; shinyo 

Confiding-, a. to he of a dis- 
position, monogoto wo karogaro- 
shiku shinji-ru. 

Config-uration, n. katachi ; kakko ; 
. nari ; keijo (^Jf^) ; keibo (^|^) [the 
last of the human figure only] ; (of 
land) chikei (Jf^^). • 

Confine, n. (border) sakai; kyokai 

m^) ; kuiki mm- 

Confine, t.v. (imprison) kakomu ; 
kinko (*^[§) .9 ; kbkin {Y^%) s ; (limit 
by moral force) seigen {%\\Wi) s; 
geniei (P^^) s; kagiru; (restrain 
vi'ithin limits) kakomu ; toji-komu ; 
(within limits, of a soldier, student, 
etc.) kinsoku {^aH) s. 

to he d (of a woman), san (^) 

no toko ni oru ; sanjoku {MM) ni 

to he d to the house, uchi 

ni hikkonde oru ; (with illness) 
hiki-komotte oru. 

Confinement, n. (imprisonment) 
kinko (^10) ; kingoku (^Jt) ; kan- 
kin mm); kokin (t^^) ; (of a 
woman) san no toko ; sanjoku ; 
(within limits) kinsoku {^^). 

for life, shushin-choeki (^^ 

domiciliary (a punishment), 

tsutsushimi ; kinshin (ff J| ) ; hei- 
mon (^pg) ; chikkyo (gS;^) [the 
last was a form of punishment 
inflicted by lords on their vassals 
in the days of the ShoguDate]. 

major , jiikinko {MMW- 

minor ., keikinko [MmM)- 

solitary , misshitsu-kankin 



[ 176 ] 


Coiifirili, t.v. (make certain) tashika- 
7ne-ru ; kakutel {0/^) s ; (of a bishop) 
ni/anshushiki (t^^^) wo okonau ; 
ni/kem^hinrei (^fsji^) 100 okonau ; 
(ratify) tashikame-ru ; kakunin (S^fS) 
s ; (strengthen) tsuyoku s ; kakujitsu 
(fii^) nis. 

to be ed, (by a bishop) anshu 

wo uke-ru ; (of a rumour) tashika- 

Coiiflrinatioii, n. (making certain) 
kakutei ; (ratification) kakunin ; ze- 
'^^i (;^lf.) ; (recognition) nlnsho (|g 
|§^.) ; (rite) anshushiki ; kenshinrel. 

Coiiiiriiiatorj^, a. kakujitsu to suru. 

Confiscate, t.v. hossha (^545:) s ; 

tori-age-ru ; meshi-age-ru ; kwamhotsu 

Confiscation, n. hossJm ; tori-age ; 

ConflagTation, n. taikwa {h'k)', 

Conflict, n. (battle) sento mW\) I 
(inconsistency) shototsu (tfi^) ; tei- 
shoku [Jigm) ; (struggle) toso (IH^). 

of opinions, iken {MM^ 1^0 


Conflict, i.v. iadakau ; arasou ; (be 
in opposition) shototsu s ; ai-han s ; 
tsuki-ataru ; mujun ("^/§') s. 

to witla, ni, or to/teishoku 

{t^M) s ; shototsu s. 

Confluence, n. (of rivers) ochi-ai ; 
goryil (^-gft). 

Conform, i.v. shitagau ; (harmonize) 
kanau ; fugo (^^) s ; itchi [~-^) s. 

to to, ni/sJdtagau; (observe, 

a regulation, etc.) wo/'junshu (JlH^) 
s ; wo/jumpo ()l[i?|-S) s. 

Conformable, a with, to 

kanatte iru ; itchi shite iru. 

Conformably, adv with, ni 


with the law, horitsu (J^^) 

ni terashite. 

Conformity, n./Mj7o ; itchi. 

in with, niyotte; niyori; 

no tori ; ni shitagatte. 

to be in with, nijtekigo (M 

Conformation, n. katachi ; keijo 

of the ground, chikei (tlji^^). 

Confound, t.v, (amaze) hikkuri sase- 
ru ; odorokase-ru ; tamagesase-ru ; 
nolkim.0 wo tsuhusase-ru ; (confuse 
together) kondo ('/^!W)) s; gotcJvi ni 
s ; (dismay) magotsukase-ru ; (in 
argument) heiko (It^P) sase-ru ; ii~ 

to be ed, hikkuri s ; odoroku ; 

tamage-ru ; kimo wo tsuhusu ; (con- 
fused) magire-ru. 

Confounded, a. (abominable) ima- 

Confront, t.v. (set face to face) tsuki- 
awase-ru ; taisho ('^pa ) s ; (stand 
face to face) ni/mukai-au ; nijtai- 
ritsu (lij-jzl) s ; (witnesses with ac- 
cused persons) taishitsu (^||IC) ■'^fise- 
ru [Cr. Pro., Civ. Pro.] ; taishin (f tH) 
s ; muki-awase-ru. 

to one another (of two 

armies), taijin (iifl^) ^' 

Confrontation, n. (of accused per- 
sons) taishitsu ; taishin. 

Confucianism, n. judo HfrM.) ; 
jugaku {\§^). 

Confuciaiiist, n.jusha (f§#). 

Confucius, n. Koshi {^IJ-). 

Confuse, t.v. (one thing with an- 
other) kondo (ii?: !p1) s ; (render ob- 
scure) maglrasu ; (throw into dis- 
order) kaki-midasu ; funran (^|L) -sf ; 
kakuran (^SL) s ; hinran (^SL) s. 

liable to iDe d, kondo sJii- 


to be d, (jumbled) mucha- 

kucha ni nam ; konzatsu (}i?:f#) s ; 

(lose self-possession) awate-ru ; 


Confusedly, adv. mucha-kucha ni ; 
konmtsu shite ; midarete ; (with agi- 
tation of mind) urotaete ; rohai shite ; 
shusho-robai (^^^^ijg) shite. 

Confusing", a. magirawashH. 

Confusion, n. (mental) awateru 
koto ; urotae ; rohai ; shiisho -rohai ; 
(of things) konzatsu ; sakuzitsu (^ 
m) ; konran (ML). 


[ 177 ] 


■Confutation, n..rompa {tm^,) sum 
koto ; hempaku (p|^J. 

Confute, t.v. (disprove) yahuni ; 
ioki-yahuru ; rompa (tm^^) ^ ; (silence) 
Jieiko (P^P) sase-ru; yari-kome-ru ; 
ii-kome-ru ; damasase-ru. 

Cong'e, n. to receive one's , 

menshoku (f^IfS^) sare-ru ; kaishoku 
lfii£) sare-ru ; kaiko (iW-S) sare-ru. 

Congeal, t.v. korase-ru ; hyoketsu (7K 
U) sase-ru ; gyoketsu {'^^h) sase-ru. 

Congeal, i.v. katamaru ; koru ; %o- 
ketsu s ; gyoketsu s. 

Congelation, n. hyokeisu; gyo- 

Congenial, a. ki no atta ; kokoro no 
atta ; dojo (Ih)!^) no ; dbsei (Inl'I^) no ; 
(adapted) kokoro ni kanatte iru ; ki 
ni muite iru. 

Congenital, a. 7nochi-mae no ; sho- 
rai (i^^) no ; senten-{teki) (:5fe^6^J) 
no ; umare-nagara no ; umareisv.kl 

disease, seniendoku {^'^^). 

syphilis, taldoku (Hn#)' 

Congenitally, adv. shotoku (ife.f|-.) 
de ; sententeki ni. 

Conger-eel, n. hamo. 

Cong-estecl, a. to be , (of blood 

vessels) jilkeisu (^Ifil) shite oru ; 
(of traffic) fusagaru ; mtto {1^ 
s ; -\shuseki (^f^) s. 

Con5^';estion, n. {med.) jilketsu ; (of 
traffic) f s/mse/d. 

of the brain, ndjiiketsu (JJg 


of the kidneys, jinjilketsti 

of the liver, kanjuketsu (ff 

of the lungs, haijuketsu (|$ 

Conglomerate, n. ketsugbseki (^ 

Conglomeration, n. taiseki (ig 
^) ; katamari. 

^) s ; shukwai 

Cong"ratiilate, t.v. iwau ; shuku 
iM) s; ga (H) s ; 7ii/shukuji {§iM) 
wo nohe-ru. 

I you on that, sore ica o 

medetai ; sore loa kyoetsu {f^^'\^) de 


I have come to you, 

yorokohi ni demashita. 

to upon, wo/ shuku (jjijj.) s. 

Congratulation, n. sh^lgi {WL^) ; 
iicai ; shukuga ()ji£3C) 5 shukugi ()jj3, 
^) ; kelga (|ft^) ; shukuji (i[fsl). 

to offer one's s, shukuji ico 


Cong'ratulatory, a. shugi no ; iwai 
no ; shukuji no ; shukuga no ; keiga 
no ; shukushi no ; in Chinese com- 
pounds shuku- ; as. 

telegram, Lhukiiden {MM). 

address (on state occasions), 

gahyo mm)- 

Cong'reg'ate, i.v, atsumaru ; yori 
atsumaru ; kwaigo {^ ^ ' 
(^"^) s ; yotte takaru. 

Congregation, n. (religious) atsu- 
r.iari ; kwaishu ('^^) ; (Buddhist) 
choshu (1^.^) ; chomonnin (l^ffl A)- 

Congregational, a church, 

Eumial-kyokwai (IB. n"ik#). 

Congress, n. kwaigi (^il) ; kokwai 
(^#) ; (United States) {gasshukoku 
(^^^il) no) kokkicai (^-t). 

Conical, a, ensuikei (jilii^) no. 

Conic-section, n. salensui-kyoku- 

sen mm^^m- 

Conies, n. saiensui-kyokusengaku (^ 


Conifera, n. shohakkica (^S/ffif4). 
Coniferous, a. shohakkwa no. 
Conjecture, n. suiryo (Jifl;) ; sui- 
soku [WM) ; sulsatsu (^4^) 5 oku- 

soku imu)- 

Conjecture, i.v. suiryo s ; sulsoku 
s ; suisa^su s ; oshihakaru. 

Conjoin, t.v. rengo (,\§^ s ; renketsu 

m^) s. 

Conjoint, a. rengo shite aru; renketsu 
shite aru ; in Chinese compounds 
rengo- , or kyodo- . 


[ 178 ] 


Conjointly, adv. ai-iomo ni ; kyddo 

shite ; rengo shite ; renketsu shite. 

Conjug'alj a. fufu i"^^) no ; kon-in 
it^M) no ; kekkon (I^Jf) no. 

Conjug'ate, t.v. (of Euroioean lan- 
guages) haigo (gH-p*) s ; henkica (@ 
'fb) -^ » (of Japanese) kwatsuyb (vl^^) 
s ; hataraku. 

Conjugation, n. (of European lan- 
guages) haigo ; henkwa ; (of Japa- 
nese) kwatsuyb ; hataraki. 

[Japanese grammarians divide 
the verb into four conjugations : 
1. yodan (R9P^) no, 2. nidan no, 
and 3, ichidan (— p^) no. 2 is 
divided into kami-nidan with indef, 
form in i and shimo-nldan with 
indef. form in e. 2 and 3 are 
amalgamated in the spoken Lan- 
guage. V. Aston's Grammar of the 
spoken Language. Par. 36]. 

Conjunction, n. (astron.) kioaigo 
( i'^o ) ; (gram.) setsuzokushi i^^MM)- 
in with, (consulting toge- 
ther) ni mbshi-awasete ; (in union) 
to kybdb shite ; to rengb shite ; to 
renketsu shite. 

Conjunction, n. (med.) ketsumaku 


Conjunctively, adv. v. Conjoint- 

Conjuncture, n. haai ; toki. 
critical , kiiuadoi toki. 

Conjure, i.v. (by magic aits) juso (5)1 
^|[) s ; majinai wo s ; (of a conjuror) 
tedmma, wo tsukau. 

Conjure, t.v. (implore earnestly) 
konsei (^ln) ^• 

Conjuring", n. iedzuma ; tejina. 

Conjuror, n. iedzuma-tsukai. 

Connect, t.v. tsugu ; tsunagu ; ren- 
ketsu ; (a^Io ) s ; musuM-awase-ru ; 
(as, two railway carriage?!) rensa (v^ 

it) s. 

ing line, renrakusen {^'^^). 

ing- train, renraku-kisha (^ 

"^MM) ; renketsu-kisha. 

to be ed with (fig.), nijkaka- 

waru ; nijkwankei {^^^) s ; ni/ 
kwankei ga aru ; ni/kwanren {% 
'^) s. 

Connect, i.v. tsugu ; musuhu ; isura- 
naru ; (as trains, etc.) renraku s; 
renketsu s. 

Connected, a. tsunagatle iru ; ren- 
zoku shite oru ; renraku shite aru. 

a account (story), isudzuki- 


Connection, n. (act of) eqi-iiv. of 
Connect foil, by koto ; (communica- 
tion) kbtsu i^'M) 5 (dependence) 
kiiankei ; kakawari-ai ; (junction) 
renraku ; renketsu ; (point of junc- 
tion) isugi-me ; (relationship) enko 
{^W ; (relative) enja (|^%) ; shin- 
zoku {^t%) ; shinrui (fe|) ; (social 
intercourse) tsuki-ai ; kbsai (3c!^). 

in this , tsuite wa. 

to establish with (com- 
munications), to/re7iraku wo tsfiji- 

to have a with (in a bad 

sense), nijtsvji-ru. 

to sever s (relations), te wo 


Conning-tower, n. shireltb {u\^ 


Connivance, n. mokkyo {fXWr) i 
mi-nogasu koto. 

Connive, i.v. mite mlnufuri s ; shitie 
shiranu furi s. 

to at, mokkyo s ; mi-nogasu. 

Connoisseur, n. kantelka (fS^^) ; 
me-kiki ; kurbto ; kanteinin (I^^A) ; 
kanteisha (|i^^). 

of fine arts, bijutsu-himpyb- 

sha mm^xxn^)- 

he is a g-reat , ano hito wa 

nakanaka me-kiki da. 

to be a , wa] me ga kiku. 

Connubial, a. kekkon ^f^) no ; 
kon-in (M®) no ; filfu (^if ) no. 

Conqvier, t.v. (fig.) ni/uchi-katsu ; 
(subdue and annex) heidon (f^:§) s ; 
seiryaku {^^) s ; ryakudatsu (J^^) 
s ; (vanquish) ni/katsu ; seifuku (*^ 
j^) s ; seibatsu (ffit^) s ; nabikase- 
ru ;' uchi-toru. 

Conquer, i.v. uchi-kafsu ; kaisu * 
shbri (^flj) wo e-ru. 

Conqueror, n. seifukusJia {^^i}^^^) i 
seiryakusha (flE^^). 


[ 179 1 


Conquest, n. seibatsu ; sdfuku ; 
(and annexation) ryakudatsu ($^^) ; 
heldon (f#§) ; (victory) uchi-kachi. 

Coiisaiig-uineous, a. dosei (IWl'14) 
no ; ketto {]faM) no ; ketsuzoku (ifil^^) 
no ; ketsumyaku (ifilM) "no ; kdsuen 
(lfil||<) no ; chisvji no. . 

Consaiigaiiiiity, n. dosei ; ketto ; 
ketsuzoku ; ketsumyaku ; ketsuen. 

Conscience, n. n/os/iin(;g.tO ; ^o?2- 
.s/mi (^t^it^) ; c?onen'(ji;;f:) ; magokoro. 

having" a bad , kldzumotsu- 

ashi de. 

liberty of , shinko no jiyu 

Conscientious, a. tadashU ; shdjiki 
na ; selchoku (jEjIl) na ; hosei {'jj 
jE) na ; massugu na ; rybshln wo 

Conscientiously, adv. tadashlku; 
shdjiki ni ', seichoku ni ; hosei ni ; 
rybshin ni shitagatie. 

Conscientiousness, n. shdjiki na 
koto ; hosei ; honshin, or ryoshin, ni 
shitagau koto ; dbglshin ('^^it^) ; db- 
tokushin {MWi^t'^)- 

Conscious, a. to be , (aware of) 

chikaku (^^) s ; ohoe-ru ; shbchi 
[T^j^) shite oru ; ki (^) ga tsuite 
oru ; (of sensation) shbki {]£M.) ^s 
oru ; jikaku (^K') shite oru. 

Consciously, adv. jikaku shite ; s?ib- 
chi shite ; ki ga tsuite. 

ConsCioUSnesS,n. (knowledge) oboe; 
satori ; (sensation) chikaku {^^). 

to return to , shbki (iE0.) ni 

nam ; ica} me ga same-ru. 

Conscript, n. chbhei (fjc^). 

Conscription, n. chbhei ; chbheisei 


district, chbheiku (|ic:^!S). 

temporary exemption from 

, chbhei-yinjo (it:^!tE)- 

Conscriptional, a. a man of. 

age, chbhei-iekireisha i'^^^^^). 

Consecrate, t.v. shinsei itf^^) ni s ; 
nii'seibetsushiki ico okonaa. 

Consecration, n. (of a bishop) 
kantoku-anshushiki (^■^^) ; (of a 
building) seibetsu (^^Ij) ; (the cere- 
mony) seibetsushiki (^^Iji^). 
prayer, seiseibun {^^'^). 

Consecutive, a. renzoku (^|^) shite 
oru ; tsudzuite oru ; remmen (3^!^,) to 
shita ; in Chinese compounds ren- 

on days, renjitsu (:^H). 

Consecutively, adv. renzoku shite ; 
jun ni ; tsuranatte ; junjo (KHi^) ico 
bte ; tsudzuke-dama ni ; tsudzukete. 

Consent, n. shbdaku (7|c||f) ; shbchi 
(^^) ; dbi (li]jt,) ; tokushin (f#jli>). 

Consent, i.v. shbdaku s ; daku s ; 
shbchi s ; tokushin s. 

Consequence, n. (result) kekkwa 
i^ii^] '■> tsumari ; Iiate. 

a matter of , daiji {:k.^-) na 

jiken ($^#), or koto. 

a matter of no , saji {^^) ; 

sasai (-^^Hi) na jiken ; tsumaranai 


as a of, no kekkica to shite. 


yotte ; kono yue ni. 

in of, no yue ni. 

it is of little , taishita koto 

de mo nai. 

Consequent, a. shitagatte kitaru ; 
yotte okoru ; yotte dekiru. 

Consequential, a. shikakubaita ; 

to talk in a manner, shisai- 

rasliii koto wo iu. 

Consequentially, adv. shikaku- 
batte ; ybdaibxdte. 

Consequently, adv. yotte ; kore ni 
yotte ; yue ni ; tsuite ; kore wo motie. 

Conservancy, n. forest , shin- 

rih-hogo (-^^f^^). 

Conservative, n. kofaka {'^MM) ; 
onukashi-fu no hito ; {injunka (0-^^) 

is applied to s as a term of 


party, hoshutb ii^^M) [tlie 

hoshutb as a party no longer exists 
in Japan but the present teikokuta 
(^^^) in som.e ways corresponds, 
to it]. 


[ 180 ] CON 

Coiisein vative, a. kofn no; muka- 
shi-fu no ; shukyil (^S) no ; hoshu 
(f^^) '^0 '» hoshuteki (^^fi^) no. 

Conservatism, n. hoslm-shuql {^ 

Conservatoire, n of music, 

ongaku-gakko (W ^'^^)- 
Conservatory, n. 972uro. 

Consider, t.v. (look at favourably) 
kamhen (J^^) s ; (look iipon as) ioj 
minasu ; (take into account) shaku- 
ryo {U^]m.) s '■> shinshaku {^\%'^) s ; 
(think) to/shiryo {^M) ^• 

to as, iojkokoroe-ru. 

to necessary, hitsuyo to s. 

Considering", part, kangaete mite ; 
kangaete ; m shite. 

he is a foreigner, he is 

good at Japanese, gwaikoku-jin 
ni shite wa Nihongo wajbdzu da. 

Consider, i.v, (reflect) kangae-ru ; 
shiryo s (©1^) ', kanko s ; shian {]§^ 

to carefully, jukuryo s ; 

toku to kangae-ru. 

Considerable, a, (moderately large) 

zulhua (^^) oki na ; zuibun na ; 
sukunaku nai ; kanari na ; (of per- 
sons) migara na ; mihun [^ ^) no 
shikkari shita ; mihun no aru. 

Considerably, adv. yohodo ; zuihun ; 
daibu ; oi ni. 

Considerate, a. sasshi no yoi ; 
kamhen {^fM) '^o (^fu ', omoiyari no 

Considerately, adv. sasshi-gokoro 
ga atte ; kamhen (|t|]|^) shite ; omoi- 

Consideration, n. (deliberation) 
shiryo ; kangae ; (law) hoshu (f^giHi) ; 
(thoughtful sympathy) kamhen (^ 
1^) ; sasshi. 

s (reasons), riyfi (Jiftl) ; jlko 


in of, nojhoshu to shite. 

mature ^ jukko (||Ji#) ; juku- 

*"2/o iWi^M) I chinshi. 

out of for you, anata ni 


to leave out of , dogwai (j^ 

5'h) "i oku. 

to take into , shakuryo (gf'j 

^) 6- ; shinshaku s. 

■want of , (deliberation) kei- 

sotsu (-114^) ; (sympathy) sasshi no 

nai koto, 

without due , manzen [f^f^h). 

Consign, t.v. (com.) okuru. 

Consignee, n. ni-uke-vin [Com. Co.] ; 
ukeiori-nin ; todoke-saki. 

Consignor, n. okuri-te ; tsumidashi- 


Consignment, n. (act of) okuru 
koto ; (of goods) okuri-ni. 

new of goods, shin-ni {^fiffi). 

Consist, i.v. to in, nijaru; nij 

son {'ff) s. 

to of, yori/nari-tatsu; nij 


Consistency, n. (of opinion) kokya 
'\S.X) ; zengo-kwantsli (m'i^'KM.) ', (of 
X^arts) koketsu (gjl"^). 

Consistent, a. (of acts) ni-aicasMi ; 
zengo-kwantsu suru ; itchi shite oru ; 
(of persons) kokyu wa ; mujun shinai ; 
zengo-kwantsu suru ; genko-itchi (g" 
ff— IJc) no. 

a person, (in policy) iitei ( — 

^) no hbshin {'')5^\) wo toru hito ; 

(in principle) shugi wo mamoru 


Consistently, adv. kokyU ni ; mujun 
naku ; zengo-kwantsu shite ; genko- 
itchi shite ; ni-awashiku. 

Consolation, n. nagusame ; iseki 
mm) ; an-i (^tJ;) ; bui (md)- 

race, bujutsu-kyoso (^'bfl,^ 

Console, t.v. nagusame-ru ; iseki s ; 
an-i s ; bui s. 

Consolidate, t.v. (combine) gappei 
(n* f^f) s ; (make firm) katame-ru ; 
kataku s ; kyoko (?^gl) ni s ; (unify) 
ittb (— ^) s ; iditsu s. 

ed bonds, v. Consols. 

Consolidation, n. kengo (ggl) ; 
katameru koto ; itto ; ioitsu ; (com- 
bining) gappei (^^). 

Consoling, a. nagusameru ; iseki 
suru ; an-i suru ; bui suru. 


Consols, n. seiri-kosai {] 

[ 181 ] 


Consonance, n. (of sounds) wa-in 


of opinion, i/ce^i no itchi (j@. 

M.^—^k) ; iken nofugo {1^^). 

Consonant, n. sU-iyi (^If-) ; fu-in 

Consonant, a. to be , kanau. 

Consort, n. (of a King) kogo {^Ja) I 
(wife or husband) haigusha (^HjS^) 
[Civ. Co., Cr. Pro.]. 

Consort, i.v. (with, to) majiwaru ; 
tsuki-au ; kosai (3cl^) ^- 

Conspicuous, a. (eminent, of a 
person) bakkun (^^) no ; chomei 
i^W]) no ; kencho {M^') '^o ; (notable) 
ichijirushii ; omodaita. 

a figure in politics, seikai 

(i^#) ^*^ o-atama ; o-date-mono. 

to 136 , me ni tatsu ; medatsu ; 

hito no me ni tsuku. 

to cut a figure (fig.), glzen 

{^fSi) to shite tokaku {^^Pi) wo 


Conspicuously, adv. medatte ; me- 
datsu hodo ; ichijirusJiiku ; bakkun 

Conspicuousness, n. (eminence of 

a person) bakkun ; iakuzetsu (^fg) ; 
chomei ; kencho ; also equivalents of 
To be conspicuous foil, by koto. 

Conspiracy, n. muhon {^MM) ; ^^260 
(Mi^); toto mm); (legal) kyobo 
mm) ; kyohan (±fc^E). 

Conspirator, n. muhon-nin {^'M 
A); imbosha (I^JH^-) ; ioto-nln (^ 

Conspire, i.v. rauhon wo okosu ; toto 
s ; toto ICO musubu ; dbbo (IW1|;|) s. 

to together, kyobo (itfS) s ; 

dbbuku ( IWl US) m naru. 

to with, ni/nare-au ; to/ 

kyobo s. 

Constable, n. (consular) ke'isatsu- 
kwan (^^'j^) ; (police) Junsa (^^) ; 
keisatsukwan ; keikwan (^Ig ). 

plain-clothes , kakusode- 

junsa ; heifuku junsa i^P3.M^)- 

Constancy, n. (of affection) koshin 
('te.'t^) ; kokoro no kawaranai koto ; 
(of women only) ieiso (^|^) ; lei- 
setsu (^IfJ). 

Constant, a. (continuous) fudan (TfC 
gff ) na ; taema no nai ; (firm) shik- 
kari shita ; kakko taru ; koshin no 
aru ; (not fickle) kawaranai ; fiieki 
(^M) i^<^ '■> (of ^ woman) telsb ni ; 
teisetsu na. 

a friend, funkei (^l]^) no 


Constantly, adv. tsune ni ; fudan ; 
heizei (^:^) ; shiju (|[^J.^) ; choseki 
(1^^) j' fueki ni ; (often) shiklri ni ; 

to rain , furi-tsudzuku ; shiklri 

to furu ; furi-shikiru. 

Constellation, n. selshuku (ll?ff) 
[a.n. shuku] ; seiza (Mi^)- 

Consternation, n. odoroki ; kel- 
gaku (,^'f^) ; osore ; bikkurl. 
to be in , gybten [^\^) s. 

Constipated, to be , kesshi- 

ru ; wa]isvji ga nai ; hiketsu (IJfU) 
s ; bempl ({MlK') ico okosu. 

Constipation, n. 6ewpi (JMl£f>) ; 
tsvji no nai koto ; hiketsu. 

Constituency, n. (political) senkyo- 

ku m^w- 

Constituent, a. (essential) honshitsu 

i^M.) no; genso [ytM) 1^0. 
Constituent, n. (chem.) genso (tc 

^) ; (essential part) se'ibun (JSJc^). 

s (parliamentary), senkyo-ku- 

min {WM\K^). 
Constitute, t.v. (appoint) ninji-ru ; 

sentel (^t|^) s ; (be equiv. to) ni'/ 

ataru ; (compose, form) jcumi-tate-ru ; 

tate-ru ; setsuritsu (f5!^) s ; kbsei 

{M)i^) ^ '> (enact) sadame-ru ; tate-ru ; 

mbke-ru ; seiiei ($1J^) s. 

Constitution, n. (form of govern- 
ment) seital (i^ti) ; (of the body) 
shb ('!$,) ; taishitsu (|^^) ; karada ; 
(structure) kumi-tate ; soshiki. 

cold , hieshb. 

does not suit my , wataku- 

shi no shb ni awanai. 


[ 182 ] 


law of the of the Courts 

of justice, saibansho-koseiho {^^] 

that man has a weak , 

ano h'to wa Jcarada ga yowai. 

warm , nesshisho. 

written , kempo [M^li:)- 

Constitutional, a. (of the body) 
umare-tsukl no; selrai (^5j$) no; 
tachino; koyu (fSl^) no; (j)olitical) 
kenseiieki {WMcd'']) no ; kempoteki 
CM't^tl^']) '>^o ; rlkkerdeki (jL'ffJ^l) ^'O- 

a infirmity, iden {}§_{%) no 

yamai; id(n'b;jd iiMM-^M)- 

g-Gvernment, rUcken-seitai 

Constitutionally, adv. umaretsukl 
ni yotte ; seirai 7ii yoite ; (political) 
rikkentekini ; kempojo (^/JifeJi) de. 

he is weak^ shorai yowai 

hito da. 

lam strong, waiakushi wa 

umaretsukl johu da. 

Constrain, t.v. (force) shii-ru ; kyo- 
sei (SiStllJ) s ; (repress) osae-tsuke-ru. 

to be ed to do, yondokoro 

nciku s ; yamu v-o edzu s ; yogi naku 
s ; zehi naku s. 

Constraint, n, kyosei ; (restraint) 
kigane ; enryo {jM.JM) » (that which 
constrains) seigen (flilJP^) ; sokuhaku 


Constrict, t.v. asshuku (^| 
to be ed, shushuku (4i(IS) ^• 

Constriction, n. 

, of) shushuku. 

asshuku ; (state 

Construct, t.v, (build) kenchiku 
mm s; kozo (JtxS) s; (earth 
works) Icldzuku ; chikuzo (^iji) 5 ; 
(devise) kufu (X5^) s ; (make) tsuku- 
ru ; koshlrae-ru ; (put together) kumi- 

Construction, n. keiei ; (act of 
building, etc.) equiv. of Construct 
foil, by koto ; (inference) handan 
mWi) ; suidan (Miff) ; (interpreta- 
tion) kalshaku (M^) ; (manner of 
building) isukuri-kaia ; kozo ; kak- 
ko ; (of a bridge) kasetsu (^g^;) ; 

(of a building) tate-kata ; kozo ; (of a 

company, body, etc.) soshiki (|H.|^) ; 

(of a document) huntai (^^) ; 


railway company (mil.), 

ietsudo-fusetsu-tai (WHMWC^^W)- 

Constructive, a. (positive) sek' 
kyokutek'i {''fHMA''\) no ; kensetsuteki 

Constructively, adv. kekkwaieki 

mm'^) ni. 

Construe, t.v. toku ; kaishaku [MW) 
s ; (translate) yaku s ; naosu. 

Consul, n. ryoji (^^^). 

acting- , dairi-ryqji (^^3^ 

acting g-eneral, dalri-sd' 

rydji ii^mi^^^m)- 

acting- vice , dairi-fuku- 


general, sdryoji. 

pro , ryoji-dai (fil^f^). 

senior , josekl-ryoji (±.^ 


vice , fuku-ryoji (filj^l-^). 

Consular, a. ryoji no. 

corps, kakkoku-rydji (#^ 


officer, ryojikwan (^M^'i*)- 

Consular ag'ent, n. daihen-rydji 

Consulate, n. ryojikwan (uS^ff) ; 
ryojicho (ai<J|i).' 

general, soryojikwan 



fukuryojikwan (glj^^ 

Consult, i.v. to with, tojsodan 

{Wk) s ; to/dango (|^^) s ; to/ 
hyogl (MM s ; tojshdgi {\^M) s ; 
to/kyogi iWiM) s- 

Consult, t.v. (a book) wo/shirahe-ru ; 
(a doctor) nijkakaru ; nijmite morau ; 
no/shinsatsu {%^W:) wo uke-ru ; (a 
person) equiv. of Consult (i.v.) ni 
being substituted for to. 

to the convenience of, 

nojlenri wo hakaru. 


[ 183 ] 


Consultation, n. sddan ; dango ; 
hybgi ; Icyogi ; kake-ai ; (act of) 
equiv. of Consult foil, by koto. 

hours (doctor's), shinsatsu- 

jikan {$^m^^W\). 

Consume, t.v. (defetroy by fire) yaki- 
tsukusu ; shokyaku {'i^Hil) s ; shomo 
i'iii^) s » (goods) tsubusu ; shbhi 
(Tl^"^) s\ (time) tsuiyasu; shohi 
(}|t^)^> tsubusw, (use up) tsukai- 
tsukusu ; shbhi (f||'^) s ; shomb 

mm s. 

to be d (of goods), hake-ru. 

Consume, i.v. tsuki-ru ; naku nam. 

Consumer, n, (of goods) shbhisha 
VB.\'H^) \ juybsha (^^#) ; tsukaite. 

Consummate, a. mujb (^Jt) no ; 
kono ue mo nai ; sal jo (^_h) no ; 
also expr. by 7io kiwamari after the 

Consummate, t.v. shi-age-ru ; jbju 
s ; kanzen s ; zembi s. 

Consummately, adv. mujb (|iffi±) 
ni ; kono ue mo naku ; saijb ni. 

Consummation, n. kanzen {^^) ; 
zemhi {^_%) ; jbju {)^tX)- 

Consumption, n. (amount con- 
sumed) shbhi-daka ; shbhi-gaku 
(disease) ha'ibyb (flrlj^) ; rbshb (^^) 
lialrb (fli|)'5!') ; (of goods) shbhi {\'ii'^) 
shbmb {ifi$t) I hake-kata ; hake- 

Consumptive, a. (affected with 
consumption) haihyb, or ms/to {§}fJE)> 
or Jiairb, ni kakatta ; (having a ten- 
dency to consumption) haihyb-shitsu 
(11). or no ke, ga aru, 

person, hail)yb-kv:anj2 {^,%). 

■Contact, n. (touch) sesshoku (J^^) ; 

point of , setten (t^SgJ^). 

to be in , sessuru; setchaku 

s ; mitchaku s. 

to come in with, (touch) 

mjfure-ru ; (violently) ni/tsuki- 

to place in , setchaku (|gtj) 

-sase-ru; mitchaku {^^) sase-ru. 

Contag-ion, n. densen {^t^). 

direct , chokusetsu-densen {^ 

Contagious, a disease, de?2- 

senhyb (f^tft^) ; utsuri-yamai ; 
chokusetsu-densenhyb {^^^^M)- 
to be , utsuru ; densen (|^ 

Contain, t.v. (as an ingredient) wo/ 
gan-yu (^?^) s ; (hold) expr. by 
hairu " to enter " [E. obj. -f- J. subj.]. 

a box ing- 1 dozen, ichi- 

dazu-ire no hako. 

cannot one's self, tamara- 

nai ; wa]shimbb ga dekinai ; wal 
gaman ga dekinai ; taerarenai. 

to be d in, no/naka ni 


to one's self, shimbb (^J^) 

s ; gaman (^'I^) « ; tae-ru. 

Contaminate, t.v. kegasu ; yogosu ; 
osen (f^^) s. 

to be d, kegare-ru ; yogore-ru ; 

osen s ; (fig.) aku ni samaru. 

Contamination, n. kegare ; yogo- 
re; okwai (f^^) ; osen '('?^'^) ; (act 
of) equiv. of Contaminate foil, by 

Contemn, t.v. (despise) anadoru ; 
hesshi (^;f;3) s ; keihetsu (f«^) s ; 
rybjoku {'Si^) s. 

Contemplate, t.v. (a person) naga- 
me-ru ; (a view) nagame-ru ; chobb 
{WfiW) s ; (intend) kuioadate-ru ; yoki 

mm s ; yosb m.m s -, u m s -, 

kito (:ife[ll) s ; (look at closely) jWfus/ii 
(^^K'S) f^ ; (meditate on, study) jm/cmso 
(i^^J s', mokkb [^X%) s ', chinshi 
(y±/il,^) s ; jukkb (fj.#) 5. 

I going", ikb to omou. 

this was not d by the law, 

hbritsu tea kore ico ganchu (ill^'^f') 
ni okanakatta. 

Contemplation, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Contemplate foil, by koto ; 
(meditation) jukushi ; mokkb ; chin- 
shi ; jukkb. 

to have in , kuwadaie-ru; 



[ 184 ] 


Contemplative, a. (of persons) 

shinryo {-^j^) na. 

...... faculties, shisoryoku (>^^J|i 

.;/]); shikoryoku {^^^:fj). 

I was in a mood to-day, 

kyo loa kangae-goto halcari shiie 


Contemplatively, adv. chinshi- 
mokko shite ; chinshi shite. 

Coiitemporaiieoiis, a. v. Con- 
temporary (a). 

Contemporaneousness, n. 

eqniv. of Contemporary foil, by 


Contemporary, a. do-jidai (Iwl^JfC) 
no; doji (lilQj) no; onaji jidaino; 
hitotsu jidai no. 

Contesnporary, n. do-jidai no hito. 

Contempt, n, anadori ; hesshi (^ 
Wl) ; keibetsu {^MW ; ^^elhu (ij'I^) ; 
ryojoku (^^). 

of Court (or of officials), 

kwanri-hvjoku {"^MM^) 

to treat with , keibetsu s; 

hujoku (iil^^) s ; naigashiro 7ii s. 

Contemptible, a. iyashii ; gesen 
(Tl^) ^io ; hlretsu {^^) no ; iya na. 

Contemptibleness, n. eqniv. of 
Contemptible foil, by koto. 

Contemptibly, adv. iyashiku ; hire- 
tsu ni. 

Contemptuous, a. hujoku {%^) 
sldta ; iyashlmeta. 

to be , kenasu ; iyashime-m. 

Contemptuously, adv. iyasUmete ; 
kenashite [the latter is not as forcible 
as the former]. 

Contend, i.v. to about (dis- 
pute), ni tsuite/kdro)i {Qtm) s ; ni 
isuite/giron {^^) s. 

to for, wojkisou ; ico/arasou ; 

wo/kyoso (^^) 5. 

to that, to/shucho (±5^) s ; 

to/ronji-ru ; tojli-haru. 

to with, (in debate) to/soron 

(^tra) s ; to/toron (=^tnii) s ; (strive 
agiiinst) to/arasou ; to/tatakau. 

Contending-, a. kyosd {'^^^) suru. 

Content, n. manzoku (-^S) ; chi- 
soku (^iS.) ; (freedom from anxiety) 
anshin (^it>). 

Content, t.v. (quiet) anshin {^,t') 
sase-ru ; {satisfy) manzoku sase-ru. 

I am quite ed, sore ica 

hommo (^^.) da. 

Contented, a. yoku no nai ; hun 
ni yasurijlru ; taru koto wo shiru. 

to be , manzoku s ; anshin s ;. 

(with one's share) bun {^) ni 

Contentedly, adv. manzoku shV.e; 
anshin shiie. 

Contentedness, n. manzoku shiie 
oru koto ; anshin shite oru koto. 

Contention, n. (altercation) so^^on 
(#-jfra) ; (argument) toron iUtm) 
(point maintained in an argument) 

ronten {tmlh) ', (strife) kyoso {Wi^) ', 

tbsb (^m- 

bone of , chiigen (4"/^) no 


Contentious, a. (quarrelsome) ken- 
kwa-{[i's)i$)-dzuki na ; soron-dzuki na. 

a subject, yakamashii girou 


Contentment, v. Content. 

Contents, n. (of a book) shni (,E(;S:.) ; 
(of a box) naka no mono', zaichfi- 
butsu {^ip!^^j}) ; (of a letter) kaite aru 
koto ; fiicMi {%\^) ; (subject-matter) 

table of , mokuroku (gl^-)- 

Conterminous, a. ai-sessuru ; 
sakai wo onajic suru. 

Contest, t.v. (dispute) arasou ; ben- 
ron (|f|tm]) s ; (of a seat in Parlia- 
ment) kyoso (^^) s ; (struggle to 
maintain) -\ ryokushu (;/jt5') s; 
f shishu (^,^) s. 
Contest, n. (battle) toso ; senso 
iW^^l ; kdsen (^fjc) ; (debate) soron 
i^tm) ; ioron Utim) ', (strife) toso 
(fi^) ; kyoso {^-^) ; (result of, 
v/hether victory or defeat) sholu 
(0M) ; shohai 'Mm- 

a bloody , kessen. 

^n the thick of the , kessen 

salchu (ifiLlicit^Ui) ni. 


[ 185 ] 


Context, n. kotoha no tsudzuki ; 
zengo (Itfi^O '^^^ Jmnsho {'X^) ', hum- 
myaku {^M). 

Coiitig'uous, a. sekkin suru; ai- 

to be , ai-sessui'u ; sekkin 

(tIcS) s ; ai-tsuranaru ; tsudzuku. 

Contiguously, adv. ai-sesshite ; 
sekkin shite ; tsuranatte ; tsudzuite. 

Contiguousness, n. equiv. of 
Contiguous foil, by koto. 

Continence, n. (moderation) sessei 
iitiW ; (sexual) setsuyoku (|i5B)- 

Continent, a. sessei no; setsuyoku 

Continent, n. tairiku {AM) I ^^ 
Chinese compounds -shii {'Hi) ; (as 
distinguished from an island) riku 


the five s , godaishii { JEi<. M ) • 

the of Europe, Yoroppa- 



Continental, a. tairiku {:h^. 

Continently, adv. sessei 
shite ; setsuyoku (gi5,^) shiie. 

Conting'ency, n. rinji (g^^) no 
koto ; furyo {/f^J^) no koto ; igwai no 

in case of a , igwai {M^b) ^^ 

koto no atta toki wa. 

Contingencies, n. (expenses) rinji- 
fii (EaB^HE). 

Contingent, a. rinji (E^t$) no; 
guzen (fp|^) no ; igv:ai (iE^h) ^o » 
furyo (^,^) no. 

Contingent, n. (mil.) lunkentai 

Conting'ently, adv. rinji ni ; gilzen 
ni ; fvji ni ; igwai ni ; furyo ni. 

Continual, a. iaenai ; kandan {fnl^) 
no nai ; iaema no nai ; (lasting) 
eizoku {^^) suru ; eikyu {^X) no. 

Continually, adv. shikiri ni ; kan- 
dan (ff^gff) nafcw ; yamadzu y iaedzu ; 
taenia naku. 

Continuance, n. sonzoku (#^1). 
long- , eizoku {^^). 

Continuation, n. keizoku {^W) ', 
renzoku (i^lg) ; remmen (ji^i^,) ; 
tsudzuki ; (as heading of an article 
continued from a previous issue) 
shozen {^t^) I (of a book) tsudzuki. 
school, hoshu-gakkb (^^ 


Continuative, n. (gram.) renzoku- 
tai (ii^tl). 

Continue, i.v. tsudzuku ; keizoku s ; 
renzoku s ; (still exist) son {^) s ; 
[w^hen foil, by a verb in the inf. in 
English, the indef. form of the verb 
in Japanese is pref. to tsudzuku]. 

s to be , hiki-tsudzuite 

de aru. 

still s, mada yamanai. 

to to rain, furi-tsudzuku. 

Continue, t.v. tsudzuke-ru ; keizoku 
f^Jfeyi*^ sase-ru ; renzoku sase-ru. 

Continuing, a expenditure, 

keizokuhi ( |iH jg ) . 

Continuity, n. renzoku (ji^l^) ; kei- 
zoku (lllf^) ; tsudzuki. 

Continuous, a. tsudzuita ; renzoku 
shita ; keizoku shita ; also expr. by 
the suffix doshi ; as, 

pain, kurushimi-doshi. 

walking", aruki-doshi. 

Continuously, adv. shiju ($^^); 
tsudzukete ; tsudzuite ; taedzu ; keizoku 
shite ; remmen (^|^,) to shite ; hiki 
mo kiradzu. 
to rain , furi-tsudzuku. 

Contort, t.v. (the body) hineru ; 
nejiru ; mage-ru ; (the face) shikame- 

ed face, shikami-tsura. 

Contorted, a. to be , (of pot- 
tery, glass, etc.) yugande i-rw, (of 
^' things) nejireie i-ru. 

Contortion, n. yugami ; also other 
equiv. of Contort foil, by koto. 

Contour, n. kakkb {k^^-) ; (circum- 
ference) soto-mawari ; shui ()^^) ; 
(of a face, figure) ybhb (@|^) ; kao- 


[ 186 ] 


Contraband, a. kinshi (^it) no; 

kinsei {^U) ^^ ; go hatto (i®^)P|) 


goods, kinsei-hin (ilijilj tw ) J 

kinsel-kwahutsu {^^\]Wl^^M) ; nuke- 
mono ; nuke-ni. 

Contraband, n of war, sen- 

ji-kinseihin (^^^Umx)' 

Contract, n. yakujo (^^31) ; yaku- 
soku (^^) ; keiyaku {%^''j) [Civ. 
Co., Com. Co.] ; uke-oi (ImM) 5 (of a 
company or partnership) telkwan 

breach of , iyaku [Civ. Co.]. 

building' , kenchiku-ukeoi. 

damages for breacli of , 

iyakukin (^^^^) [Civ. Co.]. 

written , yakujosho (|^]^#) ; 

yakujogaki ; keiyakusho {%^j^). 

Contract, t.v. (a disease) wo/yamu ; 
uo/okosu ; ni/kakaru ; (diminish) 
chiyime-ru ; genji-ru ; (enter into) 
musuhu ; (shorten) chijhne-ru ; tan- 
shuku {j;SM) s. 

to debts, shakkin (fp^) ivo 

s, or koshirae-ru. 

to vicious habits, wa] 

warui kuse ga tsuku. 

Contract, i.v. (diminish) chijimu ; 
genji-ru ; (make an agreement) yaku- 
jo s ; yaku s ; yakusoku s ; keiyaku 
s ; uke-au ; (shorten) tanshuku s. 

Contractibility, n. sMshukusJiitsu 

Contractile, a. shushukushitsu no. 

Contraction, n. (reduction) gensho ; 
(shrinking) chijimeru koto ; shushuku 


Contractor, n. ukeoinin ; ukeoi- 

army , rikugun-yotashi iWM. 


government , goyo-shonin 

{Mm^A); yotashi. 

Contradict, t.v. (refute a statement) 
koben (^^4) s; kbron (^f^) s; 
haku {^) s ; (cancel a statement) ii- 
kesu ; uchi-kesu ; (person) ni/hantai 
s; ni/sakarau. 

Contradiction, n. lempaku (^-]|J) ; 

koben ; koron ; ii-keshi ; uchi-keshl ; 

(act of) equiv. of Contradict foil. 

, by koto ; (inconsistency) sogo (|&^). 

Contradictorily, adv. (inconsist- 
ently) mvjun ni] (in opposition) 


Contradictoriness, n. sakarai- 
yasui koto. 

Contradictory, a. (inconsistent) 
mujun (^M) na ; tatanai ; tsujl-' 
tsuma no awanai ; (of a person) 

Contradistinction, n. in 

to, ni/hanshite. 

Contrariwise, adv. ai-hanshite ; 

abekobe nl ; uite-kawatte ; hantai 

Contrary, a. (adverse) hantai no. 

winds, mukai-kaze ; gyaku- 

fu mm- 

to be to, nijhan [f^) s ; (in 

contravention of) nijihii (ij^'pl') s ; 
ni/somnku; ni/lhin {^lA) s ; (to 
the principle of a law) ni/haichi 


Contrary, n. v.ra ; urahara ; hantai. 

on the , kaette ; kore nihan- 

shite ; utie-kawatte. 

Contrast, t.v. kurabete mi-ru ; 
kurabe-ru; taisho (ItP^) ^> hikaku 

Contrast, i.v. kiwadatsu ; kiwadatte 
chlgau ; taiji (^jlllf ) s. 

Contrast, n. chigai ; hantai. 

Contravene, t.y. ni/sakarau ; ni/ 
soinuku ; nijtagau ; nijihai (^^) s ; 
wo/okasu ; wo/yaburu ; ni/ihan {^Jx) 
s [Civ. Co., Com. Co.]. 

Contravention, n. ihai; ihan; 
also equit. of Contravene foil, by 

of a regulation, hansoku 


of the police regulations, 

ikeizai {^Wf) [Civ. Co., Cr. Pro.]. 
Contretemps, n. q,iniku na koioj 
omoi-mokenai futsugo i'^M^)l fid 
{'^M) no hen (^).^ ' ./.J 


I 187 ] 


Contribute, t.v. dashi-au ; kishin 
(?-?ii) s ; ]dfu (^If ) s ; goryoku {^ 
-fy) s ; (of money in charity) gien (^ 
:]"| ) 5 ; (of money only) shukkin ( {ij 

Contribute, i.v. (fig.) koken s ; 
(have a share in an effect) nojiashi 
ni nam. 

to "be a ing" cause, ad^nkaife 

chlkara aru. 

Contribution, n. (act of) eqniv. of 
Contribute foil, by koto ; (of an 
individual) kifu (^Pf^) ; kishin (^ 
y^) ; (of a number of people) /ci/o^/o 
(SI 5^ ) ; dashi-ai ; (of money to a 
charity) gien-kin (^t^^); (the 
money itself) dashi-ai kin ; kyokin 
(§1^) \ (to a newspaper) tosho (JSt 
^) ; kisho (^#) ; (to partnership 
funds, joint undertaking) shussJd ( {IJ 
^) [Com. Co., Civ. Co.]. 

s (taxes), toritate-kin. 

to collect s, kifukin (^RJ^) 

ICO atsumeru ; kyokin wo atsume- 


Contributor, n. shukkinsha ({ii^ 
^) ; kifusha (^Pft^-) ; (to a charity) 
(^tfl^) ; (to a paper, etc.) toshoka 

mtm); kishokam^m- 

Contributory, a. joryoku {W]i3) 
sum ; goryoku {'^'fy) sum ; josei (|j!j 
^) suru. 

Contrite, a. Mai (^^,^) no ; zange 
(®1#) -^/ii^e orw ; kokwai (^'1^) shite 
oru ; hitan (^,^) s/ufe orw. 
tote , hiai s ; zange s ; ko- 
kwai s ; hitan s ; tsukwai s. 

Contrition, n. hiai ; hitan (#,||c) ; 

zange ; ryoshin [^ )t^) no seme ; tsu- 
kwai {MiM)- ^ 
Contrivance, n. (act of) equiv. of 

Contrive foil, by koto ; (bad 

scheme) kikei (Hft) ; takurami ; 

karakuri ; (scheme) kufil (X^) ; 

sandan {M-^)'> mokuromi ; keikwaku 

(Itffi) I (machine) shikake. 
Contrive, t.v. mokuromu ; (a result) 

hakam ; (devise) keikwaku (ffffi) s ; 

anshutsu (^iii) s; koan (#^) s; 

kufil (X^) s ; (invent) haisumei (f^ 


to stratagems, sakuryaku 

{^W) w;o megurasu ; hikiru ; 
hctkarigoto wo megurasu. 

Control, n. torl-shlmari ; sh'h'd ("^ 
@E) ; kwanri (^ii) ; kwankats^d ('|?- 
If) ; (of feelings) yokusei (1^0 till) 

is imperfect, selrei (fliij^) ga 

iki-todokanai ; torl-shimarl gi todo- 


direct , chokkatsu ( v^ iji^) . 

to be beyond , wa]fori- 

shimarl gi dekinai ; (of a horse, 

etc.) w:i]jlyu (^d^) nl naranai; 

wal^te 7ii amaru. 

to be under the of, no} 

shihai ni nam. 

Control, t.v. no/tori-shimarl wo s ; 
wo/shihai s ; wo/kwanrl s ; wo/kwan- 
katsu s ; rco/shori (^Jj) s ; (of feel- 
ings, passioTis, etc.) osae-ru ; sei (iljlj) 
s ; wo I yokusei s. 

to one's anger, ikari wo 


to one's passions, kanjo {^, 

'l^) wo sei (3iiJ) s ; (sexual) jdyoku 

i'tn'^) '^■^ osae-ru. 

Controllable, a. to be 


tori-shimaru koto ga deki-ru ; equiv, 
of Control (t.v.) foil, by koto ga 

Controversial, a. soronteki no ; so- 

ron (-^fjffl) no ; gironteki no ; giron (f^ 
tm) '>^o ; hempaku (PHic) ^^^ i hakugeki 
(BM) no; koben {^W) no; giron 
ni zoku sum. 

Controversialist, n. soronsha ( ^ 
tm^) > gironsha (ilfra^) ; hempaku- 
sha mWL^^) ; hakugekisha iWm^') i 
kobensha (^^^). 

Controversy, n. sdron; giron \ 

hempaku ; hakugeki ; koben. 

Controvert, t.v. hempaku s ; haku^ 
geki s ; koben s. 

Controvertible, a. hew^paku na 

dekiru ; koben sareru ; hakugeki no 

Contumacious, a. shibutoi ; kaia> 
iji na ; gwanko (tp^^) na; shitsuyc 
mm) na. 

Contumaciously, adv. kaiaiji ni 
shihutoku ; gwanko ni ; shitsuyb ni. 


[ 188 ] 


Contumacy, n. gwanko ; kaiaiji ; 

Contumelious, a. human no ; ryo- 
joku no ; hurei na ; ohei (t^|j^) na ; 

Contumeliously, adv. human shi- 
te ; hurei ni ; ohei ni ; kyogo ni. 

Contumely, n. human (l^'lil) ; ryo- 
joku {^#) ; hurei {^^ji§.) ; ohei; 
t kyogo. 

Contuse, t.v. dashd (tTffe-) ^ 5 suri- 

Contusion, n. dasho i^j i^-) ; itc/ii- 

Conundrum, n. nazo (^). 

Convalescence, n. keikwai {^'^) ; 

yamai-agari ; hyoki-agari ; kwaifuku- 

ki mmm) ; /^^^^^/^o ('^^). 

Convalescent, a. kwaihb ni omo- 
muite oru ; kwaiki ni omomuite oru. 

to "become , kwaiho ni omo- 

muku ; kwaiki (''^S^) ni omomuku ; 

Convalescent, n. kwaifuku-ki no 
kwanja (j^^^) ; keikwaisha (|M'l^^) ; 
yamai-agari no hito. 

Convene, i.v. atsumaru ; shukwai 
(^'^) s ; shbshu sare-ru. 

Convene, t.v. aisume-ru ; shoshfi (^ 
^ .9 ; shokwan (^B^) 5 ; yohi-dasu. 

Convenience, n. (state) ^st<Qro no 
yoi koto ; ?>e;iri (iM^'J) ; (thing) dogu 

as a matter of , hengijo ({M 

at your , go tsugo shidal. 

to consult one's own (not 

that of others), ji6M?2 no katte no yoi 
koto wo s. 

to consult the of others, 

hlto no tsugo, or hengi, ico hakaru. 

to make a of a person, 

hito wo dogu ni tsukau. 

Conv_enient, a. (of arrangements) 
tsugo no yoi ; katte no yoi ; tekigi (ig 
^) na ; (of place) hengi (fUS) '>^(i ', 
(of things) henri no yoi ; cJioho (g;^) 
oia ; henri na ; (of time) tsugo no yoi ; 
..katte no yoi. 

a article, henri na shina^ 


if it is to you, go tsugo ga 


Conveniently, adv. (to another) 

go tsugo yoku ; (to one's self) yoi (^ 
^) ni ; tegaruku ; tsugo yoku. 

Convent, n. amadera. 

Conventicle, n. kwaigijo (#|i)Slr)- 

Convention, n. (agreement) yakujo 
(^f^) ; moshi-awase ; (assembly) 
kwaigi {^^) ; shukwai (^'^) ; (be- 
tween stat«5) kyotei (^^) ; (treaty) 
joyaku (f^^) ; kyoyaku (WA^)- 
consular , ryoji-shokumu- 

joyaku mm^Mfu^). 

Geneva , Geneha-joyaku. 

Conventional, a. (formal) monkiri- 
gata no ; (growing out of custom) 
shiizokuteki no ; shilzoku (^fg-) no ; 
shukwan (^'1^) no ; futsi't (^i§) 7io ; 
seken (i!t^) nami no ; narawashi no. 

phrases, kimaita monlcu {% 

^) ; jomonku (^^t'S]). 

tariff, kyotei-zeiritsu {l^"^^ 


Conventionality, n. kimari-kitte 
iru koto ; seken-nami. 

Converg"e, i.v. itten (—1^^) m ki (^) 
s ; sokioai CM'^) s ; fukugo (fg-^j s. 

Conversant, a with, nif 

kuwashii ; wo/jukuchi (ffj^n) shite 
oru ; ni/jukuren {^^) shita. 

Conversation, n. hanashi ; danwa 
(i^M) I kwaiwa ('^fS) ; taiwa (i'^i^i. 

book, kwaiwahen (#"i§^ 


kwaitcasho ("^IS^)- 

Conversationalist, n. hanashi- 


Conversazione, n. danwakai {fMfi 
#) ; gakujutsu-kowakwai (^'^pjI^IS 

Converse, n. urahara ; tenkwan (|f 
^) ; (in logic) tenkwan-meidai {^^ 

Converse, i.v. hanashi wo s ; danwa 
s ; kaiwa s. 
to familiarly together, 

uchi-akete katari-au. 


[ 1B9 ] 


'Conversely, adv. sore ni kawatie ; 
sore ni hikikaete ; ai-hanshite ; ten- 
kwan shite. 

Conversion, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Convert (t.v.) foil, by koto ; (change) 
henkwa (^^fc) ; henko ' {^^'^) ; hen- 
kaku (^-^) ; (change for the better) 
kaishin (^<t>) ; (from one religion to 
another) kaishii {^^) ; (of money) 
hiki-kae ; (of the public debt) karl- 
kae ; (to Buddhism) hosshiyi (^^-t^). 

Convert, t.v. (change the morals of) 
wo I kaishin {^it'^) sase-ru ; wo/kan- 
kwa sase-ru ; (from one religion to 
another) wojkaishu (SSc^) sase-ru ', 
(of money) kae-ru ; hiki-kaeru; 
kv^ansan (^^) s ; (to Buddhism) 
hosshin sase-ru. 

to into, nijsuru. 

Converted, a. to be , (from 

one religion to another) kaishu (^ 
^) s ; (in morals) kaishin s ; (in re- 
ligion) kankwa s ; kaishin s ; (to 
Buddhism) hosshin s. 

Convert, n. (religious) kaishusJia (^ 
^^) ; kaishinsha (2S:*b^) ; (to Bud- 
dhism) hosshinsha ; (to Christianity) 
kwaikaisha {'\'^^^). 

Convertibility, n. kaerareru koto ; 
henkwa no dek'ru koto. 

Convertible, a. kaerareru ; henkwa 
no dekiru. 

paper currency, dakican- 

shihei i^mix^)- 

notes, dakwan-satsu {^^ 

Convex, a. nakadaka ni natta ; kom- 
mori-daka ni natta ; nakadaka no. 

Convey, t.v. (carry) hakdbu ; unsb 
{WM) s ; umpan {MM) « ; (transfer) 
yudzuri-waiasu ; (transmit) tsutae- 
ru ; tsf(ji-ru. 

to a meaning", imi wo 

fukunde oru. 

to under guard, goso (^jg) 


Conveyance, n. mochihakohi ; unso 
iM^) ; umpan (jgi^) ; (document) 
joyosho (ilia*); (of estate, for 
money, etc.) yudzuri-watashi ; (of 
m_ails) teiso {MM) ] (handing over) 
kofu {^i^) ; hiki-watashi. 

Convict, t.v, (of a crime) yilzai {:^ 
^) to kessuru ; yuzai to mitome-ru, 

ed prisoner, kiketsu (|^^) 

no shiljin (0 A)« 

Convict, n. choekinin (l^tSlA) ; shfJ- 
to (E^). 

prison, choekijo (M4^^^). 

Conviction, n. (act of) yilzai (^I'g) 
to kessuru koto ; yilzai to mitomeru 
koto ; (strong belief) kakushin ({f§ 

Convince, t.v. tokushin (ff-)C^) sase- 
ru ; nattoku (f.^f#) sase-ru ; (over- 
come by argument) heiko (II^P ) sase- 
ru ; ronji-tsume-ru ; rompa {tmWJ ^ ', 
ii-yahuru ; ron (f^) nifuku sase-ru. 

to be d, tokushin s \ nattoku 


to be d that, to/kakushin {0 

fg) s ; to/shi.ijlte utagawanai. 

Convincing", a arg-ument, 

seiron (iEfm) ; kakuron {^tm)- 
proof, kakusho (Bg|g). 

Convincingiy, adv. melkaku {^^^) 
ni ; shimpuku (fg^R) suru yb ni ; 
nattoku suru yb ni ; gaten no iku yb 

Convivial, a meeting-, enkwai 

(^'^) 5 sakamori. 
Conviviality, n. enraku (^1^) ; shu- 
kyb (fi'ffl). 

Convocation, n. (act of convoking) 
shoshu {^%,) ', (general meeting) sb- 
kicai (^i-f ). 

Convoke, t.v. vobi~atsume-ru ; shoshu 

(sm) •^. 

Convolvulus, n. asagao. 

wild , hirugao [sometimes in- 
correctly called yugao]. 

Convoy, t.v. gosb (Hi^) s ; goel (^ 


Convoy, n. (escort) goei no hei (^) ; 

gosbhei {^^■^) ', (escort of supplies) 
/ shichb-gosb (f^M^iS) \ (ship) gosb- 

^6'^ (11^1^) ; (train of wagons) yusb-, 

sha {mmm)- 

Convulse, t.v. (agitate violently) 

shindb (^fjj) sase-ru ; (med.) kelren 
i^W) '^0 okosase-ru. 


[ 190 ] 


CJonvulsed, t.v. to "be ...... d, (med.) 

. hiki-tsuru;"ke'iren s ; (of a child) 
■; hlkl-tsuke-ru. 

Convulsions, n. (disease) kyoffi (H 
. ^).; chikudeki (I'lif) ; keiren (^*J). 

clironic , mankyofu (t#^ll-)- 

to fall into ....... kyofu de hiki- 


Coo, i.v. (of a dove) po-po to naku. 

Cook, n. * ; ryorinin (f^JJIA). 

Cook, t.v. (by baking, roasting) yaku ; 
(by boiling) 7ii-ru ; ude-ru ; yude-ru ; 
" taku ; (by broiling or toasting) dbu- 
ru ; (by frying) age-ru ; (food general- 
ly) ryori (f^^JI) ^ 5 (rice) iaku ; kashi- 

to accounts, kanjo (Wl^) 

wo gomakasu. 

Cookery, n. ryori (^il). 

book, ryoriho {p^i3.'f^) ', fyo- 


Cooking*, n. ryori. 

European , seiyo-ryori {^^^^ 

Cooking-rang'e, n. kamado ; het- 


Cool, a. (calm) heiki {^M.) '^<^ 5 jijaku 
(^-^) to shita ; ochitsuita ; chinchaku 
(y^#) ^^^ '> (manifesting coldness, 
etc.) reitan (?^^) na; mujo {^'f^) 
na ; (of substances generally) tsume- 
tai ; (of temperature) suzushii ; Mya- 
yaka na ; (of water) hiyakkoi ; tsume- 

- tax; (impudent) heiki na. 

Cool, t.v. hlyasu ; samasu. ' 

to one's self (after anger), 

ki wo shidzume-ru ; (when hot) 

Cool, i.v. hie-ru; sarne-ru; tsumetaku 
nam ; (after anger) ki ga shidzumu ; 

. (of a solid body, of interest, etc.) reit 
kyaku (?^ip) s ; (of the air) suziishiku 

naru. ■ 

Cool, n. ......of the evening, 2/w- 


to stroll 6ut to 6njoy the ; 

of the evening", yu-suzumi ni 

Cool-lieaded, a. (free from passion) 
reito (?^Si) na ; (in the face of 
daEger) heiki na ; kimo no suwatta. 

a person, reiketsu-dobidsu 

(?^lfiLtJ]4'^/i) [slightly sarcastic]. 

Co-lieir, n. kyodo-sozokunin {^^^^ 
*IA)[Civ. Co.]. 

Cooling-, n. reikyaku (?^ip). 

Coolly, adv. (calmly) jijaku to shite ; 

taizen (^,^) to shite ; chinchaku 
shite ; sumashite ; ochitsuite ; heiki 
ni ; (impudently) heiki ni ; suma- 
shite ; (without passion) hiyayaka ni. 

Coolness, n. reiki (?^^) ; suzushisa ; 
hiyakkoi koto ; (after a quarrel) ki- 
mazui koto ; (indifference) reitan {l^ 
*^) ; mujo (M'irt) 5 (of siDirit) heiki. 

Coolie, n. ninsoku {AS.) ', nimpu{\ 
^) ; (labourer) shigotoshi ; (navvy) 
dokata ; (porter) karuko. 

calling of a cargo , 7iaka- 


cargo , oki-ninsoku ; nakashi 

[Kobe dialect]. 

cart , shariki ( 1^ ::^ ) . 

chair , kago-kaki. 

master, ninsoku-gashira ; 

ninsoku no oyadama. 

Coop, n. kago ; fuse-kago ; tori-kago ; 
(of wood) toya. 

Coop, t.v. to ...... up (confine), toji- 

kome-ru ; oshi-kome-ru. 

Cooper, n. okiya. 

Co-operate, i.v. (-with, to) kybryoku 
{Wji'ti) ^ \ tomo ni haiaraku ; joriki s. 

to in, ni/sando (^|^) s. 

to with, tojchikara woawase- 

ru ; to/kumu. 

Co-operation, n. kyoryoku ; go- 
ry oku i^^ti)- 

Co-operative, a. kyoryoku no ; go- 
ry oku no. 

system, sogo-soshiki (>|=03L|fl. 

Co-operatively, adv. kyoryoku 

shite ; goryoku shite. 

Co-operator, n. kyoryokusha {^-fy 


[ 191 ] 


Co-ordinate, a. doto m^) no; do- 
kaku {fa\^^) no ; doi (Inl'fc) no; dokyu 
{^m no. 

Co-ordinately, adv. dbtb ni ; do- 

kaku ni ; dokyil ni. 

Co-ordination, n. doto ; dokaku ; 
dokyil ; (act of) doto ni suru koto ; 
dokaku ni suru koto ; doi ni suru 
koto ; dokyil ni suru koto, 

Co-ow^ner, n. kybyusha (^^^) 
[Com. Co.]. 

Coot, n. bhan. 

Co-partner, n. nakama ; kybdbsha 
( t^j |nl #) ; kumi-ai-nin. 

Co-partnersliip, n. son-eki-buntan 

Cope, i.v. to with, to/aite ni 

naru ; nijtekitai {^Mi) s. 

Coping", n of a wall, hei [1^) 

no yane ; hei no kaburi-ishi ; kasa- 

Copious, a. ohitadashii ; kwata (H^) 
na ; kyota (ff^^ ) na ; fakusan no ; 
bi ; yutaka na ; tappuri na. 

Copiously, adv. ohitadashiku ; kwata 

ni ; takusan ni ; bku ; yutaka ni ; 
tappuri to. 

Copiousness, n. yutaka ; kyota ; 
kwata ; ohitadashii koto. 

Copper, n. akagane ; aka ; do (^). )[ 

coin, dbkwa {^U^). 

mine, dbzan (il^lil) 

Copper, n. (boiler) dbkwan {^^). 

Copperas, n. rbha ; ryokuban (fl^P). 

Copper-bottomed, a. dbsoko no. 

Copper-plate, n. dbban (Ip^^). 
engraving", dbbanzuri. 

Copper-smith, n. uchimonoya- 

Copra, n. kopura. 

Copse, n. yabu. 

Copulate, i.v. kbgb (^'^) s ; kbsetsu 
(^^) ^ ' (of animals) tsurumu ; tsu- 
gau ; sakaru ; kbbi (^^) s ; jibi (^. 

Copulation, n. kbgb ; kbsetsu ; (of 
animals) kbbi (^^) ; jibi ; tsugau 
koto ; tsurumu koto. 

Copy, t.v. (imitate) wofmane-ru ; no J 
mane wo s ; utsusu ; (transcribe) 
utsusu ; nolutsusM wo toru ; tosha 
(flf ^) ^ > mosha (|^^) s ; kakinuku. 

to by tracing", suki-utsusu. 

to exactly from an origi- 
nal, rinsho (£S^) s. 

Copy, n. utsushi [a.n. tsil (i3i)] ; tosha; 
mosha ; kaki-nuki ; (of a document, 
book, etc.) shahon {\'}>'^) ; (complete 
work) [a.n. bu (p(5) ; satsu (fj-)] ; 
(M.S. for printer) genkb (jf^fiu)) ; sbkb 

an exact (from an original), 


certified , tbhon (|jf7^) [Civ. 

Co., Cr. Pro., Civ. Pro.] ; seihon (IE 

clean , seisho (vn*)- 

by tracing, suki-utsushi ; 


duplicate ies, seifuku-nitsu 


rough. (draft), shitagaki; 

sbkb (^Cfia). 

Copy-book, n. (book for copying) 
sbshi (^IR;) ; tenarai-zbshi ; (book of 
models of writing) tehon ; shUjibon 
[a.n. satsu {^) ; bu {%)]. 

Copying'-fee, n. tbsharyb ()ifB''i^4) ; 
(for copying a book, etc.) hlkkbryo 

Copying"-ink, n. fukusha-inki {^% 

Copying'-paper, n. (carbon paper) 
fukusha-shi (f^^lK). 

Copying-press, n, tbsha-ki (^f^ 

^) ; fukusha-ki. 

Copyist, n. shaji {'^^) ; hikkbsha 
{^^^); shaji-sei. 

public , daishonin ( f^ ^ A ) ; 

kaki-yaku [vulg.]. 

Copyright, n. hanken {JU^} ; cho- 
sakken (^t^fll). 

laws, hankenhb (fi^f^-^). 

Coquetry, n. jara-jara suru koto. 

Coquette, n: te no aru onna ; jara- 
tsuku onna. 

Coquettish, a. jara-jira suru ; jara- 


t 192 ] 


Coquettishly, adv. jara-jara shite ; 

jaraJcura shite. 

Coral, n. sango {^^) ; (in the sea) 
sangoju (M^W- 

Coral-insect, n. sangochu (^). 

Coral-islaiKl, n. sangoto {MMM>)' 

Cord, n. (of hemp) nawa ; (of paper, 
for tying the hair) motoi ; (slender) 
himo ; (thick) tsuna ; hosohiki ; (to 
bind back the sleeves) tasuki ; (used 
for binding criminals) haya-naiva. 

Cordage, n. tsuna- gu. 

Cordial, a. shinsetsu (^-tJQ) na ; shin- 
jitsu (f^S) na ; nengoro na ; kontoku 
(f^.'^) na ; konsetsu (^l^) na. 

Cordial, n. (med.) kitsuke ; kofunzai 
(Mg^lJ) ; (tonic) kyosozai (?S)li^J). 

Cordiality, n. shinsetsu ; shinjitsu ; 
kontoku ; konsetsu. 

Cordially, adv. shinsetsu ni ; shin- 
jitsu ni ; nengoro ni ; kontoku ni ; 
konsetsu ni. 

Cordon, n. (decoration) jus/io (|^^) ; 
(of soldiers, etc.) naicahari. 

grand (of a decoration), dai- 

jushd i'XU^)- 

to post a (of police), hijosen 

(^'ffM?.) wo ham. 

Cords, n. Japan , hachijo-goro. 

Cordyceps sinensis, tochft-kaso 

Core, n. (heart) shin (jC^) ; (internal 
mould) dai ; igata ; (of a tree) dzui 

Corea, n. Chosen (l^lif ) ; Kankoku 


invasion of , Chosen-seibatsu 

mm^t^); seikanm^)' 
Corean, n. Chosenjin. 

Corean, a. Chosen no. 

court, Kantei (|$5§). 

Coriander, n. koendoro. 

Corinthians, n. (epistle) Korinio' 

Cork, n. koroppu ; kuchi ; (the ma- 
terial) maki-gawa. 

Cork, t.v. ni/kuchi wo s ; ni/sen wo s ; 
nijkoroppu wo kau. 

Cork-screw, n. kuchi-nuki ; korop- 
pu-nukl ; sen-nuki. 

Cormorant, n. u (||). 
fishing*, u-Jcai. 

Corn, n. mugl ; (barley and rice) hei- 

koku (:)|C^) ; (cereals) kokumotsu (^ 
41^) ; kokurui {^M) I (wheat) komugi- 
Indian , to-morokoshi. 

Corn, n. (on the foot) uo no me ; (on 
the hand) tako. 

Corncob, n. tomorokoshi no shin. 

Corn-duty, n. kokumotsu-zei (i§$^ 

Cornea, n. kakumaku (^B^). 

Cornelian, n. meno (3^51). 

Corner, n. (external) kado ; (inter- 
nal) sumi. 

to make a in (commercial), 


Corner, t.v. (in an argument) ronji- 

a ed rat, kyuso (ff J(,)- 

four ed, shikaku (0;^) na. 

three ed, sankaku (H^) na. 

to be ed (lit. and fig.), oi-tsu- 


Corner-stone, n. sumi-ishi. 

Cornet, n. rappa. 

Corn-field, n. mugi-batake. 

Corn-flag", n. suisen-ayame. 

Corn-flour, n. kibi. 

Cornice, n. fuchi ; mawari-buchi ; 
(outside a building) jabara. 

Cornus officinalis, sanshiyu (Ui 
^H), or sanshii ; yama-gumi. 

Corolla, n. kwakwan (ibS)- 

Corollary, n. keiron {^m)- 

Corona, n, (astron.) * ; kinkwan (^ 


Coronation, n. sokui (SPfil) ; senso 

cereniony, iaikwanshiki (^ 

M^)', sokui-shiki {^\^^^y 

Coroner, n. kenshikwan (tl^jU's'). 
's inquest, kenshi. 

Coronet, n. hokwan (g^). 

OOE I_193 ] 

Corporal, n. gochd (ffi:^). 

lance ^jotohei {±.^^)' 

-Corporal, a. shintai (^H) no. 

punishment, nikukei (|^ 

Corporate, a. gattai i^^^) no ; ren- 
fjb (^'n') sMta. 

Corporation, n. kyokwai (1^'f') ; 
(company) kwaisha ; sogo-kwaisha 

industrial , sangyo-kyokwai 

municipal , shikwai (rpW)- 

religious , kyokwai [WC'^)- 

trading , shokwai (j^"^). 

Corporeal, a. yutai {:^'^) no ; yukei 
(^^) ^o ; gutai ( J;|^) no ; keishika 
mmi^) no. 

moveables, yutai-dosan (:^ 

mmm) [Civ. Pro.]. 

Corps, n. tai (^) ; guntai (^I^). 

army , gundan (^g) ; v. 


army medical > gun-i-hu (^ 

army service 


kosaikwan (^^^^.f ). 

Corpse, n. (a dead body) shigai (^ 
f^) ; shitai (^f|) ; shikahane ; (dead 
person) shinin (^A). 

Corpulence, n. himan (Mf^). 

Corpulent, a. himan no ; koeta ; 
futotta ; nikuhutoi [Kyoto dialect]. 

Corpuscle, n. (atom) hibunshi (^tj* 

blood , kekkyu. 

red , seki-kekkyu ( ^ifiLi^). 

Correct, a. tadashii ; machigal no 
nai ; ayamari no nai ; (proper) tada- 
shii ; /losei {"jjiE) no. 

in behaviour, hinko-hosei 

(nnff:&iE) na. 
Correct, t.v. naosu ; tadasu ; arata- 
me-ru; (a document) ieisei (fTiE)s; 
(amend) shilsei (f^iE) 5 ; (a misstate- 
ment) seigo {J£^) s ; (conduct) kyo- 
sei (5^jE) s ; (mistakes- in composi- 
tion) iensaku (^^HlJ) s ; (proofs) kdsei 

5 shicho (I^M)- 

kakkoku-ryoji (ig- 



(^lE) 5 ; /eisei .9 ; (rewrite a passage 
in a document) kaki-kae-ru. 

Correction, n. naoshi ; (act of) 
equiv. of Correct (t.v.) foil, by koto ; 
(discipline) choji {^'(•h) \ kenseki (^ 
^) ; (in a composition) tensaku ; (in 
a newspaper) seigo (jEf^) ; (of a 
document) teisei ; (of proofs) kosei 
(^iE) ; teisei. 

house of , chojikan (M^f-^M) » 

(for children) chokaijo {^^^) 
[Civ. Co.]. 

Correctly, adv. tadashiku ; ayamari 
naku ; machigai naku ; seikaku {j^ 
1^) ni; (of behaviour) hinko-hosei ni. 

Correspond, iv. (agree) au ; fugb 
(^n* ) s > aitai (^0^) s ; (communic- 
ate) tsushin (iS.f^) s ; shinsho (fg^) 
no bfuku (^it^) ICO s\ shosoku (fi^ 

a) s. 

not to (tally), kui-chigau. 

to to (be equivalent), ni/ 

ataru ; ni/soto (tB^) ^ ; ni/hitteki 

iV^M) ^> (suit) nilkanaw, ni/ni- 


to with, m/aw ; ni/fugo s. 

Correspondence, n. (act) tayori ; 
inshin ; tsushin ; (agreement) /af7o ; 
aiiai ; (letters) shokan ( ^ ^) ; tsu- 
shin ; shinsho (fg^) ; (relation) 
kwankei (H^). 

Correspondent, n. (newspaper or 
other) tsushinsha (MIW^') 5 tsushin- 
in (ilftM)- 

special , tokuha-tsushin-in 

to be a bad ....... fude-bushd (^ 

7f:'|4) de arw, 

war , gunji-tsusMn-in (^^JOi 

fal.) ; jilgun-kisha (tJj&^fB^). 
Corresponding", a. ni/atte ora; ni 
fugb shite oru ; to/onaji yd na ; to/ 
dbyb ([n]^^) na ; nijsbtb (^S"^) sitrit. 
to be , au ; ataru. 

Corridor, n, rbka (M!"F)- 

train, kwantsii-ressha (^^ 

Corroborate, t.v. (affirm) tashika- 
me-ru ; (confirm, of a proof) meikaku 
(a^(it) ni s ; kakujitsu (fi^^) ni's; 
nojshdko. (ISJS) ''^* ^^^^^^ 5 ^'^o (IS) ^•' 


[ 194 ] 


Corroboration, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Corroborate foil, by koto; 
(proof) shoko. 

Corroborative, a. equiv. of Cor- 
roborate used as adj. 

Corrode, t.v. kusarakasu ; fushoku 
()^M) sase-ru. 

Corrode, i.v. fushoku s ; kusare- 

Corrosion, n. fushoku (^M). 

Corrug"ated, a. shiwa ni naita ; 
shiwa-kucha ni natta. 

iron, namigata-tetsu ; nama- 


roofing, namako-Ua-buki. 

Corrosive, a. fushoku suru; kusara- 

sublimate, shoko (^^). 

Corrupt, t.v. (bribe) nijraainai wo 
yaru ; ni/mainai s ; ni/wairo (||S§) 
wo okuru ; ni/zowai (S§If ) s ; (morals) 
midasu ; yahuru ; (x^ervert, persons) 
sosonokasu ; yilwaku {Wi^) ^ '■> 
(things) waruku s ; sokonau. 

Corrupt, a. (dishonest) fusei (/fCJE) 
no ; (vitiated) kusatta ; fuhai (^^) 
a person, nigiri-ka ; shuwai- 

sha {m%m). 

morals , midareta fuzoku ( ^ 

fg-) ; yabureta fuzoku ; haitoku (|fc 
^) no fuzoku ; tokusb (@v^) no 
nai fuzoku. 
practices, fusei-koi (/fCjE^f 


Corruption, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Corrupt (t.v.) foil, by koto 
(bribery) wairo (||g§) ; zowai (^|f ) 
mainai ; (depravity) aku-fiizoku 
fuhai ; haitoku (^^) ; (putrescence 
kusareta koto ; fuhai {j^^). 

Corruptible, a. to be , (brib- 
able) wairo wo toru ; (subject to de- 
cay) kusare-ru ; fuhai s. 

Corruptly, adv. waruku ; fusei {Tf. 
JE) ni; dokuaku (#^) ni. 

Corruptness, n. ja-aku (^M) ; 
fuhai shite aru koto. 

Corsair, n. kaizoku [i^Ml- 

Corselet, n. mune-ate. 

Cortege, n. gyoreisu (ff^j) ; (of the 
Emperor) roho {^M)- 



incisa, murasaki- 

Corvee, n. (under feudal system) 
kuyaku{^^^); kayaku {WiSt)- 

Co-secant, n. yokatsu-sen (^.fij^J. 

Co-sine, n. yogen-sen (^?i|!?«). 

CosiB®tic, n. * ; keshohin Ut'^&^n) y 
(paint and powder) shifun ()]h^). 

Cosmic, a, uchu (^'^) no ; zensekai 
(^ti:^) no ; tenchi (^JiJi) no. 

Cosmog'ony, n. tenchi-kaihyakuron 

Cosmography, n. tenchi-soron (^ 
tW2tm) ; tenchigaku {^t^'^). 

Cosmopolitan, n. isshi-ddjin (— /nS 
^iz) no hito. 

Cosmopolitan, a. sekai-teki (1^^ 
6^) no ; isshi-ddjin no. 

Cost, n. (expense) nyuhi (AS) ; hi- 
yo iWlF^) ; kakari ; (in Chinese com- 
pounds -hi (ft) ; (price) nedan {^ 
^) ; teika (^M) ; kakaku {^^^). 

price, motone ; genka (7cM)« 

of transport, unso-hi (j^jig 


s, (in civil suit) sosho-hiyo (|^ 

ISftffl} [Civ. Pro., Cr. Pro., Cr. 
Co.] ; (in criminal case) saiban-hiyb 

mnwim) [Cr. co.]. 

how much, does it P ikura 


Cost, t.v. kakaru ; (of loss) suru. 

it s money, kane ga kakaru. 

Costive, a. hiketsu (j§gf.|^) na ; bempi 
mm) na. 
to be , waltsuji ga nai. 

Costiveness, n. hiketsu (|gfv|^0 J 

Costliness, n. (of price) kone (^ 
lit); kdka{^^) ; kqjiki; kbryb (j^ 

Costly, a. kone na ; kojiki na ; kbryb 
(jgvjSj-) na ; kbka na ; tanto kakaru ; 
nedan no takai. 


i: 195 r 


Costume, n. (clothes) isho (^^) ; 
ifuku (3^1^); (style of dress^ iiari ; 
idetacM. " 

European , yofuku (#gR). 

native ....... wafuku (ifnflR)^ 

Cosy, a. kokoroyoi ; kokoromochi no, 

Co-tan g-ent, n. yosetsusen (^.-^I^J. 

Coterie, n. renju {^^); nakama; 

Cottage, n. koya [very small]. 

Cotton, n. icata ; momen-wata. 

brocade, men-hurokedo. 

clothes, mempuku (MOIl) ; 

momen no kimono. 

..:... drills, unsaifu (g^^). 

duck, men-ho-nuno (l^ilfl^) ; 


flannel, menfuran ; (superi- 
or) mompa. 

gin, kiwata-gurl; watakurl- 


goods, momen-mono ; futo- 

mono ; menrui (f^,i|). 

Italians, men-itariansu. 

plant, wata no ki. 

print, sarasa. 

rug-, mense?! (I^jfg). 

satins, menjusu {WiMJ')- 

spinning factory, hoseki- 

gwaisha (MMt^fc). 

...... thread, momen no nui-ito; 


tissues, mempu (|,?,^). 

velvet, memhirodo; menten 

waste, ito-kudzu. 

wool, imta ; (coarse) nankin- 


yarn, menshi {^^) ; men- 

orl-ito ; (imported) to-ito. 

ginned , kurl-wata. 

Indian , Indo-menkwa (Epig 


medicated wool, menzanshi 

{%^W.^) ; kusuri-vmta. 

old , furu-waia. 

raw , menkwa (f^it). 

Cotton-mill, n. wata-kojo ; hoseki- 
, kojo. 

COucll, n. (bed) nedai ; toko ; (sofa) 
yasumi-isu (§,i,tt^) ; naga-isu. . 

Coug'li, n. se/ci; galso (^i|^). 
moist J tanseki. 

Coug'li, i.v. seki loo s ; wa]seki ga 

Cough, t.v. to blood, chi wo 

haku ; ioketsu (fftlfil) s. 

Council, n. kwaigl (^^). 

s (deliberations on affairs of 

state), byogi (^^). 

in the presence of the 

Emperor, gozen-kimigi (ffPniFf" 

...... of state, naikaku ( f^ j^ ) . 

of war, gungii'^m)- 

municipal , shisanjikimi (fft 

^rivy , sumitsuin (fi^l^). 

Councillor, n. (of a govt, office) 
sanjikican (^^'g ) ; jimukwan (^'^ 

privy , sfanitsu-komonkican 

Counsel, n. (advice) kwankokv, (f^ 
^) ; chukoku 0^.-^) ; (in civil case) 
soshd-dairinin [WifkK^lK) [Civ. 
Pro.] ; (in crim. case) hengonin (?i#,^ 
A) [Cr. Pro.]; (laM'yerby profes- 
sion) hengoshi ; joshi {l\^^\\]) [v/ord 
used by Japanese lawyers wlio have 
been called to the English bar]. 

to keep one's own , himitsu 

(|^>^') u-o mamoru. 

to take , sodan (tB^) s; 

(secret) mitsugi (^-Jg) s. 

Counsel, t.v, kmankoku s ; susvme- 
ru ; (admonish) keikai {^^) s ; 
(warn) chukoku s. 

Counsellor, n. kwankokusha (W:^ 
^) ; chakokusha (,^>^:#) ; (barrister) 
V. Counsel (n.). 

Count, t.v. kazoe-ru ; kanjo {^]^) s; 
keisan (ff^) .s ; dasan (JJ^) s, 
to be ed upon, ate ni nam i 

tanomi ni nam. 

<.'dunt, i.v. to upon, wojate ni 

s] wojtanomi ni s. 

you can upon it, daijobu 



[ 196 1 


Comsit, n. (of a charge) kado ; (of 
yarn) te ; (noble) hakushaku (jfiH) ; 

40 Sj shijiiie. 

Countenance, n. yoho (@|^) ; sd- 
'i)o (tSl$2) ; menso (®^@) ; kao. 

expression of , kaotsuki. 

to be put out of , memmoku 

wo ushinau. 

to change , ^jdo] ganshoku (|g 

■^ ) ga kawani ; wdikao-iro ga 

to keep one's , majime de 

i-ru ; heiki {^M.) de i'VU. 

to put out of , memmoku (3f 

) wo ushinnwase-ru. 

Countenance, t.v. yurusu ; moku- 
^^hi iWiM.) -^ ; ome ni mi-ru ; mokkyo 
ifM^') s ; mokkica {W(M) s. 

Counter, n. (of a shop) mise-dai ; 
(used at cards) kadzu-tori ; (used in 
playing go) go-ishi. 

Counter, adv. haniai {Jx^) shite ; 

Counter, a. haniai no. 

Counteract, t.v. kcsu ; ni/hankd 
iE^) s ; nijteiko (^^) s. 

Counteracting", a. hanko sum ; 
teiko suru. 

Counteraction, n. hanko ; teiko ; 
hantai-sayo [UMY^f^)- 

Counter-attack, n. hangekl []x 
^) ; gyakugeki (j^^). 

Counterbalance, i.v. (of sums of 
money) is expr. by sashihiki-nokori 
ga nai [that is, there is no balance] ; 
(of weights) tsuri-au ; heiko (-^p^) s. 

the proofs on each side , 

ryoho {^~^) no shoko (|gif:) ga 
ichiyo {—^m) da. 
Counter-case, n. tohensho (^^ 

%) ; hempakusho (p|)tS). 
Counter-claim, n. hanso (^|^). 
Counterfeit, a. nlse- ; sora-. 

article, nise-mono ; gihutsu 
; mozohin (^ifp^) ; (a for- 
gery ) ganzohin ( J^jf ^a ) • 
laug-hter, sora-waral. 


money, nlse-kin ; gankin {] 

notes, ganzo-shihei ; nise- 

signature, hohan (H^J). 

Counterfeit, t.v. nise-ru ; magae- 
ru ; (forge) gizB (I^Xh) * J ganzo (^ 
5^) s ; (pretend) nojmane wo s ; no/ 
furi wo s. 

to ignorance (of a thing), 

shiranai kao wo s. 

Counterfoil, n. (of a cheque) daishi 

(M^) > hikae. 

Countermand, t. v. kotowaru ; 
yoshi ni s ; tori-kesu ; iitsuke-naosu. 

to an order (mil.), kairei {^ 


Counter-marcli, n. (change of 
wings of a battalion) honiento [MM. 
g^) ; (marching back) taiko (jM^f) ; 
haimen-koshin (#Mf7j!i). 

Counter-marcli, i.y. ato ni hiku ; 
hiki-kae-ru ; taiko (il^T) s ; (in dril- 
ling) iki-kaesu ; haishin s. 

Counter-movement, n. Kaniai- 

und-o {^xmrnm)' 

Counterpane, n, uwakake. 

Counterpart, n. fugo {^^) shita 
mono ; (of a seal) ai-han. 

Counterscarp, n. hoH no soto- 
gishi ; gwaigan ( j'h^). 

Counter-sig'n, n. (mil.) ai-kotoha ; 
ango (B^H) ; [the question is called 
mongo {fa^m), the reply togo (^f^)]. 

Counter sig"n, t.v. ni/rensho (:^#) 
s ; ni/fukusho {U^\^) s. 

Counter-signature, n. rensho ; 

Counting"-liouse, n. chdha {^^) ; 

kwaikei-shitsu ("^Ht^)- 
Countess, n. hakushaku-fujin (JSH 

Countless, a. kazoerarenai ; musu 
{^Wi) no ; kadzu no dekinai. 

Countrified, a, inaka-meita ; yabo 
na; hukotsu (fei'^) na; hinabita^ 


[ 197 ] 


Comitrj^, n, (as opp. to adjacent 

to-^Tn) 7Migd {-^J^) ; zaikata ; zaisho 
( ^h J^/r ) ; ( region ) kuni; koku ( g] ) 
[used only with numerals, as, ikka- 
koku (— <>• ^), one ; or in com- 
pounds, as, dankoku (|^^), a warm 

]; (rural parts) inaka ; cJdho 

m-)^)\ (state) hokoku mM)\ (the 
public weal) kokka (^^). 

ies , ku nigunL 

a great , taikoku ikM)- 

all ies, shokoku (H'il); kak- 

koku (#p) ; hankoku [MW- 

all ies of the world, sekai- 

kakkoku m^^W^) ; sekai-han- 

koku m^^m)- 

all foreign ies, shoqwaikoku 

close ....... shaheichi (^|3cJ|fe). 

liome , hongoku. 

my native , hongoku {^^) ; 

wag a kuni. 

one's own , jikoku (^^). 

opsn , kaikwatsu-chi (WifM)- 

permit to enter a , ny'hkoku- 

menjo {ABmHk)- 

your native , go shokoku 

(fJP^H) ; kuni ; kikoku (MWi)- 
undulating , hajochi (i)¥ 


wooded , shinrinchi {^^J^i^). 

Couii.try=lioiise, n. hesso (^iJt^). 

Coiiiitry-inan, n. (inhabitant) jim- 
min (AK); (rustic) inakamono; 
hyakusho {^^). 

fellow , dbkokujln (IWjgA). 

Coup-de-g-race, n. todome. 

to give the , todome wo sasu. 

Coup-(le-maiii, n. gekitoisu m 

Coui^-d'etat, n. seihen (j^H). 

Couple, n. (man and wife) fafu 
i^W ; (of animals, male and female) 
tsugai; (of persons) futari; ninin 

(nA). % 

3- of coolies, ninsoku ninin. 

a married , haigusha m^ 

W ; /w/w. 

of animals, kemono nihiki. 

of birds, ifon nwa. 

Couple, t.v. (bring sexes together) 
tsugawase-ru ; tsurumase-ru ; kake- 
ru ; (join) awasc^ru ; ketsugo (^ 



Couple, i.v. (of animals) Uugau ; 
tsurumu ; kobi (3cM) ^• 

Coupling", n. (between carriages) 
rensa (j^U). 

Coupon, n. (of bonds, etc.) risafp'-. 

Courage, n. yuki (MM.); isavii; 
{maThal) huyil {%^^) ; dokyo (/tfi^) ; 
daitan [i^]^). 

animal , kekkl {\kU) no yu. 

dutch , sake no ue no yuki. 

have the of one's opinions, 

kitan (>g;'|§) naku onore no setsu 
(^) wo nobe-ru. 

"loral .dotokujo mm±) no 


to lack , wa] yuki ga nai. 

to lose , kiwo kujiku ; ki wo 


to take , yiiki wo okosu. 

Courageous, a. tsuyoi ; yuki {%M.) 
no aru ; yukan (^^) na ; isamashii ; 
goyic {%\\^) no; goki (p|lj^) no; 
daitan na ; dokyo no aru. 

quietly , shinnari-dzuyoi. 

Courageously, adv. tsuyoku; isa- 
mashiku ; daitan ni ; yukan {^^) 
ni ; goyu ni ; goki ni. 

Courier, n. (messenger) hikyaku 
{MM) ; kyii-dzukai ; hashirl-dzukai. 

Course, n. (action) koi (ff®) ; 
okonai; gydjo (fj^) ; hinko ; 
shikata; (direction) homuki; hoko 
(:^[n|); homen {-^W ; hogaku {-^ 
^); (for horse-racing) keiha [Wld); 
keihajo (^M^) ; (for races) kyosojo 
\MM.Mm) ; (or an event) nariyuki ; 
(of an illness) keikwa {klM) ; (of a 
river) nagare-suji; (of a ship) hoi 
(:&fe); shinro (It5^) ; (of study) 
kwatei (|^f^) ; (process) chu {ip) ; 
(road followed) michi-suji. 

a matter of , mochiron na 

koto ; tozen (^B) na koto. 

as a matter of , tozen {^B). 


[ 198 ] 


in the of an argument, 


in of preparation, jumhi- 

in due , jun ()lg) wo otte. 

in the of a month, tsuki no 

uchi ni, 

in the of conversation, 

hanashi no isuide ni. 

in the of his speech, 

enzetsuchu {^f^^). 

in the of the forenoon, 

hirumae no uchi ni. 

in the of to-day, kyoju ni. 

of , moto yori ; mochiron 

{40m) ', muron ; dori (jliJl) de ; 
(naturally) shizen {^^). 

the proper , atarimae no 

tejun ; soto no ietsudzuki ; junjo 


there will he a of lec- 
tures, isudzuite kogi (f^^) ga aru. 

to direct one's towards, 

ni/homuki wo ioru. 

to let a person take his own 

, hito no kl-makase ni shiie 


to let things take their , 

koto wo hbnln (Jiicffr) s. 

to take one's own , katte 

ni s ; kokoromakase ni s. 

Course, t.v. (hunt) karu. 

Course, i.v. the blood s 

through the veins, chi ga 
karada wo junkwan (t^3g) s, or 

Courser, n. (horse) shumme (,|^,||)- 

Court, n. (court-room) hotei {'(^^) ; 
(Imperial family) teishitsu (^>^) ; 
(in a house) naka-niwa ; (of the 
Sovereign) chotei (.|^5§)- 

Corean , Kantei (f|:^). 

...... councillor, kyuchu-komon- 


ladies, kyuchu-jokwan (^t|i 

I^f ) ; nyokwan [ic"^). 

of appeal, kosoin (^=^1^) ; 

(in which the appeal is made) 

koso-saihansho. ^ 

of cassation, daishin-in li^ 


official, kunai-kwanri (^^ 

saibansho (^ 

...... of justice, 


district , 


local , ku-saihansho ([^^ 

marine , kaiji-shimpan ('^5 


mixed , tachiai-saihan. 

open , kdtel (•2f5£) [Cr. Pro.]. 

the of a suit, juso-saihdnsho 

i^mmnm) [Civ. Pro.]. 


koto-hoin ( 

the high 


to "bring into , hotei (v£^) e 

telshv.tsu (I^IU) s. 

to go to , sandai (Sl^) ^5 

sancho (#Sfl) s. 

Court, t.v. (flatter) kohi-ru ; heisu- 
rau ; omone-ru ; nijo seji (iM:^) wo 
iu ; (solicit the affection of) ni ii- 
yoru ; ni/ai (^) wo motome-ru. 

Court-dress, n. chofuku (IQflS.). 

Courteous, a. teinei (T^) na ; 
reigi (ifi^'il) no aru ; Ingin (§^^) na. 

Courteously, adv. teinei ni ; rei (jf^) 
ICO motte ; ingin ni. 

Courteoiisness, n. equiv. of 
Courteous foil, by koto. 

Courtesan, n. yiljo (^Hic) ; shogi 

am) ; joro ii^m- 
Courtesy, n. aiso (^t@) ; reigi (o^ 

^) ; ingin. 

Court-liotise, n. saihansho (^ 

Courtly, a. oku-yukashii ; hinkaku 

(nnti) no yoi. 
Court-martial, n. gumpd-kwaigi 


Court-martial, t.v. gumpo-kwaigi 
nifu (PH") s. 

Court-room, n. hotei {'(^^). 

Courtsliip, n. endan (^|^). 

Court-yard, n. naka-niwa. 

in the (said in the room), 

niwa-saki ni. 

Cousin, n. itoko. 

second , mata-itoko.. . .. 


[ 199 J 


Covenant, n. seiyaku {§^) ; kei- 
yaku {%^^). 

Covenant, i.v. yaku s; yakudnku 

mm) s. ' :^, 

Cover, n. (bell-shaped) kabuse ; (lid) 
futa ; (for plants, as protection 
from frost, etc.) shimo-yoke ; (of a 
iDook) hyoshi (g|S) ; (of a bowl) 
kise ; kobufa ; (of a piece of furniture) 
oi ; (of a table) hiki-mono ; oi ; teburu- 
kake ; (of trees) kusamura ; yabu ; 
(outer case of Japanese book) chitsu 
i^)', (protection) hogo (f:^^) ; (to 
keep off rain) ama-oi ; (wrapper of 
a parcel) uwafii. 

to be under (from the wea- 
ther), urb wo shinogu ; ama-yadori 
wo s. 

under (in a letter), ffmyu 

mA) shite. 

under of, (pretending) itsu- 

watte ; nojfu (^) wo shite ; (protec- 
tion) nojhogo (f^H) no shiia ni. 

under of the night, yo 

(^) nijojite. 

Cover, t.v. nijkdbuse-ru ; wo/ou ; ni/ 
kake-ru ; 7ii/kise-ru ; (a book) ni/ 
hyoshi (^iPc) ico tsuke-ru ; (be suffi- 
cient for) ni/ataru ; (one's traces) 
kuramasu ; (protect) engo (^i|) s ; 
^^go (ItE^) 5 ; (put on a lid) ni/fuia 
100 s ; (so as to hide) tsutsumu ; (so 
as to hide something bad, fig.) impei 
(Milc)^; (with metal) ni/Aarw. 

to with a basket, ni/kago 

wo fuse-ru. 

to with a mat, nijkomo wo 

ou, kake-ru, kabuse-ru, or kise-ru. 

Covered, a. ;.,... way, fukudo 


Covering", n. oi-mono ; (outer) 

Coverlet, n. (Japanese) yagu ; kai- 
maki; (outer) kake-buton; (thin) 

Coversine, n. yoya. 

Covert, n. (thicket) rnorl ; yahu ; 

■ Covertly, adv. hisoka ni ; mitsu (^) 
ni; shinonde; nainai (^^); an 
(0§) ni. 

Covet, t.v. (in a bad sense) hoshl- 

garu ; musaboru ; suien (||&r4£) s ; 
(in a good sense) setsuhb (-t^JM) s ; 
netsubb (^^) s ; katsubb {%^J) s. 

Covetous, a. (bad) yoku [f^] no 
fukai; yokubatta \ donyoku (fif^,) 
7ia ; danran {'^^) na. 

to be , yokubaru ; musaboru. 

Covetously, adv. yokubaite ; dan- 
ran ni ; musabotte ; donyoku ni. 

Covetousness, n. yokubari ; dan-- 
ran ; musabori ; donyoku. 

Covey, n. (of birds) mure. 
a , hiio-mure. 

Cov^'", n. me-ushi [a.n. Mki (]25) ]• 
Cow, t.v. odosu ; odokasu ; kyofu 
{f^''W) sase-ru. 

to be ed, biku-biku s ; kyofu 

s ; ojike-ru. 

Co"U''ard, n. okubyb-mono ; koshi- 
nuke ; hikyo-mono. 

Cowardice, n. okuhyo (Hi.^) ; 
koshinuke ; hikyo (-^'|^) ; kyoda 


Cowardly, a. (mean) hikuisu (^|S) 
na ; hiretsu (■^^) na ; senretsu 
(^^) na ; (wanting courage) hikyo 
na ; okubyb na. 

Co^vberry, n. koke-momo ; hama- 
nashi ; hama-nasu. 

Cowhide, n. ushi no kawa ; qyuhi 

CowllOUSe, n. ushigoya : Ta.n. ken 

(ff ) ]. 
Cowpox, n. gyulo ('^Jt). 
Cowrie, n. koyasu-gai. 

Coxcomb, n. (fop) share-mono ; 

Coxinga, n. Kokusenya [more cor- 
rectly Kokuseiya (gtt^) ]. 

Coxswain, n. kaji-tori ; dashu (f^^). 

Coy, a. uchiki na ; isutsushiwA-bukai. 

Coyly, adv. uchiki ni ; hajiraeie \ 

Coyness, n. uchiki. 

Cozen, t.v. damakasu; taburakasu; 
manchaku (fl^^) s ; damasu. 


[ 200 ] 


Crab, n. kani [a.n. hiki] ; (as article 
of food) hai ; (astron.) kyokai-kyu 

louse, ke-jirami. 

liorseshoe , kabuto-gani. 

spider , ihara-gani. 

Crabbed, a. (sour) iji no warui. 

Crack, n. (hairlike) hihl ; (in lacquei) 
dammon {^^) [the minute cracks on 
the surface of certain lacquers] ; (of 
a whip) hihiki-oto ; (of fire-arms) 
jusei (1^^) ; (on bronze, etc.) kidzu ; 
(on ivory or porcelain) nyu ; (small) 
sv.kima ; (wide) ware-me. 

Crack, i.v. (of china) n%\svji ga iru ; 
oiilnyu ga iru ; yiijhibl ga iru ; (oi: 
earth) ni]hil>i ga iru ; sake-ru ; kiretsu 
iM.^) '^o shojl-ru ; (of glass) ni]hihi 
ga iru ; (of the voice) koe-gawari ga 
s ; (utter a sharp sound) naru ; oto 
ga s. 

Crack, t.v. waru ; kaku ; (a whip) ; pachi-padd sase-ru. 

to a joke, jodan (^|j^) wo 


Cracked, a. (eccentric) henteko na 

Cracker, n. (Chinese) nankin-hana- 

bi ; bakuchiku (l^tt)- 
Crackle, n. (earthenware) hibi-yaki. 
Crackle, i.y. pacM-pachiio naru. 

Cradle, n. (child's) yuri-doko ; yuri- 
kaqo ; tsuguro ; (of a ship) senso 


the of liberty, jlyu-shugi 

(g E^i^) no gwanso (TCiJii)- 
Craft, n. (cunning) kokatsu (^jc^) ; 
kikei (^|t) ; kankei (^Hf) ; (trade) 
shokugyo (1^^). 

Craftily, adv. kokatsu ni ; icaru- 
gashikoku ; waru-gosuku. 

Craftiness, n. kokatsu ; kikei ; 

Crafty, a. warujie no aru ; kokatsu 
na; jachi (^|5^) no fukai; waru- 
gashikoi ; waru-gosui. 

Crag", n. iicao ; gansho (j^^). 

Crag"g"y, a. gagataru ; gankutsu (j^ 
M) na. 

Crake, n. Baillon's , hime- 


button , shima-kuina. 

Cram, t.v. tsume-ru ; tsume-komu. 
to one's self with, food, 

tabemono wo ippai ni tsume-komu ; 
hara ippai tabe-ru. 

to the mouth full, Jibbaru. 

to ..... . up (a subject), namagami s. 

Cramp, n. keiren {'MM) 5 koren (^j'^). 

in the leg, komura-gaeri. 

to have the , suji ga tsuru ; 

(in the stomach) hara ga isupparu. 

Cramped, a. (of handwriting) 


to be (for room), oshikome- 

rare-ru ; tsumekomare-ru. 

Cranberry, n. iwa-haze ; aka-momo ; 
(berry) fujimme [so called in Yoko- 
hama district as coming from Mt. 

Crane, n. tsuru [a.n, wa (^5) ] ; 
(machine) kijiiki {^WiM.) 5 make- 
make [vulg.]. 

demoiselle , anewa-dzuru. 

grus cinerea, kuro-dzuru ; nedzu- 


g. japonensis, tancho-dzuru ; 

tancho {j^^). 

g. leucauchen, mana-dzuru* 

g. monachus, nabe-dzuru. 

white , shiro-dzuru. 

Crane's-bill, n.v. Geranium. 

Craniolog-y, n. kossbgaku (•i'tg^) ; 
togai-gaku (^^^). 

Cranium, n. togai. 

Crank, n. (eccentric) kawari-mona. 

Cranky, a. (of a ship) yanikkoi. 

Cranny, n. wareme ; sukima. 

Crape, n. (cotton) cMjimi ; (silk) 

black (Japanese), kuro-chiri^ 


crinkled kabe-chirimen ; (red 

and white) kanoko-shibori. 

Nagahama , hama-chirimen. 

red , hi-jirimen. 

white , shiro-chirimen. 

Crape-myrtle, n. saru-suberi ; 


Crape-paper, n. cUrimen-gamL 

Crash, i.v. gala-gala to nam. 

Crasli, n. gata-gaia suru oto. 

Cratoeg-us sang-iiinea, osanmsH. 

Crate, n. (for carrying odds and ends 
of property) yojin-kago ; (of wicker- 
work) kago ; (of woodj koshi-bako. 

Crater, n.fimkwakd (I^^P) ; ana. 

Cravat, n. en-maki. 

Crave, t.v. (ask for) koi-negau ; konsei 
ifMfi) s ; kommo {^M) s ; ori-iiie 
tanomu ; (long for) setsubo {IJ}^.) s ; 
netsubo (^'^) s. 

Craven, a. v. Cowardly. 

Craving-, n. seisubo (-tjfjg) ; netsubo 
(^lO ; (for drink, etc.) yoku (,^). 

Craw, n. ebukuro. 

Crawl, i.v. Jiau ; hofuku (tj^) s. 

to in, hai-komu ; moguri- 


to out, hoi-de-ru. 

to up, hai-noboru; hai-agaru. 

Crayfish, n. ebi ; (river) kawa-ebi ; 
(sea) ise-ebl [palinurus japonicus] ; 
kurmna-eU [penacus canaliculatus]. 
Craze, n. (fashion) dai-ryiikb {^^^^). 
Crazily, adv. hakkyd (p^) shita yd 
ni ; ki ga chigatta yd ni ; seishin- 
sakuran (;i^-#§^|L) shita yd ni ; kichi- 

Craziness, n. hakkyo ; seishin-saku- 


Crazy, a. (of intellect) ki (^) no 
fureta ; hakkyd shita ; seishhi-saku- 
ran shita ; ki no chigaita ; (broken) 

Creak, i.v. kishimu ; ki-kl iu ; (as, g1 
an ill-laid floor) mishi-mishi oto ga s ; 
(of boots) naru. 

Cream, n. kurimu. 

of tartar, ^/iusefci-ei (fg:H^). 

Crease, n. (made purposely) orl-me ; 
hida ; (unintentional) shiwa. 

Crease, t.v. nilori-me wo tsuke-ru; 
(unintentionally) wo/shiwa ni s. . 

201 ] 


Create, t.v. (appoint) ninji-ru ; (a 
right) setiei {^^) s [Civ. Co.] ; (bring 
into existence) sdzo (fjj^) s ; hatsu- 
mei (f^^) 5 ; (cause) okosu ; shdji-ru ; 
(ennoble) jo (gj) s. 

Creation, n. sdzo ; hatsumei ; (esta- 
blishment) seisuritsu {^^) [Civ. Co.]; 
(of a right) settel (|^^) [Civ. Co.] ; (of 
the world) tenchi-kaibyaku (^J|§3 

Creative, a. sdzdryoku {M]^i3) no 
aru ; genzdryoku [Mr&fi) no am. 

Creator, n. sdzdsha (|ijit^) ; hatsu- 
meisha (i|^%) ; (God) zdbutsusha 
{j^!^^J}^); zdbutsushu (itJj^i); tsu- 

Creature, n. mono; iklmono ; (con- 
temptuous term) yatsu. 

all s, sekai-bambutsu (tt^^ 

¥m) ; ^<xnyil (H^). 

Credence, n. shinyd (fg/H). 

to be unworthy of , shin v)o 

oku ni tarinai. 

to present letters of (of an 

envoy), kokusho (^«) v^o hotel (^ 
M) s. 

Credentials, n. shdko-gaki ; (of an 
envoy) shinninjd {\tB'^) \ (of others) 
ininjd {^V^Vi)- 

Credible, a. shinzubeki ; shinjlrareru ; 
shinyd (ft;]]) no dekh-u. 

Credibility, n. srilnzubeki koto; 
sJdnjirareru koto. 

Credit, n. (belief, confidence) shinyd 
(faffl); (esteem) jimbd (AM); (ia 
book-keeping) kashi-kata [Com. Co.] ; 
(renown) kdmel {Mj^) ; mei6o (igg) ; 
rneisei {^^). 

sale, kake-uri [Com. Co.]. 

letter of , shinyd-jd; shinyd- 

hoshdjd mmm- 

money due for goods sold on 

, urikake-daikin. 

to buy on , kake de kau ; 

kake ni torn. 

to have a balance, nokori 

ga aru ; zankin (^^) ga am. 

to place to one's (at bank), 


to sell on , kake de um; 

kakeuri ni s. 


[ 202 ] 


Credit, t.v. (believe) shinyd (fi^) s ; 
shinji-ru ; (set to the credit of) kashi- 
kata, or adzuke-kin, ni kuri-komu. 

Creditable, a. (estimable) Tiyohan 
(fP^J) no ii; memboku (Sf@) noli; 
(meriting praise) kanshin (^*\i^) 
subeki ; kampuku (,^^R.) subeki ; 

Creditableuess, n. equiv. of Cre- 
ditable foil, by koto. 

Creditably, adv. (cleverly) hinsho 
iWcM) '^* J (fairly vs^ell) kanari yoku. 

Credit-inobilier, n. kogyo-ginko 


Creditor, n. kashi-nushi ; saishu (^ 
±) ; kaslii-te. 

Credulity, n. shinji-yasui koto ; kei- 
shin (lift) ; nfibshin (^fs). 

Credulous, a. shinji-yasui. 

to be , karogaroshiku shinji' 


Creed, n. (political) shugi (^^) ; 
Seiko {^^^) ; (religious) shinko-kajo 

{ini^mm; shinkyomm)' 

apostles' ., shito-shinkyo (^ 

Nicene , JSikeya-shinkyo. 

Creek, n, (of the sea) me; (stream) 


Creel, n. biku. 

Creep, i.v. hau ; harabau ; Jiofuku (|0 

to about (of an infirm 

person), yota-yota aruku. 

to in, hai-komu; nioguri- 


to out, Jiai-de-ru; hai-dasu. 

Creeper, n. (plant) kadzura-mono. 

tree (ornith.), kihashiri [certhia 


Creepiness, n. equiv. of Creepy 
foil, by koto. 

Creepy, a, zotto sum ; usukimi-warui. 

Cremate, t.v kmtso ('/<p) s ; yaku. 

Cremation, n. kwasd. 

ground, kwasoba itkM^) ', 


Crematorium, n. kwaso-ba. 

Cr^pe, n. v. Crape. 

Crepuscular, a. (evening) tasogare 

no ; kwokon (^■^) no ; (morning) mai- 
so {Wi^) no ; reimei {^^)no ; fukkyo 

Crescent, n. mikadzuki ; shlngetsu 

Crescent-sliaped, a. mikadzuki- 
nari no ; shingeisu-kei {%f\^ Ji^) no. 

Cress, n. (water) midzu-na ; midzu-' 
seri ; midzu-tade ; tanetsuke-bana. 

Crest, n. (family) mon (|^) ; mon- 
dokoro ; monjirushi ; kisho (^^) ; 
(of an ancient helmet) maidate ; (of 
a bird) t Osaka. 

■with. (of a haori, letter-paper, 

etc.), montsuki no. 

Crest-fallen, a. sosb (JS.^) shita ; 
ikioi no 7iuketa ; (abashed) ma no 
nuketa ; manuke na ; ma-byoshi no 

Crete, n. *. 

Cretonne, n. sarasa ; asa-ori no 

Crevice, n. ware-me ; sukima. 

Cre"W, n. (in a bad sense) nakama ; 
(of a ship) nori-kumi-in [also a mem- 
ber of the ......] ; norl-kumi no suifu 


Cricket, n. kirigirisu ; (game) *. 
hearth , korogi. 

Crier, n. kwokokuya {jM^M.) '> hiro- 
meya ; yomi-uri. 

Crime, n. tsumi ; hanzai (^[1^) [Cr. 
Pro.] ; toga ; zaiaku (p|l,^) ; zaika 
mn); (felony) jiizai mm) [Cr. 

s act, chizaiho (y'-^H-^). 

a is committed, zaiaku ga 


the locality of the comm.ission 

of a , genkochi (^tftife) ; han- 

zaichi mmM)- 

Crimea, n. * ; Kurimu. 

Criminal, n. zainin{^A); hanzal- 
7iin (^Efp A) ; hanzaisha ; toganin ; 
(convict) slmjin (09A) 5 meshi-udo. 
great ....... dai-akunin (AM A)- 


[ 203 ] 


'Criminal, a. (as distinct from civil) 

kelji- ; keijijo (^lj^±.) no. 

bureau for matters, keiji- 

kyoku mW-^)- 

code of ...... procedure, kelji- 

soshoho [M^fM^ik)- 

case, keijl-hikoku-jiken (^ij^ 

code, kelho {M'(k)- 

offence, hanzai (^H^). 

revised code, kaisei-kelho 

Criiiiiiiatiug', a. isumi rdfuku sase- 

Crimp, t.v. (form into plaits) ni/hida 
wo tsuke-ru ; chijimase-ru. 

Crimson, a. makka no ; shojohi {^ 
^1^^) no ; shinku {^.^) no. 

Crimson, n. makka ; shojohi. 

deep , shinkoshoku ( ^|I^ ) ; 


Cring'e, i.v. hetsurau ; hei-hei s. 

Crinkle, i.v. chijimaru. 

Cripple, n. katawa ; fugusha {"^M: 
^) ; (lame) chimha ; hikko ; (lame in 
both legs) i2.ari ; (wounded bird or 
beast) te-oi. 

Cripple, t.v. fugu (;?: J;) ni s ; (fig.) 
7WJkata-asJn wo torn ; nojikioi loo 

to be d (fig., speaking of one's 

self), kata-ude wo mogarete oru. 

Crisis, n. (of a disease) toge ; yama ; 
(political) kikyu (^^) no toki ; kiki 
iltW ; kiky'ii-sombd {ftMtftl) no 
toki ; jikyoku (9^). 

Crisp, a. (as, bank-notes) pari-pan 
sum ; (of hair) chijireta ; (of paper, 
silk, etc.) shiwa no yotia. 

Crispness, n. chijireta koto ; shiwa 
no yotta koto. 

Criterion, n. jogi ; hybjun (^®ip) ; 
kiku {m'e.)- 

to take as a , ?ii yotte kessuru. 

Critic, n. (connoisseur) kanteisha (|g 
^^) ; gugansha {M:Wi^) I mekiki ; 
(literary) hihyoka (#l:|^^) ; hybron- 
sha (fpiTO^). 

adverse , akuhybsha (^,^ 

^) ; hihosha (pi^#). 

Critical, a. (dangerous) kiwadoi ; 
ayaui ; kikyu (^^) na ; kiki-ippaisu 
{fa.M-^M.) ; (having skill to discrimi- 
nate) kanshiki (|^|Si) no aru ; . (in- 
clined to find fault) hihybdzuki na ; 
(of illness) kitoku {'fa>M) *^<^- 

at the moment, masaka no 

toki ni. 

day (for the crops), yakubi. 

when the moment arrives, 

sono magiwa ni natte. 

Critically, adv. (accurately) kanshiki 
de ; seimitsu (f^^) ni ; toku to. 

Criticise, t.v. (adversely) hinan s ; 
(an argument) hempaku {WWO ^ * 
(judge whether an article is genuine 
or not) kantei (|^^) s\ mekiki s ', 
(review) hihyo {^[M) s ; hybron (ff 
fm) s ; rompyb (fi^#) s. 

Criticism, n. hihyb ; (adverse) hinan 
(^Itlfi) ; (^^t of judging whether an 
article is genuine or not) kantei-jutsu 
(ISSf j) ; (judgment passed) hybron ; 
hihyo ; (of an argument) hempaku. 

^^) ; Mhyb m 

Critique, n, kantei 
|q*i) ; ken-etsu i'^M) 

Croak, i.v. (of crows) kd-kd to naku ; 
(of frogs) naku. 

Croaking', n. nakigoe. 

Crocliet, n. ippon-hari ; (of music) 
shihu-ompu (29:^ h"^). 

Crockery, n. tsuchiyaki ; setomono ; 
tbki (P^^) ; (unglazed) suyaki ; gwaki 

ware shop, setomonoya ; to- 


Crocodile, n. wani. 

tears, sora-naki \ sora- 


Cromlech, n. kogoseki (^iili^^S")- 
Crone, n. shiwa-kucha hahd ; rbba 

Crook, t.v. mage-ru ; yugame-ru. 
Crook, n. magari. 

by hook or by , to {%) mo 

kaku (^) TOO. 

Crook-back, n. semushi. 


[ 204 ] 


Crooked, a. magatta ; yuganda ; 
unerikunetta ; (morally) yokoshima 
na; fusel (^flE) na ; jakyoku (^ffi) 

t/rookedly, adv. magatte ; yugande ; 
unerikunette ; (morally) yokoshima ni ; 
fusel (^jE) ni ; jakyoku nl. 

Crooketliiess, n. magatta koto ; (of 
morals) fusel ; jakyoku ; yokoshima. 

Drop, n. (of a bird) ehukuro ; (yield of 
grain) deki ; saku ; tori-ire ; shu- 
kwaku (J}^S). 

bad , kyonen {^^);fusaku 

(^f^) ; kyosaku. 

good , honen (^^) *. hosaku, 

th,e s, sakumotsu [i'^Wi- 

Drop, i.v. karu ; (of beasts) tdbe-ru ; 

Crop-ont, i.v. de-ru ; araicare-ru ; 
shidsugen (ffiJl.) s. 

Crosier, n. shakujb (^j|i) ; (formerly 
carried by priests of the Zen sect) 
nyol (tu.a)- 

Cross, n. (figure) jnji ; jnmonjl (-j-^ 
ff:) ; j?7jifcei {-t^B) ; (gibbet) J27jifca 


red society, sekijiijisha (^ 

Dross, a. (peevisb) konjo {\^A'\^) '^o 
warul; iji (^ii!i) no u-arwi ; (trans- 
verse) yoko no. 

he is to-day, ano hlto ica kyo 

wa choshi (^J-) ga wand. 

to be ....... jire-ru. 

Dross, t,v. (cheque) ni/suji v:o hlku ; 
ni/semhikl (4^^1) ivo s ; (a hill) kosu ; 
koe-ru ; (a river) loataru ; (put a- 
thwart each other) butchi-gae-ru ; 
butchlgae ni s ; kosa (3c^) s ; 
(thwart) samatage-ru ; ni/jama wo s ; 
hogai (ij;^'#) s. 

ed cheque, semblki-kogltte. 

to a daimyo's procession, 

sa/ci ICO kiru ; tomo-girl wo s. 

to one another (and so not 

meet), iki-chigau. 

to out, kesu ; tomatsu (•^^) 


to the path of, nolmichi wo 

Icirw, or yokogiru. 

Cross-action, n. hanso {^Wl) [Civ. 

Cross-beam, n. yokohari. 

Cross-bill, n. (bird) isuka. 

Cross-bred, a. zasshu (^M) ?^o. 
horse, zasshu-uma. 

Cross-breed, t.v. no/tane wo maze^ 

Cross-exainination, n. kitsumon 
(to [•'1)1 (law) hantal-jimmon {U.Wi^ 


Cross-examine, t.v. kitsumon s. 

Cross-eyed, a. yahu-nirame na. 
a person, yabu-nirami. 

Cross-lire, n. (mil.) kbsha (^f^j')- 

Cross-g'rained, a. (perverse) igan- 

da ; henkutsu (fig@) na', nejiketa; 


Crossing", n. (on a railway) fumi- 

Cross-leg"g'ed, a, to sit , agura 

ico kaku. 

Crossly, adv. ijl-waruku ; mutto shite. 

Crossness, n. iji-wand koto. 

Cross-piece, n. (wooden) yokogl ; 

Cross^purposes, n. to be at , 

mujun {^JM) s. 
Cross-question, t.v. tol-tsume-ru ; 
kitsumon (ISr«3) s 'y ■\ taikitsu (^i§) 

Cross-road, n. yokomichi ; yokocho. 
s, yotsu-kado ; yotsu-sujl. 

Cross-stitcli, t.v. chldorl-gake ni 

Cross-trees, n. (of a ship) yokogl. 

Cross-wise, adv. yoko ni ; yokosama 
ni. t'li 

Crotcli, n. mata ; mata-gura. 

Crotcliety, a. mono-dzuki na. 

Croton-oil, n. hadzu-yu. 

Croucli, i.v. shagamu ; udzukumaru ; 
koshi wo kagame-ru ; kussuru ; kogo- 
mu \ chiisaku naru. 

Croup, n. (mad.) hahifu (,^B^E). 


[ 205 ] 


Crow, n. karasu. 

carrion , Jiashiboso-garasu ; 


Japan , hashihuto-garasu. 

Crow", i.v. naku ; toki wo isukuru. 

Crowbar, n. kana-teko. 

Crowd, i.v. yori-afsumaru ; gunshu 
(1^1^), or gunju, wo nasu ; muragaru. 

to together, shilgo (^-p') 

s ; (jostling) oslii-au ; (noisily) 
gofatsuku ; gota-qota s ; zatto (^^ 

to into, ni/oshl-iru. 

Crowd, n. ozei no Idto; gunju (|}"| 
%) ; zaUb m'M) ; sluufo {%^) ; lilto 
no yama. 

Crowd, t.v. isume-ru. 

to in, tsume-komu. 

to out, osld-dasu. 

to be ed. out "by (one com- 
modity by another), no tame ni/attd 
(11^ ©J) sare-ru. 

Crov»"ded, a. (in a good sense) nigi- 
yaka na ; (inconveniently) tsumatta ; 
(of buildings, close together) 
m'ltsu (1^^) na. 

a iiouse (theatre, etc.), biri. 

to be , konde oru. 

to get , komi-au. 

Crown, n. (of a Sovereign) kam- 
niuri ; teikican (f|f^) ; bkwan (3i^) ; 
(of a hat) yama ; (of a mountain) ita- 
daki ; toge ; zetcho (|gT^) ; (of the 
head) teppen. 

colony, chokkatsu-shokumm- 

chi (iSiliWl^m). 

order of the , hokwansho (^ 

Crown, t.v. nl/taikwanshiki (^^5^) 
too okonau ; (put the crown on) nij 
kammurl ico kahuse-ru. 

to be ed with success, sono 

kb [%]) ICO so (^) s. 

to all, ageku no hate n't. 

Crowning', n. taikwanshiki iWiM^)- 
Crown-prince, n. Kwbiaishi (^ic 

?) ; 'J^<^9u (^^) [in Japan]. 
Crow's-leet, n. mejiri no shiwa. 
Crucible, n. rutsubo ; kankwa [^ 

Crucifix, n. jvjika (-f-^^) no zo 

Crucifixion, n. hari-tsuke. 

Crucify, t.v. hari-tsuke ni s : hari- 
tsuke ni kake-ru ; takusatsu (fi^^) s ; 
(of Christ) jfijika (-f-^^) ni kake-ru. 

Crude, a. nama no ; (chem.) ki- ; 
sosei i"^^) no ; (coarse) soaku ('|3. 
^■) no; (fig.) mijuku na ; asahaka 
na : sempaku {^^~M) '''^^ '■> sbsotsu (t^ 
2$L) na ; (rudely made) somatsu (|3, 
i) na. 

petroleum, kisekiyu (ife.3H 

vft); juyuiW^)- 

Cr«idely, adv. mijuku ni ; asahaka 
ni ; sempaku ni ; sbsotsu ni ; somatsu 

Crudeness, n. (fig.) mijuku ; sem- 
paku ; asahaka na koto ; sbsotsu ; 

Cruel, a. mugoi ; muzan (|]lt:?J) na. ; 

zankoku (^gj*;-) na ; kakoku C^R'S) 

na ; m.vjb (I'ltHt) na ; nasake no nai ; 

imijihi (M^.fe) '1^^^ '> jnken (^|ili) na. 
Cruelly, adv. mugoku ; muzin ni ; 

zankoku ni ; kakoku ni ; mvjf5 ni ; 

nasakenaku ; miijihi ni ; jaken ni. 

Cruelty, n. mugoi-me ; muz'm ; ka- 
koku ; mujb ; nasake no nai koto ; 
mujihi ; jaken ; (cruel treatment)^ 
gyakutai (|^fj). 

Cruet-stand,- n. yakumi-tate. 

Cruise, i.v. junkb (^^f) s ; junyb {j^ 

^^^) s; ^ yuy-yku (:iffXi) s. 
Cruise, n. junkb ; junyb. 

Cruiser, n.junybkan (iW-J'^lf )• 

armoured , junyb-kbteti-.ukan 

(iW#Ej3if^|i') ; sbkb-jumjbkan (^^tp 

first-class ^ ittb {—^)junyb- 

kan . 

second-class , nitb (z:^) 


third-class , santb (H^)jt«?i- 


Crumb, n. kudzu ; kake ; hahen (fli§ 
}f) ; shbhen {^hyc) \ (as op p. to ciusi) 

Crumble, i.v. /a<d2icre-nt ; kakeru. 


[ 206 ] 


Crtiint>le, t.v. momi-kudaku ; kudzu- 
su ; kona ni s. 

Cniiiiple, t.v. shiwa ni s. 

to "be d, shiwa ni nam. 

to in the hand, momu. 

to up (as paper), inomi-kucha 

ni s. 
Crupper, n. shiri-gai. 

Crusade, n.jiljigun (-j-^^). 

to make a ...... against, wojko- 

gekl {^P) s. 

Criisll, t.v. oshi-isuhusu ; (by bad 

^ government) assei {M^) * ' (^8*) 

assuru ; oshi-tsubusu ; atto (jHl^lJ) s ; 

appaku (jgiE) s. 

■ to ...... out (an epidemic), hoku- 

metsu (^ilS,) s. 

to with the hand, tsukami- 

kowasu ; nigiri-tsubusu. 

Crusli, n. zatto ; komi-ai ; ofshi-ai ; 
[these words cannot be used in the 
nominative case]. 

Crust, n. kawa. 

Crustacean, n. kora ; kokaku-do- 

butsu {^^$}\m- 
Crustily, adv. iji-waruku ; nejikureie. 

Crustiness, n. iji no warui koto ; 
nejlkureia koto. 

Criistj^, a. (peevish) iji no warui ; 

Crutcli, n. shumoku-dzue ; shumoku 

Crux, n. (in a book or writing) Jiaiijo 

(IB^if) 5 (i^ ^ problem) nanten (|iii). 

Cry, t.v. to down, kenasu; 

soshiru ; Mho {WfW) ^• 
Cry, i.v. naku ; namida ico kdhosu. 

to out, koe wo dasu ; sakehu ; 

(v/ith a loud voice) daikatsu-issei 

Cry, n. (call) koe ; yobi-goe ; (sound 
of CTjing)' naki-goe ; sakebi-goe. 
a single , hito-koe. 

Cry-baby, n. naki-mushi. 

Cryptonieria, n. sugi. 

Crystal, n. (chem.) kesshotai {^ik 
^) ; (rock) suisho (7jci,). 

Crystalline, a. tdmei (^n^) no; 
suki-iotta ; chosei (i^Vn) ^^<^- 

Crystallization, n. kessho. 

Crystallize, i.v. kessho s ; kata- 

Crystallize, t.v. kessho sase-ru ;. 

Crystallized, a. (in sugar) sato- 
dzuke no. 

sugar, kori-zato. 

Cub, n. ko. 

Cube, n. saigata ; rippotai [Sl'^P^) ; 
(arith.) ripposeki (i.^^^)- 

Cube, n root, rippokon {^L'^ 

W ; sanjokon (H^t.^). 
Cubeb, n. hihatsu ; kachbka. 
Cubic, a. one foot, isshaku-rippo 

Cubical, a. rlppo no ; rippotai (al^' 
1^) no. 

Cuckoo, n. (cuculus canorus) kak- 
kb-dori ; (c. himalayanus) tsutsu- 
dori ; (c. hyperythrus) jiiichl ; masu- 
hakari ; (c. poliocephalus) hototogisu ; 
token (fell). 

Cucumber, n. kiuri. 

Cud, n. to chew the , nire- 


Cuddle, t.v. daku ; dakko s ; daki- 
daki s [two last children's words]. 

Cudg-el, n. bo ; kombo (tlt^)- 

to take up the s for, ico/ 

bengo iWM) ^ > ni/kasei [M^) ^• 

Cudg'el, t.v. nijbo wo kurawase-ru ; 
bo de utsit. 

to one's brains, no (jj^) wo 

nayame-ru ; no wo shiboru. 

Cue, n. (of head-dress) mage ; (bill- 
iard) * ; tamatsuki-bb ; (trace) te-ga- 

Cuff, n. * ; sode-kuchi ; sode-berl. 

Cuff, t.v. te no hira de utsu ; haru. 

Cuirass, n. do [M)- 

Cul-de-sac, ■ n. fukuro-machi ; iki- 

Culinary, a. (pertaining to cooking^ 
rybrihb (^|Jl^) no ; rybri-juisu (^Jj 
^^) no ; (pertaining to kitchen) dai- 
dokoro no. ■ 


C 207 ] 


Cull, t.v. torn ; nuku ; hiki-nuku ; 
(flowers) mushiru ; (from a book) 
hassui {i§.'^) s. ' 

Clilmiiiate, i.v. (astron.) shigosen 
(^'^/^J ni itaru ; (end) shukyoku (|5 
^) s ; (reach acme) kyokutan (@^) 
ni nam. 

Culmination, n, (astron.) shigosen 
ni itaru koto ; (fig.) kyokudo {^J^) ', 
kyokuien (l^i^). 

Culpability, n. fu-todoki na koto ; 
semu-beki koto ; yuzai (^ff). 

Culpable, n. fu-todoki na ; semu- 
beki ; yuzai na. 

to be , (deserving blame) wa'\ 

seme ga aru ; lua] sekinin (^tt) 17<* 
aru ; (criminal) wa] tsumi ga aru. 

Culprit, n. (criminal) zainin (|^A) ; 
hanzai-nin (^Qf^ A) ; tsumi-bito ; togu- 
nin ; (person guilty of a fault) kioa- 
shitsusha (^^#). 

Cultivate, t.v. tsukuru ; (a beard) 
hayasu ; (devote attention to) shugyo 

■ {\%W) s ; osame-ru ; -\iakuma (^^) 
s ; \remma (^|^) s ; (tea, tobacco, 
etc.) haiyo {i^^} s ; saibai (^i^^-) s ; 
(till, of fields) tagayasu ; (foster) yosei 

mm s. 

to a taste for art in tlie 

lower classes, kato-shakwal ni 
bijutsu-shiso (^^fi>^,®J wo okosase- 

Cultivated, a. (fig.) shuyo (f^^) no 

aru ; kybiku {^'^) no aru ; bunga 

{■Xm na. 
Cultivation, n. kosaku {MY^) \ 

tagayashi ; (of tea, etc.) baiyo (i^-^) ; 

area under ....... sakutsuke-tam- 

betsu [\'^m%m\ 

to bring under , kaikon {^ 

ta) s ; kaihatsu (§3M) *• 
Culture, n. (fig.) shuyo ; kybiku ; 
kyokwa (i^ft) 5 kaikwa (igft) 5 (of a 
. microbe) baiyo {i%^). 

physical , iaiiku {t^^). 

Cumber, t.v. (embarrass) komarasG' 
ru; wadzurawasu ; kurushime-ru ; 
(obstruct) /wsag^e-ru ; v. Encumber. 

Cumbersome, a. kasabatta ; (trou- 
blesome) wadzurawashii ; m.endo- 
to be , kasabaru. 

Cumulative, a evidence, 

fukusho (tlil). 

Cumulus, n. sekikwan-un (^^g). 

Cunning', n. saru-jie ; kokatsu {^x 
^^) ; (skill) ude ; udemae ; giryb (^ 

Cunning", a. kosui ; kokatsu na ; 

warugashikoi ; dzurui ; (in a good 
sense) takumi na ; glryo no aru ; ude- 
mae no aru. 

workmanship, mybgi {^ 

Cunningliamia sinensis, koyo- 
zan ; oranda-momi. 

Cunningly, adv. kosuku ; kokatsu 
ni ; warugashikoku ; dzuruku ; (in a 
good sense) takumi ni. 

Cup, n. wan (^) ; (of an acorn) choko ; 
(of foreign make) koppu ; (prize) sho- 
^Q^i (^^) ; (sake) sakadzuki ; choko 
[properly choku] ; (tea) chawan (^ 


and ball, kendama ; undo- 


one of, ippai i—^). 

parting , beppal (,^lj^) ; 

wakare no sakadzuki. 

to be in one's s, sake ni 


to be quarrelsome in one's 

s, ica] sake no ue ga warul. 

to return a (after drinking 

from it at another's invitation), hem- 

pai {MlS.) s. 
Cup, t.v. ni/sui-fukube, or suidama, wo 

Cupboard, n. oshi-ire ; todana ; (for 

food) nedzumi-iradzu ; [a small 

under the kokabe is called fukuro- 

on the floor, ji-bukuro. 

Cupidity, n. donyoku ( J:,^) ; dan- 
ran (^^) ; donshin ( J^jD). 

Cupola, n. maru-yane. 

Cupping-glass, n. sui-fukube ; sui- 


[ 208 ] 


Curable, a. to be , naorase-ru. 

Curate, n. tokusM-ho 

Curator, n. (of museum) kwanrinin 
(^ilA) ; (of person legally incom- 
petent) hosa-nin H^'^A) [Civ. Co.]. 

Curb, t.v. osae-ru ; sei ($|J) s. 

Curb, n. torii-'bami ; iome-tadzuna ; 
(fig. restraint) kihan {^^) ; (of a 
path) fuchi-ishi ; (of a well) ido-gawa ; 

stone, hadome-isliL 

Curd, n. bean , tofu (H^)- 

Curdle, i.v. katamaru. 

Cure, t.v. naosu ; rydji {0Ja) s ; chi- 
'I'yo (?n^) s ; (dry) himono ni s. 

to be d (of a disease), naoru. 

to be d of, ni/kori-kori s. 

to be perfectly , zenkwai [^ 

f#) s ; homhuku (:?{s:{g) s ; zenyu (^ 

Cure, n. (being cured) naoru koto ; 
(curing) rybji [^(^) ; chiryo ('?^^). 
complete , zenji (^tn)- 

Curio, n. see Curiosity. 

Curiosity, n. (inquisitiveness) koki- 
shin (H'^it^) ; mono wo kikitagaru 
koto ; monodzuki ; (manufacture or 
product peculiar to a locality) mel- 
huisu (^^-^jj) ; melsan (^^); (rarity) 
medzurashii mono ; kibutsu (^4"^) ; 
metta ni nai mono. 

ies (curios), kottohin (#g,5J,) ; 


a , chinki{:^^). 

an ancient , jidai-mono. 

dealer, dbguya ; kottoya (♦^ 

hunter, dogu-dzuki. 
shop, dbguya ; kottbten {^] 


morbid (to see a horror), 


Curious, a. (inquisitive) kbkishin (0 
^>t^) no aru; sensaku (^^) dzuki 
na ; mono wo kikitagaru ; monodzuki 
na ; (queer) kitai (#|^) na ; k'li (^ 
^ na ; (rare) medzurashii ; metta ni 
denai ; kimyb {tyii^} na. 

Curiously, adv. (inquisitively) mono- 

dzuki ni ; kikitagatte ; shiritagatte ; 
(queerly) kitai ni ; kii ni ; (with nice 
care) selkb (ff^-x5) ni ; kbmyb {t^jjij^) 


Curiousuess, n. (exactness of work- 
manship) seikb ()j^x5) ; kbmyb. 

Curl, i.v. (of smoke) maki-agaru ; (of 
waves) une-ru ; udzumaku ; chijire-ru. 

to up (as, a piece of paper), 


Curl, t.v. chijirase-ru ; hineru. 

to itself up (of a cat), maru- 

ku naru. 

Curl, n. (of hair) chijire-ke ; makige ; 
chijiregami ; (of waves) udzumaki. 

Curlew, n. (numenius lineatus) b- 
jaku-shigi ; (n. minor) shaku-shigi ; 
(n. variegatus) kojaku-shigi. 

Curly, a. chijireta. 

Curliness, n. chijireta koto. 

Currency, n system, heisei 


metal , tsuyo-kwahei {M.BIM. 

m ; tsfikwa (ifi^). 

paper , satsu (^L) 5 shihei {^^ 

^) ; chohei mm- 

Current, n. ryidsu [xk^) ; kyuryu 
(:#>*^"ic) ) (of water) nagare ; choryu (i|^ 
fj^) ; kyuryil ; (fig.) chbryii. 

electric , denryu (^f5fc). 

the Black (off Japanese 

coast), Kuro-shio. 

Current, a. (fashionable) ryiiko {-^ 
^j) no ; hay art no ; (present) genkon 
(^^T^) '^c> ; ima no ; tb- (^) ; gen- 
(^) 5 [t^6 last two in Chinese com- 

a word, tsilyb-kotoba ; tsugo 

(MIn) ; futsu {WM.) no kotoba. 
account, tbza-adzukari ; (be- 
tween traders) kbgo-keisan (^cSnt 
%) [Com. Co.]. 
expenditure, keihi (Hg); 

keijbJd m-^w- 

month, tbgefsu {'^B); konr 

getsu i^B ) ; hongetsu (;^^ ). 

price, iifca (H^fg). 

report, iorisata; fuhyo (^ 

^) ; uwasa ; filsetsu {^M.)- 


[ 209 ] 


year, ionen; koiosM; konnen 

(-^^ii; honnen {if,if). 

petty account, koguchi-toza. 

to "be , isuyo (iffl/B) s ; (of a 

rumour) seken (iij:^) >*i okonaware- 
rVf or rufu {•^:^p) s ; (of a word) 

Currently, adv. tsune nl ; ippan (— 
^) nl ; amaneku ; (sfijlte ; zoku ((^) 


Ciirriculum, n. kwatei (l^fg) ; gak- 
ko-kwamoku (^^|^ @ ). 

Curry, t.v. (a horse) no/^e-ire wo s; 
nojke wo kosuru ; (leather) namesu. 

to favour with, 7ii/kohi-ru ; 

ni/kohi-hetsurau ; ni/o hekka wo 

Curry, n. kare. 

Currycomb, n. umagushi (,1:^) ; 
lima no kanagushi. 

Curse, n. (of man) noroi ; juso (PJ£ 
in.) ; (of the gods) taiari ; hachi. 

s come home to roost, hito 

wo norowaba ana futatsu. 

to incur a , ni\hacM ga aiaru 

[E. subj.-i-J. obj.] ; tatari wo uke- 

Curse, t.v. (invoke harm against) 

this d fellow, kono hachl- 


Cursive, a hand, sosho (?^#); 

hayagaki (^^). 

Cursorily, adv. zatto ; sosotsu (5|*2^) 
ni ; keisotsu (IM^i) ni ; soso (^ ^ ) 
ni ; soryaku C^§-) m. 

Cursoriuess, n. equiv. of Cursory 
foil, by koto. 

Cursory, a. zatto shita ; chotto shita ; 
sosotsu na ; keisotsu na ; soryaku na. 

Curt, a. huaiso {/f^^^) na ; temijika 
na ; sokkenai ; tototsu {J^^'^) 7ia ; 
hukklrabo na [vulg.]. 

•Curtail, t.v. herasu ; tsume-ru ; hasho- 
ru ; mljikaku s ; setsugen ( IflJJ^) s ; 
mijlkame-ru ; shoryaku \^^) s. 

to privileges, kenri (f^flj) 

wo sogu. 

Curtain, n. maka (^) [a.n. harl] [a 
long piece of cloth stretched on poles 
in the open air, or hung over a door- 
way] ; (at a theatre) maku ; hikl- 
maku ; (awning over a shop-front) 
noren [UfM) [a.n. kake]. 

window , mado-kake [a.n. 

kumi] ; as, 

a pair of s, mado-kake hiio- 


Curtly, adv. huaiso ni ; temijika ni ; 
sokkenaku ; hukklrabo ni. 

Curtness, n. huaiso ; sokkenasa. 

Curvature, n. wankyoku {M&) l 
(degree of) kyokudo (ft^^). 

Curve, n. kosen {^%j^^) ; yumi-nari ; 
nahedzuru-narl ; kyokusen {^^) ; (of 
a sword) sori. 

Curve, t.v. mage-ru ; (upward) sorase- 

d sword, wankyoku-to (ffi'i^ 

7} ) ; sori-katana. 

d t r aj ect or y , wankyoku-dan- 

do mrnwM)- 

to be d, magaru; (upward) 


Cusliion, n. (for sitting on) zahuton 
(SEniS) ; shltone. 
air , kukl-makura. 

Custodian, n. hannln (§A) 5 (of a 
museum) kwanrlnin (^IgA). 

Custody, n. (of persons) kar.shu (^ 
^) ; kango {^M) ', (of things) ho- 
kican {^^). 

to "be in the of, nl/adzukete 

aru ; (of the police) no/kanshl (^ 

ni^) ni natte oru. 

charge for , hokv:anryd (^ 

to give into the of (of 

things, etc.), ni/adzukete oku. 

to keep in , koryil i^'^) s; 

kbkln (|6j_^) s. 

to take into , koln (|r]^|) .9 ; 

inchl (5iiS:) «• 

Custom, n. (legal term) kwanshu (Ig 
^) [Civ, Co.]; (practice) shlkitari; 
shukwan (^'IJ) ; nare ; (practice of 
frequenting a shop) tokui ; (usage) 


[ 210 j OUT 

fuzoku (j|Lf&) > fiishu (J^^) ; shukwan 
(WIS) ; fugi ikm) ; kwanrei (ftf^J) ; 
narawashi ', fil {J^). 

bad s, akukei (^f^) ; he'ishu 

mW ; akushu (^W). 

old s, kyilhei (^H?). 

Customarily, adv. tsurei (jSI^) ; 
fudan (7F;§lf) ; tsune ni ; narawashi ni 
'yotte; tsiijo (ji^) ; heijo (^^) ; 
atarimae ni. 

Custoinary, a. tsurei no ; atarimae 
no ; tsune no ; ;fsi7jo (ig,'^) no ; rei 
(^) ?io ; heijo {^^) no ; shukwan 
(^'tR) ^'0 ; narawashi no. 

it is to , icafutsu, 

or tsune, de aru. 

Customer, n. kyaku {§) ; (mer- 
chant) torihiki-saki (^51;^) ; (pur- 
chaser) kai-te. 

constant , tokul ; tokui-saki ; 


Custom-llOUSe, n. zelkwan (fi§|). 

Customs, n. zeikwan (|t||). 

commissioner of , zeikwan- 

cho mmw)- 

conventional tariff, kyo- 

tei-zeiritsu {'Wi'^^^)- 

bureau, kwanzei-kyoku (||^ 


duties, kwanzei ; kaikwanzei 


law, kwanzeiho (||^'^). 

tariif, kaikwanzeisoku (f§|| 

Cut, n. (of a garment) shitate-kata ; 
tachi-kata ; (road or passage made by 
cutting) kiri-doshi ; (wound) kiri- 

sligM (wound), asade; usu- 


Cut, t.v. kiru ; tatsu [used only of 
things in sheets, as, woven fabrics, 
leather, or paper] ; (a canal) kai- 
saku (^^) s ; (dig) horu ; (hair) 
karu ; (mow) karu. 

to be about to , kiri-kakaru. 

to be up about, wo/zannen- 


to across, yoko ni kiru. 

to a dash, omote wo haru ; 

gwaikwan (^MS) '^■o kazaru ; mie 

ICO haru. 

to a figure, medatsu. 

to and scatter, wo/kiri- 


to asunder, kiri-hanasu. 

to cards, karuta wo kiru. 

to down, (a thing suspend- 
ed) kiri-otosu ; (a tree, or a man) 
kiru ; kiri-taosu ; (pay or expenses) 
kedzuru ; herasu ; setsugen (^ffvjic) 
s ; genji-ru. 

to down the price, negiru. 

to o each, other (lit.), kiri-au. 

to fine, komaka ni kiru; 


to into bits, kiri-kudaku; 


to into little bits, sanzan 

(1^^) ni kirw, dzuda-dzuda ni 

to off, kiri-otosu ; (destroy) 

tayasu ; danzetsu (^|g) sase-ru ; 
(of troops, etc.) setsudan (tQ^) s ; 
shadan (^glr) s. 

to one's way through, icof 


to one's wisdom teeth, 

wd]ke ga hae-ru [vulg.]. 

to open, (a boil) no/kuchi wo 

ake-ru ; (the body) kiri-hiraku. 

to out, kiri-nuku ; (a cancer) 

kiri-dasu ; (carve) horu ; chokoku 
iU^M) s I (clothes) tatsu ; (sup- 
plant) dashinuku [vulg.]. 

to short, (abbreviate) tsume- 

ru ; hashoru ; (what one is saying 
one's self) tsudzume-ru ; (what some- 
one else is saying) no/hanashi wo 

to teeth, wa]ha ga hae-ru. 

to to pieces, (annihilate) 

osatsu {^Wt) ^ '■> inina-goroshi ni s. 

to up, kiri-saku; (criticize) 

kokuhyo (@nrP) «• 

to with scissors, hasami-^ 

kiru ; hasamu. 

Cut, i.v. kire-ru. 

to at, ni/kiri-kake-ru. 

to badly, kirenai. 

to into, ni/kiri-komu. 

to well, yoku kire-ru. 

Cutaneous, a. kawa no. 

disease, hifuhyo (^/b"^)* 

Cutcli, n. asen-yaku [Mi^M)- 


[ 211 ] 


Cute, a.k'ibin (|^^) wa ; subayai. 

•Cuticle, n. uwakawa ; hyohi (^i^). 

Cutler, n. hamono-kaji. 

Cutlery, n, ham.ono. 

a shop, hamonoya ; kana- 


Cut-purse, n. klnchakkiri; suri; 
chibo [Kyoto], 

Cutting", n. (of a canal, road, etc.) 
kaisaku {^^) ; (of a newspaper) 
kiri-nuki ; hassui (^^) ; (of a plant) 
sashi-ki ; (of a railroad) kiri-dosM ; 
(of cloth) taehl-kudzu ; (of metal) 

Cutting", a. (severe) kokureisu [^^f]},) 
na ; kibishii ; mi wo kiru yd na. 

Cuttlefisli, n. (octopus) tako [a.n. 
hai (^)] ; (sepia) ika [a.n. hai (^)]. 
dried , surume. 

Cutting'-out, n. (of clothes) tachi- 

Cutworm, n. nekiri-mushi. 

Cycle, n. tenkwan (||3g). 

one (of Japanese chronology),. 

ikkoshi ( — ^J-) ; ichigen (— -tc). 

Cyclist, n. jitensha-nori. 

Cyclone, n. tsumuji-kaze ; sempu (Jg 

Cyclopedia, n, hyakkwa-zensho C^ 



B) ; (of a 

Cylinder, n. ehoenkel (Mi^f^); 
machine) klto (ii;fnj) ; ento (jlli^ 

Cylindrical, a. ento (iJfnj) narl no; 
ehoenkel [WWf^) no. 

Cymbals, n. nyilhachi ; sv.rigane. 

Cynara scolymus, chosen-azami. 

Cypher, n. (monogram) kudzushi- 
gaki ; (number) silji (M^) ', (secret) 
ango (P^'"J!|) ; (used by tradesmen) 
fucho i^j^) ; (zero) rei (9). 

telegram, ango-dempo (l@^ 

Cyst, n.fukuro. 


D, n. (No. 4) iel (T). 

Dalb, t.v. (with a wet rag) shitorasu. 

I>al>ble, i.v. (in water) midzu-itadzura 
wo s ; hocha-hocha s ; (in mud) hata- 
hata s. 

to in (fig.), ni/atama ico isuk- 


Dabcliick, n. raoguH ; kaitsumuri. 

Dace, n. (leuciscus macropus) haya ; 
hae ; (1. hakuensis) ugui. 

Dacoits, n. dohi (±||). 

Daddy-longlegs, n. seitaka-mushL 

Da€lo, n. koshi-hari. 

Daffodil, n. ki-zuisen (||7Kfllj). 

Dag"g"er, n. ianto (^7J); aikuchi; 
(carried in the bosom) kicaiken (@ 
0^) ; (short sword formerly worn at 

the side) waki-zashl ; (formerly worn 
with katana and wakizashi) yoroi- 
doshi ; (printer's sign) ken (g^). 

to look s, 7ne ni kado-tate-ru. 

Dalili,^, n. tenjiku-hotan {^^'^j^). 

Daily, adv. hibi-hihi ; hibi ni; mai- 
nicM {%]i\) ; (day by day more) M- 
mashl ni. 

Daily, a. hibi no ; mainichi no ; (in 
daily use) nichiyo (0/f]) no; nichija 
( H ^) no. 

allowance, niito (B'g')- 

necessaries, nichiyohin (0 

...... ration, hibi no ategal. 

wage, nikkyu (H^). 

Daily, n. (newsx^aper) nikkan- 
shimbun ( Q ^Ijfj^). 


I 212 ] 


Dainty, a. (agreeable to the palate) 

oishii ; umai ; fumi {M*^) ^'^ V^^ 5 
(elegant) kyasha (i^§) na ; (fas- 
tidious regarding food) tdbemono no 

to be , eri-kirai wo s. 

I)ainty, n. umai-mono ; himi (^R^). 
to be fond of ies, UsJioku 

mm .^. 

Dairy, n. cMcH-ya ; gyiinyu-ya; gyii- 

nyu-sakuslmjo {4^fiW^ff\)- 
Dairyman, n. cMchiya. 

Dais, u.jddan (±^) ; hbseki {%J^) ', 
(at a story-teller's) kbza (i^J^). 

Daisy, n. eimei-giku (^^^). 
ox-eye , furansu-giku. 

Dally, i.v. (idle) guzutsuku. 
to with, ni/fuzake-ru. 

Dam, n. (barrier) seki {f§.) ; (of 
horses, as dist. from sire) hara. 

Dam, t.v. seki-tome-ru ; nijseki wo s. 

Damage, n. (injury) kidzu ; songai 
am) ; kiso7i (i5it) [Com. Co.] ; (by 
fire, flood, etc.) higai {f^^) ; (by 
flood) suigai (tJc^) ; (to a building, 
ship, etc.) hason (^ti.) ; (to crops, 
etc.) gai {%) ; (loss) son (J|) ; (com- 
pensation for) tsugunoi-kin ; songai- 
haisho (ti#^(K) ; songaikin. 

claim for s, songai-yosho (|^ 

^^^) '■> songai-baisho no seikyu 


sea , kaison (■/^■J^) [Com. Co.]. 

show me where the is, 

itami-sho wo misete kure. 

Damage, t.v. iiame-ru ; sonji-ru ; 
nijkidzu wo tsuke-ru ; kison s. 

:d goods, sonji-mono ; (by 

water) sawate-mono. 

to be d, ifamu; sonji-ru; ni] 

kidzu ga tsuku ; hason s ; sonslib 

mm) s. 

Damaging', a to, wojgai sum. 

it is to the country's 

reputation, kokka (^^) no tax- 
men difM) ^^ kegasu. 

Damascened, a. nie no uita. 

Damask, n, (article of import) mon- 

satin , donsu. 

Damnation, n. hatsu (p). 

Damp, n. shimeri-ke ; shikki {^M,) J 

Damp, a. shimeppoi. 

to become , shikJceru ; shime- 


Damp, t.v. sJdmesu. 

Dance, i.v. odoru ; man [used of 
ceremonial dances like the no (||), or 
slow processional dances on the 

Dance, t.v. odorase-ru. 

Dance, n. hutb [a.n. ban (^)] ; 
odori; mai [a.n. kyoku (^)] ; (bail) 
butokwai {^.f^'^). 

Court (performed to music 

by male dancers gorgeously 

dressed), bugaku (|2||^). 

sacred (at Shinto shrine), 


the cherry (at Kyoto), 


Dancing, n. odoru koto ; odori ; (in 
European style) buto. 

prohibition of music and 

(in time of public mourning), on- 
gyoku-teishi ( "gftj^jh). 
rope , tsuna-watari. 

Dancing-girl, n. odoriko ; han- 
gyoku (4^35) ; aka-eri ; shitajikko ; 
maiko [W. Japan] ; (of the kagura) 


to hire s, odoriko, etc., wo 


Dandelion, n. tampo ; iampopo. 

Dandle, t.v. ayasu. 

Dandruff*, n. fuke. 

Dandy, n. share-mono ; datesha. 

Dane, n. Demmakku-jhi (T^A)- 

Danger, n. ayaui-me ; kikcn (^pJc) J 
(likelihood) osore. 

his life is not in , seimei (^ 

^) ni wa betsujo (^Ijf^) ga nai. 
hnminent ....... kikyu {fa,M^). 

there is no , abunage ga nai. 

there is no of, kidzukai wa 

nai following vb. 

to fall into , aburmi-rm ni 


r 213 ] DAT 

Daiig"eroiis, a. abunai ; Jciken na ; 
kennon na ; ayaui ; (of weather at 
sea) ken-aku '(P^Jg) na ; (mfested 
with thieves) busso {k^j}%^) na. 

articles, kikembuisu {Jal'$ 


to life, inochi ni sawaru. 

extremely klken-semban 


very (of sick person's condi- 
tion), kitoku if^^) ni natta. 

Dangle, i.v. bura-sagaru. 

Dangle, t.v. bura-sage-ru. 

Daniel, n. Danieru. 

Danish, a. Demmakku {TW) no. 

Danish, n. Demmakku-go. 

Dapliiie, n. d. g-enkw?., fuji- 
modoki ; chojl-sakura. 
d. cdora, jhichoke. 
d. pseudo-mezereon, oni-shiba- 
ri ; natsu-hozu. 

Daphnipiiylluni, n. yudzurl-ha. 

Dappled, a gray horse, 


Dare, i.v. I say (perhaps), ka 

mo shirenai. 

not to to (lack courage to), 

yt'iki {^^) ga nal following vb. 

DarefleviS, a bravery, boko- 

hydka {^I^i^fjffii) no yu (^). 

Daredevil, n. bdkensha (f pi^#). 

Daring", n. daitan {-J^M)- 

Daring, a. daitan na ; kimo nofutoi : 
■\yiVcan (^$^) na ; (in bad sense) 
dzubuioi; daitan-fateki {-^<:M^.^) na. 

Daringly, adv. daitan ni] (reck- 
lessly) muko-midzu ni. 

Dark, n. kurayami. 

after , hi ga kvrete kara ; 

kuraku natte kara. 

Dark, a. (destitute of light) kurai ; 
(of colour) koi; (of complexion) 

cell (prison), room 

(photo.), anshitsu (0^^). 

lantern, gando-jochin (|ff}|^ 


nig-ht, anya (Bf^). 

red, a. makka na ; n. (con- 

tainiug a shade of brown) kuromi- 
gakatta aka. 

pitch , makkura na ; skin no 

yami no ; ubatama no. 

to keep a fact , kakushi-goto 

wo s. 

to keep , hissori shite oku. 

Darken, t.v. kuraku s ; koku s. 

Darken, i.v. kuraku naru ; koku 
naru ; kuroku naru. 

Darkness, n. (quahty) kurai koto ; 
(degree) kurasa. 

Darling, a. kawaii ; kawairashii. 

Darling, n. (favourite) o-ki-ni-iri. 

Darn, t.v. karakuru ; ito de sasu ; 

Dart, i.v. to out, tobi-deru. 

Dart, t.v. to out the tong-ua 

(of a snake), shita wo dasu, or haki- 

Dart, n. (of a blow-tube) fukiya. 

Dasli, i.v. to ag-ainst, ni/tsitki' 

ataru ; ni/huttsukaru. 

Dasli, t.v. to against, e nage* 

tsuke-ru ; e buchi-tsuke'vu. 

to together, ucJd-awasu. 

Dasli, n. (a shght quantity) kokorc- 
mochi hodo ; (energy) eiki (f^^) ; 
(check) ketsumadzidci : ionza ($g^-) ; 
(printer's sign) suji. 

Dasliing, a. yilkan (Mf^) na. 

Dastardly, a. Ukyd (-^'j^^) na. 

Data, n. tane ; zairyo [f^Pt). 

on what ? doko ni yotte ka. 

Date, n. (fruit) natsume-yashi ; 
(period) ko7-o ; (appointed day) 'kijitsu 
iMU); (time limited) nichigen ( g 
|JH:) ; (of a letter, etc.) hidzuke ; gvxip^ 
pi ; nengicappi (^J^ [] ). 

at an early , chikai uchi ni ; 

kin-kin (i^r >!r ) ni. 

of opening, (a raihvay) kai' 

tsiiki {^M^%^) ; (the Diet) kaikwai- 

on what ? ikka ni. 

to fix the s (for transac- 
tions on different days), hidori wo 
kime-ru ; hiwari wo kimeru. 


[ 214 ] 

I>ate, t.v. nijhidzuke wo s ; ni/gwappi 
. tDo Icaku. 

letter d the 10th, tbka- 

dzukc no tegami. 

IDativCj n. dalsankaku (^Ht-I-)- 
Daub, t.v. 7iuru. 

Daiigiiter, n. musume ; polite ex- 
pressions are o musume-go ; ojo san ; 
go reljo {JM'%'M.) [^^® ^"^^o latter of an 
unmarried ]. 

adopted , yojo (^^). 

eldest , chojo {^-k) ', soryo- 

musume (|^,^M^1) ; ane-musume. 

only , hltori-musume. 

second , nijo (zi;^). 

youngest , sue-mi:sume. 

Daiig'liter-in-law, n. yome. 
my , uchi no yome. 

Davit, n. * ; hoio-kake. 

Davy-lamp, n. amen- {^^)- rampu. 

Dawdle, i.v, guzutsuku ; namake-ru. 

to along the road, michi- 

kusa s ; michi-kusa wo kuu ; michi- 
kusa ICO tsumu [x3rovincial]. 

Dawn, n. yo-ake ; ake-gata. 

before , yo-ake mae ; kurai 

uchi ni. 

Da^^ii, impers, v, yo ga ake-ru. 

Day, n. hi ; nichi ; jijsu ; [one , 

ichinichi (^H ) ; 2 ...... s^futsuka ; 

3 s, mikka ; 4 s, yokka ; 

5 s, itfiuka; 6 s, midka; 

7 s, nanuka ; 8 s, yoka ; 

9 s, kokonoka ; 10 s, 

toka; 11 , jidchinichi; and 

so on for the rest of the series ex- 
cept 14 s, jilyokka : 20 

s , hatsuka ; 24 s , nijii- 

yokka'] ; (in travelling) tomari ; 

Jiaku; as, one , hlto tomari; 

ippaku (— v^fl) ; how many 
s ? iku tomari ; iku haku ; (re- 
ception-day) uke-hi ; osetsuhi (fS 

B, or two, ichiryonichi (— ^ 

all , ichinichi ; shujitsu (^ 

) ; all to-day, konnichi ichi- 

a whole , maru ichinichi. 

by that , sono hi mode ni. 


and hour, jijitsu (HfH); 

and night, hiru mo yoru 

mo ; chUya (^^). 

by , hi-mashl ni ; ...:.. 

by and month by month, 

hi ni tsuki ni. 

during the ., hiruma no uchi 


every , mmnichi (^ 9 ) ; 

hihi-hihi ; hihi ni ; mainichi no yd 

ni ; every other , ichinichi- 

okini; kakujitsu {f>^^); every 3 

s, futsuka-oki ni; every 6 

s, iisuka-huri ni; tsuki roku-^ 


a few s, shigo-nichi; a few 

s ago, senjitsu (:5fe0); kwa- 

jitsu (iilH); during the next 

few s, kore kara shigo nichi 

no aida; within a few s, 

shigo nichi no uchi. 

good , konnichi wa. 

first of the month, isai- 

tachi ; ichinichi ; thirtieth 

of the month, misoka; the rest 
are the same as the series two 

s, etc. 

the first ten s of the 

mo nth , jbjun ( ±. "Ij ) . 

the second ten s of the 

month, chiljim (cp^). 

the last ten s of the 

Yaonth. y gejun{~f^). 

first of the year, gwanjiisu 


in ten s from to-day, kon- 
nichi kara toka-me no hi ni. 
in the course of to-day, kyojH 
ni ; kyo no uchi ni. 

last of the year, b-misoka ; 


number of s, hi-kadzu; 

nissii (Bit)- 

officer of the , nitchoku-shb- 

kb (BDiJlfK); tbchoku-shbkb (^^ 

one , (a certain day) aru hi; 

(in time future) gonichi (^0); 
tajitsu (f[k ). 

only the . other , isui Icon 


on that , sono hi ni. 

on the of the elections, 

senkyo no tbjitsu (I^^*^ ). 
solar , taiybjitsu (;^PJ ). 


[ 215 ] 


some , iisu ka. 

the after to-morrow, 

asatte ; myogonichi (5^^H )• 

the before, sono mae no hi ; 

sono zenjitsu (:^tu0)j the 

before yesterday, issakujitsu 
{—0^0); ototoi; ototsui; two 

s before, sono futsuka mae. 

the next , so7io yokiijltsu (^ 

^ ) ; sono akuru hi ; the next 

but five, sono muika-me no 


the present (time), koK- 

nichi ; tdji {^\i^). 

this year, rainen (^^) no 


what (of the month) ? ikka. 

work by the , hiyo-shigoto ; 


Daybook, n. nikkichd {BWi^W> 
deirlcho ; daifukucho (A^ip). 

Daybreak, n. yo-ake ; shirashira- 

ake ; f sh'inonome. 

Day-labour, n. iri-shigoto ; hiyo- 

Day-labourer, n. hiyo-tori ; hi- 

Daylig'bt, n. hiruma; {^ 


before , mimei {^^J\ ) ni. 

in broad , hiru-hinaka ni ; 

hakuchu ni ; mapplruma. 

Day-lily, n. wasure-gusa. . 

Day-scliolar, n. tsugakusei (M^ 
^) ; kayoisei. 

Dazed, a. to be 


tfi ) ni natte oru ; wa]me ga kuramu ; 

honyari s. 

to be with sleep, neboke-ru. 

Dazzle, t.v. mdbushiku s. 

Dazzle, i.v. expr. by the adj. mahu- 

Dazzling", a. malushii. 

Deacon, n, (Prot.) deakono ; kwairi 
i^M); (liom. Cath.) hosai (|i^) ; 
(Baptist) shitsuji (^^). 

-Deaconess, n. onna no shitsuji ; jo- 
shitsvji (icfL^)- 

Dead, a. shinda ; (of a tree) kareta. 
and wounded, shishosha 

letter, (postal) 7nossho (j^ 

^) ; (of a law) kuhun (^^). 

man, shinin (^ A) ; hotoke ; 

(corpse) shigai (^f^) ; men 

tell no tales, shinin ni kuchi 

tree, kareki. 

festival of the , hon- 

matsuri ; (in memory of soldiers 
killed in action) shokon-sai (fgi^ 


it is uncertain whether he is 

alive or , shoshi (^^) ga 

fumel da. 

to fall in the street, iki- 


to shoot , (with a bow) i- 

korosu ; (with firearms) uchi- 

Dead, adv drunk, shotai i^"^) 

naku yotta ; dzuburoku ni yotta ; 
deism (fMi?) shita. 

to be asleep, yoku nekonde 

oru ; jukusui (^[|i|) shite oru. 

wind ahead, ma-mukai- 


Dead, n of night, mayonaka; 

yoru no sanaka. 

of winter, fuyu no sanaka ; 

gokan iM^). 

Deadbeat, a. to be , gakkari 

shite oru. 

Deaden, t.v. (a shock) yawarage-ru ; 
(impair in vigour) nihuku, or yowaku^ 
s ; nihurase-ru. 

Dead-lieat, a. to be , wa]sho'bu 

(I^E) g(^ nai. 

Deadlock, n. nankwan (|f.^). 

to be at a , shintai {'MiM.) 

kiwamaru ; ita-hasami no arisama 
de am. 

Deadly, a disease, ^efci&^/o (flj 


poison, gekidoku (§0^). 

wound, kyiisho {^fj\) no 

kidzu ; chimeisho {^p^^). 

Dead. Sea, Shikai (^•?^-). 


E 216 ] 


Deaf, a. mlmi no toi. 

are you ? (mockingly) mlmi 

wa Icazari-mono ka. 

, and dumb person, oshi; 


person, tsumho. 

to "be of one ear, kaia- 

tsumho de aru. 

to be stone , kara-tsumho de 


Deafen, t.v. nojmimi wo isuhusu ; 
tsumho ni s. 

to be ed, wa]mimi ga tsuhure- 

ru ; tsumho ni naru. 

Deaf-mute, n. oshi ; bshi. 

Deafness, n, isumhd. 

Deal, t.v. (cards) maku ; kuharu. 

Deal, i.v. (trade) shbhai (i^K) ^5 
torlhiki s. 

easy to witb (i.e. keep in 

order), selshi-yasui. 

to in, ivo/aklnau. 

to with, (in trade) to/torihiki 

s ; (property, an affair, etc.) shohun 
(IS^) s ; tori-aisiikau ; (control) 

Deal, n. (pine-i)lank) maisu-ita [a.n. 
mai (#J] ; (at cards) ban (-gf ). 

a good , daihu {ix.%)', yo~ 

hodo ; yoppodo. 

a great , iakusan (r^lil) ; 


to make a good (as in 

shares), umaku ate-ru ; umaku 

Dealer, n. akindo ; (at cards) oya. 

in, expr. by -ya [IB.), more 

rarely -shb [M), suffixed to the name 
of the article ; as, in fire- 
wood, maki-ya ; in leLcqner- 

waYBf nurlmono-ya ; in oil, 

ahura-ya ; in piece-goods, 

tammono-ya ; retail , kouri- 


honest (as opp. to receiver of 

stolen goods), seUjybsha (lEliI^). 

Dealing's, n. (commercial) torihiki. 

Dean, n. (of a cathedral) kantoku- 
kybdbchb {&^%.^M.^) ; (Budd.) chu- 
kybsei (tt>fj(iE); (of a faculty) /i??/o- 
shichb (fitOiPJi). 

Dear, a. (beloved) kawaii ; (ex- 
pensive) takai ; kbne no ; kbka (i^ 
m no. 

to be , nolne ga hatte oru. 

to buy , kai-kdburu. 

Dearly, adv. takaku ; (earnestly) 
fukaku ; setsu (-tj]) 7ii. 

beloved, saiai (;^^) no, 

Dearness, n. kbne ; kbka. 
Dearth, n. fusoku (^/g.) ; ketsuhb 

m^) ; (famine) kikiii mM)- 
Deatli, n. shi ; shinu koto ; (decease) 

shihb ; (manner of) shini-yb ; (the 

penalty) shikel (^ffij). 

s (from disease), shibbsha (^ 

a crime worthy of ^ shi ni 

ataru tsumi. 

after , shigo (^^) ; after 

the of A., A. ga shinde 


anniversary of Jimmu-Ten- 

no's (April 3), Jlmmu-Tennb- 

sai (Jiiiti^^^^^). 

assault resulting in , bda- 

chishi (^fTiiC^)- 

at the point of , rinju (glil,^) 

no magiwa ni ; shimghca ni. 
Black (plague), kokushihyb 

mMm)- . 

cause of , sldhi (^0). 

certificate of , shibb-shbsho 

{KtimW ; shibbshb. 

penalty, shikei. 

early , wakajini. 

instantaneous , sokushi ( fip 


notice of (to Auths ), shibb- 


sudden , tonshi ('t^^). 

to be at 's door ^ shini-giica 

ni natte oru. 

to beat to 


to be burned 


to be crushed 

mm s. 

to be sentenced to 

(5^^ij) wo senkoku (W.'a ) sare-ru. 

to boil to , ni-korosu. 

to cause the of, woj shi ni 








t 217 ] 



to die an inglorious .. 

jini wo s. 

to fear , shi wo itou, or oso- 

re-ru ; inochi wo oshimu. 

to roast to , aburi-korosu. 

to slash to , kiri-korosu. 

to stab to , sashi-korosu. 

to torture to , nahuri-goroshi 

ni s ; nahuri-korosu. 

to trample to , fumi-korosu. 

until ., shinumade. 

violent , henshi (®«^) ; oshi 


Deatli-roll, n. shiho-hyo (^"t^)- 

Deatli-^varrant, n. sUkei-shikko 
(^?fiJfLff) no meirei (^^). 

Debacle, n. gwakai {%M)- 

.Debar, t.v. to from, no/michi 

wo tatsu. 

Debase, t.v. oiosu ; (coin) no/ne-uchi 
wo otosu ; nojkurai wo otosu ; henzo 
mm) s. [Cr. Co.]. 

Debatable, a. question, gi- 

mon (Mfo^)- 

Debate, n. tdron {Mtm) ', glron (^ 
fim) ; hyogi mM)- 

s (pari, proceedings), gryi (^ 


hot J gekiron (^f^). 

Debate, t.v. hyogl s ; ronji-ru ; gi s; 
togimM)^ifu{i^) ^' 

Debating'-societjj, n. tdronkwai 
Debaiiclij i.T. ddraku (jll^) s ; hoto 

mm) s. 

Debaueli, t.v. (lead astray) hikldzurl- 
komu ; sosonokasu. 

Debaiicli, n. (intemperance) hoin 


Debauciiee, n. dbraku-mono ; hoto- 
nin ; horatsunin (j^J^A)- 

Debauchery, n. (intemperance and 
lewdness) shushoku (fg"^) ; hoto. 

De bene esse, shdko-hozen {MW.^ 
■^) no tame. 

Debenture, shasai (thlH) [Com. 
Co.] ; ^the document) saiken (®|-^). 

: holder, shasaikensha (t^^ 


Debilitated, a. to be , swjaku 

shite OTu. 

Debility, n. tsukare ; swjaku (^ 
ID ; hiro mm. 

Debit, n. (book-keeping) kari-kata ; 
fusai (Mffi). ' 

Debouch, i.v. expr. by the trans, 
vb. kurl-dasu. 

Debris, n. kudzure ; koware ; ha- 

kwa'ibutsu (^^^^). 
Debt, n. shakkin (fp^) ; shakuzai 
(1b Rt) 5 ow^6 [Kyoto dial.] ; (claim) 
saiken (^f^) [Civ. Pro.]. 

s,/Msai (M®). 

national , kokusai (^^). 

to have s, walkari ga aru. 

to run into 

shakkin s ; 

shakuzai s ; shakkin, or kari, wo 

Debtor, n. (correlative of creditor) 
karite ; karl-nushl ; kari-kata ; sai- 
musha (^f^^). 

Decade, n.junenkan (i^-^^f^). 

several s, sujiinen (gj;-f-^). 

Decadence, n. suiU (^0). 

Decagon, n. jikkaku; jikkakkei (-f* 


Decahedron, n. jumentai {'YMW)- 

Decalogue, n.jikkal (i^?g). 

Decamp, i.v. chlkuten (^^) s ; 
shuppon ({B^} s ; (with stolen goods) 
mochi-nige s ; (leaving no trace) 
taka-tohi s. 

Decanter, n. tokkuri ; hln ; sake- 

Decapitate, t.v. no/kuhi wo kiru ; 
uchi-kuhi ni s. 

Decapitation, n. zanzai (|ffPi). 

Decay, i.v. kusaru ; fuhai (J^^) s ; 

(of a tree) kuchi-ru ; (of power) oto~ 

roe-ru ; suihi {M^k) •^• 
Decay, n. fuhai ; suihi. 
Decease, n, Fhlho. 


[ 218 ] 


Deceased, a. shinda, 

father, bo/w (t:^). 

friend, hoyu [tlM)- 

persons, shibosha (^it!^). 

...... wife, hosal ("t^). 

the , shinda hito; shibonin. 

I>eceit, n. itsuicari ; uso. 

Deceitful, a. dchaku (;^^) na. 

Deceive, t.v. (cheat) damasu ; dama- 
kasu ; (delude) azamiiku ; no/me wo 
kuramasu, or kasume-ru ; (mislead) 

December, n. jimigwatsu (-f^n^) ; 
gokugetsu {@^). 

Decency, n. gydgi (^f^) no tadashii 

Decent, a. (decorous) gyogi no tada- 
shii ; tansei {i^iE) na ; (moderate but 
competent) sod (^S0.) na. 

Deception, n.damashi ; gomakasJii; 
manchaku {^W) ; (fraud) sagi (f^f^). 

Deceptive, a. (of appearances) mi- 

kake ni yoranu. 

Decide, t. and i.v. kime-ru ; (a case) 
saihan (iic^'J) ^ > (^ controversy) tori- 
sabaku ; (a point of procedure, etc.) 
kettei (^^) s ; (a disputed point) 
handan (^J^) s ; (on one's own 
judgment) dokudan (5^^) s. 

to he d, kimaru ; kettei ni 


to against (a motion), wo} 

hiketsu (^'^) s. 

to in favour of, ico/kaketsu 

(nj^) s. 

to to, koto ni kime-ru, or 

kessuru following vb. 

to unoflQ.cially, naltei (^^) 


to upon (in assembly), loo/ 

giketsu (|^^) s. 

Decided, a. (certain) shika to shita ; 
(marked) ichijirushii. 

Decidedly, adv. expr. by ni soi nai 
after the adj. ; (exclam.) ikanimo ; 
(markedly) ichijirushiku. 

Deciduous, a. rakuyosei (^^ife.) no. 

Decimal, n. shosii. 

circulating" , junkwan-shosu 

point, kireiten (09ifi) > j'^^' 

ten {-f-^th)' 

system, jiishinho ("f^xJifi) ; 

j'ushin-ichiiho (~f'5!E-^'fe^). 

Deciplier, t.v. handan (^Jiff) s ; 
hanji-ru ; (as, a cypher telegram) 

Decision, n. (decisiveness) ketsudan 
(^Sfj); (determination) kesshin (^ 
ili%) ; kwadan {^^) ; (judgment) 
saiban (i^^j) ; hanketsu (^1J^) ; (on a 
disputed point) handan (^Jglf) ; (rul- 
ing) kettei (•^^) ; ketieisho (^^#) ; 
hantelsho {^]^%)', [last two, written] ; 
(of an assembly) ketsugi (^1^). 
final (law), shiikyokuteki- sai- 
ban imm^Mn)- 

Decisive, a. tashika na. 

answer, ketto ( ^^). 

hattle, kessen (^iJc). 

proof, tashika no shoko ; 

kakusho [MW) \ '\kakko [i^^] taru 

Decisively, adv. danzen {^f^) ; 

Decisiveness, n. ketsudan. 

Deck, n. * ; kampan. 

Aower , shita-kampan ; shita- 


'tween s, chu-kampan {f^^ 

^) ; chu-dekki. 

upper , jo-kampan (±.^;^); 


Declaration, n. (before a judicial 

officer) moshitate ; moshitate-gaki 
[written] ; chiujutsu (1^^) ; kyojutsu 
i^yMi) 1 (affidavit) senseisho ; sensei- 
shbmeisho {'^MWM^) 5 (notification) 

fukoku (^fpi 

(proclamation) sen- 

gen ; sengensho {"MM^) [written] ; 
(by person paying taxes, duty, etc.) 
shinkoku (^-^). 

of war, sensen {^.W) » kai- 

sen-kbfu (|^ic^^). 

Declare, t.v. ii-taie-ru ; meigen (55 
n) s ; (proclaim) sengen s \ (make 
known) shimesu ; araicasu. 

d value (of goods), shinkoku- 

kagaku {l^'i^mW- 


[ 219 1 


to itself, araware-ru ; (of a 

disease) haisubyo (f^^) s. 

to persistently, ii-liaru. 

to positively, dangen (^ 

to war, sensen s. 

Declension, n. (gram.) haiaraJci ; 
goU (I^M) ^0 henkwa (Mit) ; (clete- 
rioration) suiM (^^). 

Declination, n. hensa (fig^). 

Decline, t.v. (refuse) kotowaru ; jl 
(If) ,9 ; shazetsu (=ilg) .9 ; jiiai (|fil) 
.s- ; also expr, by shochi {1^^) shinai. 

Decline, i.v. (refuse) kotowan wo iu, 
or s ; kotowaru ; shazetsu s ; (deterio- 
rate) otoroe-ru ; suibl s ; (of price) 
sagaru ; geraku (T^) s. 
power s, ikiol ga usuku naru. 

Declivity, n. (gentle) nadare ; (steep) 

Decoct, t.v. senji-ru. 

Decoction, senjUa mono ; (med.) 
senyaku (Htf^) ; senji-gusuri. 

Decompose, i.Y.fuhai s. 

Decompose, t.y. (chem.) hunkai (^ 

m) s. 

Decomposition, n. (putrefaction) 
fuhai ifM^) I (resolution into ele- 
mentary parts) hunkai. 

Decorate, t.v. kazaru. 

to with , ni ico 

kazaru, or kazari-tsuke-ru. 

to "be d with (an order), ni/ 

jo (f5i) serare-ru. 

Decoration, n. kazari ; kazari- 
mono ; soshoku (^f^) ; (order) kun- 
sho ; (bestowal of an order) jokun 


board of s, shbkunkyoku (^ 

new year's s (at house en- 
trance), kadomatsu. 

to have a conferred upon 

one, kunslio wo sadzukerare-ru. 

Decorative, a. kazari ni naru ; so- 
shoku no. 

Decorous, a. gydgl (ffH) '/^o tada- 
shil, or ii. 

Decorously, adv. gyogi-iadashiku. 

Decorum, n. reigi (jf^^). 

Decoy, t.v. ohiku. 

to in, ohiki-komu; ohiki-ire' 


to out, ohiki-dasu. 

Decoy-bird, n. otorl. 

Decrease, i.v. heru ; hette kuru ; 
genji-ru ; genshb (^:^) s. 

Decrease, t.v. herasu. 

Decrease, n. heri ; (amoi^nt of) gen- 
increase and , zbgen (ifii)^). 

Decree, n. (proclamation) fakoku 
(^i^) ; furei (^^) ; (law) horei (f^ 
<^) ; (Imperial ordinance) chokurei 
(^jfj^) ; (Chinese Imp. ordinance )jo2/w 
(Jtfit) ; (of a Court of law) keiiei (^ 
^); meirei{^^). 

Decrepit, a. oihoreta ; rosui shita. 
to become , oihore-ru. 

Decrepitude, n. rosui {^m)- 
Decry, t.v. kasasu ; kenasu ; soshi- 
ru ; hinan (^^li) s. 

Dedicate, t.v. (to the gods) osame- 
ru ; sonae-ru ; hbnb (^r.^) s. 

Dedication, n. (of a church) kendo ; 
(the ceremony) kendoshiki (j|^^5^). 

De die in diem, renjitsu (:;§ P )• 
Deduce, t.v, (log.) en-eki (i^i^) s. 

to from, wo jo shite mi-ru ; 

karajsuisatsu (jf|^) s ; kara/wari- 
dasu ; kara/suichi (if|^) s. 

Deduct, t.v. ?iiku ; sashi-hiku ; kojo 

(f^l^) s ; genji-ru. 
Deduction, n. en-eki-hb (i^^-'^£). 
Deductive, a. enekihb no. 

Deed, n. shiwaza ; kbi (^f^) ; shoi 
(Fir^) ; (writing) shbsho (Il#) ; shb- 
mon mX)- 

of transfer, yudzuri-watashi- 


illustrious , s, kbseki (jcfjl^). 

title , chiken; chikenjb (iife^ 

n/v)- _ 

words and s, genko (Wff ) J 

gengo-dbsa (Wl^fjjt^). 

DEE [_ 

Deem, t.v. (consider) to/mltome-ru ; 
to/nintei (gS^) s ; (regard as) to/mi- 

Deep, a.fukai ; (of colour) kol ; (mea- 
suring backwards) tate ; as, 1 foot 

broad by 2 feet , yoko isshaku 

ni tate nishaku ; (of the voice, a sigh, 
etc.) fuiol ; (abstruse) shin-en (J^jl^) 
no ; (of an atmospheric depression) 
shinkb {:^]$.) na. 

deliberation, jitfcM/7i {^M)- 

sleep, jnkusui {^^^). 

sea anii:.ials, shinkai-do- 

hutsu imWi^'i'})- 

five (of ranks), goretsu (S^lJ) 


to be in the water (of a 

ship), fukaku asM-Ute oru ; wajashi 

ga haitte oru. 

|>eep8ii, i.v. fukaku s ; (in colour) 
koku s. 

Deepen, i.v, fukaku nam ; koku 

Deep-laid, a. shin-en (•^^) na. 

Deeply, adv. fukaku. 

to reflect , isura-tsura kan- 


Deepness, n.fukal koto. 

Deer, n. shika. 

musk , jako-neko. 

Deerstalker, n. (cap) torluchl-ho ; 

Deface, t.v. suri-tsuhusu ; nilkidzu 
wo isuke-ru ; (a stamp with seal) ni/ 
keshiin ico s ; (coin) henzo (^ia) -^• 

to be d, surl-tsuhure-ru ; ma- 

meisu {^W,) s. 

De fsictOf j^jltsujo (l^^_h) no. 

Defalcate, t.v. tsukai-komu. 

Defalcation, n. Jdklol ; tsukal- 


Deiaination, n. zanso (fil/'j) ; hiki- 

mi mmMY 

Defame, t.v. zanso s\ nojmeiyo (^ 
^) wo gai (^) s. 

Default, n. kwashitsu {^^) ; oko- 
tari ; kaitai {^^^) [Civ. Pro.]. 

in of , ga nakereba. 

judgment by , kesseki-han-- 

ketsu (X/^^J^) [Cr. Pro.]. 

220 ] 


Defaulter, n. kwashitsusha ; kaiiai- 
■sha ; (one who fails to pay taxes when 
diUQ) funbsha (/fC|^^) ; tainosha {\f^ 
V]^)\ (oii6 who breaks an engage- 
ment) iyakusha (^|^J^). 

Defeat, n. (mil ) haihoku (Pjc4k) ; 
haignn (Rjc^) ; (at law) haiso [WM)- 

total , zempai (|^R^:) ; so- 


unwilling-ness to acknow- 
ledge , make-oshimi. 

Defeat, t.v. makasu ; ydburu ; ku- 


to be ed, make-ru ; (in battle) 

ucJiimake-ru ; hai too toru ; hike wo 
toru ; kudzure-ru ; haihoku s ; 
(at an election) rakusen (l^iP) 

to be totally ed, zempai s; 

so-kudzure ni naru. 

Defect, n. kidzu ; ketten {CKEh) ; 
kake ; kakin (^£1). 
has a in his speech, wa} 

shita ga mijikai ; shita-taradzu da. 

Defection, n. (from a party) dattb 


Defective, a. kaketa ; fukwanzen (/f; 
yc^) '^0 ; ketten no aru ; fu-yuki- 
todoki no ; yidd-todokanu ; (insuffi- 
cient) tarinai ; (of a set of things) 
sorotte inai. 

verb, keppen-doshi (|^@U!l 

to be 

., fukwanzen, ovfuhi de 


Defectiveness, n.fuU [Tf.^). 

Defence, n. bdgyo (K^); hogo {^ 
^) ; fusegi ; shuhi {^^) ; keiei (^5 
^); ^oei (I^^); (justification) iT- 

wake ; ii-hiraki ; (law) tohen {^M) ', 

hikoku-hcngo {^^W. _, 

.s, preparations for 

hou mt.. 

coast , engan-hogyo{-iQ^^i^). 

counsel for the , (crim.) 

bengonin [W^MK); (civ.) hikoku- 
dainin (^R-ft A). 

national , kokubo iWiW)- 

self , selto-bogyo [JE'ISWM)'* 

iiGi (im). 


[ 221 ] 


Defend, t.v. mamoru ; motsu ', hogo s. 

to ag'ainst, expr. hj fusegu 

[the direct obj. being omitted in 

Defendant, n. hikolamin {I^^K) ; 

Defensive, n. to act on the , 

hogyo no ichi ('^^) ni tatsu ; 
(at chess) gote ni naru. 

to stand on the ^ ukemi ni 

naru ; mi-gamae wo s. 

Defensive, a. hdgyoteki (l^^^fi^^). 
alliance, boshu-domei [p]'^ 


offensive and alliance, ko- 

shu-domei (j^^^lifl^)- 

Defer, t.v. (put off) nohasu ; enki (.5^ 


to for a time, ichiji {—\^) 


to (as, the discussion of a 

particular question) until after- 
wards, ato-mawashi ni s. 

Defer, i.v. to to, no/rydken (J 

^j) ni makase-ru. 

Deference, n. keifuku (fjt^g.). 

Deferential, a. kenson (|f j^) na. 

Deferentially, adv. kenson ni. 

Deiiance, n. idomi. 

in of, ni sakaratte ; (notwith- 
standing) wo/mono to mo sedzu ni. 
to hid to, wojidomu. 

Defiant, a. gojo (?^'|"t) na ; gbtan {%\\ 

51) na. 
Defiantly, adv. gojo ni ; gojo hatte ; 

gotan 7ii. 

Deficiency, n.fusoku [Tf.^) ; (defi- 
cient amount) fusoku no hun ; (weak 
point) iansho ; (want) ketsubo (^^) ; 
futtei mJ&). 

to show a y futtei wo tsuge-ru. 

Deficient, a. fusoku no. 

in, nijtohoshii. 

to he , tarinai. 

Deficit, n. fusoku ; fusokugaku (TfC 

^W ; ketsubo. 
Defilade, n. shahei {MM)- 
Deiile, n. kelro {^^). 

Defile, t.v. kegasu. 

to he d, kegare-ru. 

one cannot touch pitch with- 
out being" d, shu (^) ni 

majiwareba akaku naru. 

Defilement, n. kegare. 

Define, t.v. (explain) toku ; toki' 
akasu ; (mark out) kime-ru ; sadamC' 
ru ; shitei {^qM) s ', iitei (— ^) s ; (a 
term) teigi s. 

to boundaries, sakai wo 


Definite, a. (certain) tashika na ; 
shika to shita ; kakujitsu (B^K) '^''^ > 
(fixed) kimatta ; ittei no ; matomatta ; 
(clear) hanzen (^J^) sJiita. 

news, kakuho (5|^|^). 

...;.. reply, kakuio ({|H^). 

the article, Jo/cicans/a (^^ 

Definitely, adv. hakkiri ; shika to. 

Definition, a. (of a term) teigi (^ 
^) ; toki-akashi. 

Definitive, a. (final) kekkyoku (^^) 
no ; saigo (j^^) no. 

Definitively, adv. iyo-iyo. 

Deflect, t.v. (a stroke) sake-ru ; yoke- 
ru ; uke-nagasu. 

to be ed, (of a stroke or 

missile) sore-ru ; (of a line) klre- 
ru ; magaru. 

Deflection, n. hensa [f^^) ; henki 

Deform, t.v. nojkataclii wo sokone-ru. 

Deformed, n.fugu no. 

person , katawa ; fugusha {7f^ 

^^) ; haishitsusha ('^7^#). 

Deformity, n. haishiisu. 

Defraud, t.v. sagai (|^#) s. 

to a person of his rights, 

azamuite hito no kenri ({^^ij) wo 
okasu, or shingai {^^) •'5. 

Defray, t.v. dasu ; wakimae-ru ; (from 
a particular fund) shiben (5^) s. 

Defy, t.v. (disobey) ni/somuku ; (scorn) 
besshi (^jfii) s ; koto to mo shinai ; 
mushi (fetji'S) -^ ; (resist) 7iilteikd (^^ 


[ 222 ] 


Deg"ene.rate, a. (base) misage- 
hateta ; (deteriorated) suihi (g^) 

Degenerate, i.v. oioroe-ru ; suihi s. 

to into, nilnari-sagaru ; nij 


Degeneration, n. iaikim (ilffc) ; 
(med.) hensei (@1§). 

Degradation, n. (disgrace) chijoku. 

promotion and (of officials), 

chutchoku iUB)' 

Degrade, t.v. (reduce in rank) noj 
kurai wo sage-ru, or otosu ; (deprive 
of rank) nofkurai wo tori-age-ru ; no/ 
Uci ('^lE) wjo hakudatsu (i8#) *J 
(deprive of office) menshoku {^^) s ; 
to be d, shikujiru. 

Degraded, a. Uretsu {^0^) na. 

Degree, n. (of measurenaent) do (^) ; 

as, 90 s^kujudo; (fig.) hodo'y 

kurai ; as, lie suffers to such, a 

that he cannot possibly 

recover, totemo naoranai kurai ni 
kurushinde oru ; (class) to (^) 
(extent) doal (^^) ; ieido (fi/i) 
(of relationship) shinto (^^) 
(academical) gakui (-^ti). 

"by s, s'hidal ni ; dandan ; oi- 


I am not concerned in the 

slightest , watakushi wa 

issetsu (— '-tJO) kwankei ga nai. 

one more, isso (— M")- 

to reduce a penalty one , 

itto (— '^) wo geiiji-ru. 

to take one's , sotsugyo (^ 

Deify, t.v. kami ni matsuru. 

Deign, i.v. to to, expr. by tamau 

suffixed to the indef . form of a vb. 

Deism, n. shizen-shinkyo. 

Deist, n. shizen-shinkyo-io {^f^%'^Wc 

Deity, n. Kami ; Shimmei (^5^). 

Dejected, a. to become , 

fusagu ; wa\ki ga fusagu ; utsu- 

uisu s. 

to be , fuscilde oru. 

Dejection, n. yfadsu (^P) ; an 
equiv. of Dejected foil, by koto. 

Delay, n. en-in ($^HI) j hinohe; yuyo 


a of two days, futsuka no 


that will cause great , sore 

de wa okl ni en-in ni naru. 

without , chitai {MW) naku ; 

sassoku m-"^). 

Delay, t.v. (put off) nohasu ; (retard) 
hima-dorase-ru ; todokorase-ru. 

to be ed, todokoru; (behind 

time) okure-ru ; (as a telegram, in 
transmission) enchaku (J§^) s. 

Delay, i.v. en-i7i s ; himadoru ; fema- 
doru ; chitai s. 

Delegate, t.v. (entrust) makase-ru ; 
yudane-ru ; inin (^fJr) s ; itaku (^ 

Delegate, n. myodalnin (^f^A); 
sbdainin (|i,fCA) \ (at a conference) 

government (pari.), seifa-iin 

Delete, t.v. kedzuru ; kesu ; sakujo 
s ; massatsu (^^) s. 

Deleterious, a. doku (^) no ; yugai 
{^W) no ; fu-ybjb (^S*^-) no. 

Deleteriousness, n. doku no aru 
koto ; yugai ; yudoku. 

Deliberate, a. (intentional) waza- 
waza no ; wazato no ; kol {^M) "no ; 
(circumspect) ochitsuita ; teicho (§5 
g) na ; (maturely considered) ronji- 

Deliberate, i.v. (ponder) yoku 
kangae-ru ; shian (>W^^) ^• 

to together, kyogi (WiM) s; 

sodan (1=01^) s. 

to upon and decide, gi- 

ketsu (^^) s ; gitei (^S) s. 
Deliberate, t.v. gi s ; hyogi (fpii) 

Deliberately, adv. (intentionally) 

icaza to ; koi ni ; (circumspectly) 
ochitsuite ; (without hurrying) fci* 

naga ni. 


[ 223 ] 


Deliberation, n. (pondering) sM- 

an ; (circumspection) feicho ; (tak- 
ing counsel together) kyogi (!Sj^); 

mature , jukugi (^^). 

secret s, mitsugi (^*^). 

Delicacy, n, (fineness) himyo (^ 
■^j;) ; yiihi (@||) ; (minuteness) 
komakai koto ; (of flavour) oishii 
koto ; (luxury) zeitaku {^'0) ; (a 
dainty) umai mono ; kobutsu {^A^A) '■> 
chimmi (3^0^) *, himi (i|^) na mono. 

all sorts of ies, sankai (lU 

V'^) no chimmi. 

Delicate, a. (of a person's appea- 
rance) kyasha na ; (of food) assari 
shita ; (of workmanship) chimitsu {j^ 
^) na ; (physically) tayowal ; kyojaku 
(^11) ^<^ > kiyowa na. 

a point, nammon (|fi fn] ) ; 

kiwadoi tokoro. 

to be (in health), horyu {f^ 

)f5ll) no shitsu (^) de ant. 

Delicious, a. /ce/cfco (U^) na ; oi- 
5/iu ; umai. 

Deliciously, adv. kekko ni. 

Delict, n. keizai (i|M|g). 

Delight, t.v. ianoshimase-ru ; yo- 

to be ed, yorokdbu ; ureshii. 

lam ed, o-yorokohi da ; aa I 

ureshii ; (serves him right) ii kimi 

I shall be ed to, yorokonde, 

or f kinzen (/^^") to shite, with vb. 

U^elig'iiit, i.v. yorokdbu ; tanoshimu. 
to in, wo/omoshirogaru. 

Delig"lit, n. tanoshimi; yorokobi; 
yukwai (tigijl^) ; kwanki {^M). 

Deliglltedly, adv. yorokonde. 

Deliglltfiil, a. kekko (|^"|^) na ; 
omoshiroi ; yorokobashii ; yukwai ('[j^ 
Wi na. 

that is , sore wa o-yorokobi da. 

Delimitation, n of a 

frontier, kybkai-kwakutei (J^^ 

Delineate, t.v. (draw) utsusu. 
Delinquency, n. ocMdo. 
Delinquent, n. toganin. 

Deliquesce, i.v. icd\shimeri ga 
kuru ; walshitori ga kuru. 

., muchii [f^ 

Delirious, a. to be , ,uuv,iit ^^ 

t|J ) de oru ; (in speech) uwakoto 
wo iu ; tawakoto wo iu. 

Delirium, n. uwakoto. 

tremens, . chushu-ruino ( fp fg 

S^'\^) ; shukaku-tammo (fS^H^)- 

Deliver, t.v. (rescue) tasuke-ru ; 
sukui-dasu; (hand over) icatasu; 
hiki-watasu ; kbfu (^'f^) s ; (a con- 
signment) ire-ru ; hiki-watasu ; 
(judgment) ii-watasu ; (goods at a 
house) todoke-ru ; (an address) ndbe- 
ru ; (assist in childbirth) tori-age-ra. 

to a message, kotodzute wo 

s; kojo (P_h) ICO tsutae-ru; den- 

gon (I^W) s. 

to a speech, enzetsu (i^|^) s. 

to personally, te-watashi 

s ; jika ni watasu. 

to be ed (of a woman), san 

wo s ; to be ed of, wojumu. 

Deliverer, n. sukui-nushi ; kyuen- 

sha m^m- 

Delivery, n. (handing over) hiki- 
watashi ; kofu ; uke-watashi ; juju 
(i^^') ; ni-w;a^as/a[of goods only] ; 
(postal) haltatsu (@Ei^) 5 (from a go- 
down) kura-dashi ; (of a speaker) 
enzetsu-buri ; (parturition) san. 

a difficult , nanzan (liP^;). 

an easy , anzan{^'^). 

date fixed for , uke-watashi- 

bi ; uke-watashi-ki. 

receipt (for registered letter), 

haitatsu-shomeisho (@E^H m] ^ ). 

goods for next month, 

raigetsu-watashi no shinamono. 

to pay on , shina to hiki-kae 

ni kanjo (^S) s. 

to take of, wo[hiki-toru ; nof 

uke-watashi wo s ; (goods deposited 

in a godown) ido/ kura-dashi s. 

Delta, n. mltsumata ; kawaguchi iio 
sankaku-su {T^^ij^^). 

Delude, t.v. azamuku ; sukasu ; yu- 

waku (Fi^'^) s ; f towaku (S^) s. 
Deluge, n. kdzui. 

the , dai-kozul (;^v*7K). 


[ 224 ] 


Delusion, n. (state of) mayoi ; 
(error) ryoken-chigai ; kokoroe- 
chigai ; (superstitious) meiso (j^^,). 

Delusive, a. magirawashii ; (unreal) 
kiii^fna; (of appearances) mikake 
ni yoranai. 

Delusiv^ely, adv. maglrawashiku. 

Delusiveness, n. equiv. of Delu- 
sive foil, by koto. 

Demand, n. moiome ; seikyii (sh^<) 
(more peremj^tory) yokyu (-^^) 
(for goods) hake-kata ; juyo (^^-) 
hake-kvchi ; muki ; ure-kuchi. 

and supply, juyo-kyokyti 

it s (requires), ico/yo {^) s. 

payable on (of a draft), 

icldran-'barai {—^M.^) ^o. 

to toe in , wa\muki ga ii. 

to make unreasonatole s, 

nandai (MfM) ^^'^ kake-ru. 

Demand, t.v. seikyii s ; ydkyd s ; 
shiite motome-ru. 

to payment, harai-kata wo 

saisoku (f^f/i) s. 
Demand-note, n. (for a tax) loku- 

sokujd ('i^fJEJK). 
Demarcation, n. kwakutei (flj^). 

Dennean, t.v. to one's self, 

hige (-^"F) s ; herikudaru. 

Demeanour, n. mihuri ; kyoshi (^ 
it) ; ddsa (i/jf^). 

Deiiii-lune, n. hangetsn-hd (#J^ 


Demise, n. (of property) iten 'l^^) ; 
(decease of royalty) hogyo (^ilp). 

Demise, t.v. yuigon de yudzuru. 

Demisemiquaver, n. sanjunihu- 
ompu (Hi--^#^f ). 

Demobiliziation, n.fukuin ({g^). 

Democracj^, n. minshu-seital (^ jl 
j^f^) ; heimin-seiji {^^^^■^); min- 
ken-seiji (KfllD^y'p) ; mlnsel; (re- 
public) kydwa-.seital (^^Ilil^i^). 

Democratic, a 'party, min- 

seito {^^'^). 

principles, minji-shugi (Kfo 

Demolish, t.v. uchi-kowasu ; kovoa- 
su ; hakwai s. 

ed house (by inundation, 

etc.), tsubure-ya. 

Demolition, n. hakwai (^^). 

Demon, n. oni ; aJcuma (^^.) ; akki 

Demonetization, n. tsuyd-haishi 

Demonetize, t.v. nojtsuyd wo hai- 
shi s. 

Demonstrable, a. shoko-daterare- 

Demonstrably, adv. meiryo ni. 

Demonstrate, t.v. (explain) tokl- 
akasu; setsumei (^H^) s; hemmei 
(^^) s; (make clear) meihaku (Fjg 
Q ) m s ; meiryo (fP]^) ni s. 

Demonstration, n. shomei {M^f\) ; 
(of armed force) jil-undo (^j^^iBiSi)- 
to show toy practical ,- 


Demonstrative, a. ...^. adjec- 
tive, shishi-keiyoshi (ta?r^Jl^^gn]). 

pronoun, shlshi-daimelshi 


Demonstratively, adv. arl-ari to ; 
arawa ni. 

Demoralization, n. (of manners) 

kwairan (^ID- 
Demoralize, t.v. (corrupt morals 

of) no/fugi (JH^) ico midasu, 
to toe d, mldare-ru. 

Demur, iv. igl {^^) wo iu. 

Demure, a. majlme no ; (shy) uchiki 

Denuirrag'e, n. talsenhi (Kfrlg^). 

Den, n. oMa ; sokutsu (^H)- 

Denationalization, n. kokuseki- 

soshitsu (^||^#c). 
Denial, n. uchl-keshi ; hitei {^^). 

Denizenedj a persons, eijtl- 

min (7l<'ttK). 
Denmark, n. Bemmakkoku (T^ 

Denominate, t.v. tonae-ru ; sho 


[ 225 ] 


Denomination, n. (name) meisho 
(^ffi); tonae', (kind) rui; sJmrui 
iWM) > (classification) ruiheisu (^ 
^Ijj ; (religious) shumon C^P^) ; Icyb- 
ha (f^M) ; shuha. 

Denominator, n. (arith.) humho 

Denote, t.v. sasu ; no/shirushi ni 

Denounce, t.v. (stigmatize) hinan 
[i^M) s; tsuron {f^tk) s ; (inform 
against) kokuhatsu (i^M) s ; nl/il- 
kake ico s ; (a treaty) Ivdkl {^M) •^• 

to one's self (to the judicial 

Auths.), jishu (^a") s [Cr. Co.]; 
jlso {^U)s. 

Dense, a. me no tsumatta ; sukima no 
nai ; (as of a fog) fukai ; . (of a forest) 

Densely, adv. 77iitsu (^) ni ; sukima 
no nai hodo ni. 

Density, n. (degree of) kbhaku {]$. 
W) [lit- tMck-thin] ; somitsu (j?|;^) 
[lit. sparse-close] ; (of the atmos- 
phere) keiju (HM) [lit. light-heavy]. 

Dent, n. hekomi ; kubomi. 

Df^ntist, n. ha-isha; shikwa-l (j^f-j- 

De ifcistry, n. shikwa. 
Denuded, a. hill of forests, 

.., hage-ru. 

to become 

Denunciation, n. (arraignment) 
kokuhatsu ; (of a treaty) haiki (J^|^). 

Deny, t.v. expr. by neg. vb. followed 
by to iu ; (gainsay) ii-kesu ; (refuse) 

to one's self, onore ni katsu ; 

jisel (l^tlilj) s; gaman ($^'lf) s; 

shimho (2^Jfe) s. 

Deodar, n. Himaraya-sugi. 

Deodorize, t.v. no/sJmki {^M.) ico 

Deodorizer, n. shuki-dome ; loshii- 
zai (^^^M\\ 

Depart, i.v. (set off) tatsu ; shuttatsu 
(ffijiL)s; shuppatsu ({BM) s'y (with- 
draw) taikyo (il^) s ; (for home) 

to from (deviate from), nlj 

hadzure-ru ; ico/sute-ru ; ni/tagau ; 

as, to from a rule, kisoku 

ni hadzure-ru. 

Department, n. (prefecture) ken 
{%) ; (ministry of state) -sho ; as, the 

Naval , Kaigunsho {•f^'^^) ; 

(bureau) bu (^). 

concerned, sono sujl. 

s^b , kijoku ( ^ ) ; kwa CM). 

Departmental, a business, 

shomu {^^). 

notification, shorei {i^'%-). 

Departure, n. shuttatsu ; shup- 
patsu ; (of a ship) shuppan ; (from a 
port) shukko (J±iJ%). 

from precedent, rei{^\\)ni 

tagau koto. 

hours of arrival and (as, 

of trains), hatchaku-jikan (M^HJ 

Depend, i.v. to on, (be con- 
tingent on) ni/yoru ; ni/kwankei 
(13^) s; nijkakawaru ', (confide 
in) wo/ate ni s ; (rely on for sup- 
port) nijirai HkM) s ; ni/ianomu ; 
(trust) nil shin "^^ oku ; wo/shinyo 


that s on circumstances, 

sore wa haai ni yoru. 

that s on the amount of 

money (offered or paid), sore ica 
kane shidai de aru. 

a person to be ed on, 

tanomoshii hito. 

not to be ed on, (of per- 
sons) tanomoshiku nai ; tayori ni 
naranu ; (of things) ate ni imranu. 

Dependency, n. (subject territory) 

zokkoku {MM) ', ryochi (^IJft). 

Dependent, n. yakkai ; isoro ; 
shokkaku {^^). 

Dependent, a. to be on, no/ 

yakkai (/g^) ni naru; woj tayori 
ni s ; nijtayoru; no/joryoku (Kj;^) 
ni naru. 

Depletion, n, ketsuhb (^Z) : kfihb 


[ 226 ] 


Deplorable, a. kanashii ; nagekawa- 
shii ; oshii ; zannen-shigoku (^;tt^ 
^) na. 

condition, sanjo (t 

Deplorably, adv. aware oil ; kana- 
shii hodo ni. 

Deplore, t.v. zannen ni omou ; kana- 
shimu ; oshimu ;. tansoku (^^^J s ; 
gaitan ('If:!^) s. 

Deploy, i.v. tenkal (Jg^^) s. 

to into skirmishing' or- 
der, sampei {\^^) ni Jiiraku. 

Deponent, n. shdnin (If A) ; (one 
who testifies in writing) shomeisha 

Depopulate, t.v. to be ed, no] 

jlnko (AP) ga shometsu (f'^'j^) s. 

Depopulation, n. jinko-shometsu. 

Deport, t.v. hochiku ( J^jE) s I isuilib 

{l:u.t'l) s ; taikyo (ii^) sase-ru. 
Deportation, n. hochiku ; tsuiho. 

Deportment, n. mimochi ; gyogl 
(ftil); saho (f1sj£); hinko {^a^y) ; 
furumai ; gyojo (fTJ^c). 

Depose, i.v. moshi-tate-ru ; shbgen 
{WM) s ; kyojidsu (fJt^) s ; chin- 
jntsu (I^j^) s ; shoko-date-ru. 

Depose, t.v. hai s; hairltsu {^aL) s ; 
nojkurai wo otosu. 
a d Sovereign, haltel {^'?i?). 

Deposit, t.v, (for safe-keeping) adzu- 
ke-ru ; (with the Auths.) kyotaku {'^ 
=1') .9 [Com. Co., Civ. Pro.] ; (an object 
in a certain i)lace) oku ; sue-ru. 

Deposit, n. (thing deposited) adzu- 
karl-mono ; (in ]p<'^wn) shichlmotsu 
(^#J) ; (bargain-money) tedzuke ; 
uchikin ; (in Court or with the 
Auths.) kyotaku ; kyotakukin (-^f^ 
^) ; (as security) tsumikin ; (of 
goods at a warehouse) kitaku (^|^) 
[Civ. Co., Com. Co.] ; (sediment) 
odomi ; chindemhutsu ("/i:^#j). 

at call, tsuchi-adzukarl (M^ 

bureau, yokinkyoku .(^^ 

■■ office, kyotakiijo i^i^^J^) 

[Civ. Co.]. 

receipt, adzukari-shosho. 

fixed ....... teiki-adzukari ; ieiki- 


Depositary, n. hokwansha (^^ 
^) [Civ. Co.]. 

Deposition, n. (of a witness) shbgen 
(11 W) ; kybjutsu; {v^vitten) chinjutsu- 
sho iWS^); kybjutsusho {\k^M) ', 
(taken by procurator or police) klki- 
torl-gaki ; (taken by indge) jimmon- 
chbs'ho (P,fp1i^#) [Cr. Pro.] ; kbkyb- 
chbsho ((3fitp^); (of Sovereign) 
halritsu {^al) 5 (from office) men- 
shoku {'^'(^). 

Depositor, n. (at a bank) adzuke- 
nushi ; adzuke-nin ; (of goods at a 
warehouse, etc.) kitakusha (^|^^) 
[Civ. Co., Com. Co.]. 

Depository, n. okiba. 

Depot, n. chozbjo (Ky^^) ; okiha ; 
mono-okiba ; (railway station) teisha- 
jb ; (mil.) hon-ei (t^^^). 

coal (coaling station), chotan- 

sliip (for torpedo-boats), 

hokan (-^|g). 

remount , shinibashb (^JrM 

Depraved, a. gebita ; iyashii ; gesu- 
hatta ; hiretsu na. 

Depravity, n. jash'm (fli.tO; j*^- 
kyoku [f]^^) ; hiretsu (^^) ; (of 
public morals) akufii {WiMi)- 

Deprecate, t.v. waffudbi (^iWlii;) de 
aru ; wojhinan (^fifl) s. 

to (another's) anger, kamhen 

(©]|?) ^-^^'0 kou. 

Depreciate, t.v. (lower in value) 
nojatai wo sage-ru ; (coin) no/kurai 
wo sage-ru ; (speak ill of) kusasu ; 
kenasu; (despise) kelhetsu ("sjiM^) s ; 
sagesumu ; mi-sage-ru. 

Depreciate, i.v. no]a,tal ga sagaru ; 
geraku s. y 

Depreciation, n. geraku ("l^"^^). 

Depress, t.v. (lower) sage-ru. 

ed (in mind), ki no omoi. 

to be ed, icajki ga omoku 

nam ; wa^ki ga fusalde oru ; (of 
trade) fukeiki (^^^0 c?e ciru ; 
fusJiln {/f^^) de aru. 


[ 227 ] 


Depressing", a. (of the weather) 

Depression, n. (dent) kuhomi ; (of 
trade) fukeiki ; (morbid) yuutsuhyo 
l®^^"^) ; (atmospheric) ieikiatsu (f£ 

area of , teikiatsu no kuikl 

Deprive, t.v. to of, wo/uhau; 

wo/ubai-toru ; (of rights, honours, 
etc.) wo/hakudaisu (|^!I$) s. 
to be d of, wojuhaicare-ru. 

Depth, n. fukasa ; senshin (-^i^) 
[ht. shallow-deep] ; (of a plot of 
ground) oku-yuki. 

s, (recesses, as of a forest) oku 

(^) ; (fig.) /wc/ii ; as, s of dis- 
appointment, shitsuho {■^'^) no 

Deputation, n. sMainin (||,f^A); 

iin (^M)- 
Depute, t.v. myddai (^f^) ni oku7-u, 

or tate-ru ; itaku (^ j^) s [ni of the 


Deputy, n. dalnin (RA); myddai; 
(in combination with name of office) 

Derail, t.v. dassen sase-ru. 

to be ed, dassen (Jj^^pJ s. 

Derang'e, t.v. midasu ; no/jun (|f[|) 
wo midasu ; ; konzatsu 

- a d person, ranshimmono. 

to be d, midare-ru; konzatsu 

s ; (mentally) wa]ki ga kurutte 
oru ; wayH ga chigatte oru. 

Derang'ejnent, n. konzatsu (?il^) ; 
(mental) ranshin {M.W) I seishin- 
sakuran {t^M^^uMD [Cr. Co.]. 

Derelict, n. (ship) nori-suteta fune ; 
hyoryfcsen (J^-^l/J) ; haisen (j^fS). 

Dereliction, n. okotari ; kaitai {\M 

Deride, t.v. chord {^^) s ; aza- 
warau ; esera-icarai s ; guro ( j^.f^) s ; 
nahuri-mono ni s. 

Derision, n. chord ; esera-warai. 

subject of , warai-gusa. 

to incur , tcaraware-ru. 

Derivation, n. de-dokoro ; kigen {^ 
)^^) ; kongen (t^TC). 

Derive, t.v. (receive) mqrau ; eru ; 
(acquire) shutoku (17 f 5) s. 

s its validity from, niyottej' 

kdryoku {''i^h'f}) wo shoji-ru (^). 
to be d, de-ru; (be trans- 
mitted) tsuiawaru. 

to one's food-supply from 

abroad, shokurydhin (^fln") wo 
gwaikoku {^YW) ^^ CLogu. 

Dennis, n. shimpi (^^). 

Derogate, i.v. to from, wo/ 

sonji-ru (ii.)- 

Descend, i.v. (go down) kudaru ;. 
(subside) sagaru ; (get down) ori-ru ; 
(by transmission) tsutawaru. 

Descend, t.v. kudaru. 

Descendant, n. sUson (JJ-M)- 

lineal , chokkei-hizoku {^7^ 

Descent, n. (lineage) ie-gara ; sujd 
{M\^.); ie-saji; (blood) kettd (ifiL-;^) ; 
chl-suji; (genealogy) keidzu (^Iffl) ; 
(of Christ or the Holy Spirit) kdrin 
(l>$Cii) ; (decliYity) kudari ; saka ; 
(act of descending) kudari ; (of a 
mountain) gssan (fill); (attack) 
shilgeki [WkW^- 

a person of high , mom- 

hatsu.ka [fM^)- 

Describe, t.v. no/iicare, or ydsu, wo 
ill ; (in writing) nojiware wo kaku. 
are d, kaite aru. 

Description, n. (account of) iware ; 
hanashi ; (enumeration of particulars) 
hydji (^^) [CiviPro.] ; (explanation) 
setsumei (f^f}^) ; (kind) rui [M) ; 
tagui ; (of goods) kuchi ; te; (a note 
appended) kiji (|H"#) J (o^ ^ person's 
appearance) ninsd ', ninsdgaki (Affi 
■^) [written]. 

beggars , tca]rneyo (^K) 

ga dekinai. 

Descry, t.v. mi-tsuke-ru ; mi-idasu. 

Desecrate, t.v. kegasu ; noJsJiinsei 
(^ii{i^) wo midasu. 

, Desecration, n. kegashi. 


[ 228 ] 


I>esert, n. (sandy region) sdbaJcu (^ 
g|) ; sunabara ; sunappara. 

Desert, t.v. okizari ni s ; iki {^M) s. 

Desert, i.v. kake-ochi s; daf^so [^ 
^) s ; toho (^t) s ; toso (ii^) .9 ; 
(from a ship) dassen (ff^^) 5 ; (from 
a war-ship) dakkan (S^llk) s ; (from 
the army) datsuei (B^#) s. 

Deserter, n. (fugitive) dassonin ; 
tohosha ; iososha ; (from a ship) das- 
sennin ', dassensha ; (from a war-ship) 
dakkansha ; (mil.) datsueihei ; dassb- 
hei (|E^:£). 

Desertion, n. dasso ; (from a ship) 
dassen ; (of a soldier) datsuei ; (as of 
a wife by her husband) iki i:^^) 
[Civ. Co.]. 

Deserts, n. (that which is merited) 
expr. by .90^0 (5j:g^) no foil, by some 
equiv, of Hecompense, Punish- 
ment, etc. ; (meritorious acts) koseki 

above one's , kwahun {j^^) 


Deserve, t.v. he s a beating*, 

are wo hutte mo ii. 

he s a reward, hohi wo yarn 

heki moil da. 

he s 10 years penal servi- 
tude, cJioeki junen no neuchi ga 

the punishment he s, soto 

no batsu. 

Deserving", a of, ni sdtd sum. 

a crime of death, shi (^) ni 

ataru tsumi. 

a person of praise, homu- 

heki hito. 

Design, n. (pattern) moyo (t-^-ti) ; 
(model) hinagata ; (artistic) isJio (^, 
HE) ; (drawing) edzu ; (preliminary 
sketch) shita-e ; (scheme) kuffi (X 
5^) ; keikwaku (ffffi) ; kuwadate ; 
keiel (l^f^); sandan (f:^); (inten- 
tion) mokuromi ; (plan for an engi- 
neering work, etc.) sekkei (^^|t). 

s (in a bad sense), yashin (3IJ 


a hat of new , shingata-boshi. 

to form a , mokuromi uio 


to form the of, expr. by 

future foil, by to kuwadate-ru. 

Design, t.v. (a drawing) hiku; 
(scheme) kuwadate-ru ; keikwaku s \ 
mokuromu ; no/sekkei wo s. 

Designate, t.v. (indicate) shimesu ; 
shitei i^B^) s ', (indicate for a post) 
ni/naitei {p^^) s [before appt. is 
actually gazetted]. 

Desig'nation, n, shitei ; hydji (^^) 
[Civ. Pro.^ ; (name) meisho (^^). 

Desig'neclly, adv. woza-waza ; waza- 
to ; kotosara ni ; koi (i^S) ni. 

Designing", a. kosui ; kbkatsu (^ 
^'ra') ^^<^ ; yashhi no aru ; inken (|^^|ij^) 

person, kembbka (fi'lS^)- 

Desirable, a. nozomashii ; hoshii. 

Desire, n. nozomi ; kibb [^%) ; (for 
food, life, etc.) yoku (^) ; (in bad 
sense) yokushin (^<t>) ; (prayer) 

cherished , shukubb {'{^%) ; 

hongwan {'^M) I hommo (:^^). 

Desire, t.v. nozomu ; kibb s ; hoshi- 
garu ; (followed by an infinitive) 
expr: by -tai suffixed to indef . form 
of the vb. 

I d to, -tai to omotta. 

not as much as one could 
, omou yb ni with neg. vb. 

Desired, a. omowashii. 

Desist, i.v. yawM. 

to from, wo/yame-ru 

yosu ; tco/yoshi ni s. 

Desk, n. (table) tsukue ; shodai (^ 
g) ; (box) bunko {'^^). 

Desolate, t.v. arasu ; are-chi ni s. 

Desolate, a. samishii ; sekiryo (^ 
^) na ; (forlorn, of persons) kokoro- 
bosoi ; (abandoned, of persons) tayori 
no nai. 

Desolation, n. kwbhai (j^j^). 

Despair, n. omoi-kiri ; zetsubb ; aki- 



[ 229 ] 


Despair, i.v. omoi-kiru ; wd]nozomi 
ga tsuki-hate-ru ; zetsubo (fg^) s ; 
kakugo (^1^) s ; saji wo nage-ru 
[slang]. ^., 

Despatch, n. (letter) shokan (§^) ; 
shomen (#ffi). 

circular , kwaibun ([BIX); 

kwalsho ([5]S^). 

* of troops, sJmppel (tH:^)- 

hour of (of mail), sashitate'- 


Despatch, t.v. (send) okuru ; dasu ; 
yaru ; okuri-dasu ; (as a letter) sashi- 
tate-ru ; saslii-dasu ; (as gyods) Aasso 
(f^jig) s ; (for a particular duty, as 
officials, sMps, troops, etc.) haken CM 
jg) s ; (arrange) sumasu ; hakadorase- 
Tu ; nolraclii wo ake-ru ; (kill) ucJci- 

to troops, shuppei s ; hei tco 


Despatch-boat, n. hochikan (fR^ 

Despatch-box, n. hunko (^j^). 

Desperate, a. (reckless) muyami na ; 
mideppo na ; (causing despair) zeitai- 
zeisumel (?2l^|:gp^) no; hisshi (j^> 
5^) no. 

to become , (of a person) 

inochi-gake ni nam ; (reckless from 
desperation) yake wo okosu. 

to make a effort, chikara- 

ippai ni, or issho-kemmei {—^^Mp^) 
ni, hataraku. 

Desperately, adv. issho-kemmei ni ; 
muyaml ni ; inochi-gake ni natte ; 
hisshi to natte. 

Desperation, n. hisshi ; shinimono- 

Despicable, a. iyashii ; hiretsu (^ 
^) na ; misage-hateta. 

Despise, t.y. mi-kudasu ; sagesumu ; 
sageshimu ; mi-sage-ru ; keihetsn (|^ 
^) s ; hessJii (^iji^) 5 ; iyashime-ru ; 
(make too light of) anadoru ; karuku 

Despite, prep. ?ii kakawaradzu. 

Despoil, t.v. kasume-ru. 

to of, kasume-toru [with too 

after the thing, ni after the person] ; 
ryodatsu [Y^,^] s. 

Despoliation, n. ryodatsu. 

Despond, i.v. chikara wo otosu ] wa] 
ki-ochi ga s. 

Despondency, n. ki-ochi ; rakufan 
(^3®) ; (disease) yilutsuhyo (®P^) ; 
kiutsubyo (^^^). 

Despondent, a. genki [ytW no nai. 

to be , utsu-utsu to shite oru ; 

hotto shite oru. 

Despondently, adv. genki 7iaku ; 
utsu-utsu to shite ; hotto shite. 

Despot, n. sensei-kunshu (^itllj^'i)- 

Despotic, a. sensel no ; (arbitrary) 
sendan {MW[) ^^• 

Despotically, adv. sendan nl. 

Despotism, n, (autocracy) kunshu- 
sensei (§-^.%gc). 

Dessert, n. midzugwashi [lit., fruit] ; 
hikimono [generally apj)lied to food a 
guest takes away with him]. 

Destination, n, iku-saki ; moku- 
tekichi ( Q ^^i^ ) ; (of a thing) todoke- 
saki ; (of goods) okurl-saki. 

port of , totatsuko {M'M-M) 

[Com. Co.]. 

Destine, t.v. to for, ni sadame- 

ru ; rvi yotei (^^) s. 

Destiny, n. temmei {^^) ; (fate) un ; 
ummel [Mp^) I (future fortune) iku- 

Destitute, a. (totally lacking) ikkb 
nai ; (poor) hinkyii (^||) na ; mushi- 
ryoku (fe£^;fj) na. 

to become , reiraku (^^) .9. 

to be of shame, hoji wo 


Destitution, n. hinkon (^H). 

Destroy, t.v. (an enemy) horohosu ; 
meisubo s ; (a thing) kowasu ; tsuhusu ; 
hakwai s ; naku s ; (as vermin, pests, 
etc.) kujo s; kuchiJcu s ; (by fire) 
to be ed, horobi-ru. 

Destruction, n. meisubo (z^t) ; 
hakwai {'^^) ', (extirpation) kujo (^^. 
li^) ; kuchiku (|i^). 


[ 230 ] 


Destructive, a. gai wo sum ; yugai 
(^^) no ; (as opp. to constructive) 

hakwai-teki (no) ; shokyoku-teki (fi'li^E 

pesiiltory, a fighting-, ko- 


talk, zatsuwa (filS). 

in a manner, junjo (HlMj^) 

naku ; chihi-chibi ; to -work at a 

nunil3er of things in a 

manner, hobo {"jj ^) kui-chira- 

Petacll, t.v. (things) hadzusu ; (per- 
sons) hanasu ; (for duty) haken (^ 
jl) s ; hasshutsu (Mffi) s ; (for duty 
at a particular spot) e shutcho (tli?M) 
sase-ru ; (as a car from a train) kaiho 

mm s. 

to be ed, hadzure-ru ; hanare- 


to troops, hel wo wake-ru; 

hei wo bunken {^^M) ^• 
Detacliable, a. ton-JiadzusU no 

Detached, a building, hana- 


...... force, shitai {^^Wi- 

palace, rikyu{^'^). 

Detacliment, n, hunkentai (^ja 
I^) ; huniai ; shitai. 

Detail, n. komakal tokoro. 

s, kuwashii koto ; isal (^llH) ; 

kuwashii tokoro. 

an , sliosai (ff/^ffl) '^^^ '■> komaka 

ni ; chikuichi (^— ) ; (one by one) 

ichi-ichi (-^ -% ). 

to go into s, shosai niwataru. 

Detail, t.v. ichi-ichi ndbe-ru ; (in v^^rit- 

ing) komaka ni kaku ; rekkyo (^ij 

^) s ; shoki (f|=E) s. 
Detailed, a. kuwashii ; komakai. 

report, shoho (^flx) . 

rules, saisoku (^JIIRIJ). 

Detain, t.v. tome-ru ; sashi-tome-ru ; 
todome-ru ; (in custody) tome-oku ; 
ryilchl (•^^) s ; osae-ru ; koryil {^ 

Detect, t.v. mi-tsiike-ru ; mi-idasu. 

easily to be ed, kandzukare- 

yasui . 

to be ed (as of a crime), ara- 

icareru ; hakkaku (f^K) s ; roken 

mM) s. 

Detection, n. hakkaku ; (act of 

detecting) hakken (f^^)- 
Detective, n. Uintei [^^iU.) ; kelji- 
junsa {MMM^) ', [under the Toku- 
gawa regime the following terms, 
now obsolete, were in use : okapplki ; 
ommitsu (|S^) ; hasshu ( A'J'H)]. 

plain-clothes , mlkkb-junsa 

Detention, n. equiv. of Detain 
foil, by koto ; (of a ship) teisen {^ 
^) ; (imprisonment, not exceeding 
10 days) kbryiL [Cr. Co.] ; (by police) 

expenses of (of seaman de- 
serter), rynchihi (^g^). 

house of , koryfijo (tnl^/'ir) 

[Cr, Co.] ; (before trial) miketsukan 

warrant of , koryujo (fpl^Ji^) 

[Cr. Pro.]. 

Deter, t.v. tome-ru ; samatage-ru. 
to be red by — from doing, 

— ifo osorete shinai. 

Deteriorate, i.v. waruku naru ; 
ochi-ru ; (decline in prosperity) otoro- 
e-ru ; suibi s. 

Deterioration, n. waruku naru 
koto ; (in prosperity) otoroe ; suibi 

Determination, n. (act of deci- 
sion) keitel (t^^) ; ketsudan (^^f) ; 
ketsujo (^/i£) ; (resoluteness) kessldn 
(^'tO 5 ketsudan. 

of blood to the head, nolo- 

se ; gyakujo (i^_h). 

to suffer from. of blood to 

the head, nohose-ru. 

Determine, t. and i.v. kime-ru ; 
sadame-ru ; kettei s ; ketsudan s ; (fix) 
kakutel (?/ff|/£) s ; (designate) sada~ 
me-ru ; shi'.ei (ta/S)-?; (ascertain by 
measurement, etc.) hakciru ; (cease, 
as a right) shomstsu {i'i^]0,) s ; (make 
up one's mind) i (^J ido kessuru. 

to be d to, nojikigomi ga aru. 

to be d not to be beaten, 

makenai ki ni natte oru. 

to to, koto ni kime-ru, or kes^ 

suru, following vb. 


[ 231 ] 


JDetermined, a. (resolute) kesshin 
no tsnyoi ; omoi-kiri no yoi. 

in a manner, danko (^•^) 

to shiie ; danzen {^f^). 

Detest, t.v. nikumu ; goku kirau ; 
imi-kirau ; ken-o (^^) s ; goku iya 
ni omou. 

Detestable, a. nikui ; nikurashii. 

Detestably, adv. nikurashii liodo ; 
iya ni. 

Detestation, n. (loathing) equiv. of 
Detest foil, by koto\ (object of) 
kirai. » 

Dethrone, t.v. kurax kara otosu; 
hairitsu s. 

d Emperor, haitei (^^). 

Detlironenient, n. hairitsu (^jzl) ; 
hail (^li). 

Detonating' tube, gekihatsu-shin- 

kwan m^rxm^)- 

Detonation, n. hakusel (i^^). 

Detonator, n. raikican (©^) ; 
kican I hakuhatsu-kwan (i^?^''^). 

Detour, n. mawari-michi. 

to make a , mawatte iku ; 

ukwai (j£[n]) 5. 

Detract from, i.v. (depreciate) 
kenasu ; kusasu ; (vilify) soshiru ; 
hinan (#^|fi) s. 

to the value of, no/neuchi 

vco otosu. 

Detriment, n. songai (tt#) I ^om- 
mo (tl^). 

Detrimental, a, gai ni nam ; son 

ni nam ; yiigai {^^) no. 

Deuteronomy, n. shimmelki{^^ 

Deutzia, n. u-no-hana ; utsugi. 

Deva, n. the two , Nio (ii3i). 

the four , Shitenno ([?il^3i). 

Devastate, t.v. arasu. 

d district (by floods), suigai- 

chi (7K1^%) ; higaichi (t^#%). 

to be d (of land, as by an 

eruption), kwohai {^^) ni nam. 

Devastation, n. (state of) kwohai. 

Develope, t.v. hiraku ; sakan ni s ; 
(disclose) arawasu ; uchi-ake-ru ; (ex- 
ploit) kaihatsu (ll§f^) s ; (photo.) gen- 

zo mm s. 

to symptoms of brain con- 
gestion, no-jukefsu-sho (i§^lfiL^) 
ico hassuru (^). 

Develope, i.v. hlrake-ru ; sakan ni 
nam ; (of growth) hatsuiku (f^W) ^ > 
(progress) haitatsu (f^^). s ; (of the 
inteUigence) ualchie ga tsuku ; (of 
disease) hassei (^i) s. 

Developer, n. (photo.) genzo-gusuri. 

Development, n. (growth) hatsu- 
iku ; (progress) hattatsu ; (of a conn- 
try's resources) kaihatsu (H^f^) 5 (ex- 
pansion) kwakucho (f)^5^) ; as, 

of the navy, kaigun-kwakuchd. 

s (of a situation), tenkai (^ 

§3) ; hatten (MM)- 

theory, shinkwaron {-Mitm) 

Deviate, i.v. hadzure-m. 

to from, nilhadzure-ru. 

Deviation, n. (of a ship) koro {'^ji^) 

no henko (@K) [Com. Co,]. 
Device, n. (stratagem) hakarigoto ; 

keiryaku (fj't^) ; sakuryaku {^^) ; 

hoben ; (contrivance) sJdkumi ; shi- 

kake ; kufu ; (pattern) moyo {^'^'M) ; 

(for raising funds) sandan (^p^) ; 

kumen (X[Sl). 

new , shin-kufu ( ^ItXt'c ) • 

Devil, n. oni ; akuma (^^) ; akki 

Devious, a. mawari-ddi. 

Devise, t.v. kangae-dasu ; mokuromu; 
hakaru ; kufu s ; (by will) yuigon [^ 
g") de yudzuru. 

to a m.eans of, no/michi I'jo 

koji-m (fg). 

to a scheme, kufu wo r.iegu- 


Devoid, a. no/nai ; as, of pity, 

nasake no nal. 

Devolution, n. (of property) tenten 
(f|«); ^/ert(|^f|). 

Devolve upon, i.v. ni/kl (gf ) s; 
i nijkakaru ; ni/ochite kuru. 

DEY [ 

X>evolve, t.v. makase-ru ; yudaneru. 

Devote, i.v. (to the gods) hono (^f.^) 
s ; {to a purpose) ate-hame-ru. 

he is a d adherent of the 

Nichiren sect, kori-katamari no 
hokke if^^) da. 

to be d to, nilnesshin (^jfiO 

s ; ni/mi wo ire-ru ; nijkoru ; ni/fuke- 

ru [gen. in bad sense] ; he is d 

to study, gakumon ni mi wo ireru. 

to one's self to, wo/isshin 

(— it"*) ni yaru. 

to one's self entirely to, 

wo/moppara ni s. 

Devotee, n. shinja (fs^-) ; (pilgrim) 

gyoja (ff^). 

Devotion, n. (to a person or study) 
sMlshin {^ib) ', (religious) shinjin (^ 
it>) ; keikenshin {^jc]M>b)- 

Devour, t.v. kurau ; gatsu-gatsu ia- 
he-ru ; (eat completely) kutte shimau. 

Devout, a. shinjin-bukai. 

Devoutly, adv. shinjbi-hukaku.^ 

Devoutness, n. shinjin-hukai koto. 

Dew, n. tsuyu. 

evening* , yo-tsuyu. 

raorning- , asa-tsuyu. 

the falls, tsuyu ga ori-ru, or 


Dewlap, a. tare-niku. 

Dexterity, a. iebayai koto ; takumi. 

Dexterous, a. (of hand) jodzu (_h^) 
na ; tebayai ; ude no shikkari sJiita ; 
tegiwa no kirei (^K) na ; komyo {Vj 
'^) na ; (ht. and fig.) kiyo na. 

Dexterously, adv. takumi ni ; jodzu 
ni ; kiyo ni. 

Diabetes, n. ionydbyo (||^#g) ; 
mitsunyo {'^^). 

Diacritical mark, hatsuompu (^ 

Diagnose, t.v. mitate-ru. 

to as, to/mitate-ru ; tolshindan 

{mm s. 

Diagnosis, n. shindan ; mitate.; 
satsuhyb {^^) ; shinsatsu (^^). 
a wrong , mitate-cJiigai. 

232 ] 


Diagonal, a. taikakusen {^flr^^) ; 
shaken {^W<)- 

march, shako (^^f^r). 

Diagonally, adv. naname ni ; hasu 
ni ; hasukake ni ; kesagake ni [chiefly 
of a sword-cut]. 
to march , shako s. 

Diagram, n. dzu (HI) ; (design of an 
article to be made) hinagata. 

to draw a , dzu wo hiku ; 

kaiachi wo kaku. 

Dialect, n. kuni-kotoha ; hogen (3^ 
■^) ; (brogue) namari. 

Dialogue, n. mondo (^^) ; taiwa 
(ifi?5) ; (on the stage) s^rifu. 

Dial-plate^, n. moji-ita. 

Diameter, n. sashi-watashi ; chokkei 


Diametrically, adv op- 
posite, sei-hantai {Jxl^i) ^O- 

Diamond, n. * ; kongdseki (^liJS") ; 
(card) yakko. 

shape, hishi-gata. 

Diapason, n. ichikotsu {—M)^ 

Diaper, n. (breech-cloth) o-shime ; 
shimeshi ; (pattern) jimon (JiiiU). 

Diaplioretic, n. hakkanzai (f^ff 


Diapliragm, n. okakumaku (^31 


Diarrlioea, n. geri {TM)- 

to suffer from , wayiara ga 

kudaru ; geri s. 

Diary, n. nlkki. 

pocket , kwaichu-nikki ('lsi4' 

Diathesis, n. so'm (-^@). 
Diatribe, n. gekiron (^fmj) ; tsuron 

Dibs, n. (game) te-dama. 

Dice, n. sai. . 

a throw of the , me. 

cog'g'ed , ikasama no sai. 

box, sai-dzutsu. 

to throw the , sai ico furu. 

Dicentra spectabilis, kemanso. 


[ 233 ] 


Dictate, i.v. to to, nijsashidzu 

wo s ; niJsJiiki (ta^) w;o s. 

Dictate, t.Y.kaki-torase-ru ; kucMde 
ate kakase-ru. 

Dictate, n. sashidzu ; shido (ta^). 

Dictation, n. (ordering) sashidzu. 

at the of, 710 sashidzu wo 


to take down from , kaki- 


to write from , kaki-tori wo 

writing from 

., kaki-tori. 

Dictator, n. dokusai-shukensha (^ 

Dictatorial, a. sashidzu-gamashii ; 
hojaku-bujin (t^^-M-A) na. 

Dictatoriaily, adv. bojaku-hvjin 7ii. 

Diction, n. kucho {^^'M). 

Dictionary, n. jiUki ; jisho {-p^) ; 
jiten ('f^ll) ; jii (^^) ; [the latter two 
words chiefly in the titles of works ; 
as, koki-jiten ^JEE^ilL] ; gyokuhen 
(3£tn) [ot Chin, characters only] ; (of 
words arranged ace. to the iroha) 
biographical , jimmei-jisho 

pocket , kwaichu-jihiki (JS^ 

if^ 'j I ) ; sh fich in-jish o (#^^- # ) . 
to look out a word in a , 

jihiki de kotdba wo hiku ; jihiki wo 

Dictum, n. kakugen (fi^W)- 
Didactic, a. (conveying moral in- 
struction) kybkunteki (IJtlJIIfi^) no. 
to be , monoshiri-huru. 

Die, n. (one of a pair of dice) sai ; 
(for coins) kata- 

Die, i.v. shinu ; oiaku nnru ; shibo (^ 
]t) s ; bossuru {^^) ; shikyo (^^) 5 ; 
seikyo {M^) •^' l shi s ; hate-ru ; ai- 
hate-ru ; ioa]iki ga tae-ru ; djo (^£^) 
s ; (polite terms) o kakure ni naru ; 
chosei (i^glf) s ; (of royalty) hogyo 
(^i^P) s; o kakure ni naru ; (of a 
prince, noble, or high official) kbkyo 
(M^) ^^ J (of a priest of high posi- 

tion) .s-e^if/e (gSft:) s; (of cattle) tao- 
re-ru ; heishi (f|^) s ; (of a tree or 
plant) kare-ru. 

to all but , shini-sokonau. 

to by violence, henshi (@ 

^) ^^. 

to in battle, senshi (^^^) 

s ; uchi-jlni s. 

to of, del shinu ; to of 

disease, byoshi (^^) 5 ; to 

of love, kogare-jini ico s ; to 

of starvation, ue-jini s ; gashi 

(fK?E) s. 

to out, shini-tae-ru ; (as of an 

epidemic) shometsu (ft-^ilS) .9. 

to let ...... before one's very 

eyes (being powerless to helj)), 
r.ii-goroshi ni s. 

Diervilla japonica, hakone-utsu- 

Dies non, heiteibi (^^0). 

Diet, n, (food) sJwkmnotsu {^^^^j}) ; 
shokiiji (^^). 

Diet, t.v. to one's self, doku- 

daie wo s. 

Diet, n. (pari.) gikwai (S^) ; kok- 
kwai (^#) ; (meeting) kwaigi (^ 

closing' of the , gikwai-hei- 

opening of the , gikwai-kai- 

kwai m^m-%)' 

proceedings in the , gijl 


Diifer, i.v. (from, to) chigau ; (in 
opinion) ica]kangae, or setsu (^), ga 
chigau ; fudoi {^^M) ^Q cit'u. 

i from you, go doi ga deki- 


Difference, n. (between two prices) 
say a ; hiraki ; (variation) chigai ; 
soi (^g^) ; sa-i (^^) ; sabeisu (^ 
^Ij) ; (mark of distinction) kubeisu ([g 
^) ; (dispute) giron (lif^) ; arasoi ; 
soron i^tm) 5 i^^ money, between 
two sums) sagaku (^|H) [Com. Co.] ; 
(deficiency due) fusoku (^,S) \ 
(balance over) amari ; nokori ; (arith.) 
•sa (^). 

s, (dissimilarities) chigaita 

tokoro ; ido {^fn\); (disputes) /w?i.90 



[ '^34 ] 


according to the of 

amount, oi-sukunai, or tasho (^ 
^), m yotte. 

all the in the world, tenchi 

(^lUl) no chigai', shojo (^^) no 
sa ; undei {^ij^) no chigai. 

of opinion, iron (Mf,^) ; 

fudoi {-Pj^mMY 

there is no great , taishiia 

chigai wa nai. 

to estimate the of height, 

length, depth, between, noj 
kotei (i^tS)? chbtan {^f^), shinsen 
('^r^)> wo hakaru. 

Different, a. (dissinxilar) chigatta ; 
(other) kawatta ; beisu (^Ij) no ; hoka 
no ] ta (fOi) no. 

a person, betsujin ( ^Ij A)- 

as as chalk from cheese, 

tsukl to suppon no chigai. 

of kinds, iroiro no; shuju 

(II ^ ) no. 

Difterential, a. sabetsu (^giJ) no 
aru ; (mech.) bido (^ill) no. 

calculus, bibun (^^). 

duties, kubetsuzei{^^\}^). 

I>iiFereiitiate, t.v. (make out dif- 
ferences between) no/kuhetsu v:o tate- 

Differently, adv. chigatte ; beisu 
ni ; usu. expr. by a periphrasis ; as, 

I think , watakushi no mikomi 

ga chigau. 

from what one expected, 

omoi-no-hoka ; zongwai (ij^^h) ni ; 
igwai (i^.^h) m. 

Difficult, a. mudzvkashii ; konnan 
(E®) na ; nangi (|fi^) na ; okkic na ; 
(before an infinitive) expr. by -nikui 
or -gatai suffixed to the indef . form 
of a vb., or by the vb. -kane-ru ; as, 

to learn, oboe-nikni; that is 

rather to believe, sore wa 

chitio shinji-kajie-ru. 

a question, nammon (KlfHl) ; 

yakkai (/B'f^) najlken (^#). 

of digestion, konare no 


Difficulty, n. mudzukashii koto ; 
konnan ; nangi ; (obstacle) sashi- 
tsukae; kosho {tkW)'^ s^^oge (}^l|) ; 
(trouble) futsugo (^fi^-^) ; sashi- 

., zosa mo nai ; 

there is no 

wake wa nai. 

to be in ies (hard up), kane 

ni sashi-semaru. 

to experience , konnan wo 


to raise ies, mendo na koto 

wo iu. 

with , yatto ;. karojiie. 

without , zosa naku. 

Diffidence, n. enryo (^)^) ; haba- 
kari ; (shyness) uchiki. 

Diffident, a. to be , enryo s\ 

oku s. 

Diffidently, adv. enryo shite. . 

Diffuse, t.v. hirome-ru ; (disseminate) 

to be d among (as of know- 
ledge, etc.), ni/fukyu (^R) s. 

Diffuse, a. kudoi ; mawari-doi ; naga- 
tarashii ; jocJio {'ju^) na. 

Diff'usely, adv. kudoku ; mawari- 
doku ; nagatarashiku ; jocho ni. 

Diff useness, n. jocho ; other equiv. 
of Diffuse, a. foil, by koto. 

Dig", t.v. Jioru ; hojikuru ; hojiru. 

to down, hori-kudzusu. 

to in, hori-komu. 

to open, hori-hiraku ; abaku. 

to out, hori-dasu ; (mining) 

saikutsu (|^^) s. 

to over, hori-kaesu. 

to through, hori-nuku. 

Digest, i.v, konare-ru. 

food s, hara ga konare-ru. 

Digest, t.v. konasu ; shokwa s. 

Digest, n. tekiyo (^^^). 

Digestible, a. konare-yasui ; konare 
no yol ; shokwa shi-yasui. 

Digestion, n. konare ; shokwa. 

my is out of order, 

'^ {^) 9<^ waruku natta. 

Digestive, a apparatus, sho- 

kioaki (mffc^). 

function, shokwa-kino {f^i\^ 


Digit, n. (numeral) sf(ji{Wi^)- 


[ 235 } DIM 

I>ig"niiiecl, a. kedakai ; hin [an) ^^ 

in a manner, igi- (^H) 


I>ig"iiify, t.v. (entitle) agame-ru. 

to by the name of, to/ii- 


I)ig"iiitary, n. kbi (t^fe) no hlto ; 
kiken (^^^); (of the church) kbso 


I>ig-ility, n. (bearing^ igi (B6c^) I 
i/cR-o (i^c^t) ; hinkaku (qp:^^-^) ; (pre- 
stige) ige)7, (g^cM) j (reputation) meiyo 
(^#); (office and rank) kurai; 
kwan-i Cg fvfc). 

to impair the of, no/igen ico 

sonjl-ru (t^). 

to lower one's (by an act), 

koken (fi'-^f") wo sage-ru. 

to stand upon one's , mot- 


I>igTess, i.v. hanashi ga eda-ha ni 
wataru ; hanashi ni eda go- saku ; 
hanashi ga shiyo (^^) ni wataru. 

iDigression, n. eda-hanashi. 

I>ike, n. (ditch) hori ; (mound) dote ; 
tsutsumi; teiho (t^R/j) ; (in paddy- 
fields) aze. 

Dilapidate, t.v, arasu. 

d, koware-kakatta ; hason (J^ 

tl.) shita. 

d house, aharaya. 

to he d, are-ru ; (of clothing, 

etc.) yahukete oru. 

Dilapidations, n. hason shita 
tokoro ; kowareta tokoro. 

Dilatation, n. kwakuchb (^')J|). 

Dilate, t.v. hiroge-ru ; haru. 

Dilate, i.v. hirogaru. 

to upon, /wen {$X\U) s. 

it is needless to upon, wo/ 

chocho (R^ -* ) sum hitsvyo wa nai. 

Dilation, n. kwakuchb. 

of the pupils, mbdb-kicaku- 

chb {W^MtH^M) ; dokb-kwakuchb (^ 

mum). ^ 

Dilatory, a. osoi ; shuiai-gachi (-^ 
if #) no. 

person, namake-mono. 

to be , dzuruke-ru ; guzuisuku ; 

namake-ru; guzu-guzu s ; injun (0 


Dilemma, n. melwaku (i^^) ; (log.) 
sbkican-rompb (i|||fra/i)- 

to be in a ,. ita-hasami ni 

nam; tbwaku {'UM) s ; tohb (^3^) 
ni kure-m ; sJtintai (MM) kiwa- 

hijutsu (^^) wo 

gazuisuka ; guzu- 

Dilettante, n. 

ijim hlto. 

Dilettante, a. shirbto no. 

Diligence, n. henkyb; shussei ([H 

Diligent, a person, henkybka 

(^?1^) ; shusseika. 

to be , yoku hataraku ; henkyb 

s ; shussei s. 

Diligently, adv. sei-dashite ; seizei 
{^ ^ ) hone-otte. 

Dill, n. inondo. 

Dilly-dally, i.v. 
guzu s ; injun (g|iS) .9. 

Dilute, t.v. nllmidz-U wo icaru, or iix- 
ru ; (in order to cool) nijmidza wo 
ume-ru ; (chem.) ni/midzu \oo kwa 

m) s. 

d (of an acid), ki- ; as d 

nitric acid, kishbsan (ftfil^-JSt). 

Dim, a. (of light) usu-kurai ; (of the 
sight) honyari to shita. 

to be , (hazy) kasunde oru ; 

(as a mirror) kumotte oru. 

Dimensions, ' n. sumpb (tJ-^) ; 
sunshaku {~^H,) ', (measured by ken) 
kensu (ft^ti:) ; (area) /iirosa ; menseki 


inside , uchi-nori. 

outside , soto-nori. 

Diminish, t.v. herasu ; hesu. 

Diminisli, i.v. hem ; genji-ru ; gen- 
shb {]J^^p) s ; (in number) sukunaku 
naru ; (in size) chiisaku naru. 

Diminution, n. (act) herashi ; 
(state) heri ; genshb. 

Diminutive, a. chippoke na. 

Diiiily, adv. usu-kuraku ; kasuka ni ; 
honyari to shite. 


Dimple, n. ekuho. 

Din, n. sawagi. 
what a ! 

shii koto. 

[ 236 ] 


yakamashii ; sozo- 

Diiie, i.v. (take the evening meal) 
yashoku, yi'ishoku, or yuhnn, uo tdbe- 
ru ', (polite synonym) yushokii ico 

have you not yet d? mada 

gozen-mae de gozaimasu ka. 

I am ing" out this evening', 

komban wa imki de tdbe-ru. 

Diniiig'-car, n, shokudosha (:^^ 
'^) ; shokudo-guruma, 

Diiiiiig"-i*ooiii, n. shokuma ; shoku- 
ji-heya ; (large) shokudo {"^^). 

Dinner, n. (late) ban no shokuji ; ya- 
shoku (^^) ; yushoku {^M) '^ ban- 
shoku ; yuhan {^^) ; bammeshi [the 
latter two words only of a Japanese 
meal] ; (entertainment with guests) 
bansan ; (midday) hiru no shokuji ; 
hiru-meshi ; (with guests) gosan ; chii- 
san {^%). 

Dinner-party, n. bansankimi {^% 
^ ^ ) ; bansan. 
toy , mamagoto. 

Dint, n. (dent) hekomi. 

by of, -dzuku de ; as, by 

of force, ude-dzuku de; by 

of money, kane-dzuku de. 

by of perseverance, nhxtai 

{^M) no ko (^Fj) de. 

Diocesan synod, cUhdkxmi {f^')S 

Diocese, n. cMhbbu {i%')j^)\ kan- 
toku-kwanku (^'^^I^). 

Di]>, t.v. slutasu. 

to a flag", hata wo sage-ru. 

Dip, i.v. moguru. 
DipSitlieria, n. * ; jiputerta. 
Diplitlaong", n. nijiion {nM.'s)- 
Diploma, n. shosho ; meiijo ; men- 

kyojo (^f^Ji;^) ; (of a graduate) soisu- 

gyo-shosho (^Hff #). 

Diplomacy, n. gwaikd. 

rules of , gwaiko-reishlkl ( ^h 

Diplomat, n. gicaikokwan ; kosii^ 
kwan (^l^'g ) ; gwoAkbka (^h3^^). 

Diplomatic, a. gwaikojo (^h^^ii) 

710 ; gwaikd no ; qwaikbtelci no ', (dex- 
terous) kosai-jodzu (3^1^±.^) no. 

corps , kakkoku-kosaikwan 

( # ^ 'ii^ I^ 'r ) ; gwaikokwan-dantai 

note, gwaiko-bunsho (J'h^^ 

#); kohunsho i^-Xf). 
official, gwaikbkwan. 

Dipl05iiatically, adv. gwaikojo ; 
(with, diplomatic skill) kosai-jodzu ni. 

Dipper, n. (ladle) hishaku ; (small 
oval tub with projecting stave for 
handle) sarubo ; kaiate. 

Pallas' , kawa-garasu. 

Diptera, n. hachurui (/ilB^II). 

Direct, a. (straight) massugu na ; 
(without another's intervention) 

chokusetsu no ; jikl no. 

export, choku-yushuisu (tlt^ 

object (gram.), chokusetsu- 

mokuiekiji ((f^^ rtVfe)- 

tax, chokusetsu-zei (l^^^). 

most route, ichiban chikai 


to go , (without stopping en 

route) chokko {\^^j) s ; (without 
changing train) nori-kaenai de 
iku ; chokko de iku. 

Direct, t.v. (order) ni/ii-tsuke-ru ; ni/' 
sashidza s ; (mil., etc.) shiki s ; ni/ 
g^ji (~F^) s ; (show the way) ni/michi 
wo oshie-ru ; (govern) shihai s ; (over- 
see) kantoku s ; (a letter) no/uioa- 
gaki wo s ; no/na-ate wo kaku. 

to against, ni muke-ru ; to 

forces against, ni/hei {^) 

wo muke-ru. 

to whom is this letter ed ? 

kono tegami loa dare ni atete aru. 

Direction, n. (order) sashidzu ; mei~ 
rei{piT^)', ii-isuke; (ordering) sh'iki 
(ta®) ; (suiDcrintendence) kantoku 
(^#); (government) shihai (^gC) ; 
(point of the compass) hbgaku {"^f^Y, 
hoi i:^^) ; kento {k.^) ', ho ; (to 
which a thing points) muki ; (resi- 
dence) tokoro-gaki ; (of a letter), 
uwa-gaki'y na-ate. 


[ 237 ] Dig 

s (rules for guidance), kokoroe. 

of the wind, kaza-mnki. 

; s for use, shiydlw (($ffl^). 

1^ all s, hobo ; shiho-happo 

in the ...... of, wo sashite ; ni 


in this (in regard to these 

matters), kono hen no koto ni tsuite. 

to turn round in this , 

kochi icofurimuku. 

^Directly, adv. sugu ni ; jlki ni ; 
tadachi ni; (expressly) akiraka 7ii; 
(without another's intervention) 

cJiokusetsu (gj-^) ni ; jlka ni. 

opposite, ma-mukai no. 

to hand over , ico/te-icatashi 

s ; icojjika ni watasu. 

Director, n. (manager) shihainin (^ 
iEA); (of a Company) iorishimari- 
yaku [Com. Co.] ; torishimari ; (of a 

dept.) -cho; as, of the Mint, 

zoheikyokucho {i^^^^) ; (president 
of a Company) shacho (tfc^); (of a 
juridical person) riji {^^) [Civ. Co.]. 

; s (o^' ^ Company), jiiyaku{'^ 


manag-ing , semmu-iorishi- 

mari {^.f^^^^,). 

Directory, n. jimmeiroku ( \ ^|^). 

Dirk, n. aikucM ; ianken {^3^) i 

Dirt, n. gomi ; chiri-akuta ; ohutsu 
(f^4%) ; (on a cup, the body, etc.) 
aka ; (mud) doro ; (earth and sand) 
dosha (i:«$!); (excrement) kuso; 

Dirtlieap, n. haki-dame. 
Dirtily, adv. kiianaku ; fuketsu ni. 
Dirtiness, n. kltana', koto ; fuketsu 

Dirty, a. klianai ; kitanarashil ; fu- 
- ketsu na ; (soiled) yogoreta ; aka- 

apt to g-et , yogoreppoi. 

feet, doro-ashi'. 

water, doro-midzu. 

though it is a thing to 

say, biro (M^) nagara. 

to become , (of clothes, etc.) 

yogore-ru; (of a cup, etc.) ni]aka 

ga tsuku j (of furniture) ni]gomi ga 

Dirty, t.v. yogosu ; kiianaku s. 

Disability, n. mushlkaku (ii^'^lf^) ; 
munoryoku {i^,^^^). 

Disable, t.v. to l:e d, yo ni 

tatanaku naru ; (partially) sonsho 
(MfK) s; (crippled) haishitsu (j^ 
^) ni naru ; fugu (yf: J..) ni naru ; 
(of a steamer) unten {MM) '>^o jiyu 
( ^ [l3 ) w;o ushinau. 

to from, expr. by neg, 

potential foil, by yb ni s. 

Disablement, n. (crippling) hai- 

Disabuse, t.v. (of a suspicion) noj 
utagai wo harasu ; no/ginen (|^;t^) tea 

to be d, wa]idagai ga hare-ru, 

Disadvantag-e, n.furieki (:T^^:ij^) ; 
(inconvenience) fuhen (^®) ; (loss) 
son (tt). 

Disaclvantagreous, a. (prejudicial) 
furieki na ; furi na ; (inconvenient) 
fubenri na ; (causing loss) son ni naru. 

to be to, no/furieki ni naru ; 

nolfutame ni naru. 

Disadvantag-eoiisly, adv. furieki 

ni ; furi ni ; fubenri ni. 

Disaffected, a. to be to- 
wards, ni taishite/fuhei wo idciku. 
Disaffection, n. fuhei (TfC^p) ; fa^ 
fuku (^OS) ; funian{lf%). 

Disagri'ee, i.v. (of food) ni]ataru; 
ni]aterare-ru [ni with the article of 
food specified] ; doku (^) ni naru ; 
(differ) chigau ; tagau ; neg. of 
kanau ; (in opinion) wa]iken (.aJL) 
ga chigau: fudoi {'^\n\M) de aru; 
(quarrel) wa]naka ga loaruku naru ; 
wa]oriai ga ivaruku naru. 

I must have eaten something 

which d with me, nanika 

shoku-atari daro. 

unless you with me, go 

^■<7* i^M) 9<^ nakereba. 
Disag-reeable, a. ki ni iranai ; kiza 
no [vulg.] ; (person) iya na ; kl ni 
kuwanai ; (thing) kokoroyoku nai ; 
fuyukicai (T-t^'l^) na. 


E 238 ] 


Disag'reeableiiess, n. eqiiiv. of 
Disagreeable foil, by koto. 

Disagreeably, adv. ^ expr. by a 
periphrasis with the adj. 

DisagTeement, n. (variance) /iraa 
(^^) ; funaka ; naka-tagai ; (dis- 
pute) sbtan (^^) ; ii-ai ; arasol ; 
(dissent) /wdoi (^l^S)- 

Disallow^, t.v, expr. by neg. of 
yurusu; shochi (^^) shinai; (an 
appeal, etc.) kyakka (iDT) s ; (by an 
adverse vot^) hiketsu (^^) s. 

Disappear, n, mienaku nam ; shire- 
naku nam ; hikkomu ; (cease to exist) 
kie-ru ; shometsu {i'^]^) s ; naku nam ; 
(of persons) sMsso s ; wa^yukue fumei 
(7j^^) ni nam. 
to appear and (as of bri- 
gands, etc.), shutsuhotsu (}1}'H)^; 
detari usetari s. 

Disappearance, n. (of i^ersons) 
shisso i-^^,) [Civ. Co.] ; other eqniv. 
of Disappear foil, by koto. 

Disappoint, t.v. ni/ate wo hadzusiise- 


to be ed, shitsuho {^M) s ; 

wa^ate ga hadzure-m ; nozomi wo 
ushinatie om ; wa]hariai ga nuke- 

to be ed at, wojzannen (^;tt) 

ni omou. 

Disappointing, a. oslni ; kuchi- 
osiui; (below expectation) omowashiku 
nai ; zongwai {^9V) tsumaranai. 

extremely , shitsubo-kiwa- 


to be , zannen de am. 

Disappointment, n. shitsuho ; 
kuchi-Qshii koto ',fuhon-i (^^^J. 

Disapproval, n. fushubi (^"M"]!) > 

Junan ; Jdnin. 

Disapprove, t.v. (censure) expr. by 
neg. of home-ru ; hinan (^|i) s ; 
sansei ('^JSJ^) shinai ; (decline to sanc- 
tioLi} Jdnin (^f^J s ; yoku nai to s. 

Disarm, t.v. no/6Mfci {^^) wo iori- 
age-ru ; (an opponent of his sword) 
no/katana wo uchi-otosu ; (deprive of 
a sword) ni/daito (fl^TJ) sase-ru. 

Disarm, i.v. gumU (^'^3)100 toku; 
kalhi mW) ''^^ 

Disarmament, n. gumhi wo' toku 
koto ; (reduction of armaments) gum- 
bi-shukusho (^iftil^'J>). 

Disarrange, t.v. midasu ; ram- 
myaku (®LM«) ^^ s ; chirakasu. 

Disaster, n. wazawai ; sainan (>^^ 
il) ; saigai (^#). 

in order to escape , hinan 

(j^lli) f^o tame. 

locali%' of a , sonanchi (jg |{i 

sufferers by a , risaisha (<^ 

Disastrous, a. fukd {7f^) no ; sai- 
nan no. 

Disastrously, adv./wfco ni. 

Disavow, t.v. (deny) il-kesu ; (an- 
other's action) hinin (lt|S) s ; neg. of 
mitome-TU ', neg. of hiki-uke-ru. 

to what one bas said, itta 

koto wo ii-naosu. 

Disband, t.v. toku ; jotai (li^if^) 5. 

to troops, hei wo toku; kai- 

hei m^) s. 

Disbelief, n.fushin ; fushinko (:^fg 


Disbelieve, t. and i.v. expr. by neg. 
of equiv. of Believe. 

Disburse, t.v. dasu ; shiharau ; (on 
another's account) tate-kae-ru. 

Disbursement, n.harai ; shiharai ; 
shishutsu (^tB); (advance on an- 
other's account) tate-kae ; tatekae-kin. 
receipts and ...... s, shutsunyu (}ii 

Discard, t.v, tori-sute-ru ; hai s ; 
ha'iki (^^) 5 ; (as a favourite, etc.) 
utcharu ; mi-sute-ru. 

Discern, t.v. (mentally) satoru; 
icaklmae-ru ; mi-wake-ru ; shikibetsu 
(ifeSlJ) s ; (with the eye) mi-tome-ru. 

Discerning, a. satori no yoi ; (with 
regard to the future) senken (:5fe.^) no 

Discernment, n. wakimae ; hem- 
betsii {}j%']\]) ; kikiwake. 


[ 239 ] 


Dischargee, t.v. (cargo) no/funa- 
oroshi wo s ; nojtsumi-oroshi wo s ; 
riku-age s ; orosu ; oka ni age-ru ; 
(a ship) no/ni-age wo s ] (a gun) 
hanasu ; utsu ; (a gun or torpedo) 
hassha (flM) -^ ; (a seaman) yatoi- 
yame-ru [Com. Co.] ; (a debt) hensai 
iW^) s [Civ. Co., Civ. Pro.] ; hensai 
(MSI) ^ ; (a prisoner) Jiomen (JKc^) s ; 
hokwan ( J^ig) .9 ; shakuho {^W s ; 
(dismiss) ni/hima loo yam, or dasu ; 
ni/itoma wo dasu ; (from office) men- 
shoku iWi^) -^ ; himen (^^) s. 

d soldiers, jotaihei (1^1x1^) ; 

kaitaihei (g?!f^:^) 

to be d (of a seaman), gesen {f 

^) s ; yatoi-yame ni naru. 

to a gun, happo (f^Sfe) s. 

to an office, yakn (t^) wo 


to from the army, jo/ai 5. 

to in disgrace, shikujirase- 

ru; to "be d in disgrace, 


to one's duty, (official) 

shokumu (^J^) ico isukusu ; isu- 
tome wo mamoru ; (as towards one's 
child) gimu (^^) wo tsukusu. 

Discharge, n. (of cargo) nl-oroshi ; 
funa-oroshi ; tsumi-oroshi ; (of a sea- 
man) yatoi-yame [Com. Co.] ; senin- 
kaiko (^MPi?M) ; (release) homen ; 
hokwan ; (of a bankrupt) fuJcaken {i% 
^) ; (matter purged or vomited) 
haisetsuhutsu (^fji:!^) ; toshdbutsu (R±; 
}M^%) ; (from a boil) no (^). 

from tlie ears, mimi-dare. 

from the eyes, me-yani. 

from the nose, midzu-bana. 

port of , rikuage-ko [Com. 


Disciple, n. monjin (P5A); montel 
if^^) ; deshi ; (N.T.) shliel (fjg^) ; 
(Buddhist) monto (Pg|,|). 

Disciplinary, a committee 

(pari.), chbhatsu-iin {WM^M. )• 

punishment (of an official), 

chbkai im^). 

rules, torlshimari-kisoku. 

Discipline, n. kiriisu H^^) ; torl- 
shimari ; shitsuke ; (correction) chqji 
iWifa) ; chobatsu (1^^) ; korashime. 
nftilitary , gunJd ; breach of 



military , gunki-ihan ( j 

official is relaxed, kwanki 

Ci*?^) (I(^ midareta. 

Discipline, t.v. (train) shitsuke-ru. 

Disclaim, t.v. (deny) neg. vb. foil. b;y 
io kotowaru, to ii-haru, or to shuch^ 
(±5§) s ; (renounce) hoki (j^JcH) -^ J 

Disclose, t.v. arawasu ; (a secret) 
kogwai (P^h) s ; il-morasu. 

Discoloured, a. to become ....... 

wa]iro ga kawaru ; henshoku {^^} 
s ; (stained) shimi-ru ; ni]shimi ga 
tsvku ; (with use, said of clothes) 

Disconiiit, t.v. hekomase-ru ; heikb 
iWiU) sase-ru. 

to be ed, hekomasare-ru ; hei- 

ko s. 

Discomfiture, n. shippai (:^Rfc). 

Discomfort, n. fujiyil (/^^dtl); 
fuyukwai (^'Ifj'^) ; (anxiety) fuan- 
shin (^^/u^). 

Disconcert, t.v. midasu ; (abash) 
tashinamete yaru. 

to the plans of, no jura wo 

kaite yaru. 

Disconnect, t.v. hadzusu ; (as of the 
telephone) kiru ; hanasu. 

Disconnected, a. and p.p. kire- 
glre ni natta ; hara-bara ni natta. 

to be , (as of the telephone) 

kire-ru ; (not attached) hadzure-ru ; 
(of an argument) waisuji-michi ga 

Disconsolate, a. to become , 

chikara wo otosu. 

to be , bonyari shite oru; 

chikara wo otoshite oru. 

Disconsolately, adv. bonyari shite. 
Discontent, n.fuheii'^^) ; fuman- 
zoku (:^ffi5i) ; fuman {'?f.^) ', fusoku 
Discontented, a look, fu- 
soku na kao. 

to be , fusoku, or famanzoku, 

ni omou ; (express discontent)/M/iei 
v:o iu ; fusoku wo iu. 



mutto shite. 

[ 240 i 


adv. (sullenly) 

Discontinuance, n. haishi (^ik). 

Discontinue, t.v. yame-ru ; yosu ; 
yame ni s ; haishi s ; (abruptly) chu- 
shi (cfJlh) 5. 

to be d, yo,me ni nam. 

to "business, haigyo{^M) s. 

to intercourse, isukiai ico 

tatsu ; zekko (|g^) s. 

Discord, n. (want of agreement) fu- 
chowa (^|^$n) I ^^i no awanai koto ; 
fuwa ; funaka ; naka-tagai ; atsureki 
{^Ll^) ; (inus.) choshi-chigai ', chbshi- 
to be in , midai^e-ru. 

Discordance, n. fuwa ; atsureki ; 
(mus.) choshi-hadzure. 

Discordant, a. ki no awanai ; fuwa 
no ; (mus.) chbshi no chigatta ; choshi- 
hadzure no. 

Discordantly, adv. ki ga awadzu 
ni ; (mus.) choshi-hadzure ni. 

Discount, n. wari-hiki ; ne-hiki ; 
hike ; heri. 

on recoinage, /M/ci-?)eri. 

Discount, t.v. (a bill) warihiki s ; 
(what a person says) wojamari ate ni 

Discountenance, t.v. (abash) haji- 
shime-ru ; hadzukashime-ru ; iyashi- 
me-ru ; (not countenance) yurusanai ; 
yosha (#^) shinai. 

Discourage, t.v. nojki wo kujlku ; 
no/kisaki ico oru ; gakkari sase-ru ; 
(try to stop) tomeyb to s ; (view 
coldly) reitan (?'^"^) ni mi-ru. 

to iDe d, chikara wo otosu; 

rakutan (^Si) s. 

Discourag-enient, n. rakutan ; 
zasetsu (®^). 

Discourse, n. (lecture) kbgi {MWl \ 
kbshaku [tM^] \ kbwa HUM) ', (ser- 
mon) sekkyb {Bl$k) I (conversation) 
danwa {$M^). 

Discourse, i.v. to on, nojkbgi, 

etc., wo s. 

Discourteous, a: shiisurei (^f§) 
na ; shikkei (^^Jc) na ; hushitsuke 
na. ; husahb (*sf^-^) 71a. 

Discourteously, adv. hurei (Mf^) 
ni ; husahb ni ', hushitsuke ni ', reigi 

(fliiiil) ni tagatte. 

Di.scourtesy, n. shltsurei ; hurei ; 
husahb ; hushitsuke. 

Discover, t.v. (find out) mlidasu ; 
mi-tsuke-ru ; hakken s ; (invent) 
hatsumei s ; (as a new country) Jiak- 
ken s. 

to be ed (of a crime), aramare- 

ru ; hakkaku s ; roken s ; (of a 
person or thing) mi-tsukaru. 

Discoverer, n. hakkensha (f|^^) ; 
(explorer) tankenka (^I>|C^)- 

Discovery, n. (fintling) hakken ; (ex- 
posure) hakkaku (fl;'^) ; roken (|g 
^) ; (invention) hatsumei ; (explora- 
tion) tanken. 

new , shin-hatsumei {%f\^'^Vi)\), 

Discredit, t.v. shinjinai ; utagau ; 
(deprive of credit) nolshlnyb wo gai 


Discredit, n. fushinyb (^ft/ll) ; 
fuhybhan (:^fp^1J). 

Discreditable, a. fumemmoku (;f: 
® @) 7^a ; fumeiyo (/f^^#) na. 

Discreditably, adv. fumemmoku 
ni ; fumeiyo ni. 

Discreet, a. (of persons) enryo-hukai; 
ybjin-hukai ; kangae no aru ; tsutsu- 
shimi no yoi. 

Discreetly, adv. tsutsushimi yoku ; 
enryo shite. 

Discreetness, n. kinshin {M.{%) ; 
equiv. of Discreet foil, by koto. 

Discrepancy, n. soi (t0^) ; chigai ; 
sa-i (^^). 

Discrepant, a. to be ^fugb (^^ 

'^) shinai ; awanai ; sbi s ; chlgau ; 
(contradictory) sogo (§1^) s ; kui- 

Discretion, n. enryo (Ji)!;) : tsutsu- 
shimi ; (option) sentaku (iSfP)- 

at your , go rybken-{T%]) 


is left to the ...... of, nofshusha 

i^^) ni makasete aru. 

Use your , u kagen (/jnJI^.) ni 



[ 241 ] 


Discriminate, t.v. kuhetsu s ; shiki- 
hetsu s ; hembetsu s. 

Discriminate, i.v. (deal unequally) 
toriatsukai ni kuhetsu wo tsuke-ru ; 
fiiheikin (:^^i^) ni taigu [^t^] s; 
doitsu (IW)— ) no toriatsukai wo shlnai. 

to against, ni taishiielkuhetsu 

wo tate-ru. 

to "between, wo/shikihetsu s. 

Discrimination, n. (act) kuhetsu 
(ieS^lJ) 'j (discernment) hembetsu {^% 
M) '■> shlkibetsu {^M) I wakhnae ; 
fumbetsu (55*^0) I (unequal treatment) 
fukinitsu (^i-J— ) no taigu. 

Discuss, t.v. ronji-ru ; danji-ru ; 
(pari.) gi s ; togi {MM) s- 

Discussion, n. hyogi (^^) ; taidan 
iMf^ ; (negotiation) kakeai ; dampan 
(fe^^J); (argument) giron (Bifinj) ; 
(debate) toron {Mtm)- 

hot , gekiron (^fm). 

is still under , mada hana- 

shi-chu, hybgi-chu, or shingi-chii (H 

^^), de aru. 

subject of , gidai {'^M)- 

to come up for , gidai to 


Disdain, t.v. (despise) iyasJiime-ru ; 
mi-kudasu; anadoru; besshi s; 
(spurn) hinseki {^^.) s ; (of a 
woman) furi-tsukeru. 

Disdain, n. anadori ; kelhetsa (|i 

^) ; human (^'H) ; besshi (^jji^). 
Disdainful, a. to be , iakaku 

tomatte i-ru ; hana wo takaku s ; 

tengu de aru. 

Disdainfully, a. hana wo takaku 

shite ; (contemptuously) keibetsu 

Disease, n. yamai ; hydki [^^) ; 
shlppei (;^^) ;' bybsho (?S^) ; in com- 
pounds hyo ; as, kidney jinzo- 

^yo mmm)- 

camp , gunchubyb (^cf^^). 

hereditary , idemhyb (ig® 


infectious , densemhyb (@"^ 


root of a , bybkon (^t^) ; 

bybgen {j;k\M)' ' 

second attack of a , buH- 


to die of , hybshi (^^) s. 

to have a second attack of 

a , V}a]bybkiga saihotsu (H*5S) 

s, or burikae-ru. 

Diseased, a constitution, 

bybshin {f^^). 

person, bybnin (^A) ; kwan- 

Ja iBM)- 

to be , wadzurau. 

Disembark, i.v. fune kara agaru ; 
jbriku (±.|^) s ; oka, ni agaru. 

Disembark, t.y. jbriku sase-ru ; oka 
ni age-ru ; (goods) riku-age s.. 

Disembarkation, n. jbriku ; yb- 
riku (t^H). 

Disembowel, t.v. to one's 

self, hara wo kiru ; seppuku s ; 
kappuku s. 

Disembowelment, n. hara-kiri ; 
seppuku. (t:0^) ; kappuku (f-lJSg) ; 
jisal (tjE)- 

Disenchanted, a. to be , 

wa]me ga same-ru ; ica]mayoi ga 

Disencliantment, n. sappukei (^ 

Disengag'e, t.v. hanasu. 

to be d, hima ni yiaru. 

are you d r' o hima de gozai- 

masu ka ', o te-sukl de gozaimasu 

Disentangle, t.v. hodoku. 

Disfavour, n. to fall into , (of 

a favourite) c?ib (f|) ico ushinau : 
(become unfashionable) ' hayara- 
naku naru. 

Disfig'ure, t.v. sokone-ru. 

Disfranchise, t.v. no/sanseiken (# 
^\U) wo uhau ; (deprive of vote) 
nojsenkyoken (^'r|^f§) wo uhau. 

Disfranchisement, n. sanseiken- 
hakudatsu (i^ii^). 

Disg'org-e, t.v. (lit. and fig.) haki- 


[ 242 ] 


'DisgTace, n. haji; chijoku (|'&#) ; 
ojoku (f'^#) ; fumemmoku (:^|g@). 
national , kokujoku ( ^ # ). 

OisgTace, t.v. hadzukashime-ru ; 
ni/haji wo kakase-ru \ . rTdjcliijoku wo 

to one's family, ie no na wo 

kegarM, or yogosu. 

to one's self, haji wo kaku. 

Disg'racefiil, a. hadzukashii ; mem- 
moku nai ; fumemmoku (^l^@ ) na ; 
keshikaranu ; hadzu-heki, 

DisgTacefully, adv. fumemmoku 
ni; keshikaranu hodo ni. 

Disgracef Illness, n. eqniv. of Dis- 
graceful foil, by koto. 

Disguise, n. henso (®^). 

in the of a sailor, sulfa 

710 f ft (^) ICO shite. 

Disg'liise, t.v. (meaning) ii-magirasu ; 
(conceal) kakusu ; cmoie ni arawasa- 
nai ; kao ni dasanai. 

a fact not to be d, oukoto 

no dekinai jijitsu (^^). 

to one's self (as, ni) katachi 

wo kae-ru ; giso (f@i|) s. 

Disgust, t.v. no/mune wo waruku s. 

to be ed, akire-ru; wajmune 

ga waruku naru ; mukatsuku. 

Disgusting, a. (dirty) kitanai ; 
(filthy) bird na ', (hateful) iya na ], 


Disgustingly, adv. nikurashii hodo ; 
iya ni. 

Disli, n. sara ; o-zara. 

DisliClotli, n. fukin ; zbkin. 

Dishearten, t.v. nolki wo oiosase-ru, 
or yowarase-ru ; no/chikara wo oto- 
sase-ru ; wo/rakutan (^,|S) sase-ru ; 
t wo/soso {'JSlM.) sase-ru. 

to be ed, ki ivo otosu ; chikara 

wo otosu ; rakutan s. 

Dishevelled, a hair, ram- 

patsu (®LM) 5 midaregami. 

to be (of the hair), midare-ru. 

Dishonest, a. shojiki de nai ; fusho- 
jiki na ; fusel (^JE) na. 

to do a action, fusei 



Dishonestly, adv. fushojikl ni ; fu- 
sei ni. 

Dishonesty, n.fushojlki ( ^jE[i:). 

Dishonour, n. haji ; chijoku (|'t#) ; 
fu-meiyo (^^#). 

national , kokujoku (|11#). 

Dislionour, t.v. ni/haji wo kakaseru', 
no/na loo otosu, or kegasu ; (a bill) 
nojshiharai wo kdbamu. 

ed bill, fuwatari-tegata. 

Dishonourable, a. fu-melyo na ; 
iyashii ; misage-hateta. 
to die a death, inu-jini s. 

Dishonourably, adv. hiretsu {^fj) 
■ni ; iyashiku ; fusei (^jE) ni. 

Disinclination, n. equiv. of Dis- 
inclined foil, by koto. 

Disinclined, a. to be to, pres. 

tense of vb, foil, by koto vjo iya- 
garu ; ki ga nai, or kokoromochi ga 
nai, following pres. tense. 
he urgod me to go but I was 

t® do so, iku yd ni susumeta 

ga watakushi ni wa ki ga norana- 

Disinfect, t.v. shodoku s. 

Disinfectant, n. shodokuyaku {lf4 

#^) J shodokuzai (fi^' #-#]). 
Disinfection, n. shodoku ; shodoku- 

ho ii'mm- 

by exposure to the sun, 

nikkwb-shodoku ( B %\'^^). 

to carry out , shodoku wo 

shikkb (^^t) s. 
Disinherit, t.v. kando s. 

to be ...... ed, kando sare-ru ; kan- 
do wo uke-ru. 

Disinheritance, n. halchaku (p 
ill) ; kando (®]^) ; sbzokunin-haijo 

mmKmm [Civ. co.]. 

Disinteg"rate, t.v. kudzusu. 

to be d, kudzure-ru. 

Disintegration, n. (fig.) hunretsu 

Disinter, t.v. hori-dasu ; hakkutsu s.. 
to and bury elsewhere^ 

kaiso i^pf) s. 


t 243 ] 


Disinterested, a. (not grasping] 
watakushi no nai ; yoku no nai ; (im- 
partial) kohei (S-^) na ; ekohiiki no 
nai ; (not concerned) mukwankei (fe£ 

Disinteresteclly, adv. watakushi 
naku ; 2/ofcw nafcw ; (impartially) kbhei 
ni ; ekohiiki naku. 

Disinterestedness, n. muyoku 


Disinterment, n. hakkutsu (^$g). 

Disjointed, a, (scattered) bara-bara 
ni natta ; (as of a speech) sujimichi no 
N tatanai. 

DisK, n. (as, of the sun) marumi ; (as, 
on the head of a sucking fish) sara. 

Dislike, t.v. konomanai ; kirau ; iya- 
garu ; also expr. by kirai da. 

Dislike, n, kirai ; ken-o {MM)- 

I have a great for, ga/dai- 

kirai da. 

to incur the of, nojkirai wo 

maneku ; nijkirawareru yd ni nam. 

Dislocate, t.v. (arrangements) noj 

junjo OlltJ^) cflo midasu. 

"bo be d (of a joint), chigau. 

to a joint, hone wo chigae-ru. 

Dislocation, n. dakkotsu (B^'h*) ; 

dakkyil (fi^B)- 
Dislodg'C, t,v. (drive out) oi-harau ; 


Disloyal, a. fuchugi (:^,^^^) na ; 
fuchu na ; (of a wifo) futei (^^) na ; 
(of a husband) /i/ (^K) na. 

Disloyally, adv. fuchugi ni. 

Disloyalty, n. fuchugi ; fuchu ; {ot a 
wHq) futei ; (of a husband) /uji^s-tt. 

Disnial, a. inki {^MM.) n^^i ', (of places) 

msno-svgoi ; samishii; (of the weather) 

IMs^i-ally, adv. inono-.ragoku ; sardi- 
sMku. ) 

DiSH»aiitle, t.v. (a house) nojzbsaku 
(iiif^) ^^c) iori-hadzusu ; hodoku; {ot 
decorations) no/kamri wo iori-hadzu- 
su ; (a fort) nojsetsubi iWt^) ^«o toru. 
Dismasted, a. hobashira no torefd^ 
" oi nakunatia ; hobashira wo ushinatia. 

Dismay, (ff|]^) sase-ru ; 

to be ed, bikkuri s; oki ni 


Dismay, n. odoroki ; kyogaku (H't^). 

Dismemberment, n. (separation) 
bunreisu (^^) ; (partition, of ter- 
ritory) bunkatsu (^=111). 

Dismiss, t.v. (an employe) nijhima 
wo dasu ; ni/itoma wo yaru ; kaiyo 
(MM) s ; kaiko mM) s ; (from office) 
menshoku (^|Si) s ; menkwan (l^'g*) 
s ; (send away) kaesu ; (a meeting) 
kaisan (Q?«fe) s ; (an appeal, etc.) 
kikyaku {^^) s [Cr. Pro.] ; kyakka 
mr) s [Civ. Pro.]. 

to be ed, hima wo dasare-ru ; 


to be ed from school, ialko 

(iS^) wo meizerare-ru. 

Dismissal, n. hima ; itoma ; kaiyo ; 
kaiko ; (of a suit) kyakka [Civ. Co.] ; 
(from office) menshoku ; menkwan ; 
(in disgrace) chokai-menshoku {^7^ 

Disjnissed, a. (of an official) men- 
shoku ni natta. 

Dismount, i.v. ori-ru ; (from a 
horse) uma kara ori-ru ', geba {'^^) 
s ; (from a vehicle) gesha (T^j s. 

! (mil.) geba. 

prepare to , geba-yoi ( f ^^. 

Dismount, t.v. orosu. 

to a gun (by firing at it)^ 

taiho HO uchi-otosu. 

Disobedience, TL.fujuhin (/pf^jtg) ; 
(tow.irds a parent) fuko (yft^) ; (of a 
child) immpaku. 

Disobedient, a. fujojun na ; (un- 
filial) oyafukb na ; (naughty) wam- 
'paku na. 

■ to be y iu koto wo kikanai. 

Disobey, t.v. nilsomuku ; ni/sakarau ; 
ni/shitagavMnai ; (transgress) ni/ihai 
(^W) *' > (o^ ^ child) no/iu koto wo 

. kikanai. . ^ - ' ' r 

JDisoblige, t.v. niifinitsui^'^) wo s^ 


[ 244 ] 


I>isoblig"ing, a. fu-shinsetsu na. 
Disob ;'mg"ly, adv. fu-shinsetsu ni. 
D'isobligiiig'iiess, n. fu-shinsetsu 

Disorder, n. (confusion) konzatsu 
■ i'i^W) \ (public disturbance) sbjb (|f 
11) ; ^bdd (,|iii) ; funran (i^lL) ; (dis- 
organized condition) fuselton (^$| 
1^) ; fuseirl (^^IJ|) ; (illness) yamai. 

to be in , (confusion) midare- 

ru ; (out of proper sequence) no]jun 
iM) f/<^ kurutte oru ; (of an as- 
sem ''-J, etc.) gota-gota s ; funjo {^ 
g^) .s; (of affairs) rammyaku (iU^) 
ni 7iatte oru. 

Disorder, t.v. rammyaku ni s ; kon- 
zatsu sase-ru. 

to be ed, midare-ru ; konzatsu 


Disorderly, a. (of conduct) ramho 
na ; (undisciplined) fu-kiritsu (^^^ 
^) na ; (of a person) sawagashii. 

person, ramhonin (iL^A)- 

in a manner, sawagashiku. 

to be , ramho s. 

to be drunk and , ransui- 

^oko mmWiy) s. 

to enter in a ...... manner, 

nilranyiyu (ilA.) s. 

to lead p.. life, gorotsuku. 

Disorg'aiiizatioii, n. funran ; fu- 
seiton ; fuselri. 

Disorganized, a. to become , 

midare-ru ; no]soshiki dJi^') ga 
kudzure-r . ; no]soshiki ga )iaitai (^ 

M) •^. 

Disown, t.v. (a child) kando (|(j^'^) 
,9 ; haichaku {^j^) s ; (language used) 

Disparage, t.v.^ kusasu ; soshiru ; 

Disparity, n. fatsuriai ; sol (^g^.) ; 

fudotd (:^,rifi^). 

Dispassionate, a. ochitsuita ; chin- 
chaku (y!fe^) na. 

Dispassionately, adv. ochitsuite; 
chinchaku shite. 

., shikyil 
, o-isogi 

Dispatch, n. requires 

i^M;) y:o yo {^) s. 
with all possible 

de ; shikyu ni. 

Dispatch, t.v. see Despatch. 

Dispel, t.v. (scatter) chirasu ; (drive 
away) harau ; (superstitions, etc.) 
t doha {m&) s. 

to doubts, utagai wo toku, or 


to be led (of doubts), hare-ru ; 


to suspicions, gldan (M^) 

ico hyokai {7\<j%) s. 

Dispensary, n. ckoyakujo (p^^PJ?) ; ' 
yakuzaiho {^pM) ; yctkkyoku (^^) ; 
(where medicines are dispensed 
gratuitously) seyakujo (JS^0r)- 
field , yasen-yakuzaihu. 

Dispensation, n. (exemption) jjzen- 
jo {^^^) ; (tlieol.) -yaku ; as, the old 
, kymjaku (0^). 


(medicines gratis) 




to medicines 

tously, i^e^/a/at s. 

Dispense, i.v, to with, icoj 

halmku ; wo/shoryaku {^^) s. 

Disperse, t.v. chirasu ; (an as- 
sembly) kalsan (^|5:) s ; (a crowd) 
talsan (ilti) sase-ru. 

1,0 the enemy, ieki xco oi- 


Disperse, i.v. chiru ; ckiri-jiri 
naru ; chiraharu ; sanran (ttSL) 
(of a meeting) kaisan s ; sankwai {^ 

Disperse, n, (mil.) sankai. 

to sound the , sankaifu{^ 

IfMff ) icofuku. 
Dispersion, n. sanran ; (of a nieet^- 
ing) kaisan ; (opt.) hunsan (^^) ; 
(of the Jews) risan (^f fit) ; (as, of 
heat) hlsan (^Ife). 

Dispirited, a. to be , waiki ga 

kujike-ru ; kl ico otosu ; rakutan (^ 
3^) .9 ; uchi-shiore-ru. 

Displace, t.v. oki-chlgae-ru; (dis- 
charge) menshoku (|S<|^) 5. 


[ 245 ] 


Displacement, n. haisuiryo (P^X 
g) ; halsul ; (in tons) halsid-tonsu 

Display, n. (ostentation) hade ; (in 
living) ogori. 

to make a , ogoru ; kwa wo 

haru ; omote wo haru ; to make a 

of (what does not really 

exist), no/futsuki wo s. 

Display, t.v, skimesu ; arawasu ; 
hyb (^) s ; (in order to annoy others) 
mise-hlrakasu ; (set out, as exhibits) 
chlnreisu (I^^ij) s. 

Displease, t.v. no/ki ni sawaru ; no/ 
ki wo waruku s ; nojki ni sakarau ; 
, (anger) okorase-ru ; nijhara wo tatase- 
ru ; rlppuku (ji.HS) sase-ru. 

to be d, expr. by neg. of 

yorokohu ; fumanzoku (^ff^5i) de 

am; to be d at, ico/fuman- 

zoku, or fuyukwai {'yf-'l^'^), ni 

Displeasing", n. fuyukwai na. 

Displeasure, n. haratachi ; fufuku 

(T^IJB); fukigen {Tf-^M.) ', fuman; 


Disport, i.v. asohu. 

Disposal, n. (arrangement of 
articles) nai'obe-yb ; chinretsu (j^^ij) ; 
(manner of dealing with) slidbun (^ 
^) ; tori-atsukai. 

is entirely at your , wo] 

go katte, or go dzuii (t^P^.a), ni 
isukatte kudasai. 

Dispose, t.v. (arrange) narabete oku ; 
(station at various points) kubaru ; 
haichi (@E^) s. 

to be d to, expr. by ki ga 

aru after the indie, pres. 

to of, (sell) harau ; haikyaku 

(KiD) s ; yudzuru; (a question) 

shobun s ; katadzuke-ru. 

Disposition, n. (mental) konjo {^^ 
>\^) ; kisho (M.^) 5 tachi ; seishitsu 
('SK) ; kishitsu ; (manner of dealing 
with) shobun ; (tendency) katamidci ; 
keiko (Mini) \ (of troops) haichi. 

temporary , kari-shobun 

[Civ. Pro.]. 

to make ...... s, tehai wo s. 

to sliow a 


to, no/iro wo 

Dispossess, t.v. no/senyii {^^) wo 

Disproportion, n. futsurial 

Disproportionate, a. tsuri-awa- 
nu ; futsuriai no ; fukenko (^ffgi®) 
na ; fusoo (/F^^@5§.) na ; (excessive) 
kwabun i'M^) ''''O. 

Disproportionately, adv. futsuri- 
ai ni ; fukenko ni ; fusoo ni. 

Disprove, t.v. nojhansho (Sag) wo 

Disputatious, a. giron-dzuki na. 

Dispute, n. kevkwa (nglJll) ; sbron 
{^tk)'^ nionchaku [Wi^] ', koron (p 
tk); rompan (f^flj) ; gota-goia; 
(comx3lication) fungi [^M.) '■> (diplo- 
matic, etc.) /wnso (^^). 

facts in , keiso-jijitsu (t^^^ 

g) [Civ. Pro.]. 

is beyond ... = .., muron (Mtra) d^ty 

ron ICO matanai ; utagai wo irenai. 

point in , soien (^i^) [Civ. 


Dispute, i.v. giron s ; kenkwa s ; u- 

Dispute, t.v. arasou. 

Disqualification, n, mushlkaku 
(M^^l-) ; munoryoku ij^^^fj) ', 
(failure to reach a standard) fu- 
gokaku {:f^^^). 

Disqucilify, t.v. to be led, 

shikaku wo ushinau ; mushikaku ni 
sarC'Tu ; (not to reach a standard) 
fugokaku ni naru. 

Di-^quieting", a. odayaka naranu ; 

fuon (/f^^) na. 
Disquisition, n. dangi (|^li) ; ko- 

shaku itUW) ' kodan (fi|j|). 
Disreg'arcl, t.v. nijkamawanai ; 

kaeriminai ; ni/tonjaku (I5^) shinai ; 

itowanai; f kosshi {^S^) s ; mushi 

^M) s. 
Disreputable, a. (of actions) gwai- 

bun i^l^^) no warui; (of persons) 

hyoban [f^^]) no warui ; (of acts or 

persons) hiretsu {^^) na. 

woman, akuba (M^)- 

Disreputably, adv. hiretsu ni. 


[ 246 ] 


Disrepute, n. to fall into , 

icajhyohan ga waruku naru ; hyohan 
ICO otosu. 

Disrespect, n. shUckei (:!^t5:) ; (to- 
wards loy alt j) fukel (/f^fJc)- 

Disrespectful, a. shikkel na ; 
shitsurel (-^jf^) na. ; hurei (iSf^) na ; 
fukei na. 

Disrespectfully, adv. gen. expr. 
by a periphrasis with the adj. 

Disrespectfulness, n. shikkel ; 
shitsurel ; hu7'ei ; (towards royalty) 

Dissatisfaction, n.fumanzoku (:^ 
VH&) ; fuman ; fufuku C^m.)- 

to express , fuhei {7f^) wo 

iu, or narasu. 

Dissatisfied, a. to be , man- 

zoku shinai. 

to he with, wo/fusoku (^ft 

,S) ni omou ; nij fufuku de aru. 

Dissect, tv. kaiho s. 

Dissecting--rooiii, n. kaiboshitsu 


Dissection, n. kaibo. 

Dissemble, i.v. sora wo tsukau ; 
tohoke-ru ; shira-hakkure-ru ; shiranu 
kao, or furl, wo s. 

Disseminate, t.v. hirome-ru ; maki- 
chirasu ; hampu s ; rufu {^/ffi) s ; 
(as disease) dempa s. 

things which infection, 

haikaihuisu {i^'j^^^j})- 

Dissemination, n. hampu (t#Yii) ; 
dempa (f^f^). 

Dissension, n, isakai ; kenkwa {w^ 
l^) ; mome ; (in a small circle) 
uchiwa-mome ; (heated argument) so- 
ron {^tm) '■> (breach) lunretsu (^gi). 

^, fungi {^^^). 

to he in a state of , mome-ru. 

Dissent, i.v. fuddl (^|wIS) de aru 
[from, to of the person, ni wa of the 
view dissented from] ; nattoku shi- 
nai ; (express disagreement) igi (^ 
^) wo ionae-rw, fushbchi {Tf.-^^) 
wo iu. 

Dissent, n. igi ; fushodaku (/[^7?^iW)« 

Dissentient, n. fuddi no mono ; 
fudoisha i'^MM^) ', hantaisha [j^M 

Dissertation, n. dangi ("^^). 

Dissimilar, a. fudd na ; ichiyo (^ 
*^) naranu ; fuzoroi no. 

Dissimilarity, n. fudd [7f.^)\ ido 


points of , chigatta tokoro; 

•^oi mm no ten Hu). 

Dissimulation, n. sora-tohoke. 

Dissipate, t.v. (squander) rohi (^ 
^) s ; rampi (jg^) s. 

to a fortune, shinsho (M-i^) 

wo tsuhusu. 

to melancholy, utsu wo 

toku, or harasu. 

Dissipated, a. doraku na ; hotb na. 

Dissipation, n. doraku (^|^) ; hdto 
(^iC^) ; (recreation) nagusami ; ki- 

Dissolute, a. hoto na ; hoitsu (j^^) 


fellow, dbraku-mono. 

Dissolutely, adv. hbto ni ; hoitsu ni. 

that man lives , ano hito 

wa hoto ni mi wo mochi-kudzusu. 

Dissolution, n. (of an association, 
of the Diet, etc.) kaisan [Mnk) [Com. 
Co., Civ. Co.]. 

of a contract, kelyaku-kaijo 

{%^'^^W>) ; kaiyaku. 

of adoption, rien (^f^) 

[Civ. Co.] [in colloquial also means 


Dissolve, t.v. tokasu ; ydkal {^^. 
s ; (as a meeting, etc.) kaisan s. 
to he d, kaisan ni naru. 

Dissolve, i.v. toke-ru. 

Dissuade, t,v. (make give up an 
idea) omol-tomarase-ru ; omoi-kirase- 
ru ; omoi-todomarase-ru. 

to try to from, expr. by 

neg. vb. foil, by yo ni susume-ru. 

Dissyllable, n. 7iiinjl (z:^^.)- 


C 247 ]i DIS 

Distance, n. kyori ; (by road) 
michi-nori ; (measured by ri) risu 
mm); (by ken) kensu mWc) l 
(space) aida ; (apart) hedatari. 
Sit Q, ....... hanareie. 

from a , empo {IM.^) kara. 

long (used adjectively), cho- 

kyori, as long telephone, 

chokyori-denwa {^^UM^s^) 5 '^ong 
motor race, choky or i-jldo- 

sha-kyoso mmm^mM^^)' 

mean , heikin-kyori (^^5E 


Distant, a. toi ; empo net ; enkaku 
('^PM) ^0 ; (far apart) kenkaku (Wf^) 
no ; (in manner, towards an intimate 
friend) yoso-yososhii. 

at no date, kinkin (S^)? 

chika-jika ni ; tokaradzu. 

far , kake-hanareta. 

to be from, ni/hanarete oru ; 

to/hedatatte oru. 

Distantly, adv. (of behaviour) yoso- 

Distaste, n. kirai. 
Distasteful, a. ki ni iranu. 
Distemper, n. (of dogs) ken-on- 

neisu iit^B)- 
Distend, t.r.fukurasu. 
Distend, i.\.fukure-ru ; bochd s. 

Distention, n. hocho {JBM) ; 
kwakucho (f^5^). 

Distil, t.v. joryit s. 

led water, jory Usui (Ml^yK)- 

Distillation, n.jdryii. 
Distillery, n. jdryiijo {M^fJr)' 
Distinct, a. (clear) akiraka na ; 
hakkiri shlta ; melhaku ( 5^ ^ ) na ; 
me'iryo {^^) na; (different) hetsu 
a question, hetsu-mondai (^ij 

is from, tojhetsu-mono de 


quite , maru de chigatta ; 

maru de hetsu no. 

Distinction, n. shabetsu (^^ij) ; 
kubetsu {%,M) ; (fame) komei (^:^). 

no can be drawn, kubetsu 

ga tatanai. 

to make s (show favour- 
itism), wake-hedate wo s. 
to win ...... y na wo age-ru. 

without of, ni kakawara- 

dzu ; without of size, dai- 

sho [-k./]^) to naku ; both A. and 

B. without , A. to B. to wo 


Distinctive, a. tokushoku {'J^^) no 
aru ; (conspicuous) me ni tsukl-yasui. 

Distinctly, adv. hakkiri to; akiraka 
ni ; melhaku ni. 

Disting-ue, a. hin {^a)noyoi; hiio- 
gara no yol. 

Distinguish, t.v. (see the difference) 
mi-wake-ru ; (understand the differ- 
ence) wakimae-ru ; shikibetsu {^n\]) 
s ; (make out a difference) no/ 
kubetsu wo tate-ru ; (make a differ- 
ence) wakatsu ; wake-ru ; ni/wakachi 
ico tsuke-ru. 

as ed from, ni taishlte. 

to one's self, ko {xjj) ico tate- 

Distinguish, i.v. to between 

(as two colours), wo/shikibetsu s. 

Distinguislied, a. (of persons) 
komel na ; nadakai ; (of actions) 
kencho (1^^) na. 

man, chimei {^^) na hlto; 

gbketsu {mWl- 

Distinguishing, a charact- 
er, tokasel [^\^). 

Distort, t.v. no/narl wo chigae-ru ; 
(wrest from the true meaning) no/ 
iml wo kojl-tsuke-ru. 

ed view (fig.), henken (fl^). 

to be ed (twisted), igande 

oru ; magatte oru ; nejlkete oru. 

to the features, kao wo 


Distract, t.v. the attention is 

ed, kl ga chiru ; ki ga utsuru. 

to be ed, (as by pain) ki ni 

naru ; (as by noise) nobose-kae-ru ; 
(as by work) ni/torl-maglre-ru. 

I am ed with business, 

isogashikute kichigai ni nari-so da. 

Distraction, n. (caused by pain) 
kurushi-magire ; (diversion) ki- 


[ 248 ] 


Distrain, t.v. sashi-osae-ru. 

Distrain, i.v. to upon, woj 


Distraint, n. sasM-osae ; kari-sTio- 

Distress, n. (l)Oclily pain) kurushi- 
mi ; (suffering) nanju (Ifiiife) '■> konnan 
(ffllfl) ; nangi [W^) '■> (grief) kanashi- 
ml ; (poverty) Mnku (^^). 

to be in (as of a ship, etc.), 

nanju s ; vessel in , sbnan- 

sempaku {]^mmt\)- 

to levy on, v. Distrain. 

Distress, t.v. kurusMme-ru ; ni/nanju 
sase-ru ; nayamasu ; yowarasu. 

to be ed, kanashimu; yowa- 

ru ; nanju s. 

Distressing", a. kanasldi ; aware 
na ; kurushii. 

Distressingly, adv. kanashii hodo ; 
aware na hodo ; kurushii hodo. 

Distribute, t.v. (among, ni) kuba- 
ru ; humpai (^IfC) 5 ; Jiaifu (gE^) s ; 
(profits, etc.) haito (@E^) * .' (^ 
burden) wari-isuke-ru. 

Distributing" centre, (of trade- 
goods) shusanchi {^'^V^). 

Distribution, n. (way of) kuhari- 
kata ; (act of) humpai ; haito ; hai- 
hun ; haifu ; (of property) haito ; (of 
mail-matter) haitatsu (gE^) I (station- 
ing at various points) haichi (ggj 
(printing) kaihan 

Distributive ailjective, haibun- 
keiyoshi m^'^B'^m)- 

Distributor, n, (of newspapers) 

haitatsunin {f^'%K). 

District, n. (sphere of j arisdiction) 

kwankatsu-chi {'^>\<^jiM},) ; kwanku ; 
kwanku-kuiki {'^i^lAi ^ii!x.) 5 (city-ward) 
ku (g£) ; (vicinity) hen {^^) ; moyori ; 
(region) chiho {f^';)j) ; in compounds 
often expr. by -chi ; as, devastated 

, higaichi (f^^J-fe). 

Consular ....... rydji-kwanku {^% 

Court, chiho-saibansho (JS^^ 


recruiting , chohei-ku {'§i-^ 


Distrust, t.v. utaguru ; utagau ; 
ayashimu; shinyb (fa/U) shinai; ni/ 
shin wo okanai. 

Distrust, n. uiaguri ; utagai ; gimn 

to harbour , ginen wo okosu, 

or idaku. 

unjustifiable :,jasui {^X*\^)- 

Distrustful, a. utaguri-hukai ; jasui- 
hukai ; ginen-hukai. 

Distrustfiilly, adv. utaguri-hukaku ; 
jasui-bukaku ; ginen-bukaku. 

Disturb, t.v. (confuse) midasu ; (in- 
terfere with) samatage-ru ; ni/jama 
wo a ; no I jama ni naru ; bogai it^^) 
s ; (by rebellion) joran (^iL) s ; 
kakuran (■;^iL) s. 

to be ed, midare-ru; sawagu; 

{anxious) fuansJiin (^^»D) de aru. 

Disturbance, n. sawagi ; sMo (H 
fjj) ; hodo (^i/j) ; (on a large scale) 
sbjb (,S|M) ; sbran (,|tiL) ; (interfer- 
ence) samatage ; jama ; bogai. 

to make a , sawagu ; sawagi 

ICO okosu; rambo (iL#:) i^-o Jiata- 

Disunion, n, fuwa (/f^|n) ; bunretsu 

Disunited, a. to be , itchi (— 

$X) shinai. 
Disuse, t.v. sute-ru ; hai (^) s. 

d &,vtiQ\e, fuybbutsu (/f^/Ht^J- 

Disuse, n. to fall into , sutare- 


Ditcb, n. (small) dobu ; (medium- 
sized) mizo ; (wide) hori ; (in fortifi- 
cation) kokyo [MM)- 

Ditto, adv. onajiku ; dojo (f^'ii) ; do- 
dan (l^lTr). 

Diuretic, n. rinyozai (?ij^5|l]) ; ri- 
suizai (^ij7K^-l]). 

Diurnal, a. (daily) mainichi no ; 
(performed in a day) ichinicM no. 

Diurnally, adv. mainichi (^0); 

Dive, i.v. midzu wo moguru, or kugu- 
ru ; (of a bather) aiama-saki ni tobi- 


[ 249 ] DIV 

Diver, n. (professional) sensuisha (^ 
7]C%); sensuifu (i#7K^) ; (native) 

"black-throated , o-hamu. 

red-throated , ahi. 

Diverg'e, i.v. wakare-ru ; hunshi {^ 
1^) s ; hunki {^^) s. 

to from a centre, happo (A 

■;)]) e wakarete de-ru. 

Diverse, a. iroiro no; shuju (H^) 

no ; sama-zama no. 

Diversely, adv. iroiro ni ; sama- 
zama ni. 

Diversified, a. (varied) mesaki no 

Diversify, t.v. iroiro ni s. 

Diversion, n. (amnsement) nagu- 
sami ; ki-barashi ; taicamure ; (mil.) 
yugeki (^^) ; (divertissement) yokyd 


Diversity, n.fudo {7^^). 

Divert, t.v. (amuse) nagusame-ru ; 
warawase-ru ; (a child) tarakasu ; 
ayasu ; (deflect) tenji-ru (f^) ; (the 
conversation) waki e sorasu. 

to funds (temporarily to 

another object), ryilyo (•^^) s. 

to the attention of, nofki 

wo sorase-ru. 

Diverting", a. omoshlroi ; odokeia. 

Divest, t.v. (strip of) nugase-ru ; as, 

to of clothing", nijkimono wo 

nugase-ru ; (deprive of) hagu ; hagi- 
toru [ni of the person, wo of the 
thing] ; (of a right), ni/ubau. 

to of rank, no/kurai wo 

hagi-toru; nojkwani ('s'fe) wo 
hakudatsu (|<IJ§) s, or chidatsu [j^ 
#) 5. 

Divide, t.v. wake-ru ; waru ; (by a 
partition) shikiru ; (apportion) wari- 

to he d in opinion, wa'lsetsu 

(i%) gci wakare-ru. 

to among", nijwakete yaru ; 

nijbumpai (55*^) s. 

to in two, futatsu ni wake- 

to 16 hy 2 , jiiroku wo ni de 


to up (partition), saku; biin- 

katsu {^t\\)s. 

Divide, i.v. wakaru ; ware-ru ; (of a 
road, river, etc.) wakare-ru ; futais'u 
ni nai'u ; futa-wakare ni naru [of a 
road] ; futa-nagare ni naru [of a 
river] ; (pari.) ketsu wo toru ; saiketsu 

Dividers, n. bummawasM. 

Dividend, n. (on the abacns) ji^sw ; 
jissu (SSt) ; (sum distributed) haito- 
kin (SC^^). 

cum , haito-isuki. 

ex , haito-ochi. 

Divination, n. uranai ; ekl (^). 
sticks, bokuzei ( 1> ^). 

Divine, i.v. uranau. 

Divine, t.v. uranau ; (foresee) mi- 
kosu ; senken {^^) s ; mi-sukasu ; 
(detect) mi-nuku ; mi-tosu ; kandzuku. 

Divine, n. sMngakusha {W^^W- 

Divine, a. kami no ; in compound 
words of Chinese origin, shin- (ffji) 
[Shintd] ; sei- (^) [Christian]. 

judg-ments, iemmei {"^mt). 

messag-e, shintaku (ijii}'!^). 

nature, shinsei (#14). 

service, reihaisliiki [i§.^'^). 

Diviner, n. uranaisha ; baihokusha 

(R b^) ; eklsha (M#)- 
Diving", a apparatus, sensuiki 

Divining"-rod, n. bokujd ( \>i^). 

Divinity, n. (deity) Kami ; Hotoke ; 
(theology) shingaku. 
doctor of , shingaku-hakase 


Divisibility, n. hu7ise'i (^l^). 

Divisil>le, a. 10 is by 2, ju 

wa ni de wari-kire-ru. 

Division, n. (act of dividing and 
distributing) bumpai (55*0^) > (arith.) 
wari-zan; joho (l^ii) ; (pari.) sai- 
ketsu (1^^) ; (section) bu ; as, Civil 
, minji-hu (Ki^ufO 5 (of an elec- 
tioneering district) ku ([ft.) ; (a parti- 
tion) shikiri ; (dividing up) bunkatsu 

DIV ' 

i[ 2B0 H Doo 

^^#J); (company) Tcwmi ; (disunion) 
fachowa (:^|li|n) ; hunretsu (5)'^) ; 
(mil.) shidan. 
addition, subtraction, multi- 
plication and , kagen-jojo 

chief of a 

shidancho (gipl 

of labour, hungyo (^H). 

Divisional, a. in Chin, compounds, 



I>i visor, n. (arith.) josii (l^|t) ; 
the abacas) ho (yj). 

Divorce, n. new [M^) ; *^^^o^^ (^tlt) 
[Civ. Co.]. 

letter of , rienjo ; sarijo ; 

itomajo ; mikudarihan. 

Divorce, t.v. rlen s ; rikon s ; saru. 

Divulge, t.v. ii-morasu ; kogwai ( p 
^H s ; ii-furasu ; roei (il?^) ^9. 

Dizziness, n. memai ; gen-un (S£#) ; 
(on standing up) tachi-gurami. 

Dizzy, a. to be , wa]memai ga s ; 

v:d]me ga mawaru ; fura-fura s. 

D. Lilt., hungaku-hakase (3i:^f|;±). 

Do. t. and i.v. (of one's self) sum ; 
itasu ; tsukamatsuru ; (of another) 
sum ; nasu ; nasaru ; asobasu ; aso- 
hasare-ru ; (the hair) yuu ; (be ade- 
quate to the purpose) ma ni au ; the 
aux. vb. do is not expr. in Japanese ; 
as, shiranu, do not know ; suruna, 
do not do ; ikuna, do not go. 

anybody can it, dare de mo 


cannot without, expr. by 

nakereba naranu ; nakute wa nara- 
nu [E. obj.-T-J. subj.]. 

as you like, go katte ni 

nasai ; go dzuil (i^^S) ni nasal 

come (entreatingly), dozo o 

ide nasai. 

done at Tokio (of a treaty), wo] 
Tokyo ni tsukuru. 

...... what you will (hypothe- 
tical), do shite mo ; idzure ni shite 

that won't , sore ja ikenai. 

this will , kore de yoroshii. 

how do you ? go kigen (f^|^ 

^) yoroshu; ikaga irasshaimasu 

I cannot it, dekinai. 

I have done with him , ano hiio 
to te wo kitta. 

to be done, deki-ru [also used as 
the potential, can be done]; (used 
up) shimai ni naru ; mina ni nam .; 
to be quite done (of a piece of 
work), deki-agaru. 

to away with (abolish), hai 

s ; to te done away with, hai~ 
shi (^it) ni narn. 

to over again , shi-naosu. 

to up (a picture, house, etc.), 

ni/ie wo ire-ru : ni/te-ire too s ; I 
am quite done up, gakkari 

to up in paper, kami ni 


to have done (finished), sumu ; I 

have done, mo shimai. 

to have done with, aki ni naru ; 

as, have you done Avith this 

book ? kono hon wa o aki ni nari- 

mashita ka ; I have done w:ith 

this, k07'e wa mo yoroshii. 

to make (a thing) (i.e. make 

shift with), de/ma ni awase-ru. 

to see what can be done, tsugb 

wo shite mi-ru. 

what shall I ? do shiyo. 

what will you with it? 

nani ni nasaru. 

Docile, a. otonashii; sunao na; jujun 

Docility, n. otona.shii koto ; sunao na 
koto ; jfijun (^M). 

Dock, n. (lappa) goho ; (rumex) gishi- 
gishi ; no-daio ; (prisoner's seat) hi- 
koku-seki (|^-R-/ifi) ; (old style) shira- 
su ; (for ships) * ; senkyo. 

dry , kansenkyo (|?;^li). 

to enter , dokku e hairu; 

nyiikyo (Al§) s. 

wet' , shusenkyo (|§|g|g). 

Dock, t.v. (a ship) dokkii e ire-ru ; 
(cut short) no/saki wo kiru ] mijikaku 
kiru ; (make a deduction from) karaj 

Docket, n. midashi ; taii-gaki (;^^ 
Docket> t.v. no/midashi wo kaku. 

DQO I_251 ] 

Dockg-ate, n. semmon {^P5)- 

Dockyard, n. zdsenjo (ia^^jf )• 

Doctor, n. (academical) hakase ; 
hakusM (j^i) ; (physician) isha ', 

ishi am)- 

Chinese , kampoi (31^^). 

's consulting" office, shin- 

satsujG {t^^pJr). 

female , onna-isha. 

ship's , szn-i (I2§)- 

Doctor, t.v. rydji (^Va) s. 

to he ed by, nl/kakaru. 

Doctrinal, a. kyoriteki (ifeJJId^) 7io. 

Doctrine, n. kydri ; oshie ; kycdo 
mW ; (view) setsu (fg). 
the Monroe , Monroe-shugi 


Document, n. kakitsuke ; shomen 
(ft Si); hunshoi^^); shosho H^^). 

s, shorui ( ^iU) ', kakimono ; 

(records) kiroku (fB^^)- 

authenticated (notarially), 

kosei-shosho (^iE|f #) [Civ. Pro.]. 

Documentary, a. kalta ; shomen 

evidence, hunsho (^Ig). 

securities, yuka-shbken (;^ 

mm) [Cr. Pro.]. 

Dodder, i.v, yoro-yoro s. 
I>odder, n. ne-nashi-kadzura. 
Dodecagon, n. rimikakkei {-tnj^ 

Dodecaliedron, n. junimental (-f- 

Dodg'e, n. kuffi (X:^) ; sandan (^ 

Dodg'e, t.v. yoke-ru ; sake-ru. 
Dodge, i.v. mi wo kaioasu. 
Doe, n. me-jika. 

Dog, n. inu ; (of foreign breed) yoken 
{'/''F'^) I kame; (Japanese spaniel) 
chin ; [the various breeds of foreign 
dogs are known by their English 

a live is better than a 

dead lion, shiko {^iM) seiso {'^ 
^) 7U shikadzii. 

mad , kyoken {Qi^) ; hyoken 

pet , aiken {'^i^). 

sporting" , ryoken {^i^). 

wild , yama-inu. 

Dog, t.v. to the steps of, no/ 

ato wo fsuke-ru ; ni/hiko (M^t) s. 

Dogcart, n, nirin-hasha [lit. two- 
wheeled carriage]. 

Dogdays, n. doyo (±;fl). 

beginning' of the , doyo-iri ; 

[the third day is called doyo- 

Dog"-eared, a. kado no oreta. 

Dog-fancier, n. (for spaniels) chin- 
ya ; (for foreign dogs) ybkenya. 

Dogtisll, n. (scyllium biirgeri) nanu- 


Dogged, a. gwanko (^Hl) na. 

Dog-kennel, n. inu-goya. 

Dogma, n. kybri (#.aEi) ; kakusetsu 
(ft^f^) ; teisetsu (^^) ; setsu. 

Dogmatic, a. to be , ike}i{M. 

^) ICO gojo (?iS'i1t) J^i ii-haru. 

Dogmatically, adv. gojo ni. 
Dogs tar, n. rosei (^gM)- 
Dogtooth, n. kiha ; klmha [vnlg.] ; 
kakushi {JH'^). 

Dogwood, n. midzuki ; midzukaki. 

Doing, n. shiwaza ; shoi 0%^) ; as, 

this is A's , kore wa A. no shoi 

da] (thing done) shita koto. 

s, shikata; mane; (in bad 

sense) shogyb (^ir^). 

Doldrums, n. sekido-mufu-shuu (^ 
^Mjll^^t^^) no tai (^) ; sekido-mufu- 

Doleful, a. kanashii ; (dismal) inki 
(jf^^) na ; yuutsu (lljp) na. 
countenance, urei-gao. 

Dolefully, adv. naki-gao de ; naku- 
naku ; kanashi-so ni. 

Doliclios umbellatus, sasage. 

Doll, n. ningyo ; (set out on girls* 
fete-day) hhia. 


[ 252 ] 


Dollar, n. * ; (Mexican) Mexiko- 
dara ; (Japanese) yen. 

chop , * ; kohuindzukl-engin 

gold. , kinyen. 

silver , glnyen. 

one note, ichiyen-satsu. 

I>Olpliiii, n. iruka ; (ornament on 
roof) shachihoko. 

Domain, n. ryobun (M/]-) ; ryb<M 
(IMlf); (fig-) ryobun. 

Imperial , go ryochl. 

right of eminent , kokudb- 

ryoyil (^±^^^) no taiken (i^^). 

Domestic, a. (household) katei no ; 
(relating to the family) kazoku-teki 
(^Sj^fi']) no ; (national) naikoku no ; 
(domesticated) kai. 

affairs, kaji (^^). 

and foreign, nalgwai ((^ j'h) 


animal, kachiku (^^). 

cat, kai-neko. 

education, katei-kyo'iku (^ 

exhibition , naikoku-haku- 

rankivai {p^^\'$^^). 

production, naikokusan (f^ 


of manufacture, naikokusei 


Domestic, n. hokonln ($S-A); 

Do3nesticate, t.v. te-nadzuke-ru. 

to become d, Mto ni nadzu- 

ku ; te-nadzuku. 

to become din (of a plant), 

no/tochi iiii^) ni nadzuku. 

Domicile, n. juslio (^j%) [Civ. Co., 
Com. Co.] ; genseki (j|;i|) ; nimhetsu 

Domiciliary search, kataku-sb- 
saku m^l^m [Cr. Pro.]. 

Dominant, a. ichiban ikiol no yoi ; 
ue ni tatsu. 

tenement, ybekichi (^^i-Hj) 

[Civ. Co.]. 

Domineer, i.v. ibaru ; ibarl-chirasu ; 

hakko iWiM) s ; ibari-kusaru [vulg.]. 

Domineering, a. hakko sum; 

Domineering, n. hakko ; yoicai- 


Domineeringly, adv. ibaite ; hakko 

Dominion, n. (territory) rybchi {^^ 
Ji) ; rybdo (nl±i) ; (sovereignty) sAm- 
(cen id'M)- 

s, hanfo. 

a product of the s of, ?io 

hanionai (fiSffll^) *^o seisan {^M)- 

to import into the s of, no/ 

hanionai ni yunyu [^\\) s. 

Domino, n. (mask) fukumen-dzukin. 


es, roku-narahe. 

Donation, n. (contribution) kifukin 
(^Fft^) ; gienkin ; gikenkin {^^^^) ; 
(under a will) zbyo {^$3^) [Civ. Co.]. 

Donkey, n.usagi-uma ; roba (ii,||). 

Donor, n. zbyosha (Ktl^^) [Civ. Co.].. 

Do-notliing, a. mui (|j^@) no. 

Doolie, n. kago ; norimono. 

Doosn, n. (destiny) ummei (jMp^) * 
temmei {^vft)', (punishment) keibatsu 


Door, n. to ; (entrance) iri-kuchi ; 
(on hinges as opp. to sliding door) 

a small (in a large one), 


in s, uchi no naka ; konai {^ 

p^) ; ok'unai (M^) 5 ya-uchi. 

next , tonari no uchi ; the 

cat next , tonari no neko. 

out of s, soio ; omote; oku- 

gwai (M5'h) ; kogwai (^^h). 

please shut the (placard), 

akeppanashi muyb. 

"the open ," monko-kaiho 

to go to the (of a servant), 

toritsugi 7ii de-ru ; demukae ni de-ru. 

to see to the (a departing 

guest), okum. 

to shut the , (on hinges) to 

wo shime-ru ; (sliding) to wo tate-ru. 

Doorkeeper, n. momban (f^^). 

Doormat, n. kutsu-fuki ; kutsu- 
kosuri ; kutsu-nugui. 


[ 253 ] 


Doorplate, n. hydsatsu (SL). 

Doorway, n. deguchi. 

Dormant, a, (of a volcano, etc.) 
shidzumatte iru. 

partner, tokumei-kumiai-in 

to be (of disease), sempidcu 

C^ik) shite oru. 
Dormitory, n. kishukusha (^^#). 
Dorsal, a. se no. 
Dose, n. one , ippuku (— flR) ; 

itcho (— T)- 
Dot, n. ten (i^) ; choho. 

Dotage, n, to be in one's , 

oihore-ru ', romb {^^) s ; moroku 
{^^) s ; kinuke shite oru. 

Dotard, n. oi-'bore. 

Dotted, a. pochi-pochi ni natte oru. 
line, poisu-poisu no suji. 

Dottel, n. (of tobacco) suigara. 

Dotterel, n, (Hodgson's ringed 
plover) ikaru-chidori. 

Double, a. (twofold) futae no ; nijil 
(li;g) no ; nijfi ni natta ; (bot.) yae- ; 
(of two thicknesses, of clotli) aicase 

book keeping" by entry, 

fukushiki-boki (f^^-^^fE)- 

bottom (of a ship), niju-zoko. 

track (of rails), fukusen [^ 


to be (twice as much as), 

nojnibai de am. 

Double, n. (twice as much) hai; 
nihai ; nisobai {H^^) ', (counter- 
part) uri wo futatsu ni watta yd da 
[prov., lit. is hke a melon split in 

Double, t.v. (in amount) bai-mashi 
ni s ; bai ni s ; (make of two thick- 
nesses) kasane-ru ; nijii, ni s ; (the 
fist) katame-ru. 
to up (fold), tatamu ; oru. 

Double, i.v. (in amount) nibai ni 
7iaru ; (as by folding) kasanaru ; 
(return on one's tracks) ato-modorl 
wo s ; (mil.) kake-ashi wo s. 

Double-breasted, a. (of a coat) 
rydmae (^nu) '^^o. 

Double-dealing", a. kage-hinata 
no aru. 

Double-edged, a. ryoha {M'^)noi 
moroha no. 

Double-faced, a. isshin-ryomen (r— 

Double-hearted, a. futa-gokoro 

no. . 

1-1 ■ 

Double-quick, n. kake-ashi. 

Double-stars, n. nijusei (irfia). 

Double-tongued, a. nimai-jita wo 

Doubt, n. utagai ; giioaku (1$^) ; 
ginen {^ts) ', mi (Mtt). 

no (of course), mochiron {4o 

there is no that, ni utagai 


to give rise to ...... s, gigi wo 


to resolve one's s, gigi wo 

toku, or harasu. 

Doubt, t.v. utagau ; fushin {/f^) ni 
omou ; wa/sJiinji-kane-ru. 

Doubt, i.v. (entertain surpicions) 
utaguru ; utagau ; ibukaru ; (fear) 
ayabumu ; ayashimu. 

to if, expr. by ayashii ; 

ayashiku omou ; ibukashii ; ibu- 
kashiku omou ; neg. future with to 

omou ; as, I if he will come, 

are ga kuru no wa ayashii ; he 
said he would repay me, but 

I if he will, kanewokaesu 

to itta ga watakushi wa ibukashiku 

Doubtful, a. utagawashii ; fushin 
na ; ibukashii ; (of uncertain issue) 
obotsukanai ; (ambiguous) aimai (ng 
Ui) na. 

a character (questionable) 

ikagawashii hito. 

a point, gimon (Iifu3). 

Doubtfully, adv. ibukashiku ; obo- 

Doubtfulness, n. equiv. of Doubt- 
ful foil, by koto. 

Doubtless, adv. kanaradzu ; kitto ; 
(probably) o/cata ; iabun {^^). 


[ 254 ] 


Doiiclie, n. to take a cold ^ 

midzu wo abi-ru. 

Doiig'h, n. neri-ko. 

Douse, t.v. (immerse) midzu ni 

I>ove, n. Barbary (turtur 

risorms), shirako-bato ; juzukake- 

eastern turtle (t. orientalis), 


rock , kawara-hato. 

t. humilis, heni-hato. 

Dovetail, n. ari-zashi ; kiri-kumU 

Dovetail, t.v. kiri-kumu ; ari-zashi 
ni s. 

Dowag^er, n. inkyo-sama {W:^W.)- 

Empress , Kwotaigo; Kwd~ 

taikwogo {^:k^B)' 

Dower, n. jisankin (J$g^). 

Down, n. (of a human being) mukuge ; 
(on a baby's head) uhuge ; (of a bird) 
umo (^^) ; watage. 

Down, prep. 710 shita e ; (a hill, etc.) 

wo/oriie ; (a well, etc.) no naka e. 
...... the stream, nagare ni ma- 


Down, adv. shita e ; shimo e [chiefly 
used of a stream]. 

to (of time), ni itaru made. 

to boil , ni-tsume-ru. 

to break , t.v. kowasu. 

to com.e , (descend) ori-ru ; 

sagaru ; kudaru ; (in a demand) 

to fall , (from a height) ocJd- 

ru ; okkochi-ru ; (from an erect 
position) korohu ; taore-ru ; koke- 

to go , (of price) sagaru ; 

geraku (f ^) s ; (from an eleva- 
tion) ori-ru ; (of a swelling) hare ga 

hiku; to go a stream, 

kawa-shimo e kudaru. 
to float a stream, kawa- 
shimo e nagare-ru. 
to hang ....... t.v. sage-ru ; tarasu ; 

i.v. sagaru ; tare-ru. 

to jump , tobi-ori-ru; tobi- 


to kick ; , ke-oiosu. 

to knock , (from an eleva- 
tion) otosu ; buchi-otosu ; (from a 
standing posture) buchi-taosu. 

to lay , nekasu. 

to let , sage-ru ; orosu. 

to lie , fuseru ; ne-ru ; yoko ni 


to put , (repress) osaeru; (a 

rebellion) shidzume-ru ; chinatsu (^ 
|g) s ; (deposit) oku. 

to run , t.v. (depreciate) fce- 

nasu ; i.v. kake-kudaru ; kake-ori- 
ru ; (of a clock) wa'\zemmai ga 
modotte shimau ; maki ga kire-ru. 

to slip (from an elevation), 


to take , orosu. 

to throw , (from an eleva- 
tion) otosu ; (from a standing posi- 
tion) taosu. 

to write _ (note), hikae-ru; 

kakl-tome-ru ; shirusu. 

up and , (vertically) ue-shita; 

(to and fro) achi-kochi ; to move 

up and (rise and fall), agari- 

sagari wo s ; to walk up and 

, yukl-ki wo s. 

ups and s (of life), uki- 


Downcast, a. to be , wa]ki ga 

fusagu ; yirntsu (|^^) ni naru. 

Downfall, n. gwakai (^^?-) ; meisu- 

bo mt:)- 

Dovinliearted, a. to be , ki 

wo otosu ; rakutan (^3®) s. 

Downpour, n. homburi. 
Do\^^nstairs, adv. shita ni 
Downstream, adv. kawa-shimo e. 
Down-train, n. kudari-ressha (HF 


Down- trodden, a. to be ....... 

jiirln (S^J^) sare-ru ; assei (H^j'J) 

Downwards, adv. shita no ho e. 

and , ika (JS^T) 5 as, children 

of ten and , jissai-ika no 


Downy, a. umo (^^^) no aru ; wata- 
ge no aru. 

Dowry, n. jisankin {\^^^). 


r 255 ] BEA 

Doxolog'y, n. (gloria) elkwo {'^%) 
no sho (^). 

I>oyeii, n. hitto i^M) ; (of diplom. 
corps) joseki-koshi {±.f^^^) ', (of 
cons, corps) joseki-ryojl (u^^). 

Doze, n. madoromi. 

Doze, i.v. nemuru ; madoromu. 

to in one's seat, i-nemuriwo 


Dozen, n. one , ichi-dazu. 

six of one and half a of 

the other, cho.san-boshi (^H^ 
H) ; nitari yottari no koto ; gomhei- 
tarobei [vulg.]. 

Drab, a. iohi-iro no. 

Draco, n. (astron.) tenryu-se'iza (^"t| 

Draft, n. (of a document) shita-gaki ; 
soko (^^) ; (of a law, etc.) sban (^ 
^) ; (of a plan) shita-e ; (bill) kawase- 
tegata ; kawase ; (mil.) hunkentai {^ 


amendment, shuselan (f^rjE 
of revision, kaiseian (^iE. 

original (as opp. to amend- 
ed form), gen-an [MM:). 
telegraphic , denshin-kawa- 

Draft, t.v. no/shitagaki wo kaku ; no/ 
soko wo kaku ; kiso s ; ritsuan [yf.^) 

'-ng committee, kiso-iin {^ 

the bill passed as ed, hoan 

ga gen-an no tori ni tsukwa (M?^) 

to he ed (draft complete), 

dakko (B^fi) shite oru. 

Drag", n. (on a wheel) wa-dome ; ha- 

Drag, t.v. hiki-dzuru ; (for a corpse) 
kagi de saguru. 

to in (implicate), dafci-fcomw. 

to its anchor (of a ship), 

ikari wo hikidzuru. 

to one's self along (when 

fatigued), kufahire-ashi ico hiki- 

to out hy foTce, hikidzuri- 

dasu ; shdbikl-dasu [vulg.]. 

Drag, i.v. to on (take long), 

nagdbiku ; sen-en (^5^) s. 

Drag-net, n. hiki-ami. 

Dragoman, n. tsiiji (M^); (official) 
tsilyakkwan (S&^l"). 

Dragon, n. ryd\ ryii (H); (horary- 
sign) fatsu (^). 

Dragonfly, n. tomho {^is^). 

Dragon^s-bloocl, n. kirin-keisu 


Dragoon, n. klhei {^^). 

Drag-rope, n. hikl-dzuna. 

Drain, gesui {fy}^) ', (outflow, as of 
specie) ryushutsu (-^tB)- 
covered , fuse-doyu ; ume- 


Drain, t.v. (a glass) nomi-hosu ; (land) 
,no/midzu wo hakasu, or otosu. 

to a swamp, numa no midzu 

wo kumi-hosu. 

Drainage, n. (of land) midzu-hake ; 

sQsui (i^7JK) »' haisui (f^/K). 
Drake, n. ahiru no osu ; o-ahiru. 

Dram, n. (draught) ippai (— /f>jt) ; 
(apothecaries' weight) equiv. to 1 
momme, 3 rin, 6 mo ; (avoirdupois) 
equiv. to 4: fun, 7 rin, 2 mo. 

Drama, n. kydgen. 

lyric (classical), no-kyogen 


Dramatic, a. kydgen no yd na. 

Dramatically, adv. kydgen no yd 

Dramatist, n. kydgen-sakusha (SW 

Drape, t.v. ni/kake-ru. 

Draper, n. tammonoya ; gofukuya 

Drastic, a. (radical) komponfeki (^ 

^^) no ; (severe) genkoku {^Un) na. 
Draught, n. (of a ship) funa-ashi ; 

midzu-iri ; kissui (^tK) ; (of wind) 


at one , hito-kuchi ni; hito- 

iki ni. 


[ 256 ] 


forced , kyoatsu-tsufu (?S)l|iii 


lig-lit , steamer, asa-kiss\d- 


natural , ordinary , 

shizen-tsnfu ( g f^ifiM*)- 

one (of a net), hiio-ami. 

there is a , kaze ga hairu ', 

kaze ga suite hairu. 

Draiig'lit-beer, n. taru-Uiru ; 7d- 

Draug'lit-liorse, n, ni-uma. 

Draiig-litsiiiaii, n. dzu-Mkl 

Draw, t.v. (drag) hiku ; (a sword) 
nuku ; (a picture) kaku ; (water) 
kumu ; (curtains) kake-ru ; (a bill) 
furi-dasu ; tori-kumu ; (funds) hiki- 
dasu ; iori-tsuke-ru ; (a plan, bow, 
lots) hiku ; V. also Drawn. 

s 10 feet (of a shi-p), funa-ashi 

wa ichijo aru. 

to a sword, hatto (^7J) s\ 

saya-harai wo s. 

to down, hiki-orosu. 

to down upon one's self (as 

censure), maneku. 

to in, hiki-komu. 

to out, nuku ; hiki-dasu ; 

(stretch) ndbasu ; (money) hiki- 

to out an army, gunzei (^ 

^^) VjO kuri-dasu. 

to towards one, hiki-yose- 


to up, hiki-age-ru; (a docu- 
ment) shitatame-ru ; tsukuru ; saku- 
sei {i^^) s ; (a report) chosei (|^ 


to up in line, heiretsu (^^ij) 


Draw, i.v. (of tea) de-ru. 

to back, ato e sagaru. 

to near, chikayoru ; (of time) 

chikayoru ; ni]semaru ; seppaku (-^ 

ifl) s ; the time s near, mo 

saki ga mijikai. 

to off, hikitoru ; shirizoku. 

to well, (of a pipe) yoku 

torn ; (of a play) b-iri da ; o-atari 


to let (as tea), dasu. 

Draw, n. (undecided game) mushbhu 
(M^M) ; shobu-nashi. 

Drawback, n. (objectionable fea- 
ture) kosho ("^j^) ; (duty) modoshi- 
zei ; zeikin-haraimodoshi. 

the is that, sono kawari ni. 

to allow a , zei ($^) wo harai- 


Draw^briclg'e, n. hane-bashi. 

Draw^ee, n. shiharainin [Com. Co.]. 

Draw^er, n, (of a bill) furidashinin 
[Com. Co.] ; (blower for the fire) fuia ; 
(receptacle) hiki-dashi. 

s, (foreign undergarment) sJii- 

ta-dzubon ; shita-momohiki ; shita- 

baki ; (Japanese pants) momohiki 

[a. n. soku, i^] ; (of silk) patchi; 

(coolie's) hammomohiki [extending 

to knee]. 

bathing s, sarumata. 

blue cotton s, mekurajima no 


chest of s, tansu (H^). 

Drawing", n. (thing drawn) e ; dzu ; 
edzu ', dzumen (Bj®) ; (branch of 
study) gwagaku {^^). 

a bold , sogwa (^^). 

an elaborate ^ mitsugwa (^ 


in black and white, sumi-e. 
in section, seisudandzu (^ 

Drawing'-pin, n. tome-byo. 
Drawing'-rooin, n. kyakuma (^ 

f^) ; osetsuma {]MMf^)- 
Drawl, n. to speak with a , 

yuta-yuta hanashi wo s. 

Drawn, p. p. and a. (delineated) 
kaita ; (of a game, etc.) shobu-nashi 
no ; hiki-wake ni natta. 

a bill of exchange on A., 

A. ni ateta, or A-ate no, kawase. 

battle, ai-blki. 

sword, nuki-mi; batto {^yj). 

to be , (of a match) mushobu 

(^J^M) ^i owaru ; (by lot) kuji ni 


water just , kumi-tate no 


Drawn w^ork, n. * ; nuki-gakari. 

Dray, n. uma-guruma. 
Dread, t.v. hidoku kowagaru. 

DEE l_257 ] 

I>read.fiil, a. osoroshU ; kowai. 

Dreadfully, adv. osoroshiku. 

Dream, n. yume. 

true , masa-yurae. 

Dream, i.v. yume wo mi-ru. 

I never t of it, yume ni mo 


to of, no/yume wo mi-ru ; too/ 

yume ni mi-ru. 

Drearily, adv. 


Dreariness, n. 

foil, by koto. 

samishikv. ; mono- 
eq-uiv. of Dreary- 

Dreary, a. samishii ; 


Dreclg'e, t.v. sarau ; slamsetsu s. 

Dredger, n. sJouisetsusen 

[s:ome read shunchosen] ; sarai-bune. 

Dredging', n. shunsetsu. 

Dregs, II. shitami ; ori ; kasu. 

Drench, t.v. shitorasC'ru. 

to g-et ed, gutchori nure-ru; 

hlsshori ni naru. 

Dress, n. kimono ; ifuku {^WC) \ isho 

(3S'i£) ; fukuso mm)- 

evening- , v. Dress-clothes. 

fatigue , sakugyofuku (ft-'i^ 


foreign , yofuku {v#flS). 

full , (civil) tairelfuku (Afii^ 

f]!i) ; (mil.) seiso (^^). 
Japanese , wafaku {^W&t.)- 

Dress, t.v. nijkimono wo klse-ru ; 
(med.) nojteate wo s. 

to one's self, kimono wo kl' 

ru ; mi-goshirae wo s. 

to ship, mankanshoku {^^ 

%%) wo s. 

Dress, i.v. (mil.) narau. 

right ! migl e narae. 

to finely, mekasu. 

to in style, kira ico kazaru. 

Dress-clothes, n. reifuku; emhi- 
fixkv (jtifc^qg,) ; *; (as dist from 
imitorm) isnjo-Yelfuku (iS'^Cf^^S.) ) 
shorei/uku ('J^TJSOR). 

Dresser, d. manaita. 


Dressing, n. (bandage) hotai {U\^) .* 
(sauce) kake-shiru. 

Dre.ssi»ig"-case, n. kesho-bako (f{j 

Dressing-gown, n. (padded) do- 
tera ; (thin) yukata ; [these are 
Japanese garments]. 

Dressing-room, n. kesho-heya. 

Dress-maker, n. onna-shitateya. 

Dress-shoes, n. bangutsu (B^ffh) ; 
reishiki-gutsu (R^j^ffk). 

Dribble, i.v. iare-ru ; (from the 
mouth) yodare wo iarasu. 
to let , tarasu. 

Driblets, n. by , chibl-chihi. 

Dried, a. 7i0.9/ti- ; hi-; as, fish, 

hi-mono ; persimmons, 


Drift, n. (of an argument) shui 

(@1;); yoryo mWi taii {i<M); 

(snow) fuki-yose. 

Drift, i.v. nagare'Tu ; (of snow) fuki- 

to about, hyoryft i:^^) s ', 


to ashore, hydchaku (^^) 

s ; nagare-tsuku. 

to to, e/nagarete kuru. 

Drill, n. (tool) maikiri ; (training of 
soldiers) soren (f^^) ; choren (l^M) ; 
(rules of) soien (^^) ; (fabric) unsai- 
fu (@^^) ; aya-ganakin ; aya-mo- 

three-cornered , mitsume- 


Drill, t.v. (a hole) kirl de ake-ru ; 
(troops) soren s ; choren sase-ru ; 

to become well ed, soren ni 

juku (^) s. 

Drily, adv. (of manner) reltan (^p-^) 

Drink, n. nomimono. 

SL , ippai i—^:^). 

food and , inshoku ; inshoku- 

butsu {^k'km- 

to be maddened with , sui- 

kyo (S?S) .9. 

to have a , kabuto wo kaburu 



[ 258 ] DEO 

Dl'iiik, t.v. noma ; (polite term) meshi- 
agarn ; (s\vallow) nomi-komu. 

to too much, nomi-sugo.ra. 

to up , nomi-hosu ; nomi- 


Drink, i.v. to by one's self, 

dokushaku {W0]) s. 

to heavily, boln (^t^) .^. 

Drinker, n. Mdari-kiki [vulg.]. 

great , o-zake-nomi ; soko- 

nuke ; nuke [vulg.] ; shogakuho 

Drinking", n. eating and , 


Drinking"-bout, n. saka-mori. 
Drinking"- water, n. nomi-midzu ; 

i'riryosui (t^f^'-'K)- 
Drink-money, d, sikate ; nomi- 


Drip, i.v. tare-ru ; sliliataru ; potchiri- 
poichlrl to ochi-ru. 

water s from the branches 

of the trees, ki no eda kara sJii- 
dzuku ga ochi'vu. 

■water s from the eaves, 

noki kara amadare ga ochi-ru. 

Drive, t.v. oi-yaru ; (convey in a 

carriage) hasha e nosete iku ; (game) 
- n by poverty, hinku (^^) 

ni sematie. 

to about, ol-mawasv. 

to a carriage, hasha wo gyo 

m) s. 

to across, (as a mountain) 

oi-kosu ; (as a river) oi-watasu. 

to a horse, wma vjo tsukau. 

to away, harau ; opparau ; 

oi-harau; ou; to have n 

away, owase-ru. 

to back, oi-kaesu. 

to down, oi-kudasu. 

to in, oi-komu ; (as a stake) 


to out, oi-dasu; (one com- 
modity another) aito (||@J) s ; 
haiseki (^^/^) s. 
to ...... through, oi-tosu; (with 

a blow) uchi-nnku. 

to to extremities, ol-tsume- 


to together, kari-yose-ru l 


Drive, i.v. (in a carriage) basha ni 
to about, 7iori-mawaru. 

Drive, n. to go out for a , hasha 

ni noite undo (JM^) ni de-ru. 

Drivel, n. yodare ; (nonsense) kuda- 
ranu koto ; mudakkuchi. 

Drivel, i.v. yodare wo tarasu ; (talk 
nonsense) kudaranai koto wo iu ; 
mudakkuchi wo iu. 

Driveller, n. yodare-tarashi. 

Driver, n. (of a vehicle) gyosha (|X 
^) ; (of an engine) kikvmnshu (|^|^ 

Drizzle, n. kiri-ame ; kozame ; hicho- 
hicho-ame ; nuka-ame. 

Drizzle, i.v. kiri-ame, etc., gafuru. 

Droll, a. omoshiroi ; hybgeta ; (person) 
hyokin (^iJH) na ; dokeia. 

Drollery, n. sha7-e. 
Drolly, adv. hyogefe. 
Dromedary, n. ippo-rakuda (— ft$ 

Drone, i.v. unaru. 

Droop, i.v. (from weakness) shiore- 
ru ; (hang down) shidare-ru. 

Drop, n. shidzuku ; (from the eaves) 
amadare ; (measure) teki {'^i) ; [1 ...,.., 

itteki; 8 s, hatteki ; 10, .....s, 

jitteki ; the rest are regular]. 

Drop, t.v. (let fall) otosu ; (a liquid) 
tarasu ; (cease) yame ni s. 

a thing ped (by mistake), 


to anchor, ikarl wo orosu ; 

tohyo ii^m s. 
Drop, i.v. (fall) ochi*ru ; (of a liquid) 

to dead in the street, iki- 

daore ni naru. 

to in a famt, soifb {^%) s. 

Dropsy, n. suikl (7lc^) ; suishu ; (of 
the abdomen) choman (Bgi^) ; fuku- 
suishu (§g7KlM) j fukusul. 

DEO [ 259 1 


Dross, n. kana-guso. 

of iron, tetsu-guso. 

Droiig'ht, n. Jiideri ; ieri ; kamhatsu 

Drove, n. mure. 

Drown, i.v. obore-ru ; dbore-shlnu ; 
suishi (tK^) s ; dekishi (^J-B) s. 

Drown, t.v. midzu de korosu ; obora- 

ed body, dekishinin (^^A) '■, 


to attempt to one's self, 

mi wo nage-ru ; toshin {i^M ) ^• 

to be ed, v. Drown, i.v. 

to one's self, midzu ni haitte 


to one's self in a well, ido 

ni haitte shinu. 

Drowsily, adv. nemu-so ni. 

Drowsiness, n. nemutai koto.- 

Drowsy, a. nemutai. 

to be , nemugaru. 

Drub, t.v. ni/6o wo kurawase-ru. 

Drudge, i.v. mi wo ko ni s. 

Drudgery, n. honeori-shigoto. 

Drug", n. ki-gusuri ; yakuhin (^nn) ; 

dangerous s, gekiyaku (HlJ 

Drugget, n. rasen (^fg). 
Druggist, n. ki-gusuriya ; yakushu- 

ya (^-IIM). 
Drum, n. taiko ; (shaped like an 
hourglass) tsudzumi ; (toy) denden- 
iaiko ; (bound with cord, used by 
geisha) shime-daiko. 

of the ear, koshltsu {^'^) ; 

(tympanic membrane) komaku (^ 


Drum, i.v. taiko wo tataku, or utsu. 
Drummer, n. taiko-tataki ; koshu 

Drumstick, n. taiko no hachL 

Drunk, a. to bs , sakeniyotte 


to be dead , shdtai (^ff) 

naku yotie i-ru ; deisui (t/6^?) ni 
natte i-ru ; deisui shite i-ru. 

. , sake ni you ; meitel 
.., namayoi ni'. 

to get 

mm) ■^• 

to get half 


to get very , taisui [i^f^) s ;. 

dzuhuroku ni you. 

Drunkard, d. nondakure ; o-zake- 

Drunken, a. sake ni yotta ; meitei- 

man, yoppirai. 

Dry, a. kawaita ; (of climate) kanso 
(^'^) ^<^ ; (of grass, etc.) kareta ; (of 
wine) amaku nai ; (dried, q.v.) in com- 
pounds hi- ; hoshi- ; (fig., of persons) 
tsuyake no nai ; (fig., of things, as 
books) mushumi (MffiO^) na ; kansb- 
mumi na ; omoshiromi no nai. 

goods, orimono ; fammono. 

goods shop, qofukuten {^ 


" measure, masu. 

to be , kawalte oru; (thirsty) 

ica]nodo ga kawalte oru. 

Dry, t.v. (that which is wet) kawaka- 
su ; hosu ; (that which is moist) 

to in the sun, hinata ni 


to not too near the fire, 

tobi de dburu. 

to one's self (with a towel), 

midzu wo fuki-toru ; karada wo 


to timber, zaimoku i^::^) 

wo karasu. 

to up, karasu. 

Dry, i.v. kawaku ; hashagu. 

to up, (of a plant) kare-ru; 

(of a river, etc.) hi-ru ; hi-agaru ; 
(of a moat) kare-ru. 

Drying, n. kanso (f^'^) ; (in the 
shade) kage-boshi ; (after the wet. 
season) mushi-boshi. 
summer , doyo-boshi. 

Drying-ground, n. hoshiba. 

Drying-up, n. kokatsu (iS-j^). 

Dryness, n. (of climate) kanso ; (of 
manner) reltan (J^-^). 


[ 260 ] 


|>jipj, fi control (of states), 

mkakolcu no kwanrl (^Jl). 

the principles of nature, 

rydgl {MW- 
Dualism, n. nigenron (ziTctm) > 
ivsldnkyb (ziijispife) ; zen-aku (#M) I 
(of nature) inyo (PtP^). 

Dubious, a. (not definite) aimai (H' 

B^) na. 
Oubiously, adv. aimai nl. 
Dubiousness, n. aimai na koto. 
Dueliess, n. koshakv-fujin (-i^lf^ 

Duclf, n. (tame) ahiru ; (do. as food) 
aigamo ; (fabric) kokura. 

Bombay , sayori. 

like water off a 's back (of 

an unheeded rebuke, etc.), uma no 
mimi ni nemoutsu {^^) ; haji-tofu 

nianc'aTin , oshidori. 

to make s and drakes, 

midzukiri wo s. 

scaup , nakihajiro-gamo ; 


tufted , kinkuro-hajiro. 

wild , kamo. 

Ducli, t.v. midzu ni tsukkomu. 

Duck-liunt, n. kamo-gari ; 

Duckweed, n. kingyomo (^ 

Duct, n. kuda ; -kwan ; as, 
rymal , ruikioan (i^^) 

Ductile, a. (tractable) sunao na ; (of 
metals, etc.) yoku nohiru ; ijoku hiki- 

l)ue, a. (proper) 
able) harau-bekl. 

a bill ... next month, rai- 
getsu-barai no iegaia. 

how much is to you? 

ikura anata ni kari ga arimasu ka. 

in form, seishiki (iE5^) ni. 

the thanks of all are to 

you for this, kore wa mattaku 
anata no o kage da. 

the train is nov/ , kis?ia wa 

mo kuru jibun da. 

to become for payment, 

lensaikl (^|-^-lt/3) ni nam ; wa\ 
sldliarai no kigen ga kuru. 



lao r, 
yoku nobiru ; ;y. 

sbtb {W^) na ; (pay- 

to be to (caused by), nij 

yoru; nijgen-in {%M) s ; it may 

be to the weather, tenki no 

sei, or kagen, ka mo shlrenu. 

Due, adv. ma- ; sho- (jE). 
...... east, ma-higashi. 

Duel, n. hatashi-ai ; ketio. 

Duellist, n. kettbsha {^M^)- 

Dueg, n. zei ; fukwakin {MM^Y 

harbour , nyiikdzei (A^^)- 

tonnage , tonzei (BH^). 

Dug", n. chi-kuhi. 

Dug-out, n. kuri-bune, 

Duke, n. kcshaku (^||) ; (with 
name) -ko. 

Dull, a. (of weather) utioshii ; (stupid) 
nibui; tonchi (Ig^) no nai; oroka 
na; ■ gu (ig.) ?inj ; (of places, etc.) 
omoshiroku nai ; (not bright) 
kumotta ; (not lively) inki {^m,) na; 
(of trade) /wfceifci (^:^^) na. 

to be , (of a trade) fushin {/f, 

^^) de aru ; chinsei (y;t|^) de aru ; 
(of a particular article of trade) 
walkihai {M.Wi) 9^ warui ; (of the 
Khare-market) bonyari de aru ; 
(clouded) kumotte i-ru. 

to get (of a colour), kuro- 


Dullness, n. (of wits) orokasa ; 
gudon {^M) ' rodon {^'^) ; (of 
trade) /wfcei/a {^MM.)- 

Duly, adv. (correctly) soi (tSis-) 
7iaku ; (without fail) tashika nl ; 
masa nl ; kitto ; (properly) shubi- 
yoku. <^> 

Dumb-bell, n. * ; t ^^^^^i. 

exercise, arei-taiso (2I^f| 

Dumb-foundered, a. to be i 

akire-ru ; akire-kaeru ; akkeni-tora- 
Dumb-person, n. oshi ; oshi. 

Dumb-sliow, n. te-mane. 

dramatic performance, 


Dumpling", n. dango (0^). 



Dun, t.v. nifsaisoku (fifj£) 
settsuku ; ni/tokusoku (#(/£) s. 

to for, wojsaisoku s. 

to one for (a loan, subscrip- 
tion, etc.), 7iolmushin{M,^^) wo s. 

Dun, a. koge-cha no. 

Dunce, n. nibui mono ; nuke-saku. 

Dung", n. kuso ; fun. 

horse , ma-guio ; bafun ( >|| 

Dunnage, n. shiki-ita. 

Duodecimo, n. (4.2" x 6.2") shi- 
rokuban (JZEIA^J)- 

Duodenum, n. jimisMchd (-f-zita 


Dupe, t.v. azamuku ; otoshi-ire-ru. 

Duplex, a. (of an engine) nirenshiki 
{UliU^) '^c> ; (double) wj'd {H^) no. 

Duplicate, a key, ai-kagi. 

in , nitsii (HM) '^^ shite. . 

Duplicate, n. (of a document) 

hikae ; fukuhon (fK^)- 

Duplicate, t.v. (make another copy 
of.) fukusha [f^M) ^^ 

to be d, niju ni natte oru. 

Duplicity, n. futa-gokoro. 

Dural)ility, n. mochi no ii koto. 

Durable, a. (wearing well) mochi no 
yoi ; (permanent) eikyu {^X) no. 
to be , nagaku motsu. 

Duration, n. (term, in years) nengen 
period of , sonzoku-kikan (:^ 

mmn) [Civ. co.]. 

During", prep, no aida ni ; with 
Chin, compounds also -chu ; -Jm (tfi) ; 

as, dinner, gozen-chu ; (through 

a period of) -kan {fm\) ', as, one 

year, Ichinen-kan; (in the course 
of) no uchi ni. 

Dusk, n. tasogare ; kuregata ; yfi- 
gure ; hi no kure. 
after , hi ga kurete kara. 

Dusk, a. to grow , usu-guraku 


[ 261 ] DUT 

Dust, n. (seltlel) gomi; (fine) c/iiri ; 
(in the streets, air, etc.) hokori; 
(crumbled particles, as of tobacco) 
kona ; ko. 

all over , gomi-darake na. 

gold , shakin {^ ,^). 

to throw in the eyes of, 

no I me wo kuramasu ; wo/manchaku 

Dust, t.v. nolgomi wo otosu, or harau ; 
(a room) hataku ; (clean up) sojl {f^ 

Dustbin, n. gomi-bako. 
Duster, n. fukin ; zokin [rough]. 
Dust-lieap, n, haki-dame. 
Dusting"-brush, n, hataki ; sai- 
hai ; (of feathers) hane-bataki. 

Dustpan, n. goml-tori ; goml-uke ;. 

Dusty, a. hokori no oi ; (covered with 
dust) hokori-darake no. 

it is to-day, kyo wa hokori 

ga tatsu. 

to be , nilgomi ga takaru. 

Dutcll, a. Oranda no. 

Minister, Oranda-koshi. 

Dutch, n. (language) Oranda-go. 

Dutchman, n. Orandajin. 

Dutiable, a. yfizel {^W no. 

goods, kwazeihin (|iSf5i:"i); 


Dutiful, a. (of children) oya-koko 
na] (of a wife) teisb (^^5)na; tei- 
seisu (^ifi) na ; mlsao tadashii (of a 
retainer) chugi (."g.!!) na. 

to be to one's parents, oya 

ni kbkb (^fT) s. 
Dutifulness, n. (of a child) oya-ko- 
ko ; (of a wife) teiso ; teisetsu ; (of a 
retainer) chugi. 

Dutifully, adv. kbkb ni ; teisb ni ; 
teisetsu ni ; misao tadashiku ; chugi 

Duty, n. (moral obligation) michi ; 
hombun (^:^) ; gimu (^^) ; as, 

the moral of man, ningen no 

michi ; (legal obligation) gimu ; (ex- 
cise, tariff) zei ; (sum paid as duty) 
zeikin (#1:1^) ; (office) yakume ; 


[ 262 ] 


shokumu (IfSi^^) ; shokusho (I'^S^) ; 
tsuiome ; (one's i3articulai charge) 

ies, (of a post) shokumu: 

shokuseki (If^^;) 5 (o^ ^ special ap- 

XDointment) nimmu (tt^)- 

ad valorem , jiikazei (^M 


Customs , or ies, kwan- 

zei ; kaikicanzei (i^H^). 

of tlie sam.urai, hushido (^^ 


point (of a policeman), tachi- 


the person whose it is to 

attend to that, sono kakari no 

to be on , toba7i ('^^), or 

tochoku ('^tS), de aru. 

to be off , hihan {0^) de 


to do one's , honihun wo 

tsukusu ; (officially) shokumu wo 

to go on , shukkin [}^%) s. 

to levy , kwazei {^M) s. 

to pay , zel wo osame-ru ; no- 

zei (If^lfl:) s. 

specific , jfirydzel (^^ Sl^)- 

while on (of a policeman, 

etc.), kimmuchu (^^tf*). 

Duty-lree, a. muzei no. 

goods, menzeihin (|^|^ ^a ) ; 

muzeihin (fe^uJ,). 

Duty-free, adv. muzei de. 

Duty-paid, a. ndzei-dzumi no. 

Dwarf, n. issumboshi ; seibiku ; wai- 

trees, tsukurl-mono. 

.Dwell, i.v. sumu ; sumau ; jilkyo {^ 

Dw^elling", n. sumai. 

house, kyotaku ( ^^). 

human ^jinka{A^). 

Dwindle, i.v. heru ; gcnsho (i^^) s. 

Dye, n. some-gusuri ; some-^ko ; some- 
dane ; ganryb {^P()- 

Dye, t.v. some-ru. 

d goods,, some-mono. 

to be d, somaru. 

to of various colours, 


Dyeliouse, n. kdya (|j{M) ; some- 

Dyeing", n. (act of) somemono ; (man- 
ner) somekata. 

Dyer, n. somemonoya ; somemonoshi ; 

Dyna^nical, a. doryoku no; riki- 
gaku no. 

Dynamics, n. ddryokugaku [$}\-f) 
^) ; rikigaku O)^). 

Dynamite, n. *. 

Dynamo, n. hatsudenki {^^M.\^)' 

Dynasty, n. dai (f^) ; cho (^). 

northern and southern ies 

(of Japanese Emperors in the Idth 
century), namhokucho {W\it^)- 
T'ang , tocho (ijf-^). 

Dysentery, n. sekiri {^;^); rihyo 

(MM) 5 CLkahara. 
Dysnienorrlifea, n. keihei (fjgp^) ; 

gekkei-konnan ( ^ |M [B p )• 

Dyspepsia, n. ijaku (^|^). 

Dyspeptic, a. ijaku na. 

to be , wa'\i ga warui. 

Dyspnoea, n. ikigire ; kokyu-konnan 


[ '263 ] 



Eacli, a. (every) ono-ono no. 

is expr. by dzutsu or ate ni 

used as an adv.; as, 

cost a yen , ichiyen (-^H) 

dzutsu kakatta. 

put two go into of tliese 

bottles, kono tokkurini nigo (H 
^) ate ni irero. 

individual, meimei { ife >5r ) ; 


individual gives his own 

opinion, meimei sono kangae wo 

other, tagai ni; ai-tagaini; 

as, are on bad terms with 

other, tagai ni naka ga warui. 

to abuse other (to a third 

person), tagai ni tcarukuchi wo 

other is also expr. by au 

suffixed to the indef. form of the 
Yerb ; as, 

to abuse other, tagai ni 

waruku ii-au. 

to bite other, kami-au. 

to emulate other, hari-au. 

to fall in with other, 


to glare at ...... other, niraml- 


to hug other, daki-au. 

to meet other, de-au. 

time, maido (@IS). 

Eag"er, a. nesshin (f^.CO ^<3! I setsu 

to be , foil, by the inf. is 

expr. by -iagaru suffixed to the 
indef. form and preceded by 
shikiri ni. 

Eag'Crly, adv. shikiri ni \ nesshin 
(^i\l>) ni ; fumpatsu (^^) shite ; 
setsu (-tn) ni. 

to d esire , hidoku hoshigaru ; 

netsuho (^^) .s- ; katsuho (iSj^) s. 

Eag'erness, n. nesshin (^itO '■> fum- 
patsu (§?^) ; ei-i (i^^) ; (of desire) 
netsuho ; katsuho (i^^). 

Eagle, n. washi ; (aquila chrysoelius) 
inuwashi ; (halietus albicilla) djirO" 
washi ; (h. pelagicus) owashi. 
where the carcass is there will 

the s be gathered together, 

kusai-mono ni hai ga takaru. 

Eagle-buzzard, n. kumataka. 

Eagle-eyed, a. me no hayai ; me ncT 
surudoi ; (fig.) keigan (^^) no. 

Ear, n. mimi ; (of corn) ho. 

lobe of the , jida {^^); 


praying to deaf s, uma no 

mimi ni nemhutsu (;ttl^) ; haji-tofu 

to be over head and sin 

debt, shakkln de mi-ugoki mo 
dekinai ; shakkin de kuhi ga 

to be over head and s in 

love, rembo (WiM^) ■'^hite ucJioten 
i^W.^) ^^^ naite oru. 

to come to one's s, jida ni 

fure-ru ; mimi nl hairu ; wo]mimi ni 
s [E subj.-f-J. obj.] ;ico]kiki-komu. 

Ear-aclie, n. mimi-itami;jits{i{:i(.'^). 

Ear-drum, n. komaku (|^^). 

Earl, n. haku (fg) ; hakushaku (fg^). 

Earldom, n. hakushaku (jfiH). 

Early, a. hayai ; (of fruit or vege- 
tables) hashiri no ; hajime no. 

at the lest possible date, 

ichi nichi mo hayaku. 

riser, or rising, haya-oki. 

spring, haru no hajime; 

harusaki ; hatsuharu. 

Early, adv. hayaku ; hayo. 

ier than usual, hayame ni. 

to get up , asa hayaku oki- 

ru ; haya-oki wo s. 

Earn, t.v. moke-ru. 

how much do you in a 

day ? ichi nichi (^0 ) ni ikura no 
kasegi ga aru ka. 

to one's living, iosel (if^jji:) 

s ; yo-watari s. 


[ 264 ] 


Earnest, a. nes-^hin (^*\i^) na; nes- 
sei r^|ri() na ; sen-itsu {%—) na ; 
set jit su iWM) '^^*' kyil-kyii {l^^) 

Earnest, n. (not jest) majime ; shin- 
jit sii (^K); seijitsu (I^K) ; honJd 


are you in in saying" 

that ? sore wa majime no o hanashi 
de gozaimasu ka. 

money, ietsuke-kin {^^\i^). 

to act in , (not in jest) shim- 

memmoku (^'^U) ni yaru; (reso- 
lutely) honki {ij^M) d^ yaru. 

Earnestly, adv. (eagerly) isshin (— 
jti^) ni ; shin kara ; konkon (|a ^) to; 
(in making a request) ori-itte ; (in- 
tently) tsuku-dzuku to ; (of desire) 
setsu (-tjO) oil; (warmly) shikiri ni; 
hitoe ni ; hiiasura ni ; (zealously) 
nesshin ni. 
to desire , setsuho (l^^) s. 

Earnestness, n. nesshin (^.b) ; 
(sericiLsness) seijitsu. 

Earning'S, n. shotoku (j5Jrf#) ; moke ; 
shunyu (4kA) 5 mi-iri ; sakutoku (J^ 
\%) [originally, of a peasant, as dis- 
tinguished from the land rent, i.e. 
after it has been paid]. 

Ear-pick, n, mimi-kaki. 

Ear-ring*, n. mimiwa. 

Ear-sliell, n. awabi. 

Ear-trumpet, n.jito (I^j^i). 

Eartli, n. (astron.) chikyil (t^^) > 
(burrow) ana ; (ground) jl {i^) ; 
(soil) tsuchi ; (the world) sekai (fH: 

heaven and , tenchi {^i^). 

Earth, t.v. to up, tsuchi-kau. 

Earthen, a. dosei {±M) '^o. 
pot, do-nabe. 

Earthen-lioor, n. doma {±M). 

Earthenware, n. jiki (#.^) ; tbki 

(I^^) ; yakimono; 'setomono; (as 

opposed to j)orcelain) isuchi-yaki ; 

(unglazed earthen vessel) kawarake. 

vessel, doki (±^). 

Eartllly, a. (as opposed to heavenly) 

ukiyo {\^it) no ; kono yo no ; genze 
(^^fe) no ; shdba (^^-) no ; (carnal) 
joyoku (if 15) no. 

Earthqualte, n.jlshin (ifeS)- 

disaster, shinsai {^iJi). 

g-ieat , o-jishin. 

slig-ht , bishin {^^M)- 

there is an , jishin ga yuru, 

or .9. 

Earthwork, n. doko (±X). 

Earthworm, n. mimidzu ; memedzu 

Ear-wax, n. mimi-aka ; mirrl-' 

Earwig', n. hasami-mushi. 

Ease, n. (freedom from toil) raku 
(1^) ; anraku (-§|^) ; (of mind) an- 
shin (^Jli^) ; anki {^M.)l (^ndo (^^). 

at one's , (freely) jiyu (^^) 

ni : jizai {^-:^) ni; (without cere- 
mony) enryo {^M) naku. 

march at I michi ashi. 

to feel at (mentally), mis/un 

(^)t>) s; ando {^^^) s; kokoro 
ICO yurusu. 

to take one's , asonde oru. 

stand at ! yasume. 

with , naji naku ; raku ni. 

with the greatest , raku- 

raku {^^)to. 

Ease, t.v. (give freedom of move- 
ment to) yurume-ra. 

to pain, (by distracting at- 
tention) itami wo magirasu ; (by 
treatment) itami wo yurwne-ru. 

to the mind of, ni/anshin 

(^*li^) sase-ru ; ni/ando {^^^) sase- 
ru ; kiraku (M.^) '^^ sase-ru. 

Easement, n. jiyakken [Wi^M) 
[Civ. Co.]. 

Easily, adv. (of a machine) guai 
yoku ; (smoothly) raku (|l^) ni ; yasu- 
yasu to ; (without difficulty) yasuku ; 
tayasuku ; iegaruku ; nan (|f|) naku ; 
zosa (i^f^) mo naku ; VMke nak-u ; 
raku ni ; yoi ni [generally used with 
the neg.]. 

that is done (in reply to a 

request), sore wa o yasui go yd de 


[ 265 ] 


Easiness, n. {freedom from dif- 
ficulty) tayasui koto ; yoi (#^) na 
koto ; (freedom from distress) an- 
raku (^1^) ; anitsu {-^y^). 

-East, n. higashi ; toko {'M'^)- 
■ and west, idzai {'^^). 

wind, higashi-kaze ; kochi. 

the , ToyoiMm- 

the Far , Kyokutb {%'^) \ 

Zettb {mM.)- 

Easter-day, n. fukktcatsujitsu ({g 


Easter-eve, n. 

Easter-week, n. Monday in 

, fukkwatsugo-getsuydhi (t^fS" 

Easterly, a. {from the east) higashi 
no ho kara no ; {of aspect) higashi 
muki no ; {toward the east) higashi 
no ho e no. 

Eastern, a. higashi no ; tohb CM^) 

countries, toyo-shokoku {'^ 

the provinces of Japan, 

kwantb (H^). 

the question, toyomondai 

Eastward, adv. higashi no ho {'^) e; 

tohb {'M.'l5) e- 
Easy, a. yasui ; zbsa iMW) 
mo nai ; tayasui ; yasashii ; wake 
mo nai ; {informal) tegarui ; {of a 
person's carriage) shidzuka na ; yuttari 
to shita ; {of behaviour) kazari no 
nai ; katakurushiku nai ; {of writing) 
hei-i {^^) na ; {smooth) raku {^) 

before a verb in Eng. is exp. 

by -yasui, or -yoi, affixed to the 
indef. form of the verb. 

chair, anraku-isu. 

...... to hesLY, shinogi-yasui. 

to learn, oboe-yasui. 

to understand, icakari- 


an mind, anshin {^ili^). 

money is , kinyu {■^'§k)wa 

kwamman {^'^^:) de aru. 

to be in mind, anshin s. 

Easy-going', a, nonki na. 

Eat, t.v. tahe-ru ; kuu [vulgar, but 
now in everyday use] ; {polite) 
agaru ; meshiagaru ; (of animals) 

won't you anything ? nani 

mo agari nasahnasenu ka. 
thank you, I will noth- 
ing", arigatb, nani mo itadaki- 

Eat, i.v. tahe-ru. 

to into, ni/kui-komu. 

Eatables, n. tahe-mono ; kui-mono ; 
shokumotsu {^if:^) ; shokuybhin {'^^ 
no) ; shokuhin {:^nn)- 

Eatable, a. is ex^or. by the potential 
of the verb to Eat. 

Eater, n. great , taishoku {:f^ 

'^) no hito ; ogural, 

small , shbshoku {^P'^) no 


Eating-llOUSe, n. {for coolies, etc.) 
m£shi-ya ; izaka-ya [the lowest 
class] ; {general) rybriya (tJ^JIM) ; 
kappbten {flj,-^,/^) ; inshokuten {v^{-% 
/g) ; {high-class) kwaiseki-rybriten 
i^^lk^M^) ; (on wheels) yatai-mise. 

Eaves, n. noki ; noki-saki. 

Eavesdrop, i.v. tachi-giki too s. 

Eaves-dropper, n. tachigiki-te. 

Eaves-dropping, n. tachi-giki. 

Ebb, i.v. hiku ; hi-ru. 

Ebb-tide, n. hiki-shio ; taichb {jg 

Ebisns saganiiiis, abura-bozu. 

Ebony, n. kokutan (M!®)- 

Ebullition, n.fuitb (^jgi). 

to give way to an of tem- 
per, ikari ico hassuru. 

Eccentric, a. kenkuisu (iJiJg) na; 
hen na ; henteko na ; ippU-kaicatta ; 
jbgi {StJc) ni hadzurete oru ; hewpeki 
iikU) na. 

person, hembutsu {( 

henjin (fig A) J kav:ari-mono \ kijin 

Eccentrically, adv. henkulsu (^ 
^) nl ; henteko ni ; ippil-kaxcaite ; 
jbgi {^'A<) nl hadzurete \ hcn{^) ni. 


Eccentricity, n. henkutsu 
henqyeki {^^) ; ippii {—M^) kawatta 
koto ; jogi (S^l^) '^^ hadzurete iru 
koto ; kiheki (^l#) ; (of orbit, etc.) 
hensTiinritsu (f^ it^^) ; shinsaritsu 

Ecclesiastes, n. deiido (lUji;) no 
sho (#). 

Ecclesiastic, n. (Budd.) hosM (v^ 
IJIp) ; hdzu (ij^±) ; (Christian) denkyo- 
shi i^mm) ; dendoshi (^jietp) ; kyo- 
shi (ife^Ifj) ; (Shinto) shinkwan (# 
'g*) ; kannushi. 

Ecclesiastical, a. (Budd.) shukyd- 
jo (^ife_h) no ; (Christian) kyokwai 
i^k-^) no ; (Shinto) shushijo {^^±) 


ilclielon, n. teltai (|^I^). 

to advance in , teishin (|$ 


Eclio, n. yama-hiko ; hibiki ; han- 
ky o iJ^W) 5 kodama. 

there is an , kodama nl lilhi- 


to be (another's) (of a toady), 

taiko wo taiaku. 

Eclio, i.v. Jiihiku ; hankyo (^^) s. 

Eclat, n. (of a i^erformance) odeki; 

(of an entertainment, etc.) taiso {i^ 

^0) na keiki {-^M,)- 
the ball went off with great ... 
..., butokicai (|?|^^#) wa taiso (;^ 
;^@) na kelkl (^M.) ^^ atta, na- 
kanaka seikwai (^'^) datta, or 
sakan datta. 

Eclectic, n. setchuka (tlfK^)- 
Eclectic, a. sstchu (Jlf-H) no. 
Eclectically, adv. setcka (JlfH) shi- 
te ; shusha [M^) shite. 

Eclecticism, n. setdmhb (fffHr^) ; 
seichu-shugi (J^f^i^). 

Eclipse, n. annular ,kinkvxin- 

Shoku (^3gf4). 

of th e moon, gesshoku ; 

gwasshoku (.J^f^). 

of the sun, nisshoku ( H f^). 

total , kalki-shoku (-^iJEfi). 

total of the moon, ges- 

shoku-kaiki ( E MitES)- 

[ 266 ] 


Eclipse, t.v. to be d (fig.), owa- 

rete oru. 

Ecliptic, n. kwodo (^ji;). 

inclination of the plane of the 

, kwodo no keisha (MM)* 

plane of the , kwodomen (^ 


Economical, a. kenyaku (t^l^j) na 

sekken (|ft^) na ; (of a person only) 
uchiba na ; tsumashii ; (pertaining to 
economics) kelzaijo (i^-^Jr.) no ; kei- 
zaikai {^^^) no; rizaijo (Jlat-h) 
no ; keizai (f^-^) no ; keizaiteki (f^-^^ 
6^) no. 

spirit, kenyakushin (l^l^'t^). 

Economically, adv. kenyaku 

nl ; sekken (ifJt^) shite ; tsumashiku ; 
uch'iha ni ; (pertaining to economics) 
keizaikai (f^-^-5f ) de ; keizaijo de ; 
rizaijo (Jilt±.) <^e ; keizaiteki ni. 

Economics, n. keizaigaku (|^i^^) ; 
rizaigaku (J|M^)- 

Economize, i.v. kenyaku (f^|^) s ; 
sekken (^fff^) s ; t9Mie wo habuku ; 
setsugen (gffj^) s. 

Economize, t.v. kenyaku 

sekken (|iJt^) s; herasu ', habuku ] 
tsudzume-ru ; setsugen (g^iJ^) .9. 

Economy, n. kenyaku (f^,^^) ; sefc- 
fce^i (If! fit) ; setsugen (gfJiic). 

political , keizaigaku (i|^J^ 

if:) ; rizaigaku [MM^)- 
Ecstasy, n. (of joy) mugen (^1^^) no 
kwanki {WM-) 5 kagiri no nai yoro- 
kobi ; o-yorokobi ; (state of raptness) 
hbshin (J^JCit'*)- 

Eddj^, n, udzumaki ; gyakuryii (^'-o^) ; 
(of wind) tsumuji-kaze ; kama-kaze ; 
[an eddy of wind is sometimes per- 
sonified under the name of kama- 

Eddy, i.v. udzumaKu ; meguru. 

Edg"e, n. (of a cliff) kishi ; (of a cup) 
fiichi ; (of a Imife) ha ; (of a table, 
etc.) fuchi ; (of cloth) hashi ; heri ; 
(of paper) hashi. 

of the sea, kaihen. 

of the water, midzu-giwa. 

gilt s (of a book), kinibuchi. 


[ 267 ] 


to give an to a knife, naifu 

ni ha wo tsuke-ru, or tate-ru. 

to set the teeth on , ha ico 


to test the of a sword, 

klre-aji wo tamesu. 

Eflg'«, t.v. (border) nilherl ico tsuke-ru. 
two d, inoroha no ; ryoba no. 

Edge, i.v. to away from, karaj 

yoko ni doku. 

to up, (to a person) ni/suri- 

yoru ; (on one's knees) hlza wo 

Eflgeless, a. (blunt) ha no taUe inai ; 
nibui ; namatie oru ; (without edge) 
ha no nai. 

Edge-tool, n. hamono ; riki (flJH). 

Ertge^vortliia papyrifera, ml- 


Edging", n. (of braid) sasa-heri ; v. 
also Edge. 

Edible, a. kurawareru ; tdberareru ; 
shokumotsu {%^'/j]i) ni naru. 

seaweed, (araria pinnatifida) 

wakame ; (laminaria japonica) 
kombu ; (laver) nori [arame, zem- 
mai and ?iijiki are other species]. 

Edict, n. fvJcoku (;fii^) ; furei {^^) ; 
kokuji (-R-:^) ; ofure. 

Imperial ... 
. (of Emperor of China) jo^/u (_h^;. 

Edification, n. kyokun (f^llll) ; 
kyodd (fic^) ; keiieki C^j^). 

Ediiice, n. tatemono ; tateya ; ke:i- 

chikubidsu {^^Sfjj)). 
Edify, t.v. michibiku ; kyokun (ifepj) 

s ; kyodo {Wc^) -^ ; keiteki (^^j&fi) s. 

Edit, t.v. (a newspaper) henshu (H 
H) s ; (compile) hensan (H^) s. 

Edition, n. han (|{^) ; shuppan (|ij 
W ; kanko (flj^f) ; inko {t\\^y). 
first , shohan {^]}f\^y, dai-ippan 

new , shimpan (fJr/iH)- 

second , saihan{J^f^) ; nihan 

Editor, n. kis?ia (aG#) ; henshiinin 
(li$|A) ; (compiler) sensha ("^#) ; 

chokurei (^ij^) 

hensansha (|1^^) ; (of a newspaper) 
shimbun-kisha (^fPflfE^)- 

chief (of a paper), shuhitsu 

Editorial, n. shasetsu (tfc^) ; ron- 
setsu (f^^). 

Educate, t.v. (bring up) sodate-ru ; 
yoiku (^^) s ; kyoyo (|^^) s ; (train) 
shikomu ; shitsuke-ru ; oshie-ru ; fc^/o- 
iku (fjcW) '^ ; kyokun (i^PI) s ; -\kanyo 

mw '^ ; t %^^ (Pllfm) •^• 

a person d at Univer- 
sity, daigaku shusshin ( {ij Jl ) 

no mono. 

to the eye, (fig.) me wo age- 

ru ; (lit.) me ico tsuyoku s. 

Educated, a. kyoiku no aru ; gaku- 
shiki (^^) no aru. 

Education, n. (at- school) kyo- 
iku ; (bringing up) sodate ; yoiku ; 
kyoyo ; (by the good example of 
another) t kanyb ', t toy a ; (training) 
shlkomi ; shitsuke ; os/iie ; kyokun ', 
[way of) sodate-kata ; shikomi-kata ; 
yoikuho (^Wf^) 5 kyoyoho ; kyoiku- 
Department of , Mombusho 

military , gunji-kyoiku {^^ 


. , Momhu-daijin 

Minister of 

Educational, a. kyoiku no ; kyokun 


matters, gakuji ('^^). 

section of affairs, gakumu- 

kwa {^mW)' 

Educationalist, n. kybikuka {^^'^ 

Eel, n. unagi. 

broiled s, unagi no kabayaki, 

conger , anago. 

restaurant, unagi-ya. 

s and rice, unagi-meshi [only 

when served in some utensil], 
electric , denki-unagi. 

Eel-spear, n. unagi-tsuki. 

Eel-trap, n. do ; (basket) uke. 
to set an , do wo fuse-r%. 


[ 268 ] 


Efface, t.Y. tomatsu {f#^) s ; kesu ; 
tori-kesu ; massatsu {^^) s ; (as, a 
mental impression) sutete shimau ; 
wasurete shimau ; (rub out) kedzuru. 
to become d, kiete kuru. 

Effacement, n. tori-keshi ; mas- 
. satsu ; and equiv. of Efface foil, by 

Effect, n. (consequence as opp. to 
cause) kekkwa (^^) ; (fruit) shiru- 
shi ; jikko {^^i) ; koken {^i}^) 
(manner of affecting) eikyo (^^) 
sasJii-hibiki ; (of a painting) e-guai 
(ftX'n') ; gwayo {^W.) '> (of medicine) 
kiki-me ; kono (^t^) ; shirushi ; yak- 
ko (^5fj^) ; (sensational) mie ; gicaiken 
(^h^); (validity) koryoku {^j]t}) ; 
(result) sei ('!'§) ; as, 

it must be the of having 

given way to the temperature, 
jiko (B^l^) ni maketa sei daro. 

of no , yd ni tatanii ; yaku ni 

tatanai ; koryoku no nai ; miiko (is 


rjj) no. 

.. (of laws), jis- 
ni naru ; shiko {W.^j) 

to come into 

- shi (gJS 
to do for ....... mie ni s. 

to give to, wo/tori-okon^iu ; 

wo/shikko (^ff) s ; (of a law) 
jikko (^^t) s ; shiko (j^ff) s ; 
jisshi (^;^) s ; jissai ni okonau. 

to have an on, nij eikyo wo 


to take , (of medicine) kiku ; 

(legal) koryoku wo shoji-ru. 

words to that , sono imi no 


Effect, t.v. (accomplish) shi-toge-ru ; 
joju iJ^fX) sase-ru ; hatasu ; (cause) 
suru ; itasu ; nasu. 

Effective, a. yuryoku {/^-fy) na ', yu- 

ko (^^) na ; kiku ; kikime no aru ; 
kono (^jjtl) no aru. 

to be , yo {^) ni taisu ; yaku 

ni tatsu ; wa^kai ga aru. 

Effects, n. (baggage) nimotsu {'^'Y/j]) ; 

(property) zaisan [^M) \ shoyi'ihin 

Effectual, a. jubun (^^) na ; (of 

medicine) kiki no yoi; yilko (^0j) 

no ; jikko (K^j) no aru. 

Effectually, adv. jubun ni ; yilko ni. 

Effectuate, t.v. nojjitsu wo age-ru. 

Effeminacy, n. ^ii/^/Jafci^ [^M) '■> VW'^ 
(ffi^) ; memeshisa. 

EffeiJiinate, a. nyujaku (^|5 

no ; 

onnarashii ; yfiju (@^) *^^ 5 meme- 
shii ; (in appearance) nyaketa. 
to be , nyake-ru. 

Effervesce, i.v. awadatsu ; futto {^ 

m) s ; (fig.) hoki mm s. 

ing drink, futtosui (i^3l7X)-, 

ing powder, fuUosan (i^jg^ 

Effervescence, n. awa ; (act of) 
equiv. of Effervesce foil, by koto. 

Effervescent, a. equiv. of Effer- 
vesce used as an adjective. 

Effete, a. (of a government) otoroeta ; 
. seiryoku i^io) '^^ tsukita ; (of a 
nation) suihi (§|^) shita. 
old and , oiboreta. 

Efficacious, a. yuko (:^^) 7io ; yu- 
ryoku {^:f3) no ; jikko (^5fi) *^o aru ; 
koryoku {^ji'fy) no aru; kono (^t^) 
no aru ; (of medicine) kiku ; kikime 
710 aru ; yuko no ; jikko no aru ; 
kono no aru. 

Efficaciously, adv. yuko ni ; jikko 
atte ; koryoku atte ; kono atte. 

Efficacy, n. yuko ; yuryoku ; ko- 
ryoku ; jikko ; kono ; kikime ; (of 
prayer) reigen (Hl^) ; riyaku (f IJM)- 

Efficiency, n. jitsuryoku (g;^) ; 
yilko ; yuryoku {^'fy) ; koryoku {i^ 

Efficient, a. iki-todoita ; (of persons) 
yaku {^) ni tatsu ; yd {^) ni tatsu ; 
(of remedies) tekito {Mm) '^<^ 5 kikime 
no aru. 
to be , iki-todoku. 

Effigy, n. zd (ft) ; gftzo (f^fi). 

Efflorescence, n. {chem.) fakicafun 


Effluvium, n. shilki 
(M^); cikki 

•MO } akushu 


[ 269 3 


Effort, n. hone-ori; jinryoku (^:f3) ; 
doryoku {^f}) ', henrei {^Wl) I bimben 

by human , hito no chikara 


in the of, foil, by a parti- 
ciple is expr. by totan ni after the 
pres. indie. 

in spite of all s, iroiro jin- 
ryoku shite mo. 

to concentrate one's s, chi- 
kara wo tsukusu ', sei-ippai i^— 
3S) yarn. 

to make an , chikara wo 

kome'ru ; sei {i^) wo dasu. 

EfFronterj^, n. atsukamashll koto ; 
ietsumempl (tJc^^r^) ; harenchi {^{j^ 
;5fc) ; ziizushisa. 

Effulg^ence, n. kagayaki ; kwbki 

Effulg-ent, a. kwoki {j{M) *^(> ^'^w. 
to be , kagayaku; pika-pika 


Effusion, n. nagare-deru koto ; ryu- 
shutsu [ff^]}^) \ hasshutsu (Mtil)5 (of 
manner) chochbshii koto. 

of blood on the brain, nb- 

ikketsu (Bii^lfil). 

Effusive, a. (of manner) chbchbshii ; 
konkon {]^^) taru. 

Effusively, adv. chbchbshlku ; kon- 
kon to ; doku-doku to. f 

Effusiveness, n. v. Effusion. 

Eg'g", n. tamago ; (of fish) ko. 

fowl's , niwatori no tamago ', 

keiran (||^P). 

hard-boiled , ude-tamago. 

silkworm's card, tane- 

gami ; sanranshi {^!^fl^^). 

silkworm's , kaiko notane; 



tamago no han- 

juku (#^^Ji) ; hanjuku (4^^) no 

to lay s, (of a bird) tamago wo 

umu ; (of a fish or insect) ko wo 

Egg", t.v. to on, hagem/isu ; oda- 


to on a quarrel, kenkwa (ng 

1^) wo fukkake-ru. 

Eg'g'-plant, n. nasu ; nasuhi [Kyoto], 

Eg'g-sliell, n. tamago no kawa ', 
tamago no kara. 

porcelain, usude-setomono. 

empty , kara no tamago. 

Eg'oism, n. (as opp. to altruism) riko- 
s/wQ'i (fIJS±^) ; rikoshin (^IJS'CO *» 
aiko-shin (^^tC^). 

Egotism, n. unubore; jifu (gM)i 
jiman ( f^'lll) ; kbman (r^'l§) ; riko {p] 
EL); shuga (±^). 

Egotist, n. unubore-te ; jifusha ( ^^ 
^); jimansha ( ^'Is^) ', jisonka. ( ^.^ 
^*) ; tengu (^^) [vulg.] ; gari-gari 
moja (fjcflj* ^t:^) [vulg.]. 

Eg'otistical, a. unuboreta ; jifu 7io; 
jiman no ; kbman na ; (o^Dp. of alt' 
ruistic) rifco^efci (^lj£6^j) na ; shuga- 
ieki (^#Jt6^) na. 

to be , unubore-ru; jifu s; 

jiman s. 

Eg-otistically, adv. unuborete ; jifu 
shite ; jiman ni ; kbman ni ; rikoteki 
ni ; shugateki ni. 

Egregious, a. (in a bad sense) hijl 
{$^^) no ; gybsan {\i\i\l}) na ; hana* 
hadashii ; iyb {%W) na ; (of a blun- 
der) bakageta. 

Eg'reg'iously, adv. hijb ni ; hana- 
hadashiku ; gybsan ni. 

Egress, n. deru koto. 

and ingress, de-hairi ; de- 

iri; shutsu-nyu [^\)- 
place of , deguchi. 

Egret, n. chusagi ; shima-meguri. 

buff-backed , amasagi. 

great , daisagi. 

little , shirasagi ; kosagi. 

Eiglit, n. yatsu ; hachi (A) ' (in 
counting) yd. 

Eiglit, a. yatsu no ; ya ; hachi. 

Eighteen, Ji.jiViachi (-pA). 

Eigllteentll, a. (in order of plrtcej 
juhachi-bamme no ; (in order of time) 
juhachi-dome no ; juhachi-tahime no. 

Eigllteentll, n. (fraction) juhachi^ 
bun no ichi. 

the (of the month), jiVmchi 



[ 270 ] 


Eig'littbld, a. Jiachibai (A^) no ; 
hassobai ( ASXIn^) no. 

Eig^litli, a. (in order of place) dai- 

hacJiiban (^A^) no ; hachibamme 
no ; yatsume no ; (in order of time) 
hachidome no ; hachitahime no. 

first day of the month., 

hassaku (A^). 

Eig'lltll, n. (fraction) hachihun no 
the (of the month), yoka. 

Eiglitlily, adv. dai hachi ni ; dai 
hachibamme ni. 

Elglitieth, a, (in order of place) 
liachiju-bamme no ; (in order of time) 
hachijii-tabime no ; hachiju-dome no. 

Eig'litietli, n. (fraction) hachijubun 
no ichi. 

Eighty, n. hachijii (A+). 

Either, a. and pron. (both) ryoho (^ 
"jj) no ; sbho {^'Q')5) no ; (one of two) 
dochira de mo ; idzure mo no. 

Either, conj • or, ka 


you must hand over the 

goods or pay the money, shina- 
mono wo watasu ka kane ico harau 
ka shinakereba naranu ; [after the 
first ka, aruiwi, or mata wa, is often 

Ejaculate, t.v. zekkyd (Igflil-) s ; omo- 
wadzu koe wo dasu. 

Ejaculation, n. zekkyb (|gPJ]-) ; (in- 
terjection) kanfoshi (P^i^f^). 

Eject, t.v. (a person from an official 
post) menchutsu (|g,i3j) s ; (drive out) 
hochiku (j^jg) s ; oi-dasu ; opparau ; 
hinseki {^J%) s ; kuchiku (Hjg) s ; 
(evacuate) haisetsu (ifi^p) s. 

to blood, (from the anus) 

geketsu (Ti^L) s ; (from the mouth) 

toketsu (RiilfiL) s. 

to from the mouth, hakl- 


Ejection, n. hochiku {^M)', oppa- 
rai ; hinseki {W.J%) ', kuchiku (HjE) ; 
(act of) equiv. of Eject foil, by 
koto ; (evacuation) haisetsu (Pvt) 5 
(of a person from a post) menchutsu 

d^liU) ; (of blood from the anus) ge- 
ketsu ( HFlfiL) ; (of blood from the 
mouth) toketsu (iJtlfiL)- 

Eke, t.v. to out, og'mau; tasu. 

to out a scanty living, 

hoso-boso kurashi wo tate-ru ; romei 
iMpit) '^'^0 tsunagu. 

Elaborate, t.v. nen wo irete tsukuru ; 
honeotte koshirae-ru ; tansei (^fj|) 
shite tsukuru. 

Elaborate, a. komakai ; nen (,ft) no 
itta ; kushin (^>G0 no ; saimitsu (^,g 
'^) na ; memmitsu (fS^) na ; shosai 
(If 7^0) no ; Seiko [^V]) no. 

■workmanship, chimitsu (^ 

^) 7ia saiku. 

Elaborately, adv. komaka ni ; sai- 
mitsu (lll)^') 7ii ; memmitsu (Iffi^) ni ; 
shosai is^M) ni ; seiko it^Pj) ni ; 
tansei {f]r$^) shite ; kushin (^-t^) 

Elaborateness, n. saimiisu ; mem- 
mitsu ; Seiko. 

Elaboration, n. equiv.' of Elabo- 
rate foil, by koto. 

Elapse, i.v. sugi-saru ; tatsu ; keikwa 

mm) s. 

many years must , yohodo 

no toshi wo tsumanakereba naranu. 
time s, toki ga tatsu. 

Elastic, a. shinshuku-jizai [ff^|0^<^i 
no; kusshin-jizai (JS#^^) no; 
danryoku {^^^) no aru; danryokusei 
{W'fi'^) ^^0 5 (accommodating, in bad 
sense) tsugb no yoi. 

band, gomu-wa. 

braid, gomu-sanada. 

to be , (as, of India rubber) 

nobi-chijimi s ; (as, of ivory) hane- 


side boots, fuka-gomu no 


Elasticity, n. danryokushitsiu (5|| 

Elated, a. to be , ibarw, iki- 

ybyb (iE^^ -* ) to shite oru ; tokui-' 

Elbow, n. hiji. 

Sit one's , iejika ni* 

Mji-deppo s ; Jiiji de 

ELB r 271 1 

Elbow, i.v. 


Elder, n. (tree) repr. by niwatoko. 

Elder, n, (older person) toshi-ue no 
Jiito ; cJiosha {^^) ', nenchdsJia (^ 
^^) ; sempai (:$feg); (of a church) 
chord i^-^). 
Elder, a. toshi-ue no ; nencho 
(^i) no. 

brother, ard ; anisan ; o ani 

sarna [pol.] ; aniki [vulg.]. 

sister, ane ; anesan; o ane 

sama [pol.] ; anego [vulg.]. 

he is the , ano kata wa ioshi 

ga ue da. 

Elderly, a. kanari toshi wo totta ; 
chiinen wo sugita ; toshiyori ni 

Eldest, a. ichiban toshi wo totta ; 

toshi no ichiban ue 
ichiban oi. 

no : toshi no 

brother, Ichiban no ani. 

daug-hter, chojo {^ii:) ; 

soryd-musume ; ane-musume. 

son, soryo (H.^^) musuko ; 

chonan {^^). 

sister, ichiban no ane. 

Elecampane, n. mokkd1<njca (tJc 

Elect, t.v. erabu; e-ru; eri-nuku; 

sGnkyo (i^^) s ; (to an official post) 

sennin {'M^) s. 
to be ed, tosen {^M) s. 

Election, n. senkyo (jM^) 5 ninsen 
( All) ; (act of) equiv, of Elect foil. 
\ij koto ; (public) kdsen (•S-iS). 

bye , hoketsu-se.ikyo (|^^ 


g-eneral , so-senkyo (|Ei||^). 

interference with the s, 

senkyo-kansho {JM^^f^)- 
li]lectioneer, i.v. senkyo ni shusen 
[i^M) ^'^ senkyo nijinryoku {^f})s; 
senkyo ni honsb (^-^) s. 

Electioneering", n. equiv. of 
Electioneer foil, by koto ; senkyo- 

undo {)B^MWi)- 

tour, senkyo-yuzn (^g^ 


Elector, n. se-akyonin (igPtA) ; sen- 
kyosha (il^#). 


Electorate, n. senkyo-yukensha (ig 

Electric, a. denki (HM) no ; denki 
wofukumeru ; denki wo okosu. 

current, denryit {^^). 

engineer, denki-kogakushi 

(^^X^ifc) ; denki-gishi (^^ 


engineering", denki-kogaku. 

light, denkito (^^'J^) ; dento 


railway, denki-tetsudb (^^ 

telegraph, denshin-ki (H 

light company, dento-gwai- 
sha (^-Mt^)- 

Electricity, n. denki. 

conductor of , dodentai (^ 


dynamical , ryilki-den {-^ 


power house, hatsudensho. 

galvanic , ryiidenki {^m'^Ji) I 

shitsu-denki (MmM). 

negative , indenkl {^^mM.)- 

positive , yddenki {tMmM.)- 

science of 

, , denki-gaku 

Electrify, t.v. ni/denkl wo tsuji-ru ; 
ni/denki wo kake-ru ; (fig.) kando 
i^Wi) sase-ru. 

Electro, a dynamics, denki- 

ryoku-gaku (l^^jb^)' 

kinematics, denki-undd- 

gaku {mMMWlW^y 

Electrolysis, n. denki-bunseki {mM, 

Electro-magnet, n. denki-jiietsu 
im^MM) ; denjiietsu (^^^ic). 

Electro-mag"netism, n. de)ijigaku 
im^M-^) ; denjiki {m^M.)- 

Electrometer, n. sokudenkl (^gij 


Electro-plate, t.v. denki-mekki ni 

s ; denki-tokin {mM.M^) ni s. 
Electro-plated, a. denki-mekki no. 
Electro-plating", n. denki-mekki. 
Electroscope, n. kendenki (^^^). 


I: 272 ]: 


plectrotype, n. dempan {^]^) ] 
denki-han {%MM)- 

lElectuary, n. neriyaku ('M^). 

Eleemosynary, a. jizen (^#) no ; 
hodokoshi no ; ky2ijutsu (^JC'Ilk) ^O' 

Eleg'aiice, n. (of appearance, etc.) 
bimyo (il§j;) ; yuhi (®||) ; kwarei 
(^M) '■> (of language, etc.) gacJii (Jf. 
$X) ; (of manners) gachi (fjlit) ; ^wr.,- 

Elegant, a. (of persons) ikl [MM 
na^ yuhi (®^) na ; (of style, etc) 
(jachi (^li) na ; (of things) klrei (^ 
^ na', furyti {M^X^) na', kwahi (^ 
§1) ; kbsho (i^i^) na ; uruwashii. 

Eleg-antly, adv. kwarei ni ; kwahi 
(IpH) ni ; f/ac/ii (ffll^) ni ; himyd 
(ife^i?) >^^ '» ^o-^^o (i^f^) ni\ uruwa- 
shiku ; yfihi (@^) ni. 

JEleg-y, n. aika {^W- 

Element, n. (of nature) genso (j^ 
^) ; genshitsu [M^%)\ genseibim (tC 
j^^) ; (proper sphere) seibun {^^) ; 
genshitsu (JiX^) 5 mochimae. 
he is in his when talking- 
politics, seijklaa (it^^i^) wa ano 
hito no tokui (f#iE) <^«- 

nutritive , eiydhun {'•^^^). 

the five .s, gogyo (Eff )• 

to he in one's , mochimae ni 

teki {'M) s. 

Elementary, a. (of learning) sho- 
gaku {^]}'^) no ; shoho {%^) no ; 
shokyii {^J]&i) no ; (simple) tanjun 
(Ip-M) no. 

education, shoto-kyoiku {^]} 


text-hook, shoto-kyokwasho 

Elements, n. (first principles) genri 
lElepliant, n. zo (^). 

white ....... hakuzo (S^); (%.) 


Elephantiasis, n. zdUhyo (^^ 

^) ; kessetsurai {^i^M)- 
Elevate, t.v. age-ru ; (a person) toyo 
■' (^ffl) s ; shokyu {^M sase-ru ; 

r shoto (^^) sase-ru ', (raise from s^ 
low state) takame-ru ; kosho (I^fpJ) nl 
s ; (the voice) age-ru ; haru. 

lElevatioii, n. takasa ; (a high 
place) takami ; oka ; kodakai tokoro ; 
(in astronomy) kodo {MlM.) l (io- 
gunnery) gydkaku (W^) ; (of a 
. person) toyo ; shoto ; (of character) 
kosho (i^^) ; kedakai koto. 

area of (barometrical), koki- 

atsu iWiMM) ^0 kuikl (^ifig). 

Elevator, n. shdkdki (#1?^^). 

Eleven, n.ji'dchi (-p— ). 

Eleventh, a. (in order of place) dai- 
jilichi (^i^— ) no ; juichi-hamme no l 
(in order of time) jiiichi-dome no ; 
jfiichi-tabime no. 

Eleventh, n. (fraction) jidchihun 
{i"— ^) no ichi. 

JEllas, n. Eria. 

Elicit, t.v. meiryd (5^^) ni s ; hydmei 

to a confession, hakvjo 

( ^ JK) sase-ru. 

Elide, t.v. (gram.) tsume-ru ; hahuku; 
ryaku {^) s. 

to he ^ftsumarw, hahukaru; 

ryaku sare-ru. 

Elig'ibility, n. gokaku (-g't^) ; (suit- 
ability) tekito i^Mm)- 

Elig"ihle, a. soo (tl/lM) na ; soto (^B 
^) na; tekito {'M"^) ''^^ 5 tsuri-atta ; 
(desirable) nozomashii. 

person to vote, senkyo- 

yukensha (il^WI^^)- 
Eligibly, adv. sob ni ; soto ni ; tekito 
ni ; tsuri-aiie. 

Eliminate, t.v. nuki-toru ; sakvjo 

{m\^^) s ; sute-ru. 

Elimination, n. sakujo; (act of) 
equiv. of Eliminate foil, by koto. 

Elisha, n. Erisha. 
Elision, n. (g,ram.) shbryaku (^"Bg-). 
Elk, n. tsuno-shika. 
Ellipse, n. fco6an-nari ; (math.) daen 
OfiB) .; choenkei {^MBh , 


[ 273 ] 


Elliptical, a. kDban-imri no ; daen 
710 ; choenkei no; dankeino ; (defec- 
tive) shoryaku {^^) no. 

orbit, daen-kido (t^WiWlM)' 

Elm, n, ya-glri ; ya-hadzu nire. 

Elocution, n. enzetsuho (i^^^) ; 

Elocutionist, n. yubenka (S§^^) ; 
noienka (tfe^^). 

Elosig'ate, t.v. nohasu ; Mki-ndbasu ; 
shmcho (fff ?M) *• 

Eloiig"ate, i.v. nobi-ru ; shinchd 

mm) s. 

Elongation, n. shincho ; (act of) 
eqniv. of Elongate foil, by koto. 

Elope, i.v. (of a couple) kake-ocM s ; 
(run away) tdbo (ji^t) s ; nige-ru ; 
chikuten (jE^) -^ '> shuppon (ffi^) s ; 
dzuUokvji iMW:^) wokime-ru [vulg.]. 

to with a woman, onna wo 

tsurete kake-ochi s. 

Elopement, n. tobo ; chikuten (j|s 
^) ; shuppo7i; (of a couple) kake- 

Eloquence, n. 7ibben (t^^) ; yuben 
(Sftil) ; benzetsu (^^) ; bensai {M 
■^) ; kbsai {U'^) \ tatsuben (^P). 

Eloquent, a. noben na ; benzetsu no 
aru ; bensai no a^^u ; benko (^f Q ) no 
yoi ; kosai no aru i yilben na ; ben- 
zetsu no yoi ; tatsuben na. 

Eloquently, adv. noben de ; benzetsu 
de ; bensai de ; kosai de ; yuben de ; 
ioto (i@<?) to; ryiicho (&^) ni; 
siirasura to. 

Else, adv. Iioka ni ; ia ni; sono ta ; 
betsu (3lj) ni. 

some one , hoka ni darekct.- 

something , hoka ni 7iani 


somewhere ....... hoka nidok'ka. 

Else, conj. or ....... sa mo nakereba ; 

■ sanakubd. ' 

Else, a. hoka no ; ia no ; betsu no. 

Elsewhere, adv. (in another place) 

hoka ni; tasho ni ; (to another place) 
hoka e ; tasho (fll' fff) e. 

Elucidate, t.v. (explain) toki-akasu ;. 

' setsumel (i|;55) s ; kaishaku (^?-l^) 
s ; (make clear) akiraka ni s ; tsuma- 
biraka ni s ; bemmei (|I|5H^) s ; melryd 
(5^^) '^^ ^ ; hakkiri sase-ru. 

Elucidation, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Elucidate foil, by koto ; (explana- 
tion) toki-akashi; setsumei (I^R^); 
(making clear) 'bemmei. 

Elude, t.v. yoke-ru ; sake-ru. 

to observation, hifome wo 


to punishment, tsumi wo 

nogare-ru, or 7nanukare-ru. 
to pursuit, nogare-ru. 

Elusive, a. (of arguments, etc.) kumo 

wo tsukamu yd ha ; tsukamae-doko no 

Emaciated, a. yase-otoroeia ; yase- 

ta ; yase-koketa. 

Emaciation, n. yaseta koto ; yatsu- 
re ; shosui Ct^.'I^^) ; (owing to heat) 

Emanate, i.v. de-ru ; okoru ; hassu- 

ru; hasshutsu (f^JH) s. 
Emancipate, t.v. jlyil (^^) nis; 

(of slaves) kaiho (/i?|^) s ; shakuho 

iW^^) ^ 'j j'^yu '^0 '^i ^^i ^• 
Ennancipation, n. equiv. of 

Emancipate foil, by koto. 

Emasculate, t.v. no/kintama wo 

7iuku ; no /kin wo nuku ; no/kassei 
(f ij^) wo s ; wo/kyoset (^*^) s ; 
(render effeminate) nyiijaku (^|1) 
ni s. 

Embalm, t.v. miira ni s ; (in 
Japanese style) e/shu wo tsume-ru ; 
wo/shudzume ni s. 

Embalmer, n. miira-shi. 

Embalming', n. miira. 

Embank, t.v. 7iildote wo tsuku. ■ 

Embankment, n. tsutsumi ; dote ; 
ielbo (t^ll5) I (act of) dofe wo tsuku 
koto ; (of stones enclosed in bamboo 

: hurdles) ja-A^agro. ' • 

Embargo, n. funa-dome ; shukJco- 

ieishi {^}^^]t). ■ ; 

to lay an ..... on a ship,/wne 

ni shukkb-telshi wo 7neizuru. . 


[ 274 ] 


Einbark, t.v. nori-komase^ru ; nose- 
ru ; josen (^|g) sase-ru ; tosai 

Embark, i.v. fune ni nori-komu ; 
josen s ; fune ni noru. 

Emlbarkatioii, n, josen ; tosai ; 
nori-komu koto. 

Embarrass, t.v. komarase-ru ; to- 
waku i^^,) sase-ru ; magoisukase- 
ru ; meiwaku (a^^) sase-ru ; (hinder) 
jama s ; samatage-ru ; hogai {^#) s. 

to be ed, komaru; tbwakus', 

jama sare-ru ; samatagerare-ru ; 
konkyaku {^i\i) s ; hogai sare-ru ; 
(in one's affairs) wadzurawasare-ru. 

to feel ed, kokorodzukai wo 

s ; ica}ki7nari ga waruku naru. 

Embarrassment, n. (confusion) 
konzatsu (}yiW) ; motsure ; (perplexi- 
ty) magotsuki ; konkyaku ; meiwaku ; 

Embassy, n. (mission) shisetsu {^ 

^) ; (bnilding) taishikwan {:k.^i'k)- 
Emibed, t.v. ume-ru. 

Embedded, p.p. to be , umatte 


Embellish, t.v. kazaru ; sdshoku (|£ 
|fp) .9 ; shushoku (f^f^) s', (of writ- 
ing) hunshoku (^|^) s. 

Embellishment, n. (act of) equiv. 
of Embellish foil, by koto ; (of 
writing) hunshoku ; (ornament) 
kazarl ; soshoku ; shushoku. 
literary ...... s, hunshoku. 

Ember-days, n. seishoku-anshu- 

setsu mu.m^m-- 

Ember-g"OOSe, n. (great northern 
diver) o-ahi. 

Embers, n. moe-sashi ; taki-otoshi ; 

Embezzle, t.v. tsukai-komu ; sctsu- 
yo i^JU) s ; shisho (i/^Jt) s. 

Embezzle, i.v. hiki-oi wo s. 

Embezzlement, n. tsukal-komi ; 
sJiisJid ; (crime of) itakukin-hishozai 
[^t^^Mr^Pil; (fraudulent appro- 
priation) kanshuto (^*5^^) ; (of 
goods) itakuhin-hisho ; (of money) 

Embezzler, n. kanshuto-sha (^^ 
^^) ; itakukin-hishosha (^^^^^ 


Emblazon, t.v. (in heraldry) mon-in 
{^^\i) de kazaru. 

Emblazonry, n. mon-in no kazari. 

Emblem, n. shirushl ; kigo (fEj;^) ; 
hyosho iWM) ; hyoki (MIE)- 

Emblematical, a. kigo no ; (of, 
no) shirushi ni naru. 

Emblematically, adv. kigo de ; 
hyoki de. 

Embodiment, n. (act of) gaitai (^ 
^) ; gappei (^^). 

Embody, t.v. (form into a body) 
gattai s ; gappei s. 
to opinions (in a docu- 
ment), mikomi wo kaki-tate-ru ; 
iken ico arawasu, or hydji (^^) s. 

Embolden, t.v. ni/yuki (^M) wo 
tsukeru ; nijchikara wo tsuke ru ; 
wo/kohu (^^) s. 

to be ed, kijohu (^^^) ni 


Embonpoint, n. hidal (l]£;^) ; hi- 
man (^JEi-ffi). 

Emboss, t.v. uki-hori s ; wofuchi- 
dashi ni s. 

En^bossment, n. uki-hori ; uki-age- 

Embrace, t.v. (clasp) daku ; idaku ; 
daki-shime-ru ; (comprise) hokwatsu 
(■^itS) ^ 5 kakomu. 
to an opportunity, kikwai 

ni joji-ru ; kb-kikwai (H'IM'h") ^''^ 
e-ru. -§> 

Embrace, n. (kiss) seppun (|^[J^). 

Embrasure, n. homon (SgP3). 

Embrocation, n. arai-gusuri ;, 
nurl-gusuri ; tosaisuzai (^^^1). 

Embroider, t.v. nuihaku s ; 
kazaru ; nuitoru ; shishu (JlJlH) s. 

ed, nui wo shite aru ; nuihaku 


Embroiderer, n. nuihaku-shi ; nui~ 
hakuya ; nuihakusha. 

C ^5 ] 


Embroidery, n. (thing embroider- 
ed) nuiJiaku ; (the art) nui-tori ; shi- 

■ shit mm)' 

Emlbroil, t.v. gocha-gocha ni s ; 
midasu ; konran (r^SL) sase-ru ; 
kakuran (^iL) s ; nojnaka loO iioaru- 
ku sase-ru; no alda ni/fungl {^^) 
wo okosase-ru. 

Embroilment, n. saslu-motsure ; 
konran ; kakuran ; gota-gota ; (act 
of) equiv. of Embroii foil, by koto. 

Embryo, n. (physiology) taishi ()3^ 
J-) ; taiji (jj^^) ; harami-go. 

Embryologry, n. taiseigaku (^^^ 

Emend, t.v. tadasu ; kaisei (^lE) s ; 
shnsei (fiflE) s ; ^e«5ei (ITiE) s ; seigo 
(lEi^) -^ '■> nifsM'isei wo kuwae-ru. 

Emendation, n. seigo ; kaisei ; 
teisei (ITjE). 

Emerald, n. * ; ryokugyoku (;^|^^). 

Emerge, i.v. agaru ; de-ru ; araware- 

Emerg-ency, n. jihen (^@) ; kyU- 
ha; kyuhen (M^) ; furyo (^ll) no 

. koto ; igwai (ig;^h) no koto ; kinky u 
(MM:) no koto. 

fund (reserve), yobi-kin (lUf^ 


measures, rinki (E^^i) no 

shochi i^W.)- 

ordinance, kinkyil-chokurei 

on an , masaka no toki wa ; 

moshi mo no toki wa ; koto aru hi 
ni wa ; iza Kamakura to iu toki ni 

public fund set apart for 

relief of sufferers by earth- 
quakes, etc., hikwd-chochikmkin 

to prepare for possible ies, 

man-ichi no hen ni sonae-ru. 

Emery-cloth, n, mafu (^^). 

Emery-paper, n. mashi i^H-^); 

Emery-powder, n. kongosha (^^ 
Emetic, n. haki-gusuri ; tozai (idl^'j). 

Emigrant, n. ijfimin (^t^^); iju-^ 
nin (f^ftA) ,' imin (|^|^) J de-kasegi- 

Sjijiimin; imin. 

Emigrate, i.v. ijii s. 

Emigration, n. ija. 

agent, imin-tofidisukainin. 

Eminence, n, (a height) kbsho (1^ 
^) ; takami ; (of persons, etc.) ken- 
tatsu {MM) ; kbi ; eiyo (^®) ; kenyb 

Eminent, a. sugureta ; takuetsu (^ 
^) shita ; nukindeta ; (of persons 
only) shushun (ff f^) na ; komei (ig 
^) na ; sugureta; hakkun na; (of 
rank) koi (i^fe) no; kenyb {M^) 
na ; haisugun (^^) na. 

to be , sugure-ru ; tachi-koe- 

ru ; hlide-ru ; nukinde-ru. 

Eminent domain, right of , 

tocM-shuybken ( ± Ji 45:/fl|i)- 
Eminently, adv. mottomo; sugurete; 

hiidete ; tachi-koete ; tachi-masatte. 

Ejiiissary, n. shisha ((5^#) ; (secret) 
misshi {^{U) I (special) tokushi (ij$ 
f^) 5 (spy) mawashi-mono ; kanchb 


Emis.tdon, n. hassha (f^lt) ; has- 
shutsu (It IB) I hassha; [oi bank 
notes, etc.) hakkb (f^fr)- 

nocturnal , mbzb {^M) '^o 

miru koto ; isei (xS^^)- 

to have an , sei (f^-) wo 


Emit, t.v. kara] or yori]de-ru ; hana- 
tsu ; hasshutsu (f^{H) ^ ; (put in cir- 
culation) hakkb (M^t) s; (of a vol- 
cano, etc.) fuki-dasu ; funshutsu (ng 

Emmenagogue, n. tsfikeiyaku (jg. 


Emollient, n. chintsuyaku (H^ 

^) ; chintsuzai (iUi'S^IJ)- 
Emoluments, n. (of an office) hb- 
kyu {^^) ; hbshfi i^m) ; kyuryb (^ 
P() ; (of gain) eki (^) ; rieki (^IJ^). 

Emotion, n. kokoro no ugoki ; jo- 
eft); kanjb (.^'It) ; kandb t^f j) ;. 
(phil.)ioc/io (it^t). 
the seven s, shichijb {-tin). 


Emotional, a. kanji-yasui ; kandd- 
shiyasui ; (causing emotion) kokoro 
wo ugokasaseru ; kando saseru yo na. 

Empale, t.v. hari-tsuke ni s. 

Emperor, n. Kwotei ( ; Tel 
(^) ; (of Jcapan) Tenshi {^=f). 

the Japanese , Tenno (^ 

M) ', Tenshi Sama ; Mikado [obs.] ; 
Kinri Sama [obs.] ; Vairi [obs.]. 

H. M. the , (of Japan) Ten- 

no-Ueika (^M:iT) ; (of other 

countries) Kwotei- Heika (^t^P^ 


the ...... Daigo II, Oo-Daigo-tei. 

the late , sentei {■^'f^). 

Emphasis, n. tsuyomi ; (of rhetoric) 
gosei {t^^) ; hunsei (^^). 

to speak with , kotdba ni 

chikara wo ire-ru, or tsuyomi wo 

Emphatic, a. ikioi (^) no aru ; 
kitto shita ; chikara wo Ireta ; tsuyo- 

Emphatically, adv. kiito (Aglt) 
shite ; tsuyoku ; chikara wo ireie ; 
danzen {^fJs) to ; kippari. 
to declare , dangen (Wm) s. 

Emphyteusis, n. ei-kosakuken (ik 
4>mm [Civ. Co.]. 

Emphyteuticary, n. ei-kosaku- 
nin [Civ. Co.]. 

Empire, n. (a country governed by 
an Emperor) teikoku (^?g) ; (terri- 
tory) ryochi (^I^) ; kwankatsuchi 

Empiric, n. yahu-isha. 

Empirical, a. (philosoph.) keiken- 
^e/d mW^) no. 

Empirically, adv. keikenteki ni. 

Empiricism, n, (philosoph.) kelken- 

• setsu mmW' 

Employ, t.v. (use) tsukau; mochii- 
ru; riyo mm) s; shiyb (^ffi) s ; 
shieki ((^^S:) s] (use as a servant) 
yatou ; kakae-ru ; meshi-tsukau ; 

[ 276JI EMP 

to one's self on, nijjv^i (^ 

Employ, n. coolie in one's regular 

.,jbyd-ninsoku {i^mK^). 

to be in the 

te oru. 

of, nijyatoware- 

Employe, n. yatoinin ; (in shop, 
etc.) hokbnin ; yatoibito. 

foreign , yatoi-gicaikokiijin. 

Employer, n. (master) sJmjin (± 
A) ; danna ; (hirer) yatoi-nushi ; 

and employed, ybsha to hi- 

ybsha (fs^H^). 

Employment, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Employ foil, by koto ; (in factories, 
etc.) shieki ((^t^) ; (occupation) 
shigoto ; shokugyo (IfSili) ; jigyb (^ 
(H) I ji'^nu (^^^) ; shokubun {^^^) ; 
(trade) kagyb (^||) ; shbbai (p^R). 

to be in the of, ni/tsukae' 

ru ; ni/yatowarete oru. 
to be in the of the gov- 
ernment, seifu (i^/l^) ni hbshoku 
(^#) shite oru. 

to 1be out of , hima de oru; 

asonde oru. 

to find , walkuchi ga metsuka- 

■ ru. . - 

to look out for , kuchi wo 


Einpow'er, t.v. ni/ken wo atae-ru, or 
yudane-ru, or motase-ru. 

to be ed, ken (@) wo ukete 

oru, or sadzukatte oru. 

Empress, n. Nyokwb ; Jokwb {ic^) \ 
(in her own right) Nyotei ( jc^) [^out 
the Japanese formerly gave the title 
Kwotei (^^) or TennbX^^) to their 
female sovereigns also] ; (by mar- 
riage) Kwbgb i^Jn) ; Kwbgb sama ; 
Dowager, Kwbtai-kwbgb (^ 

Empties, n. kara ; (bottles) akihin. 

Emptiness, n. karappb ; kukyo {^ 
^) ; ku naru koto. 

to have a feeling of in the 

„ stomach, hcLra ga karappb dearu: 


[ 277 ] 


Empty, a. kara no ; (fig.) ku (|5) 
no; kyo {^) no; kfikyo no; (vain) 
muda no ; muko ($l-:?jj) na. f^ 

is often expr. by aki or kara 

compounded with the noun ; as, 

bottle, akl-hin; box, 

aki-hako ; house, aki-ya ; 

palanquin , kara-kago ; 

rikisha, kara-guruma; 

room, aki-ma ; shop, aki- 


stomach , sukl-hara ; kvjuku 

talk, muda-hanashi ; kudan 

im^) ; kandan (mm)- 

to be , aife oru ; kara de aru ; 

(of the stomach) suku. 

to be partly , suite oru. 

Empty, t.v. ake-ru ; wojkara ni s ; 
(a box) no/naka no mono wo dasu. 

Empty-liancled, adv. tehura de ; 
Slide de ; kara-te de. 

to return , kara-te dekaeru. 

Empty-lieadeci, a. shlsd (©jfi) ni 
tohoshii ; mu-kangae no. 

Empty-liearted, a. mujo (fe'|"t) 
na ; nasake no nai. 

Emulate, t.v. (imitate) manabu ; 
mane-ru ; mi-narau ; (vie with) toj 
hari-au ; io/kisou ; to/kyoso s. 

Emulation, n. (rivah-y) kyoso ; 
hari-ai ; 'kisoi. 

spirit of 

kyososhin (M^jt^). 

Enable, t.v. dekiru yd {^§_) ni shite 

to be ed J dekiru yo ni naru; 

[or, instead of dekiru the intransi- 
tive form of the verb]. 

Enact, t.v. tate-ru ; sadame-ru ; moke- 
ru ; seitei (ijjlj^) s. 

Enactment, n. okite ; hdrei (•^^) ; 
horitsu (^j^); (act of) equiv. of 
Enact foil, by koto. 

Enamel, n. shippo (-tR) ; shippo- 
yaki ; (black, of teeth) o haguro ; 
(inside a copper vessel) shiromi ; (of 
porcelain) yaki-tsuke ; (materials for 
enamelling porcelain) yakimono- 

, g^isuri; (of teeth) horo (J^^J) ; horo- 

■ shitsii. 

Enamel, t.v. yakitsuke-ru ; ni/kusuH 
ico tsukeru ; (of metal) hbro (J^I^U) 
wo yakitsukeru. 

Enamelled, saucepan, horo- 


Enamelling', n. (act of) equiv. of 
Enamel foil, by koto. 

Enamoured, to be of, nil 

liore-ru ; ni/remho {fMM:) ^ > ^'<^/ 
koi-shitau ; ni/renchaku (^§) s. 

to become of (at first sight), 


Encamp, i.Y.jin {^), or jin-ei (P^f^), 
ICO haru ; gun-ei {^'^) wo haru ; 
jindoru ; child {%i,^) s. 

Encampment, n. jinsho {^ff{) ; 

jin-ei ; gun-ei ; ya-ei 

Enceinte, n. (in fortification) ijb 

{mW) ; ikwaku {U%)- 

Enceinte, a. to be , kwainin 

(ISifl:) shite oru ; harande oru ; kwai- 
tai {^^a) shite oru; mi-gcmotte oru; 
ninshin (i^^) shite oru ; mimochi de 

Encliant, t.v. mahd (^f£) de mayo- 
wase-7u ; yojutsu {i^'M) de mayowa- 
su ; (charm) nayamasu ; nosaisu {'\^ 

m) s. 

to be ed, (highly pleas- 
ed) kwokotsu (t7^'{|;0 to shite oru ; 
(much attracted) (with, ni) mi- 
tore-ru ; hi (|^) wo torare-ru ; tama- 
shii ICO uhaware-ru. 

Enciianter, n. mahb-tsukai. 

Enchanting", a. (of a man) horebore 
sum ; (of a woman) nayamaseru ; 
horebore suru. 

Enchantment, n. (magic) mahd; 

(^•^-) ; ybjutsu it^m)- 

Enchase, t.v. (technical) clurihame.' 


Encircle, t.v. tori-maku ; megurasu ; 
kakomu ; ijb (81^) s; (go round) 
meguru ; (with the arms) daku. 

Enclose, t.v. kakomu ; megurasu ; 
kakoi-komu ; (fence in) kaki de tori' 
kakomu; (in a letter) /i7ji-/coTOU ; fu- 
nyil (II A) s. 


[ 278 ] 


Enclosure, n. (in a letter) hesshi (3lJ 
IS) ; funyusho (If A#) ; (place en- 
closed) kakoi; konai i^Pi) ', kakoi- 
chi ; kamae. 

■within the , konai {^.p^) ni ; 

(of a temple) keldai (^[^) ni. 

Encore;, n. *. 

Encore, t.v. (a spsecli) saien (4^'ii^) 
wo unagasu. 

Encounter, n. (fight) shdtotsu {'§s 


sento (1 

shosen (WiW)- 

Encounter, t.v. (danger) ni/sogu 
i^M) s ; (in battle) to/tatakau ; (in 
opposition) ni/de-au ; ni/mukau ; 
(meet) ni/au ; ni/de-au. 

Encourag'e, t.v, (a person) ni/chi- 
kara wo tsuke-ru ; no/ki loo hiki-tate- 
ru, or hittate-ru ; hagemasu ; shorei 
mWi) s ; shoyo mW.) .^ ; (foster) yo- 
sei (^^) 5 ; (promote trade, etc.) 
shorei s. 

to in , ni wo susu- 


to he d, ki (^) ga hittatsu. 

to he d hy, nijchikara wo 


Encouraging", a. (inspiriting) ki 
wo hittateru yo na ; hagemi ni nam. 

Encouragingly, adv. ki wo hittate- 
ru yd ni ; hagemasu yd ni ; hagemi ni 
naru yd ni. 

Encouragement, n. shdrei ; shd- 
yd ; (act of) eqniv. of Bncourag-e 
foil, by koto ; (reward) hdshd (^S^). 
regulation for the of ship- 
building*, zdsen-shdrei-kisoku (j^ 

Encroach, i.v. to on, (in- 
fringe) okasu ; ubau ; shingai [^ 
^) s ; (land) tori-ire^ru ; ni/kui- 
komu ; wojsanshoku 
dryd (|rpaji) s. 

Iilncroaclinient, n. sanshoku ; o- 
ryd ; and «qmv. of Encroach foil, 
by koto ; (infringement) shingai. 

Encumber, t.v. (a person) no/jama 
wo s; wojsamatage-ru; (a place) 

%) s ; woj 

Encumbrance, n. koshd (^Kf ) ; 
samatage ; jamamono ; yakkai-mono ; 
shdgai [fM^') 5 sasawari ; (act of) 
equiv. of Encumber foil, by koto. 

Encyciopaeclia, n. gakuritsu-ruiten 
(^^M-^) ; hyakki'M-jirul ( 
M) '■> hyakkwa-'zensho {fi^-^^j^). 
a walking" , iki-jVoiki. 

En<l, n. owari ; shimai ; sue ; Jiashi ; 
saki ; (conclusion) shukyoku (|^^) ; 
(death) saigo (;^^) ; (of a piece of 
cloth, or of thread) hashi , (of a stick) 
saki ; (of a street) hadzvre ; hoji ; 
(object) me-ate; mokuteki (@fi^]); 
mokuromi ; medo ; (of time) sue. 

at the (used as an adj.), haji 

no hd {')$) no. 

cigar, or cigarette, , sui- 


of the month, tsukizue ; 

getsumatsu {^'^). 

of the world, sue no yo, 

basse {'^^) ; sekai no owari. 

of the year, toshi no kure; 

nemmatsu (^^). 

he will come to a bad , H 

shinl-yd ica shinai. 

in the , (finally) tsui ni', 

tdtd ; tsumari ; (after all) shosen 


it is impossible to say w^hat 

the of this will be, kono 

sue wa dd naru ka ddmo shirenai. 

many days on , nan nichi 

mo tsudzuite. 

one , katappashi. 

one's hair stands on , kami 

no ke ga yodatsu ; sdkedoisu. 

there is no to, nijhateshi ga 

nai ; ni/kiri ga nai. 

there's no knowing where it 

will , sono teishi {j^]^:,) suru 

tokoro wa shireyiai. 

to come to an , sue ni naru ; 

shimai ni naru. 

to go to the of a street, 

machi no hadzure made iku ; (if 
another runs at right angles) 

to no , muda ni. 

to the that,, tame ni ; yd ni. 

End, i.v. onoaru; shimai ni naru; 
(cease) ya.'rau ; (conchide) sumu ; (of 
a performance) hane-ru ; (of an affair) 


[ 279 ] 


wa]kata ga tsuku ; rakuchaku (^^) 
s; ketsuryo (IJJ) -^ 5 (of the year) 

to in (of grammatical forms), 


End, t.v. shimau ; shuketsu (^^) s ; 
shfiryb (f^T) "^5 ketsuryo (|JT) '^5 
(arrange) no/kaia wo tsuke-ru ; (cease) 
yameru ; oe-rit ; (conclude) sumase- 

Endaiig'er, t.v. ayauku s ; kiken (^ 
pj^) ni s ; ni/kiken wo oyobosu ; rd/ki- 
gai (;/§;#) w?o kuwae-ru. 

to be d, ayauku nam ; /dfceji 

ni narw. 

to ...... life, inochi ni kakaru. 

to property, shinsho {M^) 

ni kakawaru. 

Endear, t.v. to one's self, 

expr. by choai (f|^) sare-ru, the 
passive form. 

Endeavour, n. hone-ori ; jinn/oku 
iMfj); (physical) doryoku {^fi). 

to make every , hyappojln- 

ryoku{^-:^m:l3) s. 

Endeavour, i.v. chikara loo tsuku- 
su ; hone wo oru ; jlnryoku s ; tsuto- 

he ed to reach, a high 

position in his profession, ano 
hito wa shokitgydjo {^^M±.) yoi 
ichi ('^J-i) ni noboro to jlnryoku 

to to do (make a trial at), 

yatte mi-ru. 

Endemic, n.fadohyo {M.±.ff]). 

Endless, a. (continual) kiri no nai ; 
kagiri no nai ; hodzu no nai ; saigen 
(1^1^.^) no nai ; hateshi no nai ; eien 
{^^) na ; (without end) owari no 

Endlessly, adv. kagiri naku ; itsu 
made mo ; owari naku ; hateshi naku ; 
saigen naku ; eien ni. 

Endlessness, n. eien ; and equiv. of 
Endless foil, by koto. 

Endorse, t.v. nijura-gakl s\ (an 
opinion) nijddi (f^S) "^o hyo (^) s. 

to on, ni wo ura- 

gaki f. 

Endorsement, n. ura-gakl [Civ. 
Co.] ; (act of) ura-gakl sum koto ; (by 
affixing seal) okuin (J^F:[]); (of an 
opinion) doi wo hyosuru koto. 

in blank, ryakushiki-ura- 

gaki (lag-^) [Civ. Co.]. 

Endow, t.v. (an institution) nijkifu 
{^Wi) -^ 5 (bestow) sadzuke-ru ; atae' 
ru ; kynyo (^Eia) s. 

to be ed with talent, chi~ 

ryoku i'^S^) 0^1 sonawatte oru. 

Endowment, n. (act of) kifu [Civ. 
Co.] ; kyuyo ; (money bestowed) kifu- 

policy of insurance, yoro^ 

hoken {%^mt)' 

Endurable, a. to be , wa]ga- 

man ("|lc'|§) get deki-ru ; im]shimbo 
i^Ytl) 9'^ deki-ru ; taerare-ru ; korae- 

Endurance, n. gaman ; shhnho ; 
nintai {^M)- 

Endure, t.v. ni/kotae-rv ; tco/'korae- 
ru ; shinogu ; shimbo (^-|^) s ; ni/ 
tae-ru ; wo/gaman (^Jc'lM) s ; talnin 

cannot , ni/tamaranai. 

cannot the heat, atsusa ni 


Enduring", a. mukyu (to^^) no ; 
nagamochi no suru. 

Endwise, adv. chokuritsu (lili.) ni ; 
tate ni. 

Enema, n. kwanchozai (j^ii^ll). 

to give an to, ni/kwayicho s. 

Enemy, n. (in war) teki (pc) ; (pri- 
vate) ada ; kaiaki ; shuteki (^^) ; 
the ., teklgun (^^) ; tekihei 

the 's position, tekijin {^ 

to communicate secretly with 

the , >^a^o ( ^ UiJ 5. 

to go over to the , ura-giri 

wo s. 

Energ-etic, a. kon (tl) no yoi ; set- 
shin {'f^a^) no tsuyoi ; chikara no 
haitta ; fumpatsu ("^M) shita ', ki- 
ryoku no tsuyoi ; ikioi no aru ; genki 
iltM.) no yoi ; eiki {^m) no aru. 


t 280 ] 


Energ^etically, adv.fumpatsu shite ; 
genki yoku ; ikioi yoku ; kiryoku 
dzuyoku ; eiki atte ; kon yoku ; /wn- 
zen to. 

JEiierg"y, n, ikiol ; selryoku ; kiryoku 
{M.t}) I konkl (tR^) ; genki; eiki; 
(phys.) kioatsudo-ryoku [f^^'f]). 

Enervate, t.v. yowaku s ; suijaku 
(mM) sase-ru ; no/ genki {ytM.) '^^ 
to loe d, yowaru ; suijaku s. 

Enervating', a. to "be , yowaku 

.9 ; suijaku sase-ru ; genki wo sogu, 
or kujiku. 

Enfilade, t.v. yoko kara utsu. 

Enforce, t.v. shiko (JSfT) a^ ; shikko 

(^^f ) s ; iori-okonau ; jikko (Kfr) 

s ; jisshi (KM) s. 
to strictly, reiko (M&^t) •^• 

Enforcement, n. shiko ; jikko ; 
jisshi ; shikko ; tori-okonai. 
strict , reiko. 

Enfranchise, t.v. ni/senkyoken (jg 

^\$.) ^^ citae-ru. 
Eng'ag'e, t.v. (attention) chiii (v±ji;) 
wo hiku ; (distingnisbecl persons) hei 
(^) s ; (hire) ijaiou ; yatoi-ire-ru ; 

is d, (of an aidsie) wa]kuchi 

ga kakatte i-ru ; (of an actor) loa] 

yakujo-zumi ni natte oru. 

they are d in the prepara- 
tions, fumhichu 0^^^%^) de aru. 

to be d, (busy) tori-konde oru ; 

te ga fusagaite i-ru ; yo [fW) ga aru ; 

(promised in marriage) wa]ii-nadzu- 

ke ga aru. 

to be d (and nnaLle to see a 

visitor), sashi-tsukaeie oru. 

to be din (a pursuit), nijjuji 

(^:^) shite oru. 

to be d with (occupied with), 

ni/kakatie oru. 

to an enemy, teki to tata- 


Eng"a8'e, i.v. (embark in) ni)kakaru; 
(pledge) uke-au ; hiki-uke-ru. 

to in (an occupation), nij 

pji (tS^V) s. 

to to, future foil, hj yaku- 

soku (1^;^), or yah:u, s. 

Eng-agement, n. (agreement) yaku- 
jo{^^f^); yakusoku {^^'^) ; keiyaku 
(^fe) ; (battle) kassen l^^) ; kosen 
(^ic) ; sensd (i^^) ; tatakai ; (of 
seamen) yatoi-ire [Com. Co.] ; (pro- 
mise of marriage) ii-nadzuke ; kek- 
kon-yakujo {^UH^'^)- 

a prior , senyaku {^^!^) ; 

(preventing one from doing some- 
thing suggested) sashi-tsukae. 

termination of , kaiyo (^? 


Eng'aging", a. (winning) aikyo (^ 
^j:) no aru ; nikuge no nai. 

Eng-ag-ing-ness, n. aikyo. 

Eng"ender, t.v. hiki-okosu ; okosu ; 
shbji-ru ; kamosu. 
to be ed, okoru ; wo]s?ioji-ru. 

Engine, n. (steam) kikai (^^^) ; 
kikican {^M)- 

condensing , gyoshuku-kiki 

donkey , hojo-kiki ( tfjfljj^il). 

fire , shbkwa-ki (fi^j^^^). 

hydraulic , dosui-kikwan (^ 


locomotive , kikwansha [f^ 


to stop the s, unten (jgf|) 

wo tome-ru. 

Engine-driver, n. kikimnshu (|^ 

Eng'ine-liouse, n. kikwan-gura. 

Engineer, n. (military) kohei (X 
^) ; (of a factory, etc.) gishi {^-i:) ; 
(of a ship) kikwanshi (jpHi). 

chief (of a shi-p), kikwancho 


civil , ddbokushi (diTJ^Ilip) ; 

kogakushi (X^i)- 

corps of artillery and s, 

hokd-heidan (^^X:^^). 

corps of s, kbheldan. 

electrical , denki-kogakushi 


Eng'ineering', n. (occupation of) 
kbgyo (X^) ; (science of) kogaku (X 
^) ; dohokujutsu (i,7^Wi)- 

electrical... .., denki-kbgaku ( 

md ^ 

hydraulic , chisui-kogaku (^7o 

mechanical , klkai-kogaku 

- military ....... koheigaku (X^ 

mining- , saikwo-kogaku (^ 

Eiigiiie-rooin, n. kikwanshitsu ('^ 

EiJg'laild, n. Iglrisu ; Eikoku (i>t-^)- 

Eiig'lisli, a, Eikoku no ; Iglrisu no ; 
-jEi no. 

language, Mgo (5^1^). 

newspaper, Eiji-shimhun ['% 

written in ....... Eibun (iJ^X) no. 

Eiig'lisli, n. (tyiDe) [corresponds in 
size to Japanese tyx)e shigo {V^v]^)\. 

Eng-lisliiiian, n, Eikokujln (^g 

- A); Eljini^AK). 

Engrave, t.v. horu ; kizamu ; cho- 
koku (U^M) s ; (fig. on one's memory) 
met (1^) s. 

Engraver, n. (on blocks) hanglya ; 
chbUokushi (^^^Ijllin) ; (on metal) liori- 
mono-shi ; chokokushi. 

seal , imban-shi ( fn ^1J [Itp ). 

Eng'raving", n. (act of) eqniv. of 
Engrave foil, by koto ; (on copper) 

doban (^fij/iiJc) ', (on wood) mokuban {:^ 
)|g) ;. (on stone) sekiban (SJIS)- 

wood , mokuban-e (;^JiK|#). 

Eug-rossed, a. to be in, nil 

koH-katamaru ; ippo {—'^) ni ha- 

maru ; ni/isshin (— -^ ) ni nam ; 

wolisshin-furan (^^L) wi s ', ni/ 

kokoro wo torareie oru. 

Eiig"ulf, t.v. maki-komu. 

Enliaiice, t.v. (of crime) omoku s ; 
(of qualities, x)leasure, etc.) masu ; 
kuwae-ru ; (of value, x^rice) takame- 
ru ; age-ru ; masu. 

Enig'nia, n. oiazo ; ingo (M^)- 

Enig-matical, a. aimai (p^) no ; 
fumei (^tj^) no ; honyari shita. 

Enig-matically, adv. aimai ni; 
fumei ni ; bonyari to. 

Enjoin, t.v. ni/meiji-ru ;, ni/moshi- 
tsuke-ru ; ni/ii-tsuke-ru. 

281 ] 


Enjoy, t.v. ianoshlmu ; (a privilege) 
how did you your din- 
ner? o shokvjl {^^) wa ikaga 
deshlta ka ? 
I have greatly ...... ed myself 

(said to one's host), oki ni go chlso 
iM^) '^i narimashita. 

I hope you wiir yourself, 

tanoshimi ! 

Enjoyable, a. ianoshii ; yukwal (til 
'!^) na ; hoyo (f^^) ni naru. 

Enjoyment, n. tanoshimi ; nagu- 
.^ami ; lioyb (f^^) ; kvxdraku ('1^1^) ; 
yukicai ('[fj'l)^). 

Enkiaiitliiis japonicns, dbdan. 

Enlarg'e, t.v. okiku s ; hiroku s ; 
(a book) zoho (i^f^) s ; (business, 
navy, etc.) kwakucho (|^M) '*? ; (of 
land or houses) hiroge-ru ; (of the 
mind, heart) hiroku s ; kaikwatsu (§^ 
M) ni s. 

Enlarge, i.v. bkiku naru ; hiromaru ; 

to upon, wo/kuwashiku iu ; 

wo/chbchb iu ; wo / hiki-nobasu. 

Enlarg-einent, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Enlarge foil, by koto ; (of a book) 
zbho ; (of a photograph) hiki-nobe ; 
(of business, etc.) kwakuchb ; (of the 
mind, heart) kaikwatsu ; (state of) 
bkiku naru koto ; hiroku naru koto. 

of the heart, shinzb {>t^^) 

no bbchb (J5^?I). 

Eiilig"liteii, t.v. (inform) satosu ; 
oshiete yaru ; (of the mind) wa] 
hiraku ; (with increase of knowledge) 
kybkwa (ifeffc) 5; kalkwa (i3<b) s; 
kaihaisu (|3M) •^• 

Enligiltened, a. hiraketa ; bummei 
(3iCfl^) no ; bunkwa {'X\\L) shita. 

Enlig-litennient, n. hummei {■% 
B^); kaihatsu (II3M). 

Enlist, t.v. tsunoru ; kakae-ire-ru ; 
boshil (^t|) s ; chbbo (fj(^) s ; (fig., 
another's aid) kari-^^u ; (secure the 
aid of) nljsatan (2feiE) sase-ru ; nij 
kata wo iresase-ru. 

Enlistment, n. equiv. of Enlist 

foil, by koto. 


[ 282 ] ENT 

Enliven, t.v. saJcan ni s ; nijikioi wo 
tsuke-ru ', (make cheerful) wojkwai- 
katsu ('^'?S") ^i s ; nojki (^) too hiki- 
tate-ru ; ni/genki wo tsuke-ru ; nojki 
ijco harasase-ru. 

Eiiiaiity, n. urami ; iko7i (x^'I'B) 5 

teki-amM); enkonir^M)' , 

to be at with, to/fu-ica (:^ 

^n) (^e oru. 

I^lllioble, t.v. (dignify) tattoku s ; 
(raise to nobility) kizoku {^'jj^) ni s, 
or ressuru ; ni/shaku (If) too sadzuke- 
ru ; ni/jushaku (t:^|f ) 5. 

Eiiiiobleinent, n. jushaku ; eqniv. 
of Ennoble foil, by koto. 

Ell III li, n. taikutsu (,b'^M) 5 ^swre- 
cZzure ; io2e?i (^^^) ; huryo 

Eiiorsiiity, n. (atrocity) dalzai {-^ 
^) ; kybaku ((><1^) ; gokuaku [\^^); 
(state of being immoderate) kwado 
m't); Mfom^); hogwai {^^l-). 

EiioriiiOllS, a. osoroshiku oki na ; 
kyodai (g:/c) no ; hakudai (^;Ac) wa ; 
meppo okii ; saldai {^i^) na; (of 
crime) gokuaku (^^) no. 

Enormously, adv. osoroshiku ; /i-yo 
(^^^) /?i ; kakugwai (^^^[^) ni ; /lana- 
hadashiku ; kyodai ni ; mekkiri. 

Enoug'li, a. takusan (r^li]) na ljuhun 

is also expr. by -huri ; as, 

for two da,ys, futsuka-huri. 

for one man, ichinin{—'A) 

mae no ; iclilnin-'bun (— A^) ?'20. 

of that (excl,), ma\ sore wa 


of that, let us g-o on to 

the next case, madzu sore vjo 

yoshi to shite, isugl no kuchi wo 


to be , iari-ru. 

Enoilg"li, adv. juhun ni ; takusan ni. 

and to spare, ari-amaru 

hodo takusan. 

light to float, ukahu hodo 


to strike hard to smash 

the gate, mon wo kowasu hodo 

well (tolerably well), kanari 


Enquire, v. Inquire. 

Enrage, t.v. rippuku (jl^) sase-ru ; 
okorase-ru ; ni/hara wo tataseru ; 
ikarase-ru ; geki (^) sase-ru. 

to be d, wa]hara ga tatsu; 

rippuku (Slj^) .9 ; okoru. 

Enrapture, t.v. to be d, ki wo 

ubaware-ru ; uchoten (^11^^) ni 

Enricli, t.v. (fertilize) koyasu ; (make 
rich) kane-mochi ni s ; tomase-ru ; 
yutaka ni s ; (ornament) kazaru. 

Enroll, t.v. melho [^^) ni nose-ru; 
kaki-nose-ru ; tbroku (^|^) s ; tbki 
(glE) s ; tobo imM) s. 

Enrolment, n. toroku ; tbki ; tbho ; 
and eqniv. of Enroll foil, by koto ; 
(of troops) nyutai [A^). 

En route, tochil (i^c[i) ni. 
to be , tochil de aru. 

Ensemble, n. zemhu (^ffl^) ; sbiai 

Enslirine, t.v. (preserve carefully) 
hizb iM"^) s ; (put into a shrine) 
anchi (^|^) s ; matsuru. 

Ensign, n. (flag) hata ; (officer) kishu 
(ffi^) ; hata-mochi. 

Enslave, t.v. dorei (^|t) ni s. 

Ensnare, t.v. rbraku (^|§) s. 

Ensue, i.v. isudzuku ; okoru. 

to from, no/kekkwa to shite 


Ensuing, a, tsugi no. 

year, akuru tos/d; yokunen 

Entangle, t.v. motsuresase-ru : ko- 


Entangled, i.v. to be , motsu- 

re-ru ; kogoru ; kogurakaru ; musu- 
bore-ru ; (with a person) hodasare- 

Entente, u. kybshb {'§)^)\ dakyo 


[ 283 ] 


Enter, t.v. ni/hairu ; ni/iachi-iru ; nij 
kuvcawaru ; nl/'ka-nyu (jbn A) ^ j (^ 
protest) moshi-komu ; moshi-tate-ru ; 
(by force) nijoshi-iru ; ni/oshi-komu ; 
(in account-book) tsuke-ru ; (set down 
in writing) kdld-komu ; kaki-nose-ru ; 
kaki-tome-ru ; kinyu (|EA) ^ j i^ofci 

into (engage in), ni/kakaru; 


into an agreement, yakujo 

i^^'^) s ; yakusoku (^^"^) .9 ; fcei- 

to a port, nyiiko (A}^) s; 

kUcd (^^) s. 

to a school, nyugaku (A^) 


to a ship, nyiiko no ieisu- 

dzuki wo s. 

to the army, nyiiei (A'^) s. 

to the navy, kaigun (-/i^-^) 

ni iru. 

to the priesthood, shukke 

(ffi^) .«?. 

Enter, i.v. to upon, rdjisuku. 

Enteric fever, n. diochifusu [^"^ 

Enteritis, n. chdkinshd {^%WiW!)- 

Enterprise, n. kigyd (4G,||) ; moku- 
romi ; (boldness) daltan (y^fl@). 
government , ktcangyd ('g' 


hazardous , hoken-jlgyo (^ 

private , mingyb (K^). 

to enter on an , kigyb s. 

Enterprising", a. kan-i {fjc'^) na', 
daitan (;^9ff ) na ; sJdushu (j^JJt) no ; 
kisho {m^) no aru. 

Entertain, t.v. (a complaint) juri 
({^il) s , {& feeling) fukumu ; (amuse) 
tanoshimase-ru ; nagusame-i'u ; (a pro- 
posal) uke-tsuke-ru ; torl-mochii-ru ; 
salyd (1^/11) s ; (a view) idaku ; (feast) 
kyo-d (^'HJ s ; go chiso (t^lJl^) s ; 
mofe-nasu ; kwantai (^^) s ; settai 
ii^W) s J (gi'^iit, as request) kikl-ire- 

.Entertaining", a. omosUroi ; tano- 
shil ; yorokohashii ; also (^^0) no 
yoi ; motenashi no yoi. 

Entertainingly, adv. omoshiroku ; 
tanoshiku ; yorokohashiku ; also 
yoku ; motenashi-huri ni ; (laughably) 

Entertainment, n. (act of enter- 
taining) mote-nashi ; (congratulatory) 
shvkuga-kwai {]{UM.'^) 5 (feast) en- 
kwai (^'^) ; kyo-d ; go chiso. 

a succesful , seikwai (i^^). 

evening" , yakwai (^#')- 

Enthusiasm, n. nesskin (fft.llO ; 
fumpatsu (^f^). 

Entliosiast, n. nesshinka (f^i-t^^c). 

Eiitliiisiastic, a. nesshin na ; fum- 
patsu (^^) na. 

to ho , fumpatsu (^f^) s. 

Entliusiastically, adv. nesshin (fft 
j11>) ni ; fumpatsu [%W) shite. 
over , nohosete. 

Entice, t.v. sasou ; dbiku ; hiki- 
komu; izanau; in-yu (^11^) s; yil- 
waku (MfB) s. 

to a person to steal, Jtlio 

wo sosonokashite nusurnasc-ru. 

to a^way, (to one's own tide) 

hiki-tsuke-ru ; mikata ni tsukeru ; 
(as, an animal) tsuri-dasu. 

Enticement, n, equiv. of Entice 
foil, by koto. 

Enticing', a. (alluring) kl (0.) ico 

that person has very 

manners, a^io hito no yosu wa 
jitsu ni yokute hito no ki wo mayo- 

Enticingly, adv. vAiyowasu yd ni ; 
izanatte ; ohilte. 

Entire, a. sokkuri sJiita ; juzen ("t*:^) 
na ; zentai (:^|^) no ; in Chinese 
compounds zen- {■^). 

to have control of, so- 

kwatsu (li^tS) s. 

the country, zenkoku {^^). 

Entirely, adv. sokkuri ; marugnto ; 
maru de ; sappari ; jCtzsn ni ; r.iat- 
taku ; zentai ni. 

not , manzava, foil, by the 

neg. of the verb. 


[ 28i i 


Entirety, n. zeniai {^t^) ', sdtai {|S. 
Entitle, t.v. (give a claim to) ni 

Jcenri (WlM) '^o atae-ru ; (give a name 
to) 7ii/na wo tsuke-ru; meimei (-pp^) 
s ; to/tonae-ru. 
those d to receive an invi- 
tation, shotai i'^^^) ICO ukeru 
shikaku {'iX^^) *^ <^^^ kata. 

to "be d to, shikaku ga aru, 

or kenrl ( filled] ) ico yu ( ^ ) s preceded 
by the o: ject to which one is 

Entity, n. gertsonilmtsu (5^#4^). 

Entomological, a. konchugaku (^ 

^1%) no. 
Entomologist, n. konchil-gakusha 

Entomology, n. konchugaku {^^ 

Entr'acte, n. makuai (^f^) ; naka- 

Entrails, n, harawata ; zofu (^|,f]]t) ; 

cho im)- 
Entrance, n. (act of entering) hairu 
koto ; (door) genkwan (^||) ; (door 
or gate) iri-kuchi ; hairi-guchi ; io- 
guchi ; (of a gate) kado-guchi ; mon- 
guchi ; (payment at a theatre, etc.) 
kido-sen ; (ditto, at an exhibition, 
etc.) nyi'ijoryo (A^f4) '■> (power of) 
hairu yurushi. 

examination (into a school), 

nyugaku-shiken (A^^l^)- 

...... fee (for membership of a 

society), nyukicaikin (A'^^)- 

into office, shunin (^;)i:f£) ; 

shushoku (JJC^ux)- 
servants' , katte-guchi. 

Entrance, t.v. uttori sase-ru. 

^Entranced, i.v. to be , k^co- 

kotsu (t:^!^,) to shite oru ; uttori 
shite oru ', ni/rnitore-ru. 

Entrap, t.v. hakarigoto ni otoshi-ire- 
■ ru; ohiki-komu ', otoshi-ire'TU. 

to be ...... ped, hakarigoto ni ochi- 


Entreat, t.v. kol-negau ; tangwan {W< 
|gi|) s ; kongioan i^M.) s ; konsei {% 

Entreaty, n. tangwan (|^JM) 5 konsei 
(^fpf) ; kongwan "(^H) ; koi-negai. 

Entree, n. to have the of a 

house, ie ni de-hairi wo yurusarete 
oru ; wo]uchi-doyo {\a\-^$) ni s. 

Entreiicliment, n. horui (f^H). 

Entrenoiis, nainai {^^)nl; om- 
miisu (1^.^) ni. 

Entrust, t.v. makase-ru; itaku (^ 
i^) s ; inin {^B:) s; shinnin (fgl^) 
s ; yudane-ru. 

Entry, n. (in a book) kisal (|Efi^) ; 
ki-nyu (fBA) J (in a register) toroku 
i^m) ; toki mW ; (of a ship_into 
harbour) nijiishin (Ail^) J nyiiJcb (A 


fee (of a ship); nyvkb-tesuryo 


permit of (of immigrants)^ 

nyiigoku-menjo ( A [i^ ^ 'I^ ) • 

ship's (the document), n?/22- 

kb-shbmeisho ( A^^lif ^J\ % )• 

ship's fee, nyiikblcin (AJ^ 

^) ; nyCikoryb (A'^j'^)- 

to make an , tbroku (^|^) s ; 

ki-mju (IE A) s. 

Enumerate, t.v. kazoe-tate-ru ; 
chikuichl {^—) ni iu ; (in order) jiu?n- 
han ()tll"^) ni hanasu ; rekkyo (^ij^) 
s ; narabe-tate-ru ; ichi-ichi kazoe-ru. 

Enumeration, n. rekkyo m^) ; 
and equiv. of Enumerate foil, by 

Enunciate, t.v. (proclaim) hbkoku 
{%?i-a) s I sengen (mM) -^ J ii-furasu ; 
(pronounce clearly) hakkirl to iu ; 
melhaku (H^ Q) ni iu ; akiraka ni iu. 

Eiiunciation, n. (announcement) 
hbkoku (^Ro") ; sengen [mM) \ ^i- 
fu7'ashi ; (mode of utterance) hatsidn 
(M H^) ; (act of) equiv. of Enunciate 
foil, by koto. 

Envelop, t.v. tsuisumu ; (as the air) 
tori-maku; -{hidie) ou ; (surround) hoi 

to toe ed in (as smoke), ni/ 


to in, de maku. 


t 285 ] 


Envelope, n. (of a letter) jo-hukuro ; 

shokan-bukuro ; fuji-bukuro ; filhi (|^ 

Ik); Mo mw; fndzutsu \im) '> 

[the last two only of Japanese enve- 
lopes] ; (outer covering) uwa-dzu- 

Enviable, a. urayamashii. 

Enviably, adv. urayamashiku. 

Enviableness, n. urayamashii koto. 

Envious, a. sonemi-hukai ; netami- 

hukai ; shitto-bukai ; toshin {t^it^) no 

aru, •'/•.' 1 

to be .. .._ of, woj'urayamu ; w;o/ 

urayamashigaru ; (in bad sense) 

wo/sonemu ; icojnetamu. 

Enviously, adv. urayamiie ; ura- 
yande ; (bad) sonemite ; sonende ; 
netamite ; netande. 

Enviousness, n. urayamu koto ; 
(bad) netamu koto ; sonemu koto ; 
toshin [M.t-^] ; shitto {^M)- 

Environment, n. kydgii (^jg) ; 
shii (Egg) no joky o (Jf^^). 

Environs, n. kinjo (igpfr) ; kimpen 
(j£:^) 5 moyorl ; atari. 

map of the of Tokyo, 

Tokyd-kinko (^^l^S^p) no dzu ((H). 

Envoy, n. (on special mission) sM- 
setsu (^gff) ; taishl {i^i^). 

extraordinary and mini- 
ster plenipotentiary, tokumei- 
■zenken-kbshi [^p^^\%^\%). 

Imperial , chokushi (t^i^). 

peace s, kowa-shi (f^ffifl^)- 

Knvy, n. sonemi ; shitto {^M) I neta- 
mi; urayami; saiki (^;^j ; toshin 

Envy, t.v. urayamu ; urayamashiku 
omou ; (in bad sense) sonemu ; neta- 

Epaulet, n, kata-jirushi ; kensho (^ 

Ephemera, n. (day-lly) kagero (^ 

Ephemeral, a. ichiji (—BJ) no; 

zanji (^3j) no ; hakanai ; moroi. 
life, hakumei {^^). 

Ephesians, n. (epistle) Epeso-sho. 

Epicure, n. tabemono-doraku (jElfl) J 
hishokka (§|;^^). 

Epidemic, n. ryukobyo (-^ff^) ; 
hayari-yamai ; ekibyo (^^). 

Epidemic, a. ryukbsei (-^ff'!^) no. 

Epidermis, n. hybU {^^) ; gwaihi 

Epig-astric, a. moo/iam ( J:;^) no. 

Epig-ram, n. suntetsu (it^) ''io koto^ 
ba ; kikei (^f^) na kotoba. 

' Epilepsy, n. tenkan (^^ 
Epileptic, n. tenkan-yami. 

Epileptic, a. to have an fit, 

tenkan (^Hj) wo okosu. 

Epimedium maeranthuBn, i- 


Epilog'ue, R. ketsubi (|^^) no gg 
(io) \ (to a book) batsubun {^^) i 

Epiphany, n. gen-iho-jiisu (l^|^^[5 

Episcopal, a. kantoku {^^) no. 
Episcopalian, a s, Kantoku-ha 


church, Seikokwai (^S^"). 

Episode, n. shbsetsu (t^g^) ; hlki- 

Epispastic, n. suidashi ; hatsubb 


to apply an , suidashi wo 


-Epistle, n. shinsho (fg#) ; shokcin 
{'nWi)\fy-m', (N.T.) shito-shomi^ 

to the Romans, Romasho 

first , zensho (hu#). 

second to the Corinthians, 

Korinto-kbsho {'^^^^'i^^). 

Epistolary, a, shinsho (fg#) no; 
shokan ("ft ft) no; (of style) seki- 
dokutai (R)ja|^) no. 

Epitaph, n. himei ($^||;) ; hibun {^^f 
!$t); sekih't {^-0f) no raei (If;) ; ishi- 

Epithet, n. kelyoshi (JBi#|n)). 


[ 28S ] 


Epitome, n. kogai (tMlIf) ; yoryaku 
(.^pig.) ; ryakuseisu {^^) ; satsuyo 
(tfx-^); icLiy^ (A^); tairyaku {-M 
lujj-) ; (of a play) svji-gaki. 

Epitomize, t.Y. ryaku {^) s ; ^/afcit 
in^^O) s; kanryaku {\i^^) s; satsuyo 
(IjBIc)*; ryakujo (^fji) s; no/yoten 
(^ii) w;o tsumamu.' 

Epoch, n. jidal (nj^) ; nendai {^ 
f^) ; Zcigeji (IEtu) ; tokiyo ; /ifci (Hj 

Epsom-salts, n. shari-en (^-^ij^). 

Equable, a. ichiyo (— #) iia ; kin- 
iisu {t^-^) na; mura no nai. 

Equableness, n. 

ble foil, by koto. 

equiv. of Equa- 

ni ; kin- 

Equably, adv. ichiyo (— ^ 
itsu {i-^—) ni; mura naku. 

Equal, a. ichiyo (— t^) na ; hitoshii ; 
doitsu i^—) no; (fair) hyodo {^^) 
na; kin-itsu (t^j — ) no; kawari no 
nai; (in position) doto ([f]^) no; 
(of a treaty) taito (if^) {no). 

to (equivalent to), nl ataru ; 

7ii soto di"^) sum. 

in parts, tobun (#^) ni. 

to have intercourse on 

terms, doto (fnl^) no ret (j^) ico 

motte majiwaru. 

Equal, n. (in position) dohai ((rI^) ; 
doto ( I^ #) no mono ; (in strengtli) 
(fife ni naru mono. 

to be th.e of (in power), toj 

kata wo narabe-ru. 

to be treated as an , gohu- 

gdbu no tsuki-ai wo sare-ru. 

Equal, t.v. tojichiyo (— f^) ni naru.; 
to/hyodo (-^^) ni naru ; to/hittekl s ; 

Equality, n. doto {fa\^.); hitteki [JfL 
§l) ; kin-itsu (i#j— ) ; hyodo (^^). 

Equalize, t.v. ichiyo (— ^) ni s ; 
doto ni s ; kin-itsu (^— ) ni s ; kinto 
(t^^^) sase-ru. 

Equally, adv. ichiyo (— fi) 7ii ; doto 
(I^^)^ ni ; hyodo (^^) ni ; doyo ((^ 
ij^) ni ; hltoshiku ; onajiku ; kake- 
hedate naku ; (without discrimina- 
tion) musahetsu (*li||,uij) ni. 

Equanimity, n. (calmness) heiki [^ 
^) ; (without anxiety) anshin (^)C>) ; 
aymel (^^) ; ansel (§P). 

Equation, n. (algebra) hbteishikl {jji 

cubic , sanjo-hoteishiki {^^^ 

differential , hihun-hotelshikl 

quadratic , jijo-hoteishiki ( g 

^^^Si^) ; niji-hoteishiki (n^^^ 

Equator, n. sekido {ff'M.)- 

Equatorial, a. sekido {^M) no. 

Equatorial, n, (telescope) sekldo-gi 


Equerry, n. hetto (^ij^) ; (naval or 
military, to a prince) kwozoku-dzukl 
hukwan (^Mt^^f ) ; (to the Sov- 
ereign) jijii-hukwan (f^*(S;itfe'^)- 

Equestrian, a. hajutsu (,||tli) no ; 
ha jo (.1§±) no ; kiba {^Mi) no. 

feats, hajutsu; hajb no gei 


Equiangular, a. heikaku (^^) no ; 
tokaku (^f^) no. 

Equidistant, a. db-kyorl {WJ^^) 

EquilateraS, a. tbhen (^^) no. 

triangle, tbhen-sankakkei 

Equilibrium, n. t.surl-ai ; helkb {^ 
tf); helkin {2^i-^); kenkb (BW ; 
klnsei (i^^^). 

Equinoctial, a. Jilgan {'HXfp-) no; 
chilya-heibun (5^^;^) no. 

Equinox, n. higayi ; chilya-heihun [^ 

autumnal , aki (f^) no higan 

CtJJc/i:) ; shuhun {^k^). 

vernal , Jiaru (^) no higan 

(tS^) ; shu'mhun (#53*). 
Equip, t.v. no/ybi {MM) s; nojsU- 
taku ({±It) s ; seihi (^iJi) s. 

to a ship, gisb (|^^) s. 

to an army, gunsb (|p!^) s ; 

gumhi (T^-li) .9. 

to with , ni wo 



[ 287 ] 


Equipment, n. setsuhl (|S!il) ; -f^i*- 
taku {i±r^) ; selbl (^()|) ; (act of) 
equiv. of Equip foil, by koto ; (of 
an army) gunsb ('^^) ; gumhi (|^ 
ft) ; teate ; ' soU (^Ji) ; (of a gun, 
etc.) socM (^^) ; (of a ship) giso ; 
(of a soldier) qunju i"^^) ', gunki 

c^m; sogumM:)' 

Equitable, {act) fuhen (^fi3) no; 
kohei (^^) no ; icatakushi naki ', 
(person) renchoku {^^) no. 

Equitably, adv. kohei J^'^) ni; 
kbsei (-St-jE) ni ; hempa (i^^) naku ; 
renchoku (J^IIl) ^i- 

Equity, n. kodo ('i&sl) ; kosei (-a-jF.) ; 
jbri (ji^ii) ; (law) koheiho {W^l^fk)- 

Equivalent, a, ataru dake no ; soio 
(t[l^) suru ; (in quality) doshitsu (fnl 
^) no; doto (|^^) no. 

to be to, ni/ ataru ; to/doyo 

de aru. 



Equivalent, n. sbtb 

mono ; tsuriatta mono. 

to be the of, (as, 'an Eng. 

word of a Jap. expr.) ni/ate-hama- 
ru ; nijtekitb {'M"^) s. 

Equivocal, a. almai {^^^) na ; mi- 
tei (7^^) no ; fushln [Tf.^) no ; 
ibukashii ; hakkiri shinai ; honyari 
shita ; fumei {/f.^) no ; futamatci no. 

Equivocally, adv. aimai ni ; mitei 
ni ; fumei ni ; fushin ni ; honyari to ; 
ibukashiku ; dochira tsukadzu ni. 

Equivocate, i.v. aimai na koto wo 
iu ; ai.nii na go (|^) wo haku ; {"pxe- 
varicate) kotoba wo nigosu. 

Equivocation, n. aimai na koto wo 
iu koto ; (pre^'arication) tonji (i^^) ; 

Era, n. jidai (Ojf^) ; kigen (^Btc); 
nenki (^$E) ; jisei (BJiH:) ; (title of 
year-period) nengb {^i^). 

during" the of Kyoho, 

Kybhb-nenkan (^p^). 

first year of an , gwannen. 

Eradicate, t.v. (destroy thoroughly) 

no/ne wo tatsu ; ne-kogi ni s ; tayasu ; 
isukusu ; nedayashi s ; (all trace of) 
no/ato wo tatsu. 

Eradication, n. ne-klre ; nedayashi. 

Erase, t.v. kesu ; kedzuru ; suri-kesu ; 
kaki-kesu ; massatsu {^Vk) •^; s:ikU' 
P (t'il^) s ; tomatsu (^^) s. 

Eraser, n. ji-keshi. 

Erasure, n. sakujo (tlJlf^). 

Erelong", adv. yagate. 

Erect, t.v. tate-ru ; (a Buddhist tem- 
ple) konryiL (^i) s ; (a Shinto tem^ 
pie or royal palace) zbei [xn''^) s ; 
(build) tate-ru ; (machinery) setch't 
(l^iS) s; (put together a machine) 
ku7nl-iate-ru ; (telegraphs, etc.) ka- 
setsu (5^15) s. 

to the head (as a snake), 

kama-kuhi wo tate-ru. 

Erect, a. massugu . net ; chokuritsu 
(ISil) shita. 

Erection, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Erect foil, by koto ; (building) ken- 
chiku (^^) ; zcei (jg^) ; (of machi- 
nery) setdd (aS^) ; (physiol.) hokki 


Erectly, adv. massugu ni. 
Erg-ot, n. hakudo {^U)- 
Eriobotrya japonica, hiwa (lit 

Erosion, n. shinshoku ('^fi) ; to- 
shoku (^li). 

Err, i.v. samayou ; mayou ; ayamaru ; 
kokoro-chigai s ; gokai (|^^) s. 
to on the side of severity, 

koku ni shissuru {^), or sugi-ru. 

Errand, n. tsukai ; (purpose) ybji 


to g-Q on an , tsukai ni iku. 

Errand-boy, n. tsukai ; kodzukai ; 
tsukai no mono. 

Erratic, a. (eccentric) henkutsu {^ 
^) na ; klkyb (^^) na ; (uncertain) 
fu-kimari na ; futei (/f^^) na ; 
(wandering) sumai no kimaranai ; 
samayou ; teisho (^^ir) no nai. 

Erratically, adv. (eccentrically) 

henkutsu ni ; (uncertainly) fa-kimari 
ni ; fu-kiritsu ni ; (wandering) teishA 


[ 288 ] 


Erratum, n. (correction) ielsei (|]* 
JE) ; seigo {i£t%) 5 (error) ayamari ; 
mi (i^^) ; sakugo {^^) ; gobyii (|^ 

table of errata, seigohyo (i£|^ 

Erroneous, a. machigatta ; ayamat- 
ta ; gohyu {WkW) "'^'^ > fusel (^fCjE) na ; 

futo {y^^) na. 
to be 

., machigau ; ayamaru. 

Erroneously, adv. machigatte ; 
. ayamatte; fusel (/p;iE) ni. 

Error, n. kokoroe-chigai ; ryoken- 
chigai ; gohyu (f^^) ; ayamachi ; 
shissaku {-^^) ', kwashitsu (M^) I 
(in calculation) kanjo-cMgai. 

cler i cal , kaki-sokonai ; sho- 

son (#ti.)- 

printer's , goshoku (|^|j|). 

to sliow (a man) his s, wo/ 

setloku i^^^-) s * nljiken (jg,^) 5; 

nijkydkai {^^)s. 

Eructate, i.v. wa]okuhi ga de-ru ; 
geppu 100 s. 

Eructation, n. okuhi ; geppu. 

Erudite, a. hakugaku (f^^) na ; 
gaihaku (f^t?) no ; hakushiki (t^^) 
n2 ; sekigaku (^i^) no. 
person, monoshirl. 

Erudition, n. hakugaku (t?^) J 
hakushiki (t§^) ; gakushiki (^|^). 

Erupt, i.v. funkwa {^>h) s. 

Eruption, n. (med.) fushin (ji.^) ; 
hasshin (|^|^) ; fukidemono ; (vol- 
canic) /un/ctca. 

Erysipelas, n. tandoku {j^-^). 

Erytlironium grandiiiorum, 


Escalade, t.v. hashigo de noboru. 
Escapade, n. itadzura; ramho (8L 

Escape, i.v. nogare-ru ; nige-ru ; das- 
suru ; nige-dasu ; tbhi (Jc^i^) s ; toso 

. m^^) s.' 

to death, by a miracle, 

hanshi (^^) rii issei (— ^) too 

to from prison, dakkan (g^ 

ifi) s ; datsugoku (fi^P:) s. 

shokudo {'MM) 5 

no ; Aide^i 
no ; daijo 

Escape, t.v. sake-ru ; nogare ru ; ?i/,,7e- 
rw ; ^o/ii (j||i^) s ; (avoid) manukare- 

Escape, n. tdhl (jliig) ; toso {^^) ; 
(from prison) dakkan ; datsugoku ; 
(leakage) mori. 

to have one's cut off, nige- 

ha ICO ushinau. 

viSiY of^ • > nige-michi. 

Escort, n. keiel (mm) ', Qoei {MW ; 
keigo (^11) ; (of a prisoner) goso [f^ 

Escort, t.v. (accompany) okuru ; go- 
so iW^) s ; (protect) goei {Mm) s ; 
keiel {W^i) s ; kelgo {W^) s. 

Escutcheon, n. mon (|^) ; kisho 
: (fC-^) ; klgo (f 

Esophagus, n 

, shokkwan (^^). 

JEsoterk;, a. okugi (^^ 
(^if«ff-) no; goku-i (fe^.-f; 
' {~Am no. 

philosophy, hikyo (^^jc). 

Especial, a. kakuhetsu {^^M) no; 
hetsudan (SOiS) no; (exceptional) 
tokubetsu (ij^^lj) no ; kakudan {\^'^'yi) 
no ; kakugwai (t^^h) no. 

Especially, adv. kakubeisu (t^^ij) 
ni; hetsudan {nU^) ni ; tokubetsu {'.^ 
. glj) ni; besshite; tori-wake; koto- 
sara nl; kakudan (t^^) ni; kaku- 
gwai (l^^h) ni ; koto ni. 

as, kara hesshite. 

it is wrong- to strike an 

old man, tori-wake rojin (^A) 
wo butsu no wa warui. 

Espionage, n. kanchb {WiW) I t<^n- 

iei {WM) ; tansaku (^9^). 
Espousal, n. ii-nadzuke. 

Espouse, t.v. (give in marriage) ii- 
nadzuke s ; endzuke-ru ; (wed) mukae- 
ru ; tojkonrei {'PM§.) ^ ; to/kekkon 

{mm s. 

to the cause of, no/kata ico 


Esprit-de-corps, n. dbboshin {%. 

ea.C>); hbtbshin {m%>'i-')- . 
Espy, t.v. mitsuke-ru ; 'mi-.dasu ; ml- 



[ 289 J JEST 

Essay, n. (literary) hun (^) ; rombun 
. (f«). 

Essayist, n. romhunka (fim^^). 

Essence, n. gensel (tC)^) ; seiki {i^ 
^) ; sei {j^) ; shindzui (JC^^) ; (of a 
material object) honshitsu {'^'M.) 5 (of 
a perfume) koki (^^). 

impartiality is the of the 

law, kohei (-5^^) i«a libritsu (^ 
#) 710 kosshi ('h'^) ^a. 

the of civilization, hummei 

i^Scm) no sui {1^). 

the of true politeness, rei- 

■ gi i^W no ho)i-i {:^M,)' 

Essential, a, (important) nakereba 
naranu ; kajijin (fp *C0 na ; kanyb (ff 
^) na ; s/iii/o (^.^) na ; kinyo (^^) 

element, it/c^-o (Ic^)- 

oils, kihatsu-yu (^^vfi)- 

parts, kanyo na tokoro. 

points, yoten {'^^h)- 

Essential, n. yoken (^ft-). 

Essentially, adv. gen (J£) ni ; jitsu 
(S) ni ; honzen (:4^^) ?/ori ; s/un 
(ft) m ; s/w'i/o (^11) ni. 

Establish, t.v. tate-ru ; tori-tate-ru ; 
moke-ru ; (an institution, company, 
etc.) setsuritsu (|5!il) s ; (a fact) fca- 
kutei (5^S) s ; (as, a new family) 
soritsu (lijifl) s ; (fix) sadame-ru ; 
(place in position) seichi (|5!S) 5. 

ed (already fixed), kltei (|5£ 

S) wo. 

ed fact, tashika na jijitsu 


to a hospital, &?/oi?i (:f^^) 

ico hiraku. 

to a regulation, kisoku (^ 

fjj) U.-0 moke-ru. 

to an intimacy (with a per- 
son), tojkokoroyasuku nam. 

to relations with, tojkbsai 

(^1^) '^o hiraku ; (with an in- 
dividual) tojkbsai (^^) wo mu- 

Establishment, n. setsuritsu ; sb- 
ritsu ; settei (gS;^) ; and equiv. of 
Establish foil, by koto. 
peace , heiji-ieiin i^^^M,)- 

to keep up a large tea] 

kurashi-muki ga yutaka de aru. 
war , senji-teiin {W.^'^^)- 

Estate, n. (a property) slioyuchi (^,7 
^Jlii) ; psho (iilipjr) ; (Pf a deceased 
person) isan (jigj^) ; (personal) shin- 
shb (^_h) ; shindai {Mf^). 

bankrupt , hasan-zaidan (^ 

real , /wdosa?^ (TfCgiM). 

Esteem, t.v. (respect) taitomu ; tat- 
tobu ; omonji-ru ; kichb (^^) s ; 
sonkyb (lt?j^) s ; kei (^J() s; uyamau; 
(value) moie-hayasu ; chinchb (3^S) 
.s ; shokwan {'^^) s. 

Esteem, n. sonkyb (^fjc) ; /ac'^o 
(;SM) » sonchb (^^) ; agame ; tbto- 
mi ; tattobi. 

Estimable, a. tatiohu-beki ; omon- 
zubeki ; kei-suheki ; sonkyb-subeki ; 
fcicAo (;ftS) subeki. 

Estimate, t.v. tsumoru ; mitsu- 
moru ; (beforehand) yosoku [l^m) s ; 
(cost of a thing or undertaking) yo- 
san (^^) s ; (money value of an 
article) nebumi s ; hybka (rPM) s. 
d value, mUsumori-kagaku. 

Estimate, n. mi-iswnorl ; (of the cost 
of an undertaking) yosan (]^^) ; 
(of the value of an article) hybka (fp 

j^) ; nebumi. 

army s, rikugun-yosan {^^f^ 


budget s, yosan. 

navy s, kalgun-yosan (V§-^ 

rough , gaisan [W^)- 

written , tsumori-gaki. 

Estimation, n. (calculation) mitsu- 
mori; keisan (gf^^) ; also see Es- 

Estrange, t.v. tbzake-ru ; utonjl-ru ; 

tbdbshiku s : soen {^MiM.) ni s. ■ 

to be .d, tbzakaru; utoutO' 

shiku naru ', soen ni naru ; tbdo' 

Estrang'ed, a. utoutoshii ; reitan 
(iit"^) ni natta ; tbdbshii. 


[■ 290 ] 


Estrang-enient, n. soen {^^) ; 
kalcui (^.H) ; rikan (^f^) ; kakuri 
(fs^^l) ; (act of) equiy. of Estrange 
toll, by koto. 

Estreat, t.v. (bail) hosshu {^Mk) s. 

Estuary, n, kako (fnjp) ; irie. 

Et cetera, nazo ; to {^) ; unun 

Etcli, t.v. shokuru (f^^) s. 
Etcliing", n. (art of) shokuru-jutsu 


Eternal, a. eikyu {fi<,X) no ; mukyu 
(fegl) no', mugen (te^^) no; fukyil 
C^^) "^^ '■> kagiri no nai ; mushi- 
wxishii {^-th^M) no ; eien {fi<M) no ; 
eisei {^^) no ; fumetsu {7p.'0) no ; 
iokoyo no. 

Eternally, adv. elkyii {^X) ni; 
mukyu (|ffi||) ni ; mugen (Ml^) ni ; 
fukyu (^"^^) ni ; kaglri naku ; eien 
(tKM) ni ; eisei {^^) ni ; fumetsu 
{^W.) ni ; tokoyo ni. 

Eternity, n. eikyii [fkX) ', mukyu 
(liKgl) ; mugen (M[Jg) ; fukyu {l^W ', 
eien {^^) ; eisei {fk^) > tokoyo. 

Ether, n. (chem.) * (fi^li^J^) ; seiki 


Ethereal, a. (heavenly) ten (^) no ; 
(light) kihaku {^^) no ; (spiritual) 

rei (2) no. 

Ethical, a. shushin (fl|:^) no; rinri 
(f^ll) no ; tokugi (^^) no ; rinri- 
teki ii^m^) no. 

Ethically, adv. rinri (Im?!) de ; rin- 
riteki H^^ii'^) ni. 

Ethics, n. rinrigaku H^M^) ; shu- 
shingaku {{^M^) ; i^inri (fraJJI). 

Ethnological, a. jinshugaku [KW. 
^) no; jinruigaku ( AH'-^) no. 

Ethnologist, n.jinrui-gakusha (A 

Ethnolog-y, n. jinshugaku ( A fi^) ; 

jinruigaku {KM.^)- 
Etiquette, n. reigi (jfif ^) ; reiho 

Etynnolog-ical, a.jigaku {^^) no ;• 
seljiqaku (lEIJ^) no ; gogengaku 
{tW^^m no. 

Etymolog-ically, adv. jigaku (|^ 
^) de ; seijigaku ( jESt-^) c?e ; gogen- 
gokvjo (i^if;ff:±). 

Etymology, n. (in grammar) hin- 

s/ii-ron (n"ni3tra); gorui-ron {WiMtm) y 
(of a given word) o/cori ; (the study) 
jigaku i^-^) ; seijigaku (lES^^f:). 

Eucharist, n. seihansan (^B^^) ; 
Shu (ij no hansan (B^§). 

Eulogistic, a. equiv, of Eulogize 
used as adj. ; shoshi (^firj) no ; sho- 
toku (2^^t) no. 

Eulogize, t.v. shosan i^M) ^ I sam- 
^i (^H) ^ j home-soyasu. 

Eulogy, n. shoshi (^f^) ; sliosan 
(^IS) J home-kotoba ; (written) sJio- 
tokubun (^^^). 

Eunuch, n. enkwan (H'g ) ; enji7i 
(ii A) ; t kwangwan Cgt ). 

Eupatorium japonicuni, /»ji- 

Euphonical, a. f/oro (1^3) no yoi ; 
onchb ( aiJf) no ^/oi. 

Euphony, n. goro (=i^g). 

Eurasian, n. ainoko. 

Europe, n. Ydroppa (p:^^.) '» ^^■'^'"« 


and America, 0-Bei (i^^K")- 

to proceed to , yoko (-^ 

European, a. Ydropp.i ,{W\M\E) 
no ; Oshii {^i^) no ; (as opp. to 
Oriental) seiyo (^v'¥) '^o ; achira no. 
writing, yokomoji (t^^^). 

European, n. Yoroppa-jin {^MlH 
A); Oshujin ((i^J:)'H A) ; (as opp. to 
Oriental) seiyojin (i/tj^'^A). 

Eurya japonica, sakaki. 

Euscaphys staphyleoides, ki- 

tsune no chahukuro ; gonzui. 

Evacuate, t.v. (a house, of a tenant) 
ake-watasu ; (from the bowels) ku- 
dasu ; (mil., a place) tekkyo (|i^^) s ; 
taikyo (il^) s ; tettai (^ii) s ; tep- 
psi iW.^) s } (quit) hiki-harau ; hiki- 
age-ru ; jokyo (p^^) i" ; tachi-aoku. 


[ 291 i 


Evacuation, n. klki-harai ; fachi- 
noki ; jokyo (1^^) ; haijo {^-W); 
hiki-age ; (by army of occupation, 
etc.) iekkyo (j®:^); teppei; tettai; 
(from the bowels) haisetsubutsu {^^ 
\f'Y'J}) ; (mil.) taijin (il!^) ; talkijo 

Evade, t.v. sake-ru ; yoke-ru ; manu- 
kare-ru ; (by stratagem) kuguru ; 
nuke-ru ; nogare-ni. 

to a tax, datsuzei {^m) s. 

to capture, hohaku {tMM) 

wo nogare-ru. 

to p-anislinient, tsuml uo 


Evanescence, n. hakanal koto ; 
kie-useru koto. 

Evanescent, a. kie-useru ; haka- 

Evang'elical, a association, 

Fukuin-kyokicai (fg|ffic#). 

Evang"elist, n. (preacher) sekkyo- 
sha (TO^^); denkyosha (©Ijc^i ; 
dendosha (@5i;#)- 

Evang'elize, i.v. dendo {^M) s ; 
fukuln (^^"a^) wo tsutae-ru. 

Evaporate, i.v. kie-ru ; johatsu (^ 
f^) 5; josan i^uin) s; hassan (f^ 

Evaporate, t.v. kiesase-ru ; johatsu 
sase-ru ; josan (^fii) sase-ru ; has- 
san (Haic) sase-ru. 

Evaporation, n. johatsu {M^) ; 
josan (^ail) > hassan (f^t^). 

Evasion, n. (eluding pressure of an 
argument) nogare-kbjo ; ii-nuke ; ton- 
ji {'M%^) ' nige-kojb ; (of a tax) hoda- 


Evasive, a. kosui ; ketsudan (^'@i) 
no nai. 

answer, nige-kojo ; ii-nuke ; 

fonjl (i!g'ili^). 

to give an answer, umaku 

koiaete nige-ru ; umaku ii-nuke 
wo s. 

Evasively, adv. il-nukete. 

Eve, n. (of a festival) yoi-matsuri. 

Even, a. (equal) hltoshii ; ichiyd (— * 
t*) na; aiko'no [in a game]; (flat) 
taira na ; heitan (-^iH) na ; (not odd) 
gUsil i'/^^Wi) no ; cho (T) no. 

a ad odd, kigi'i (^f^j) ; ch5- 

han ( r^). 

numbers, gusuH^^); chb- 


Even, adv. mo ; sae mo. 

allowingr that, sore ni shita 

iokoro ga. 

animals have feelings, 

kedamono de sae mo jo ('|"n ) to iu 
mono wa aru. 

my clothes were burnt, 

kimono made mo yaketa. 

...... supposing that, expr. by 

tatoi foil, by mo or ni mo shiro. 
though, expr. by mo pre- 
ceded by the gerund of the verb it 

you would not believe it, 

anaiu de sae mo go shin-yo {i^f^) 

I can hear it now, ima de 

mo kikoe-ru. 

I have not a chair to sit 

on, koshi wo kakeru isu sura mo 

I would not have it at 

one sen, issen de mo iyt% da. 

five or six hundred, go- 

hyaku naishi {TbM) roppyaku. 

Evenlianded, a. kata-yoranu ; eko- 
hiiki iilii^^M.) no nai ; kohei {^^) 
na ; hempa (15^1^) no nai ; kosei (^ 
jE) na. 

Evening', n. ban (B^) ; hi-kure; yu; 
yilgata; yukoku [^%^)', yiikei [^ 

come in the , hanhodo o ide 


good , komhan (t^B^) wa. 

prayer, yil no inori ; hanto 


roll-call, nlsseki-tenko (0 

star, yol no myojb {^M.)- 

the glow (of the sky), 


the of life, bannen (B^^). 

yesterday , yube ; sakuban 

EVE I 292 ] 


Evening'-g'lory, n. yugao. 

Evening"-priinrose, n. (Oenothera) 


Evenly, adv. toAra ni; heitan {^tB) 
ni] hitoshiku; ichiyo (— ^) ni ; (im- 
partially) kosei (■S-jE) ni ; hempa 
(y@) 'naku; eko-hiiki (f^l^^M) 
naku ; kohei (S"^) ni. 

Evenness, n. heitan (^iS) ; talra ; 
(impartially) kohei {^^) ; (of tem- 
per) odayaka na koto ; onwa {)^ 
^n) ; helon (^-^^). 


Evensong-, n. hantb ^p^a/i 

Event, n. koto ; jiken [M-fi-) \ ^«^i 
. goto ; (nnexpectecl) guzen ( 

a happy , kelji (^^). 

an happens, koto ga aru ; 

jiken ga okoru. 

at all Sftonikaku. 

in the of, setsu wa ; {iio) 

haai ni, hi ni wa, or akatsuki ni 
wa, following past tense of verb ; 

moshi toki ni wa. 

in the natural course of s, 

tennen (^^) mikase ni shite oite. 

the natural course of s, 

shizeji (^frf^) no ikiol. 

Even-tejiipered, a. odayaka na ; 

/ci (0J no yoi ; ki ni mura no nai ; 

onvxt ii^^W) na ; heion {^Wi) ^''^• 
Eventful, a. taji (#^) no. 

Even-tide, n. yukoku {^M) ; 2/"- 
kata ; hikure. 

Eventuality, n. a possible (but 
improbable) ....,., man-ichi (^— ) 
no koto. 

Eventually, adv. tsui ni wa; shi- 
mai ni wa ; saiqo' (^t^) ni ; kekkyo- 
ku{^4m)' ' ■ 
Ever, adv and anon, ioki- 

doki ; ori-ori. 

...... so many "times, i/as^a^^i <o 


...... so much, ikura de mo ; taku- 

san (r^LLl); gyosan {\^\\y\) ; tasho 


for , bandai {yj ^ ) no sue 

made; eikyu' l^X) ni; kagiri 

naku ; itsu made mo. 

have you ...... seen ? anata wa 

mita koto ga gozaimasn ka. 

just as , tsune no tori; ilsu- 

mo no tori. 

Evergreen, n. tokiwa-gi. 

Everlastings, a. handai-fueki [Ij X 
:^^) no ; bansei-fakyii (TJiit/f^ff) 
no; mukyfc (^||) no; kagiri na'ci; 
V. also Eternal. 

life, eisei (7^^). 

Every, a. is generally expr. by the 
adv. mina, or ono-ono, or idzure mj, 
placed immediately before the verb. 

body, dare de mo. 

country, kakkoku {^^) ; 

shokoku (^^). 

day, mainichi (^0). 

inch, doko kara mite mo; 

tetto-teisuhi (^SM^M) 5 mattaku. 

one, (each) meimei {^^)\ 

tende ni ; (polite) mina san. 

other day, ichinichi ( — H ) 

oki ni ; kakujitsu (K^ Q ) ni. 

single thing", nani mo ka 


thing, nan de mo ; banji {Jj 

i?) ; shoji (#45.) ; banian {7]^)- 

Thursday, mokuyo (^i^Bl) 

goto ni ; mai-mokuyo (^;|:BS). 

time (with a verb), tom6i ni 

[at end of clause]. 

week, maishu (^j^). 

Everyvi^liere, adv. kakusho (#;^)f) 
hi ; amaneku ; doko de mo ; doko mo 
ka mo ; hobo ( ^ '^ ) ; doko ni mo ; 
shoho (i^^) ni ; itaru tokoro ni. 

Evict, t.v. (drive out) oi-dasu. 

to from a house, ni/uchi 

wo akesase-ru ; tachi-nokase-ru ; 
ni/tana-tate wo kuwase-ru [the latter 
is vulgar and refers more par- 
liculariy to cases where re^t 
due has not been paid.] 

I^viction, n. equiv. of Evict foil, by 

Evidence, n. shdko (ai|0) ; (spoken) 
shogni {fiM) ; (trace, clue) kelseki 
{f^Wl '■> jiseki i^M') ; (written) sho- 

the t^akingof .... 
[Civ. Pro.], 
written copy of 

., shoko-shirabe 
— , chosho (P3 


[ 293 ] 


Evident, a. meiryo {W]W.) '^<^ 5 ^J^''- 
' raka na ; meihaku (^^ ) na ; utagai 
no nai ; ganzen (B^fjif) shir eta. 

it is , utagai tea nai; chigai 

wa nai ; soi (tBJs) ^<^^ » loakari- 
kitte iru ; shire-kitte iru. 

Evidently, adv. sdi (t@^-) naku ; 
utagai naku ; tashika ni ; genzen (^ 

Evil^n. (depravity) afcu (^) ; furyo 
C^K) ; /i^zen (7[^#) ; akushin {M: 
it%) ; (harm) gai (^) ; wazawai ; sai- 

Evil, a. ashikl ; icarul ; in Chinese 
compounds aku (^) ; (unfortunate) 
in Chinese compounds kyb ((Xj). 
deed, akvji (^^); akugyd 


face, akuso (^ffi)- 

hearted, akushin {%,>Z'') ^o ; 

kbkoro no warm. 

man, akunin (^A)- 

practice, akuhei m%). 

speaking (abuse), akko (^ 

P ) ; nonoshiri. 

sipirits, akki (M^) 5 akuma 

thoug'hts, akunen (^if;). 

tidings, kybhd{^%^). 

Evil-speaking", n. nonoshiri; akko. 

Evince, t.v. arawasu. 

to be d, araware-ru. 

Evoke, t.v. yoVi-dasu. 

to applause, kassai (n^^) 

vco hiku. 

Evolution, n. (arith.) ka'ihti-kairyu 
(P^'■I?^^^) 5 (development) hattatsu 
iMM) ; shinkica (M^t) 5 kaihatsu (|g 
f^) ; (bioi.) shinkwa [Mit)- 

doctrine of , shinkwaron (j^ 

s (as, of a fleet), soren (^^) ; 

kidb-enshu {^Wl'^W- 

theory, shinkwaron (iSftfm)- 

Evolve, i.v. sMnkwa {Mi^) s ; hat- 
tatsu (M^-) s ; hatten (f^^) s. 

Evolve, t.v. (educe) hiki-idasu ; in- 


Evonyniiis radicans, masaki no 
kadzura ; isuru-maki ; (e. alatus) 
niahiki-gi ; (e. japonicus) masaki. 

Ewer, n. midzu-game. 

Ewry, n. naizenkwa (^Bf t^). 

Ex-, zen~ (fif) (no) ; saki no. 

Exacerbation, n. chbneisu (iH^). 

Exact, t.v. tori-tate-ru ; hataru ; 
hatari-toru ; shuren (45c^) s ; shiite 

Exact, a. (minute) kuwashii ; seisai 
{"^M) na ; seimltsu (^^) na ; mem- 
mitsu (,f^,^) na ; (precise) kichbmen 
na ; genjil (i^H) na ; (precisely 
stated) seimitsu (i^^) na ; kichin to 
au ; seikaku (^B^) na ; tadashii ; 
chigawanai ; sumbun tagawanai. 

Exacting", a. mudzukashii. 

Exaction, n. muridori. - 

s, shuren (45c^) I (money 

levied) toritate-kin. 

Exactly, adv. (carefully) seimitsu (^ 
^) ni ; seikaku (iES^) ni ; teinei {~y 
^) ni ; (just) c/iodo (TJ^) ; <^da- 
kamo ; (with preciseness) kichbmen 
ni ; g'ejijM {^M.) ^^ > surahun taga- 
wadzu ; kichin to. 

at 8 o'clock , kikkari hachiji 


Exactness, n. tansei {fi-j^) ; seimitsu 
{%WM) 5 seikaku {^^) ; (careful ob- 
servance of method, etc.) kichbmen 
na koto ; gevjil (ifcM) n<^ koto ; katai 

Exag"g"erate, t.v. bkiku iu ; Ibdai 
{^i<) ni hanasu ; bgesa ni iu\ bgyb 
[i^Wi) ni iu ; gybsan (1IplU) ni ii-tate- 
ru ; gybgybshiku (iH] ^$X) w. 

Exag"g"erate, i.v. hora wo fuku ; 
make wo iu ; hari hodo no koto wo hb 
hodo ni iu [prov. meaning *' to speak 
of a needle as if it were a club "] ; 
also equiv. of Exag'g'erate [t.v.]. 

Exag"g"erated, a. bgesa na ; kodai 
(If 5i) w« ; gybsan (jlplil) na. 
to have an opinion of, woj 



of Ex- 

Exag"g"eration, n. bgyb 
gybgybshisa ; (act of) equiv. 
ag'gerate foil, by koto. 


[ 294 ] 


Ii]xalt, t.Y. agame-ru; iakame-ru; 
mochi-age-ru ; katsngu. 

to one's self, takdburu; ogo- 

" ru ; tokui (|#iE) ni nam. 

Exaltation, n. equiv. of Exalt foil, 
by koto ; (of spirit) uchoten (^^K^)- 

Exalted, a. (of rank) koki {U'M) 1^0; 
(of sentiments, etc.) kosho dsifiSj) na. 

Examination, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Examine foil, by koto ; (in know- 
ledge) shiken (|^^) ; (law) gimmi (B^ 
1^) : shhmyion (^Pn^) ; shinri {^M) ', 
tori-shirale ; sldrabe ; (of a subject) 
chosa (fiJ^i:) ; tori-shirabe ; shinsa 
(^S) ■» (ot' things) kensa (^^) ; 

civil service .;...., ioyo-shiken (^ 


competitive , kybsb-sMken 

of witnesses, shonin-shirabe. 

final , shfmiatsu- shiken {^^ 

oral , Jcoio-shiken ( P mp^W- 

preliminary , yobi-shiken (^ 

%m^)\ (in court) ?/05Mn [%m\ 

to fail in an , rakudai [f^^,) 


to pass in an , kyudai (2St^) 

s ; shiken ga torn. 

written , hikki-shiken (s^fE 


written statement of an 

(in a court), gimmi-chosho (d^S^I^ 

Examine, t.v. kensa s ; aratame-ru ; 
kensotsu {^^) s ; (a patient) shin- 
satsu [%^W:) s ; shindan (gt^ifj) s ; (a 

^i/^S) -5 ; t jri-shirahe- 
:) .9 ; (a witness) jim- 

subject) ciiosa 
Til ', shinsa (^ 

mon itM^) s [Civ. Pro., Cr, Pro.] ; (in 
knowledge) shiken (^|^) s; (law) 
■shinri (^il) s ; gimmi (B^e^) s ; shim- 
mon (WTbI) s ; tadasu; tori-shirabe- 
ru ; shirabe-ru : (under a microscope) 
kensa (^^^) s. 

to be d (in knowledge), shiken 

vjo uke-ru. 

to be d by (of a subject), no/ 

tori-shirabe wo uke-ru. 

Examinee^, n.jukensha (^^^). 

Examiner, n. kensatsukican (f^:^ 
^) ; kensakwan (^^'^) ; kansa- 
yaku (^gf3l) ; shinsakwan (^^'g ) ; 
(in knowledge) shiken-iin (MM^'^m) 5 
(of a company's affairs, appointed by 
a court) kensayaku (H^^^'tS:) [Com. 

Example, n. (a thicg to be copied) 
tehon (^:zk) ; hyojun (ffjip) ; kagami 
[lit. mirror] ; inkan {^t^) ; (prece- 
dent) rei im) ; senrei {-^\h]) 5 tameshi ; 
(sample) mihon (^:^) ; hybhon (|^ 
;4^) ; hinagata ; (to illustrate a rule) 
rei m). 

for , tatoeba ; tatoete mireba. 

good , kikan (®.E). 

to follow the of, ni/mi- 

narau ; nojrei ni shitagau. 

to make an (in bad sense), 

mise-shime ni s. 

to take by, wo/mihon ni s. 

Exasperate, t.v. taki-tsuke-m ; hi- 
doku okorase-ru ; rippuku { tf^)^) sase- 
ru ; fundo ('l^.^j sase-ru ; fungeki [f^ 
^) sase ru ; pumpun saseru ; geki 

to be d, okori-kitte oru ; yak- 

ki to natte oru ; fungeki {^j^i) s ; 
fundo (tIM) s. 

Exasperation, n. fungeki (^^) ; 
b-okori ; fundo {f^^j ; dai-rippuku 

Excavate, t.v. horu ; ugatsu ; hori- 
ake-ru ; (a passage through) kiri- 
nuku ; hori-nuku ; kaisaku (H^^) s. 

Excavation, n. Jwro-ana ; iwaya ; 
(passage) suidb (KiiH) ", tonneru ; (act 
of) kaisaku ; also expr. by equiv. of 
Excavate foil, by koto. r 

Exceed, t.v. kosu : koeru ; sugi-ru ; 

odjchbkwa {^'M) s ; (remain over) ni/ 


not ing*, (in amount) ika [^ 

~|^) ; (in time) inai (J^j?3) ; ika. 

Exceedingly, adv. hijb (^^^) nl ; 
sukoburu ; kiwamete ; itatte ; shigoku 
(i§1^) ; hanahada ; hbguxti (i£^h) ni ; 
(j3reposterously) bakagete ; suteki ni ; 
suharashiku ; meppb ni. 

Excel, i.v. masaru ; Jiiidei^ ; sugure- 

ru ; nukinde-ru. 


[ 295 ] 


Excel, t.Y. ni/tachi-koe-ru ; ni/tachi- 
masaru ; ni/ue-kosu ; nijmasaru ; nij 
sugure-ru ; ni/hiide-ru ; ni/nukinde-ru. 

Excellence, n. sugureta koto ; yido 
(@^) ; Shiatsu (1?ji) ; murui (Isig) ; 
takuetsu (^^). 

Excellency, n. His, Your, , 


Excellent, a. (of persons) goku yoi ; 
sugureta ; hiideta ; yfdo na ; (of 
tilings) kekko na ; murui na. 

! erai, na. 

tliat is , sore wa sutekl da. 

Excellently, adv. hiideie ; sugurete ; 

migoto ni ; myd ni. 

Except, prep, no hoka ni ; wo nokete I 
wo nozoite ; wo nozoku hoka. 

Except, t.v. tori-noke-ru ; nozoku ; 
nokosw, tori-nozoku; jokyaku (f^JcP) 


to "be ed from (a rule), no/ 

kagtri de nai. 

Except, conj. V. TJnless. 

Exception, n. tori-noke ; kakudan 
{k^WL)\ kakugwai {'k^'^V)\ reigwai (^J 
^H ; kakubeisu (t^aO) foil, by na. 
koto or na mono ; (objection) igi (^ 

a regulation creating* a spe- 


jogwairei {^fj[><%-). 

s ; 

no can be taken to, icaj 

hinan (iltli) 1^0 suru ten ga nai. 
to make an in favour of, 

nijtokubetsu (^^ij) no wake wo moite 
yurusu ; no/tame ni kakubetsu no 
atsukai wo shite kure-ru. 

to take , iron (Mara 

tonae-ru ; (leg.) kohen {^U\ 
fufuku wo iu ; futo {7f^) to s. 

to take at, mutto s ; ki (^) 

wo waruku s. 

to take to, icajfu-doi {?f.^ 

^,) de aru ; (a judge, witness, etc.) 
wojkihi (,g*,i^) s [Civ. Pro.]. 

with the of, wo/nozoiie wa. 

without an , (with an i.v.) 

hitotsu mo nokoradzu ; (with a t.v.) 
hitotsu mo nokosadzu. 
without , nokori naku. 

Exceptional, a. kakubetsu (t^^ij) 
no ; (forming an exception) kaku- 
gwai (t-l^h) no; reigwai (f^lj^h) no; 
kakudan {>^^^) no ; shukkaku (tH^) 
no ; (more than ordinary) hijb {f^if{) 
under circumstances (un- 
avoidable), yamu wo enai baai ni ; 
yogi nai baai ni ; yondokoro nai 
baai (^n*) ni. . " 

Exceptionally, adv. kakubetsu {1^ 
n\]) ni; reigwai [m^l^) ni ; kakudan 
(^-^^) 5zi ; shukkaku (ffit-^) ni; hi jo 


Excerpt, n. bassui {^§^) ; nuki- 
gaki; satsuybbun (f:^!^^) ; bassui- 

Excess, n. (superfluity) amari ; kica- 
bun {^^) ; kioado (ig|/i) ; yobun (i^. 
^) ; (undue indulgence) hb'itsu (j^ 


of imports (over exports), 

yunyu-chokwa {^m?\M'M)- 

to drink to , nomi-sugosu; 

kwado (i!§/^) ni nomu. 

Excessive, a. yokei na; hbguai (fi;- 
^'h) na ; kvcabun (j^'^) na ; yobun (g,^ 
^) na; bakudai (^i^) na; kwado 
(i!^!g) no; dogwai (ft^H no; (in 
amount) kwadai (il;^:) no; (in 
degree) kwabun {^.jf ) no ; kwado {j^ 
}^)no; (too violent) kwigeki {MM) 

Excessively, adv. yokei ni ; hogwai 
(fi^h) ni; kwabun (j^:^) ni; yobun 
{§^,^)ni; bakudai (M^) ni; kwado 
(il'S) ni; dogwai {l^9b) ni; hana- 
hadashiku ; " hidoku ; kiwamete ; hijb 
(^i-"^) ni; do (/^) wo koshite ; bun 
(•^j 'toj koshite ; yatara ni. 

Excliang'e, n. (act) tori-kae ; kbkwan 
mm; (comm.) sbba (tB^); (of 
coin) kawase (@^) ; rybgae. 

till of , kawase-tegata (j§^ 

^]^) [Com. Co.]. 

sho-p, rybgaeya. 

in for, to hikikae ni ; (instead 

of) no kawari ni. 

rate of , kawase-soba. 

rice , kome-sbba {^^); (place) 

beikoku-torihikijo ( ^- ^M ^ I /W)- 


I 296 ] 


stock .;...., kabushiki-torihikijo 

mxKmim [Com. co.i. 

to against, to/hikikae-ru. 

' to for (another article), to/ 


Bxcliang'e, t.v. tori-kae-ru ; kokwan 
(^tH) s ; kae-ru ; hiki-kae-ru ; koeki 
(x^) s ; (a treaty) tori-kaicasu ; 
kokwan (3C.1^) s ', (money) ryogae s. 

Excliang-eability, n. equiv. of Ex- 
changeable, foil, by koto. 

Exchangeable, a. kokwan {^^) 

subeki, or no dekiru; koeki {^^) 

subeki, or no dekiru ; tori-kaeru ; 


Exciieciiier, n. chancellor of the 

, suitokyokucho (tHIl^^;^) ; o- 

kura-daijin (;^p^;^S). 

Excise, n. zei (^) ; kokusanzei {^M 

., zel wo kwa 

to levy an 


Exciseman, n. sMzeikwan (45C"|^'b )• 

Excitable, a, ki no hayai ; okorlp- 

poi ; haradachippoi ; fungeki ('I^#) 

shi-yasui ; kobu-shi-yasui ; geki-shi- 


Excitability, n. fungeki (tEf^) -5^^ 
yasui koto ; kdbu (^$1$) shi-yasui 
koto ; also equiv. of Excitable foil, 
by koto. 

Excite, t.v. (a body of people) sa.wa- 
gasu; sendo {'MWi) ^'y (^ feeling) 
ugokasu ; kandd (,^iJ) sase-ru ; hage- 
masu ; (anger) taki-tsuke-ru ; okorase- 
ru ; geki sase-ru. 

to be d, sawagu; (of a num- 
ber of persons) gekiko {^^) s; 
(of a person) loctjki ga tatsu ; (per- 
turbed) busso (#j|i) de aru ; (with 
anger) yakki (S^iG;) to naru. 

Excitedly, adv. awatadasMku. 

Excitement, n. sawadachi ; doyb 
■ {WiWi ; fungeki (^^^) ; kangeki (,'g 

W) ; kohu (t^m ; funki {%m ; (of 

the populace) gekiko. 

Exciting, a. ki (^) gahiki-fatsu ; ki 

iM.) '^0 tatsu. 
Exclto-motor, a action, 

gekidd-sayd i'i^^mf^Bl)- 

Exclaim, i.v. sakehu ; koe wo age-ru ; 
zekkyii (|gn>[.) s. 

Exclamation, n, sakebi-goe; kyu- 
kwari (Pij-^) ; zekkyii (Igml-) ; (gram.) 
kantoshi (f^tS;!^) ; kantanshi {^J<i^ 


note of , kantoten ([I^t5:ife) ; 

kantanfu (I^^^). 

Exclude, t.v. (a judge, etc., for parti- 
ality) joseki (1^/f:) s; (as, air) haijo 
iW^^) -5 1 (deny access) kinjl-ru ; 
kobamu ; hinseki {^f^) s ; haiseki 
iWH^) ^ ' kyozetsu (jt$g) .9 ; shirizoke- 
rw, (except) nozokw, jokyaku (^ip) 
s ; jogwai (1^5'h) ^ 5 (from an account) 
kbjo (^Hi^j 5 ; (refuse to accept) 

cannot ...... the possibilily 

that, nai to mo kagiranai. 

Exclusion, n. kyozetsu (|g|g) ; hai- 
seki {^f%) ', jokyaku; and equiv. 
of Exclude foil, by koto. 

of foreigners, gwaikokujin- 

haiseki ; joi (ffi^) [obsolesc] [lit. 

expelling barbarians]. 

judgment ot : , joken-hanketsu 

Exclusive, a. (possessed to the ex- 
clusion of others) dokuyil (^ITj^) i^o ; 
in Chinese compounds doku- (J^), 
or sen- {%) ; it is also expr. by ni] 
kagiru [to be limited to]. 

of , icoj ha ?iete ; v:o/k'jo shite; 

no hoka. 

use, senyb (.^/H)- 

you have the right of 

entering this room, anata dake 
wa kono heya e haitte mo yoi. 

Exclusively, adv. nilkagitte ; mop- 

Excogitate, t. v. kangae-dasu ; 

hatsumei (Mtyj) s; anji-dasu ; kvfd 

(X5^) s. 
Excogitation, n. (act of) equiv. of 

Excogitate foil, by koto. 

Excommunicate, t.v. hamon (i^ 
P5) s ; jomei (1^^) s; ni/taikvMi {-}d 
^) wo meiji.-ru. 

Excommunication, n. hamon [^ 
^^ ] jomel 0^^). 


[ 297 ] EXE 

Excoriate, t.v. no/kawa loo suri- 
muku ; no/kawa wo hagu ; kosuri- 
sogu ; suri-herasu. 

Excoriation, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Excoriate foil, by koto. 

Excrement, n. fun {^) ; kuso ; 

dalben ii^^) ; haisetsuhutsu (^t^fi:^). 

Excrescence, n. (incumbrance) 

zeibutsu {^^^J}) ', yokei-mono ; muyb 
(Ijtt^) no chbhutsu (^4^:^) ; (med.) 
iho ; kdbu. 

Excreta, n. toshahutsu (lifci^^j). 

Excretion, n. (act of) haisetsu (^ 
^^) ; humpitsu {^\i%) ; (thing excreted) 
haisetsuoutsu (^Pfit4'^j) ; humpltsu- 
hutsu i'^l'M^)- 

Excruciating", a. kurushii ; hage- 
shii ; modaesaseru ; kumon {^f^) 
saseru ; ki {^) ni sawaru. 

Exculpate, t.v, nojii-wake s ; il- 
toku ; henkai (^j5?) s; henso (^i^) s. 

to one's self, ii-wake s; 

henkai (WfH^) s. p 

Exculpation, n. ii-wake ; henkai ; 

henso {W^)- 
Exculpatory, a. henkai [WfiVi mm ; 
ii-wake no ; henso (^ii^) no. 

Excursion, n. (pleasure trip) yusan 

(jSM); yuhomm-, shiiyfiimm- 

boat , funa-yusan (^S3lw^ )• 

ticket, yuran-kippu {^^^ 

•^^) ; kwaiyu-kippu (fBJ^'fcJOff )• 

train, yuran-ressha (^^ 

^ijcg) ; kwaiyu-ressha {MM^^]W-)- 

Excusable, a. kamhen (|t/jgf|) no 
dekiru ; yurushite yarareru. 

Excusableness, n. equiv. of 
Excusable foil, by koto. 

Excuse, n. (bad) kojitsu (Pg); 
ii-7iuke ; nogare-kojo (P_h); tonji 
(jMII) ; nige-kojo ( P ±) ; kakotsuke ; 
(good) ii-wake ; henkai (^§1?) ; 
mbshiwake ; (in reply to an invita- 
tion) kotowari. 

Excuse, t.v. yurusu ; ymnen (^^) 
«; JO (?^>) s; kamhen (S/j^) .9 ; 
(exempt) mejijo (^I^) s ; (in reply 
to an invitation) kotowaru. 

my asking but , ai- 

sumimasenu ga ; osore-irimasu ga. 

my saying so, hnshitsuke 

nagara ; shikkei nagara. 

I must beg you to me 

from that, sono gi (^) wa dozo 
o kotowari moshimasu ; sore wa 
gomen wo komuritai ; sore wa 
mappira gomen nasai [the last is 
the most forcible, corresponding to 
the English expr. " No thank you ! 
not at any price ! "' ]. 

please me, gomen (i^%) 

kudasai ; gomen nasai. 

to one's self, ii-wake wo iu. 

Execrable, a. nikutei na ; nikui ; 
nikunikushii ; nikuge na ; nikumu- 
heki ; nlkurashii. 

Execrate, t.v. (detest) nikumu ; ken- 

mm) s. 

Execration, n. (detestation) zo-o 
Crt^) ; (expression of) nonoshiri; 
bari (E»). 

deserving of 


Execute, t.v. (a deed) ni/kimei-natsu- 
^^ (IB^^En)s; (an intention) jojn 
{^Wi)s; seifco (j5^:5^) 5; ^(carry out) 
tori-okonau ; shikko (f^fr) s ; jikkb 
(S^f ) s ; (judgment, warrant, order) 
etc.) shikko (^^ff) s ; (put to death, 
shikei (^?fij) ni sho (|E) 5 ; ni/shikei 
i^M) ^00 shikko (^^t) -^ ; shi-oki s. 
Execution, n. (carrying out) shikko 
(p^^f) ; seko (jJSfT) ; tori-okonai ; 
jikko (KfT) ; (of a contract) riko 
iWf) ; (of an intention) joju {^WC) I 
Seiko (^3cfj) ; (of manufacture) sei- 
saku (^f^) ; (of playing on the 
samisen) hiki-kata ; hiki-huri ; (of 
playing on the koto) tanji-kata ; (of 
workmanship) agari ; deki ; saiku 
{MX.) ', (putting to death) shikei ni 
sho sum koto ; shikei-shikko (^^t) ; 
shi-oki ; keiriku (ffij^). 

of a judgment, saihan- 

shikko mnmy) [Clv. Pro.] ; (by 
force) kyosei-shikko (SSrfj'Jf^fr) 
[Civ. Pro.]. 
of a warrant, reijo-shikko 

place of , shikei-ha ', shikeijo 

[KM^M) ; shioki-ha ; keijb {M^M)- 

provisional , kari-shikko 

ICiv. Pro.], 


[ 298 ] 


Executioner, n. shikei no shikko- 
sha (^ff^) ; shikei-shikkonin {^M 

Executive, a, gydsei no ; gydseijo 

ofiB.cer, gyoseikwan (ffj)^*g). 

Executive, n. gydseibu (ffi^pK)- 

Executor, n. yuigon-shikkosJia (ia«" 
mim) [Civ. Co.]. 

sole J tandoku-shikkosha (li?^ 

Exe^'esis, n. kaishaku (^?.^) ; kai- 

Exeg'etical, a. kaishaku (^?.^) no ; 
kaimel (^f tj^) sum. 

Exemplary, a. (to serve as a 
warning) chokai {M^^) no ; mise- 
shime ni naru ; (to serve as an 
example) mohan (J^^) to naru ; 
kagami to naru ; telion ni naru. 

ExeiaplilicatioM, n. (copy) selhon 
(lE:^) [Civ. Pro.]; kosel-tohon {-^lE 

Exeinplify, t.v. (illustrate by- 
example) rei (f^lj) wo hiite toki- 
akasu ; (serve as an example) noj 
rei {\%) ni naru. 

Exempt, t.v. to be ed, yuru- 

sare-ru ; (from a duty or tax) 
menzei (^Ift) sarete oru. 

to from, ni wo yurusu ; 

ni wo menjo {^^) s ; (mil. 

service) wo/men-eki (^^) s. 

Exemption, n. yurushi ; 7nenjo ; 
(from military service) men-eki 


from land-tax, menso 

Exequatur, n. ninkajd (iSnXJyc) ; 

junkyojo im^^). 
Exercise, n. (gymnastic) taiso {^ 
^) ; (lesson) kwagyb (|i:||) ; kwatei 
(lif^) ; keiko (liitr) ; kwadai {MM) > 
onshu{^^); unyo {'^f\]) ; (of func- 
tions) shikko (^^t) ; (of the body) 
undo (j^iJ) ; (walldng) sampo {li'i^p). 

ground, undoba; taisoha. 

military s, chbren (p],^) ; 

sbren (j^|^). 

spear , sojufsu {^^). 

sword , kenjutsu {^]Wi)- 

to take , undo {'MW)) •^• 

wrestling , taijutsa 

Exercise, t.v. (cause to move) undo 

sase-ru ; (functions) okonau ; (move) 

ugokasu ; (soldiers) kunren (|lll^) s ; 

sbren (^|i) s. 

.^v to ahorse, seme-uma wo s; 

uma wo shikomu. 

to authority over, ni tai- 

shite/kenryoku {\$_-j^) wo shime-ru; 

ni taishite/i (^) wo furuu ; wo/ 

shihai (^@E) s. 

to jurisdiction, saihanken 

(^^'OfH) wo okonau. 

Exert, t.v. mochii-ru ; wojkwatsuyb 
(fS"/n) •*? ; (physically) chikara wo 

to one's self, chikara wo 

mochii-ru; shussei (ffi/|^) s; jin- 
ryoku (^}j)s; honsb (-^^) s; 
tansei {j^^) s ; chikara wo tsukusu. 
to one's self to the ut- 
most, seize'), {'^i^^ ^ ) chikara wo 

tsukusu. : 

Exertion, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Exert foil, by koto ; (intellectual) 
jinryoku {^-j^) ', shussei (tBfj^); ben- 
rei i^Wi) ; tansei {fir'l^) I (pbys. & 
intellectual) hone-ori. 

Exhalation, n. ki (^); jbhatsuki 

Exliale, t.v. hanatsu ; hasshutsu (f^ 
iB) 5 ; jbhatsu {?M^) sase-ru. 

Exliaust, t.v. tsukusu ; tsukai-hata- 
su ; tsukai-nakusu ; tsukai-kiru ; 
shbhi (tItS) s; shbmb {'if]$t) s; (a 
well) karasu ; kumi-hosu. 

to he ed, tsuki-ru ; tsukl 

hate-ru ; (of strength) chikara ga 
nukete shimau ; tsukare-kiru ; (have 
exx3ended all one's strength) gak- 
kari s ; hirb (^^) 5. 

Exhausting", a. hone no oreru ; gak- 
kari sum. 

Exhaustion, n. shbhi ; shbmb (f^ 
^) ; (of a sick person) hirb (^^) ; 
(of the body) tsukare. 


[ 299 ] 


Exhaustive, a. seimltsu (ff^^) na ; 
iro (^i^) no nai ; juzen ("f" J^) na. 

examination, shfdo-mem- 

mitsu (^ JlJ^^i^) na tori-shirabc. 

Exliaiistless, a. tsuJdnai ; mujln 
(M^) na ; in Chinese compounds 
mnjin- (^^). 

resources, mujinzo {M^W)- 

Exhibit, t.v. (a symptom) iei {^) s ; 
(discover) arawasu ; shimesu ; (make 
a show of) misemono ni s ; (post 
publicly or officially) keiji {^^^^) s ; 
koji {\k^) s ; (present in public) eji 
(•Jill) s ; shite mise-ru ; (send to an 
exhibition) shuppin {]^aa)s; (show) 

Exhibit, n. shuppin (ffliJ?,); chin- 
reisuhin (I^^ijno) ; (in a court) shoko- 
hin {m.W.m)\ shokobutsu {mM'/Jl) ', 
shoko-hukken (|fii4^>!;#)[Civ. Pro.]. 

Exhibition, n, (of articles of every 
kind) hakurankicai (t#^^) ; (of 
skill) engi (i^^) ; (of works of art) 
ienrankwai (jj'^^). 

an of circus-riding*, kyoku- 

ha-kogyb (ffl.iffl^f). 
competitive , kyoshinkwai 

home , naikoku-hakurankwai 

international , hankoku- 

hakurankwai (M^t?^#)- 

to make an of one's self, 

warai-gusa ni nam. 

Exhibitor, n. shupplnnin (Hi no A). 

Exhilarate, t.v. yorokobasu; tano- 
shimasu ; ureshigarase-ru. 

to be d, ureshigaru; yoro- 

kohu; tanoshimu; yoki {^^M.) ni 

Exhilaration, n. (state of) ureshi- 
gari ; kwairaku ('1^*J^) ; yorokobi ; 
tanoshimi ; kinki (^^). 

Exhort, t.v. (an inferior) kitnkal {§j\\ 
?1^) s ; (to good) hagemasu ; kwan- 
koku iWl'i^) -^ > susume-ru ; chukoku 
(.■£»«■) s ; (to good from bad) isame- 
ru ; imashime-ru ; kangen (fj^W) s ; 
keikai {'^^) s. 

Exhortation, n. kwankoku {W}^)^ 
chukoku (."iL'^-^j; isame; imashime; 
susume ; kangen [WM) ', keikai (^ 
?S) ; kunkai {MM)- 

Exhumation, n. hakkutsu (fi||)g) ; 

Exhume, t.v. hori-dasii ; hakkutsu 
s : hoTi-kaesu. 

Exig-ency, n. kyiiJja ; kyuhen {MM) '■> 
kikyu (^^;); kyuhaku\^^^) ; kyii- 

yo (MM)- 

so far as the ies of the 

public service will permit, 

kdmu (S^) no yurusu kagiri wa. 

Exile, n. (punishment) tsuiho ; ruzai 
(fjitPI) ; ryilkei {-^M) ; (person) tsui- 
ho-nin (iiJIfJcA) ; ruzai-nin {'M$^A)', 
(to an island) shima-nagashi ; ento 

Exile, t.v. tsuiho {i^jfyi) s ; nagasu ; 
(to an island) shima-nagashi nl s. 

Exist, i.v. aru; sonzai (^"^)s; sei- 
son (IkH^) s ', nari-iatsu; genson 

mm s. 

all ing" thing's, bammotsu 

{M'^^J}) ; bambutsu ("^#J). 
Existing", a. zalrai {^^) no ; (in 
actual force) genko (^fr) no. 
the ...... treaties, genko-joyaku 

Existence, n. sonzai itf'^) ', genson 
m/(j-) J narl-tachi ; (livelihood) sei- 
kwatsu (^y$) ; (mode of living) 
kurashi ; (question of whether there 
is or is not) u-mu (^|ft). 

struggle for , seison-kyoso 

the of a contract, keiyaku 

{%^^) no u-mu. 

to come into (of a contract, 

law, right), seiritsu (i^i) s. 

Exit, n. (act of going out) deru koto ; 
taijo {j^^M) 5 (of ^°- actor) hikkomi ; 
(way out) de-guchi. 

Exofle, n. odzume {i^^). 

Exodus, n. (O. T.) ideki ; shutsu- 

Ex officio, kwanshoku CgfaS) ni 
yotte ; shokken (^{^) de, or f wo 
motte. '■ ■ 


[ 300 ] 


Exonerate, t.v. (from a duty) 7nenjo 
(fg,!^) s ; (from an accusation, etc.) 
menso (ME^) s- 

to from blame, wa/kwashi- 

tsu ga nai to mitome-ru. 

Exoneration, n. menso (^E)?). 

Exorbitance, n. hogwai (v^i'h) ; 
Icwabun (JS73*) ; kwado {M^) ', ioho 
mo nai koto. 

Exorbitant, a. hdgu-ai (v^^h) na; 
kwabun {^M^) na', toho mo 7iai ; 
messo na ; meppo na. 

to ask an price, hogwai na 

ne wo iu. 

Exorbitantly, adv. hogwai (]£^h) 
ni ; kwabun (3^^) ni ; toho mo 
naku ; hijo {^^) ni ; meppo ni ; 
messo ni. 

Exorcise, t.v. harau ; ou ; harai- 
kiyome-ru ', ni/akuma wo harau. 

Exorcism, n. harai-kiyome ; harai ; 
akuma-barai ; yaku-harai. 

Exordium, n. (oratory) chogen (^ 
■g) : makura. 

Exostosis, n. kotsuryii (#^). 

Exotic, a. gwaikoku (^h^) 7io ; haku- 
rai (Ifi^) no; watari 710; gwairai 
{9\^M) no ; gwaikokusan (^h^M) no. 

Exotic, n. (plant) gwairai no uemono ; 
(word) gwaikoku {9VM) no kotoba. 

^ Expand, t.v. (develop) okiku s ; 
hiroge-ru; kwatsudai {M^) ni s; 
shincho (fi^?l) s ; kwakucho {^^) s ; 
tenkai (j^^) s ; (of a hard body) 
hiraku ; haru ; (of a soft substance) 
bbchb (^M) sase-ru ; fukurasu ; 
(open) hiraku. 
to the chest, mune wo haru. 

Expand, i.v. (develop) okiku naru ; 
hirogaru; kwatsudai {'MiK) ninaru; 
shindio (#5M) s ; kwakucho (^5M) -^ J 
tenkai (Mfffi) 5 ; (of a hard substance) 
haru ; (of a soft substance) hbchb 
( H^M) -^ 5 fukure-ru ; (open) hiraku. 
Expanse, n. Jiirogari ; bydbo {MftB) 
taru koto ; byobaku (iHJ)^) i^ant fcoto ; 
(of sky) taikyu {-h^) ; sbkyu (^0). 

an of, hiroi. 

an , of water, midzu no byobb- 

taru koto. 

Expansibility, n. hochbsei (^g^ 
'1^) ; bbchbshitsu (03^^) ; (malleabi- 
lity) tensei (j^^). 

Expansible, a. bbchosei (H^M'14) 
no ; bbchbshitsu (i^M^) no. 

to be , bbchbshitsu (f^SgiC) 

no mono de aru ; bbchbsei (0M'l^) 
no mono de aru. 

Expansion, n. bbchb (^8M) ; 
kwatsudai (fg^/c); shinchb (f$^) ; 
(act of) equiv. of Expand foil, by 
koto ; (of a country) kwakuchb {^ 

m ; ^ochb mm)- 

and contraction, shinshuku 


people talk about the of 

the mind by travel, tabi wo 
suru to kokoro ga hiroku naru to 

triple (adjectively), sanjii- 

renkwanshiki (HM^^Ii^) no. 

Expansive, a. (widely extended) 

hiroi ; byobaku ({Hji^) taru ; bybbb 
{\IMB) ^^^^< 5 endai (^;^c) na. 

Expansively, adv. hiroku ; byobaku 
(jtjl)^) to shite ; bybbb (jflj)!^) to shite ;. 
endai {l^:k.) ni ; hiro-biro. 

Ex parte, a. ippb {—^) no ; ippen 
(— i^) yori no. 

statement, kata-kuchi. 

Expatiate, i.v. okiku iu ; fuen (|^ 
^^) s ; oshi-hiraite iu ; ii-nobasu. 

Expatiation, n. fuen {%^[ts) ; bkiku 
iu koto. 

Expatriate, t.v. (banish) tsuihb (i^ 
j^) s ; hbchiku (j^^) s. 

to one's self, kuni kara tai- 

^,. ^<^yo (M^) s ; hongoku [if.^) ico 
'^/y saru. 

Expatriation, n. (banishment) 

tsuihb (ii^) ; hbchiku [WiW- 

Expect, t.v. (look for) expr. by the 
future of the verb foil, by tojomou, 
tojzonji-ru, or to/yoki {W:M) shite oru ; 
(require) nozomu ; (wait) matsu. 

I shall you, macJii mbshi- 



[ 301 ] 


Expect, i.v. as I ed, an {^) 7io 

gotoku ; an no jo (^7 0:). 

as I had ed, hatashite; yoki 

shita tori ; kangae dori ni ; nozomi- 
dori ni. 

just as I ed, an (^) ni 


Expectancy, n. to wait in a 

state of , machi-mbkete oru \ 

machi-kanete oru. 

Expectation, n. kokoromacM ; 
yoki ; (hope) kiho {^M) '■> (of ^ i"®- 
sult) mi-sue ; mi-ate ; mokuteki ; 

beyond , bogwai (;^^h). 

does not come up to s, 

nozomi no tori ni ikanu ; omowa- 

shiku nai. 

in the of, no tsumori de ; no 

mi-atQ de ; wo/ate-konde. 

to he disappointed in one's 

,, ate ga hadzure-ru. 

Expectorate, i.v. tsuhaki wo s ; tan 
wo haku. 

Expectoration, n. (act of) tsuhaki 
sum koto ; tm wo haku koto. 

Expecliencj^, n. henri (fMflJ) ; hohen 
(:i^lM) ; hengi {^'bI) ', (question 
whether expedient or not) tokushitsu 

for the sake of , tenri no 


Expedient, n. (for raising money) 
sandan ; kumen ; (means) kufii (X 
^) ; hbhb {~)S^^) \ shudan (^^5) ; 
(shift) saku (^) ; hbryaku (^§) ; 
keiryaku {nf^) ; hempd (jM^)- 

a good , yoi kufu (X^). 

a temporary , tbza {^)^) no 

ma-ni-awase ; kembo {\$M^) ', rna- 
ni-awase ; hohen (^^JM) ; (politics) 
hihbsaku [MtS:^)- 

Expedient, a. henri (^f-lj) no yoi; 
isugo {Ma") '>'^o yoi I hohen (>^f|g)'no ; 
hengi (fMS) no yoi. 

to he , tame ni naru ; toku de 


Expediently, adv. oengi (®^) ni ; 
benr/ijo (IM^flTii); henri (iMflJ) yoku ; 
hengi (fM:!:) yoku ; tsugo [M"^) yoku. 

Expedite, t.v. hakadorase-ru ; rachl' 
to he d, hakadoru ; rachi ga 


Expedition, n. (haste) kyusoku (^ 
^) ; shinsoku (fii|i)jl) ; jinsoku {^ 
i^) ; (mil., or scientific) ensei (MIjE) ; 
(party of explorers) tankentai (^[^j^ 
j^) ; (troops themselves) enseigun (^ 
ffi^) ; enseltai (itffil^) ; (punitive) 
seibatsu {^'[X)- 

to use , teki-paki s. 

with , te-hayaku ; kyusoku 

nl ; shinsoku ($f}ii^) ni ; sassoku 

Expeditionary, a force, 

shinsoku (^itjii^) 
tehayai ; jinsoku 


Expeditious, a. 

na ; hakabakashii 
(aSoil) na- 

Expeditiously, adv. shinsoku (fiiji 
ig) ni ; kyusoku (^i^) ni ; haka- 
hakashiku ; te-hayaku ; iekipaki to. 

Expel, t.v. oi-dasu ; kuchiku (Hjg) 
s ; hochiku (j&iE) s ; opparau ; 
oi-harau ; (banish) tsuiho (i^tk) s ; 
(from an association) jomei (l^^i^) s ; 
(from school) ni/taigaku (i^^) wo 
meiji-ru ; niltaiko (il^) sase-ru ; wo/ 
hoko ilfy.^) s ; (matter) haishutsu (f p 


Expend, t.v. mochii-ru ; tsuiyasu ; 
(waste) fo/ii (^^) s ; ro/ii (rS^) «• 
to on, ni kake-ru. 

ExE)enditure, n. Jdyd (^/H) ; nyu- 
hi (AS); shishidsu {3l11\)', irika ; 
iriyo; nyuyo (A/H) ; (annual) saihi 
(^S) ; saishutsu (^itl); (miscel- 
laneous) zappi (^^)- 

continuing , keizokuhi {^^ 

current , keihi (|MM). 

extraordinary , rinjihi ( ^g lit 


fixed , keijoUim^m- 

national , kokuhi {^^). 

receipts and , shfishi (Jl^j^). 

Expense, n. mono-irl; nyuyo (A 
;S); nyHhi (AM); hiyb (^/H) ; in- 
ms ; shuppi (ttl^); (wastefulness) 
sanzai (ft {It)- 


[ 302 ] 

actual s, jippi (S^). 

at the public , kohl (^g) 


police s, keisatsuhi (W^^). 

reg-ardless of , kane ni alca- 

shite ; nyuhi wo kamawadzu ni. 
useless , muda-dzukal ; tohl 

mm ; rohi mm- 

various s, zappi (J^g) ; zo- 


Expensive, a. tsule no bi ; nyuhi (A 
m '^'^ oi; (dear) takai ; koryo {ms 
f4) na ; mono-iri na ; kbka (i^fK) 
na ; kojlki (^[l!) na. 
to be , oku kakaru. 

Expensively, adv. (of living) zei- 
taku (^-/p) ni. 

Experience, n. keiken [MM) ; ro- 
ren {^^) ; (skill) jukuren {^^^) ; 
remma (^)g). 

a man of , rbrenka (:^^^); 

jukurenka {^^^"M) ', kelkenka (f^ 

practical , jlkken (S^). 

to have of, wo/keiken (|§!^) 

to recount one's s, kelreki- 

dan [mW^) ?oo s. 

Experience, t.v. shlru ; (haidshlp) 
name-ru ; expr. also by the intrans. 
and passive forms of appropriate 

to anxiety, shimp:d (jH^JHE) 


to sorrow, kanashimu. 

to the contempt of others, 

hito ni mi-kudasa7-e-ru. 

Experienced, a. nareia ; jukuren 
shita; rbren shita; rbko {^p)) no; 
remma (^^) shitaru. 

Experiment, n. kokoromi ; tame- 
shi ; jlkken (X.^) ; shiken (^|^). 

for 's sake, kokoromi ni. 

to make an , (examine) shi- 
ken (^■®) 5 ; (try) kokoromi-ru ; 
tameshlte mi-ru. 

Experimental, a. kokoromi no ; 
shiken (i^,|^) no. 

mining-, shikidsu (^|g). 

Experimentally, adv. kokoromite ; 
tameshlte ; shiken (P^[|^) shite. 


na ; tassha 
^) shitaru ; 
Seiko (f^J5) 

Expert, a. jbdzu {h^) 
(^%) ^^f^ ; remma (M. 
rbren (:^^) shitaru 
na; ude no tisshita. 
in, nijakarui. 

Expert, n. eteta hito ; kurbto ; taisu- 
jln (^A); meljln (:^ A) ; iciito {^ 
S-y) ; rbrensha ' (^|i^) ; (connois- 
seur) kanteika (H^^) ; (specialist 
in farming, etc.) gishi (^^). 

an in, nijakarui hito. 

an in handwriting-, shu- 

seki (^^) no kanteika (^^^). 

opinion (written), kanteisho 

witness, kanteinin (^^A) 

[Civ. Pro., Cr. Pro.]. 

Expertly, adv. jbdzu ni ; selkb {^l^} 
ni ; 7'bren (^^) ni. 

Expertness, n. eqniv. of Expert 
foil, by koto. 

Expiate, t.v. aganau ; tsugunau. 

Expiation, n. aganal ; tsugunal ; 

shokuzai (El^) ; tsumi-hordhoshi ; 

zaishb-shbmetsu (f|^.|fitilS)- , 

Expiration, n. (of time) manki (^ 

fi^); ake; klgen-manryb {MWM1)\ 

oicarl ; shimai. 

Expire, i.v. (die) 
ii:a'\ikl ga tae-ru ; 
hukko {!Y9)Wl) •*?; 
zetsumel (Igpp-) .9 
[of an Emperor] ; 
ru ; manlci ni nam 
ake-ru ; manryb (ffiT) s. 

Expiring", a. (dying) imawa no kiwa 
no ; dammatsuma no. 

Explain, t.v. tokl-akasu ; kaimei (^ 
ly^) s ; setsumel {^Wl) s; kaisetsu 
{M-f}t) s ; kaishakii (1^?^) .■?. 

to away (as one's fault). 

■^ il-maglrasu. 

to matters, koto wo wake-ru. 

Explanation, n. (act of) toki- 
akashl ; setsumel (^n/]); kaimei (^. 
I}^) ; kaisetsu [WM) ', (ground) 
iware ; icake ; shidai (^^^) ; (mean- 
ing) iml {m.^^) ; yakkai (^■^?) ; chu- 
shaku (=l|i) ; chukai {§tM) \ (vin- 
dication) ii-wake ; mbshi-wake ; hen- 

kai mm^ 

ikl wo hiki-toru ; 
shlhb (5E"t) s; 
shlkyo (^^) s; 
; hogyo {^'M) » 
(of a period) kire- 
; tsukl-ru ; owaru ; 


[ 303 ] 


of sigTis (used in a diagram), 

honrei (M.1?lj). 

to call for an from, icoj 


to demand an from, wol 

kitsumon (fnfnl) s. 

Explanatory, a. shokal (if r'^'j?) no ; 
(of interpretation) c/mfcai (^Kj?) no; 
yakkai {iWl^) '>'^<^- 

statement, setsumeisho (fJI; 

•yiW); (exculpatory) henkaisho 

{MM^^) I (gi'^iiig reasons) rlyiisho 


Expletive, n. (bad language) akko 
(M P ) ; waru-kucJii. 

Explicit, a. melhaku (R^^) 7ia ; mel- 
ryo (ty]^) na; melseki (^^) na\ 
hakklri shita ; sliika to shita ; utagai 
no nai ; hanzen (^IJM) no. 

Explicitly, adv. mei/iafctt (H^j^) nl; 
meiryo (ipjfl^) ni; utagai naku ; hak- 
kir'i to ; akiraka ni ; shika to ; han- 
zen {^]B) to. f 

ExplicitiieSKS, n. melhaku na koto ; 
* meiryo {WMi) '^^'^ ^^to ; melseki (R^l^) 

na koto ; utagai no nai koto ; hanzen 

(flj^^) shita koto. 

Explode, t.v. haretsu (^i^) sase-ru ; 
hakuretsu {j:^^) sase-ru ; gohatsu (ft 
f^) sase-ru. 

Explode, i.v. haneru ; haretsu (^§^) 
s ; hakuretsu [i^^^) s ; gohatsu (^ 

Exploi'", n. tegara: komyo (:c^^)' 
koseki {^M^) : kunkb (ft)j|^) ; koro 

Exploit, t.v. (make use of) riyo (fij 

}]\) s ; (new country) kaihatsu {^^'{^) 

s ; kaitaku (i3IS) •^• 
Exploitation, n. riyo (^;i]/fi) suru 

koto ; (of a forest) hassai (tJcJ^) ; 

(of a new country) kalhatsu (§gf^) ; 

kaitaku {f^JJ'i). 

Exploration, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Explore foil, by koto ; (of a coun- 
try) tamho {^m ; tanken (^^). 

Explore, t.v. (a country) tanken (^ 
^) s ; tosa (ShS:) s ; no/jihumi wo s ; 
(science) kenkyu {^^Jt) •^'• 

Explorer, n. (ankenka i^^M) > 
tankensha (^^^). 

Explosion, n. haretsu {^^) ; go- 
hatsu (ftft) ; hakuretsu {^^M) > (act 
of) equiv. of Explode foil, by koto. 

Explosive, n. hakuhatsubuisu (Wl 
4':^) ; hakuretsuhutsu {i:^^"^^/})- 



Explosive, a power, 

haisuryoku {i:^^$_'fy)- 
'/y. shell, hakuretsudan 

5f.) ; hasai-hodan (^#5^31) 

Exponent, n. daihydsha ( 
(math.) shisii (tait)- 

Export, t.v. yushutsu {^m^) s; 

P^xport, n. (act of exporting) yu- 
shutsu (iy Hi ) ; (article exported) yu- 
shutsu-hin (^tH no)- 

Exportation, n. yushutsu (^fli). 

Exporter, n. yushvtsu-nln (|^ }i} A). 

Expose, t.v. (a child) sute-ru ; (a 
crime) ; (put out) dashite 
oku ; arawasu ; (show) mlse-ru ; (to 
the sun or to public gaze) sarasu. 

to be .d (of a crime, etc.), 

roken {^M.) s ; araware-ru. 

to be d to the evening 

dew, yo-tsuyu ni ufare-ru. 

to be d to the public gaze, 

.sarashi-mono ni naru. 

to be d to the rain, ama- 

zarashi ni natte oru. 

to be d to the weather, 

ftlu {M*M) ^^ sarasare-ru. 

to one's life, ichimei wo 

nage-utciu ; inochi wo kake-ru ; met 

(^) wo to (^) s. 

to the person (indecently), 

shiitai (Hfl) wo arawasu. 

to to the sun, hi ni dte-ru. 

Exposition, n. (expounding) fco- 
shaku (=^^) ; chiikai (i£^?) ; setsumei 
(fi^fy3) ; kaishaku {MM)', chushaku 
it^fM) '' (exhibition) hakurankwai (t^ 

Ex post facto, jigo (^^). 

sanction, jigo-shodaku (^^ 


[ 304 ] 


Expostulate, i.v. to with, 

wo/settoku (iS;f#) s ; wo/sekkican 
iMWj) s ; wo/kicankai {W]M) s ; 
(reprehend) nijikeii [MM^) wjo iu. 

Expostulation, n. seitoku (l^ff-); 
sekkioan [MWj) 5 kwankai {W}M)- 

Expostulatory, a. settoku (^f#) 
no ; sekkwan {^Mi) ^o ; kwankai (^ 
m) no. 

Exposure, n. (act of) equiv. of Ex- 
pose foil, by koto ; (discovery, of a 
crime, etc) roken {^M.) 5 (position) 
muki; hogaku (^^) ; (state of) equiv. 
of Expose in pass, voice. 

Expound, t.v. koshaku (Iff^) s ; 
chfikai (ii^?) .9 ; kaishaku {^^) s ; 
setsumei (UtR/]) s ; chushaku (|i^) s. 

Express, a. (distinctly stated) shika 
to shita ; meihaku m^^) na ; (special) 
tokubetsu ('4#H!J) na. 

an messenger, tokushi (^ 

'j^) ; hetsu-jitate no tsukai. 

an train, kyukosha {MilW-) '> 

kyuko-ressha (^^f ^'J^)- ^ 

Express, n. (advertisement) hiki- 
fuda; (messenger) rinji (g^Bf) no 
tsukai ; isogi no tsukai ; haya-bi- 
kyaku ; tokushi (^$f^) ; kyushi (,^ 
fll) ; betsu-jltate no tsukai ; (news- 
paper extra) gogwai (f^j'h). 

Express, t.v. shimesu ; ii-arawasu ; 
nobe-ru ; /i^oji (^^) 5 ; hybhakn (g 
g ) 5 ; hydgen (^J|,) s ; (squeeze out) 
shiboru ; sJume-dasu ; shiborl-dasu. 

Expression, n. (act of) equiv. of 
Express (t.v.) foil, by koto ; (declara- 
tion) se>igen (m.^) '> (oral) kotoba ; 
genji [WW; <iengo ( gf^) ; (way of 
speaking) ii-yb ; gohb (1^-/^) ; hana- 
shi-buri ; (way of writing) kaki-yb ; 
kaki-buri ; kaki-kata ; shoho (^'^) ; 
(written) monji {'^^). 

an innocent (ot face, in a 

bad sense), nani mo kuwanu kao ; 

shiranu kao. 

of an intention, isJii-hybji 

m^.n^) [Civ. Co.]. 

of countenance, kaotsuki ; 

menshoku {'^f^) ; sbbb {^^^). 

of the eyes, me-moto; me- 

t sulci. 

.., yoku iu 
. , hito-kuchl 

it is a common 

koto da. 

it is the g-eneral 

7ii sb iimasu. 

polite , teinei (T^) na kotoba. 

the "treaties" includes 

conventions, jbyaku (fi^,^^) to iu 
wa [if quoted from a document, to 
aru wa] kybyaku (K5il^]) wofukumu. 

to give to, wolhybmei ("J^iy]) 

s ; wojhybji (^^) s. 

Expressive, a. imi (ii;9$) no fukai ; 
i {m.) wo tsutaeru. 
that man has an ...... face, ano 

hito ii^ajiki ni nani goto mo kao-iro 
ni dasu. 

Expressly, adv. (distinctly) to.s/u/ca 
ni; shika to; meihaku {^J]^) ni; 
akiraka ni ; (purposely) waza-uaza ; 
waza to ; kotosara ni ; koto ni. 

to mention (in a document), 

meiki {W]t^) .9. 

Expulsion, n. hbchiku [fj^'M) ; oi- 
dasu koto ; kuchiku (,||jE) ; kari- 
dasu koto ; (act of) equiv. of Expel 
(t.v.) foil, by koto ; (exile) tsuihb [j^ 
j^) ; (from a club, association, etc.) 
jomei ([^^); (from a family) riseki 
[Mm) [Civ. Co.]. 

Expunge, t.v. kedzuru ; sakujo {^\\ 
I^) s ; tomatsu (■^^) s ; kesu ; mas- 
satsu iWi^) s. 

Expurg'ate, t.v. (of books) no/warui 
tokoro wo toru ; (remove indecencies) 
nojwaisetsu no tokoro wo nuku. 

Expurgation, n. equiv. of Ex- 
purgate foil, by koto. 

Exquisite, a. (delicious to the taste) 
bimi (^n^) na ; kekkb (liVfl) na ; 
(extreme) hanah,adashii ; hijb {^Yf^-;} 
na ; (of workmanship) seikb (i^pjJ'J) 
na ; (very excellent) bimyb (^M^i'i «■« ; 
tobi-kiri no ; saijb (:^±:) na. 

taste, kanshiki {^i^). 

workmanship, mybkb (^ 

Exquisite, n. datesha ; share-mono ; 

Exquisitely, adv. saijb (^Jh) ni ; 
kiwamete; hijb (#P.^') ni; hanahada- 

beautifu.1, 7.etsuin (I25<) na. 


[ 305 ] 


Exqiiisiteness, n. zeisuhl (|g^) ; 
gokubi (@^). 

JBxtant, a, tsutawatta ; denrai (@^) 
no ; nokotte oru. 

to be , genson {^M.'tp) ^> ^^^" 

zai (#^) .9. 

Extemporaneous, a. sokum (Ed 
M?) no ; sokuseki (IP^) »^o ; yohi (^ 
fl) no nai ; riiiji (g^nj) ?20. 

Extemporaneously, adv. sokuza 

(SPJ^) ni ; sokuseki (KIJ/J^) ni. 
Extempore, a. sokuseki (fiP/J^) no. 

Extempore, adv. sokuza (iPi?) ni ; 
sokuseki (EP/%) ni. 

Extemporize, t.v. (a speech, etc.) 
yohi (^Di) na/cM s/iiie nobe-ru ; sofco 
(^f^) na/cM s/ii^e kosetsu (1^1%) « ; 
(make) rinji (g^Bj) ni koshirae-ru. 

Extend, t.v. (a term) shincho (#^) 
.9 ; nobasu ; (enlarge) chodai (5^;:^) ni 
5 ; okiku s ; (expand) seidai {^i<.) 
ni s ; kwakuchb (f^ j^) ^ ; (in breadth) 
hiroge-ru ; (in length) nobasu ; .">7im- 
c/io (f^5M) -9; e?ic/io {^^) s ; (make 
reach) oyohosu ; (prolong) nobasu ; 
enki (5^1^) s ; (reach forth) nobasu. 

a battle in ed order, san- 

kaisen [Mm.)- 

an attack in ed order, sam- 

pei-kogeki (HtzJ^jScP). 

ed order (mil.), sankai-taiji 

in .......ed order, bunretsu (5f^ij) 


to commerce, boeki wo kwa- 
kuchb s. 

to one's fame, na wo ageru. 

to the beneJ3.ts of the 

treaty to, nijjdyaku (f^^) no 
rieki (f-lj^) wo oyobosu. 

to the time, hi-nobe wo s; 

nichigen ( H PJ;) wo nobasu. 

ii^xtend, i.v. (be continued in length) 
nobi-ru ; (deploy) tenkai (^^) s ; 
(widen) hiromaru. 

! chire. 

to beyond, koeru. 

to over several years, sft- 

nen (|^^) ni wataru. 

to to, (reach to) nijoyobu; 

(spread to, as a riot) nijhakyu (i^ 

Extension, n. Jiirogari ; shinch'j (ffil 
^) ; kwakuchb (fM5M) 5 (^^^ of) eqniv. 
of Extend foil, by koto ; (extended 
line of railway) enchbsen (§^1^^,^) ; 
(of a building) zbchiku (i^^) ; tate- 
mashi ; (of a railway, of a term, etc.) 
enchb (ii^) ; (of commerce, etc.) 

of education, kybiku (ficW) 

no fukyil (||&). 

of time, /ii-no5e. 

Extensive, a. hiroi ; hiro-biro to 
shita; te-biroi; kwbdai {^i^) na ; 
kwbkwatsu (J^il) na ; kwatsudai (-/Ij 
i^) na. 

knowledge, hakushiki (ji| 

view (of landscape), yoimi- 


Extensively, adv. hiroku ; kvjodai 
ni', kwbkwatsu (Jgyfj^) ni\ te-biroku; 
(in many cases) bku ; yoku. 

Extensiveness, n. kwbdai {JBi<) ; 
kwatsudai {Mi<) '. kwbkwatsu (i^iifi). 

Extensor, n. shinkin (#^).' 

Extent, n. hirosa ; kwbbb {^^) ; 
(degree) teido (fgJ^) i ^(iii length) 
nagasa ; (scope) /ia?i-i (iaffl)- 
to such an that, hodo follow- 
ing pres. tense of verb. 

Extenuate, t.v. karume-ru ; genkei 
i'iMM.) s ; gentb (i^^) s ; karuku s ; 

to be d, karuku ni genkei (y^ 

Extenuating", a. karuku suru ; geii- 
jiru ; genkei (v/e5c^'iii) -^Mrtf ; ge7itb (;^^#) 

reduction of a penalty for .^ 

circumstances, shakuryb-genkei 

m&itm) [Civ. Co.]. 

to plead circumstances, 

jbjb (If jPi) 100 shakuryb (WiE) ^'^^^e 
genio (-/j^^) w)0 mbshi-tate-ru. 
Extenuation, n. karuku suru koto. 

Exterior, n. soto ; omote ; (appear- 
ance) gwaikei (^hifj^) ; (surface) wica- 
be ; gwaibu [fY%) ; gwaimen {9VM)- 

and interior, uchi-soto ; nai- 



[ 306 "] 


Ex ' erior, a. soto no ; omote no ; 
t;u-aheno; gvcaimen (J'h®) no', gwai- 
bu {91U) no. 

"Extersiiiiiate, t.v. (fig.) no/ne wo 
tatsu ; (living things) mina-goroshi ni 
tayasu ; sometsu {%^\M.) s ; jim- 

metsu i^U) s ; sozetsu (gljlg) s ; (of 
plants) kari-tsukusu ; 7ioJne wo tatsu ; 
(vermin) kvjo (|il^) s ; bokumetsu 

to he d, mina-goroshi ni nam ; 

jimmetsu {^\^) s ; sozetsu (^l]|g) s ; 
(of plants) kari-tsukusare-ru. 

JExterminatioii, n. jimmetsu (^ 

\^) ; sozetsu (ipg) ; or equiv. of Ex- 
terminate foil, by koto ; (of a pest) 
kujo (im^) ; (of plants) ne wo nuku 

External, a. soto no ; gwaimen {^\> 

m) 710 ; hyomen {^'^) no ; omote-muki 

no ; gwaibu (9b%) no ; gwaikei {9hTB) 

no ; (from without) gwairai {^Y'^) ^c>. 

commerce, gwaikoku-boeki 

...... object, gwalhutsu (^K:^). 

relations, gicaiko (^h3C.)- 

taxes, yunyilzei (I^AI^)- 

for application, gicaiyo (^{^ 


Externally, adv. soto ni ; gwaimen 
{9b^)ni; gwaikei {^l-]f^) ni; gicaihu 

Externals, n. (outward appearance) 
mie ; gwaiken (5^1^^) ; (outward rites) 
gishiki {^'^)- 

Extinct, a. shini-taeia ; tae-hateta ; 
kiela ; owatta ; tsukitaru. 

volcano, shi-kwazan (^^/cUl). 

Extinction, n, shmietsu {\'^}/x) ', 
metsubo (i^"t) ; or equiv. of Ex- 
tinguish foil, by koto ; (bj death) 
.shizetsu (5El§) ; (of a fire) chjnkwa (|g 
>X)\ (of hox)e) zetsubo (?.g;^). 

Exting'nish, t.v. kesu ; messuru ; 
tatsu ; tayasu ; naku nasu. 
to hope, zetsubo (>fg^) s. 

Exting'nisliable, a. equiv. of Ex- 
tinguish in jpass. voice. 

Exting'uislier, n. akarl-keshi. 

Extirpate, t.v. nojne wo tayasu ; 
sozetsu (^ijlg) s ; metsuzetsu (ijSlg) s ; 
metsujin (jl^^) 5 ; bokumetsu (^i^) 
s ; (of weeds) nolne vco tayasu. 

Extirpation, n. nedayashi ; sozetsu 
(^ijlg); metsuzetsu (}|^^g) ; jimmetsu; 
(of weeds) ne wo tayasu koto. 

Extolj t.v. home'TU ; .shosan {"mM.) s ; 
sambi {^^) s ; shdyb (^|^) s ; home- 
soy asu. 

Extort, t.v. yusuru ; itaburu ; godafsu 
(?S#) -^ ; 9osei (5^|f ) 5 ; tsuikyu (ig. 
;^<) s ; (of taxes, etc.) muho (|JS-/^) ni 
choshu (ii5[4ic) s ; (obtain by incessant 
asking) nedaru. 

to money from a person, 

hito wo yusutie kane wo toru. 

Extortion, n. yusuri ; itaburi ; go- 
datsu (?M#) ; Oosei (^Mn)', muri- 
dori ; (act of) equiv. of Extort foil, 
by koto. 

by th reats, kyokatsu-shuzai 

Extortionate, a. yusuri no ; go- 
datsu (?S§) no ; gosei (5^1^) no. 

person, yusuri-te. 

price, ho'jwai (i^^h) no nedan. 

Extra, a. yobun (i^^) no ; kakugvmi 
{\^9V) 'no ; betsudan (JJlJP^) no. 
tax, mashi-zei. 

Extra, adv good (of articles for 

sale), tobi-klri no ; saAjoto (^_h 
^) no. 

Extra, n. (of a newspaper) gogicai {^fji 
^I>) ; (at an hotel) betsu-kanjo (aij^j 
Extract, t.v. (by distillation) shime- 
dasu ; senjl-dasu ; (from a book) 
nukl-gaki s ; bassui (^2^) s ; (pull 
out) nuku ; hiki-nuku ; nuki-dasu ; 

to the cube-root, rippb (izl 

'}} ) ni hiraku. 

to the square-root, heiho- 

m^^) ni hiraku. 

Extract, n. (decoction) senji-shiru ; 
(essence) seiki (7^^); ekisu; (from 
a book, etc.) bassui (^3^) ; nuki- 
gaki ; (officially made) shbhon (Ij.'^) 
[Civ. Co.]. 


[ 307 J 


Kxtrfiction, n. (aefc of) equiv. of 
Extract (t.v.) foil, hj koto ; (birth) 
wnare ; (lineage) chi-suji ; ketto (jflL 
^) ; shussho (tH0f) I i(i^^- 

JExtrartite, t.v. hiki-watasu. 

Extradition, n of a cri- 
minal, hanzainin (^Q.||A) 1^0 hiki- 

treaty, hanzainin-hiklwata- 

shi-joyaku mmA^\mM'^)- 

Extrajnidicial, a kwankafsugwai 
(Mm9b) no; seiho-igwai (i|ilj-/^^^h) 
no; saibansho-igicai (^^jp/rJl^5'h)'^c>- 

"Extraneous, a. ta (fHi) no ; gwairai 
(^b^) no. 

matter, gwairai-butsu {^[-M 


Extraordinarily, adv. Jiljd {i]^M) 

ni ; kakugwai (t-^^H n'l ; fusJilgi {^ 
^M) ni;_ hogwai (iij'h) ni; meppb 
ni ; messo ni. 

funny, okashisa kagen ga 


Extraordinary, a. hijd (^t',%) na ; 
kakugwai [i^^^h) na ; tokubetsu (#;jl)) 
no; hibon (^/t) na ; dogical {Hjtj\>) 
no ; (irregular) tonda ; toppl {^M) 
na ; (of geDius, etc.) bakkun {^§M), 
na ; idvjirusJdi ; takuzetsu (^|g) na :" 
{Binmge) fushig I {'^^^M) na ; ijo (^ 
''^)no. . 

expenditure, rinji-Jdyo (E^ 

n^gFH) ; (of a state or company) 
rinji-shishuisu ( E§ 0^^ tU ) • 

general meeting*, rinji-so- 

kwai (E^nlH.'i-). 

Extraterritorial, a. chigai-hdken 

Extraterritoriality, n. chigai-hd- 
ken (f^^b^fi). 

Extra vag'ance, n. (in living) ogori ; 
zeitaku (^?^) ; shashi {^^) ; rohi 
(iS^) 5 sanzai (t^lUt) 5 muda-dzukai ; 
(of behaviour) fuhinko (/f^np^f) J 
toppi (^fH) na koto ; rangyo (@L^f)- 

Extravagant, a. (in living) zeitaku 
(K?^) no ; shashi (^f^) no ; rohi (^ 
^) no ; sanzai inkM) no ^ (of action, 

preposterous) meppokai na ; (un- 
reasonable) tondemonai ; toppi (5^^) 
na ; hogwai (•^j'h) na. 

to be (of persons), ogoru ; 

zeitaku (f^J^-) s ; rohi (M^) s ; 

sanzai (f^ftt) ^ l muda-dzukai s. 

to say things, toho mo nai 

koto wo iu. 

Extravagantly, adv. (of living) 
. zeitaku {^i^) ni ; shashi (^'^) ni ; 
(unreasonably) toppi (^fH) ni ; toho 
mo naku ; muhb (li#^) ni ; meppo ni. 

Extravasation, n. roshutsu (MHI) ; 
isshutsu (i^tH)- 

Extreme, n. (in extent) kyokutan 
(l^^ii^) ; hadzure ; tammatsu (^tIC) ; 
saitan (M.^) 5 (math.) gwaiko {9\^^M) J 
(utmost limit in degree) kiwamari ; 
shigoku (Ml?!) 5 kyoku ; kyokudo (|^ 
jFg) ; kyokusho (@^Jr)- 

in the , mottomo hanahada- 


Extreme, a. kyokutan {^^) no ; 
kyokudo (^'5) no; also expr. by no 
kiwamari or kyoku (j^^) after the 
noun ; also in some cases by goku 
(M)j or kyoku, before the noun. 

cold, gokvkan (i^l^). 

heat, gokusho (M^)- 

orient, kyokuto (S^)- 

poverty, gokuhin (i^^). 

Extreme unction, matsuyu-rei (^ 

Extr(;mely, adv. itatte ; kiwamete ; 

hanahada ; shigoku (^S) J mottomo ; 

also expr. by kiwame-ru ; as, 

to he violent (of an epide- 
mic), shoketsu {i^%) ico kiwame- 

Extremity, n. hashi ; kyokutan (^ 
jJj^) ; kyokusho (@^/f) ; kyukyoku (^ 

Extremities, n. the , te-ashi; 

shishi mB)- 
Extricate, t.v. toku ; hanasu ; toki- 
hanasu ; ' sukui-dasu. 

Extrication, n. equiv. of Ex- 
tricate foil, by koto. 

Extrude, t.v. tsuki-dasu. 


I 308 ] EYE 

Exuberance, n. yutaka ; yoyii (^ 

^^) ; hammo {%'f^) ; ohitadashisa ; 

hofu i^M) ; juitsu (^i^). 
Exuberant, a. yutaka na ; oMtada- 

shii ; hammo shitaru ; hofu (l^'g) na ; 

yoyil (^4cF) «'"''^ '» (of foliage) shigeita. 
Exuberantly, adv. yutaka ni ; /lam- 

mo i^'M) shite ; Ao/w {WM) ^^ 5 o^^" 


Exude, t.v. dasu ; shimi-dasase-ru ; 

to perspiration, hakkan (f^ 

fp) s ; ase ico kaku. 

Exude, i.v. de-ru ; nagare-de-ru ; r^/w- 
shutsu (-^ffi) s ; (of resin) /m/cu. 

Exult, i.v. yorokohu ; o-yorokohi wo s ; 
ko-odori s ; kinki (/^^) s ; jakuyaku 

Exultation, n. yorokoU ; kinki (/c^ 
M.) ; jakuyaku (^{fg) ; dai-kyoetsu 
{ Af(^'I§) ; o-yorokohi ; kietsu (^'I;^). 

Exultingly, adv. yorokonde ; kinzen 
(lltX^^) ^0 5/«Ye ; fcmfci s/ii^e ; jakuyaku 
(%^) -^^^i^e ; o-yorokohi de ; dai-kyo- 
etsu ni. 

Exuviae, n. nuke-gara ; kara. 

Ex-voto, n. osame-mono ; (picture) 

hall, ema-do. 

Eye, n. me; manako ; (of a needle) 
medo ', ana ; (of a peacock's feather) 
tama ; umon {^^). 

artificial , ire-me. 

before one's very s, me no 

mae de. 

both s, rydgan (rI^QS). 

bull's , mato no hoshi. 

disease, gamhyb (Qji^). 

s front ! naore. 

s left, dress ! hidari e narae. 

s rig-ht, dress ! migi e narae. 

in the s of the law all men 

are equal, horitsu (v£i$:) no ganchu 

(ILFirfi) ni kisen {^^) no kuhetsu 

(E£/j' ) ^t"*^ "^(^i' 

in I li D s of the man of 

science there is no distinction 

of country, gakusha {^^) wa 
kuni to iu koto wo ganchu (8^4') ni 

in the -wind's , kaze ni saka- 


naked , nikugan ( |^ U^). 

- one , katame. 

sore , hybgan (^H^). 

to be in one's s (of the light), 

me ni chiraisuku. 

to have in one's mind's j 

mokuromxi ; hakaru ; mezasu. 

to have one's on, ni/chH- 

moku (v±@) s. 

to keep an on, nijme wo 


to nMtke s at, nijiro-me wo 

tsuka.u ; nijshuha (lllt^) ^o okuru. 
to strike the , me ni eiji-ru. 

Eye, t.v. mi-ru ; niramu ; (covetously) 
nijme wo kake-ru. 

to one another, nirami-au. 

Eye-ball, n. me no tama ; gankyu 
medama [vulg.]. 

Eye-bro\^'', n.mayuge ; mamie ; bimo 

Eye-disease, n. gamhyb (H^^). 
Eye-g'lass, n. megane ; gankyb {^ 

Eye-lash, n. matsuge ; shbmb (^^). 
Eyelet, n. (as of lace-boots) hatome. 

Eye-lid, n. mahuta ; ganken (0g&^). 

upper , uwa-mabuta ; jb-gan~ 

ken {±.mm- 
Eye-servant, n. kage-hinata no aru 

Eye-service, n. kage-hinata no 

Eye-sig"lit, n. mie ; shiryoku {Mfi)- 

to lose the , wd\me ga mie- 

naku naru. 

Eye-tooth, n. kiha ; itokiriha [vulg.]. 

Eye-^vater, n. me-gusuri. 

Eye-wdtness, n. mishbnin (^|^A) '* 
mokugekisha (@^#). 


[ 309 ] 



Falble, n. mukasJd-banashi ; monO' 
gafari ; (falsehood) tsukuri-goto. 

Fabric, n. (structure) tsukuri-kata; 
kekko {^^) ', (building) tatemono ; 
(framework of a building) yatai-hone; 
(fig., as of society) soshiki (iffi^) ; 
(texture) jlai; (cloth manufacture) 

woollen. , ke-ori. 

Fabricate, t.v. (lit. & fig.) tsukuru; 
(manufacture) koshirae-ru ; seisaku 

Fabrication, n. (manufacture) sei- 
saku ; se'izo (Mm) I (falsehood) tsu- 
kuri-goto ; koshirae-goto ; (canard) 
kyosetsu {}M.M)'^ ndsuzoseisu (Jgia 


to be a , kyoko (|M^-) de aru. 

Fabulous, a. (invented) tsukutta ; 
tsukuri-mbke no', (vast) kyoman (g 
^) no ', (prehistoric) rekishi-izen (^ 
&^m) no. 

the age (of Japanese history), 


Fa;^acle, n. shdmen (JEM)- 

Face, n. (of a man) kao ; tsura ; 
shattsura ; [the latter two words are 
rude] ; (anat.) memhu (MpH) '> gwam- 
men {MM) > (^^ ^ house) omote ; (side) 
men ; (of a type, seal, etc.) tsura ; (of 
a clock) r)ioji-Ua ; (of a bill) hydmen 
mm [Com. Co.]. 

before one's , hito no me no 

mae ni ; menzen (MhU ) ni ; mokuzen 
(gtlj) ni', ganzen ([lH:Hi|) ^i. 

downwards (on the belly), 

Jiaramhai ni ; utsuhushi ni. 

to (of persons), kao wo 

awasete, or tsuki-awasete ; ma no 
atari ni. 

upwards, (of persons) ao- 

muke ni ; (of things) uwamuki ni. 

value (of a bill, etc.), gaku- 

men-kagaku (H^ig^l) ; kemmen- 
gaku (#MI1) [Com. Co.]. 

in the of, (as against) nil 

taishite wa ; (notwithstanding) ni/ 
kakawaradzu ; wo/muko-midzu ni. 

on the of it (nominally), 

hyomenjo (^M-fc.) ni ; (clearly) 
akiraka ni. 

right ! migi muke. 

to abuse to one's , men to 

mukatte akko (M P ) -»• 

to be to , sashi-mukau ; 


to have the to do, hadzuka- 

shiku mo naku s ; heiki {^M,) de 

to be downward (of things), 

fusette aru. 

to lose , memhoku (®@) wo 


to make a long* , iya na kao 

wo s. 

to make a wry , kao wo shi- 

kame-ru ; shikame-tsura wo s. 

to make s, karakai-dzura wo 


to put a bold on the 

matter, kyosei {jM.%^) ^'^o haru. 

to turn one's away, neji- 

muke-ru ; (with shame, etc.) kao 
wo somuke-ru. 

Face, t.v. (be opposite) ni/mukau ; 
(turn in any direction) ni/muke-ru ; 
(of the aspect of a house, etc.) ni/mu- 
ite oru ; ni/men (M) s ; (danger) oka- 

ing the west, nishi-muki no. 

to with (a material), deuwa- 

hari s. 

Facet, n. men (®). 

Facetious, a. hydkin (gijjffi) na. 
person, hyokimmono. 

Facetiously, adv. hybkin n%. 

Facetiousiiess, n. hydkin. 

Facial, a. memhu (MrK) no. 

angle, menkakusen (Mf^jl^^). 

neuralgia, gicammen-shin- 

keitsii {WMWM%)'' 


[ 310 ] 


Facile, a. yasashii ; ie-garuL 

he is a man of pen, ano 

hito wa kempitsuka HM^^) ^^« 

Facilitate, t.v. yii/benrl ico yoku s; 
tsugo (§15 8^) yoku s. 
to be d, tsufjb yoku nam. 

Facility, n. ydi ni dekiru koto. 

i'es, henri [Up]) ; hengi {^'^.) ; 


to afford ies, henri wo atae- 


witb. ... . , icake wa naku; iaya- 

suku ; jiyu ( ^ rh ) ni ; muzbsa ni. 

Facing", n. (in dress) heri; (of stone, 
etc.) uwahari. 

Facsimile, n. hlnagata ; sJio-utsu- 
shi ; mosha {^M) 5 (naade by rub- 
bing) Idld-ut sushi. 

Fact, n. koto) jijitsu (^^). 

s, (of an occurrence) shldai (^ 

^) ; shlmatsu (^btJC) ; temmatsu (^^ 
^); (particulars) ji/co (#^^); (cir- 
cumstances) Jyo (^iit)- 

as a matter of , jijitsujo (^ 

K±.) ; jitsu wa. 

from the that, tokoro kara 

following vb. 

in ^ jitsu n'l; makoto ni; (at 

the beg. of a sentence) ittai ( — ^); 
zentai (il^t^^). 

relating to the s of a case, 

jijitsujo no. 

the that (foil, hj Yh.), no wa, 

01 koto ■ica. following vb. 

to cell in a matter of way, 

muki-dashl ni iu. 

Faction, n. tdha (MM); io; toto (^ 


Factious, a. ibha-teki (^Mfi^j) no. 

Factitious, a. (sham) nlse- ; (trump- 
ed up) kyokb {]^%) no. 

Factitive verb, sakid-dbsU [f^"^ 

Factor, n. (com.) daibennin (f^pA); 
(math.) haisfiii^Wc); (element) yoso 
(^lt) ; yom(^[g). 

principal , omo na gen-in (/f. 


Factory, n. seizosho {p^^^) ; kbjo. 
reg-ulations, kbio-jbrei {TAM 

mercantile ....... shbkican (j^ft). 

Factory-g"irI, n. kbjo (X^). 

Faculty, n. (mental) chie mYhatara- 
ki; nbryoku (i^ij); in compounds, 

-ryoku; as, reasoning , rikai- 

ryoku (i^^^^); (capacity) chikara; 
(special licence) tokkyo (#fi^). 

Fart, n. kuse ; (hobby) monodzuki ; 
sMkb (ttfHO. 

Fade, i.v. (of colour) same-ru ; taislio- 
ku (iK^)*?; (of flowers) shihomu; 
(disappear) inie-naku narw, kie-ru; 
(of authority) otoroe-ru ; usuku nam ; 
suihi (gfi) s. 

Fas'j i-v. karada wo ko ni s ; akuseku 

mm ■^■ 

Fag'-eild, n. (of a fabric) ori- 

Fag"g'ot, n. (of wood) taha [a.n. 
wa (^E)]. 

Falirenlieit, n. kicashi (^i^). 

Faience, n. nlshiki-de no setomono. 

Fail, i.v. (in business) tsuhure-ru ; 
shindai-kagirl ni naru ; (of crops) 
hadzureru; Icybsaku {'^\'^) ni naru', 
(of Avater) kawaku ; (of a scheme) 
hadzureru ; (give out) tae-ru ; (in an 
exam.) rakndai (|!^>j|) s ; (in an 
action at law) haiso (Ri:|lf) s [Civ. 
Pro.] ; (not succeed) shippal (:^RJC) 

to in, (the j)erformance of 

an obligation) u-o/okGtaru ; (follow- 
ed by a verbal noun) expr. by -so- 
konau suffixed to indef., form of 

vb; as, to in doing, yari" 


will not to, kanaradzu, ta- 

.sJiika ni, or machigai naku, with 
certain present of vb. 

Fail, n. without , machigai na- 
ku ; sol naku ; tashika ni ; kitto. 

Failing", n. warui kuse; iansho (^_a 
m ; keiien imh)- 


L 311 ] 


l'"^ailiire, n. (iu business) hasan (^ 
p^); bunsan {^nk)] (of the crops) 
fasaku (^f1=) ; kyosaku (l^lf^) ; (non- 
success) shlppai i-^^) ', fu-shubi (7fC 
•^^) ; (tlie act of failing) shi-soko- 
nal ; (a case of) deki-sokonai. 

of the heart's action, shin- 

zo-mahi {>tMM^)-- 

in the event of to (neglect), 

xoojokoiaru tokl tea. 

Faint, a. (ot colour) usui; (wanting 
in courage) yowai ; (of writing, of a 
sound, etc.) kasuka na. 
to be (weak), yowaru. 

JFaiiit, i.v. icalki ga toku nam ; ki 
wo ushinau ; kizetsu (^|g) ."? ; me wo 

Faiiit-liearted, a. yowai ; shdshin 
(/J^,t^) 7ia ; okubyo (|f,^) na ; kokoro 
no chiisai. 

Fainting, n. kizetsu. 

Faintly', adv. usuku ; kas-nka ?iL 

Faintness, n. usui koto. 

Fair, a. (white, of complexion) iro no 
shiroi ; (pretty) kirei (^^) na ; (just, 
of x^srsons) ekohiikl no nai: (of 
actions) kohei (S-^) na. 

by means or foui, donna 

slmdan {^IjC) ni uiiaete mo; an {^f) 


and proper, sbtb (tS^) na ; 

tdzen {^f^) na. 

weather, ienki; seiien{Q'^^). 

wind, jumpii {f^^); oi-te. 

not dzurui. 

Fair, n. [dd ; (at a temple) ennichl. 

Fairly, adv. shdjiki (JEilC) ni ; jinjo 
(^#j) 'it.i ; (tolerably) kanarl ; zui- 
hiai : yaya. 
it may be said that, to Uie 

mo muri ica nai. 

Fair-inin(le€l, a. hempa (fJiJ^) no 
• 7iai. 

Fairness, n. equiv. of Fair (a.) 
foil, by koto ; kohei. 

Fair-spoken, a. kucM no umai. 

Fairway^ n. koro {^i^); tsiiro [M, 

Fait accompli, klsui 
tsu (M'W). 


Faith, n. (religious) shinko (ftllp); 
shinjin; s^infcos/im (fgjlpili'*) ; (religi- 
on) oshie ; in compounds -kyo (f^). 
articles of , shinkb-kajb (fg 


good , shingi (fsd) ; (law) 

zen-i (#1;) [Com. Co., Civ. Pro.]. 

to break , shingi wo yaburu. 

to put in, wojshinyd (fg/fi) s; 

ni/shin wo oku. 

Faitliful, a. shinjitsu (fg^) na ; sei- 


jitsu (iES) na; (loyal) dmgi 

na ; (of a wife) ieisetsu (^Jffj na ; 

ieijitsu iM.'S.) '>'^^- 

the , shinja {i&^). 

to be , (loyal) chiigi wo mamo- 

ru ; (of a wife) teiso (MJ^) wo ma- 


true and (copy, etc.), seijitsu 

iM.'^) na. 

Faithfully, adv. truly and , 

seijitsu ni. 

Faithfulness, n. chugi. 

Faitliless, a. fujitsu (^^) na; fu- 
chu {7f,^s) na ; hakujo (J^'Ib^) na. 

Faithlessness, n. fujitsu; hakujo. 
Fake, t.v. koshirae-ru ; henzo {^^) s. 
Falcated teal, yoshi-gamo. 

Falcon, n. peregrine , haya- 


Falconer, n. takajb. 

Falconry, n, taka-gari. 

Fall, i.v. (drop) ocJd-ru; (of rain) /writ; 
(of the tide) hiku ; (of prices) sagaru; 
geraku (T^) s ; hbraku {^i§.) s[ot a 
great fall] ; (of the wind) yamu ; nagu ; 
(of a thermometer) kudaru ; sagaru ; 
(surrender, of a town) ochi-ru ; kan- 
raku (Pg^) s. 

to be ing (of the market), 

shita-muki de aru. 

to away, (lose flesh) yaseru ; 

hosoru; (of friends, etc.) tbzakaru; 

(apostatize) michi wo sute-ru ; (of a 

priest) daraku (P^^) s, 

to back (retreat), hiki-age- 

ru ; taikyaku (illip) s. 


[ 312 ] TAL 

to ... back on, (return to) nif 
hiki-kaeru ; ni/tachi-modoru ; (have 
recourse to) nijtayoru ; nijirai [itc 


to behind, okure-ru; ato ni 


to below, nojshita ni nam; 

does not below (a given 

figure), wo/kudaranai. 

to down, (from a height) 

ochi-ru ; okkochi-m [past tense, ok- 
kochita, or okkotta] ; (from an 
erect position) korobu ; koke-ru 
[W. Japan] ; taore-ru. 

to forward (full length), 


to in, (of a roof, etc.) ochi- 

komu ; (of the soil) kanraku {Mt^) •'^• 

to in a sitting" posture, 

shiri-mochi wo tsuku. 

to in love with, ni/hore-ru. 

to in one's circumstances, 

ochi-bure-ru ; relraku (^^) s. 

to into, ni/ochi-koviu; (of 

one river into another) ni/ochi-au; 
(a ditch, etc.) hamaru [W. Japan] ; 
(fig. lapse into) nijochi-iTu. 

to into an ambush, fuku- 

hei (t^:En) ni dekkoicasu. 

to into colloquialisms, 

tsui zokugo ((§•!#) wo tsukau. 

to into the hands of, no/ 

te ni hairu, or torare-ru. 

to in with, (meet) ni/de-au; 

(concur) nijshitagau; ni/doi {^M) 

to off, kara I ochi-ru ', (of 

flowers) chirw, 7'akkwa (^tb) s ; 
(fig.) ochi-ru ; otoroe-ru ; (a horse) 
rakuha (^,||) s. . 

to on (a given day), nijataru ; 

nilsbto (^@^*) s. 

to out, kenkwa [WmJ^) s ; wa"] 

naka ga waruku nam. 

to over (as a chair), nljtsuk- 

kakatte korohu. 

to short of, (an amount) ni/ 

fusoku (3^/S) s ; ni/mitanai; (not 
reach a point) nijtodokanai. 

to to by lot, iio/kuji ni ataru. 

to under, (fig.) ni/ki (|g) s; 

(a rule) oil/ gaito {^Mm) <^- 

to under the jurisdiction 

of, no/kivankatsu (^'|^) ni zoku 

(,D s. 

to upon (attack), nijshi-ka- 

karu ; ni/tobi-kakar'u. 

Fall, n, (ruin) ochihure ; gwakai (JQ 
^) ; (of prices) geraku (T^); (of 
Adam) daraku (^^) ; (surrender, of 
a town) kanraku (Pgl^); (cascade) 
taki ; f hakufii (i^^). 

from a horse, rakuha [fS-Mj)- 

in (bugle-call), shugofu dfe-pj* 

great (in prices) horaku (-^ 

to have a (as, from a bicycle), 


Fallacious, a. rlkutsu (JlM) ni 
awanai; suji no iatanai; cZori (jUJl) 
7ii kanawanai. 

Fallacy, n. hydken (M^) '> (fallacious 
argument) suji no iatanai giron (^ 
m) » machigatta giron. 

Fallible, a. ayamari-gachi na. 
to be , yoku machigau. 

Fallopian tubes, rappa-kican (lifj 

Fallow, n. yasume-ji. 

Fallow, a. to let lie , yasumete 


False, a. uso no ; (not true) hoiito {'^ 
'^) de nai \ kyogi (gtf^) no; (not 
faithful) fujitsu (/fCg) na ; (feigned) 
.sorazorashii ; (counterfeit) nise- ; fu- 
sel (7f^iE) 9^o. 

eyO) ire-me. 

hair, ire-ge. 

keel, fukuryiikotsu {Mn\'W)- 

report, kyosetsu (^^) ; kyo- 

ho [m^Y __ . 

statement, kyogen {^'^); 

(in a Court of law) kyogi no moshi- 

tears, sora-namlda. 

teeth, ire-ha. 

obtaining goods by pre- 
tences, sagi-shuzai i^i^MM)- 
seems to be , uso-rashii. 

False-liearted, a. futa-gokoro no. 

Falsehood, n. uso; kyogen; kyogi; 
to tell a , uso wo tsuku. 

Falsely, adv. to accuse , fuko 

ku iM^-) s. 

PAL [ 313 ] 


Falsetto, n. tsukuri-goe. 

Falsilication, n. glzo. 

of documents, hunsko-gizo 

of private papers, sJilsJio- 

Falsifier, n. (of coin, etc.) henzosha 

mmm) [Com. co.]. 

Falsity, t.v. ifsuwaru ; (documents) 
gizo s ; (coin, etc.) Jienzo s. 

to "be led (of expectations), 


to accounts, chomen, or cho- 

jiri, wo gomakasu. 

Falsity, n. Jionto de nai koto. 

Falter, i.v. (in speaking) kuchi-go- 

Fame, n. hyoban (fp^lj); meisei {^ 
^) ; komei [mi^)- 
one's good , meiyo (^#). 

Famed, a. Kakegawa is for 

its eels, unagi wa Kakegawa no 
me'ibutsu {^'Y//]) da; Kakegawa wa 
unagi no meisho (^J9f) da. 

Familiar, a. (friendly) shitashii; 
kokoro-yasui ; ^iinceremonious) nare- 
nareshii ; (common) tsune no ; (well- 
known) rei [m) no. 

with (versed in), niakarui; 

ni yoku tsUjiia ; ni tsitgyd (iHB^) 


to become , nareru. 

Familiarity, n. (friendly inter- 
course) kokoroyasu-date ; najimi ; (un- 
ceremoniousness) narenareshU koto. 

breeds contempt, yoi naka 

ni kaki wo shiro [lit. pat up a fence 
in friendly relations]. 

Familiarize, t.v. naresase-ru. 

to be d witli, ni/nare-ru. 

to be d with the sight of, 


to be d with the sound of, 


Familiarly, adv. (intimately) shita- 
shiku : (unceremoniously) narenare- 
.shiku; enryo {jM.M) '>^ctku. 

what is called , zoku 

((^) ni iu . 

Family, n. (members of one house- 
hold) kanai no mono ; kazoku {^1}%) ; 
kanaiju; ucJdji'i; (wife and children) 
salshi (^-^); (including relations) 
shinzoku (^]^) ; (race) ke ; as, the 

Kurashima , Kurashima-ke ; 

(biol.) -zoku (^) ; (hot.) -kwa {p(). 

affairs, (private) uchiica no 

koto ; (business) kaji (^^). 

council, kazoku-kwaigi (^ 

i5^#^) ; shinzokukwai [Civ. Co.]. 
... .. name, (surname) myoji {^ 
^) ; sei (j^) ; (reputation) kamei 

property, ie no zaisan {^ 

^); kasU (^^). 

head of a , koshu (Pi.) [Civ. 

Co., Civ. Pro.] ; female head of a 

, onna-koshu [Civ. Co., Civ. 


members of a ....... kazoku -, 

members of the Imperial , 

kwozoku {^%). 

of good , ie-gara no yoi. 

please remember me to your 

, minasan e yoroshiku osshat- 

te kudasai. 

the five ies {Ichijo, Mjo, 

Kujd, Konoe and Takatsukasa, 
from which the Empress is select- 
ed), go sekke {'p^M)- 

the three ies, {Tayasu, Hito- 

tsuhashi and Shimidzu) go san- 
kyb (^H^B) ; {Mito, Owari, Kii, 
from which a Tokugawa Shogun 
was chosen in default of direct 
heir) go sanke (f^H^). 
wealthy , goka {M'M)- 

Family-tree, n. keidzu {^M) ; km- 

/w mm)' 

Famine, n. kikin (Uti). 
Famished, a. to be , katsue- 


Famous, a. nadakai ; yumei {^^) 
na ; komei (j^:^) na ; nadai no; (fine) 
erai [slang]. 

person, nadakai hito. 

physician, meii (^^). 

place, meisho {^f'J\). 

Famouslj^, adv. (finely) umaku; 

migoto ni. 


[ 314 ] 


Fan, n. (folding) ogi ; sensu (WiJ-)', 
(round) uchiwa ; (used for the fire) 
shibU'Uchiwa ; (of a wheel) hane ; 
(story-teller's) hari-ogi. 

electric ..,..., denki-ucJiiwa. 

mount, jigami. 

half-open (used at Court), 

chukei (tf ^)- 

iron (with iron rihs), tessen 


.. , gumbai-uchiwa (^^Hp 

Fan, t.v. aogu ; (fig.) sendo ('^iJi) s ; 

to be ned by the wind (as, 

a fire), kaze ni aorare-ru. 

Fanatic, n. shushi-klchigai (^r^E 
^0 ; kyoshinja {Uim^)- 

Fanatical, a. kori-katamatta. 

Fanaticism, n. kori-katamarl. 

Fancier, n, kddzuka (0^^). 

bird , toriya. 

dog , (foreign dogs) yokenya 

i'i^ytM) ; (Japanese spaniels) chin- 


Fanciful, a. iori-iome no nai ; (full 
of whims) katte-kimama no. 

Fancifully, adv. tori-tome naku. 

Fancifulness, n. equiv. of Fanci- 
ful foil, by koto. 

Fancy, n. (the imagination) sbzbryo- 
ku {Mif<^l)', (idea) sozo', kangae ; 
(speculative belief) (^^). 

to have a for a woman, 

anna ni ki ga aru. 

to take a to (a woman), m/ 

hore-ru ; ni/hore-komu ; ni/omoi wo 

kakeru ; nijkeso (}^^J s. 

Fancy, t.v. konomu. 

Fancy, i.v. omou; (suppose) omoi- 
nasu ; (imagine) sozo s ; omoi- 

I I have met him some- 
where, doko ka de atta yd ni 

I ..... you will fa.ll, kirni ica 
yarisokonai-so ni omou. 

Fancy, a biscuits, kwashisei- 

usuki (M^mm^)' 

dress ball, kaso-hdokwai 

goods, komamono; 

goods shop, komamonoya. 

Fang", n. (snake's) doku-ha; (of a 
tooth) ne. 

Fan-sliaped, a. ichd-gata no. 

Fantastic, (not real) ku (^) na; 
tori-tome no nai ; (of shape) medzura- 
shii katachi no ; katachi no kawatta ; 
kimyo {^^) na. 

Far, a. toi; empo {f^'^) no; enkaku 
(MFM) ^0 5 (further of two) midco no. 

point (optics), enten {^^^). 

how is it to A.? A. e dono 

kurai da; A. e nani hodo aru ; 

(measured by ri) A. e iku ri aru. 

it is not , jiki da ; zosa mo nai. 

the East, Kyokutb {%'^); 

Zetto mM)- 
Far, adv. toku ; (by many degrees) 

haruka ni; as, is superior, 

haruka ni masatte oru. 

as as circumstances may 

permit, jijo {^-'tn) '^o yurusu ka- 


as as possible, naruhekuwa; 

dekiru dake wa. 

and away (with compara- 
tive), zutto. 

and near, enkin (^i/£) ni; 

ochi-kochi; hobo ('^^)- 

from , haruharu ; empo kara. 

how off w^ere you ? dono 

kurai hedatatte ita ka. 

so as I am concerned, wa- 

takushi dake wa. 

so from , dokoro de 

wa nai, kaeite. 

Farce, n. kokkei-shibai (?#|t^^) ; 
kokkei-kyogen (?f ||CEW) ; gigeki [^ 
glj) ; kigeki{^^l) ; doke-shibai. 

Fare, n. (food) rydri (f4?i) ; (charge 
for conveyance) cJiinsen (M!l^) > (Per- 
son conveyed) kyaku (^) ; nori-te 
(charge, by boat) funa-chin ; (by car 
riage) hasha-cliin ; (by ferry) watashi 
chin ; (by horse) noiti-chin ; badai 
i^iK) I (by palanquin) kago-chin 
(by riklsha) kuruma-chin. 


[ 315 ] 


bill of , kondate ; shina-gaki. 

good yQo chiso (if[)|l|^). 

Fare, i.v. how did you ? do 

narimashita ka ; ikaga deshita. 

Farewell, interj. 
gen yoroshu. 

sayo-nara, go ki- 

of departing) 

kokuhetsukicai (^31 


Farewell, n. (act 
icakare ; nagorl. 

address, sobetsu-enzetsu {^ 


dinner, sohetsuen (i^^lj^) ; 

wakare no sakadzuki ; heppai (HO 

^^) ; (given by the person leaving) 


entertainment, sohetsukwai 



to bid , itoma-goi wo s. 

to take one's , wakare ru. 

Far-f etched, a, kojUsuke na. 

a view, kenkyb-fukwai (-^'M 

Pf^^) na setsu (ft). 

Farm, n. (cultivated land) denji (09 
experimental , noji-shikenjo 

Farm, t.v. tsukuru ; kosaku s. 

Farmer, n. (cultivator) hyakushb ( ^ 
i^) ; nbka (^^) ; nbfu (1^^) ; taka- 

Farm-house, n. noka ; hyakushb- 

Farming", n. (cultivation) nbgyb (^ 
II) ; nbsaku (^f"^) ; kosaku iPi'l^). 

Farrag'O, n. gota-maze. 

Farrier, n. (horse-shoer) tetieikb (^ 
E^X) ; kanagutsu-shl ; teitetsukb ; 
(vet.) ha-i (,^g). 

Farriery, n. tetieijutsu ; teltetsujutsu 

Far-seeing", Farsighted, a. 

(fig.) senken {-^SL) no aru. 

Farsig'htedness, n. (lit.) enshigan 

Fart, n. he ; o nara [used by wo- 

to let a , he wo hi-ru ; o nara 

wo s ; hbhi (j&^) s. 

Farther, a. mukb no. 

Farther, adv. motto tbku. 

Farthest, a. ichiban tbi. 

Fascinate, t.v. nojkokoro uo u'jau ; 
mayowasu ; (as a snake) mi-komu. 
lie is d by her beauty, 

ano onna no utsukushii no ni ma- 
yoite iru. 

to be d by, ni/mi-iore-ru ; ni/ 


Fascinating", a. (charming) alkyb 

i'^M) no aru. 
Fascinating"ly, adv. hore-hore suru 

hodo ; mi-toreru hodo. 

Fascine, n. take-faba ; sokusai {'^ 

Fashion, n. (shape) tsukuri-kata ; 
(the prevailing mode) hayari ; ryukb 
("OiSff) ; hayari-fu. 
new s, shingata no mono. 

Fashionable, a. furyn {M,Tfit) ri,a ; 
hayari- ; ryukbteki no. 

shape, ryukb-gata. 

to be (of things), hayaru; 

ryukb s. 

Fashionably, adv. to be 

dressed, hayari no fu wo shite oru. 

Fast, a. (quick) hayai ; (firm) katai ; 
(of a dye) hagenai ; (dissolute) dbraku 
(itl^) na ; libtb {W^M) na. 
a train, kyukb-ressha (^fr^sj 

to be (of a watch), susunde 


to be hard and (as, of a 

ship aground), kochaku (I§^) shite 
ugokanai ; i-suwaru. 

Fast, adv. (quickly) hayaku ; hayame- 
te ; (hurriedly) isoide ; (immovably) 

to be asleep, jukusui (|fjiin]f) 

shite oru ; gussuri to ne-konde oru. 

to shut , shikkari shime-ru. 

to stick , shikkari tsuku. 

Fast, n. (from fish and fiesh) slibjln 
(Mill) ; (from all. food, voluntarily or 
otherwise) danjiki (^;%) ; (volun- 
tary) zesshoku (|g:^) ; (from all food 
but fruits of trees and nuts) mokii^lki 


[ 316 ] 


"Fast, i.v. shdjln s ; danjiki s ; zes- 
shoku s. 

'to from, wo I tat su. 

Past-day, n. tachi-U ; daiijlki-jltsu ; 

saintsu [% H ). 
Fasten, t V. shime-ru ; tor.e-ru. 

to a lock, jo wo orosu. 

to on, tsuke-ru. 

Fastening", n. sMmari ; (of metal) 

kake-gane. ^ 
Fastidious, a. ki-mudzukashii. 
Fastidiously, adv. ki-mudzuka- 

Fastidiousness, n. ki-mudzukashii 

Fasting", a. shojln ; danjiki ; v. also. 
Fast (n.). 

Fat, n. ahura ; shibo (Bh!^) ; (as opp. 
to the lean) ahura-mi. 

Fat, a. futotta ; koeta ; himan (HG'ffi) 
sJiita ; (greasy) ahurakkoi. 
to get , futoru ; koe-ru. 

Fatal, a. (of a wonnd) shinu hodo no ; 
inochi ni kakaru ; (irretrievable) tori- 
kaeshi no dekinai. 

disease, shibyo (^^) ; fuji- 

sho {-^'/^m- 

wound, chimeishb {Wiv^Wj)- 

Fatalism, n.jomydron (^p^fm)- 
Fatalities, n. (number of deaths) 

shihosii {-^tlWc)' 
Fatally, adv. to be wounded, 

chimeisho wo uke-ru. 

Fate, n. (destiny) un ; mnmei (jgp^) ; 
(decrees of heaven) temmei (^^). 

to accept as , unto akirame- 


Fatlier, n. chidd ; otottsan [fam.] ; 
ieie-oya ; (one's own) oyaji ; (an- 
other's) go sompu (^^^) ; go shim- 
pu (itpll"^) ; (when addressing a 
child) otottsama ; otottsan. 

adoptive , yofu (^^). 

and mother, fuoo (^^) ; 

rydshin {MW- 

and son, fushi (^•^). 

Father-in-law, n. shiifo. 

Fatherland, n. sokoku (rii^). 

Fathom, n. hiro ; jin (^). 
how many s ? ikvjin. 

Fathom, t.v. (fig., a design) mi- 
nuku ; kampa (^^) s. 

cannot bo ed, haka.renai. 

to try to another's 

thoughts, hito no Kara wo saguru. 

Fathomless, a. soko no nal. 

Fatij^'ue, n. tsukare ; kutahire ; hiro 

barrack , einai-toban (^^^ 

m ;• 

dress, sakugyo-fuku ( f^^^R). 

duty, zatsuyaku {^^^) ', to 

put on duty, nij zatsuyaku 

wo ii-tsuke-ru. 

Fatig'ue, t.v. tsukarase-ru ; de]tsuka- 
re-ru [lit. be fatigued by]. 

to become d, yowaru; kuta- 

bire-ru ; tsukare-ru ; (bored) tai- 
kutsu (ilM) s- 
Fatness, n. futotta koto ; koeta 

koto ; himan (BG"/^). 
Fatten, t.v. futorase-ru ; koyasu. 

Fatty, a. aburakke no aru ; aburak- 
koi; (made of fat) shiboshitsu (Qh|^ 

degeneration, shibo-hensho 


Fatuity, n. kinuke shite oru koto. 

Fatuous, a. kinuke shita. 

Fatuously, adv. kinuke shite. 

Faucet, n. nomi-guchi. ^ 

Fault, n. ayamachi; ochido; (flaw) 
kidzu ; kakin {^M) 5 (defect) ketten 
(^ifi) I (as, in an exercise) machigai ; 
(law) kvMshitsu {'M^) [Com. Co., 
Civ. Pro.]. 

it is the of the parents' 

training, oya no shitsuke ga 
warui no da. 

it is your , omae ga warui 

no da ; omae no bunen {^^) da. 

it must be the of the 

weather, tenki no sei daro to 


to find ....... kogoto ico iu. 

Fault-finding", a. kuchi-yakama- 
to be , ara wo sagasu. 


[ 317 ] 


Faiiltiiiess, n. equiv. of Faulty- 
foil, by koto. 

Faultless, a. mdshihun no nai ; iibun 

no nai. 
Faultlessly, adv^ ayamari naku ; 

iibun naku. 

Faulty, a. ketten no oi ; machigai no 
yoku aru ; mb-'''/hibun no itru ; fu- 
kwanzen (/f^^,^) na. 
Fauna, n. dobutsu-rui (iJW^tl)- 
Favour, n. megumi; on; onkei {^, 
^) ; (patronage) hiiki ; hiki-tate ; al- 
ko (^^) ; (partiality) ekohiiki. 

by your , o kage de. 

facts in of the accused, 

hikoku no rieki (^'Ij^) to nam 

thank you for past s, mat- 
do sewa 7ii natte arigato zonjimasu. 

to be in , chd (f|) wo ukcru ; 

(in fashion) hay aru. 

to be in of (a proposal), idoJ 

sansei s. 

to find with, no/ki ni iru. 

to make a great of, woj 

taiso on ni kake-ru. 

to result in of (of a suit), 

nojkachi ni nam ; no/shoso (0|Jf ) 
ni nam. 

to win the of, nojkicanshin 

(i^'CO ^^0 kau. 
Favour, t.v. megumu ; 7^i/me wo 
kake-ru ; (take the side of) no/kata 
wo motsu ; (a plan) sansei {^)^) s ; 
(resemble) ni/niie oru. 

to be ed with, nijadzukaru. 

to with an interview, 

nilrnenkwai (M'^) shite kudasam. 

Favourable, a. (conducive) tsugo 
no yoi. 

circumstances, kotsugo (0- 


comm.ent, kb'hyb ("H'i¥)- 
opportunity, kb-kikwai (0 

to, no rieki to nam. 

wind, jumpfc (MMi)- 

to wait for a time, ii jikl 

(0§l^) '^0 niatsu ; (for some bad 
action) shuhi ("^^) wo ukagau. 


tsugb yoku. 

adv. (conducively) 

Favourite, n. o-ki-ni-iri ; (of so- 
ciety) aikyb-yakusha {'MM^^)' 

Favourite, a. ichiban suki na ; (of 
persons) hiiki na ; o-ki-ni-iri no ; 
chbai (fl^) no. 

child, omoi-go ; chbai-go. 

Favouritism, n. eko-hiiki ; jbjitsu 
draK) ; kata-hiiki. 

Fi\rwn, n. ko-jika ; shika no ko. 

Fawn, i.v. (on, ni) kdbi-hetsurau. 

Fawn-coloured, a. kage-iro no. 

Fear, n. osore ; (apprehension) ke- 
nen (!^,^) ; kidzukai. 

there is of, no osore ga aru. 

there is no of, kidzukai wd 

nai following vb. 

Fear, t.v. osore-ru ; kowagaru ; nij 
ojlru ; ni/ojike-ru. 

Fearful, a. (dreadful) osoroshiii 
kowal ; okkanai ; nikunikushii. 
to be (afraid), kowagaru. 

Fearfully, adv. (dreadfully) osoro- 
shiku ; hidoku. 

Fearless, a. daitan (ASl) na. 
of, wojosorenai ; ni/ojinai. 

Feasibility, n. (whether feasible or 
not) seihi {^^)- 

to consider the of a plan, 

keikwaku (ftffi) w-a togeru ka 
togenai ka wo kangae-ru. 

Feasible, a. dekiru. 

not in practice, jissai (^ 

^) ni wa okonawarenai. 

: Feast, n. (banquet) go chlsb (^pm 
^) ; kybb (^SS) ; (festival) matsuri ; 

as, the of lanterns, bom- 

matsuri ; (of the Church) shukujitsu. 
imm.oveable , kotei-shuku- 

jitsu m'^m^)- 

moveable , idb-shukujltsu 

Feast, t.v. nl/chisb s ; wojkybb s. 
Feat, n. gei (®) ; (acrobatic) karin 

of strength, chikara-mochii 


,s of arms, hugei (^\:^). 


I 318 ] 


Jfi'eatlier, n. (large) liane ; (small) 

birds of a ficck together, 

ushl wa ushi-dzure, iima wa uma- 

brush, hane-hataki; sai- 


mattress, hane-huion. 

Feather, t.v. (an arrow) hagii. 

Features, n. ydhd (^|5J). 

the main of a scheme, 

daitai {'Mt^). 

Febrifiig'e, n, netsu-samasM ; ge- 
netsuzai (^?^^IJ) ; seiryozai {^WM])- 

February, n. nigwatsu (n^); 
kisaragi [only used in poetry]. 

Feces, n. daihen (:;^iM)- 
Feckless, a. ikuji no nai. 

Federal, a. rempo no. 

g-overnment, rempo-seifu 

Federation, n. rengo [M-^) ; (con- 
federacy) rempo. 

Fee, n. sharei (Itjjfi) ; hoshfi (|M) ; 
reikin (jf^^) ; (for an official service) 
tesuryb (^Iif4) '■> (paid by the 
month, as school fees) gessha (HM) ' 
(doctor's) shinsatsuryo (I^^M) > 
yakurei (^ij^) ; (painter's) jumpitsu- 
ryb (r^5tti>}-) ; (of a geinin, as a story 
teller) shilgi ()f£^) ; (of a geisha, etc.) 
gyokudai (3£t^) : gyoku ; agedai ; 
shugl [present rather than fee] ; 
(gratuity) kokoro-dzuke, 

copying" , (official) tosharyd 

{BW\) ; (non-official) hikkoryo 

for a legal (or other ex^^ert) 

opinion, kanteiryb {^ii^Pi). 

Feeble, a. yowii; kayowai; haku- 
jaku [pt^.^%) na. 

Feebly, adv. yowaku. 

Feed, t.v. tahesase-ru ; (birds, or fish) 
nije wo yaru. 

to a child on milk, gyfmyii 

{^$1) de kodomo wo sodate-ru. 

to a horse, uma ni kai wo 


Feed, i.v. tabe-ru ; (of birds) asaru. 
to on, wo/kuu. 

Feed, n. tahemono, 

Feeding'-bottle, n. chichi no tokku- 

ri ; uha-iradzu. 

Feedpipe, n. kyusulkwan {^7}^^)- 

Feel, t.v (touch) ijiru ; ni/sawaru ; 
sawatie mi-ru ; (the pulso) mi-ru ; 
(have a sensation of) kanji-ru ; oboe' 

Feel, i.v. (have a sensation) ohoe-ru ; 
(have the sensibility affected) kanjv 
ru ; (have an idea of) omol wo s ; as, 

to cold (in the absence of the 

exciting cause), samui omoi wo s. 

I for you, sasshi moshi- 


to after, wo/saguru. 

to as if, wd]yo na kokoromochi 

ga s. 

to certain, tashika ni omou. 

to cold (actually), samugaru. 

to sorry for, wojkinodoku- 

garu ; iDo/kinodoku ni omou ; (re- 
pent of) kuyuru. 

to unwell, kokoromochi ga 


Feel, n. te-atari ; te-zawari ; shushoku 

(^81); as, I don't like the 

of silk, watakushi tea kinu no te- 
zawari ga kirai da ; (against the 
skin) hada-zawari. 

Feeler, n. (antenna) tsuno ; shok' 
kaku (§1:^1) ; shokumo (ffi-§). 

Feeling", n. (sense of) kankaku (j^ 
^) ; cldk'iku (^n%) ; (sensation) 
kokoromochi ; kanyi ; as, a pleasant 

, il kokoromochi; (idea) omoi\ 

(emotion) jo ; kanjb {^\^) ', (kind- 
heartedness) nasake. 

tad (resentment), aku-kanjo 

my hands are so cold that I 
have no in them, te wa 

kogoete kanji ga nai. 

popular ^jinki {AM.)- 

to sympathize with (another's) 
s, nojkokoro no uchi wo sas- 


Feig"il, t.v. no/mane wo s ; no/furi wo 
s ; wolomote ni kazaru ; yosoou. 

to ignorance, shiranu kao 

wo s. 


[ 319 ] FEM 

to sickness, ke^jyo wo 


Feig'nefl, a. sora- ; nise- ; sornzora- 

laughter, sora-warai. 

sickness, kebyd ; sakuhyo 


sleep, sora-ne ; tanuki-neiri. 

tears, sora-naki. 

voice, tsukuri-goe. 

Feint, n. (in war) kensei-undo ($iHlJ 
MWi) ; t yogeki (#p) ; (in fencing) 

to make a , damashi wo 


Feldspar, n. nifcus7io/cu.9efci(^^H)- 
Felicitate, t.v, mUMgi wo iu ; ni/ 
shugi ivo ndbe-ru ; ni/shuku-i (fjiig.) 
wo hyo (^) s. 

to on, loo/shuku s ; I 

you on your promotion, go 

eiten {iM^W) '^^ ^ ^^■<^^ moshimasu. 

Felicitation, n. shugl (fiH) ; 

iwai ; shukiiji {"^ifpl) ; shukuga (iji£ 


to offer one's s, go shugi wo 

moshi-age-ru ; shukuga wo moshi- 
age-ru ; shukvji wo nobe-ru. 

Felicitous, a. (appropriate) yoku 

Felicitously, adv. takumi ni ; shubi 

Felicity, n. kofuku (?^-j^g). 

Feline, a voice (fig.)j nekonade- 


Fell, t.v. (a person) uchi-taosu ; (a 
tree) kiru ; kiri-taosu ; (timber) sai- 
hatsu (^t^c) ^ j (sew) kagaru. 

Felling", n. (of timber) bassai (ticl^)- 
indiscriminate , rambatsu 

Felloe, n. kushigata. 

Fellow, n. (one of a pair) a'lte ; 
katappo ; katakata ; (of a scientific 
society) meiyo-kwaiin (^^#^) 
[strictly, honorary member] ; (com- 
panion) nakama ; (term of contempt) 

s (in contempt), teai. 

cousins, itoko-doshi ; [doshi 

expresses the idea of a feehng of 
fellowship between the individuals, 
so that the expression kyddai- 
dbshi, fellow-brothers, is admis- 
sible in Japanese though not in 
English ; yakunin-doshi means 
fellow-officers with this feeling 
implied, but a fellow-oflicer is 
simply doyaku]. 

that f aitsu ; kiyatsu. 

this , koitsu. 

those s, altsura. 

Fellow-creature, n. onaji nin- 

gen; nm^/en-dos/ii ( Af^lRl±)• 
Fellow-feeling•, n. dojo (l^'fn) ; 

Fellow-g'uest, n. ai-kyaku. 

Fellow-IOflg'er, n. (occupying one 
room at an inn) ai-kyaku. 

to be s at an inn, tomarl- 

awase-ru ; ai-yado wo s. 

Fellow-men, n. one's , ddbo- 

kyodai il^^g^^). 

Fellow-officer, n. doyaku (1^^); 
doryo (I^^). 

Fellow-prisoner, n. ai-ro no 


Fellowship, n. (association) 7iaka- 
ma ; (companionship) majlwari ; 

good , shimboku (filli). 

Fellow-soldier, n. mikata. 

FellovY-student, n. gakuyu (^ 
^) ; doso (l^p); keiko-nakama ; 
monjin-doshi ; ai-deshi. 

Fellow-traveller, n. micU-dzure; 
tabi no isure. 

Fellow- watchman, n. ai-ban. 

Felon, n.juzainln (MliA) ; (general) 

Felony, Ti,juzai [Cr. Co.]. 

Felt, n. *. 

Female, n. mesu ; men ; (woman 
onna ; onago [W. Japan]. 


[ 320 ] 


Female, a, me- ; (pertaining to wo- 
men) onna no. 

child, joshi. 

education, joshi-kyoiku (:fe 

head of a family, onna- 


operative, Jo/co (:^X). 

Feminine, a. onnarasMi ; (gram.) 
josei no. 

gender, josei (;^'j^). 

Femoral artery, kodomyaku ()]5: 

Femur, n. daitaikotsu (:;^M#)» 
Fen, n. numa. 

Fence, n. (general) kakoi ; (con- 
tinuous structure) liei (j^) ; (with 
open spaces) kakine ; kaki ; saku. 

bamboo , take-yarai ; take- 

gaki ; (of split bamboo set close 

together) kennenji [corruption of 

kenninji] ; (of slender bamboos 

placed several inches apart) yotsu- 


politicians 'who sit on the 

Junkelto [MMW- 

wooden , itabei. 

Fence, t.v. kakou. 
Fence, i.v. kenjutsu wo tsukau. 
Fencer, n. kenjutsu-tsukai ; gekken- 
ka [^MM) ; kenkaku (^ij^j. 

Fencing', n. kenjutsu (^ij^) ; gekken. 
master, kenjutsu no sensei 


school, kenjutsu no kelkdba ; 

ddjb mm). 

sticks, shinai. 

Fend, t.v. to off, yoke-ru; uke- 


Fender, n. (before a fire) sutohu no 
kakoi ; (for a boat) kamase ; (for a 
junk) danzure. 

Fennel, n. uikyo. 

Ferment, i.v. hakko s ; (of the 
wort) waku ; (of grain, etc.) mure-ru. 

Ferment, n. (yeast, etc.) koho {^^) ; 
(used in sa/ce-brewing) moto ; (fig., 
agitation) sawagi-dachi ; ddyo (ii^). 

to be in a , fuito i^M) s ; 

gota-goia s ; scmagu. 

Fermentation, n. Jiakkd (MM)- 

Fern, n. shida ; (edible) warahi. 

Ferocious, a. moaku (^^) na ; mo- 
retsu i^^fj^) na ; osoroshii kowai. 
beast, mdjfi (3Sg^). 

Ferocious-looking-, a. nikuniku- 

Ferocity, n. mdretsu ; mb'aku ; niku- 
nikushii koto. 

Ferret, n, skiro-Uachi. 

Ferruginous duck, aka-hajiro. 

Ferrule, n. isM-dzuki. 

Ferry, n. watashi-ha ; watashi \funa- 
■-icrftashi ; tosemha (ij^lfii^). 

Ferry, t.v. watasu. 

Ferry, i.v. wataru. 

Ferry-boat, n. icatashi-bune. 

Ferryman, n. watashi-morl ; wata- 
shiba no sendo. 

Fertile, a. koeta ; hiyoku na ; hojo 
na ; koyu (^|]^) no. 

Fertility, n. hiyoku {^t^) ; hojo (^ 


Fertilization, n.jusei (^|^). 

Fertilized, a. to be (of a 

plant), mi wo motsu. 

Fertilizer, n. hiryo (HElfl) ; koyashi. 

Ferule, n. shippei. 

Fervency, n. nesshin (^iC^. 

Fervent, a. atsui ; hageshii ; nesshin 

Fervently, adv. atsuku ; ori-itte ; 
setsu ni ', hUasura ni ; nesshin ni. 

Fervour, n. nesshin. 

Fester, i.v. umu. 
Fester, n. dekimono. 
Festering, n. tadare. 

Festival, n. matsuri ; shukuten {j^ 
M.) ; sairei (^j^) ; (at a temple) en- 
nichi (^ ). 

Festivity, n. iwai. 

Festoon, n. (of flowers) hana-dzuna. 

Festoon, t.v. kumode ni kake-ru. 


t 321 i 


Fetch, t.v. torn ; totte kuru ; (a per- 
son) isurete kuru ; (sell for) de/ure- 

to back, hiki-toru. 

to go to , tori ni iku : (as a 

servant his master, etc.) no/mukai 
ni iku. ^) 

Fete-day, n. matsuri ; saijitfiu (|^ 
) ; (of the Japanese calendar) 
taisaibi {:k.^B)- 

the five (native) s (7th of 1st, 

3rd of 3rd month, etc.), go sekku 

Feticliism, n. haibutsukyo (^i^Mic). 

Fetid, a. mure-kusai ; musare-kusai. 

Fetlock, n. akuto-age. 

Fetter, n, ashi-kase. 

Fetter, t.v, ni/ashi-kasc wo kake-ru ; 
(fig.) kosoku (t6j^) s ; sokubaku {'^ 
ill) s ; hodasu. 

Fetus, n. taij'i (^§J^) ; hara-gomori 
no ko. 

Feud, n. ada ; urami. 

Feudal, a. Iwken no. 

nobles, (of Japan) daimyo 

{:^<Z); (collectively) shoko mW- 
system, hoken-seido (it^ 

times, hoken-jidai (^t^ 


Feudalism, n. hokef-ieido. 

Fever, n. netsu ; netsabyo (^^) ; 

shbkan {%^) [Chin, med,] ; (degree 

of) netsudo (^^). 

intermittent , okori ; gyaku 

(fS) '■> kanketsunetsu (f^^^). 
to cure a , netsu wo toru. 

Feverish, a, to become , tea] 

netsu ga de-ru ; hatsunetsu (f^^'i) s. 

Few, a. sukunai [sometimes pron, 
sukenal} ; [sukunai is not used attri- 
butively ; instead of saying " few 
men do " the Japanese idiom is 
" do men are few " ]. 

a , expr. by nlsan; mitsu- 

yotsu, etc. ; as, 

a persons, sliigomn (29EA). 

a at a time, cMra-hora. 

in a days, kinjitsu (SH) '<o 

uchi ni ; nisannichi no uchi ni. 

Fez, n. turko-ho. 

Fiasco, n, shippai (:^|l^). 

to result in a ^- satetsu (^Jj)^) 

wo kitasu. 

Fiat, n. meirei [^^). 

money, fu-dakwansaisu {:^ 

Fibre, n. sen-i (Hit) ; suji. 

Fibrin, n. seni-so (^|t^). 

Fibrous, a. suji no oi. 

Fibula, n. haikotsu (p#). 

Fickle, a. uwaki na ; utsuri-gi na ; 
kawari-yasui ; akippoi. 

person, uwaki-mono [usu. in 

speaking of relations between the 

Fickleness, n. (inconstancy in 
affection) uwaki ; (changeableness) 

utsuri-gi ; kawari-yasui koto. 

Fictile vt^are, nerlmono. 

Fiction, n. (fabrication) tsukuri- 
goto ; kyosetsu {jMp^) I (novels) 
shosetsu (/J>|%). 

legal , inselho (Ft{!i!j^). 

Fictitious, a. nise- ; sora- ; uso no. 

transaction (on the stock 

exchange), kilsoha (^tB^)- 

Ficus carica, ichijiku. 
f. nipponica, itahi. 

Fiddle, n, kokyu. 
Fiddle, i.v. kokyu wo hiku. 
Fiddler, n. kokyu-Jiiki. 
Fidelity, n. (loyalty) cJiugl O^M) ; 
(truth) shinjltsu (^S) J (o^ ^ wife) 
teiseisu (^|0). 

to show towards, ni/jitsu 

wo tsukusu. 

Fides, n. bona , zen-i {^M) I 


Fidg"et, i.v. moji-moji s ; seka-seka s. 

Fidgetty, a. sesekomashli. 

Fief, n. hodo (lt±) ; ^^ochi (Jtigj) ; 
(of a daimyo) ryobun (^1-^) ; (of a 
hatamoto) chigyo ; chigyosho (^ 


[ 322 ] 


FieUl, n, (other than rice) hata ; 
hatake ; (fig., as, of politics) humen 


s, dempaia; denji (fflJi). 

"battle , senjo (^^). 

coal , tanden (^H)- 

dispensary, yasen-yakuzai- 

lu mwmmm- 

glasses, sbrjankyo (^HSia). 

howitzer, yasen-ryiidanhd 

of operations, sakusenchi 


post, ijasen-yiiUn (HJflicinfM)- 

telegTaph, yasen-denshin (ItJf 


officers below rank, shi- 

kwan (ill')- 

oil .. sekiyu-kwojb (S^vfl]^^). 

rice ., ta. 

salt , endeyi (^H). 

to take the (iiail-)j shutsu- 


wet s, midziL-ta. 

while on active service in the 
, jugunchii {i^'^ ^ ) . 

Fiel<l-?irtillery, n. (troops) ya,se7t- 

hohei mmm^)- 

Field-day, n. rempeiU (|i:^H). 

Fieldfare, n. Eastern , chbma. 

red-tailed , hachijo-tsugu- 

mi ; akajinai. 

FielclgTin, n. yasenhd (iflc^l^)- 
Field-hospital, n. yasen-hybin {^ 

Field-marshal, n. gensai (7cgi|]). 

Field-officer, n. sakwan (^'g ). 

FieldAVOrks, n. hbrui (:}ig||) ; 
(breastwork) kybheki (3^^). 

to throw up , hbrui wo 


Fiend, n. akuma. 

Fiendish, a. akuma no yb na ; oni 
no yb na. 

Fierce, a. hageshii ; (in appearance) 

nikunikushii ; ikatsui. 

to look ^riklmu] koicai Jcao 

wo s. 

Fiercely, adv. hageshiku. 

Fiery, a. (of men) okori-yasui ; (of a 
horse) arai ; kitsui. 

..... hot, moeru yb nl atsui. 

Fife, n./we. 

Fifteen, n. jugo ; (age of) jugosai 
("t'E^) ; [the Japanese ceremony 
marking a youth's arrival at the age 
of 15 is termed gembuku {ytM.) ]• 

Fifteenth, a. (in place) jUgo-hamme 
no ; (in time) jugo-dome no. 

the (of the month), jugonlchi. 

Fifth, a. (in place) ifsutsu-me no ; 
(in time) goiahi-me no. 
the (of the month), itsuka. 

Fifth, TL. gobun (S^S*)- 
one , gobun no ichi. 

Fiftieth, a, goju-bamme no ; goju- 
dome no. 

Fifty, n. gojii. 

Fig', n. ichijiku. 

tree, ichijiku no ki. 

not to care a for, hechima 

to mo omowarenai ; he to mo omo- 
icanai [vnlg.]. 

Fight, n. (battle) tatakai ; (between 
individuals) kenkwa {^%0) ; tataki- 
ai ; uchi-ai ; huchi-ai ; sotb (^Si) » 
(with fists) naguri-ai ; dotsuki-ai 
[W. Japan]. 

hand to hand , sessen (^^). 

hard , kusen (^ilc). 

sea , kaisen (v'^pj. 

sham , enshii (i^^). 

street ,....., shigalsen (ifj^iJc). 

Fight, i.v. (with, to) tatakau ; ken- 
kwa s. 

to against (resist), ni/teikb 

mm s. 

to down (nn illness), osn. 

Fight, t.v. to/tatakau. 
Fighting-cock, n. keai-dori. 
Fighting-tops, n. senshbrb (|g 

Figurative, a. ^celyb (^#) no; 
tatoe no ; keiybteki no. 

Figuratively, adv. keiyb shite ; 
tatoeie ; keiybteki ni. 


[ 323 ] 


FiS'nre, n. (form) katachi ; kakko 
i^ttJ) > (in f^rt> as dist. from lands- 
cape, animals, etc.) jimhidsu (A$^) ; 
(of the body) sugata ; (number) siiji 
(fjj;^) ; kadzu ; (pattern) moyo (f^ 
ij^) ; kata ; (diagram) dzu (HI) ; as, 
Fig. 1, daiichidzu; (statue) shozo 


of speech, kotoba no hana ; 

kotoba no kazari. 

full-leng'tli , zenshinzo (^ 


I am bad at s, kanjo (DiS) 

ga heta da. 

JPig'ure, t.v. katadoru. 
- d, mon- (^) ; as, d satin, 


JPig^ureliead, n. (naut.) ma-odoshi ; 
haroshin (^^Wf^) I (^g-) mokutaku 
{:^M) ; mokuami [t^W]^)- 

Filament, n. (bot.) kwashi {IxM) 5 
(as, of a spider's web) ito. 

Filature, n. seisMjo {M^M ; 

s (reeled silk), kikai-iio. 

Filbert, n. haskihami no mi. 

Filch, t.v. kapparan ; sarau. 

File, n. (tool) yasuri ; (of soldiers) 
retsxi ; go {^) ; (for letters) jo-sashi. 

s (of a newspaper), tsudzuri- 

komi ; toji-komi. 

in single , ichiretsu {—^i]) 

de ; hitori-dachi ni. 

rank and , heishi (:^db) ; 

heisotsu {^^). 

three-cornered , sankaku- 


File, t.v. (lodge a document) sashi- 
dasu; teisliutsu (J^tH) s ', (receive 
and record) uke-tsuke-ru ; (rasp) ni/ 
yasuri wo kake-ru ; yasuri de suru. 
to off, suri-kiru ; suri-otosu. 

File, i.v. ichiretsu ni susumu ; hitotsu- 
narabi ni aruku. 

to into, nijkuri-komu. 

File-fish, n. kawa-hagi. 

Filial, a. oya-koko no. 

piety, oya-koko (|^#ff). 

Filigree-work, n. harigane-zaiku. 

Filing's, n. yasuri-ko. 

Fill, i.v. (as a sail) fukure-ru ; 
(become full) ippai {—if^) ni nam. 

to up (silt up), umaru. 

to with tears, namida- 

gumu ; namida ippai ni nam. 

Fill, t.v. ippai ni s ; (a tooth) ume-ru ; 
tsume-m ; (a bottle) ni/tsume-ru ; (a 
bath) ejmidzu too kumi-komu ; (an 
office) tsidome-ru. 

to a bucket ready for 

use, oke e midzu wo hatte oku. 

to in, (words) kaki-komu; 

kinyu (^§^) s ; (as, the foreshore) 

ume-iate-ru ; (a grave) ni/tsuchi wo 


to one's belly, hara wo 


to up the deficiency, tdsu. 

to up with earth, nijtsuchi 

ICO ume-ru. 

to with water, nljmidzu wo 

ippai ire-ru. 

Fillet, n. himo. 

Filling", n. (of a tooth, etc.) isume- 

Filling-in, n. (of the foreshore) 

kaimen-umetate {^^MM^)- 

Fillip, n. tsuma-hajiki [sign of con- 

Fillip, t.v. tsuma-hajiki s. 

Film, n. uwa-kawa ; usu-kawa ; 
(photo.) *. 

Filter, n. midzu-kosM. 

Filter, t.v. kosu. 

Filter, i.v.- to in, moru ; sannyu 

Filth, n. aka ; ohutsu (?^$^). 

Filthily, adv. musakurushiku ; fu- 
ketsu ni. 

Filtliiness, n. kegare ; fuketsu {"^ 

Filthy, a. musai ; musakurushii ; 
fuketsu na ; kegareta ', fujo na. 

Fin, n. hire. 

shark's s, fuka no hire; 

sam,e no hire. 


[ 324 ] 


rinal, a. shimai no; saigo {^^) 
no; Icekkyoku {^Bj) no', sue no; 
saishu (^f^) no ; ketchaku (^^) 

judgment, shilkyoku-han- 

ketsu '(^^^IJ^,!:) [Civ. Pro.] ; shu- 
kyokuiek'i-saVxin (^^Fj t'^^WV)- 

negotiation, tedzume no 

dampan (fj^^j). 

to become (of a judgment), 

kakutei (ji^^) to nam [Civ. Pro.]. 

Finality, n. there is no , 

hateshi ga nai. 

Finally, adv. isui ni ; shimai ni ; 
(when the termination is objection- 
able) toid ; ageku no hate ni. 

Finance, n. keizai {^^^) ; zaisei 

m^^); nzai (Jiftt). _ 

department, Okurasho {i^ 


Minister of , Okura-daijin 

Financial, a. zaisei no ; zaiseiteki 
mM'^l) no. 

world, keizai-shakwai (if-^ 

Financially, adv. keizaijd (i^i^Ji). 
Financier, n. rizaika (i^M^). 

Fincli, n. hiwa. 

ground , hagi-mashiko. 

long-tailed rose ....... heni- 


Find, t.v. mi-dasu; mi-idasu; nij 
mi-ataru ; mi-tsuke-ru ; mi-tsukaru 
[E. obj.-hJ. subj.] ; (discover) hakken 

an article found, mekke-mono ; 

(picked up) hiroi-mono. 

I have found it, atta, atta. 

to fault, kogoto wo iu. 

to out, (by searching) 

sagasJii-dasu ; mi-tsuke-ru ; (by- 
en qniry) tadzune-dasu ; (by inves- 
tigation) shiralie-dasu ; to be 
found out (discovered), araware- 
ru ; hakkaku (f^K) s ; roken (^ 
H) s ; (in -wrong-doing) wd]aslii ga 

to that (recognize as estab- 
lished), io/mitome-ru ; tojnintei (|^, 

Find, n. horidashi-mono. 

Finder, n. mekketa hito ; Jiirotta 
lilto ; hiroi-nushi ; (of a camera) 

Finding-, n. keitei (^S) ; hantei 


in preliminary examina- 
tion, yoshin-shuketsu-ketteisho (^ 

Fine, n. hakkin (S^^) [imposed for 
a misdemeanor] ; kwaryo [p^P^) 
[imposed for a police contravention] ; 
(in commutation of a punishment) 
shokuzaikln (Sflpf ^). 

in , hikkyo (^-^). 

police , kwaryo [under Draft 

Cr. Co. of 1901 varies from 10 

sen to 30 yen\. 

Fine, t.v. karajhakkin ico torn ; ivo/ 
hakkin ni sho (^) s -.^ulhakkin wo 
kwa (^3J-) s. 

to be d, hakkin 1:0 torare-ru. 

Fine, a. (minute) komakai ; komaka 
na ; (slender) hosoi ; (thin) usui ; 
(in texture) me no komakai ; (elabo- 
rate, of workmanship) cJiimitsu (^^) 
na ; (very good) saijo {^±.) no ; 
(beautiful) kirei (U M) *^^ 5 rippa na ; 
(of a woman) onnappuri no yoi ; 
(of a spectacle) migoto na ; (famous) 
erai [slang] ; (of the weather) kwaisei 
C^Hh) na ; (of a pen) hosoi. 

weather, yoi tenki; seiten 

(BflT^) ; an interval of 

weather, harema. 

words, kuchimae. 

in style, isei (^^) yoku; 

sakan ni ; migoto ni. 

of physique, ii karada no ; 

taikaku (flt-l-) no yoi. 

to use language, kotoha wo 

kazaru; hunshoku (^ff^) s. 

Fine-drawn, a. sasai {^M) na. 

Finely, adv. komakaku ; hosoku ; 
usuku ; (splendidly) rippa ni. 

Fineness, n. equiv. of Fine foil, by 
koto ; (of a coin) kbsa (-S-^) ; shoai 



Finery, n. (fine clothes) hade na 
kimono ; haregi. 

fond of , hade-zuki na. 


[ 325 ] 


Finesse, n. (stratagem) sakuryaku 
(^Pg.) ; (adroitness) hinwan {$^^) ; 
kiUn (t^fO ; (craftiness) kokatsu 

Fiiig"er, n. yuhl. 

fore , hitosashi-yuhi. 

middle , naka-yuhi. 

ring , henisashi-yubi ; mumei- 


little , ko-yuhi. 

ring", yubi-wa. 

to blow the nose with the 

s, te-ljana wo kamu. 

to burn one's s {fig.),fe wo 


to count on the s, yuhi 

wo oite kanjo {^^) s ; can be 

counted on the s, yuhi-ori 

no uclii da, 

to eat with the s, ie-dzu- 

kami de tabe-ru. 

to have a in, ni/atama wo 

tsukkonde i-ru. 

JTinger, t.v. ijlru ; (as, goods at a 
shop) hinekuru. 

to a chaplet, juzu wo tsuma- 

guru [i.e. counting the beads with 
the thumbnail]. 

.Fing'erlboard, n. kandoko. 

ring'erbowl, n. yubi-arai ; kuchi- 

Fingering", n. yubi no isukai-kata. 

Fingertip, n. yubi no saki. 

Finis, n. owari. 

Finisii, t.v. shimau ; (conclude) 
sumasu ; liatasu ; shi-toge-ru ; (put 
the last touches to a piece of work) 

have you ed it ? deki-agatia 


I have ed, sunda. 

it is nearly ed, arakata 


it wants only the ing 

touch (of an undertaking), ikki 

(— ^) wo kaku. 

to be ed, (ready) deki-agaru; 

(consumed) shimai ni nam ; mina 

ni nam ; tsuki-ru. 

Finish, n. sliiage. 

Finisher, n. shiage-kata. 

Finite, a. kagiri no am ; yugen 

(WPJ^) no. 
Fir, n. matsu ; (abies) momi. 

cone, matsu-hokkuri ; matsu- 


Fire, n. 7a ; (conflagration) kwaji 
{tkM) ; boya [small] ; (on a hill- 
side) yama-kwaji ; nohi ; (fervour} 
nesshin (^*li'>). 
a close at hand, kinkwa- 


an accidental , 505o5z (fvg^tg 

>A:) ; shikkwa {-^'M). 

angle of , hasshakaku (f^ 

an incendiary , tsukebi; 

hokwa {1]^tk)- 

big" (conflagration), o-kwaji ;. 

taikwa {i^'/<)' 

cease ! uchikata yame. 

cross > kosha {^%i). 

direct , chokusha (titii")' 

enfilade , jiisha (l^tt)- 

field of , shakai {M^). 

! ute. 

broke out at 'No. 2, jiihan 

kara shukkwa (ttl'A) shita. 

test 115 degress (for oil), 

hidome 115 do. 

flanking , sokusha {MM)- 

miss ,fuhatsu (^f^). 

oblique , shasha {§^\M)' 

spot where a originates, 


strength of a , hi no te. 

the has been extinguish- 
ed, kwaji ga kieta ; chinkwa 
{M.'M) ni natta. 

the has burnt out, hi ga 


the has gone out, hi ga 


there is no smoke without 

, hi no ke no nai tokoro kemuri 


to be on , moe-ru. 

to be under , hogeki (^^) 

wo uke-ru. 

to catch , moe-tsuku ; (one 

object from another) ni]hi ga 

to destroy by , yaki-sute ru ; 

to be destroyed by ....... rulsho 


[ 326 ] 


.9 [only of a fire which 
started elsewhere]. 

to light tlie , hi wo olcosu, 

or taki-tsuke-ru. 

to miss , de-sokonau. 

to set ...... to, (a house) nijhiwo 

tsuke-ru ; nijhokica s ; (fuel) woj 

JFire, t.v. (a gun) hanasu ; uisu ; (a 
torpedo) hassJia (lift) s ; (a town) 
yaku ; ni/hi wo hanasu ; (pottery) 
yaku ; (tea) hoji-ru. 

to ball cartridge, jlisudan 

i'MW) ^^"0 hassha (flM) ^• 

to blank cartridge, ku- 

hatsu (^f^) s. 

to volleys, issei (— ^) ni 

hassha s. 

Fire, i.v. teppb (^^^) i'jo hanasu, or 
utsu ; happo (f^CS) s- 

IFire-alarm, n. hanshd {^M) ; 
kwajl no shirase. 

of 4 bells, yoisuhan. 

Fire-arm, n, teppo. 

s, jfikl (Mfl) ; jilho; shoju 

dealer in s, jiihosho (-Mugi'iS). 

Fire-arrow, n. hiya. 

Fire-bell, n. hanshd (4"im)- 

to sound the rapidly, 

haya-gane wo utsu. 

Fire°braud, n. moe-gui ; moe-sashi ; 

Firebriclc, n. taikwa-rengwa {^tk. 

Fire-brig-acle, n. hikeshi-gumi ; 
shobo-gumi {f^^M.). 

Fire-drill, n. (firemen's practice) 

sJidho-renshii {i'kPjM^) > dezome 
[used of the exhibition given in 
January each year]. 

Fire-engine, n. pompu ; ryadosui 

(fiii±7K) ; shohoki irmm 

Fire-exting-iiislier, n, shokwaki 

FireHy, n. hotaru. 
Fii*e-g"iiarcl, n. kana-ami ; ami. 
Fire-lioolf, n. tohi-guchi. 

Fire-insurance, n. kwasai-hoken 
{'k%mf} [Com. Co.]. 

Fire-irons, n. stobu no dbgu ; kwaki 


Fireman, n. hikeshi; shobofu {i\^^ 

^) [the material of a Japanese 's 

dress is called sashiko] ; (stoker) 
kwafu i'A^)- 

Fireplace, n. irori [a square depres- 
sion in the middle of the floor] ; 
(foreign) stohu. 
kitchen , kamado ; hidoko. 

Fire-pUig, n. hokwasen (I|§^<|^). 

Fire-proof, a. hidzuyoi ; hbkwa no. 

oil, hidome-abura. 

safe, bbkwa-kinko (I^A^,^). 

Fire-sliovel, n.jimo. 

Fireside, n. hi-no-soba. 

Fire-walking", n. (Shinto cere- 
mony) hi-watari. 

Fire-warden, n. hi no ban. 

Fire-w^ater, n. (bad liquor) kichi- 


Fire\^"OOd, n. iakigi ; takimono ; 
takitsuke ; (shaped) maki. 
dealer in , makiya. 

Fireworks, n. hanabi. 

dealer in , hanabi-ya. 

to let off. , hanabi wo age-ru. 

Fire-worsliipper, n. kwakybjin {>k. 

Firing', n. shagekl. 

kneeling, shissha (H^|t)- 

lying down, fukusha OkM)- 

party (at a funeral), gijohei 

practice, hakkwa-enshu (^ 

standing up, tachi-uchi. 

independent , kyushageki (^ 

sound of (of artillery), hbsei 


volley , issei-shageki (— '^0t 

Firm, a. shikkari shita ; (in purpose) 
kesshin (^jC^) no katai; ugokase- 
nai ; mayowasarenai ; (not soft) katal. 
belief, kakushin (fijifa)- 


[ 327 ] 


Firm, n. shdkican (j^tt) [esp. a 

foreign ]; shokwai (^'#') [used 

with the name of the ] ; shoten 

JPirinly, adv. shikkari to ; shika to ; 
(strongly) jobu ni ; (in refusing) kata- 

Firmness, n. shikkari shita koto ; 
(determination) ketsudan (^^). 

First, a. (of time or place) ichihan 
saki no ; massaki no ; (earliest) saisho 
(j^fiU) 'io ; shote no ; (ordinal of one) 
ichihan (— '^) oio. 

aid (med.), okyil {MM:) ^'-^^ 


officer {na,\xt.), itto-untenshu 


secretary (of Legation), 

itto-shokikwan ( — ^^fE's')- 

for the time, hajimete. 

in instance (law), dai-isshin 

{-^) ni [Cr. Pro.]. 

in the place besides 

, dai-ichi ni katsu . 

of the rank (of artists, poli- 
ticians, etc.), dal-ichiryu (^-"^) 

the , (of the month) ichini^ 

chi ; tsuitachi ; (with a Sovereign's 
name) dai-issei (^;— *"tli:). 

the consignment (of the 

season), hatsu-ni. 

the snow (of the season), 7ia- 


the time, hajlme ; the 

time I fired a gun, hajimete ieppo 
ICO utta toki ni. 

to be the to enter a fort, 

se^ito (:Jfe^) s. 

Fir.^t, adv. saki ni ; (in the first place) 
dai-ichi ni ; madzu. 

at , hajime wa\ saisho wa; 

hajime no uchi wa ; shote ni 

from the , saisho yori ; haji- 
me kara. 
to go , saki e iku. 

First-born, a. sdryo (M-M) no. 

child, uigo. 

daughter, chojo (M^)- 

son, chonan {^^). 

First-class, a. jdio (±^) na; (of 
tickets) jo^o no ; itto (— ^) no. 

First-fruits, n. hatsumono. 

Firsthand, a. (of information) jika 
ni kiita ; honnin (:4^A) kara no. 

Firstly, adv. dai-ichi ni. 

First-rate, a.joto na. 

statesman of ability, itto- 

ryfi (— #''^-|t), or daiichi-ryu (^— 

'^), no seijika (ih3c^^). 

Fiscal, a. zaisei no. 

...... policy, zaisei-seisaku ({Itj^ 

stamp, shunyu-inshi (45cAEn 

iJJi) ; shoken-inshi (,iS!^E|)|ft)- 

year, kicaikei-nendo (f|"|t^ 


Fisli, n. uo [not as food] ; (as food, 
etc.) sakana [a. n. hiki (^) ; &i (M)] J 
(collective term) gyorui {'^f^). 

baked , yaki-zakana. 

boiled , ni-zakana. 

broiled , yaki-zakana; (with 

salt) shio-yaki; (with soy flavour^ 
ing) ieri-yaki. 

dried , himono. 

fresh (not salted), nama-mo^ 


fried , (a la japonaise, with 

salt) shio-yaki ; (with flour) tempu-' 

raw , (a dish) sashi-mi; tsu- 

kuri-mi [W. Japan] ; (washed after 
slicing) arai. 

small , ko-zakana ; zako-m,o^ 

'no [provincial]. 

to feel like a out of water, 

temochi-husata de aru; kappa ga 
oka e agatta yd da. 

Fisli, i.v. uo, or sakana, wo torn; 
(with a line) sakana wo tsuru ; (with 
a cast-net) ami wo idsu ; (with a drag- 
net) ami ICO hiku. 

to for compliments, raidzu 

wo mukeru. 

to with the fly, kabari de 


Fisherman, n. ryoshi (MM) \ oyofu 


I 328 ] 


Fisliery, n. (business) ryo; gyoryo 
U^W ; oyogyo (f^H) ; (place) ryoha 

(Iil#) [the ies on the Yezo coast 

are called basho]. 

deep-sea ies, or fishing', 

oki-ryo ; enyo-gyogyo (^v^^tll)- 
long-shore ies, jUcata-ryo. 

Fisli-gig", n. yasu. 

Fisli-liawk, n. misago. 

Fisliliook, n. tsuyi-bari ; hari. 

Fisliiiig", n. ryo ; (angling) tsuri ; v. 
also Fishery. 

boat, rydsen {'S.Ma) '> (for ang- 
ling) tsuri-hune. 

fly, kahari. 

line, tsuri-Uo. 

rod, tsuri-zao [a.n. hon (/fc)]. 

rish-insect, n. shiml ; shimi-mushi. 

risli-niaiiiire, n. sUime-kasu. 

Fisii-inarket, n. uo-ichi\ sakana- 

rislunong'er, n. sakanaya; naya. 

Fisli-oil, n. gyoyu; gyoioyu {^Mi^)l 

Fislipond, n. (where fish are kept 
for food) ikesu ; (do. for sport) isiirl- 

Fisli- torpedo, n. gyokei-suirai {'^ 

Fishy, a. namagusai ; sakana-kusai. 

Fissure, n. ware ; suki ; wareme ; 
kiretsu (^^). 

Fist, n. kohushl. 

clenched , nlgiri-kGhushi ; 

genkotsu (^#). 

to give a hard blow with the 

, ni/tekken (^^) wo kuwae-ru. 

Fistula, n. Tokwan (j®^). 

in ano, anaji; jiro (?^^) ; 

,hasuji; komon-rbkwan (HF^tS^)* 
Fit, n. (of clothes) kakkb (t-10) J 
(convulsions) kyofv, {"MMi)- 

by s and starts, yattari yara- 


epileptic , tenkan (^^). 

Fit, a. tekito (il^) na ; sb-o (tSfi) na ; 
soto (tS^) na. 

not to eat, taherarenai. 

to be , kanau. 

to be for (a post, etc.), nij 

tekito s. 

not to be for (unequal to), 


Fit, i.v. au ; (of clothes) yoku au ; nol 
kakkb ga ii. 

to get to (as a hat with wear- 
ing), najimu. 
to in, hamaru. 

Fit, t.v. (be suitable to) ni/au ; (make 
suitable to) nijawase-ru ; (make fit) 
kanawase-ru ; (as, a key a lock) ni/au ; 
ni/fugb m^) s. 

to be ted, kanau. 

to in, hame-ru; (of dove- 
tailed work) kui-awase-ru. 

to on (clothes), kite mi-ru. 

to out, shitaku {%^) s; (a 

fleet) gisb (|i^) s; to out 

an expedition (mil. or scientific), 
ensei (t^tiE) nojumhi (ipijl) too s. 

to together (a machine), 


to up with (as machinery), 

ni wo sbchi (^^) s ; nijsonae- 

tsuke-ru ; to be completely 

ted up with, wo/kicambi {^JM) 
shite oru. 

Fitfully, adv. to blow , aida 

wo oite kaze gafuku, 

to rain , aida wo oite ame ga 

furu ; ame ga futtari yandarl s. 

Fitter, n. (of machinery) kikai-kumi- 

Fitting's, n. (of a house) zbsaku (jg 
f^) [fixed] ; (of a Japanese house) 
tategu [moveable] ; (general) fuzoku- 

metal (on woodwork), kana- 


ships' , sengu (15 Jr)- 

Five, n. & a. itsutsu ; go ; (in count- 
ing) itsu. 

the elements, gogyb (Sff)- 

the social relations, gorln 


the virtues, gojb (S^). 


[ 329 ] 


Fivefold, a, ifsue no. 

Fivefold, adv. iisue ni. 

Five-storeyed, a. (of a house) go- 
kai (Ep^) no ; (of a pagoda) gojtl (31 

Fix, t.v. (determine) sadame-ru ; ki- 
•me-ru ; kakutei (5^^) ^ ; (designate) 
shitei {^q"^) s; (a price) ^su/ce-nt. 

to in, hame-ru. 

to on, tsuke-ru. 

Fix, i.v, (settle) ochitsukii ; (become 
firm) katamaru. 

Fix, n. to be in a , komaru; io- 

waku (^^) s ; nitchi mo satchi mo 
ikanai ; ugoki ga tsukanai. 

Fixed, a., (definite) kimatta; ittei {-^ 

/g) no; (not moveable) ugokanai; 

(prearranged) yotei (^^) no ; (as, of 

house-fittings) tsukuri-isuke no. 

capital, kotei-shihon (gl^^ 


deposit, teiki-adzukekin (^ 


determination, kesshin (^ 


hour of sailing", kakutei (5g 
^) no hatsuhyo-jikoku (M:iffi0^^'J)- 

light, /wdo^o (^fj'M). 

price, teika (^M) » shofuda- 


sailings, telki-kokai {'MMMi 


star, kosei (tJ.M)- 

there is no rule, kimari ga 

nai ; joki (^j^) wa, nai. 

Fixedly, adv. to stare at, wo/ 

jitio niramn ; wojmi-tsume'ru. 

Fixture, n. zbsaku (jtf^) ; teichaku- 

hutsu {^M^l/}) [Civ. Co.]. 
Fizz, i.v. shil-sliu to oto ga s. 

FlaTbbergasted, a. to be , 


Flabby, a. gunya-gunya shlta ; gura- 
gura shita. 

Flag", n. (banner) hata ; hata-jirashi ; 
(hoisted at religioiis festivals) ndbori. 

of truce, kyusenki {f^^1^); 

hakki i^M) 

house , kwaisha-ki i'^jfi.ljM)- 

Japanese , Nihon-ki; Id-no- 


merchant , slidse,i-ki 

national ., kokki (1^.^). 

signalling" , shingo-ki (ff^ 


trade follows the , shogyo 

(i^^) '^CL kokki ni shltagau. 
yellow (quarantine) , ken-eki- 

ki mmm). 

Flag", n. (paving-stone) shiki-ishi. 
bUie (iris), hana-shohu. 

Flag", i.v. Jurumu ; (cool) reikyaku (^^ 
SP).9. ^ 

the interest s, omoshiroini ga 

usuku nam. 

the pace g'ed, ashl ga haka- 

doranakii natfa. 

the spirits of the troops 

ged, gunki (^M) gci soso (jS.^) 
shite kimashita. 

Flag-captain, n. simbo-taisa (g 

Flagellate, t.v. muchi-utsu. 

Flagellation, n. muchi-uchi. 

Flageolet, n, shakukachi; [s^,o and 
hichiriki are varieties used at fune- 

Flag-lieutenant, n. samoo-tali (# 

Flagrant, a. (heinous) keshikaranu ; 
(marked) ichiji.rushii ; (gross) jildai 

offence, genkohan [Cr. Co.]; 

genko-hanzai (fEfT^HH^) [Cr. Co.]. 
quasi offence, yin-aenkbhan 

Flagrantly, adv. (actually) gen ni. 

Flag-secretary, n. sambb-hisho- 
kwan (Sf|^if>#'B ). 

Fiagsliip, n. kikan (;^|S). 

Flagstaff, D. hata-zao. 

Flail, n. /cara-sao; kururi. 

Flake, n. (of snow) hira; {of fire) 
tohihi ; hihana. 

to fall in s (of snow), chira- 

ckiro: tofuru. 

Flame, n. hi; hand; kwaen {'Aj^)- 
fcrco of the s, kicasei {'A^)- 

FLA [ 330 ] 


Flame, i.v. moe-ru. 

to up, moe-agaru. 

Flainingo, n. hi-dzuru. 

Flang'e, n. fuchi. 

Flank, n. (of the body) yokoppira ; 
(side-face) sokumen (f|lJM) 5 yokomen 
i^M) '> (niil.) yoka ; sokumen. 

directing" ,jiku~yoku {M\M)- 

'. attack, sokumen-kogeki (f|IJ 

inner , naiyoku ( f^ ^.). 

left i snyoku {^^). 

outer , gu-alyoku {j/\^^). 

reverse , hanta'yoku {JxMM)- 

to cover one's , sokumen wo 


to take in , yoko-ai wo utsu; 

(mil.) sokumen wo tsuku. 

Flannel, n. * ; furaneru. 

cotton , men-neru ; kishu-neru. 

Flap, i.v. (of a door) aoru ; (as, of a 
flag) hata-bata s. 

Flap, t.v. to the wings, ha- 

hataki, or hane-bataki, wo s. 

Flap, n. (of a door) toUra; (of a 
pocket, etc.) futa. 

Flare, i.v. (of a lamp) wa]hi ga de- 
sugi-ru ; moe-sugi-ru ; patto moe-ru. 

to up, (of a Are) totsuzen (^ 

^) moe-agaru ; (in anger) okori- 
fatsu ; gekido {i^^) s. 

Flash, i.v. hikaru ; (as, a sword-blade) 

Flash, n. hikarl ; hirameki. 

light, (revolving light) kwai- 

tentb {m%W) ; (photo.) * ; signal- 
ling by light, tokwo-tsushin 

of lightning, inabikari; he 

ran past like a of light- 
ning, inadzuma no yd ni hashitte 

to comprehend in a , katsu- 

zen C^ij^':) to shite satoru. 

Flashing'-pomt, n. hatsuenten (W 
Flask, n. suidzutsu ; suUo (7KM)- 

Flat, a. (even) hiratiai ; taira na ; (of 
an object) hempei (M^) '>^ci [scienti- 
fic term] ; (of a road) taira na ; heitan 
i^M) na ; (uninteresting) mazui ; 
umami no nai ; omoshiromi no nai. 

nose, hikui hana. 

to beat , tataki-hirame-ru. 

to become (lose effervesc- 
ence), wa]ki ga nuke-ru. 

to be (of the market), fu- 

kwappatsu {Tf.^-^) de aru; wa]ki 
ga noranai. 

Fiat, n. (of ground) hirachi ; heichi 
(T^illO ; (mus.) henkijd (fMIE?^). 

to strike with the of a 

sword, katana no hira de utsu. 

Flat-bottomed, a. soko no hirattai; 
hira-zoko no. 

Flat-tish, n. hirame. 

Flat-iron, n. kote; (vessel with 
wooden handle in which charcoal is 

placed) Idaosld. 

Flatly, adv. to refuse , kippari 

koto ward. 

Flatness, n. equiv. of Flat foil, by 


Flatnosed, a. shishippana no. 

to be , ioa]hana ga agura wo 

kaite oru. 

Flatten, t.v. taira ni s ; hirattaku s. 

Flatten, i.v. taira ni nam ; hirattaku 

Flatter, t.v. no/kigen wo toru; ni/ 
hetsurau : home-soyasu. 

Flatter, i.v. o seji wo iu, or tsukau. 

Flatterer, n. o-sejl-mono ; keihaku- 

Flattery, n. o seji ; tsuisho-keihaku 

{}i,^MM)> hetsurai. 
Flatulence, n. fuki (MM)- 
Flavour, n. ajiwai ; aji ; amhai ; ka- 
gen ; fumi (M-^). 

to have a of , ke 

ga aru. 

Flavour, t.v. nijaji wo tsuke-ru ; ni/ 
kagen wo s. 

is ed with , de <\jl 

wo tsukete aru. 


[ 331 ] 


Flavourless, &.. aji no nai; mazui; 
(fig.) shumi no nai ; mu-shumi (to@g^) 

Fla^v, n. kidzu ; (fig.) kakin {^M) 5 
ketten (XiS) » (i^ pottery, developed 
during firing) yama-kidzu. 

Flawed, a. kidzu no am. 
article, kidzumono. 

Flawless, a. kidzu no nai ; mu-kidzu 
no : (fig-) 'mosldhun no nai ; ketten no 

Flax, n. ama. 

Flay, t.v. no/kawa wo hagu. 

Flea, n. nomi. 

powder, nomi-yoke. 

Flea-bite, n. nomikkui.. 

Fiedg'ed, a. hane no haeta. 

Fledgeling", n. hina ; hiyokko. 
Flee, i.Y. nige-ru ; shuppon s ; dasso 

Fleece, n. kegawa. 

Fleece, t.v. no/chi wo suu [lit. suck 
the blood of]. 

to be d, (to one's last cent) 

hadaka ni sare-ru ; (as, by a riki- 
shaman. etc.) horare-ru. 

Fleet, n. kantai. 

paymaster, v. Paymaster. 


volunteer , giyu-kaniai (| 


Fleeting", a. hakanai. 

Flesli, n. niku ; (as opp, to spirit) ni- 

kutai {mm.)- 

Flesliy, a. futotta ; debu-dehu shita. 

Flexible, a. shinayaka na ; magari- 

Flexor, n. kukkin (Ml^)- 

Flicker, i.v. chiratsuku. 

Flig'lit, n. da.<?so (i3^^) ; (absconding) 
tobd i^tl) ; (mode of flying) tobi-yb ; 
tobi-kata ; (flock) mure ; (of stairs) 

to put to , oi-liarau ; (the 

enemy) sojb (#S) s. 

Flig"lity, a. ukatsuita. 

Flimsy, a. yowai; mochi no warui; 
(of an argument) kit (^) na; (of a 
building, etc.) yanikkoi. 

a excuse, hon no nogare-ko- 


Flinch, i.v. ato-bishori s ; hirumu ; 
waroblre-ru ; hekieki (0^) 5 ; kudzu- 

Fling", t.v. nage-ru. 

to away, sutc-ru; nage-utsu. 

to down, nage-tsuke-ru. 

to open, oshi-hiraku. 

Flint, n. Jii-uchi-ishi. 

and steel, hi-uc?ii-dogu. 

Flippancy, n. keisoisu (|i^). 

Flippant, a. karogaroshii ; keisotsu 

Flippantly, adv. karogaroshlku ; 

keisotsu ni. 

Flipper, n. midzvJcaki. 

Flirt, i.v. to with, to/icha- 

tsuku ; ni/karakau ; wojhiyakasu. 

Flirt, t.v. (a fan) narasu. 

Flirtation, n. ichatsuki ; hiyakashi. 

Flit, i.v. tonde aruku. 

Float, i.v. ukabu ; ukamu ; uku. 

to about, uki-mawaru. 

to ashore, hybchaku {\^^) s. 

to off (of a stranded vessel), 

uki-agaru. \ 

Float, t.v. ukabe-ru ; (a company) 
setsuritsu (15^) s\ (a loan) tsunoru; 
boshu (^^) s. 

Float, n. uki. 

Floating", a capital, ryudb- 

shihon (^^iJ^:^) ; unien-shihoa (jtg 

dock, uki-dokku ; fuyu-sen- 


matter, fuyu-butsiL [\^lWih)' 

Flock, n. mure. 

to form in a ., gun (^) wo 


Flock, i.v. to tog-ether, takaru ; 

yori-atsumaru ; muragaru ; gunju 

mm) ^. 

Flog", t.v. tataku; muchi-tdsu. 

PLO [ 

_»_ , 

Flog'g'iiig", n. (prison punishment) 
chikei (^ffij) ; tataki-banashi. 

Flood, n. kodzui (-^'/Jc) ; o-midzii ; de~ 

damage by , suigal (7K^)- 

the s are out, shussui ( (ii 7K) 


the , dai-kbdzui {i^^i^). 

Flood, t.v. ni/midzu ico ippai hiku ; 
icojmidzu ippai ni s. 

to be ed, ni]midzu ga afure-ru; 

(of houses) shinsui (i^7]c) s. 

FlOOd-g"ate, n, suimon (7KP5) ; ^*- 

Flooding", n. (med.) shikyu "ihukke- 

Flood-mark, n. midzu-guL 

Flood-tide, n. age-shio. 

Floor, n. yuka ; (ledge round the 
doma) ita no ma ; itojiki ; (of a bath- 
house) itaha ; [the space between the 

and the ceiling below is called 


eartb. (at entrance to Japa- 
nese house), doma. 

first , nikai. 

second , sangai (Hp^). 

Floor, t.v. ni/yuka wo haru. 

to with, wood, wo/ita-bari ni 

s ; wo/'ita no ma ni s. 

Flooring", n. yv.ka-hari. 

Flop, hatari to ; patatto. 

Flora, n. shokubutsurui {^!^9mM)- 

Floral arrang-ement, ike-hana. 

Florence, n. (town) Hirenze. 

Florid, a. (of complexion) makka na ; 
{ot style) bunshoku {'^f^) nooi; ka- 
zari no oi. 

Florist, n. hanaya ; uekiya. 

Floss-silk, n. ma-wata. 

Flotsam, n. hyoryilhutsu {\Wi\jWj))- 

Flounder, n. karei. 

Flounder, i.Y. agaku ; hane-ru. 

to about in the mud, doro 

no naka ni bata-bata s. 

Flour, n. kona. 

buckwheat , sdba-ko. 

wheaten , udon-ko. 

332 ] rLO 

, i.v. sakan ni nam ; (of a 
town, business, house, etc.) hanjo (^ 
^) .9 ; sakae-ru ; han-ei (^^) s ; (of 
a flower) sodatsu ; (as, of a ptainter) 

Flourish, t.v. (brandish) furi- 

Flourish, n. (of the pen) tsuno; 
(arabesque) karakusa. 

Flourishing, a. sakan na; (of a 
town, etc.) hanjo na ; han-ei na ; (of 
a person) haburi no yoi: ikioi no yol ; 
(extensive, of trade) seidai (^^'c) >^<^. 

Flout, t.v. azake-ru ; anadoru. 

Flow, i.v. nagare-ru ; (of blood, etc.) 
de-ru ; (of the tide) sasu. 

the tide is ing-, age-shio ni 

natte oru. 

to into (of a river), ni/nagare- 

komu ; nijsosogu. 

Flow^, n. nagare. 

Floiver, n. hana ; (in speaking of 
the size of the corolla) rin (|,^) ; 
(prime) massakari. 

artificial s, tsukuri-harta ; 

(chips which open in water into 
the shape of flowers) sulckiikwa 
(^K^^lb) ; (made in kneaded flour 
as an exhibition of sleight of hand) 
shinko-zaiku (^Jr^^lfflX). 
birds and s (as an art sub- 
ject), kwacho (it,^)- 

of an army, seihei i"^^). 

s of sulphur, yu no hana. 

to be in full , massakari de 

aru ; mankai {'^^) de aru ; hana- 
zakari de aru. 

Flower, i.v. nolhana ga saku. 

to begin to , sakl-kake-ru ; 


Flower-basket, n. hana-kago. 

Flower-hed, n. kwadan (it^M)- 

Flower-hud, n. tsubomi. 

Flower-g'arden, n. hana-batake; 

hana-yashiki ; hana-zono ; iihca ; 

kwaen (ibUD- 
Flo^'ering-plant, n. kusa-bana. 
Flower-pot, n. ueki-bachL 


[ 33^ 

Flower-scissors, n. kusa-hasami ; 

Flower-sliow, n. hana no kwaL 

Floiver-va-se, n. hana-ike ; kwabin 
iili'nli) ; hana-tate. 

Flowery, a, hanayaka na ; hana- 
l)anafihii ; kicahi (1^^) na. 

the Kingdom (China), Chii- 

kv:a {^^). 

Fluctuate, i.v. kuruu ; kbge s. 

Fluctuating", a. gura-gura sum. 

Fluctuation, n. (unsteadiness) 
khnari no nai koto ; (of trade) seisui 
(SBftf) ; hendo (^•fi/j) ; (rising . and 
falling) agarl-sagari. 

violent s (of prices), rarJcoge 

Flue, n, kemur'i-daslii ; kemii-dashi. 
Fluency, n. oenzetsu {Wf^) ; ryuchb 

(YjJtl'l;). ' 
Fluent, a, ryuchb na ; henzetsu no 
yoi ; hen' no sawayaka na ; hen no yoi. 
is not J kuchi-huchbhb da. 

Fluently, adv. sura-sura to ; ryucho 
ni. ' 

Fluff, n. keba ; (stiiS&ng of r, garment 
wliicli has worked its \Tay oat) swi- 

Fli&ffy, a. keha no bi. 

^luUlf n. ryudbhutsu {^WiWl I ryadb- 
ial ; ekitai (}ii||c). 

Fluid, a. in compounds midzu-. 

Fluke, n. (of an anchor) isame ; 
(lucky shot) magure-atari. 

Fluor-albus, n. (hghter kind) koshi- 
ke ; taige (-rirT) ; (graver kind) shira- 

Fluorspar, n. hoiaru-ishi. 

Flurried, a. aicatadashii. 
to be , aicate-ru. 

Flurry, n. (panic) rbhal {^UW- 

a of wind, ichiji?! (— p^) no 


in a ., amatadashiku, 

FlUSil, i.v. (redden) akaku nam; 
(with shame) kao wo akaku s ; 
sekhnen {"^^M) s. 

FLY . 

Flush, t.v. (cause tc start up) okosu ; 
(wash) nagasu. 

Flusli, n. (of sunset) yilyake. 

Flute, n. yokohue ; bieki (|i/^). 

Fluted, a. kuri-gata no; mizo no 

Fluting", n. (groove) mizo. 

Flutter, i.v. hlraisuku ; pira-plra s ; 
Jiirameku ; hlra-hira s. 

Flutter, t.v, to the wings, 

ha-hataki, or hane-bataki, wo s. 

Flux, n. (chem.) ybzai {\^^\\) ; (dysen- 
teric) geketsu (TifiL). 

Fluxion, n. (of blood to the head) 
nohose ; gyakujb (i^±.). 

Fly, n. (insect) hai ; (length of a flag) 

artificial , ka-bari. 

green , ao-bai. 

horse , abu. 

Fly, t.v. (as a kite) age-ru. 

Fly, i.v, tobu ; (flee) nige-ru ; (abscond) 
tbsb s ; (of time) tatsu. 

to be sent ing (of a person), 


to about, tobi-mawaru. 

to across, tobi-wataru. 

to apart, tohl-hanare-ru. 

to asunder, tohi-chiru. 

to at, ;dltohi-kakaru ; nijtobi- 


to away, tonde ik)jL\ tobU 


to back again, tobl-kaeru. 

to in, iobi-komu. 

to open, hane-hiraku. 

to up, tobi-agaru. 

tp let , hanasu. 

Fly-blow, n. haigo. 

Fly-blO"lvn, a. haigo no tsuita, 

to become , ni]haigo ga 


Fly-catclier, n. b-mri. 

long-tailed , sankbchb, 

narcissus , kibitaki. 

robin , ko-tsubame; niugl- 


Siberian , chigo-jnozu. 

small grey , shima-inozu. 

FLY [^334 ] 

Fly-tislliilg", n. kahari-tsuH. 

Fly-flap, n. hai-tatafcL 

Fly-lio6k, n.kahari. 

Flying", a. cblumn,' yfigekitai. 

- ? squadron, yugeki-kantai (jj 


Flying'-fish, n, toM jio.uo. 

Fly-leaf, n; shirakami ; mikaeshi. 

Ply-trap, n. haiiori ; [Japanese also 
suspend a globe, called a haiyoke, 
from, the ceiling to attract flies]. 

Fly-wheel, n. hadzumi-guruma. 

Foal, n. koma. 

Foam, n. awa. 

Foam, i.v. ni]awa ga taisu. 

to at tlae mouth, awa wo 

fuku ; {in anger) awa wo tohasu ; 
(fig., of a vehement speaker) ko- 
kaku iUf^i) awa wo tohasu. 

Focus, n. (lit. and fig.) shoten ('J^lfi) 

: [lit. burning-point]. 

to be out of , (to right or left 

of a camera) chushin {^>t>) ni 
hadzure-ru ; (too far off) to-sugi-ru. 

Fodder, n. kaiba ; magusa. ■ 

Foe, n. tekl. 

Foetus, n. talji (,5§,^) ; hara-gomori 
no ko. 

Tog", n. (thin) kiri; (thick) moya; 
" gassu [N. Japan]. 

the clears, kiri gahare-ru. 

the comes on, kiri ga 


the is thick, kiri gafukai. 

Fo8"g"y, a. to be , kiri ga tatsu; 

moya ga ori-ru. 

Fog"y, n. injunka (Sli^). 
old , kyuhei-oyaji. 

Foil, t.v. to ...... (another's) plans, 

no/kuwadate wo kowasu. 

Foil, n. (used in Japanese fencing) 
shinai ; (leaf) Kaku. 

gold , kimpdJci: {4rif^). 

tin! ...... fsuzuhaku. 

Foist, t.v. to .,..., off upon, m 


Fold, n. (in a garment) hida ; (j)lace 
of folding) orime ; (pen) ori ; (times) 

-sobai; as, two , rdsobai (H^ 

^); three ....... sanzohai. 

Fold, t.v. oru. 

ed in four, yotsu-ori no. 

to the arms, te wo kumu; 

ude-gumi wo s. 

to the hands, ie wo awase- 


to up, tatamu. 

to look on with ed hands, 

shushu-bokwan (#-^|^-i|) s ; sodc- 
hbkwan s. 

Folding", a. ori- . 

bag", ori-kaban. 

book, ori-hon. 

chair, ori-isu. . 

doors, ori-do. 

Foliag'e, n. ki no ha. 

scarlet , koyo \^M)' 

young ., wakaba. 

Folk, n. (one's family) kanai no 
mono ; (another's) mina san. 
poor s, himmin (^p^). 

* Folk-lore, n. mukashl-banashi. 

Follow, t.v. nilshitagau ; nojato ni 
tsuku \ ni/tsuite kuru, or iku ; (pur- 
sue) okkake-ru ; (succeed in office) 
no/aio wo tsugu ; (q, profession) 
itonamu ; ni/jilji (t^^) s ; (as, the 
course of a river) ni/sotte iku ; (pro- 
ceed along) -dzutae ni iku ; as, to 

the top of a dike, doie-dzutae 

ni iku. 

to closely (shadow), nojato 

wo tsuke-ru. 

to up (a clue), ni/tsuite so- 

saku (IH^) s. 

to with the eyes, vjojmi- 


Follow, i.v. ato kara kuru. 

as s, sa i"^) no tori ; f shimo 

no gofoku. 

Follower, n, {attendant) jusha (^ 
^) ; (retainer) kerai ; (disciple) de- 
shi; monjin if^K)- 

immediate s (of a politician, 

etc.); jlkisansJia. 

Following", n. {adhevents) teshita. 


[ 335 ] 

Following", a, the ....... (next) sono 

tsugi no ; (under-mentioned) sa no. 

the day, sono aJcuru hi ; 

sono yokujitsu (^ ). 

Foily, n, hakageia koto. 
Foment, t.v. musu ; tade-ru ; (fig.) 
sendo {^Wi) ^ 5 odate-ru ; senki (jl^ 
I&) s. 

to disturbances, soran (^ 

§L) w;o senki s. 

Fomentation, n. (lotion) mushi- 

Fond, a of, -zuki no; as, one 

of liquor, sake-zuki no hito. 

is very of , ga dai- 

suk'i da. 

to he of (a thing), wo] 

konomu ; wojsuku ; (a person) woj 
kawaigaru ; wo/choai (f|^) 5 ; 
(when the object is a verbal noun 
in English) expr. by -tagaru suffix- 
ed to indef . form of vb ; as, to he 
of playing, asobi-tagaru. 

Fondle, t.v. (a child) ayasu. 

Fondly, adv. to think of, wo/ 

natsukasliiku omou. 

Font, n, (baptismal) seisemban (^'^ 

$S) ', senreibachi. 

a (of type), hito kumi. 

Fontanelle, n. hiyomeki. 

Food, n. iabemono ; shokumotsu {^ 

4'?//) ; kuimono; shokuryo iMP^) ; 

(baby's word) umamma ; (taken with 
. • one on a journey) he^ito (^^) ; (of 

birds, fish, etc.) e ; (of horses) kai ; 

(feedii shokuji {^^). 

charge for , shokuryo {^ 

f4) ; charge for and lodg- 
ing, shokuhakuryo {^)l'^p^). 
European ....... yoshoku ( v'^ :^ ). 

and drink, inshokubutsu (ik 

Japanese , nihonshoku ( Q :^ 

Fool, n. haka ; gujin (,#,A). 

to make a ...... of, wo/baka m s- ; 

wo/guro i^M) s. 

to hemade a of, bakani, 

or guro, sare-ru. 

to make a ...... of one's self, 

hajl too kaku. 


hyoge-rii ; 

to play the 


you ! baka ; baka yard ; 

aho ; manuke ; tonchiki-me. 

Foolery, n. baka. 

Foolhardy, a. muko-midzu na ; mit- 
teppo (to^5^) 'na ; muyami na. 

enterprize, boken-jigyo (^ 

Foolisli, a. baka na ; bakarashii ; 
tsumaranai ; kudaranai ; ahorashii 
[W. Japan] ; (stupid) gu na ; or oka 

argument, guron (.^jJim)t 

Foolishness, n. bakageia koto. 

Foolscap, n. *. 

Foot, n. ashi ; sokubu (>S,oK) [med. 
term] ; (infantry) hohei Hp^) ', (bot- 
tom) shita ; (of a mollusk) shita{'f^) ; 
(of a hill) fumoto ; (of a bed) ashi- 

moio ; (measure) shaku ; [1 , 

isshaku ; 3 feet, sanjaku ; 8 feet, 
has shaku ', 10 feet, j isshaku ; icliijo 

(-^i) ; 1 square , isshaku- 

shihb (--/^izg^j^)]. 
close to the feet, ashimoto ni. 
muddy feet, doro-ashi ; dosoku 


on , aruite ; kachi de ; (of a 

superior) o hiroi de. 
your feet, o mi ashi. 

Football, n. * ; (Japanese) kemari. 
to play , mari wo ke-ru. 

Footbath, n. (vessel) sensoku-darai ; 
(washing the feet) sensoku (^M). 

Foot-bellOW^S, n. tatara. 

Foot-binding-, n. (Chin, custom) 

tensoku (i^>£). 

Footboard, n. (as, of a railway car- 
riage) ashi-bumi. 

Footbridg"e, n. ichimai-bashi ; 
(made of a log) maruki-bashi. 

Footed, a. ashi no tsuita. 

four , yotsu-ashi no ; four 

animals, shisokujii (^^1^). 

Footg'ear, n. haki-mono. 

charge for keeping (at a 

theatre, etc.), gesokuchin {~f&'^). 

man in charge of , gesoku- 

han (TS^). 

FOO [ 336 3 


Footliold, Q. ashi-galcari. 

Footing", Q. ashi-gakari ; cishi- 
damari ; (point d'appui) rikkyakuchi 
(jApiife) ; (status) shikaku (f:^§) ; 
chii (ii&fe); (relation between per- 
sons) aida-gara ; (basis) kiso (^i#). 

on the same , doyo {^W.) 

ni ; doio ([s]^) nl. 

peace , heiji-hensei {^Q^^f^\\). 

war , senji-hensei (feB^HilJ). 

to lose one's , ashi wo fumi- 

hadzusu, or hadzusu ; fumi-hadzure- 


to place on a of equality, 

doto no kiso ni oku. 

PootJliail, n. toritsugi ; (of a dai- 
myos household) chugen {^f^) : ko- 

FootBiiark, n. ashi-ato. 

Footmote, n. (the Japanese eqiiiv. 
at top of page) goto (^5M) > (expla- 
natory of a diagram, etc.) biko ('{ji"#). 

Foot-pace, n. at a ....... nami-ashi 

de ; aruite ; (of a horse) jimichi de. 

Footpad, n. oihagi ; Jiyoto (glj"^). 

Foot-passeiig"er, n, tsukbnin (i^^f 

Footpath, n. hoso-michi ; kachi- 

michi ; (trottoir) ji?ido (Asi!)- 

Footprint, n. ashi-ato. 

Footrule, n. mono-sashi ; kane-zashi. 

Footsore, a. to be , wa]ashi ga 


Footstalk, n. jiku {%^). 

Footstep, n. noise of Sy asM- 


I hear s, ashi-oio ga s. 

Footstool, n. ashi-kake ; (to stand 
on for reaching something) fumi-dai ; 
ashi-dai ; ashi-tsugi. 

Foot- wanner, n. (containing hot 
water) yutampo ; ashi-aburi ; (con- 
taining charcoal) ashi-aburi ; kyaku- 

ro mm)- 

Fop, n. sharemono ; datesha. 

For, j)rep. (with vbs. of using) ni ; 
(with ybs. of exchanging) to ; to hiki- 
kae ni ; (m proportion to) no wari 
ni ; (in order to fetch) wo tori ni ; (to 

be given to) e yaru ; (bound for) 

yukl no; e iku ; as, letters 

America, Amerika-yuki no yubin ; 
(during) no aida ; -kan ; often un- 
translated ; (in place of) no kawari 
ni ; (for the benefit of) no tame ni ; 
(price at which) de ; (considered as) 

ni shite wa ', as, a Japanese he 

is tall, Nihonjin ni shite wa sei ga 
takai ; (in case of) ni totte wa ; as, 

him it is a large sum, are ni 

totte wa taihen na kane da; is 

f req. rendered by no ; as, those 

the motion, sansei no mono ; 

medicine 10 days, tdka-buri 

no kusuri ; a cheque 1 00 yen, 

hyakuyen no kogitte ; (sufficient for) 

mae; as, rice 5 men, meshi 

gonin-mae ; in such sentences as 

l3uy it me, katte kudasai, etc., 

the prep, is expr. by some vb. signi- 
fying " to give " ; as, I will cut it 

you, kitte ageyo ; I wrote it 

him, ka'ite yatia. 

as me I don't care, 

watakushi wa kamaimasenu. 

example, tatoeba. 

fear his money should be 

stolen, kane wo torareru to ikenai 

to omotte. 

the sake of, no tame ni. 

want of money, kane ni 


had it not been , denake- 


once all, mo kore giri de. 

F'or, coDJ. naze naraba ; naze to iu ni ; 
nanto nareba [at beg. of sentence] ; 
kara [at end of preceding clause]. 

F'orage, n. kalba. 

Forage, i.v. hydro i^'^) wo atsume- 


Foraging party, chohatsutai {'^ 


F'orbear, i.v. yoshi, or yam^, ni s ; 


Forbearance, n. kamben (|^??) ; 
kannin (|tj]JSJ- 
to show for, wo/kannin s. 

Forbearing, a. kannln-dzuyoi ; 


[ 337 J 


F'orbearing'ly, adv. kannin-dzuyo- 
ku ; kamben-dzuyoku. 

l^orlbkl, t.v. kinji-ru ; krnsei 


to be den, kinjiie aru ; kin- 

sei ni yiaiie oru. 

to one the house, nijde-iri 

wo tome-ru. 

Forbidden, a. kinjita ; kinsei no. 

article (of diet, etc. under 

doctor's orders), iachimono ; (by 
law) kinseihin (^^Ijqo)- 

Forbidding', a. (of manner) shaku 
ni sawaru ; iyarashii ; (of weather) 
iya na. 

having" a look (of nersons), 

kenso (P^+H) no warui. 

Force, n. chikara ; ikioi ; (physics) 

-ryoku ; as, centrifug'al , en- 

shinryoku (j^ili'»;/j) 5 (troops) guntai 
( rp;j5^) ; (number of troops) ninzu. 

by , muri ni ; ude-dzuku de ; 

chikara-dzuku de. 

by the of circumstances, 

kybgu {^t^) yamu wo edzu ; 
shizen (^f>^) no kekkwa {^^) de. 

expeditionary , enseitai (^ 

mtx) ; kengun (Sif ). 

of a fire, hi-no-te ; kwasei (^ 


in (numbers), ozei {i^%^) de ; 

the codes now in , genko 

(f^ff ) no hoten (r£*-). 

irresistible , hachiku (^4t) 

no ikioi. 

large (mil.), taihei {'M^) ', 


military , heiryoku {^"fj). 

physical , wanryoku {^i3). 

reconnaissance in , kyoko- 

telsatsu (?Sfff^^). 

the combined s, rengogun 

to be in great , sakan na 

ikioi de aru. 

to be of no , yd ni tatanu ; 

(void) mukb (to^^j) de aru. 

to put in (a law), shikb {Ij^^- 

^7) s ; okonau. 

to resort to , wanryoku ni 


to turn out in full (as of 

the police), so-df wo s. 

to use , (violence) ie-arai koto 

wo s ; wanryoku wo mochiiru ; 
(strength) chikara ico ire-ru. 

Force, t.v. muri ni, or shiiie, toll, by 
the causative vb. ; (a lock) koji-ake' 
ru ; neji-klru ; (rape) gokan (5S^) s. 

to be d, shiirare-ru. 

to be d to do, yamu wo edzu s. 

■ to apart, oshi-hanasu. 

to a quarrel upon, ni/ken- 

kioa too shikake-ru, or fukkake-ru. 

to back, oshi-kaesu. 

to down, oshi-tsuke-ru ; osae- 


to in, oshi-komu. 

to one's way into, nijoshi- 

komu ; ni/oshi-iru ; (as a crowd) ej 


to one's way out, oshite de- 


to open, oshi-ake-ru ; oshi- 

hiraku ; oshi-yahuru. 

to out, oshi-dasu. 

to upon one, oshi-tsuke-ru; 

(wine, etc.) shii-ru. 

Forced, a. by marches, /c?/i7- 

kbgun [MJiiW) ^^• 

draught, kybatsu-tsufu (5S 

labour, (corvee) fueki (^ 
^^) ; (under feudal system) kayaku 
m^i^) ; kuyaku (^f^). 
laugh, sora-warai. 

Forceps, n. nuki ; (dentist's) ha- 


Force-pump, n, assui-pompii (j^/X 


Forcible, a. iedzuyoi ; (cogent) teki- 

setsu (i^-tjj) na. 

entry (trespass on a house), 

kataku-shinnyfi (^^'^A.). 

execution (of judgment 

n gainst goods), gosei-shikko (S^^lj 
Forcibly, adv. (against another'jj 

will) muri ni ; shiite ; oshite ; (using 

force) chikara-dzuJcu de ; chikara wo 


Forcing", n. (of a position) tokkwan 


Ford, n. watari-ha. 


[ 338 ] POE 

.Ford, t.v. kachi-wataru ; kacki de wa- 

Fordable, a. kachi de watareru. 

Forearm, n. ude ; ni noude. 

inner bone of the (ulna), se- 

kikoUu [R'W). 

outer bone of the (radius), 

kbkoisu (t^*!'). 

Forebode, t.v. no/mikoshi wo tsuke- 

Foreboding", n. mae-jirase. 

to have a that, to/mushi 

ga shirase-ru. 

Forecast, n. yoso {WM)', yotei {^ 

: ^). 

weather , tenki-yoho {'^M. 

JForecast, t.v. yoki {MM) «5 ^«^- 
motie hakaru. 

Forecastle, n. zen-kampan {W^^)- 

Foreclose, t.v. ieito-nagare ni s. 
to be d, nagare-ru. 

Fore deck, n. zen-kampan {m^^)- 
F'orefatlier, n. senzo (:^)fiS.) ; sosen 

(ia:5fe) ; (of Emperor) soso (ifii^). 
ForeHng'er, n. hlto-sashl-yubi. 
F'orefoot, n. mae-ashi. 

Forefront, n. in the of, no 

massaki ni. 

Foreg"0, t.v. (give up an intention) 

mi-awasu ; mi-aicase-ru ', (renounce a 
right) hoki (jt5(^,) s. 

Foreg'oing", a. migi no ; mae no ; ijo 
(a±.) no. 
the paragraph, zenko ( f 5^). 

f oreg"one, a. a conclusion, 

mae kara icakari-kitta koto ; yaku- 
soku (1^;^) no kekkwa {^^^). 

Foregrounfl, n. zenkei {MlB)- 

Forehead, n. hitai ; zenkaku {mM)- 

Foreig'n, a. gwaikoku no ; achira no ; 
(produced abroad) gwaikokusan {^[^ 
^^) ?io ; (European) seiyo (^v¥) no; 
in comp. gwai- ; yd- ; as, clo- 
thes, ydfuku (v^M) ; (not appro- 
priate) futekito {yf^^Mm) ^^• 

a country, yoso no kuni ; ta- 

koku mm). 

a meaning' to the word, 

.sono kotoba ni en (J^) no nai im.i. 

domestic and , naigwai [p^ 

^h) no. 

affairs, gwaimu {^If^); min- 
ister for affairs, gicaimu- 

daijin {^m-kW- 

civilization, gimirai {9V^) 

no hummei (^f^). 

countries, gwaikoku. 

goods, /la/cwrmMn (^^{^[g,) ;. 


goods dealer, tohutsuya ( /g 


matter, gwairaihutsu (^h^ 


newspaper (European), bji-^- 

shimbun (ll5C^0?[jp)- 

Office, gicaimusho {9h^jj^). 

policy, gwaiko-seiryaku {^l* 


ports, kaigwai-shoko ( -i^^l- 1§ 

possessions, kaigwai-ryochi 

representative, gwaikoku- 

koshi; the representatives, 

kakkoku-koshi (i^H-S-Si). 

writing (European), dbun (^ 

^) ; yokomoji. 

in style, seiyofu (|!tivf:^) no. 

of .make, gwaikoku-deki no; 

gwaikokusel {9b^M) ^^^• 

ship of build, selyogata-sen. 

this is quite to my inten- 
tion, ko7'e wa maru de watakushi 
no mokuromi ni kwankei ga nai. 

Foreig"n-bred, a. gwaikokusan no. 

Foreig'n-built, a. (in foreign style) 
seiyo-tsukuri no. 

Foreig'ner, n. gwaikoku)ln (5'Mg A); 

gwaijln ; [ijin (^ A? or ^ A) and to- 

jin (I^A) which are also used are 

objectionable] ; (European) selydjin 

Foreig'n-owned, a. gwaikokujin- 

shoyu (j'h^A^/r^) no. 
Forejudg-e, t.v. okudan (fliifl) s; 

okusoku (HiiBjJ) s. 
Foreknow, t.Y. mae-^motie shiru ; yo- 

Foreleg", n. mae-ashi. 


[ 339 ] 


Foreloclt, n. mae-gami. 

one must take time by the 

, kokikwai (H'^l^l^'^) ^^ noga- 

shite wa ikenai. 

Foreman, n. (of coolies, etc.) oya- 
kata ; tori-shimari ; (in a factory) kan- 
toku (gi'g^) ; (of firemen, etc.) todori ; 
kogashira ; kashira, 

carpenter, tdryd {^^J^). 

Foremast, n, mae-hashira ; omoie- 

Foremost, a. icMban (^^) saki 
no; massaki no', liana no. 

head , atama massaki ni', 

atama wo saki ni shite ; (falling) 
atama wo sJiita ni shite. 

Forenoon, n. Mrumae ; gozer:, (^au). 

Forensic, a medicine, saihan- 

igaku (fef^JS^^)- 

Foreordain, t.v. mae-motte sadame- 

ed, mae kara sadamatta. 

Forepart, n. omote no ho; mae no ho; 

zemhu (hUpIj)- 
Forerunner, n. sakl-bure ; mae- 

bure ; (prognostic) zempo {mWt.)- 

Foresail, n. miyoshi no /lo; (trian- 
gular) kh'imochi-bo. 

F^oresee, t.v. mi-tosu ; (expect) mi- 
kosu ; yoki (]^1^) s. 

Foresliore, n. kaigan (•?^^). 

reclamation of the , kaimen- 

(v^$M) -umetate. 

rig-hts, ze7iga7iken {tii^\^). 

Foresig^lit, n. (prescience) senken 
(:5fe^); mi-ioshi; mi-koshi; (care for 
the future) yojin (^<t^). 

Foreskin, n. inkyo (P^^) no sakiga- 
wa ; hohi i'^JJC). 

Forest, n. hayashi ; sanrln ; shinrln 
{^'M) ; yama. 

fire, yama-kwaji. 

officer, rlmmukwan (^^'g ) ; 

sanrlnkican (|ii;j:/fc'g'). 

reserved , hogorin [%M.W)' 

state , kwanrin Cb^)- 

woods and s, sanrin. 

Forest-liind, n. HncU (^J|). 

F"^orestalI, t.v. dashi-nuku ; no I sen 
{^) 'WO kosu. 
to the market, kai-shime-ru. 

Forestry, n. (science of) rlngaku 
iW^) ; (practical) rlngyo {t^M). 

bureau, sanrlnkyoku {\1\W 

" Fj). 

law, shinrinhd {^t-^i[^). 

Foretaste, n. to serve as a 

of, no/tehon ni nam. 

Foretell, t.v. mae-motte iu ; mae-motte- 
shirase-ru ; yogen (^W ) s. 

Forethoug'lit, n. ybjin (ffljt^). 
without , karu-hadzumi ni. 

Forewarn, t.v. nilmae-motte kotowa- 

Forewoman.; n. (in a factory) sewa- 
. yaki. 

Forefeit, n. he paid the of 

his life for murdering a man,, 

hito wo koroshita mukui de inochi 
wo torareia. 

Forfeit, t.v. wo/tori-agerare-ru ; tora- 
re-ru ; ushinau. 

to be ed (as an article in^ 

pawn), nagare-ru. 

Forfeiture, n. (of things) bossM'f 
mm ; (of a right) soshltsu (%^). 

Forg'e, n. kajiba. 

shoeing , teitetsvjo (MM.^)- 

Forg'e, t.v. (metal) kitae-ru ; (imitate), 

nise-ru ; (legal term) glzo {i^^) * [Cr. 

Co., Civ. Pro.]. 

Forg'e, i.v. to ahead, dandan 

saki e de-ru. 

Forg'e d, a. glzo no. 

bill, gizo-tegata. 

Forg'e r, n. gizosha (f@i^^-) [Com. 
Co.]; (of a seal) bohannin {^^W). 

Forg'ery, n. (act) ^7120; (offence) gizo- 
zai; (thing forged) gibutsu (f|^4%) ; 
nisemono ; (document) bosho (|^§) ; 
(seal) bbhan. 

of a private seal, shiin-gizo- 

zai im^m'mm)- 

of official documents, 

kwambunsho-gizozai ( 'b 5C WIUxtl 


[ 34:0 ] 


Forg"et, t.v. wasure-ru ; shitsuncn {-^ 
^) s ; hokyaku iC^M) s. 
are you sure you bave not 
forg-otten anytbing" ? o imsure- 
mono wa gozaimasen ka. 
I had quite forgotten you 
(apologetically), o mi-sore moshima- 

to for the moment, dd-wa- 

sure wo s. 

to the countenance of, icoj 


to to, no wo wasure-ru follow- 
ing vb. 
to to g'et up, ne-wasure-ru. 

Porg'ettul, a. wasureppoi ; wasure- 
gachi na ; (of what one studies) oboe 
no warui. 

to be , yoku wasure-ru. 

forg-etfulness, n. equiv. of For- 
g-etful foil, by koto ; shitsunen ; (due 
to failing faculties) mono-wasure ; 
kembo (@;^J. 

Porg-et-me-iiot, n. ruriso. 

Forgive, t.v. yurusu ; kamben iMWt-) 
s ; kannin (|D|]JS) s ; ybsha (#|5l) *'• 

me, gomen kudasai; kamben 

shite kudasai. 

me for saying* so, but , 

shitsurei (:^j^) nagara . 

to an enemy, ada wo kam- 
ben shite yaru. 

Forgiveness, n. yurushi ; kamben ; 
kannin; yumen {^^). 

Forgiving, a. nasake-bukai ; jihi- 

Fork, n. (anything furcate) mata ; 
(for eating with) * ; hoko ; niku-sashi ; 
(place where a river branches) mitsu- 
mata ; (branch of a river) eda-nagare ; 
shiryu {^'M)- 

Forked, a./utamata no. 

stick, sammata. 

tongue, saketa shita. 

Forlorn, a. (with none to help) tayo- 
ri~nai ; (feeling deserted) kokoro-bo- 

Form, n. (shape) katachi ; sugata ; 
kakko ('I'^H') ; fce^Vo (^^#) ; ^^^ijo ()f$ 
^) ; (mould) kata ; (for boots) kiga- 
ta; (style) teisai; (gram.) hatarahi; 
keitai (^^M) ; (manner of drawing 
up a document) hoshiki {"j]^) ; ka- 
kiyo ; shoshiki (#5t) ; yoshiki {^Mx^) ', 
(blank ) yoshi (/^||q) ; as tele- 
graph , dempo-yosJii ; (of proce- 
dure) hoshiki ; (print.) han ; (bench) 
phogi ()^/L) '- (class, of a school) a.n. 

kyu m)- 

bad , futeisai {/fPf.-^). 

empty s, kyorei (j^ff ). 

for 's sake, nen (;f:) no tame. 

of an oath, senseishiki [m^ 


of government, seitai {^^^). 

s and ceremonies, relshiki 

in due , seishiki (iE^) ni; 

seiib (jE.'^) ni; in good and due 
(of credentials), rybko-datb {^_ 



shiki dake no 

it is a mere ... 

koto da. 

the act is not invalidated by 

an error of , jbtai {^M) ^ca 

futsugb ga atte mo kbi (^t^) wa 

mukb (Ipi^jj) ni naranu. 

to be in good , jbkigen (_h[^ 

Form, t.v. (construct) tsukuru ; koshi- 
rae-ru ; (train) shikomu ; (set up) ta- 
te-ru ; setsuritsu (n5lJL) -"^ ; (organize, 
as a Ministry) soshiki {$K^)j ; (as, a 
corps of troops) hensei (Hf^lj) s ; 
(gram.) sakusei (fp^) s ; (constitute) 
ni natte oru. 

fours! yoretsu (jzg^ij) ni wa- 


to be ed of, yori/nari-tatsu. 

to an opinion, wa]kangae 

ga tsuku ; mikomi ico tate-ru, or 

to square, hbj'm {^^) wo 


Form, i.v. (grow) dekite kuru ; (as, 
ice) haru. 

to in extended order, san- 

kai mm) «• 

to ^lp (in ranks), retsu wo ku- 



[ 3il ] 


Formal, a. (stiff) kafakkurushii ; 
(done in due form) selshlki (lEi'C) no; 
honshlki (:^5t) no ; (merely external) 
gisJiiki-teki {^^ti^) no; hyomen-teki 
(^ffi6^J)wo; keishiki-jo (?f^5l^Ji) no; 
kyorel-ieki no ; keishiki-teki {jf^':^tl^) 

a •. enquiry, genlcahu (fat^) 

no tori-shirdbe. 

to be , gishiki-haru. 

Foriiialisin, n. kyorei (flij§). 

Formality, n. (ceremony) gishiki ; 
(due form) honshiki ; (form of proce- 
dure) hoshiki (:Jb'St;) [Civ. Co.]. 

ies, tetsudzuki. 

to dispense with ies, tetsu- 
dzuki ICO ryaku (§.) s. 

to go throug-h the proper 

ies, seito (lE^) no tetsudzuki wo 

he-ru, or fumu. 

without , gishiki wo ryaku 


Formally, adv. (stififly) katakkuru- 
shiku ; (in due form) honshiki ni ; 
seishiki ni; (not casually) genkaku 

Formation, n. (way of m^aking) tsu- 
kuri-kata; (mil.) hensei (^lif|lj) ; talkei 
(Hf^) ; -toi ; (nav.) jin/cei {^.]f^) ; -jin ; 

as, single column , tanretsu- 

jvjin (l^^ij^l^) ; (establishment) se- 
tsuritsu (^al) '■> (organization) soshi- 
ki {M.M) > (shape, construction) kozo 

close , misshu-talkci {^'^Wz 

Former, a. sen no ; izen {}^m) no. 

wife, sensai (:$fe^). 

the (as opp. to the latter), 

zensha (h5^). 

Formerly, adv. izen ni ; moio [wa] ; 
(anciently) mukashi. 
in the same way as , moto 

no tori ni. 

Formic acid, gisan (^.S$). 

Formidable, a. tsuyoi ; osoru-heki ; 
(of a task) konnan [MM) na. 

Foriiiosa, n. Taiwan (^^). 

ForHiosan, n. Taiwarjin, 

Fommila, n. kimari; hoshiki {"^ x^)\ 
joshlki {'^^);johd (^•^);jogi (^ 
Tfc) ; (med.) shoho (^3^) ; (mech., etc.) 
koshikl (•S-jt^) ; in comp. -shiki. 

of an oath, senselshiki (^§ 


Formulary, n. shoshikihon {^^>^). 

Formulate, t.v. to a propo- 
sal, seishiki (iE5^) ni teigi (J^^-) s. 

Fornication, n. shitsu {M,-M.) '■> '>nit- 
tsfi C^ii). ' 

Forsake, t.y. sute-ru ; mi-sute-ru. 

Forsooth, adv. jitsu (g) ni. 

Forsw'ear, t.v. danjite yosu ; tatsu ; 
(as wine, tobacco) danjite nomanu. 

Forsytliia, n. rengyo. 

Fort, n. hodai (TfgS) ; daiba {^iM) ', 

artillery, yosai-hohei {^^ 

Forte, n, tokui ; ete ; chosho (^^J^f ). 

Forth, adv. and so , ya nani 

ka ; nado ; unnun {^^). 

from that time , sono toki 

icara kono kata; sono irai (J^,^). 

to burst , hassuru. 

to call , yobi-dasu, 

to go , de-ru; susumu. 

to put , dasu. 

1^'orthcoming-, a. (next) kondo (<^ 
\%) no. 
to be , deki-ru. 

I^'orthwith, adv. (without delay) 
tadachi ni ; chitai (jUJ^?) naku ; sumi- 
yaka ni ; (r>uddenly) tachimachi. 

Fortieth, a. (in place) shiju-hamme 
no ; (in time) shiju-dome no. 

Fortilication, n. (the act) chikujo ; 
(the art) chikujojutsu (^toJc^). 

s, yosai {^^). 

s department, chikvjo-hu (^ 

Fortify, t.v. katame-ru; kengo (^gl) 
ni s ; (throw up fortifications round) 
7ii/horui (-C^H) wo kldzuku ; ni/chiku- 
,jo-kdjl (^fe1<X^) wo s. 

ied port, gunko {^^^). 

ied zone (forbidden ground 

round fort), ybsai-chiiai (1|^%^). 


[ 342 ] 


Fortitude, n. nintai {^,WS) '> shimho 

a person of g reat , gaman- 

dzuyoi hito ; shimbo-dzuyoi hito. 

Fortniglit, n. nishukan [ZlMWi) > 

once a , nishukan-goto ni; 

hantsuki-goto ni. 

Fortnig"litly, a. tsuki ni nikicai {H 
[Bl) no. 

Fortress, n. ydsai ; hodai ; (castle) 
sJiiro ; jokwaJ.u {i)^^\i). 

artillery, ybsai-hohei ('^-^ 

Fortuitous, a. fui no ; gitzen (f^^^) 
no ; zovji-gakenai ; omol-mo-yoranai. 

Fortuitously, adv. fulo (;f ffl) ; ha- 

karadzu ; zonji-gake naku ;. omoi-mo- 

Fortunate, a. shiawase na ; (of a 
person) shiawase no yoi ; un no yoi. 

a event, saiwai; shiawase. 

a result, kokekkwa ittf-^-^)- 

I am to have met you, li 

tokoro de o me 7ii kakatta. 

to make a speculation, 

wa]yama ga ataru. 

Fortunately, adv. yoi amhai ni; 
saiwai ni ; shiawase ni ; yoku ; (suc- 
cessfully) shuhi ("M'M) yoku. 

Fortune, n. (chance) shiawase ; (des- 
tiny) un ; (means) shinshn (^ Jt), 

a man of , goka {^'M). 

he has met with a happy 

change of , maicari-awase ga 

■ yoku natta. 

to make one's , kane ico ko- 


to tell s, uranau ; hoku ( {*) s. 

unexpected , inagure-zaiwai ; 

gybko (•^j^) ; kohorezalwai ; mokke 
no saiwai. 

Fortune-teller, n. wanai-sha ; hai- 
hokusha (ft V^)- 

Fortune- telling", n. uranai; bai- 

Forty, n. shijii. 

the seven renin, sJiijO.'-M- 

chi-shi (2EI-h-b±); (title of play) 

Forum, n. saihanseki (ilt^1]||) [Civ. 

exclusive , senzoku-saihan- 

■^eki mmmn^') [Civ. Pro.], 
g-eneral , futsu-saihanseki (@ 

mmnm) [civ. Pro.]. 

Forward, a. (impertinent) sashide- 
gamiishii ; hikaeme no nai ; enryo (^ 
is) 'io nai ; (advanced for the season, 
etc, ) hayai. 

to be , (of a piece of work) 

hakadotte oru ; (as, of a school- 
child) susunde oru. 

to sell for delivery, saki- 

mono ni uru ; saki-watashi de uru. 

Forward, adv. (onward) saki e ; 
(towards the bows) omote e ; omote no 
ho e. 

broug-ht , kurikoshi-kin. 

to fall , mae e korobu. 

Forwartl, t.v. (documents) iodoke-ru; 
mawasu ; (goods) kwaisb (^ji^) s ; 
(x:)romote) hakadorase-ru. 
to be ed, todoku; hakadoru. 

Forwarding", a agency, kwai' 

sbten {W-&ik)'> ^nsoten (MJig/^H)? 
tsuun-kwaisha (MJM^ifc)- 

ag'ent, unsbya ; vmsb-toriatsu- 

kai-nin [Com. Co.]. 

Fossa, n. -kwa ; as, the temporal 
jbjukwa (ilim^). 

Fosse, n. hori. 

Fossil, n. kwaseki (^bH)- 
wood, ki no kwaseki. 

Fossilize, i.v. ishi ni kwa s. 

Foster, t.v. ya.'^shinau ; ybiku {%_'^) s ; 
(fig., promote the growth of) ybsei (^ 
^) s; kanyb (i®^) s ; (encourage, as 
trade) shbrei {^W\) s. 

Foster-brother, n. chichi-kyodai. 

Foster-cliild, n. yashinai-ko ; yori- 
ko; (adopted) ybshi {^J-). 

Foster-fatlier, n. yashinai-oya ; 
yori-oya ; (adoptive) ybfu (^^). 

Foster- niotlier, n. chichi-oya; 
nyfibo (?L'9^)- 


[ 343 ] 


Foul, a. musai; yogoreta; (/fC 
'M) ^^<^ i (dishonest) /wsei (^lE) no. 
language, warv-kuchi ; akko 

wind , mukai-kaze ; gyakufu 

<Ma); nampu {%%%). 
to play , (unfairly) dzurui ko- 
to wo s ; (act the traitor) ura-giri 
wo s. 
to run of, ni/tsuki-aiaru. 

Foul, t.v. kegasu ; yogosu ; (collide 
with) ni/tsuki-ataru ; nijshototsu (^ 


• ; nl/tsukkakaru. 

Foully, adv. he was murdered, 

mugotarashiku korosareta. 

Foul- iiioiit lied, a. kuchi-giianai ; 
o-guchi wo kiku. 

JFoul-play, n. (unfairness) dzurui ko- 
to; (violence) hoko (^?t). 

suspicion of (murder), tasa- 

tfiu i^^) no kengi (»1). 

to meet one's death, by , 

higo (#^) no saigo {^M) '^'^o toge- 

Found, t.v. tate-ru ; hiraku ; (an in- 
stitution) soritsu {M\]\l)s; setsurltsu 

to be ed on (fig.)^ ni/moiodzu- 

ku ; ni/yoru ; ni/kiin (| s. 
to a family, ie v;o okosu. 

Foundation, n. (of a house) dodai 
(1:^); (basis) kiso (It.^-) ; yori-do- 
koro ; kiin ; (of a statement) moto ; 
(endowment fund) kihonkin (S^^)- 

ceremony of laying a 

stone, soseki-chiteishiki{^^^^ 


of a temple (act of founding), 

kaiki (§3^). ' 

stone, dodai-ishi. 

is without (of a statement), 

mukon (toj^^) de aru. 

this rumour rests on a slender 

, kono fnseisu (Mi^) no moto 

ga hakujaku (v^||) de aru. 

-Founder, n. (of a temple) kaisan 
(§3U-l) 5 (of ^ sect) soslii (li^Ui) ; shu- 
so (^fli) ; (of a family or school) 
gioanso (tciM) 5 (nietal-caster) i-mono- 

Founder, i.v. (sink) shidzumu ; 
chimhotsu {fJoS.) s. 

Foundling', n. sutego. 

Foundry, n. iron ; , seitetsujo (^ 


type , kwappan-chuzojo (?S" 

Fountain, n. (natural) idzumi; de- 
midzu ; (artificial) funsen {^^) \ 
funsui (Ug'/K) '> fv-kl-age. 

Fountain-liead, n. minamoio ; sui- 
.7en (7X7-^0 ; {fig.) moto. 

Fountain-pen, n. mannen-fude {'^